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    Long time ago I created a thread about nicknames and I really enjoyed reading people's replies. The thread, sadly, is long dead, so I thought... Currently there is 26,288 registered memebers of the Wyrd Forums. Some of the nicknames and avatars are just hilarious, some are mind boggling... So, how did you choose or got your nickname? Why did you choose this particular avatar? And do not be discouraged if your nickname or avatar isn't unique, I want to hear the story
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    In a time so long ago that EverQuest was using the original MMO models of 1999, some of us sillies who were better roleplayers than game players met to “raid” in imitation of real gamers. There were ruins. There was the inevitable downtime among players who didn’t know how to organize a raid. There was a childish gnome necro, shortest of races. There was a shaman (not gnomish) with a newly acquired Grow spell. Then there was a gnomezilla towering above the other players and even the ruins. Later I learned how to play well enough to raid properly, even with a guild which kept up with current end-game content, and used shrink along with other proper raiders (to turn off collision detection among players so we could close-pack the raid). But I never let go of the stompy joy, and saw no reason not to raid in clockwork gnome armor illusion or mini-mecha illusion or without my steamwork multitool weapon (ok so I swapped it for the correct weapon during burn phases, good raid protocol, but wore it for everyday XP). [Strictly speaking, a neato necro gnomie girl should’ve become a Molly, but I really really wanted a peacekeeper...and my raiding brain craved the needlessly complicated number-crunching a good raid necro did.] When the Divergent Paths event rolled around, to occupy that sliver of September before Ripples of Fate hit the stores, I laid eyes on the inquisitive child and was instantly enchanted. So began my very loud online, and oh so very ineffectual in my play group (1-9-0), campaign to mold her into a little mechromancer. Not long after her art and lamentable lack of mercenary trait was revealed, I switched from the picture of my Malifaux girl-child in Guild livery to Marlena.
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    So, I've assembled a pretty tight core team for my Lady Justice crews, as follows: the Scales, Francisco w/wade in + floating upgrade, The Jury w/numb to the world, Death Marshal Recruiter w/lead lined coat, Brutal Effigy, and Swordfighter plus a floating upgrade on Lady J. This leaves me about 14 points to swap in to her crew. I've tried a few different configurations to date. Master Queeg w/Promises and a Monster Hunter. The Judge w/lead lined coat and a Sanctioned Spellcaster. Domedor de Cadavers w/lead lined coat and a Rotten Belle/Dead Doxy The most successful of the bunch has been the Domedor. I'm planning on testing him out against with a Nurse this time. I can use take your meds on the Jury and she can ignore the negative conditions, or put the conditions on other models then Accomplice into the Jury to remove the bad condition before the enemy acts. What other combos would you fit into the 13=15 SS range?
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    Ticket bought for Sean Wheeliker. see you there!
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    Because the experiment doesn't have any value. It's like I've been saying and as @santaclaws01 has said: you completely gutted him in a way anyone with a brain could see it coming. Should I ask for an experiment removing Shenlong's ability to change stances or can we clearly see this would be the dumbest thing to do as it would make Shenlong worst in faction? The nerfs you tried mostly had no realistic point of value, you combined 2 overnerfs with something that could possible be done and then make a point about the totality of your "experiment". If you just used the card generation nerf, I would gladly admit value to your experiment. As it stands right now, you completely gut him, YET still managed to get an even game. This mostly has to do with player skill instead of master ability.
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    That's the entire point! Nobody in his right mind would even hit Nicodem with 2 of them, 1 Wd summoning and +1 cost, to begin with. It's like saying: let's see how good Dreamer is if we take away his healing aura and up his summoning cost by +1. Oh, he's bad, who could have guessed? DERPDERPDERP A ranged crew can work, but only if the table allows it. Either your positioning was bad or your table was nearly empty if he could always snipe away newly-summoned models. Take that same situation with just the card-generating nerf and you'll still see Nicodem outperforms due to his incredible summoning pool and Kentauroi for free repositioning. You then mention a low-scoring game which seems to be fine if your opponent is tied up always killing your summons. Can't scheme if your AP is being drained for attacks. Or are you saying Nicodem is balanced in having the cake and eating it too? Should a single master activation be able to deny an entire Turn for an opponent? I would personally like it if Wyrd took the slower nerfing approach and took away his Kentauroi summoning + Mindless Zombie card generation. Hiring Kentauroi is just fine, but being able to summon them as easy as he can right now is too much awesomeness and unbalanced. Mindless Zombies being moving corpse markers as they have always been is also fine and part of the identity of Ressers.
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    There's no point in trying out that combination of nerfs. Anyone should be able to see that increasing the costs of all his summons by 1 while also making his summons come in at 1wd is going to neuter him. They're not going to happen, his summoning is fine. It's his ease of summoning that's the issue.
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    Now you are making a faulty premise. All the models I had to tie up were actually in the mid-field, and all had heavy ranged attacks. I never got into the opposing back field. By disregarding the nerfs you are not adding anything to the discussion. I know how Nico works, I've played him for 3 years, I don't need you to educate me on his abilities. I played a game where someone played a good counter to Nico using a ranged crew. I used my summons to counter his range, and the nerfs to the summoning and card draw slowed me down so much that I wasn't able to summon in a way to target my objectives or get an offensive advantages. The game ended up very low score and nico's typical summoning was now at 50 to 60 percent its speed even with the accelerated corpse making. I did this double nerf to see what the result would be from the combined calls of the community to reduce card draw and summoning on Nico would be. Taking the Kents away from Nico isn't going to happen either, as that would just be a bad business decision in general in my view. Now, let's see you try this combo of nerfs out and post your results, and actually add to the discussion.
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    I find it strange that nerfing his summoning would take away his prime advantage. Perhaps we've been focussing too much on just his summoning, but have you read what else he can do to support his crew? Rigor Mortis: Give an enemy slow or a friendly Undead fast. has 14" range and requires a 4 to get off for the fast. That's pretty strong, especially when his summoned models are not slowed, even immune to slow within his aura. Decay: Blast attack that heals friendly Undead and damages enemies. Built-in trigger to fully heal a friendly model hit by this action for the cost of a Corpse Marker. UPGRADE: Undead Crowning: to damage and Ca for all friendly Undead models within 8". I'd say he has plenty of stuff on his card and a decent upgrade to properly support his crew. Right now the fact is just that his summoning is so strong that nobody even seems to look at the rest of his card. I'm not certain why you had to use 4 corpse markers to summon a single Kentauroi with an 11, even coming in on 1 Wound and stone cost +1. You would need 2 markers for +2 Ca, 1 marker for the heal and possibly a stone in case your 11 isn't a crow. That still nets me only 3 markers instead of the 4 you've used. About your comment that he can only summon 1 model per Turn if you take away his crazy card engine: welcome to the club. You already get extra cards thanks to Phillip in comparison to other factions and they can seem to do just fine when it comes to summoning. You're also not forced to always summon 11+ card requirement models every single Turn. Nicodem has a huge summoning pool and answers to pretty much any situation. Need scheme markers, get Crooligans, etc.... As others have said here: you really went hard mode on yourself. Summoning on 1 Wound is not something Nicodem needs, that's Dreamer's downside. Upping the summoning cost is also not needed as it would make Hanged impossible to summon and I'd say they are (or were) a big part of his identity. Hitting his resource generation seems to be the most logical, followed by also taking away the ability to summon Kentauroi. Kentauroi don't pose a problem with Molly due to how she summons, but Nicodem clearly was not designed for this interaction. I trust Wyrd to take the correct actions in order to balance the field some more. Playtesters can miss things or underestimate the impact of certain changes. At least Wyrd acknowledges there are problems and takes action to fix them.
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    In my opinion, here is the general reality, and it’s one that has mostly been true since the very first release of edition 1. Familiarity and skill with the game is useually the most important factor in winning malifaux. Someone who is familiar with the rules and the models is almost always going to beat someone significantly less skilled. That’s often true in most games. And if that’s your definition of balance it’s almost comically impossible not to achieve. You wouldn’t even really need playtestors to achieve that. the issue is when you get people playing in the same skill range against each other, and there is where the issue of balance comes in. A master who gives a better advantage can give a significant edge in winning and therefore is just going to get chosen more because that extra edge is a thing. For me the best way of telling how balanced a master is that if you came to any group of knowledgeable players and said: ”I just won a hyper competitive event, and I only used x master” if there is any expressed surprise, the master isn’t good enough. In an ideal world and one that is achievable, no one should be surprised by any particular master being used and doing well. 2E certainly did narrow the bands between master power level, but they are still noticably there, and the edge they give is still enough to push a player significantly over the top into victory. That should change.
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    There are more possible games of chess than there are atoms in the universe. Chess will never be a solved game. Still, expert chess players starting moves are similar, because there are only so many openings in chess which result in a strong position later in the game. Malifaux, and miniature games in general are similar. The opening moves (crew selection, scheme selection) are going to be the similar from game to game. Certain crews and masters are going to give you an advantage. But the decisions that happen after that are far from perfectly known.
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    Hi Fauxers, I noticed a little bit of a phenomenon recently when reading trough AWP and the forums. Now, many of you have undoubtedly already noticed this, but I get the feeling that with all the talk of Nicodeep and the July errata, people continue to try to find conclusive evidence to win the power balance argument one way or another, when such evidence, in my opinion, simply does not exist. So, I'm here to ask a question: are the most talented players in Malifaux right? While Sandeep and Nico undoubtedly need nerfing, have we discovered all there is to know about GG18 + all the models in the game? I'm of the opinion that no, we have not. With the recent Seamus resurgence, the Somer/Warpig thing and the Neverborn Serena shenanigans, all of which have (as far as I know) not been conclusively tested, could the Brewmaster secretly be Mid/High tier? Could Jakob Lynch be a disaster waiting to happen? Could Parker Barrows be the next great Collodi? But alas, I, like you, am only mortal, and so I ask you: do we know everything there is to know? Either way, looking forward to 2.5.
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    Better question, with all the vagaries of who belongs where, my question would be what tier should the vast majority of masters be on. And I would argue lower 1.5 to tier 2 is where all masters power level should land.
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    That what my wife calls me too! Except for the accurate part.
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    Got my Scion of the Void all done up. That's 8 more SS for me, with Sonnia that brings me to 23SS for the month. So much good painting this month! I'm on my way out the door, so I'll drop back in to comment in a bit, but this really has been a good fuel for my painting.
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    I've been playing Marcus pretty exclusively for months now so I mostly have salt directed towards all that OP guild shit currently.
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    Hokey cokey, I've blasted through a few more minis (don't know about you, but some models 'grab' me and demand attention, others just need to be done. These guys, even though I like the models, fall into the latter category) Wrastler (5) + Bayou Bushwhacker (5)+ Brewmaster (15) = 25ss (so far.....) Bonus points if you can name the wrestler whose kit the wrastler stole...
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    The Luggage is immune to ALL duels!
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    Hi there! I just wanted to show you how the Yasunori turned out. The missing sword must be in the same place as those missing socks from my washing machine, I'll try to fix it somehow. I have finished so far the desperate mercenary and a Katanaka Sniper, the yokai is almost there but I'll make some changes in the models for this month since the ten thunders models are no longer needed for the ITC. My final pledge (if completed) will be 54 SS.
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    Make it 3 month ago but never take the time to make multpile version... It's a Full Character Sheet for the second edition... ith all detail i can put on it ^^ and you can use paperclip for bullet, date and wounds 1/ A3 full color: You can print it's in your printer local shop in full color and A3 recto verso with this files (for have a nice 4 page sheet fold in the middle) 2/ Single A4 color version here: 3/ Black & White and no background single A4 version for those who don't wan't spend to many ink
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    Hello, This link should allow you download the Excel sheet I've created to help my Tinkerer player (and me) easily crunch the numbers when creating a construct. There shouldn't be any locked cells, so feel free to make improvements and share yours too! (looks like I can also just attach the file on the forums too) http://www.filedropper.com/constructcreation2nded Construct Creation 2nd Ed.xlsx
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    Much like Legend of the Five Rings or Call of Cthulhu, Through the Breach really isn't a game about loot progression. In all three games, a character often starts with the same weapons and gear that they have at the end of the campaign. This can make these games difficult for players who are used to a more loot-centered progression as with D&D or Pathfinder. As for combat, Minions and Enforcers are more or less the go-to for encounters, with Henchmen providing challenging opponents. You very much have to consider action point economy, however; if the Fated have four characters fighting against one opponent, they have a huge advantage, because they have 4x as many actions as their opponent. Adding multiple enforcers with Minions to support them can lead to more balanced fights. Remember that characters don't just fall over and die at 0 Wounds - they have to make an Unconsciousness Challenge, which some Enforcers and most Henchmen can automatically pass. That means they have to be killed or knocked unconscious through Critical Effects, which gives them some significant staying power. That being said, Through the Breach is designed to be player-focused. The sessions resolve around the players and their destiny, and thus they shouldn't be coming within an inch of death in every fight. The system is weighted in their favor, and as such, they're more like action heroes than everymans. John McClain or Indiana Jones might get stabbed or shot up from time to time, they rarely find themselves bleeding out on the pavement, and that's very much the "pulp action hero" vibe that Through the Breach runs with.
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    Broken is a term thrown around too loosely. Not every game is the same. This is one that should not focus on combat and reward role playing. However, if your players are wanting nothing but card flipping, then maybe adjust the numbers and levels of the NPC's. Your players only have so many actions. Swarms of mid level foes will quickly take down even a leveled group. Do the players worry about the mid level foes that are in close combat or take some hits to get a few shots in on the big baddy? If you give them. More than one kind of threat and adjust the numbers of the lower tier baddies, the choices get tougher. They might look at trying to stealth past the group of NPC's next time. I have found that there is not a game in existence where a savvy group will not easily pass through a pre-written adventure as written. After 30+ years of game mastering too many Rpg's to list and playing in games run by some. Of the most awesome GM's I have seen, I have decided that part of being a Game master is reading your group and adjusting the adventure as needed. If the party blows through the written encounter's fight sequence, maybe have the gunfire draw unwanted attention and re-enforcements of a higher caliber and/or number. Or maybe have them get captured and remove them from their gear. I had a player that munchkined his character to be out of range of the main combat yet still able to take down a model a turn. Problem was that he was stuck by himself across the board when the returning scouts arrived on the board and his close combat skills were non-existant. He learned to take some skills other than shooting. As for economy, if you are finding the characters have too much, I suggest you adjust it. Maybe the characters are robbed in the night and their adventure could be finding who stole the goods and track them down. It is Malifaux.... Bad things happen. Or maybe supply trains have been robbed frequently and the costs have gone up. Sure you have that nice rifle. But the general store only has 3 bullets in Stock at the moment. Maybe there is a fire in the city and rooms are scarce so the price for housing goes up. Sorry sir, the hotel is booked but I might be able to find a bed for the right price. Also, maybe they don't get a monetary reward or item of power every session. Some towns in need are really just that. A town in need with little to offer in terms of reward. 5 gold and a party is often said around our gaming table no matter what system we are playing. We have raided corporations for less. We have protected rail shipments simply to make sure that an outlying town has food for the month. Did we accept favors? Absolutely. Sometimes obscure knowledge about the badlands is worth more than a fistful of script. If your players get upset at this... Maybe it isn't the system they want to play. Not every system works for a group of players. Doesn't make it a bad system. Just not the right choice for the group. It happens. Only options are to 1) discuss it and either tweak the system or change the players' gaming perspective or 2) find a system that works as your players want it to and go with that. But either way, it relies on the game master doing work. That is the unfortunate responsibility of the gamemaster we do a lot of work. If we are lucky, the players appreciate that work and try to help the gamemaster tell a good story. But some players need to be helped to understand that roleplaying is more than throwing dice or flipping cards. The number of combats my players face are few. I encourage them to diversify their skills and swap pursuits. I plan a lot of investigative and stealth missions. Going around blasting things at random has taught them to be more choosey about the combats they get evolved in. My job is to make sure the players are challenged. Not to sit and watch them flip cards. Why would I sign up for that when I can play Malifaux and get to flip the cards myself? But, I always talk with my players before starting a campaign to find out what they are looking for in the game. Do their needs match my storytelling style? If not, I let them know how I typically run my games and see if we can't find some middle ground where they will roleplaying more and I will try to have combats that are challenging for the party. So far there has only been one player that really didn't get that Through the Breach is not Malifaux. He did not enjoy the game. I sat down and talked with him and told him that RPG's reward roleplaying and if that isn't his thing, then maybe he really didn't want to roleplay and maybe should try to set up some miniature games instead. He is much happier with that and that is great. Not everyone is a roleplayer. I will shut up there as I think I have been too preachy. But, short story.... Tweak your players or tweak your game. But let's try to do away with "broken" as the go to term.
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    Your local Henchman has very peculiar understanding of that game's balance I must say.
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    Never test more than 1 rule at a time. You nerfed him in 3 different areas, 1 of which is a pretty large nerf and 1 being a massive nerf. There's a reason that the only summoner that summons in models at 1 HP has a passive healing aura.