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    Hello there! It's been a little while since my last Malifaux battle report, it's been awhile since I recorded a game too. That said, I finally completed a battle report for Malifaux that's been sitting on my to do list for quite a while. The game is a bit older, but I think it turned out interestingly enough to warrant the editing and effects. So check it out if you have about forty minutes to spare =) edit: Fixed the YouTube link.
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    I got caught up in an impromptu session of teaching kids minis painting basics, so I could only drop in once in awhile to view the battle of Sonnia + Francisco + handlers vs. Lilith. Middle of turn 2: Notice something missing? *looks at Lilith-shaped hole in the conflict* *counts stalkers* Top of turn 3: Meet my new Stalker. I named her Nekima! Top of turn 4: (from the other side of the table) I’m still counting that as Nekima’s red joker (*Barbaros is removed and yet another Stalker placed*)
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    So I have been playing a bit of Lucius in Guild and throw it would be nice to through in a couple of out of faction Mimic’s into the lists just for fun (ok maybe that’s a bit of a lie, probably looking more for models that look cool). Obviously you have the Doppelganger but I am rather underwhelmed with the model (any cool ideas on how to kit bash this would be appreciated) so what other things go well with the masked man.
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    Must have? None. But if I had to rank them for him... 1. TC warrior- protect that thrall, switch off surprisingly loyal for something useful. 2. Beckoner- lures are good, kiting lures are better. 3. Changelings- lots of weird jank possible with these guys 4.Graves-that push is really nice and there's not a better mimic beater to get Lucius's plus flips. Likes being protected by a TC warrior. 5. Tannen- interesting control model, the third floor wars post on it said it better than I can. 6. Doppel- I know she does a lot, but I find her to eat cards badly, and Lucius needs his cards. 7. Vogel- another interesting piece. If he stayed a mimic when he switched off id be more interested. Don't bother without jury. Durable against bad opponents. 8. Candy- I've never made her work for Lucius.
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    Mr Graves and Mr Tannen are a fun pair. They look decent and work well together (but aren't required to be near each other - their triggers do the work). Mr Graves can be lethal with Debt To The Guild, and his Ruthless ability doesn't prevent Lucius from ordering him around outside his activation. Besides, who doesn't think Lucius looks good with a fence post-wielding bodyguard? I don't mind taking a Terracotta Warrior with him, but I think it's probably better in Neverborn Lucius. You might also consider taking Ferdinand Vogel, although he doesn't benefit from Lucius's aura when he turns into a werewolf. Still, he looks cool...
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    Drowsheep gives some pretty good advice and makes some good points. in Ressers I take a different approach to using him and after the key piece use him as a key offensive piece, a controlling piece, and a tar pit more so than an enabling piece for my crew..... except he enables some of them to scheme rather than fight by taking a primary role in enemy engagement. First turn, like most Yan players, I focus on maximizing his Chi in order to prep for shifting to offense on turn 2. I try to do this as offensively as possible rather than just Chi farming off my own models to not only prep him for the future but also help me gain the advantage in other areas as well. Typically if they activate something cheap and expendable that I can drag in first then I will start by luring it in. If they haven’t I am not going to lure something that can just walk back and instead will activate the Goryo, free a Seishin, and position for next turn. Then activate the Seishin and do something pointless that makes him accessible but not in my way. He can also be positioned where you can lure something into them for them to kill (giving you Chi if near Yan) or where you can dance things into later. From there I will activate the Shikome or Yin if I have to but the preferred is to start luring something into charge range. Then charge with the Porter to stack a couple of a Chi on Yan with the trigger on his spear. Then finish it off with Yin or the Shikome to get another Chi and draw a card from Take Back the Night and get a Seishin from Spirit Anchor. Activate the Seishin to burn another activation. Then repeat with the other Belle unless she was needed to help drag in the first target. Kill the target with Izamu tonget more Chi, another card, and possibly another Seishin. If they managed to kill anything of yours then you should have got Chi from that. If not, when Yan discards a card for Chi depending on the situation and how the previous actions worked out that puts you at possibly 5 Chi (2 from the porters attacks, 2 for each model you killed, 1 for the discard). If they killed anything of yours (like the Seishin) then you may be higher; if not Yan can either kill the Seishin himself for more Chi or immediately grab Blood Ascendant and heal your Goryo with your 0 actions or grab Blood Ascendent and Dance something back if in range to beat on it. The safer bet is blast the Seishin with Spirit Barrage and get the extra Chi there and then position for next turn. Through this don’t overextend and play back using the Belles to get targets while maintaining enough space to allow you to hold Yan for mid- to late turn 2. You could be going into turn 2 with Blood Ascendant and 3 Chi- in turn 2 if you can hold Yan for later with Belles and your other models you can stack more Chi on him so you can have the extra AP, grab Bone Ascendant, and then start going to town with CA 6-8 and + flips. Next upgrade grab the survivability upgrades and then just live the dream. The Belles, Goryo, and Chiaki/Shikome can then just scheme run while Izamu, Yin, and Yan put in work. Seishin can heal, Yan can heal, etc. and when necessary you can bring Izamu, Yin, or Chiaki back if you lose them early. This is a lot of fun and has worked well for me in a number of strategies. Disclaimer for the naysayers- 1. YMMV, 2. None of this is guaranteed, 3. Yes, players can play defensively against this to make it harder to drag things in with the Belles, 4. Yes, the Soul Porter or the other ways I get Chi are not guaranteed, 5. Yes, none of this would work in your meta and your lists are better and you are a better player and I only got lucky playing this in a poor meta. Disclaimer to the disclaimer- for everyone not one of the naysayers I apologize for the previous disclaimer. There have been occasions in other threads, boards, pages where I have discussed Yan Lo and the responses prompted me to add the above disclaimer so my Yan Lo fan club wouldn’t feel obligated to points out points 1-5. My .02
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    Pssst. Over here. You look like someone looking for a Monday Preview....yeah we got Monday Previews. The best previews! Come take a look at these Hucksters... In Malifaux there are lots of items that are illegal, or just prohibitively expensive due to Guild taxes. The huckster doesn't care about either of those issues. They will get you what you need, but there will be a price.
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    I had pretty good luck with a list that's both themey AND pretty good! Sparks Do Over Whiskey Golem Barrel Up Mechanized Porkchop Survivor The idea here is you go all in on trying to make Whiskey Golem work. He may have stumpy arms, but with fast and Nimble he can walk up to within range of the Porkchop's walking rage machine, then charge into their lines and swing 3 times with . If you don't think you can down the target in those 3 swings comfortably, the 3rd AP can be spent on Smokey Finish, making the Whiskey Golem Armor 2 Df 7 with baked in Sprung a Leak. It's not a great list, but most people haven't seen *any* of those models, so it can come as a rude surprise.
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    I’m happy to see you doing more Malifaux batreps. I always enjoyed your Warmachine reports - even more so since Khador was my main faction. I hope to see more from you soon, and I wouldn’t mind seeing some Arcanists or Ressers featured.
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    I'm tempted I must admit😂
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    No emoji can express how much I love this.
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    agreed, and sound advice, the only reason I was killing was to remove the gathered intel condition. otherwise I would have avoided it.
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    Hi all, First of all, I have put this here, because although it’s old-home of the UK Events was fine at the time, any changes effect Poland, Netherlands, USA, Denmark & Spain, with Italy & Australia hopefully coming online soon. It has been discussed about changing the way the events are ranked. If we are to do this, it needs to be before January this year, when the UK Masters Season starts. This discussion comes from the appearance that the number of tournaments we run has grown massively. Here are the stats on UK Ranked Events: 2014: 47 Events (23% were 100 point tournaments) 2015: 64 Events (25% were 100 point tournaments) 2016: 75 Events (22% were 100 point tournaments) 2017: 64 Events (30% were 100 point tournaments) As you can see, the number of ranked events have gone down in 2017 and although the 28-person tournaments have gone up percentage wise, that is only 3 extra tournaments this year due to lower numbers. Another reason for people wanting change is the “inevitable” situation where there is more than one person with 400 points. This hasn’t happened either. Even if you consider the 5 other ranking sites. Based on the above, I personally don’t think that the 28-person limit needs to change. I did like a suggestion that was made on a podcast though. That talking about the issue that the winner, whether in a 28 man 3 round 1 day event, or in a 128 man 7 round 2 day nationals event, they get 100 points. I’d like to see this change. A suggestion was that the point limit changes per number of rounds. I have looked and here are the stats for the UK events of 2017 (Thanks to the fact that 79.6% of tournaments used BoT 😊 ). 3 Round Events: 31 4 Round Events: 14 5 Round Events: 4 6 Round Events: 1 7 Round Events: 1 So obviously the Nationals at 7, Scottish GT at 6, English and Welsh GT at 5 leaves 14x 4 round events and 2x 5 round events over and above the three round events. (I don’t know if it helps you, but I feel better about making the proposal with these stats). So my proposal (and this is completely open for discussion obviously): 3 Round events are based on 100 points for a 28 player tournament winner (as per current calculation). 4 Round events are based on 110 points for a 28 player tournament winner. 5 Round events are based on 120 points for a 28 player tournament winner. 6 Round events are based on 130 points for a 28 player tournament winner. 7 Round events are based on 140 points for a 28 player tournament winner. I’d also like to propose the idea (If Luke and Stuart agreed to extend the rounds), that the GTs are the only ones that can be ranked for 6 rounds and Nationals 7, to add a bit of prestige to them – not that more is needed. Any other 6 round tournaments (which there wasn’t last year) would get ranked a 5-round tournament. Thank you to all that use the rankings. Jamie and I cannot wait to show you new exciting features in 2018.
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    I like the idea of the PVC lumber to reduce warping and weight. Idea stolen
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    No problem. play her as a Gremlin, find out for yourself if you don't like it that way, I enjoy her in both factions. As a gremlin, you can still hire swampfiends ( will o the wisps are swampfiends ), she can still get iggy ( wp 4) and nurses. you have access to more than 2 non-swampfiend gremlins, plus those who have more than 4wp, including Sammy Lacroix, who is amazing with Zoraida, she can hold one of Zoraida's upgrades, and has an ability to cycle a card when another model draws one ( zoraida has an upgrade to draw one for free every turn), Gremlin has a lot of pig models, which can charge for 1 ap, wave 5 released a model with a "gatreaux baukor" or something,. that synergizes with swampfiends, moon shinobi turn into , which make them good at beating voodoo dolls. and they have more. However, bad Juju can't become eternal, will o the wisps' 2ap as a 1ap only work on neverborn models, and you need an upgrade to carry neverborn swampfiends over. You also don't have access to a lot of neverborn models. Gremlin Zoraida isn't as bad as people say, It's maybe a lil harder to play her as a gremlin, but she still has a lot of options, the important models can still be hired there. If you care about following the meta, and what's best, then you might want to play Neverorn, but I find them both fun and viable, and I think people who make the metas, tend to just find something that works great and not look too much further, so the meta probably isn't going to be for gremlin Zoraida, unless they find a model there that makes her super strong. </opinion>
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    Hey thanks a lot for your response, i was moslty thinking in playing her with gremlins/swampfiends, i heard that she's not that good as a full gremlin master so I'm going to go with neverborn
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    I thought I answered but I didn't. I apologize. No problem @prof_bycid. Please paint these!
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    Just paid for: Luke Mosley, Perry Dale, Glynn Skill, Mathew Brockbank, Rebecca Malkin & Trevor Malkin.
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    yup, but looks like we will get it near 2020.
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    Hark, an update! I finished up this batch of Ressers (and Bishop) for my friend just in time for a local tourney, and got a little bit of work in on a few things for me too. So, we have three Drowned (18ss), a Dead Doxy (6ss), and Datsue Ba (8ss) Then, Bishop (9ss) appearing as The Main Man himself, Lobo (as everyone does, because it makes so much sense. I'm trying with converting my version of this model to include his bike if I can find a way to fit one on a 30mm base). Puts me at 41ss completed so far this month. A quick action shot of Marlena WIP, assisting Viktoria of Ashes in not dying. And an update on the cats. Or rather, their bases. A different rug for each of them for quick identification. Still not sure how much paint I'll be putting on the actual cats, but vintage Haemlin will be painted as Black Waltz III from FFIX, and I've made hats for each of the cats so they can be his little black mages. I canabalized Caitlyn with some TTB kit pieces to create 2 cat herders. As always, lovely to see everyone's updates throughout the month! I'm trying to do better in showing WIPs and updates instead of just a big dump at the end of the month.
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    Yeah, Wyrd seems to like their plastic boobies. Looking good on the painting front😎
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    Psst... you guys wanna buy some Malifaux?
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    Ticket bought, looking forward to this.
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    @Ox Barrel , thanks for the ideas. I tried it out and pressured Nico somewhat with just 1 Mature. I think 2 would be right there, 3 seems kinda an overkill. Anyway, here's a quick batrep if you're interested.
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    The most important part of Henchman Harcore is to kill the opposing Leader while keeping yours alive. If you mange this, you win almost every time barring something really freaky. So I suggest using Trixie for a Leader as she can hang back and not get killed. Cheating Initiative can also be game-winning in HH. Finally, she can Push enemies away from scoring positions and even give them Slow. For killing the opposing Leader, I suggest Francois who is pure murder. Raphael is also pretty amazing depending on terrain a bit.
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    Sorry folks just seen this, if you can call the Outpost for a ticket on (0114) 275 2172 they're open until 11pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays (maybe Fridays too)
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    Thank you. I actually think that Wyrd overall make quite good female models. Or at least 2nd ed and forward. Most have sensible clothes and the ones in "sexy" outfits at least have some reason for it (belles, showgirls, and so on). But there are a few models where the choise of clothing is just strange.
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    Stand-alone, Reva is a pretty good master to start with, but her box does not bring anything spectacular (nor horrible either) beside her. As for mercenaries, Sue is a constant component of many competitive Reva lists here in Poland, but that means you want to take also a single Kentauroi to deliver him to the battlefield. I guess that combining Trapper with Bete Noir (which you may eventually want to play anyway) can also work pretty well.
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    Tara just screws with your opponent, really. When done right, she plays the long value game by not caring about a resource and abusing the random element of Malifaux. Void Wretch spam makes the playing field even when your opponent has to spend cards to not get mass slowed. When you see an opportunity (read: 2-3 Severes in hand, a 9 for Malifaux Child's copy of Pull the Void, a low card to cheat the simple duel; but most importantly, a high value target), you can just slam Nothing Beast in your opponent's face Turn 1 with Scion of the Void and watch them get the double Focus-Attack for 14 damage with the bury trigger about 20" from your deployment zone, then win initiative Turn 2, empty your hand with Tara and watch them attack the NB's Df 9 through 3-4 SS and Void shield protection, because otherwise he'll just rinse and repeat. Her major weakness is getting an alpha strike on herself and BJíng The Clock is Ticking on late turns (that is one of the strongest attacks in the game). Her major strength is Ca 7 at Wp all around with very low, but consistent damage and debuffs. Her quirk is she has the most unintuitive set of abilities in the whole game, there's so much contradictory text on her cards it takes forever to stop forgetting about triggers, start of activation effects, her chatty aura and end of turn effect, not to mention Glimpse the Void unburies. You gotta learn to drink your opponent's tears, remember that there's an ability for every time and space, and topdeck like a sexy undead extradimensional god of war if you want to play Tara right.
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