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    Nothing, only become a problem for who bought kentauroi for levi
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    There are a few models that I have wanted to try out but can't seem to find a place for. Does anyone use these models? The Forgotten Marshal Hayreddin (I actually have used this one a few times but he's hit or miss) Gravedigger Jaakuna Ubume Draugr Sloth
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    Here’s my pledge for the month as a tournament on July 1st will need a fully painted Ulix crew.. Ulix - 15ss Meris (almost finished) - 6ss Sow - 8ss (I think, card not nearby) boar - 5ss fingers - 10ss trixie - 9ss (I think, card also nowhere to be found) terrain piece - 5ss approx 58ss, I know, I know, I never get so much done in a month, but let’s see
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    Metal version of Voodoo Doll and the avatar model, which I plan to convert and use as master
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    Yes, and as far and I’m concerned those are all features, not bugs. Most people complain about the Kentauroi. It’s a powerful model that doesn’t need those blanket bonuses to be worthwhile. Taking those away actually then does what the game should do, make you weigh up the pros and cons between models. Taking or summoning a Kentauroi isn’t always the best choice at that point. Which is a good thing. Additionally I think it’s a good think if they finally create more and more non undead models for Ressers.
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    Pledging a Talos for 8SS. Going to be a challenging technique month for me - fire and black iron, probably some brass too. The prisoner especially is going to be tough because of the way the model's assembled.
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    They don't get Stronger when the fire team is reduced... They Get "Strungah" and "Maaddah"!!
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    Stitched are pretty insane, especially with The Dreamer, as if you drop them onto their HtK and can't finish them off, they can heal back up from reactivating within 6. They caused anarchy in my game last Monday, summoned 3 turn 1, pushed them up with Daydreams and caused a tonne of damage. To be fair though, I must have casted at least 10 times and didn't fail once, my drawing and card cycling luck was incredible.
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    Well, after last month I really want to take it easy, but there's just too many Outcasts I want to paint. First Objective is to finish Datsu Ba, the Doxie, and three Drowned for my friend, along with Alt Bishop. Then, for me, Vintage Misaki, Shang, Alt Lazarus, Hans, and two Desperate Mercs. Then, as an art project, I may get to the Curiosity Killed the Cat box and Vinage Haemlin. I hesitate to actually pledge them, since I really don't plan the put much paint on the models, but the bases will be fun, methinks. In either case, I want to share the progress with you all!
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    I won't be at home this weekend, so I'll upload the pictures on Monday, sorry! Meanwhile I left here a couple of pictures of the last two models I painted in may.
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    I've got this to begin with : 1 Low River monk : 4 SS 2 Moon Shinobi : 10 SS 1 Fingers : 10 SS 1 Brewmaster : 15 SS 1 Austringer : 6 SS 1 Tanuki : 5 SS 2 Fermented river monks : 10 SS 1 Apprentice Wesley : 3 SS 1 Akaname : 4 SS For a total of 67 SS And probably a bit more stuff to come
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    I'm planning on a big month... which I may miss on some of... but we'll see I guess! I'm pledging: Widow Weaver - 8SS Will 'o Wisps x 3 - 9SS Yasunori - 13SS Hannah - 10SS Young Nephilim x2 - 12SS The Illuminated x1 - 7SS Black Blood Shamans x 2 - 14SS for a grand total of 73SS I'm also hoping to get cracking on my Pandora set... but that may be getting overly ambitious... she may have to wait till July.
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    Go McCabe and go nuts with weird models!
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    Forget synergy. Run what's fun to you. Try things. The game is more fun that way.
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    Remove the undead trait and Nico can’t summon it but Molly can. Add the construct trait and Levi can hire it, if that matters, which I don’t feel it does.
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    There is an easier way. Just remove the undead trait.
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    Caedrus, checking in! I pledge 3SS of Guild Hound! ...and whatever bits and pieces from my tray of shame. Including, but not limited to: 3 other Guild Hounds; Arcane Effigy; 3 Mindless Zombies A Performer; Guild Guard; 2 December Acolytes; Lazarus; 2 Ice Dancers; and A Friekorps Trapper! Yeah, I'm having myself on, pretty badly. Have a great painting month, fellow painters!
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    This is going to be a bit of a disjointed ramble. Bear with me. And feel free to engage with anything or just talk about Mah in general. I won a small tournament last weekend using Mah twice and Wong once. Manifest Destiny is absolute gold. Get Off My Land every turn is bonkers good. It of course allows you to reach silly far but it also allows you to yo-yo back to safety. In the first game, which had Eliminate the Leadership in the pool, I used Mah mostly to Holler and then hop forward on the last activation and then back off again with Get Off My Land at the start of the next turn. In a practice game I used Get Off My Land to suddenly change course and attack a different area of the battlefield taking out a Scheme runner. Push 8", then Let Mah Handle This for a further 6" Push and suddenly you're really far away from where you started and you still have three AP to do stuff with. I used Hollering a ton. When using Mah as a beatstick I always tend to be a bit disappointed but Hollering is great stuff. Mah as a positioning piece is something I've advocated for a long time. Ca 5 is seen as bad but since you only need to tie against Wp (usually 5 or 6), I got it through against enemies a lot as well. And usually I used all my Mah AP on the first turn just to Push my own stuff around. The range is really good. What is the most potent defense in the game? It's not being there to be attacked in the first place and Mah is nowadays very good at that. Pushing 8" through Severe terrain and taking Disguised can keep her amazingly safe. In fact, in the two tournament games she wasn't attacked even once as it wasn't worth it. Her Initiative suit boost is something that I don't like relying on. I don't take a ton of Melee stuff and aim for Rams. I just take good stuff and take whatever boost I happen to get. Much happier that way. Bushwhackers are also really good. Their main problem is that they lack access to the third AP but with Get Off My Land they get a really amazing "AP" and it happens at an interesting time in the turn. 5SS and their Focus shot to 14" Ignoring Cover is really quite good. Now, I wouldn't use more than one since they are card hungry (even the Focus often eats a card for Damage, good though that may be) but one is certainly a contender. I really do think that when taking one, she is on par with a Lightning Bug which is pretty bonkers. Their 2 Wd shoot action when someone else misses is pretty useless. I mean, I guess if there's an enemy model with one Wound left it's worth it but otherwise I wouldn't take it. Cover against non- OTOH and their great statline - those are good! Pit Traps has been pretty potent. In the practice game it was good, in my first tournament game it was pure gold and in the second tournament game it didn't do much. In the first tournament game my opponent had godly hands and had to drop really high cards to Pit Traps. Even a 12! In the second tournament game the traps did affect my opponent's placing, so even if they seemingly didn't do all that much, they still did something. I used Little Lass for the Pit Traps but using both her and Bushwhacker put quite a bit of strain on my hand. Often when activating Mah I didn't have any cards I wanted to switch anymore and it's a bit sad dropping an 11 even if you get to draw afterwards. In the practice game I took a Crier but he was one-shot by a lucky three Severes on negatives so didn't help for long. Still, certainly a thing to consider. I also took a Banjonista and happened to get Tomes for Initiative so at least the Crier's death contributed two cards Mech Pork with Mah is good. Those positive to Charge Attacks are potent! And Bayou Two-card relieves pressure from her hand which is always good.
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    This is how I handled her - paint job is WIP
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    Parts one and two of an unboxing and review of Oathsworn miniatures recent ‘Heroines in Sensible Shoes’ Kickstarter and it’s range of female miniatures for a variety of Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons and similar game races. http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.co.uk/2018/05/unboxing-oathsworn-heroines-in-sensible.html http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.co.uk/2018/05/unboxing-oathsworn-heroines-in-sensible_26.html
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    An unboxing and review of the Little Gassers for the Resurrectionist faction...extra pictures, rotational views and assembly tips available by clicking on the link... http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.co.uk/2018/05/unboxing-malifaux-little-gassers.html
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    That what my wife calls me too! Except for the accurate part.
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    Here's my ideas for this errata Buffs: Bete Noir: She seriously needs some love. Her main issue is being super dependent on what the enemy takes. I'd remove the living/undead caveats on her actions and abilities so if you go up against Collodi, Tara, Dreamer, or anything else that doesn't use living models , she's not severely hampered from the start. I'd also give her an ability like Cloaked in the Void: This model cannot be dealt damage while buried. As another issue with Bete is that Void Wretches, Aionus, Death Marshal Recruiters, and Lady J can all just insta-kill her if they happen to be taken. Draugr: This model seems very confused. It's a weird one and it's not working out how it is now. I'm suggesting a pretty significant overhaul. Change Mutable Form to: After succesfully resolving an action, this model may choose to change its Ht stat to 1, 2, or 3 until the end of the game. Change Bulk: While this model is Ht 3, it has Hard to Wound +1 and -1 Df. While this model is Ht 1, it has Fragile +1 and +1 Df. Give it Instinctual. Basically, instead of picking 1/3 of your abilities to benefit from each turn, you can cycle through them so long as you keep succeeding. There's definitely 8ss worth of abilities on that card but you're locked out of most of them each turn. Cuddles: Undertaker: Only allow it to activate when undead are killed, not sacrificed. It's silly that Nico can gain resources from doing something he already wants to do. Kentauroi: Change Zombie Steed to once per turn. Make it unsummonable somehow. Either through making it an enforcer, or giving it an ability that says it can't be summoned. Asura: Change zombie summoning to a (0) C6c, TN 9cc. Summon a mindless zombie in base contact with a Quarantine Marker. This model does not need LoS to the summoned model. This specifically hurts Nico as he's gonna want that crow or ss for his own summoning, but still usable as it can sometimes be necesary. Also allows QZ markers to stick around which I think are a really cool aspect of her design. Make Residents of Rottenburg an 8" ability so she's in at least a little danger.