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    I'm headed to Charlottesville for a small tournament today to represent the guild. I'm actually thinking about running Sonnia (who I rarely run at the casual level due to the whole "well that was only fun for one of us" problem). The first round is ply though, so I might change my mind. I'll try to put an update in here tomorrow with what happens. I am secretly really competitive and tournaments bring out the worst of that in me, so I might be too salty to report.
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    Can anyone that’s been lucky enough to get an update share more info about these models for the rest of us?
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    Was a little left-field. Brewmaster (Recalled Training, A Barkeep Never Sleeps, Running Tab) Yamaziko (Smoke and Shadows) Shadow Emissary (Shadow Conflux) Whiskey Golem (Hidden Agenda) Oiran Oiran Oiran Tanuki Fast Reactivating Whiskey Golem that hands out Fast and Focused to the Oiran is nothing to be sneezed at, just saying.
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    another game, another valuable lesson learned, don't summon shikome in front of marcus, things don't go well after doing so. and also having kirai taken over by the opponent to then sacrifice datsu ba while sundering my flesh construct is a little humiliating. So bigger lesson learned, Marcus is not on my christmas card list by cricky this master is going to take some learning.....
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    PART 2: This due was bought when released (or maybe GenCon pre-release?), basic coloured for UK National 2016 and finally finished... I really want to finish off this crew properly as they're my favourite crew... but rushing to get stuff done is really off putting and makes painting unenjoyable.. which is why I like this challenge 5+ Iron Skeeter (6) = 11SS thus far
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    That's never been the nature of this game though.
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    That panelling looks great. How did you say you were making it?
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    I had a tourney game today and run Pandora against Sommer. While killing Francois, I had an argue with my opponent. I told him that as soon as Dumb Luck count as part of the attack action, I can use damage track from it for a Self Loathing. He opposed me, and the TO took his side. But now I looked through F.A.Q. and found this: 75) If a Trigger on an Action causes damage (whether a flip or a fixed amount), does that count as part of the original Action? Is it modified by effects like the Accuracy Modifier and Focus? Do fixed damage bonuses (such as from Hallucinogens or The Bigger They Are) apply to the Trigger? Triggers that cause damage are a part of the Action which caused them. Any damage flip on such a Trigger would retain any Fate Modifiers to the original flip including Accuracy, Focus, cover, etc. Any fixed damage (such as the +1 damage from The Bigger They Are) only applies to the initial Action (not any resulting Triggers). Doesn't it means I was right? Wording of Self Loathing - for example: (1) Self Loathing (Ca 7M / Rst: Wp / Rg: y3): Select a (1) AP y Action on the target. Apply the printed damage results of the chosen Action to the target, no other effects or Triggers from the chosen Action are applied. The accuracy modifier is determined by the result of this duel.
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    Here are Shieldbearers for my Resurrectionist crews. They're an interesting option, starting out with the Living keyword, then healing all wounds and gaining the Spirit keyword once they die (only once of course). They're thematically linked with Reva, and support her well enough by dropping a corpse marker when then 'die' the first time, but I like them better with Kirai. For a start, they start out Living and so can trigger Malevolence, then become Spirits and can use the numerous abilities on Kirai that are relevant to that keyword. They're great for Kirai's summoning since they have a lot of wounds for their cost and have I-can't-believe-it's-not-Hard-to-Kill in the middle of them. Since they gain Fast when a nearby model uses a Soulstone they're also good for hanging around a summoner. Their actual abilities are quite modest after that lot, but they can fight, survive and scheme well enough that I like putting them on the table. I very much enjoyed working on the Shieldbearers. By the standards of Malifaux models they're incredibly easy to put together and I like the poses. Even the ludicrous Final Fantasy style giant weapons seem to work for them. I went with a naturalistic colour scheme for these since they're just regular humans among the ghosts, zombies and wizards (or combinations of all three) that comprise the majority of the Resurrectionist faction. The one with the sheathed sword's head reminded me passingly of my Grandma so I painted the Shieldbearer to have grey hair in her honour.
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    Karina can, but she've forgotten more about necromancy than knows the rest of the Resurrectionist together. (yes, I know there's consequences in the end of the turn)
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    Sounds great, we might have to do check that out! Yes, Titan Moon is up in Cedar Park. They do seem more focused on CCGs more than anything else, especially Magic and Star Wars: Destiny. My favorite spot to play miniatures (mostly Warmachine/Hordes) used to be Tenth Planet in Cedar Park, but alas, they are no more.
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    Here are a few hazardous markers I made for an All Hallows Eve game with the Carver last year. The hanging tree is made from an antler. The model is from the male multi-part kit. Bee hive is green stuff. The Saarlak thing is a reaper model on a 50 mm base.
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    I would say the reason you don't see ama on the board is other people think she sucks. And, sometimes people are wrong. She may never be a model you will play, but that is not the same as being useless. I've not tried Seenahs way of using Parker, but from what he's said it does seem like it is a good solution to what were widely considered the flaws with ama ( in that she needs suits, and so spends lots of stones to get her results). A crew that gets extra cards and stones looks to get the potential from her. And she does have high potential. She also looks like the kind of model that is a good answer to the killed everything and then score, ( which is an approach I find relatively easy to deal with it in lots of games when I know its coming) In a comparison between actual use, and just theory, actual use wins for me. Because saying things like ml 5 can never hit really doesn't match my in game experience, and if they are saving cards to make it true, then I can normally use that hand control.
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    Some more progress (time ticking away to U.K. Nationals and I’d really like to take a board along to support as many attendees as possible, and they have a cool board to play games at home with) I Just need to rust out the roof and blend some mud below roof and then a final layer of water effects on the pond which I’ll do after holidays Tree just need more water effects and possibly some more leaf foliage, I’m unsure with this bit Most of the terrain so far
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    I quite like Ama (not sure if I posted that earlier) but haven't played since wave 4 so there might be some new options that have usurped her spot. Used to take her in strategies that required getting over the centre-line ASAP. She has no trouble crossing the middle on turn one and can do so with AP to spare with some upgrades (or an Obey from Hamelin). Her own (0) Obey thing can also speed up another model which helps them do the same and is probably her unique selling point these days. Her other (0) is cool but kind of meh in practice. If it can guarantee keeping a hold on a scheme runner late in the game that's great, but Promising Whisper can usually do the same if you don't mind the opposed Duel. Being a very suit dependent model definitely hurts her as you need to plan around it or she's basically losing an action per turn. Think she's niche enough as is so that shouldn't be a problem as long as you know what you're getting yourself in for. As someone said for the Freikorpsmann if Ama is on the worst models list for Outcasts that speaks to the healthiness of the faction overall. She's a pretty strong generalist who can largely be replaced by cheaper, more specialised models, but I think she's still playable wouldn't require much buffing to become over the top.
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    I must say I don't like much of Ama No Zako, since her costs 9ss and I find I like more other expensive options. Also don't feel to me like she's tough, since def 5 and HtW plus spending ss is not in any matter unkillable to me (we could say the same "unkillablivity" from Taelor"). But I don't feel like she's one of our worst models, just that I don't like much what she makes. It's obvious that many players play her and really likes what she do. Not sure what she have in TT that doesn't in Outcast.
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    Part 4: (I have been a busy boy... hopefully get as much done this week off before heading on holidays/GenCon) Eternal Flame (2) + 18 = 20ss this month (making up for not doing anything last month, going to try and blast out more semi painted dudes and get above 80% complete, currently on 79%...)
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    Here is my work in progress on Rasputina. Base colors are down and I did a bit of glazing on the white fabric at the back. Happy with it so far. I am forcing myself to finish the model before playing with the base, which is going to be a blast. Cheers, all. I hope I run into some of you at Gen Con in Indianapolis in two weeks!
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    Congrats on the win. Recalled Training ftw! I've never tried Brewmaster before, what list did you end up running?
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    I do not get to play as much as I would like, my last game this week was a Guild VS Guild with me running Lucius against Lady Justice. Strategy: Ours, Flank Deployment. Scheme: Guard Treasure, Dig their Graves, Set Up, Vendetta, Public Demonstration. My 50ss list: Master: Lucius + Deep Pockets & Surprisingly Loyal Totem: The Scribe - Henchmen: The Jury + Numb to the World Minions: 2 x Witchling Thrall - 2 x Guild Guard - Thalarian Queller - Witchling Stalker I cannot remember my opponents list exactly but it had was Lady J, Pheona, The Jury, Deathmarshal Recruter, Big Jake and a couple of reporters. The final score was Lucius 10, Lady J 3. I got full for Public Demo on turn 2 thanks to some well placed Suppression Markers and a Black Joker from Lady J's damage flip. Turn 3 Pheona scored 1 for Dig allowing me to get 3 for Vendetta upon killing her with the Jury. I have to say I had some great hands all game and lucky that my opponent could not score Vendetta, no matter what direction his Jury went my Thrall ended up going the other way (I cannot claim skill on that, it was just fate being on my side) and Lady J just could not land enough hits on him in turn 5. I smell a rematch in the making.
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    Part 3 (unemployment ahoy!): It's your boy Johan (7?) + 11 = 18 SS so far (coming soon: Eternal flame)
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    I've played three more games this week with variations of the Blood Mark Reva list. The most involving game was probably that against Raderk, a Neverborn player from Poland's top 10 whom you may remember from the discussion concerning Sandeep's nerf. He was practicing before the two day tournament that started today in Warsaw, so we played S&S from one of the rounds of the event. The only thing I have changed in this game was an upgrade on Reva – Corpse Candle summoning instead of Riders in the Sky. Standard Deployment, Symbols of Authority Punish the Weak, Covert Breakthrough, Search the Ruins, Take Prisoner, Recover Evidence. I've chosen Punish and Covert and he Punished and Search. Raderk was playing Pandy with her new upgrades and the one which increases SS prevention, Lilitu w/ Melancholy (or however it is called), Baby Kade w/ 10KF, Graves w/10KF, Iggy with Tantrum, Effigy and two Changelings. He deployed more or less between his central and rightmost marker, whereas I deployed Emissary on my left flank, Hayreddin on the right and the rest in the middle. I summoned a Corpse Candle close to the leftmost marker, setting up an anchor for Emissary to pick a marker on turn two. Beginning of the turn one was mostly moves&pushes to set up charges (Datsue Ba made Lampad walk twice, Changeling and Graves pushed Pandy). I have walked up Emissary and Hay twice. Emissary put Shards to protect himself from Lilitu's Lure. Totally forgot that Baby Kade has this action as well, which he used to, well, lure Hayreddin fairly close to his rightmost marker. Pandy was already more or less 6 inches from the middle of the board and had two possibilities: find a way to push within a range of Dark Protection and kill Lampad or push backwards towards Hayreddin and kill him relatively easy. As I hoped, he decided to kill Hayreddin and summoned Poltergeist from him, but was now far away from my crew and – what we didn't know then – Hay's corpse marker turned out to be crucial on turn 5. I activated Reva, summoned a candle, pushed Lampad who then pushed himself with his (0), Reva pushed Candle which approached Mr. Graves and used (0) to chain activate into Lampad; finally Reva used her last AP to do something irrelevant. Lampad charged his Changeling, killing it instantly – and thus scoring me 1 or maybe even 2 points on turn five, but this was another thing we didn't know then. Finally, Lampad pushed twice more or less in the direction of his central marker, stoping at the edge of the board and spreading some irrelevant burning. On turn two I drew really good hand with red joker and some severes, so at some point I decided to go after Pandora, but finally I managed to deal only three damage to her. She charged Doxy, but wasn't aware that I have a trigger to push out of her range, which I promptly used. In a meanwhile, Poltergeist picked up my rightmost marker, Emissary picked up his leftmost marker and was reduced to hard to kill and Lampad died to Changeling. At the end of the turn I kept my Red Joker and 13 in hand I believe. Turn three was absolutely crucial. Emissary regenerated, killed Changeling, teleported back to Raderk's left flank and walked even farther from his models – I needed him alive to do Covert (now I see that I should have changed that corpse into marker instead of walking). Effigy picked up my central marker. Pandora killed Doxy for Punish, pushed towards Emissary and somehow managed to kill it outside of her activation and summon the Poltergeist of it. He used his last card to do that and I could have saved him, as at this point I had Red Joker, 13 and Black Joker in my hand. But I decided I will let him die, because these cards were a death sentence to Pandora. Reva activated and, as I wasn't sure whether he flipped Red Joker or not this turn (he did), I decided to cheat my attack flip to guarantee a cheatable damage and killed Pandora with Red Joker. Then I have killed also his poltergeist for Punish the Weak and walked towards his Effigy. I have positioned Datsue Ba to pick his central marker on turn four. Turn four was relatively quick: Datsue Ba picked up a marker and took some damage from Baby Kade, Reva summoned Corpse Candle close to Effigy, his last minion, to overcome Armor, charged and killed it; with her last AP and (0) Reva killed also Iggy which was probably a waste of AP, I should have walked – it could have mattered on the last turn. At the end of the turn Raderk had all markers for Search the Ruins and believed that he was going to win 7:6. Turn five Belle walked and lured Reva, Reva summoned a corpse candle, placed to it, walked twice towards his rightmost marker and used Look at My Deeds with a trigger ...and Despair – what a fitting name! – to turn Hayreddin's and Changeling's corpses into Scheme Markers and thus scoring 2 points for Covert and taking victory from Raderk (he had no more minions, so I scored the last Punish as well). What a game! Me: Strategy 3, Covert 2, Punish 3. Raderk: Strategy 3, Search 3, Punish 1. All in all, I don't find Lampads that impressive if you don't have activation control Nicodem provides. In my other game I have tried Rogue Necromancy with Admiration and I would also like to try Datsue Ba w/MLH with Izamu. I am also extremely excited to find out what this new henchman from encounter's box offers to this kind of crew.
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    Google "malifaux errata" which will take you to the faq and errata page where the new official cards can be downloaded for printing or just print screen and keep a pic on your phone. The app is either too slow or too fast with new releases.
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    These guys have been sitting around on my desk partly done for what seems like forever. So now they are done. As usual with things I don't use/don't care about so much I have made only 60% effort Guild Guard (3) + Malifaux Child (2) = 5 SS so far Also white's look super reflecty and bad with my phone. They aren't that bad in real life, honest!
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    Why is 7 activations a bad thing? If you look at what people played2 years ago 7-8 activations was the normal amount. 2017 gaining ground made activation control especially strong, but 2018 doesn't have the same focus. But lots of people are still playing based on what they did last year. ( or if you're a cynic, because the people who won events last year used those lists). I have played and won games with 4 or 5 activations, and if the right game came up, I would still consider that small a list. ( But it would do very badly in lots of games). ( You can just take peoples word that you want lots of activations, which is normally right, but if you want to learn why it's right, and when it's right, then the easiest way is by trying other ways. It will probably result in more loses early on, but overall give you a better understanding. The difference between 7 and 8 activations may not be noticed, and you are likely to notice 1 strong activation over 2 activations that don't do much for you.) Tldr: try it , it might work better, it might be worse.
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    I’m seeing some great painting and very inspirational stuff so far, keep it up all looking good. So, for me, after saying I’m done for the month and “should” be packing for holiday, tidying house, buying euros, going to work, etc... I got a bit carried away Im going to get the rest of the structure done before going away but the gremlins will have to wait until I get back in August
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    Great work on the airbrush @Caedrus, you've inspired me to dig mine out for my riflemen. I thought I'd give an update on my limited progress so far this month. I've done all the blocking and washing for Sun Quiang (similar bases are also completed for the two Goryo). I've learnt a valuable lesson this month; it was too hot when I undercoated my models for this month, and the undercoat went grainy. I've tried to recover them by a judicious use of some stiff brushing, they'll have to do. I've also decided to get my Malifaux Child done (because he's just a base, and therefore very easy. Cheers all, 'Brown.
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    Hello, Updating the status of my monthly pledge: After many attempts and more bases primed, I succeeded fixing the two "black bloods" to their bases. The "Energy Worm" is done. Till have to refine with black paint the base lips. Met some troubles with Vallejo Still Water: got a tendency to become opaque. Worked with putty and primed the Rail Golem. I completed and uploaded the pic of my "Femme Fatale" model for the relative contest. As you know cannot comment as regard.... but I'll do that and upload pics here ASAP.
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    Time for a quick update! Well, after a successful (I think) prototype Guild Guard, rather than finishing painting the remaining eight of them, I instead decided that it was time to finish my gamin. Obviously. Then I decided that rather than properly finishing my gamin, I should finish my Ice Golem. So then I needed to make some Ice Pillars. And then, before I could base them, I needed to build a few other things that would need a similar airbrush base coat. So, in short, I have finished one Guild Guard (I was quite pleased with the coat, and the subdued colour scheme), I've nearly finished my gamin, closing in on the Ice Golem, haven't touched my Arcane Effigy, and I added a dozen more models in built and undercoated form! Clearly, I have a problem. See you at the end of the month!
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    Layout well under progress with the elevated Sewers Walkway set painted up and the Tower sitting happy inside it's sidewalk "holder". First picture shows the base terrain glued on as well. Very happy with the way the Walkways sit inside the sidewalks. Definitely made a mistake using only 1/4" MDF as the base board. I highly recommend 1/2" at a minimum due to warping issues I encountered. (I ended up painting the bottom of the board to 'pull' the board back into flat.
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    So I’m off on holiday in a week and need to do so much tidying, packing, etc before I go. So, calling it done for the month The Sow (8) A wild boar (5) Burt and Fingers (18) Total of 31 points from a planned 35 and half the models I had planned to do this month have actually been done.
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    In light of the recent “we just realized, we have daughters, what’re we going to give them to get them into our hobby?!” soft-edged direction Malifaux seems to have taken this year, I took some time this week to find other minis games—not board games with minis, straight-up ‘played out of a rulebook’ miniatures gaming, with a player base big enough to maybe find a meta—appealing directly to daughters and not just gender-neutral. I didn’t find a lot. I didn’t find anything, tbh. The closest I found was right back here, with Colette. Wyrd might be on to something, here, with this box. An utterly unanswered demand. Maybe I personally loathe dollies, doilies, and pink because it was and is a safe choice for gifting to a girl, but the need to gift safe things to girls still exists. If the price of opening up the hobby is having to listen to a chattering stream of pony references week upon week, I’ll be OK with that.
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    Nurses, both 1st edition metal and 2nd edition plastic. For more go here.
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    Building the crew to the scheme pool is sort of a core tenant of Malifaux, and is a huge draw for just about every player I've ever talked to. Also, what do you mean it takes to long? You likely spent hours upon hours building and painting your models, traveled (even if its just down the road) to the tournament, and you don't want to spend 5 minutes building a crew for the game you are going to spend the next 2+ hours playing? Crew building is my favorite part of this game. If Malifaux ever truly gets boiled down to what you are describing I know I probably would not play much longer.
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    Tournaments tend to list the strats and schemes for each round in the players pack that you get in advance. So you can very much build a list for each game before even getting in the car to drive to the event. You don’t know the opposing crew but you can build lists before the event.
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    This not being possible have been a design goal from the very beginning of Malifaux. Some masters have certainly been able to do this at times, but have usually been errataed soon after this ability has been demonstrated over a few major events. Pre-built crews being competitive run directly against what this game is supposed to be about. If you can pull off decent results with pre-built lists, more power to you. But you shouldn't expect the erratas to warp the game to make this easier; it makes no sense for Wyrd to errata out one of the main draws the game has compared to the competition. Also, it wouldn't make much sense economically for Wyrd as many, if not most, models justify themselves as niche pieces that only works in very specific situations. If generalists could successfully replace specialist in competitive meats that would make a large portion if the game's model base superfluous. Not a sensible business decision...
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    The reason I think malifaux can justify the size of its model range is because this shouldn't work. If you can build a generic list that can do everything well then you probably should cull about60% of the models from each faction. And I know some masters can sort of do this, and I don't like it.
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    Come down and join us for fun and friendly pickup games at JAC, located at: 1101 Portage Trail, Akron, OH 44313 We usually gather every Sunday from 1pm to 6pm. The second Sunday of every month has extended hours. Pickup games on off days can generally be gotten by posting on the shop's forums found in the link below. Also feel free to PM me on the forums here or post in this thread to request a demo, or just to let me know to look out for you on game days! The forums have changed and are linked to oh their Facebook. Feel free to post on our Facebook looking for games or contact me there as well!  https://www.facebook.com/jacgames/
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    Thanks. Im please how the rust turned out The roof is pretty much finished now, some additional slime patches, tufts of grass/lichen and maybe a small highlight on the roof slats I still need some more ivy and moult patches to add but the shack itself is about 95% done Next step will be to complete the base including steps, small pond around steps and some bushes. I think a barrel or three of moon shine left about too.
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    Kind of a terrain piece, can leave it as a bit of blocking terrain, but it’s meant to be used in supply wagon strategy. Really pleases how it turned out and got a best painted at tournament for it (tournament best painted format was for best painted supply wagon which I thought was a great idea for a variation to the standard best crew). Going to start on a bayou village tonight
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    In what way is df5 and 10 wounds almost unkillable. She has to hit stuff and get a trigger to heal and with ml5 that reduces your effective cards if you want a heal. If you want to waste the stones on her then be my guest but with her and the emissary you are cutting down your crew potential and whilst malifaux generally doesn't score you for killing (depending on strats and schemes) if you kill your opponents crew they can't score anyway There is a reason you don't see ama on the board and that's because she sucks. If you want a scheme runner then go for the faster and even harder to kill but cheaper midnight stalker
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    I have several fixed lists for certain Strategies. I have several fixed lists for certain Masters, or Factions in the case of Resserectionists & Guild. I have several fixed lists for certain regular opponents. I have 1 fixed list for whenever my favorite Scheme shows up. I have 1 fixed list for opponents who just start talking ish..... to make it, win or lose, the most drawn out, annoying game of their lives. It's not about making lists on the fly. It's about seeing what's on the table (terrain, Strategy, opposing faction.. sometimes player) and having already planned for this situation and act accordingly. Put in the work ahead of time. Or don't... I'm not one of your parents, do what you want.
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    Building a crew after seeing the table, the encounter details, and faction your opponent declares are decisions made during the game. The player that is better at building their crew around those pieces of information should have an advantage.
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    That is the problem I have. I dont want to show up to a tourney and build the crew based on the strat and scenes. It takes too long. I want to show up with a built crew and play, and be at least competitive.
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    Good news. Hope now game designers will pay some attention to Zipp. Very annoying master, ignores almost all defensive mechanics, positioning etc.
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