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    Well, I knocked out this month's last two models - Patti Ramone for 7SS and Emeline Bellerose for 8SS (aka Madame Sybelle ... aka Alice in my soon to be converted Mad Hatter Seamus collection. The real non-Alt Sybelle will be playing the Queen of Hearts). Brings my total for the month to 38SS for May @Burnin' Coal - I love the blues. Man, that glow is amazing! @wizuriel - I really like the goggles on the spellcaster, the reflection looks cool. @Viruk - That moss effect on Juju is spot on. Beautiful work, as always. @bedjy - Love Lazarus, the bright colors on the 7, and the bear's face on the pathfinder. Lovely work. @prof_bycid - I really like the work you did on the coat on Vogel. @Caedrus - Amazing salvage work! I really like the color scheme on Von Schill. Very original, and it works well!
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    That's the one that let's you outactivate your opponent by discarding cards and/or evidence. Imagine my game against Shenlong, where we both had take prisoner -he on my printing Press, I had it on Shen himself. I was able to ditch some cards turn 5 to see which model engaged my Press (his McTavish) and after all his models went I was free to push my own Press away with Nellie and engage Shen with an Investigator, without him being able to do anything about it. Also a good example is outactivating first turn which forces him to move while you can react to every model later in the turn, like shooting/charging/avoiding it. It's maybe her single most important upgrade right now and one of the main reasons she's so good^^ Hope that helps?
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    You break the game, and you have to start again... Seriously, if you ever do manage to get close to this (its not really that hard if all you want to do is draw all the cards) then the best thing to do is just cheat in 13s and the red joker till you have 5 cards in your deck, and just keep rotating through those cards. (you could try with a lower number in your deck, but much lower and you run the risk of not being able to flip enough cards and so onec again break the game). Its come up before, and I think we had the designers chip in that they didn't bother makign rules for this sort of situation because its the players choice to get there and they can just choose to play to win rather than break the game.
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    Such an interesting way of playing this game... I really understand that "meta" stuff, but Malifaux games that rely on a turn 1-2 bombing win/loose is not "a lot of fun" for me (and for my community)... If you tell me it is the only way to deal with those masters, then we're fu**ed.
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    Peacekeeper finished.
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    When you have all fifty four cards in your hand, and you have to flip a card, you win the “Break the game” competition. Because the flip mechanic stops working, you’re done. Then you have to buy everyone present a round of drinks, and post pictures on the internet.
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    Well, I'm quite prood I've finished my monthly painting challenge ! Here are : Crossroad 7 : 7*8 = 56pts. Lazarus : 10pts TT Archer : This one was painted with only 3 pots of paints for another challenge ! Jokaero Orange (Citadel), Black & White ! I'm quite please with my work So TT Archer : 6pts For a total of 72 points !! Bonus : In addition, I've already been able to paint 2 other models : Guild Pathfinder : 6pts and Bishop (lobo) 9pts. If we count those additions, that's 87 points for this months Comments and criticsms appreciated ! PS : Don't tell me Lazarus has been built wrong ! I know !!! But actualy, I'm quite okay with it And the bonus models !
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    Juju for 7ss, more pics here: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/05/bad-juju.html
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    Ok so I’m calling it done for the month as I’m supposed to be on my way to Devon for hols but my car broke down...and then the wife’s!!! Hire cars ftw, anyway not going to have time for last minute painting so here is my total for the month Penelope for 2ss Terrain feature/Supply Wagon token for 5ss and a display board for my Ulix crew for 5ss Total for month 12ss
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    I recently started playing in a Vassal league where we were randomly assigned a Master that we've never played before in a faction we've never really dabbled in and I got Parker. So far, he has been amazing. I've won 4/5 of my games (practice and league) and had fun while doing it, even the one I lost! Also, he basically has a way to help in any scheme and strategy. With the ability to swap out upgrades to counter the situation he's in, make friendlies take attacks and interacts out of activations, push everyone around, condition removal, and all his other abilities, he seems like a great generalist master. As a new Outcast/Parker player, I obviously have not figured out everything about him/the faction and so my question follows: What do people think Parker's other weak points are and what would you do to shore up those weaknesses? I've found that one of his weak points are definitely his high TN's for his abilities (most require 7+, except for his main ability to attach upgrades) and his potential susceptibility to Alpha Strikes. A friend suggested taking Survivalist to help counter Alpha strikes by giving Hard to Kill and the positive's to heal and while I haven't had an Alpha strike against Parker yet, I can definitely see it coming in this league. I also feel as though he is basically required to bring more than a few models in each game compared to what I've run in my usual Arcanist crews. It could be that there are just not enough models with the Bandit keyword, and Parker must absolutely bring the Emissary because it's definitely worth getting three cards and an enemy scheme marker each turn to get a "free" upgrade for Parker (although again, this needs a 7 or 8 to get off). Please let me know what you think and thanks for the help!
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    I don't think any model is so bad that it isn't playable. (I'm fairly sure others disagree, but that's probably on what you mean by is and isn't playable) Whilst some models may be a bad choice, you probably need to be playing at a high level to make them a bad choice that costs you the game, in which case you probably know before you buy. Waiting another 6 months for a below par model that is currently seeing play being boosted is not that unlikely.
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    You won't be getting much done with all your cards because I've never seen an engine that does it in few enough activations. It's probably better to stop around half your deck. I'm with camp camp Buy everyone a round.
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    I'm playing Lynch as Neverborn and there are no such question as "what Limited Upgrade Lynch should take?" Rising Sun offers a huge buff, but only for one model. While Cheating Bastard provides buffs for a whole Crew. So the only thing we need to think is how to use them properly. So I usualy don't use Huggy as a forward line model. Instead of it, she serves as a core of card-drawing engine that allows me to bust my hand up to 19 cards (who said "6-7 damage on Final Debt is enough"?) Other parts of this engine are Bloodwretch (with her tactical that allows "draw2|discard1 on damaging any models" thing with aces to come back discarded) and Doppleganger (with a 0- to copy this action, making it free for trigger and then use it's effort twice). Also while cycling cards such a way, it's preety easy to find all 4 Aces. The other part of a Crew is Hans. While lots of his mechanics based on discarding cards, he becomes awesome with returning Aces. Next one is Mysterious Effigy - not so usefull when Cheating Bastard comes to play, but he can place Scheme Markers and give Lynch some moivement protection. The next player is Mysterious Emissary. This is the best thing Neverborn can offer to Lynch. His Hungry land traps, his conflux action to push models and mostly his ability to summon Changelings makes him an auto-choice for me. Changellings themselves are the best summon you need - since they can copy Hans'es rifle (and shoot from afar while staying in "second-cheating" bubble from Huggy), Huggy's Heed My Voice and even Final Debt (with good masks on a hand, of course). The last, but not the least part is the Lynch itself paired with Beckoner. The "living belle" is mostly used not to spread Brilliance, but to taxi the Lynch to his target - or targets to Lynch. With a free push from Emy and bulit-in pushes in her lure, she can move Lynch 8" outside of his own activation. And it's only one way of using her) The Lynch himself carries Cheating Bastard, Burn Out (an action-free summon with just discarding some cards? gimme two!) and Woke Up with a Hand. With all the card-drawing stuff he is preety sure to have 3 masks on a hand for a full set of Cheating Bastard's buffs. And nealy anyone who ends an activation within 8 of him, will die in pain.
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    Two issues with that: The Valedictorian is already a better hire for Sandeep than for ressers, upping her dmg to 3 would be great in ressers but probably op with Sandeep as he currently is. Second, but more importantly, the summer errata is the emergency errata as stated by Wyrd’s policy, which certainly could change. That being the case I doubt very highly ANYTHING will get a buff, since underpowered models don’t break the game, they just don’t get played.
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    You borrow dices from your friends who are still playing other systems, that's what you do.
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    Caedrus, checking in! This month, I have painted 41 SS. (9 Mortimer, 8 Lust, 9 Taelor, 15 Von Schill) An eBay rescue (note the broken pickaxe). Messing around with OSL. Needs an inscription on the headstone base. Maybe some grass tufts as well. My first adventure into sheer cloth. Reasonably happy. Limited palette. Double sheer cloth. The shirt worked better than the sheer gloves. Pleased with the palette here. I glazed some redder lips after these photos. An annoying miscast on the shirt. Another eBay rescue. Broken kukri, broken foot, ruined chest plate. You do the best you can. Needs more water layers on the sunken statue. I'm loving some of the painting this month. A huge haul by @bedjy - love the Crossroads, particularly. @Burnin' Coal, love the highlighting, obviously. @Viruk, I love the tones you've worked into the swampies. @wizuriel, loving the electric - some nice bases would really set them off! @Rikk - I'm now super keen to create a steampunky version of that wagon! @prof_bycid - yep, it seems that that's added the dapper lycanthrope onto my purchase list. Nice! Have a great end of May, and in June, it'll be my Guild's turn to get some love (and maybe my tray of shame, as well...)! Caedrus.
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    So thoughts on these guys? @Franchute: Joss + Mobile Toolkit + Sanctioned Spellcaster = 10 + 3 + 5 = 18SS
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    I must admit, I soloed Nellie again, won all my games, even those against Polandball and the Northern Moose Cavalry, although my team didn't do so well as you can see in the end results 😛 (But everyone had fun and it gave us a great motivational push to faux again^^)
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    My contribution this month for a total of 14SS is two Goryo that have haunted my work top for way too long....notwithstanding being something of a nightmare to construct I have to say that even though the Neverborn are my faction these are one of my favourite sculpts in all of Malifaux....getting a photo was hard work as there is so much going on with them and I already posted the bases on their own so figured I won't clog the place up with a million shots...but I enjoyed painting them...the Japanese writing on the tombstones makes up the start of the phrase "My name is Revenge"....and I've finished ahead of time !.,..have now dug out an Izamu lurking in a box that I picked up and started ages ago - feeling a bit inspired so will try and finish him as well before the month is out
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    This is my Lady J conversion. Combined parts of her plastic miniature with that of one of the Ronin
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    General advice for newer players: You have four assets in Malifaux, your fate hand, your soul stones, your acivation points and your activations themselves. When using one or more of these assets ensure you are using them to either score vp, deny vp, reduce your opponents activations or mislead your opponent. For turn 1 unless you are trying to alpha strike you will spend most your ap setting up for turn 2. Combat is not important unless it does one of the above four, try to avoid targeting models that have already activated until near the end of turn you gain less advantage. Do not commit assets to combat actions which do not benefit you (shooting into cover without focusing etc) commit models to combat if you are attempting to reduce your opponents activation, tie their models up so they can't interact or shoot or if you are attempting to get your opponents focus away from what you intend to do for vp. Always ask about resist stats and cards in hand before opposed duels, this gives you a better chance of targeting the right models with the right ap. When you know your crew well enough move to asking these questions before choosing what to activate so you can make better decisions. Ask about threat ranges before committing to movement, ml range + charge etc or sh/ca. Know what your getting yourself into before dropping a model into a killing zone, also you can ask for your opponents ml/sh/ca and compare it to your resist stat for peace of mind. Never undervalue cover and terrain that blocks line of sight. Remember 2/3 - 3/4 of the board should be covered in terrain and 1/2 of that should be blocking. Use cover effectively and don't waste ap firing into cover unless you focus, if you have cards to waste defensive stance in cover can be game changing. Any further advice would require more information on your table/terrain and the strategies and schemes.
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    Here's one that I think that you missed. A Ht1 model standing on Ht2 terrain would have LoS to a Ht4 model that is standing behind Ht4 terrain. That's due to this bit: "Terrain that is equal to or less than the Ht of the lower model is ignored for LoS (but not cover)"
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    1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. Yes 5. No, the diagonal is going through the other terrain. You measure base to base, not top to top. (although it is only barely going through, so that could just be an error in checking) 6. Yes, but your reasoning is wrong. If two models are on the same Ht of terrain, then you go back to using normal LoS rules, not vantage point rules. 7. This brings up one of the quirks of vantage point rules. LoS is drawn normally, but it doesn't say how to handle this in the cases of other terrain that comes to and passes the Ht the model is standing on. Basically we don't know if Ht X(where X is the Ht the models are standing on) becomes to new Ht 0 or not. I personally lean towards that interpretation 8. Yes 9. Yes 10. Yes 11. Yes 12. Yes 13. Yes 14. Yes 15. (see 7) 16. Yes 17. Yes 18. Yes 19. Yes 20. Yes 21. Yes 22. (see 7) 23. Yes. Something to add that it seems like you didn't notice/think about(based on the upper model always being Ht 2) is that the normal LoS rules still apply as well, so if the upper model was Ht 3 and the lower model was Ht 1, Ht 2 terrain would still be ignored.