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    So in an effort to consolidate my playstyle and really get down to how to be more competitive with Ten Thunders I have decided to embark on a 15 game journey with Shenlong as my exclusive master for Thunders. The goal of this challenge is to familiarize myself with the master, help focus down on what i need to win games as a Thunders player, and in general tune up my play as a Malifaux player. The meta I'm in has gotten increasingly more competitive as we mature and I am struggling to keep up lately. I'm hoping that by familiarizing myself with the more competitive aspects of the faction I can find playstyles I both enjoy and will help my overall performance. The reasons for starting with Shen are pretty straight forward. 1) This is a generalists meta and he's our best generalist master. 2) He has very few weaknesses and can flex strategy very easily even mid game thanks to his mechanics. 3) He provides card draw and board control. 4) His complexity means that he's probably the hardest master to master and I enjoy a challenge. So where am I starting with Shenlong? Well my meta tends to play very aggressively so I think I will start with a more aggro take on the Dragon. Thanks to @InvokeChaos I have a fun Shen build that rewards good positioning and can pump out some major damage. The base list: Shenlong with Recalled Training, Wandering River Style and Yang. Peasant Sensei Yu with Promising Disciple Shadow Emissary with Conflux of the Dawn Charm Warder Low River Monk High River Monk The rest of the list is filled in to match schemes and strategy. SHadow + Low River gives you some serious card draw and allows Sensei to push instead of spending AP to walk when he can be giving out pushes and fast himself. High River generally charges Shen and gives him at lest 3 burning on turn 1 then becomes a scheme runner or a surprise beater. Charm Warder keeps Shen protected after he goes in. I've already gotten my first game in: Shen vs Resser McMourning. Shenlong killed Emissary, Sebastian, Chihuaha and put Chiaki and Doug on low wounds in a single activation leading to a consession from my opponent after McMourning couldn't land the retaliation afterwards. Next game, I'm sure when he see's it coming I won't be that lucky. We shall see. Anyway, comments? thoughts? criticisms? I'll be updating this post weekly with my game results.
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    I think that once the lure has started moving the model, the aura isn't going to stop it mid move. But I could see arguments both ways.
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    When: July 28th, 10am - 9pm Where: Game Matrix, Tacoma Wa 8610 S Tacoma Way, Lakewood, WA 98499 For this event, you will need a team of 3 people. Entry is $10 per person, or $30 per team. Registration is open as of March 27th, 2018. PRE-REGISTRATION HIGHLY ENCOURAGED FOR THIS EVENT. First flip is at 1030. This event will run like a smaller scale of the Malifaux ITC from the UK. Each player for a team must register a unique faction from the rest of their team. Your team does not need to assign the factions to the players, just register 3 players and 3 factions. Example: John Doe, Jonny Doe, and Jane Doe register with Guild, Neberborn, and Outcasts. All three players can share models and each can play any of the three factions each round, but cannot play the same faction as another teammate in the same round. (Eg: John can play Neverborn in round 1 and Guild in round 2 as long as nobody on Johns team is playing those factions in those rounds.) Teams will compete with 3 players on 3 tables, each with its own schemes (not revealed) but the same strategy and deployment. Teams will have a pairing phase that is timed at 15 minutes before match begins. This will work in the following way: each team's captain will flip for choice of first or second. The first team will propose two factions for table 1. The second team will choose one of their factions and the faction to play against for table 1. Then, the second team proposes their two remaining factions for table 2. The first team choses which faction of theirs will play on that table. The remaining players will play on table 3. After pairings are done, schemes will be revealed. All players will have 10 minutes for set up at this time. Scoring will use the combined W/L/D, Diff, and VP of all 3 players to determine placing. For example, if players 1 and 2 win, but player 3 loses, the team will earn 6TP for that round. If your teammates are winning, but only with a diff of +1 each, and you lose with a diff of -5, then your team will have a combined -4 diff. This is to encourage players to play hard and keep games close even if they know they may lose the match; your team can still win the round. This is a 50ss Tournament that will use the Gaining Grounds 2018 rotation. There will be 4 rounds. Games will have 120 minutes to play. Players cannot strategize with teammates during gameplay. Strategy before and after games is encouraged. Current scores of games is open-knowledge and team cheering is encouraged. Painting: there are no painting requirements, but there will be a vote for best painted crew during a lunch break. Proxies: proxies and conversions are wonderful hobby opportunities and are absolutely welcome. They should be clear and made clear to your opponent. If there is any doubt in clarity, the base should be labeled with the name of the model. There will be a vote for best team spirit. Camaraderie and fun is encouraged above all.
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    Looking at Brewmaster and its penchant for eating cards out of hand has anyone tried using Yamaziko as one of the list's beaters for Master Tactician or any of her other abilities?
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    I think the early print of the rules missed it. From memory it's family enforcer only. If you look at the card on war games vault you should just be able to read what it does. It will be in the perdita box if you get it.
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    The model will be Lured as normal. Other example - Anna Lovelance aura with different wording. It will force a model to stop on the edge of the aura. Anna's auras works only with enemies, but it doesn't matter in case of this topic, she still has a clear wording "...Models which would be illegally pushed or moved into the aura stop at it's edge."
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    In guild he can go first and make two or three friendlies ply to put serious strat pressure on the opponent apart from the tricks you mentioned. Not sure on other resser tricks.
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    cheers I know it looks chaotic but i'm having fun
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    All dates added to the calendar. Can't make this one as will be in the north of Scotland. Have fun.
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    My Little Helper on Lampad, use it in the beginning of the Turn. Reva push a Lampad with (1)Blood Mark, Lampad takes (0), move through 4 models. Reva use (1)Blood Mark again on Corpse Candle, push it and Candle make (0) targeting Lampad and give it Chain Activation. Lampad activates use (0) 2 times, pushed through 4 models and back again. Hit two engaded models 2 times with regular attack and gave away 5 burning more (once with extra Tomes on flip). Lampad didn't managed to live till the end of the Turn, but I think it's a good trade anyway
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    Huh, TIL. Devours do though still, since they sacrifice
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    I completed my 2 Hunters (7ss) and the Mobile Toolkit (3ss). Pledge Value with them: 17ss. I have till the "Testosterone" model to add to my monthly production.
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    Plans this month went somewhat awry when work called...then called again...then called again....no free time cut in massively to my plans for this month's Shikome...but here in th meantime for 7SS is Izamu - no longer lurking half made in the corner of a box but fully Ressurected and ready to join last month's Goryo...apologies if the photos are a trifle large...technology very far down my list of things I understand
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    Here are my models for June. This is the Widow Weaver (8SS) and 3x Will o' Wisps (3SS x 3 = 9SS) for a total of 17SS Due to the recent earthquake in Japan and some personal reasons, these will likely be my only models for this month. It is far off of what I wanted to get done this month, but still within my pledge, so there may be a silver lining. Happy painting all!
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    Hello and welcome. There are 4books of first edition, from a story point of view there is no 1.5 edition, it has the same story as the first edition main rule book, with a few editing changes. I think the books went main rules, rising powers, twisted fates and storm of shadows. There are now 5 books of second edition. The term big rule book is to differentiate from the rules manual, which has rules and no story. All the books are available electronically from drive thru rpg. It is also the site where you can obtain the free chronicles from. It also has all the through the breech books, which range from the rules, to "faction" expansion and stand alone adventures ( called penny dreadfuls). Some of these are only available electronically but most can be found in paper form somewhere. The other side is not yet out, it's due soon. The character biography on the wyrd site is very brief. I don't know of another lore site, there was pull my finger but it's more tactics of the models than lore. You may not be interested, but the podcast the breech side broadcast has been reading the stories from the malifaux books. Sorry I'm on my phone so too inept to put a link to drive thru rpg.
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    He might look cute, but he is a real monster!
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    Emissary of Hammer and Sickle
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    Ooooohhhhhh....... all the negatives. who needs Binge at that point?
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    You may be able to get less then you think... While she has a lot of thematic models you'll likely want "eventually", some are certainly sooner rather then later. Kirai actually wants a good number of living/undead things standing around to help get the ikiryo out to go murdering. Here's the stuff I'd suggest... Sooner: Datsue Ba + 3 Seishin: She's a solid 2nd line piece and you want those Seishin. Shikome: This one is a crossover for you! Since they got cheaper, they're a pretty good hitter, barreling in as a cruise missile after whatever you want. They play well with McMourning's poison theme also, hence crossover. Drowned: Kirai's crew needs some durable spirits around, and these are your dudes. Phillip and the Nanny: Card drawing engine goodness. He's also a spirit, and undead, so he's everything you could want in a support piece. Later: Izamu: He might be in the sooner pile actually. He's a fantastic wrecking ball who absolutely sings with Kirai. His main problem is he's *slow* and Kirai solves that beautifully. Hanged: There are a few times a hanged will totally wreck something, but generally they're kind of bland. What Hanged *do* do well is draw an amazing amount of attention. Every time I've ever summoned a hanged ever, my opponents have dropped everything into murdering it. It makes a good decoy, and normally takes 2 AP to put down at least, so net gain for team Kirai. Night Terrors: Good distraction pieces, these are some DEEPLY fiddly models to assemble and store though. Some day: Gaki: I think I summoned one of these once? They're a ton of fun to paint and are a ready source of corpse removal if you're worried about that. Goryo: Famously hard to assemble/paint. They're yet another source of Seishin. In theory they're another useful hitter, but after Shikome got cheaper, I have a tough time reaching for these. They *need* another model to get adversary on the target for them. They are garbage at it themselves.
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    I re-read ''Shifting Loyalties'' tonight (in the eponymous book, M. Farrer, pp. 236-270). Quite apart from being necessary to understand the Burning Man, it has one of the best Lucius scenes -- his triumphant gavotte.