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    Happy Monday Wyrdos! As you probably know GenCon is coming up soon. It's less than a month away as a matter of fact. After winning the Homefront global campaign, Gremlins were getting the next Nightmare box and we are ready to show it off. Enjoy the Nightmare Ulix crew.
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    Kai, I as your rival, challenge you to a 1 vs 1 painting challenge. Starting with Total Testosterone, I will be painting along with our dedicated Wyrdos participating in each painting competition this year. I ask you to meet my challenge and join me in this endeavor; the champion will get bragging rights and the Wyrd Office Championship Belt. Each competition/round will have a winner, picked by community vote right here on the forums! So @Kai, are you brave enough to face me, primer and paintbrush in hand? Make sure you participate yourself! Link
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    Happy Monday Wyrdos! We have an awesome new Monday Preview for you showing off the Undercover Agents. What are they here for? What is their purpose? Time for more speculation!
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    I have these for sale: - Dark Carnival red translucent sold - Datsue Ba (with card) $5 - Lucius and Scribe (with printed post errata cards and all upgrades) $15 - metal Marcus (no cards) $5 - painted vintage Sonnia (with card) $40 - painted Hooded Rider (no card, but it's available for free from Wyrd's website) sold painted Juju (no card, but it's available for free from Wyrd's website) $40 - painted Primordial Magic (no card)sold I am located in Poland but can ship worldwide, just add approximately $10-$15 to the cost. I will combine shipping cost. Prices are negotiable, especially if you decide to buy more than one item, just PM me with your offer and we can talk
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    I think we too deserve a thread of „What was the last list you've played” type, don't we? I encourage everyone to post here lists, followed by a short information concerning S&S, opposing crew and short encounter's rundown. I will start with my today's game against my regular Gremlin opponent, Michał „Świeżak” Wencel. Standard Deployment Strategy: Public Executions Schemes: Eliminate, Covert, Vendetta, Search the Ruins, something I don't remember. I wanted to play Reva with Lampads despite everything – I have bought the box right before our game and wanted to give them a try. My crew: Reva w/ Decaying Aura, Riders in the Sky, Blood Mark, 6 ss Carrion Emissary w/ Conflux of the Reaper Datsue Ba w/ My Little Helper Lampad w/ My Little Helper Hayreddin Dead Doxy Rotten Belle His crew: Wong, Glowy McTavish, Trixie, Old Cranky, 2 Swinecursed, 2 Lightining Bug. As I anticipated, Michał brought his regular Wong crew, which he always plays into Public Executions. As for schemes, he has chosen Eliminate and of course Covert. I've chosen Covert and Vendetta (Belle – Swinecursed). On turn one he pushed Wong and Tavish with his Swinecursed twice. I Blackjokered Shards of Kythera which let him shoot Carrion Emissary with McTavish once for 5. Combination of Bloodmark and Guide Spirits let me charge one of his Lightning Bugs on my last activation of turn one and summon another Lampad of it, but the whole process costed me my whole 8 card hand. I also lured his Swinecursed, revealing Vendetta. On turn two Wong killed one of the Lampads and McTavish killed Datsue Ba (charged earlier by Swinecursed), which emptied Michał's hand. This let me give the „Death Omen” condition to his McTavish, who was subsequently killed by Reva. To guarantee a point for Strategy, Dead Doxy pushed his Swinecursed, put him on negative and promptly pounced to death. On the other flank I wanted to soften my Vendetta target, who previously charged Hayreddin, dealing 3 wounds to him. So I lured Hay back with Belle to enable countercharge... and accidentaly killed the Swinecursed with severe on my second hit. On turn three he killed my Lampad, Hayreddin killed Lightining Bug lured by Belle and Reva and Doxy killed Trixie. Carrion Emissary used his 10'' place to a corpse marker and started placing markers for Covert. My opponent conceded after turn four, as his last two models, Wong and Old Crancky, were stucked in his deployment zone, engaged by Reva and heavily wounded (at least Wong). Final score: Reva 7 (2 for Strategy, 2 for Vendetta, 3 for Covert) vs Wong 0.
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    Hello folks, So not sure if this has already been discussed at length but thought I'd throw up my thoughts for the crowd. While we've had one (arguably two) story encounter boxes already with Uni Transmortis (which only had Rezzer mini's) and the beginner box (Guild and NB) the coming months promise at least two more and hint at a new regular release item. Now this is an interesting and cool way to bring out new models for the game, but it is also potentially problematic, so... My positives: Lets Wyrd release play-tested and thematic models without having to invest the time, effort and resources on a full book release. Potentially can allow a 'spread' of faction releases which can eventually be the equivalent of a complete book release over time, and may (hopefully will) later all appear in a book. Seems as though the encounter boxes are being used as a novel way of targeting releases towards certain 'holes' in current factions and targeting specific masters which need a little buff (at least this definitely appears to be the case with Arcanists, my primary mob, and the coming box). Lets Wyrd release models at a steady drip level, not in a single here's what is out/planned one yearly book. Means steady income of model purchases for Wyrd - good. Means less people waiting for a book ruled model which is not released yet - good. Means metas can deal, adjust and even errata new models in a bite sized chunk fashion, integrating small numbers of models is easier and less trouble prone then an entire book of figures - good. Keeps my favorite mini's game Malifaux bubbling away with a steady supply of new models to tempt, amuse, inspire and horrify (when they are non-faction mostly) me. Nothing like knowing your game is supported. Lets Wyrd play test then wild-release interesting new rules, wordings and ideas in manageable chunks prior to larger releases and a eventual and hoped for Mali 2.5 or 3E some time in the future. The more in the wild rules stress testing Malifaux does, particularly of the more outside-the-box ideas, the better. It provides instant two-player incentive, nice to get new folks involved, rebuild and renew game group interest and generally ignite small metas. It is plain characterful and done right adds hugely to the atmosphere of the game, the story>game>story>rules>story cycle. Also adds to things like TtB background, cross-pollination is always encouraged. So on these points really like the direction, but, its not all butterfly's and blossoms: Potential for less comprehensive play testing as small releases churn out and create spot fires of rules controversy and power shift eventually resulting in a conflagration. While the factions that score a box now will celebrate the new hotness, others will languish and be frustrated as they wait and hope. The advantage of the big 'all-faction' book releases is it lets everyone feast and at least partially reduces the perception and reality of single faction 'codex-creep', this release method invites it to return. The encounter boxes are (not unreasonably, they contain many models) going to be costly. If folks are from small metas, or have no one keen on the other mini's in the box then it is going to be damn expensive to buy one encounter box to secure one or two figures you want, this is even worse if you (like me) are a victim of Malifaux ADD and find cool out of faction models to be an excuse to buy cross faction. Some folks will need to avoid the encounter boxes because the temptation to explode purchasing is large. Understand the logic and business model, does not mean I like it. But also doubt Wyrd will release the mini's separately anytime soon, why would they? This means a significant number of players will be forced to buy a box with multiple mini's they don't want to get a few they do. Secondary market will obviously help, but its likely to get bloated with some models while others are very tough to find. This just plain increases the model bloat in a game, which while I love, is becoming very difficult to track and keep pace with, not just collection/finance wise but more importantly model/rules wise. This contradicts my earlier 'keep the game ticking' point, I know, but these two things literally reside in opposition in my mind. I want new shinies and rules and hotness but I also dread the new ever multiplying knot of rules, interactions and rules-rocks dumped into an increasingly heavily laden boat which is delicately striving to maintain its balance and not capsize and drown my joy in the game. That is where my mind is at. I am looking forward to the coming encounter box releases. I like the idea and direction and am optimistic that Wyrd folks can generally make the idea work well for the health of the game. But I wanted to voice my trepidation and also give word to some of my fears and the frustrations I've already seen articulated to some degree on the forums, particularly in the Monday preview threads. Carefully, carefully. The only thing worse than a bad idea is a good idea poorly implemented. I hope I'm as happy in 12 months as I am optimistic now.
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    Oh yeah. I might even have to by 200% Nightmare boxes this year. To be honest I was hoping for an Alt Zipp box, if only because he's the one Gremlin Master I don't have. But this is pretty awesome nonetheless. I'm at least hoping for Piglets and possibly the Sow. Warpig would be good too, but if they do one it would literally be the third Alt Warpig they've made (War Rooster, War Wabbit and now War Pony?). Only the legendary Teddy comes close (who's also at three IIRC, if you count the Puppet version). Probably Black Friday. Or Easter. Or when that Bayou racing game comes out. TBH Gremlins have gotten ALOT of alt models already. Pretty sure it's way more than every other Faction.
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    First of all, this box is awesome at so many levels, the only thing that I am not sure right now is how many boxes I will order during GenCon sale... I skipped two previous GenCon sales, and now, only because of this box, I absolutely will participate at this year one. I personally understand people who are upset by this box, but I want you to consider the following: 1. About this box being not "nightmare" enough - just look in the eyes of the pink one in a hat and tell me that you are not scared!😱 But, seriously, I cannot say that McCabe box was scary or nightmare - the models were just different and awesome with that, but also easily identifiable as who is who, and this box fit this criteria perfectly - you definitely know and from the first try understand who is master and who is his henchmen... 2. About other possible themes - in fact, Wyrd already done both rabbits (war wabbit) and other bayou creatures (Bayou Bash), so doing new nightmare box with this themes will result in repeating themselves, and "new" nightmare box will in fact will be not so much new... 3. Regarding not fitting theme of Malifaux - cowboy, steampunk, nightmares, etc. - guys, seriously, gremlins as a whole faction are not fitting in this themes that you mentioned! I mean, gremlins have model who uses her female charm to scare aforementioned cowboys, robots and nightmares so much that they will run straight from her, and nobody seems to have problem with that! In conclusion - I think that Wyrd absolutely nailed this Nightmare box. It is consistent in theme, easily identifiable at the tabletop, and got a silly vibe for which I started gremlins at the first place.
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    We played; Ply For Information Surround Them Hold Up Their Forces Take One For the Team Recover Evidence Public Demo I took Lucius Surprisingly Loyal Deep Pockets Condescending The Scribe Lawyer Death Marshal 2x Orderlies Austringer Graves Tannen My opponent played a wonky Kaeris list with three raptors, a couple Soulstone Miners. That sort of thing. We both took Recover Evidence. My opponent took Surround while I took Public Demo. Ended up winning 6-4 as Graves and Tannen kept my table corner covered denying points on RE and Surround until Lucius killed them off on 5 to deny a point for Ply. When all was said and done Lucius was my last model standing, and I was back up to 7 stones in cache. Which is about a perfect result as far as he's concerned
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    Greetings All, Well, July is going to be a crazy busy month for me, so I carved out some time to get started on my Guild Guard so I could meet the monthly target. I also managed to do some blocking in on my fire gamin, because I'm World Champion at starting a miniature and then taking forever to finish them... The guild guard you see is my colour-scheme prototype (my guild are all brown, red and brass - my Malifaux is a fairly steampunky one). I'm just adoring that massive, massive mold line that I inexplicably missed. Sheesh. ...and I have absolutely no idea what I'll get finished this month. Caedrus, out.
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    Soulstonrs preventing down to 0 only stop after damaging triggers.for the purposes of abilities you still suffered damage, for example McMourning still heals based on original damage flipped, not what is left after reducion and prevention. The same is true for how mucha gremlin suffers after declaring dumb luck.
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    FAQ entry 17 doesn’t apply to following the instructions in an effect (if you prevent damage that an effect says you have to take, you have followed the instructions properly), it refers to triggering effects based on suffering damage. Otherwise, you have the argument: - You’re getting attacked and have to suffer X damage. - You spend a Soulstone, flip well, and prevent all of it. - Someone pulls out FAQ 17 and tries to claim that the game just broke, you need to suffer that damage anyway, or something else. So if the soulstone miner performs Mine Soulstone, spends a Soulstone for a prevention flip and flips well, if someone else nearby had an effect triggered by “when an X model suffers damage” that effect wouldn’t go off. Luckily, for Mine Soulstone, the next sentence just cares whether the model still exists, not whether it suffered damage. “If it is still in play after suffering this damage, ...”. Did you do the “Suffer 2 Damage” Step? If so, it is “after suffering this damage”, whether it prevented it or not.
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    @Terry Bailey Sr, I agree with you about no one liking their favourite models to be downgraded. I specially feel bad not for the competitive players but for those who play not so often, with just one or two masters, without using their ful potential. I play Nicodem, not regularly but enough to feel I have lost options, making him not the best option in most situations/matches, but I think this is actually good for the game (I am privileged as I have also McMourning, Seamus and Reva to take his place in the right games). I think the erratas are some of the best ways to adress this balance problems, in both ways. The Lucius changes, that made him a completely new master, were actually good, giving the players options for a model that was under the common power level. I think models that are way above it (or simply have developed styles that do not play as intended) should be treated with the same attention. I think a Viktorias/Levi rat spam or a Nicodem summoning and card engine are not fun to play against and usually could be unstoppable, making it necessary a tonning down. You speak about the importance of playtesting, but I am shure this company does an intensive playtesting, inside the house and, as we have seen on the last book, even outside, with the community as a whole. As we can see, something that seemed fine when released, after some time under competitive play, was discovered that was not completely "on the right place", and it is discovered because the whole community starts to play regularly with this, and searchimng for the best possible combo. Even the community playtest is not perfect, as we can see that Asura Rotten and the Kentauroi (the models that make Nicodem the monster he is now) have gone through it. Also, I would like to remind that, even as many models look very strong on paper and seem umbeatable when first appear, many times the Meta or the practice show that it is not the case. Many players were complaining about how strong Kirai was and, with the 4th book, the first screams were about how broken Reva was. Now, both masters are one step behind Nicodem (a master from the first book), but another master complained about his strength from the same book (Sandeep) kept beating everyone until now. Time and perspective can show many things, and sometimes a player needs to accept that maybe what he does not enjoy can benefit the game as a whole. Malifaux is a game, so no one is ordering anyone to play and accept the rules. If a community is not happy with the changes, they can keep playing without the erratas and I think Mason, Kai or any Wyrd employee will never enter through the door and steal their minis. They are trying to make the game the best they can. Hope not being very confusing (not an english speaker myself) nor attacking anyones oppinions (it is not my intent but the subtile ways of a language can pass through me). Trying to express my oppinion and justify my point of view, but I understand that there are others that can think otherwise and have their own reasons.
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    It was because pork chop the pig wasn't old enough 😁 not because I looked like this
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    Extra Extra! We got the freshest Monday previews this side of the Breach! Come and take a look at the paper hustling Newsies!
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    I think you're right and I've seen it at coventions before. This year they had a table dedicated to demos which was new. I suspect we'll be seeing something new for the game before too long but again I'm just speculating.
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    I don't know enough about the model making process to make any kind of judgment call on how it would affect a Puppet Wars release. Personally though, I'm hoping they one day do Alternate Puppet-Malifaux crews. It could be a back door way to support Puppet Wars without diverting resources from Malifaux.
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    As a note. There is no double walks. It’s 2 separate walk actions. So you can take one single walk action and walk right pass a models engagment. But if your single walk ends in a models engagement and you walk again, you have to declare that you was leaving engagment and provoke a disengagement strike.
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    I think the Lotus Eater is in his element with Misaki. His discard effects synergise fantastically with Misaki's Assassination trigger and he's amazing at removing enemy scheme markers. For the latter I've often taken a Tengu in my 10T crews (regardless of Master). But now if I can find the extra 2 SS, I'll be using the Lotus Eater.
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    a Ml 6 model with 3 ap, flurry and the ability to have min 3 damage isn't a beater?
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    And a very adorable Marlena proxy it is, too. My hesitation about Parker comes from a joke we used to tell around the Guild forums... ’Lucius is perfectly capable of putting the nail in his own coffin’ ’yeah, but only if he flips a 7+ of masks’ More seriously, does a negative flip to your Sh, or worse a Perdita with Finger on the Trigger, slow you down?
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    I do all my bases fairly similar, because it really annoys me using models cross-faction and then not having fitting bases. Mine are all inner-city-cobblestone-ones, but the plan is to later put some stuff for the different factions on the bases, so they look coherent and yet different.
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    By faction, since most of the time models are useful to multiple masters. The odd model, usually hired out of faction, I don't mind being on a different base, but I like the uniformity of a coherent basing style.