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    I've worked a bit more on Sandeep's coat this week: Then, I suddenly decided to take a break from him and paint Anna Lovelace, who I might use for a tournament this weekend. Unfortunately she got decapitated in the process. She is a truly undead now, faithful to her faction. I then tried to hide the scar with some makeup. I hope the Guild won't notice. Anyway here she is for 9 ss:
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    A bit of a break from guild green... Ophelia LaCroix ... Master ... 15 points. Let's see if I can get her finished, she's only been primed for like 5 years. If I finish her, maybe more gremlins.
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    Guild: Symbol of the Office 0 Soulstones, Exorcist This model gains following Abilities: Beyond Terror, Beyond Pain: This model automatically passes Horror Duels, regardless of the duel total. Funeral Rites: When this model Activates, choose a suit. For the remainder of the Activation, after both players have had the opportunity to Cheat Fate during an opposed duel, this model may discard a Corpse Marker in 6" and LoS to add the suit to its duel total. This upgrade gives them anti corpse marker ability (as Guild doesn't use them regularly) as well as reliable ability to pass horror duels (as well as Lucius synergy). They are giving up their upgrade slot for this upgrade (which means no Lead Lined Coat or Debt to the Guild) and I personally feel this is right cost for these abilities on such weak model. Guild Authority 0 Soulstones, Guild Sergant This model gains following abilities: This is our land now: This model may target enemy scheme marker with Issue New Orders Action as long as it is engaged. Evidence Tampering: At the end of the game, any enemy Scheme Marker within 4” of this model becomes a friendly Scheme Marker instead. Again - two new abilities on an upgrade that costs 0. Both of them are powerful, but it'd give Guild Sergeant specific niche of being anti scheme runner. Malleus Maleficarum 1 Soulstone, Samael Hopkins This model gains following Ability: Burn the witch!: This model may take the (2) Charge Action as a (1) Action when targeting a model affected by the Burning Condition. This model's Custom Collier Revolver Action gains the following Trigger: Blaze: After damaging, the target gains the Burning +1 Condition. Simple upgrade that bumps Samael's greatest strength - his damage output. Arcanists: Living Inferno 1 Soulstone, Kaeris This model gains following Abilities: Living Inferno: At start of this model's activation, you may discard two cards or one Soulstone. If you do, this model adds to it's final duels totals until end of turn. Instinctual: This model may take two (0) Actions during its Activation, so long as they are both different. This upgrade would be very useful for Kaeris thanks to allowing her to use her great (0) Actions in combination with one another as well as umping her damage output (she needs it - Burning +2 isn't as good as raw 2 damage due to possibility of being removed and resolving at end of turn instead of applying after duel. Wildfire 3 Soulstones, Kaeris This model gains following Abilities: Flaming Servants: This model may hire Iggy and Lampads regardless of faction. Wildfire: When declaring Triggers, This model may lower the value of Burning Condition affecting models within 4 to declare an additional number of Triggers equal to the value of the Burning Condition lowered. The same Trigger may not be taken more than once in this way; you choose the order in which to resolve them. A single suit in the final duel total may be used for multiple Triggers. This model's Immolate Action gains the following Trigger: Eternal Flame: After damaging, the target gains the following Condition until the end of the game: “Everburning: This model does not remove the Burning Condition at the end of the Turn, although it suffers damage as normal.” Very powerful upgrade, but - in my opinion - Kaeris needs something like this to bump her to high master tier. Kaeris has amazing triggers and ability similar to Nellie's Propaganda would be great addition to her kit. Snow Mantle 1 Soulstone, Ice Golem This model gains following Abilities: Obscured: Non-Attack Actions targeting this model suffer . Snow Mantle: This model may not have it's Armor ignored and may reduce damage regardless of enemy effects that state otherwise. Ice Golem has big problem with staying alive till he enters the combat. Combining that with his high cost means that he isn't hired as reliable beater. Neverborn: Big Fluffy Toy 0 Soulstones, Teddy This model gains + 1 Df This model gains following Ability: Stuffed Toy: Once per game, when this model would suffer severe damage, it may draw a card. If it does, it suffers moderate damage instead. Like Ice Golem - Teddy is too soft (well, he is stuffed toy after all...) and dies very quickly and this upgrades allows him to have a chance to charge enemy models as well as being immune to that one lucky red joker on damage flip. Outcasts: Brothers in Arms 1 Soulstone, Von Schill This model gains following Abilities: Brothers in Arms: After deploying crews, add 1 Soulstone to this model Soulstone Pool (ignoring the normal Soulstone Pool limit) for each other friendly model with Freikorps characteristics in play. That's not a knife, THAT'S a knife: This model's Jack Knife Action gains +1 Ml +1 Rg. Simple upgrade - one of Von Schill weaknesses is his extremely low Cache for a melee combat master - this upgrade mitigates it in some way. Also, his Knife melee and range would match his Clockwork Arm attack, which again is nice addition to his toolbox. High-Octane Gas 0 Soulstones, Freikorps Specialist This model gains +1 Wk This model gains following Action: (0) Retreat to Cover: Discard a card to push this model up to 4" in any direction. This Action may only be taken while this model is engaged. Simple upgrade that address major weaknesses of the Specialist - his low walk and being useless when tied in combat. (Ir)Regular Army 0 Soulstones, Rare 1 This model gains following Abilities: Spare Clips: Once per activation, whenever friendly Freikorpsmann within 12 discards (but not cheats) card as result of Action or Ability, draw a card after resolving that Action or Ability. Breakthrough: When this model ends an Activation it may discard a card and this upgrade to Activate up to two additional friendly Freikorpsmann models, ignoring the Chain Activation rules, but following all other rules for Activating a model. This upgrade would make Freikorpsmann useful - either to cycle cards or thanks to multiple chain activation. The Man from Nowhere 1 Soulstone, Convict Gunslinger This model gains following Ability: Military-grade equipment: This model's Actions gain +2 Rg This Model gains following Action: (1) Finger on the Trigger: Until the start of this model’s next Activation, this model gains the following Condition: “Faster ‘n You: If an enemy model in 12 and LoS declares a Charge or Action during its Activation, this model may immediately take a 1 AP Sh Action at -1 Sh targeting the model, before the model is moved or any affects of the Charge or Action are resolved.” There are two big problems with Convict Gunslingers - first, they don't have good range or speed to be significant force on the field and second - they don't offer as much utility as Sue does. This upgrade changes them a bit for the Return Fire price. Warped Flesh 1 Soulstone, Desolation Engine This model gains the following Ability if it does not already have the Armor Ability or Condition: Armor +1: Reduce all damage suffered by this model by +1, to a minimum of 1. This model gains following Ability: Twisted Form: After this model is killed, you may discard this Upgrade and a Soulstone. If you do, the model is not killed and heals 1 damage. Similar to Ice Golem and Teddy, Desolation Engine has great damage output but low survivability - partially thanks to his Df value of 3, partially because his only defense are hard to wound and nice health pool. Sadly, in the world of 3 weak damage, this is too low to be reliable.
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    My upgrades are for the starter box models. I don't believe Wyrd will (or should) errata these models as it would be way too confusing for new players. Also, due to the design they were going for, none of the cards have built in suits, which really hurts most of them. Sadly, they're also all a bit over-costed for modern Malifaux, much like the University of Transmortis cards were... Therefore, I made all these upgrade 0ss and add the needed (IMO) suits, so these upgrades should (hopefully!) to bring them up to their cost without going overboard. Doctor Grimwell - 0ss Get to it, Orderly! Orderlies within this model's LoS gain the following ability: On it!: When another friendly model suffers damage within this Model's LoS, it may suffer 1wd to push up to 3" towards it. Orderly's really struggle to be useful for their (2) action heal. I thought this could help them get into position to actually use it, the pip of damage doesn't really hurt as they heal 1 at the end of their activation, but but the 3" isn't that far and it makes using it too much a tactical risk, which I like. Nurse Heartsbane Just What the Doctor Ordered! - 0ss This model gains the following Ability: Just what the doctor ordered: At the start of this model's activation, this model may discard a card to add the suit of the discarded card to the duel total of all duels this model performs for the remainder of the turn. Nurse Heartsbane is really good, but she's way too suit dependent and can't SS for them. This gives her a way to get those suits and make low cards useful. Angel Eyes To the Shadows - 0ss This model gains the following Ability: To the shadows: This model gains +Sh and +Ml when targeting enemy models. This upgrade gives Angel Eyes the hit and run style I think she is designed for. Really I think these suits should have just been built into her card to begin with. Scion of Black Blood Blood Magic Adept - 0ss This model gains the following Abilities: Blood magic adept: This model gains +Ml when targeting enemy models. Custom shells: This model gains +Sh when targeting enemy models. Friendly Bloodwretch models within this models LoS gain the following Ability: Built-up rage: If this model hase less than it's starting number of wounds, it may take The Rage Builds Action as a (0) Action instead of a (1) Action. Again, I believe these suits should have just been built into the stat card. They actually allow him to do what he wants to do, although they're still not the most reliable with Sh/Ml 5, he does get later on.
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    Please no more fixes that require an upgrade on a master. Mei already has enough upgrades that I have to choose between I don’t want to have to start her down a slot because there’s a must take fix upgrade.
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    There are several ways to gain fast depending on the Pursuit Talent. The Mercenary can get fast from the Talent Borrowed Time at the cost of either 2 Wds or 5 Scrip. The Pioneer can gain an extra general AP *It is not Fast so it can Stack with Fast* from its Step ten Talent, Manifest Destiny. Ghouls from Under Quarantine can gain fast from their Calorie Burn Talent. The Advance Pursuit Abettor of Obliteration can give itself Fast with the Adrift in Time Talent. In Into the Steam the Augmented can get it from the Specialized Technology if they took the Path of Sinew. In Into the Bayou the Boozer can eventually get a Talent called Ethanol Powered that gives the model an additional General AP at the cost of a flask of alcohol. The Necromancer pursuit can help another character get fast if they are Undead with their Rigor Mortis spell. Also the Drudge's tenth step talent can potentially give you up to 3 Additional AP if the character is beat up enough. The Pugilist pursuit can also give a way to get fast though it is only at the start of Dramatic time and only on a RJ so no very likely. So while there are ways to get extra AP, they tend to be late in a Pursuit, often the tenth step, and generally with strings of some sort. After all getting even 1 extra AP is pretty huge for a character.
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    I agree with everything here, including the taking them McMourning bit (really have to build mine)! As an opponent, few things piss me off more than Raptors for all the reasons mentioned above. It's even worse for attack models. This was truly hilarious to watch. The look on your face when I told you you couldn't cheat down the severe was priceless!
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    So, I took a Raptor last night in my Marcus crew, and did the obvious "turn Howard into a Beast, so I can Alpha Howard", and despite me being stupid*, the bird really came into it's own on T3, when on T2 I took to the sky, and came down in the middle of the support section of his crew, tying up Wong, Trixie, Old Cranky and a Slop Hauler. * My first attack hit, I forgot the trigger, and Severe'd Howard, and couldn't cheat cause it was a negative Damage Flip, I smartened up on the second hit, but Howard down an additional three Wds definitely affected how early he died. Though he killed McTavish, a Taxidermist, took Stilts off Francois and did 3 to Wong, so I can't complain he didn't do his job. It was awesome for the disruption, if nothing else. If I hadn't forgotten I had Defensive Stance on the Raptor, I maybe could have tied up Wong for Turn 4 too.
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    Just clarifying that I've got what you're asking right. Lazarus Focuses and casts Assimilate. You spend the Focus to get a flip on the Assimilate. The Focus is then used by the time you cast Strike, as it only applies to one Action, not all flips within that one action. It's the reason Focus on a Charge only applies to a single Attack.
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    Thanks that's actually a tremendous help. So the magia immuto system is just for making manifest powerful non grimoire spells. And not for active or passive abilitie based manifested powers.
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    Outcasts, my third faction but second to paint extensively. Had to get that avatar Hamelin model before it went out of production, it's just too cool. I bought a whole load of brown paints for this project, but ended up going a much more colourful route after reading up a bit on the pied piper. This tarpit puppy has won me more than a few games. Couldn't get my hands on the metal Obedient wretch and didn't feel much like buying the plastic crew just for her, even though it is a great model. And so I picked up this lady, a proxy so perfect people tend to find it more confusing when I explain it isn't the real thing. I'll try to get the rest of the rat crew photographed shortly. As always comments and criticism are welcome.
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    Its been a while, my attention is starting to turn back to 'Faux and I need to start chipping off some rust. Get me up to speed people. Game #3: Open centre with flank obstacles Opposing Faction: Arcanists Deployment: Standard Strategy: Ours Schemes: Guarded treasure, Set up, Inescapable trap, Recover evidence, Public demonstration
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    Team USA Captain here. Overall the event was great! Pros: Everything ran on time Highly visible clocks all around the room made time remaining clear Beer available on-demand in the hall Sufficient breaks between matches Overall good terrain (though a handful had some giant pieces that skewed their board) Everyone was nice and courteous and fun to play with To improve: Remove bonus points from the ranking system. (1) They encourage stomping people which is a negative play experience, (2) they reward early round skill mismatches, which is a random bonus to some teams, (3) They make it mathematically possible for a team with a lower win-path to win. E.g. A team that goes W-D-W-W-W could beat a team that goes W-W-W-W-D, when the later has a stronger strength of schedule win path Switch to true win-path pairing and allow re-matches. With 5 games and fewer than 32 players it is possible for there to be no undefeated team. Given that, the top two teams should always play each other in the final even if they already played earlier in the tournament. If not, one team pairing down gets an unfair boost in the last round. (Corollary to above) Implement a tie-breaker at the round level: Consider adding overall round tie-breakers so that there is always a winner or loser at the round level. That would make win-path pairing a lot easier. If keeping the pairing system, have Team B put out master first - This year Team A had a definite advantage by both controlling the mission order AND guaranteeing master/mission matchup on tables 1 an 3 and got the advantage of having more information by seeing two enemy masters on table 1. It would be an easy tweak to have Team A set the mission order but Team B go first with master selection.
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    I used to have a build before wave 5 where I had Malifaux Child next to either Pathfinder, Katanaka Sniper or Freikorp Trapper, personally doling out Focus to them. Was a pain in the ass more than effective.... but what a pain in the ass!
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    Well, my basic pledge for the month is done: 4 Guild Hounds (my Guild all use red and brass as their unifying colours). I was tempted to do different fur colours, but these make them a bit more like faceless minions, which I kinda like. The base attachment points still need to be cleaned up. Now onto something fun... Have fun with those brushes! Caedrus.
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    Sweet thanks! So this is what ive got so far
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    I'm not a Polish and I'm not an Arcanist either, but I absolutely hate Raptors as an opponent they just a cheap activation that prevent enemy models do what they like. No charges or interact action will be made when it's crucial because of engagement with a 6Df 4Wd bird. I'm so excited to try them in my McMourning crew )))
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    If you got the email then you are definitely good to go.
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    Wait a minute, what did he do before? Office Mascot?
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    <Modhat> I've locked this thread and deleted some comments, the arguments were getting too personal, remember to be civil and avoid personal attacks in future. <Modhat>
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    I probably shouldn't have said "significantly reduces," just reduces. My point is as a matter of design, I don't like stacking permanent abilities along with conditional ones in that way, unless it's the core mechanic of the model.
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    Arcane Shield is a single point of reduction on a master that has a low enough Df value that he’s going to get hit by anything killy that wants to hit him. Arcane Shield is a decent protection against things like Black Blood and the aura on Sorrows. For anything else it’s nice to have but it’s not a very strong defensive ability. Sandeep’s abilities make him a short to mid range master. He needs a bit more than Arcane Sheild and soulstones. I don’t think that giving a model ItW lessens the impact of deciding when to activate and lose Arcane Shield any more than any other always on defensive ability does.
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    i really wish the prompt showgirl thing was actually written, its not hard to do just add "unless target is showgirl" on the "target cannot be prompted again against the same target"
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    Sue is a really good model to have in your arsenal as well. He is very effective, and also Johnny Cash