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    A long time ago in a 40K forum far far away, I maintained a unit tactical resource library. Once per week an existing model/unit was chosen (often at random) and debated by the forum, with a reference list developed over time. Much like PullMyFinger, this library also contained discussions and nuanced tactics provided by the forum, readily updated for new models and new interactions. Great for new players to reference, wizened tacticians to double check interactions, and easier to search than the Forum's actual search function. Would my fellow Bayou inhabitants like me to maintain a project for the Gremlins? There's so much I don't know about this faction, and I'd like your input! If so, I'd like to start the conversation via the honourable Iron Skeeter If you think this is a good idea, please respond below! How do you play the Iron Skeeter? Do you play it? What kind of schemes/strats/masters/interactions? Do you love it or hate it? Favourite plays? Pie in the sky ideas? Reliable uses or things to avoid? Constructive only please! P.S Yes, I include a few extra "U's" in some words here and there...
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    So Ive just started playing and I'm looking to buy my first figures. I'm leaning really heavily into buying Nellie's box, but Im not sure what else I should get with her and how best to play. Other guild masters I'm interested in are Lucius and Lady Justice.
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    It was because pork chop the pig wasn't old enough 😁 not because I looked like this
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    Ok so I love the gremlin faction and recently went to a charity tournament that had 28 players . I dressed in dungarees wore a straw hat and boots and carried a 🐖 under my arm (yes I'm that mad) I ran the following list in 2 games just for fun 50 SS Gremlins Crew Somer Teeth Jones + 4 Pool - Family Tree (2) - Can O' Beans (1) - Do Over (1) Skeeter (2) Skeeter (2) Slop Hauler (5) Piglet (4) Piglet (4) Piglet (4) Piglet (4) Bayou Gremlin (3) Bayou Gremlin (3) Bayou Gremlin (3) Bayou Gremlin (3) Bayou Gremlin (3) Bayou Gremlin (3) Bayou Gremlin (3) Game 1 strats✓=schemes I took Deployment: Flank Deployment (11) Strategy: Ply for Information (Rams) Schemes: * Surround Them (Rams) * Covert Breakthrough (1)✓ * Undercover Entourage (5) * Search the Ruins (8) ✓ * Public Demonstration (13) Game 2 strats Deployment: Close Deployment (14) Strategy: Symbols of Authority (Masks) Schemes: * Punish the Weak (Masks) * Set Up (3) * Hold Up Their Forces (4) * Take Prisoner (9)✓ * Recover Evidence (11)✓ I won both games and my opponents didn't know how to stop me . Yes I summoned as and when my numbers dwindled but out activating my opponent played a big roll I won 9v4 game one and 9v7 game two So going into the 3rd game the strats were very killy and being in 5th place overall I wanted to win so changed to a more serious but still fun list for game3 50 SS Gremlins Crew Mah Tucket + 4 Pool - Manifest Destiny (1) - Pit Traps (1) - Stilts (1) Old Cranky (4) Trixibelle (8) Rami LaCroix (7) - Dirty Cheater (1) Swine-Cursed (7) Survivor (4) Survivor (4) Survivor (4) Survivor (4) Survivor (4) Game 3 strats Deployment: Corner Deployment (10) Strategy: Public Executions (Tomes) Schemes: * Eliminate the Leadership (Doubles) * Dig Their Graves (2) * Inescapable Trap (6) * Take Prisoner (9)✓ * Vendetta (12)✓ I won the 3rd game 7 to 4 finished in 2nd place (won a root beer whiskey Golem)and helped raise £500 for charity . I honestly believe you don't have to run set models in set lists to have fun and even do well. Sorry for the long post but wanted to post this being as everyone is moaning about the errata on Sandeep and nicodem and gremlins are just that much fun whoever and whatever you run
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    Good PMF News: PullMyFinger Wiki lives! The amazing Dan Miner has moved existing content off the rapidly-disintegrating Wikispaces site and onto another site. Sad PMF News: Users didn't migrate! If you want to update it, please please please go to this page to create an account: http://pullmyfinger.minercreations.com/index.php?title=Special%3ACreateAccount But! It definitely needs a lot of love and management, and a lot of newer models don't have entries. Come log in and update! I haven't been doing a lot of keeping up with newer models and strategies, so I hope that people who know more and are more active are willing to take up the torch. Thanks everyone! Ted/Hateful Darkblack P.S. I'll update URLs and post more soon.
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    An unboxing and review of the Flying Piglets...more pictures, rotational views, assembly tips, etc. can be found by clicking on the link... http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.co.uk/2018/05/unboxing-malifaux-flying-piglets.html
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    @Terry Bailey Sr, I agree with you about no one liking their favourite models to be downgraded. I specially feel bad not for the competitive players but for those who play not so often, with just one or two masters, without using their ful potential. I play Nicodem, not regularly but enough to feel I have lost options, making him not the best option in most situations/matches, but I think this is actually good for the game (I am privileged as I have also McMourning, Seamus and Reva to take his place in the right games). I think the erratas are some of the best ways to adress this balance problems, in both ways. The Lucius changes, that made him a completely new master, were actually good, giving the players options for a model that was under the common power level. I think models that are way above it (or simply have developed styles that do not play as intended) should be treated with the same attention. I think a Viktorias/Levi rat spam or a Nicodem summoning and card engine are not fun to play against and usually could be unstoppable, making it necessary a tonning down. You speak about the importance of playtesting, but I am shure this company does an intensive playtesting, inside the house and, as we have seen on the last book, even outside, with the community as a whole. As we can see, something that seemed fine when released, after some time under competitive play, was discovered that was not completely "on the right place", and it is discovered because the whole community starts to play regularly with this, and searchimng for the best possible combo. Even the community playtest is not perfect, as we can see that Asura Rotten and the Kentauroi (the models that make Nicodem the monster he is now) have gone through it. Also, I would like to remind that, even as many models look very strong on paper and seem umbeatable when first appear, many times the Meta or the practice show that it is not the case. Many players were complaining about how strong Kirai was and, with the 4th book, the first screams were about how broken Reva was. Now, both masters are one step behind Nicodem (a master from the first book), but another master complained about his strength from the same book (Sandeep) kept beating everyone until now. Time and perspective can show many things, and sometimes a player needs to accept that maybe what he does not enjoy can benefit the game as a whole. Malifaux is a game, so no one is ordering anyone to play and accept the rules. If a community is not happy with the changes, they can keep playing without the erratas and I think Mason, Kai or any Wyrd employee will never enter through the door and steal their minis. They are trying to make the game the best they can. Hope not being very confusing (not an english speaker myself) nor attacking anyones oppinions (it is not my intent but the subtile ways of a language can pass through me). Trying to express my oppinion and justify my point of view, but I understand that there are others that can think otherwise and have their own reasons.
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    It might be the people that I typically play against but it's rare to not be dealing with some sort of annoying trigger or to need to deal with models with Hard To Kill. The thing that I like about Joss is that he doesn't really need cards to do his thing. He's usually on flips to attack unless I get him too far out from Ramos and because of his relatively flat damage track I rarely worry about doing more than tying Defense flips. He's sturdy enough that I usually only cheat Defense flips against non-damaging effects. The 3/4/4 damage track isn't usually an issue because it's got a high minimum damage and ignores so many defensive abilities.
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    It is my understanding that she will.
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    You can't compare Malifaux to a boardgame. A boardgame doesn't have rules for 500 different models in 7 factions + core rules to take into account when balancing everything. It's a lot faster (and more sensible) to nerf Sandeep than to make everyone twice as good to keep up with him. Veteran players won't whine about Sandeep, they know he was too powerful. Som new players who suddenly has to rely on skill and play Sandeep more wisely, will probably feel the world is unfair. Wyrd is doing a remarkable job when it comes to balance. Of course things will slip through, it's a huge game that only gets bigger but I like they correct things like these.
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    Apologies, I posted this in the June thread by mistake. Here is my pledge for July - going to put Guild down for a while and get some Yan Lo reinforcements finished:  Sun Quiang for 8ss 2 Goryo for 14ss My final and seemingly unfinishable mindless zombie for 2ss So; 4 models and 24ss. I'm secretly hoping that I'll finish these and get some more at least started this month. Have a great month everyone.
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    Is that the summon that auto ends the game and all players are ejected from the room?
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    So are you btw! Glad some people try fighting against the salt!
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    An unboxing and review of the Alternate version of Lazarus...extra pics, comparison and rotational views and assembly tips can be found by clicking on the link... http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.co.uk/2018/05/unboxing-malifaux-alternate-lazarus.html
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    This update fails to address the fact that Nicodem still has "Living" on his card.
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    Well, I admit I spent the minimum time possible on the monk ^^ For the little demons (Akaname) I've painted a light basecoat and went with many green/brown/red washes, while they were not dried. They were fun, fast and easy to paint ! @Burnin' Coal thank you ! @Caedrus well, yes... Those sceneries are the best !!
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    @Caedrus I already admire your effigy, it's the most Arcane bookpuppet I've seen in many moons. For me, I'm pledging Yan Lo's box and 3 Gaki as the next batch my friend has commissioned, and Brewie's box as a birthday gift for another friend. For me, I'm aiming to move ahead with Lazarus (finally) and finish up Marlena with a few touch ups, then maybe get to Serena. If I get especially lucky, may finish up Vintage Haemlin and Shang, and figure out how to get Lobo on on his bike. Might tweak a few things as GenCon looms closer. It's hot outside, let's stay in and paint!
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    Caedrus, checking in. For July, my pledge will be a single Guild Guard (of which I have nine in real or proxy form), at 3SS. I have a ridiculous amount of stretch goals, including finishing my Arcane Effigy: ...and I took a little time to break out the airbrush for the first time in two years, to do some prep work: ...and did some Arcanist airbrushing as well! I still have a lot to learn! Have a great time painting in July, everyone! Caedrus, out.
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    Should have some team t-shirts ready for the tourny.
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    There is no right answer to this, everyone is different. Personally I would suggest you get 2 master boxes and you just pick the boxes on what masters you think look cool. You then can learn to play with what you own, and decide from their how to expand. There are several peoples building on a budget articles, which you might find helpful. I think there is one in an old chronicles, schemes and stones podcast has done several shows on it, and I think we have several threads on the forums, but they may be pre nellie but at least give ideas.
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    Is this a secret teaser to show that Horse Puncher is the next Commander? Can't wait to get the minis in hand, we're so close!
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    I'm rarely in a place they can focus and hit, but I think if they spend focus, that's prime stone time to counter it. I do agree that's the worst situation now itw has gone.
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    Mad? No. Displeased with and lacking confidence in the balance team to the point of my wallet closing? Yes. The card-draw.. probably justified. Taking a bat to the knees and then the skull of his specialty as a Master to appease whiners? Sorry, that's a deal-breaker as it makes me doubt the capabilities of the dev team to an intolerable degree. It shows a design philosophy that I refuse to endorse with my hobby budget.