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    My progress so far, sorry for the photo quality, I'll take a better one at the end of the month. As you can see in the background, I've also started Dopple and Kade. Looks like June will be fruitful! I'm really happy how Lelitu turned out, her dress has warm orange highlights in RL. My three Sorrows are all painted in slightly different hues, purplish, blueish and greenish, because picking only one colour would be too hard 😜
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    It seems the like button on the forums has changed to PW Teddy... does it mean anything?
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    Here's the first of what I hope will be many Malifaux figures I've painted. I'm working on the Marcus, Kirai and Hamelin crews at the moment. Malifaux Sabertooth Cerebus For those interested, more pics and words in a blog post here: https://belchedfromthedepths.blogspot.com/2018/06/malifaux-sabertooth-cerebus.html.
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    Oh I haven't given up, buddy and I try to meet up at least once a week to play. So far I'm on a winning streak. Last game we played we took the advice of everyone. We randomly drew schemes (after sitting down and writing them on cards). Battle looked one sided at first but turned around very quickly when I got an assassinate off on his leader with Yamaziko. Definitely plan on picking up McCabe, since I plan on doing an all cowboy themed list for the guild that I have called "The Law Rides On.." and then another list for Ten Thunders called "The Dragon Meets The Bull dog"
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    I have run lawyers with him with success but usually they just don't make the cut......my problem with most of the mimics is that I have to drop something "essential" to fit them in- if I am going to take a beater (Grave, Vogel) then I have to drop something like a Thrall to fit it in and don't think it is usually worth the trade-off. Additionally for a number of them (Graves, Tannen, Doppleganger) you lose the ability to Issue Command since they aren't minions. Typically if I run mimics with him it's when I play Lucius as Neverborn and can't get Thralls and either Frank or Phiona. Usually I run one Henchman with him in Guild (Frank/Phiona/Allison Dade) and everything else is Minions so I have maximum flexibility in how/where I use Issue Command and I try to build the synergy between choices. When I look at the options available by taking mimics form other factions some of them might look good in isolation compared to some of our choices but when I look at the overall interaction in the crew and things like the ability of the Thralls to auto-pass horror duels (Commanding Presence), get an extra attack when a marker is dropped near them (which can be a by product of What Lackeys Are For or Phiona w/Transparency , which in turn also lets the Investigator do her thing and gives a push and a card I just don't see the trade-off being worth it. About the only exception is the Doppleganger. The ability to control initiative can be priceless. When I take her then I am apt to try to fit in the Terracotta as well to protect the Thralls, switch out Surprisingly Loyal for another upgrade (Secret Objectives early and then Legalese later) but generally I just stay Guild pure if I m running him as Guild.
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    thx, the big thing is not to throw him out there like an indestructible tank. With his ability to discard the upgrade to Charge as a (1) action you can protect him (keep him back, behind terrain, in the second echelon) and then walk charge if needed. A lot of time I am able to just lead with other models and have him as the 2 or 3 punch into their lines and then can often drop the upgrade to give him an extra AP after the charge for either that 3rd attack on a target or to give him an extra AP to attack something else, reposition afterwards, etc. If you get into a strategy/scheme pool with him where your opponent is having to drop scheme markers to score then you can really live the dream with him.
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    @Morgan Vening this is getting off topic, but you really should just stop taking Seize the Day! Back on topic, looking at Colette, she's such a unique master aesthetic- and theme-wise. What other wargame has a crew made up of burlesque performers? Sadly, she's really not great. I actually think more than any other master she needs a full Errata. Everything she does just has too many hoops to jump through and all competes for the same resources. Everything needs Scheme Markers (which aren't actually that easy to get out the amount that she needs). Everything needs Masks. The cuddle to Prompt was too much and probably should have been one attack only or showgirls or minions only, but it's not just that. Everything else on her card and upgrades needs a boost/ss decrease to actually be master-level. It's just so frustrating, no other master actively works against herself.
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    My new two always-take models have become Yamaziko and a Crime Boss. If you are taking a Tengu with Yamaziko, taking a torakage makes a fun rush up the board if you take smoke and shadows. I've done this many times where I move Yamaziko, drop a scheme and move again, the Tengu hops up to that, then just runs forward. The Torakage just shadow walks off of the Tengu and has moved over 20" forward to either drop schemes or interact. It's a fun little ploy. With Jorogomu being able to use smoke and shadows too, having them shadow walk away, even if summoned, dropping them in a completely new position always fun.
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    If a model is obeyed by their own master either by relenting or for some reason failing the duel will they suffer damage from an enemy Misery aura? I played against Hamlin with Pandora the other day and did not think of it at the time, but the amount of passive dmg you could do with some sorrows every time they relented would be very useful.
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    Katanaka Snipers, Yasunori, one Low River Monk, Charm Warders, Ten Thunder Brothers are all good additions to any TT crew and Shen's in particular.
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    I know this is political.... but I had to say it. A plastic model with a small picture glued on featuring a member of the Trump White House. Although honestly a great and wide range of public figures would suffice. Have you considered looking for a small Kardashian model, that would seem to fit the bill. I mean the possibilities are endless. On a serious note +1 to Ludvig, what is acceptable is what the tournament organizers and/or your opponent is happy with. The number 1 absolute rule is that it is 110% clear that it is the model it is supposed to represent, so using for example a Dead Doxie as a stand in for a Mindless Zombie is a big NO. But with the number of zombie figures and games out there I'd imagine you could find viable alternatives.
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    @solkan So if I'm understanding this properly, the controller of the model with the "Mad with Hunger" condition would choose which model (out of the multiple models with the condition) that he wanted to push towards the Scheme Marker? Then, even if the model(s) do not end in base contact with the Marker, all of them would suffer the damage? Including the model(s) that did not push? In the cases of abilities that contain the word "then", I thought that all of the first part of an ability (in this case, the push/push into base contact with the Marker) had to be performed so that the other half of the ability (the discarding of the Marker and the damage) could occur. Please correct me if I'm wrong and/or misunderstanding.
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    Through The Breach's Into the Bayou has a lot about Edge Point, but I can give you summary. It's south of Malifaux City, literally sitting on the edge of the Bayou. It has a large railroad, serving as a hub for the towns in the south, and (until recently, perhaps) had a large number of mercenaries who guard trains against Neverborn attacks. Edge Point is actually pretty sleepy; the folk are friendlier and the Guild guardsmen aren't so pushy; the Arcanists and Ressers don't have much interest in it, the Neverborn stick to the badlands, and the Gremlins... well, Gremlins are allowed in Edge Point, provided they behave themselves. They're curiosities to the wealthy and tolerable (if erratic) neighbors to everyone else. The biggest problems in Edge Point are the insects and smell of the swamp, so everything seems to have insect netting.
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    Your list is terrible. Fix it.
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    Eventually I learned that almost all strategies (Symbols of Authority being the outlier) must be played for every turn, therefore schemes were secondary as even the longest ones only take three, therefore conflicting schemes are not to be taken at all. I personally am often playing against Show of Force so there’s a disincentive there: the assumption that I’ll have enough upgrades in a standard Guild crew to win it isn’t one I can make.
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    A guild sergeant is pretty cheap and can bounce out markers for scoring other stuff with a single upgrade on it.
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    Regarding show in ours - you can always take a ranged model with one upgrade so you get the points while still affecting the game - if your opponent wants to deny you, he has to lose some points for ours too. Guild nornally has enough upgrades on henches and such that you can always decide on the fly if you would like to go for show or not - and if your opp should try to deny you, put another model with an upgrade in there, kill the enemy model and you should've scored show and made ours harder for the opponent in future turns.
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    I would try to build something that could at least threaten to do show of force. And then if my opponent looks like they chose to ignore it it can be an easy 3 vp, at the risk that you'll struggle more with ours. If you're going to try it, you need the model that can't score ours to still be a threat, either because it has ranged threat, or movement tricks that can alter scoring by moving enemies to non scoring , or moving you to steal a quarter that you otherwise would score. In guild, shooting is most likely, but not the only way. I'd look to focus on defending my starting quarters in that case, rather than try and work on stealing the enemy's.
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    I would probably skip show of force in ours unless the other schemes were super hard for me. There are a couple of henchmen who can shoot out of the middle decently if you want to try anyway. A melee heavy enemy will need to get close to the middle and give you a chance to trap them there if you deploy a lot or ranged behind the middle for your quarters and Queeg or someone could stick a toe in with a couple of upgrades and can try to whip enemies into the center, he can touch the edge and reach 4" out with the whip or shoot out if they keep away.
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    I do not take schemes that conflict with the strategy. It is hard enough to play for 10 in every pool and limiting or inhibiting your ability to do so through your scheme selections just seems like an unnecessary handicap. With Show you may be handicapping yourself a key model (Frank/Phiona/etc) that you need to kill out the other quarters and unless your opponent is placing close to the center circle (w/n 6") then your upgrade holders aren't able to influence or support your efforts to control quarters. Similarly I try not to take schemes (when possible) that are dependent on my opponent cooperating with me to score such as Take One for the Team. I try to take things I can score one the basis of my own actions and crew (Undercover, Surround Them, Covert Breakthrough, Recover Evidence) and also avoid things like Inescapable Trap or Hold Up Their Forces that rely on having multiple models of their cooperate with me scoring. I will take some schemes (Public Demo or Set Up) that require proximity to their models to score occasionally but only with specific masters/crews and then limit it to things that can be scored all at once so they can't deny it once I have "tipped my hand". Ideally with Guild I prefer to take schemes that can be scored as a by product of me playing for the strategy without having to dedicate AP to the schemes or that can be scored while I am using the AP to do other things that enable my crew. Ideally I want things that fit within the primary style of play that works for that crew without dedicated effort to do something different. For example, In the example in the other thread about the crews selection for the 3 round tournament I was advocating for Lady J in Extraction w/Undercover and your choice of other scheme. In this case Lady J (and a lot of her crew) want to be in the middle, they function most effectively killing their way into the other crew the strategy requires the opponent to meet in the middle. She and the homies can kill out the center and escort the marker across to the enemies deployment zone for her to score Undercover and score the strategy each turn. Depending on your other scheme selection you can then spread out to drop the last two markers for Surround Them. I think those are the best two choices for that pool with the type of crew I usually play with Lady J. I am not going to take Public Demo because I don't have the right minions to score it without altering my crew (dropping a Henchman to take Thrall), I am not going to take Take One for the Team because if Lady J and her crew is working well then the prime candidates for Take One (the cheap stuff) is often ignored by the opponent who is forced to deal with the big models before their crew is killed out. Then if I take it on the Executioner or something similar most likely I am only scoring 1 pt for it or 2 its at the best instead of the full 3. In the same vein I don't like Inescapable Trap because either it is easy to deny once you score it once or you are killing them out quick enough that you don't have two models close enough together to score it consistently or you are having to choose not to kill in order to score letting them score the strategy. I almost never take Inescapable Trap but decided to take it tonight (I wanted to try our what I was advocating in the other thread in that pool and played my Lady J against a pretty fluffy Lynch list) because I thought with Phiona and Transparency it would be easy to score......and I ended up killing through my opponents Lynch crew in such a way I didn't score a single point from it- fortunately I did get 4 pts for Extraction and 3 its for Undercover and pulled out the win by several points.