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    Yes, is a tactical action Engaged models can't: - Do Interact actions - Do Charge - Take actions
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    Wyrdos, We just released our Gen Con 2018 Newsletter, but if you don't receive our monthly newsletter (or hate clicking links and/or visiting our website), don't worry: I've got you covered. We're jumping off the top rope and bringing down an elbow drop of awesome onto this year's Tyrant Tournament at Gen Con. That's right; if you're one of the lucky qualifying entrants, you've got a chance to win yourself a Malifaux 2018 Champion belt. While it might not keep your pants up, this beauty will definitely look great draped on your shoulder or hanging triumphantly above your minis collection. But there's only one way to claim this prize: you gotta win. Make sure to bring your A-game so that you can rightfully claim that you're the best (of who showed up)! We've got a bunch of promotions that we're offering this year at Gen Con. You can find a list of our promos below: Get a FREE He-kome model (above) when you spend $100 or more (available in person and during online Gen Con sales). Get a raffle ticket for a chance to win a Mansion (below) when you purchase any 2 Edge of the Quarantine Zone Wyrdscape terrain boxes. The Mansion will be delivered to your provided address, at release (available in person and during online Gen Con sales - which will be automatically registered). Play a demo of The Other Side for a chance to win a gift box from one of the Allegiances, delivered to you at release. Get a raffle ticket for each $50 you spend for a chance to win one of the many goodies we'll have to offer at our raffle at the end of Gen Con! Every year, we like to offer something special at Gen Con, and this year's no different. While you might have already seen our preview of this year's NightMARE Gremlin box, we've still got a lot more to get excited about. There is one little thing we're doing differently this year. Like the color of the Burning Man's flames, our schedule is shifting a bit. The next Malifaux book won't be coming to Indianapolis. But don't worry - the sky's not falling. We've got some big plans for our friends across the Breach coming in the new year, and you'll be able to hear about those plans soon. You can find all of our Pre-releases in the Newsletter post on our website, but here's a glimpse of the Alt models we'll have during the big event: Above, we have Alt Rogue Necromancy, Alt Lenny, Alt Tannen and Graves, Alt Vanessa, and Alt Ototo! Are you ready for the best four days in gaming? We've got more announcements to share at Gen Con, and there's only one way to be the first to find out. If you're making your way to Indianapolis, why don't you make the trip to the Wyrd booth and say hello? We'll see you there!
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    Ok so I've been to a couple of tournament were my opponents note their schemes and strats on their phone/app . I've noticed however that they can be changed throughout the game/round and can't be locked in . Is it wrong for me to ask them to write it on paper and leave it on the table. I'm in No way saying anyone cheated but the opportunity is their to change what they picked and who its on etc . Wondering What other peoples opinions are on this being as apps now feature in more games . should the apps be changed to lock the schemes in at the start as it's both wyrds apps and crewfaux that ppl use and both can be altered during the game ??
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    Ithink she attacks whatever is engaging her to push, heal and draw cards before continuing to flame burst. I doubt anyone runs Sonnia like the Viks or Misaki although I would love to see that!
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    A single Torakage works well with McCabe's Sabre. + to attack and damage is sweet, especially when Reactivated 😂
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    Maybe because they are Neverborn agents infiltrating TT on Dora's/Lilith's order
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    Maybe because some people play on more competitive level than others and then Lenny is very sad panda indeed.
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    My most recent lists have been Lucius - Deep pockets/surprisingly loyal Scribe Thrall Tannen Graves beckoner doppel queller performer Played against a Marcus crew in public executions - schemes wise I took set up and recover evidence. I drew in the Sabretooth turn one with the beckoner/doppel using their lures then using Lucius' don't mind me aura and the performer to drop the markers ready to score in t2. Tannen stayed around for his cooler aura. After scoring set up I killed the cat and a few other models to declare recover turn 4 (a little later than usual but I had activation control and my opponent had five models left). I picked 3 of the 5 markers up in that turn. I think it was a big win of 9-2 or 3 to me. Also tried Lucius - deep pockets/surprisingly loyal Scribe Jury Dade Doppel Investigator Austringer Reporter In ply for info and the schemes I took were surround them and dig graves - again facing Marcus, my opponent scored Vendetta t3 on Dade with Cassandra while I had steadily been scoring dig, ply we mostly tied on bar one turn each and I had used the reporter/austringer to bluff/show surround them with Lucius t5 Issuing command to push the reporter out of Cassandra's engagement and drop the last marker. My opponent took undercover entourage on Marcus but I managed to nudge him below half wounds to score a tight 7-6 win. Enjoying Lucius a bit at the minute
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    Wastrels get better cards back when they drop cards for rams and have a charge value. They do have some pretty glaring weaknesses but I love the models so usually bring one with McCabe since I think he's the master who makes the best use of them. They're probably not a competitive choice but oh well.
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    One of my favorite things the few times I used McCabe was a nimble Executioner. It really let me pick off the models I want to pick off. Field reporters really like the saber because it is no big deal for them to discard a ram for the additional damage. That makes them really scary. Shame they can't charge. This thread is making me want to play McCabe.
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    Some great ideas floating around, I like the idea of giving Lawyers and Reporters a glowing saber.
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    A few beasties as test subjects for the good Dr. Dufresne: The Raptors are GW Razorflock Somethings from the Dark Eldar that I got for cheap. And since I wanted to add a few Academics too, and with my Metal Gamin and the Raptors and Hoarcat Pride already had a few Arcanists, I bought Ironsides Box and started painting it:
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    Happy Monday Wyrdos! As you probably know GenCon is coming up soon. It's less than a month away as a matter of fact. After winning the Homefront global campaign, Gremlins were getting the next Nightmare box and we are ready to show it off. Enjoy the Nightmare Ulix crew.
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    Meta differs but I imagine if you can get a Parker style you're happy with he could threaten top tables. After all lots of people said the same about Mei Feng and you still do well with her.
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    Some kindhearted gentleman () got some pics of them at Origins here if you're on AWP! I like the barricades kit best personally, though those buildings are pretty nice too.
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    I love alt Tannen and Graves. I’m not a big Lynch fan so while I have them, I haven’t painted them yet because I find the aesthetic boring. Playing up their Nephilim and Woe characteristics was a good idea. Burly Nephilim Graves is great. But Tannen is fantastic and really uses the Malifaux creepy factor. The way the face is cracked around the escaping Sorrow and the legs are deflated like he was just a skin. Love them.
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    Because "Folsom Prison Blues", that's why!
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    Ama no Zako Parker this is definitely a thread about our worst models.
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    The rulebook says stand there till the player does the order action, which is the way I go. Otherwise you sometimes get players disagreeing with your choices of actions. That way if they disagree you say that is the rules and how you are following it.
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    Franc and Mounted Guard are a nice duo. Guard charges takes Franc with him, gives him the Def aura, chain activate, Frank flurry. tried this combo 2 times, worked quite nicely but both modells died soon. Reactivating Thrall is also nice, but deep in the enemy lines he dies as well - some times befor reactivating. Cheap minions like guild guard or hounds with sabre upgrade, also nice on paper - but then they die. I`m thinking of a McCabe playstyle that doesnt rely on alpha strikes. That doesn`t take expensive henchmen, gives them badge of speed and throws them into the enemy meat grinder. That doesn`t take cheap minions that die to a single hit. I`m thinking of a rather defensive playstyle. Taking good, mid costed minions that you could potentialy reactivate. Who can take some punch, who can get the sabre to enhance their mellee abilities but have some nice other abilities to which can work without sabre upgrade. All the book 5 minions come to mind. I mean reactivated monster hunters are awesome for the first round to force the enemy to you or they get shot to pieces. Investigators are disguised, have awesome abilities and can get the sabre when they are force to mellee someone. Maybe quellers are rather redundant because you have armour ignoring with the sabre. Maybe to get around incorporeal at range with monster hunters. The riotbreaker are tough, can make schemes hard to achieve for the enemy and also get killy with sabre. Also domador and rotten belle would synergize well with this kind of playstyle. Imagine a reactivating belle with lures and sabre pounces... Anyone got some similar thoughts?
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    Still stand by that, and everything else in life. Don't like it, don't buy it. Don't need it, don't get it. That being said, we've seen some chicken little routines here before, as well as the more 'strongly' opinionated folks who are determined to be heard shitting on something from high above and honestly, it didn't make a difference then and I don't expect it will now. We'll never nail it for everyone, ever.
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    Well, not entirely as the little one spent another week at the hospital with stomach problems. But things are looking up, thanks for kind words This month I painted two Adze and a Grootslang conversion. Here are the pictures and more, with comments, can be found on my blog. Total ss vale of 20 http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/07/adze.html
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    Brought DCR to my Monday game night and convinced the guys to crack it open. We started out with three players, but brought in a fourth when he showed up late. We had a few hiccups (like accidentally putting West Challenges in the South Region) but we managed to pull it together and I was elected to jump into Darkness, after scoring the Moon's Blessing and some other key items. It was a narrow race, because the Sun had already moved about half-way down Darkness' body when I got inside, and one of my companions failed a Challenge, resulting in 6-7 Corruption Tokens getting destroyed to move the Sun an equal number of steps. We were literally 1 step away from losing the Sun to the Rattle when my companions moved me two spaces and I completed the final challenge. 10/10 great game, but definitely not one that you play casually until everyone at the table is aware of the rules.
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    I'm not sure what the threshold for other EU countries is, but in the UK we don't pay customs on orders under £15 (about $20) including postage. So when ever I order from WGV I do it in smaller amounts making sure the total cost including postage is under $20. It keeps the postage cost down too. Its actually a lot cheaper to make several smaller orders than one big order Its worth looking it up in your respective countries to see if there's a threshold that you could stick below when placing orders