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    Hey. I've finished Sandeep Desai for 15ss, putting me at 24ss. Since I'm bad at taking pictures I decided to take several of them this time: I'm leaving for a business trip on Tuesday until the end of the month. It is very likely I wont be able to paint anything else this month. But who knows...
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    I've worked a bit more on Sandeep's coat this week: Then, I suddenly decided to take a break from him and paint Anna Lovelace, who I might use for a tournament this weekend. Unfortunately she got decapitated in the process. She is a truly undead now, faithful to her faction. I then tried to hide the scar with some makeup. I hope the Guild won't notice. Anyway here she is for 9 ss:
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    Just finished part of the crew but still want to share. Tried them once and understood why everyone do not like them. Sorry for the out of focus.
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    Iron Piglet challenge for a tournament: Use the same Master in every game but have zero overlap in hired models (profiles) between games other than the Master and their Totem. This was a brainchild of @zFiend. What do you think? Quite a bit more difficult with some Masters who rely on synergies with a limited pool of models but there's quite a few Masters that allow for a great deal of freedom in their hiring pools. I can think of at least one person on the forums who should feel like a fish in water with this challenge (a virtual cookie for whoever first guesses who I mean) but what do you people think?
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    One other more complicated example of a cost you pay before figuring out if the action succeeds or not. So in this case, the Upgrade or Corpse Marker is gone regardless, while the corpse placement is an effect of the attack, so only happens when it hits. (When Archie misses, the corpse apparently just evaporates/disintegrates).
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    A friend of mine here in Christchurch is from Yorkshire. Game over...
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    This is how an Action is written if there are things that happen if it fails: Or Note the words saying explicitly that something happens if the action fails. Otherwise, you follow the instructions in “Perform Duels”: If the target of Seize Prey wins the duel, then none of the results specified in Seize Prey happen.
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    Huh, really? Maybe my memory is hazy then. I was quite certain (from looking at some tournament timetables) that games were 2.5 - 3 hours per round. Guess we need to speed up some more then EDIT: Had to check, and I am indeed mistaken. 2 hours max, we better start picking up some speed
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    A most brilliant idea your divine Nathan-ness. And, might I just say, your most magnificentness, that your avatar is looking extremely high resolution today. Very sharp and commanding. Yet, with just the right amount of personal relatabity, necessary in a forum. Oh, and if his gracious and infinitely wise and powefulness were to randomly decide to bestow such a gift on some random poster that happened to catch his eye...
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    Oooooooooooooo. Knife fight?
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    You're right, I don't get them when I do that either. When I take off on the clock it does work though. On mine there is a workaround if you wait to put on on the clock until after you've added the domador and friend.
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    I did it. I managed to finish a necropunk (5 ss) before leaving for my trip: I'll thus finish the month at 29ss.
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    Well I was not thinking tournament lists but something you drop on the table on a game night to mess with people. Though it is hard to disagree with everything you said. I am however going to look into that Terracotta/Thralls combination (why not give people another reason to hate me LoL).
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    So here's my mid month update: Rat King 8ss, 3x Malifaux Rat 2each so a total of 14 so far... As usual I get sidetracked and starts other models than the ones I pledge, but I have at least got half of the pledged Rat Catcher done as well, so would probably be able to finnish it this month! But I also started on my other Rat King...
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    tournament speed 3 hours? 2 is the max I have seen for this. I think if a game took 5 hours I wouldnt play that person again. even on vassal which generally takes longer to play games I havent seen one go past about 2.5 hours.
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    Here are the images of my 155ss from this month... Hopefully this works??? Wow that's a painful way to get images uploaded. Will goo and put these in my painting blog now in case this doesn't work
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    Drowsheep gives some pretty good advice and makes some good points. in Ressers I take a different approach to using him and after the key piece use him as a key offensive piece, a controlling piece, and a tar pit more so than an enabling piece for my crew..... except he enables some of them to scheme rather than fight by taking a primary role in enemy engagement. First turn, like most Yan players, I focus on maximizing his Chi in order to prep for shifting to offense on turn 2. I try to do this as offensively as possible rather than just Chi farming off my own models to not only prep him for the future but also help me gain the advantage in other areas as well. Typically if they activate something cheap and expendable that I can drag in first then I will start by luring it in. If they haven’t I am not going to lure something that can just walk back and instead will activate the Goryo, free a Seishin, and position for next turn. Then activate the Seishin and do something pointless that makes him accessible but not in my way. He can also be positioned where you can lure something into them for them to kill (giving you Chi if near Yan) or where you can dance things into later. From there I will activate the Shikome or Yin if I have to but the preferred is to start luring something into charge range. Then charge with the Porter to stack a couple of a Chi on Yan with the trigger on his spear. Then finish it off with Yin or the Shikome to get another Chi and draw a card from Take Back the Night and get a Seishin from Spirit Anchor. Activate the Seishin to burn another activation. Then repeat with the other Belle unless she was needed to help drag in the first target. Kill the target with Izamu tonget more Chi, another card, and possibly another Seishin. If they managed to kill anything of yours then you should have got Chi from that. If not, when Yan discards a card for Chi depending on the situation and how the previous actions worked out that puts you at possibly 5 Chi (2 from the porters attacks, 2 for each model you killed, 1 for the discard). If they killed anything of yours (like the Seishin) then you may be higher; if not Yan can either kill the Seishin himself for more Chi or immediately grab Blood Ascendant and heal your Goryo with your 0 actions or grab Blood Ascendent and Dance something back if in range to beat on it. The safer bet is blast the Seishin with Spirit Barrage and get the extra Chi there and then position for next turn. Through this don’t overextend and play back using the Belles to get targets while maintaining enough space to allow you to hold Yan for mid- to late turn 2. You could be going into turn 2 with Blood Ascendant and 3 Chi- in turn 2 if you can hold Yan for later with Belles and your other models you can stack more Chi on him so you can have the extra AP, grab Bone Ascendant, and then start going to town with CA 6-8 and + flips. Next upgrade grab the survivability upgrades and then just live the dream. The Belles, Goryo, and Chiaki/Shikome can then just scheme run while Izamu, Yin, and Yan put in work. Seishin can heal, Yan can heal, etc. and when necessary you can bring Izamu, Yin, or Chiaki back if you lose them early. This is a lot of fun and has worked well for me in a number of strategies. Disclaimer for the naysayers- 1. YMMV, 2. None of this is guaranteed, 3. Yes, players can play defensively against this to make it harder to drag things in with the Belles, 4. Yes, the Soul Porter or the other ways I get Chi are not guaranteed, 5. Yes, none of this would work in your meta and your lists are better and you are a better player and I only got lucky playing this in a poor meta. Disclaimer to the disclaimer- for everyone not one of the naysayers I apologize for the previous disclaimer. There have been occasions in other threads, boards, pages where I have discussed Yan Lo and the responses prompted me to add the above disclaimer so my Yan Lo fan club wouldn’t feel obligated to points out points 1-5. My .02
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    Crime Bosses have only worked favorably for me so far. They have a lot of benefits, many of which have been mentioned: min 3 dmg, card draw, scheme marker control. Fragile is a great ability to work with and they work well with other models around. However, what I've found is that they are a mind-game piece. Frequently, people worry about giving me another card, so they delay activating models near them, or use resources to push and move models out of disengagement just so they don't give me a card. With the ability to give out fragile, and a min 3 dmg, they also can be a threatening piece just sitting on the table. Obviously, it depends on the scheme and strategy of the game. But I find that in many ways, the Crime Boss is a great representation of what the TTs are: a model that you play to focus on winning the game.
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    It's a quick recipe: - I prime the model in gw mournfang brown. - I apply a brown wash (gw agrax earthshade). - Drybrush of blazing orange - Drybrush with metal colours
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    I've never even thought about taking them as a Merc, how do you normally use them/what do they do at 6ss you can't get from an in faction model? The only reason I even noticed they had the merc characteristic, was for I Pay Better...
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    You might run into 2h15m (Stockholm?) or 2h30m (ITC?), but yeah strictly gg18 tournaments (and all Finnish ones I've been to I think) are 2h. It's more than enough to finish a game if you know your models and leave Analysis Paralysis out🙂
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    Exacto knives at high noon.
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    My new two always-take models have become Yamaziko and a Crime Boss. If you are taking a Tengu with Yamaziko, taking a torakage makes a fun rush up the board if you take smoke and shadows. I've done this many times where I move Yamaziko, drop a scheme and move again, the Tengu hops up to that, then just runs forward. The Torakage just shadow walks off of the Tengu and has moved over 20" forward to either drop schemes or interact. It's a fun little ploy. With Jorogomu being able to use smoke and shadows too, having them shadow walk away, even if summoned, dropping them in a completely new position always fun.