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    I will sort the tickets out for me and the wife.
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    Hi, i've been playing ressers for a couple years but recently I began playing outcasts. I played Vickys for 6 or 7 games with little success against sandeep mainly. Now I've moved to pariah of bone Levi. tell me what you think about this. Intention is getting many cards with abominations damaging necropunks, getting more cards from phillip, and thorn attack on friendlie. having lures and debuffers (doxie and claw) to finally launch levi for real damage and abominations summoning. I dont have the emissary so thats not an option but have all resser faction and plenty of outcasts. thanks for your replies! Declared Faction: Outcasts Crew Name: levi 2 50ss Leader: Leveticus - Cache:(1) Pariah of Bone 1ss Untimely Demise 1ss Desolate Soul 2ss Hollow Waif 0ss Hollow Waif 0ss Philip and the Nanny 8ss The Thorn 7ss The Claw 7ss Dead Doxy 6ss Abomination 4ss Abomination 4ss Necropunk 5ss Rotten Belle 5ss
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    In my opinion, here is the general reality, and it’s one that has mostly been true since the very first release of edition 1. Familiarity and skill with the game is useually the most important factor in winning malifaux. Someone who is familiar with the rules and the models is almost always going to beat someone significantly less skilled. That’s often true in most games. And if that’s your definition of balance it’s almost comically impossible not to achieve. You wouldn’t even really need playtestors to achieve that. the issue is when you get people playing in the same skill range against each other, and there is where the issue of balance comes in. A master who gives a better advantage can give a significant edge in winning and therefore is just going to get chosen more because that extra edge is a thing. For me the best way of telling how balanced a master is that if you came to any group of knowledgeable players and said: ”I just won a hyper competitive event, and I only used x master” if there is any expressed surprise, the master isn’t good enough. In an ideal world and one that is achievable, no one should be surprised by any particular master being used and doing well. 2E certainly did narrow the bands between master power level, but they are still noticably there, and the edge they give is still enough to push a player significantly over the top into victory. That should change.
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    You don't want to have less than cache 4-5 with Levi because of his amazing triggers, so I'd drop the Claw. Double aboms aren't really a stable draw engine even with the Necropunks, and you still need something to earn you VP In its current state all your crew does is draw a ton of cards and then unleash Leveticus on the enemy, but that's not what earns you VP. So my suggestions: drop the Belle, drop Claw, drop Philip that leaves you with about 16ss worth of models. I'd get Sue and 2 more aboms for a better engine.
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    Oxfordians are ridiculous. I think their fixes took them too far. The guardian got a single point of min damage when it was considered too weak, the oxfordians got a bucketload of fixes and were maybe not even that bad to begin with. They just had the whole "need to take a squad in a non-squad based game" issue that a ton of guardsman models have. Just dropping them to 5ss would probably have made people play them enough to realise what their strengths were.
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    I looked up something else in Into the Bayou and, to my surprise, spied an ape like this one in some background art.
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    An unboxing and review of the Little Gassers for the Resurrectionist faction...extra pictures, rotational views and assembly tips available by clicking on the link... http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.co.uk/2018/05/unboxing-malifaux-little-gassers.html
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    Wow, why not just have them release a general upgrade that can be discarded to win the game while we're at it? 😩
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    That what my wife calls me too! Except for the accurate part.
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    Hope this isn't too much threadomancy, but I reckon if we take a lot of this thread (especially @Rathnard's post) it'd make a pretty good Misaki Tactica to sticky. I've been playing her a bit recently & I'd actually like to give the Smoke & Shadows build a shout. It's a little bit of a one-trick pony, but it seems to work very well. List is basically Misaki + upgrades (I like the traditional Stalking Bisento, Misdirection & RT) Yamaziko + S&S Jorogumo A Pusher (I prefer Graves, but Yu would work too) + extras to flavour... My go to recently has been Graves for Pusher, Shang, Chiaki (she just kicks so many goals every game!), Torakage (not worth 6ss, but actually not as horrible as I thought she would be...), & 10T Bro (although really looking at the Charm Warder, can't wait for them to come out!) First turn Jorogumo buries, use up activations, Graves pushes Misaki, Misaki walks & charges in with a total threat range of 21" which I've found to be enough to kill a model (hand & model dependent), end of turn out pops the spider next to Misaki. The beauty of this is that the Jorogumo is really good at protecting Misaki from that counter attack with it's 50mm base & 3" Ml range. Also between HtW, HtK, Eat your fill (even better with Charm Warder's Disguised!), it can take usually a few hits from anything not your average Langston/Nekima's and then hopefully heal back up to full. Then Misaki can counter the counter, usually removing another model or so. Plus you still have Graves, Yamaziko & whatever else closing in.
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    Definitely give her a whirl. In my experiences with Gracie, I’ve found that she’s just too squishy with all the ignores-armor flying about my meta. That said, her damage potential is ludicrous (like most Pigs) plus she’s ace in Supply Wagons with that built in reactivate. Then there’s the aesthetic- she’s just such a fun model to see on the field!
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    Dropping one of them does sound pretty bad, I hadn't really concidered that. Your plan probably makes more sense. Bonus points to @HadjiMurat because I read the shorthand for the electrical creation as "el creación" which makes so much sense considering Ramos is a spanish/portugese name. I guess everyone just got that bit wrong in apparently english-centric Malifaux when he got there. Thanks for that, it has improved my day.
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    If I was playing your list against that Viks list I would probably pick Show of force (assuming you have upgrades on Joss and Howard) and eliminate the leadership. I would walk the Electrical creation to a point of interest, and leave it there. (this might well be a point that just blocks the Viks route to me , or at least stops an easy charge into my deployment. I would try and reactivate Joss and Howard (By reactivating the Brass arachnid with rewire) assuming I had the hand to support it. Even if I could only safely do 2 reactivates, I would reactivate the brass arachnid and then hold off its second activation for a little and then hope I might manage a lucky flip. A lot of the first turn is trying to hold back activation's. Ramos could activate quite early, magitise to the creation and then create 2 spiders from the scrap, again using them to block vik attack routes. Ramos is unlikely to be killed on a Viks attack run because you are going to try and use his Df trigger to keep him safe. The Bear would be used to block a different rout into my deployment, and I would try and position to minimise whirlwind capabilities. Hopefully the threat of 2 reactivating big threats will force the Viks to play cautiously on the first turn, helping you get into good positions for turn 2. And if the viks made a mistake try and get the reactivating Howard or Joss to kill a vik.
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    That depends on how you use them. If you take the summoning upgrade for them then you may well have times that you'll have 3 out. I don't think you'll hugely suffer by only having 2, but I've used 3. Corephyee (and the duet) are much less a beater than Howard, but are great for scoring VPs. They do have problems against models which ignore Armour, but they can cover ground and threaten support models much better than anyone else, and against most foes they will last longer than Howard. I very rarely want 2 performers or Manniquins. I have used 2 performers before, but its only in very special circumstances.
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    I've played lists that started with 12. It's funny.... to me, only.
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    I don't suppose it happens to be a librarian?
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    I have not played with or against the shuffle, but there seems to be some players having at least some success with it. Also read about a "shuffle light" variant doing ok as well, but no first hand experience. I don't disagree that Nico seems very strong, just bringing it up cause I felt this is a bit of a circle argument: 1. Nico is OP because he has the strongest card draw in the game. 2. Others have stronger card draw. 3. Yeah, but they don't count because they're not OP. For what it's worth I think it's likely Nico is too strong or nearly too strong, and it'd good for the game if he was slightly adjusted. But I also think some of the arguments in favour of nerfing this or that can sometimes get very close to whining, and as I've mentioned in other threads I think that's potentially bad for the game. I have a lot of respect for the effort Wyrd puts in, so I hope they will keep hitting the mark more often than screw up. But unfounded whining, when/if present, can only cause one of two end result with regards to game balance: either it is taken into account at some level, and we risk game balance will suffer (how much of the forum perceive Colette now, though I don't think it's reasonable to asume she was nerfed due to whining), or it's completely ignored, and thus also completely pointless. A side effect of whining and entitlement is an increased risk og animosity on the forum, and thus the more the forum members complain without backing it up with data, the less pleasant the forum risks becoming. I read the original posts in this light, and it's hard to disagree. However, many replies, from different people (including the original poster imo), have at times come across as entitled/aggressive, and thus counteracting what this thread seemed to be about. Language barriers are a real thing on a global forum like this one. I think this forum would be a better place if we all refrained from: 1. Making demands on Wyrd, either of buffing, nerfing, or ignoring problem models, real or perceived. This is also largely a language thing: there is a huge difference between saying: "I'd like to see x" or "Wyrd must/should do x". 2. We should all accept that Wyrd will do whatever they can to make Malifaux the best it can be. It's in their best interest after all! 3. We should all refrain to engaging in influencing campaigns, where players of a given faction flood the forum in coordinated post parroting the same message. There have (imho) been hints of this in some open betas, but it hasn't been a big issue otherwise, unlile certain other forums I've frequented in the past. Let's keep it that way! 4. We should all accept that what's best for the game might not be what's best for my favourite model/faction. Conversely, we should all asume we all prefer a balanced game to a game where "my" faction has an auto win button. We should: 1. Not hesitate with providing feedback, all experience matter. James Varney saying he believes Nico is OP would be a lot more valuable than myself having a npe against Nico, but my lowly experience is also important. But not all-important. 2. Endeavor to be constructive. Keep trying to help newbs being stomped by Nico rather than parroting that he is OP and there's nothing to be done. No master is an auto-win button (though some are certainly a lot more powerfull than others), let's nor pretend player skill is irrelevant. 3. Provide constructive feedback to Wyrd. Wyrd games have listened to the community many times before, constructive suggestions, and evidence, giving them incentive to keeping on doing so. 4. Preserve this awesome community! The Malifaux doesn't need to be fixed, it is already amazing. But we need to strive to keep it that way, and not take it for granted...
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    He's looking good Franchute....just some filler or greenstuff to fill the hole afterwards
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    I realize that it's not GG-legal but just to throw this one out there - I use the lowest one of these Hell Dorado Lemures:
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    Sandeep. He's been face-tanking the complaints against him for over a year!
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    Got my Scion of the Void all done up. That's 8 more SS for me, with Sonnia that brings me to 23SS for the month. So much good painting this month! I'm on my way out the door, so I'll drop back in to comment in a bit, but this really has been a good fuel for my painting.
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    Currently being printed.
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    Yes. You can even Flurry charge through on you second flurry attack, push the model 4 inch. charge. and engage a other model and the flurry target. Do you charge attacks and after that. do you last flurry attack if it in range.
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    Attached are all the cards needed to play a Gibbering Hordes Company in The Other Side. These cards are intended for preview purposes only, and they will not be allowed in organized play events in the future. Gibbering Hordes Cards.pdf