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    I think we too deserve a thread of „What was the last list you've played” type, don't we? I encourage everyone to post here lists, followed by a short information concerning S&S, opposing crew and short encounter's rundown. I will start with my today's game against my regular Gremlin opponent, Michał „Świeżak” Wencel. Standard Deployment Strategy: Public Executions Schemes: Eliminate, Covert, Vendetta, Search the Ruins, something I don't remember. I wanted to play Reva with Lampads despite everything – I have bought the box right before our game and wanted to give them a try. My crew: Reva w/ Decaying Aura, Riders in the Sky, Blood Mark, 6 ss Carrion Emissary w/ Conflux of the Reaper Datsue Ba w/ My Little Helper Lampad w/ My Little Helper Hayreddin Dead Doxy Rotten Belle His crew: Wong, Glowy McTavish, Trixie, Old Cranky, 2 Swinecursed, 2 Lightining Bug. As I anticipated, Michał brought his regular Wong crew, which he always plays into Public Executions. As for schemes, he has chosen Eliminate and of course Covert. I've chosen Covert and Vendetta (Belle – Swinecursed). On turn one he pushed Wong and Tavish with his Swinecursed twice. I Blackjokered Shards of Kythera which let him shoot Carrion Emissary with McTavish once for 5. Combination of Bloodmark and Guide Spirits let me charge one of his Lightning Bugs on my last activation of turn one and summon another Lampad of it, but the whole process costed me my whole 8 card hand. I also lured his Swinecursed, revealing Vendetta. On turn two Wong killed one of the Lampads and McTavish killed Datsue Ba (charged earlier by Swinecursed), which emptied Michał's hand. This let me give the „Death Omen” condition to his McTavish, who was subsequently killed by Reva. To guarantee a point for Strategy, Dead Doxy pushed his Swinecursed, put him on negative and promptly pounced to death. On the other flank I wanted to soften my Vendetta target, who previously charged Hayreddin, dealing 3 wounds to him. So I lured Hay back with Belle to enable countercharge... and accidentaly killed the Swinecursed with severe on my second hit. On turn three he killed my Lampad, Hayreddin killed Lightining Bug lured by Belle and Reva and Doxy killed Trixie. Carrion Emissary used his 10'' place to a corpse marker and started placing markers for Covert. My opponent conceded after turn four, as his last two models, Wong and Old Crancky, were stucked in his deployment zone, engaged by Reva and heavily wounded (at least Wong). Final score: Reva 7 (2 for Strategy, 2 for Vendetta, 3 for Covert) vs Wong 0.
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    Let us know what you think about this week's episode here. https://schemesandstones.podbean.com/e/episode-93-ironsides-crew-spotlight-with-grrn/
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    So over 2 years ago I had a good handle on how to play our horseback scoundrel but have to admit I do not have a clue on how to go about it now. So how are you guys running him? Just looking for a flood of ideas and interesting options.
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    Those outriders need a little bit of ranged support I guess but it would be nice if McCabe could taxi him around a little. Sidir should be a solid Henchmen but for me he always seemed to let me down, maybe it is that 40mm base holding him back LoL.
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    Runed Blade has a built in so with 3 AP and assuming you get all 3 hits in you get one card for each Ram from Absorb Magic, if you are lucky or stone you can sneak in some extra Ram's to the total. It is possible to get 3 cards from 1AP but that is rather resource intensive, never considered adding the effigy to the mix (good idea I may need to steal that). Summoning Sonnia is never a guaranteed thing but I do find paring a Witchling Handler with a Guild Austringer or 2 a good way of spreading the flames. As for Spam Summoning, some games I am lucky to get 1 Stalker on the board but other times I have finished the game with 4 or 5 Stalkers in play.
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    Well it is helping me with that push to start building the crew. Wastrels may not be the best but I did like to take a couple and could probably make room for at least one in a list.
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    I think you are envisioning Sonnia charging into the middle of the opposing crew to dish out punishment with that big sword, this is generally not the case (unless Papa Loco is joining her). The thing you are missing is the card draw of a possible 6 cards and healing up to 6 wounds with a push to get back out of range. Now as for good old Francisco, well to make him a good investment he needs to be in the action and Sonnia's range 14 cast that can hit models about 8 inch away from the original target has him sat back not doing much with his AP at times, I feel that those Soulstones can be put to much better use in other models that support Sonnia. Double teaming the Jury with a Queller is rather a nasty combination for example, The Jury's Fee's and Courtroom Scrutiny backed up with a Suppression Marker and a well placed Subdued from the Queller makes most beaters struggling to land a hit (and if the Purifying Flame is in the same post code you get a very upset opponent). It is also worth keeping in mind that Killing your opponents models is fairly pointless unless they are helping you score VP, I have won a couple of games without killing any of my opponents crew (obviously with Nellie) and have won with only 1 models standing, yea I have not joined the club of winning a game that I was tabled in.
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    One of my favorite things the few times I used McCabe was a nimble Executioner. It really let me pick off the models I want to pick off. Field reporters really like the saber because it is no big deal for them to discard a ram for the additional damage. That makes them really scary. Shame they can't charge. This thread is making me want to play McCabe.
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    Some great ideas floating around, I like the idea of giving Lawyers and Reporters a glowing saber.
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    Finished the Autumn Knights which combined with the 2 Will o'Wisps I finished previously brings me to 27ss this month. Also finished my Femme Fatale entry but those pics and points will have to wait. With some travel coming up this may be all of my hobby progress for the month but hopefully I can get at least a little time in.
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    Cool I will look into that.
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    Should not be working on that Sunday so sign me up.
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    I have acquired the Nightmare addition so I guess I will be wanting to run some Mounted Guild Guard in the list if possable (rule of cool and all that LoL).
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    Back when I ran him I sometimes used Francisco to make him super defensive for a turn and ran him straight into a concentration of enemy models where he caused trouble until the rest of the crew caught up. With clever soulstone use he can last pretty well even against dedicated beaters. You need to conaider where you want his dismounted model to pop out as well so it can keep several models engaged when they take out the horse. Me and my clubmates haven't caught up with all the wave 5 releases but facing him lately I always run into to a reactivating thrall. A monster hunter is probably also very nice for reactivating. The new disguised + don't mind me cloak makes his crew very flexible and can slow down many melee beaters.
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    Very true, not the sort of model you can chuck in peoples faces and expect to live.
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    Well I have been running Sonnia without Francisco for most of the year and she seldom ends up dead (turn 5 a couple of times after she has activated). I am rather fond of using the nice MI7 with blasts and burning she can now have, and clawing back all those wounds and grab a handful of extra cards in the process. Suppose you can play it safe and go DF6 but that would not lure people into attacking her.
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    @Fazza92 It sort of reads like the grass is greener on the other side. Something has changed in Guild this year, Francisco is no longer that must have model and has some serous competition for his place in a crew. Guild Guard at 3ss is just great and a pair of them have been responsible for more than a couple of my wins this year. As for most of the Guild masters not being competitive, well most of the time this all comes down to the player TBH but the only master I have not been seeing competitively is McMorning. Personally I have had good results with Sonnia and Dita this year along with Nellie, my next test is to see how well I can do with Lucius in a tournament. In regards to card draw you need to look at the Guild counters, Witchling Stalkers, Witchling Handlers & Guild Austringer.
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    without further ado- feel free to provide feedback, comment, or edit and then when the group thinks it is right it can be lifted out and provided to the various wiki or other repositories. Thalarian Queller Overview The Thalarian Queller is a Living, Minion, Witch Hunter that is often considered a support/ control model. The Queller completes for the mid-range minion slot(s) in a Guild crew against Guild Investigators, Monster Hunters, Guild Lawyers, and Sanctioned Spellcasters. Many people consider them more of a tech choice for dealing with armor or incorporeal heavy crews rather than a staple choice to be included in or considered for every crew.; however their cost, durability, and wide range of abilities can make them well suited for use in just about any Guild crew even if the opposing crew isn't likely to contain a significant number of heavily armored or incorporeal models. Mobility, Resilience, and Overall Stats Thalarian Quellers have a pretty average speed (WK/CG) and do not have any built in abilities that provide them with additional movement but this does not limit their usefulness as most of their abilities allow them to be used from a fairly centralized location behind your main lines where they can buff your models or attack the enemy from a position of relative safety. Quellers have pretty decent stats (average DF/WP and a decent number of wounds) which combined with their Arcane Shield can make then deceptively resilient. They are fairly survivable against scheme runners and other mid-range cost models and can even hold up fairly well for a turn against dedicated Min 3 beaters in the short term though they can't be expected to win or hold in a protracted fight or against a dedicated MI beater with 3+ AP. Arcane Shield (AS), combined with the ability to "turn it back on" (Concentrated Shielding) by discarding a card make them relatively survivable especially if you have any healing available to top them back up periodically. In most crews you often have an expendable card that can be pitched to keep their shield up in the early turns unless you are playing a master like Nellie that has a use for low cards as well. You can avoid needing to pitch the card by activating them later in the turn but this can run counter to getting the most mileage out of their abilities and should really be dictated by how you intend to use them on a given turn (becomes more apparent after discussion of their abilities) Attack Actions The Thalarian Queller has two attack actions: Enchanted Blade is a standard range MI attack (MI 5/Rst. DF/Rg: 2) that deals a standard 2/3/4 damage however its damage dealt by the attack may not be reduced. The attack has two not built in (NBI) suited triggers; one of these allows you to push a friendly Suppression Marker the other allows you to ignore Hard to Wound and Hard to Kill when damaging with this attack. Their other attack action Restraining Wand is a CA 5/Rst: DF/Rg: 10 that gives a target a condition that gives in (-) flips to all of its attack duels until the end of its next activation. This attack has a NBI suited trigger that also applies the slow condition. Discussion: The Queller's Attack Actions are often overlooked by players who focus primarily on their Tactical Actions. Their attacks provide some good options and secondary utility for the Queller when building a crew and playing a game. Often times- against armor +1 models or when you have 2-3 damage models attacking an incorporeal model- you can get more mileage out of just attacking with the Queller than applying Enchant Weapon to another model. The Queller also fits very well into the finisher role (if you have the high Ram in hand) and can more efficiently take out enemy Hard to Kill models that have already had some damage done to them. While not a world beater by any means the Queller can be Joss's worse nightmare when you have the right cards in hand. In this role I often run the Queller in tandem with another model who can go in first to do the majority of the damage required and then the Queller can pick off the last few wounds without needing the extra AP to get past HtK with an additional attack. Restraining Wand is also a great, but often overlooked, attack that provides a lot of mileage in support up moderate or high DF models. Typically I get the most effectiveness out of Suppression Markers, Enchanted Wepaons, etc in the first couple of turns and then shifting to Restraining Wand attacks with the Queller can significantly enhance the survivability of your models and cripple an opponent's attacks with their key beaters. This ability is even better when coupled with models or masters who have triggers or abilities they can use when enemy attacks miss. With Nellie this can provide opportunities to push their key beaters out of combat, with Lady J or Perdita this can be additional damage flips, and with your other models even if you aren't getting the bonus it is significantly improving the odds of neutralizing the enemy attacks. When using this approach it is critical to eliminate anything they have that can provide (+) flips to their other models in order for this to be effective. Tactical Actions: The Queller's tactical actions are what get them the most attention. Enchanted Weapon can be a game changer and Suppression Markers can put a significant damper on an opponent's plans when they have actions that are dependent on built in suits. The Quellers have two tactical actions: Enchant Weapon (CA 5/TN: 12/RG: 6) which gives target non-Master model a condition until the end of turn where their MI and SH actions may not have their damage reduced. Area Suppression (CA 5/TN: 8TM/RG:12) which allows you to put a 30mm marker in play within range that causes enemy models within 3" of the marker to lose all built in suits Printed on the MI, SH, CA, DF, and WP stats. If there are 3 or more Suppression markers in play you have to choose and discard one other wise this marker stays in play until /unless there are no friendly Thalarian Quellers in play at which point they are all discarded. While this action doesn't have any triggers it does have some interaction with Enchanted Blade, one of the Queller's attack actions, which can allows you to push a Suppression Marker anywhere in play up to 3". Discussion: The Queller's tactical actions are the main reason you take them. While their attacks can be useful and sometimes downright incredible (bye-bye Joss) often times they are really just fractionally improving your game and letting you "win more" as opposed to making a huge shift in the trajectory of the game. Their tactical actions, on the other hand, can make that huge shift. The primary reason to take the Queller is Enchant Weapon (EW). If you are playing against a crew that has a significant amount of armor or incorporeal, the Queller’s EW completely changes your ability to deal with it. Many crews may have a single anti-armor model which their opponent can avoid but the Queller neutralizes this letting any of your beaters serve in the anti-armor capacity. It also gives you the ability to deal with armor at range as the action gives the "no reduction" to both melee and shoot actions and take a good chunk out of a Joss, Izamu, Samurai before they get close enough to have an impact. Another great thing about Enchant Weapon is that with 6" range, if you are playing the Queller in the center of the second echelon, you can often cast this on multiple models allowing you to deal with multiple armored/incorporeal models at the same time. Area Suppression (AS) can be a game changer as well but is often even more situational than the Queller's other abilities. In almost any game you can find some usage for either an attack that ignore armor/incorporeal or trigger's that ignore Htk but needing to shut down built in suits is often much less common- especially when if they have the models that are dependent on it you have to figure out the right place to get the effect and have the Queller in a position where he can get the marker there. When it works, it works.... but most of the time it is easier to just try to kill their key pieces than use the Queller's ability to deny their suits. Against the common things people want to strip suits from (Belles and other Lures) AS usually isn't very effective (buy Sanctioned Spellcasters if you are worried about this). Most of the time the source of the attack is often too far away for the Queller to get the marker in position or if the Queller is the target of the Lure and gets close enough to drop the marker he rapidly dies with it and then it goes away. The best uses of AS are shutting down summons and turning off DF triggers- if you can corner or restrict a master that relies on summoning to a given area and bracket it with AS markers then you can effectively shut down or extremely limit their ability to summon. Most summons require a double suit and if they either have a SS or the suited card they successfully cast their summons; the AS marker effectively cuts it by about ¾ requiring them to now have the suit plus the stone eliminating their ability to use high cards from the other 3 suits to summon. Using AS markers to turn off built in DF/WP triggers goes without saying; it can be more situational than their other abilities but shutting down (unless they have the suit) built in triggers like Run Away Hone, Disappear, Squeel, etc can make the difference between killing a key model or not. Other Abilities, General Utility and Usage The Thalarian Queller's wide range of abilities ensure that he is always going to be able to provide benefit to the game. Whether you are using him to deal with armor and incorporeal, to shut down suits in conjunction with other suit stripping models or abilities (counterspell/counterspell aura/etc), to get around Hard to Kill, or just to enhance the survivability of your other models he is always going to have a role. In addition to his other abilities the Queller also provide some additional card draw as well. His Soulstone Artisan ability allows you to draw a card, once per turn, after a friendly model uses or discards a soulstone. This ability doesn't have any range restriction so can be used no matter how close or far away the model using the stone is from the Queller. One note- this ability does not trigger or allow you to draw an extra card if you are using soulstones to draw/discard extra cards at the start of the turn. Like in the case of Lucius's Devil's Deal ability spending the stone to draw cards is a player action not a model action so doesn't provide you the benefit; however, in most games this ability can amount to an additional 2-3 cards per game. When used in a Lucius crew this is likely an additional card every turn (except maybe the 1st turn) as Lucius is likely to be using stones every turn due to Devil's Deal. The Queller's role in most games is going to be dictated by the composition and your threat assessment of the enemy crew. If they have models with a lot of nasty triggers that need built in suits (Howard, Executioner, etc) then first turn might be a turn of just tossing out AS markers into the primary engagement areas. If they have armor or incorporeal then with the good amount of decent ranged shooting the Queller can hand out EW to start letting you neutralize those key threats early. A favorite target of mine for EW is models who have triggers that allow them to hit multiple models or take multiple attacks- an EW on Ryle first turn where he can spread fire across multiple Illuminated, Spiders, etc can go along ways towards trimming the odds early. Similarly EW on Phiona or a Thrall that have triggers or conditions that enable them to get additional attacks can be of significant value as well allowing them to deal with big threats (Peacekeeper (PK), Howard, Nothing Beast) rather quickly (often in one turn). Another unexpected target for EW is a PK (hilarious when it's fast from Nellie) where he can Harpoon a target dealing damaged that can't be reduced and then Drag it in and beat on it or Flurry for more damage that can't be reduced. In this situation he can typically one-round any of the other big armored beaters and the big incorporeal models usually go down even easier as most of them tend to have fewer wounds to start with. Nothing makes Yan Lo cry like being on the receiving end of an Enchanted Peacekeeper's flurry. Although there are some masters that can maximize the Queller's ability in their lists he can work well and serves a role in almost any Guild crew. His primary abilities (EW, RW) either can't target your master or target the enemy's models anyway so his use is more dependent on what you expect to face in the enemy crew or in the strategy and schemes. The best usage is obviously for matches where you are expecting quite a bit of armor, high armor models, or big or multiple incorporeal models. Alternately depending on the scheme pool even if you don't expect incorporeal or high armor models the Queller can significantly enhance the survivability of your models in a meet in the middle or attrition game like Turf War, Extraction, or ours by helping neutralize the big threats from the opponent. While the Queller works well with any list of master you get the most benefit from his support with masters that can provide additional AP to masters and with models that can get additional attacks. Typically masters like Nellie and Lucius can get the most mileage of out him by enabling the models he buffs to get sometimes 3-4 (maybe even 5) attacks per turn which in the right circumstances can just be amazing. His other abilities work well in a Lucius crew as well where you are often going to be drawing an extra card a turn and in conjunction with the Scribe boosting DF of nearby models and also handing out (-) flips (sometimes) from Governor's Authority then it makes RW that much more effective as well. The key to the Queller's utilization is having models that can take advantage of his buffs and being able to read and evaluate the timing of the actions- do you/when do you set up AS markers, it is more valuable at the moment to cast EW vs. using his MI attack, will you get more benefit from RW with the trigger for slow than attacking or giving something else EW...... While the Thalarian Queller is rarely the most obvious choice for the job, and he is frequently overlooked in favor of some of Guild's other great 6 SS choices, he is a great utility piece that almost always has an impact on the game by providing a range of options that can enhance the performance of your crew in a variety of matches and pools.
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    Quote. It makes sense, for Wyrd but let me point out that when you reach the point to where you start favoring new blood over pleasing the faithful, some problems start to arise...I've been in this position before (Warhammer --> Age of CrapMar) and needless to say didn't enjoy that.
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    Well, not entirely as the little one spent another week at the hospital with stomach problems. But things are looking up, thanks for kind words This month I painted two Adze and a Grootslang conversion. Here are the pictures and more, with comments, can be found on my blog. Total ss vale of 20 http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/07/adze.html
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    You're right, I don't get them when I do that either. When I take off on the clock it does work though. On mine there is a workaround if you wait to put on on the clock until after you've added the domador and friend.
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    I do wish there was an option to turn off "Alt Sculpts" in the app. It blows up my OCD to see all these extra models that I neither want to get (because I already have the rare limit) or cannot afford to get (some of them are fairly pricy for a model that I wouldn't use). But when scrolling through the lists, it makes me twitch a little inside.
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    Anna with My Little Helper usually finds her way in most of my Resser crews. Pop MLH, get her in the right position with two high cards and her (0) push can really mess up an opponent's carefully placed crew. Then she's in a pretty safe place to take two shots with min 3 damage. I find everything on her card useful. She was great right out of the gate because opponents didn't know what all she did. Now she's become a priority target so I can use her as a distraction.
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    I like to play her against ten thunders as they tend to push their own stuff alot and she annoys my opponent alot when placed around the informant marker...
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    She offers a lot of utility and good raw damage. Her push attack can mess people up badly.