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    Hi there! I just wanted to show you how the Yasunori turned out. The missing sword must be in the same place as those missing socks from my washing machine, I'll try to fix it somehow. I have finished so far the desperate mercenary and a Katanaka Sniper, the yokai is almost there but I'll make some changes in the models for this month since the ten thunders models are no longer needed for the ITC. My final pledge (if completed) will be 54 SS.
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    Thanks! In my mind, he's called "Barren Same-day", and he's a little Gremlin who became obsessed with the pony express mail delivery system of the humans. He took it upon himself to start delivering mail to all the families in the Bayou, even though there never was any mail (hence the "barren" mailbag), because Gremlins can't write. Or, if they can, they've got better things to do, anyway. Then he was eaten by a Bayou Gator after straying off the beaten path a little too close to Kythera, and that - along with his mantra that the mail will always get through! - saw him come back from the dead to continue his work. Now, he's creating a postal service of undead Gremlins to properly service the Bayou. If he builds it, then the letters will surely follow... 😉
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    I don't think this is useful. The best you can hope to achieve is to shout down legitimate disagreement, and even if you achieve your goal of supporting the view that piglets got hit too hard, we're all worse of for it. It would encourage others to shout even louder, and we've got a shouting match on our hands. Fetid raises a valid point, and I think it's undeniable that 2ss models in general is right on the edge of what the game can deal with. I personally don't agree that limited amounts of 2ss models (like totems) are a problem, but the 6x stuffed piglets package was definitely threatening to be game breaking in my opinion. I cannot how Asura is comparable, but she is definitely putting some strain on the game in some crews... I think the biggest problems with stuffed piglets going up was the indirect hit to the pigapult. Second I think a spamable 2ss model was one of the unique elements that set Gremlins apart as a horde faction. Loosing that was, for better or worse, a blow to the faction identity. The other unique element was the only useful 3ss model hirable in multiples. I still think Bayou Gremlins are useful, but no longer uniquely so after the points drop for Guild Guard and Desperate Mercs. Together those changes are problematic, it's not in itself problematic that Stuffed Piglets are no longer 2ss (and Fetid does have a point in that no 2ss models would be healthier for the game)...
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    Lazarus is almost done, Wrath, sloth, pride & greed almost done too. Bonus : Symbol of authority tockens (customeeple) finished. More photos to come
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    Let us know what you think about this weeks show. http://schemesandstones.podbean.com/e/episode-88-neverborn-zoraida-crew-spotlight-with-adam/
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    Happy Monday Wyrdos! Today was a bit of an odd one. I wandered into the office and found an envelope on my desk. No markings on it. I discovered these guys in that envelope. Unsure of what it might mean, I figured I would leave it to the community to help me figure out. What do you think these are? Speculate away!
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    6 activation Crew... In a few games in my meta you loss turn 2 is the opponent go slowly... Not for me, y play a lot this model because love the miniature, but at 14ss cost all other options are better like x3 Oxfordians, Howard, Myranda+IE (that can be reactivated with Prompt and turn into Cerverus) and all other combinations... YES, only one nerf on one ability ruined this Master because the other abilities and upgrades are B-A-D, and when you starts to lose miniatures Prompt turns bad and bad, with only 2 miniatures and your Master you only can do 2 Prompts, and 1 if you only have 1, in the past this doesn't matters because you can do 3 Prompts until the end, or Colette can do Prompts she can't do nothing, the other things are shit. I doesn't say return to the past, I say up a little the Prompt, if the problem is Howard do only affect minions or Showgirls or do the other abilities a little better for can so something other than Prompt.
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    Not sure what Sonnia can't handle. She has been soloed before and won pretty big events. With all the scheming models available to guild she seems viable still.
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    I feel Colette doesn't deserve the garbage designation she's given. She is certainly not optimal, but I find her to be reasonably competitive especially in Wagons where handing out 0 AP is very helpful. I think the key to Colette is building a crew around her that takes advantage of some of her unique abilities: Handing out 0 interact actions for wagons / headhunter Giving glass cannon type models reactivate, where the sacrifice isn't too bad as they will probably die anyway Models that benefit a lot from doves, or using doves to disrupt enemy crews that rely a lot on positioning. Handing out free focus to showgirl minions This is what I normally take: Colette AR, CC, AP Cassandra PP Joss 2 Coryphee Performer. I'd like to try swapping the coryphee for ox mages at some point
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    Pandora. Speed painted because I happened to have her lying around. Green vomit worm! And a random silurid proxy I picked up. Actually quite like the silurid models, but really didn't play them enough to justify the box. I suppose this one can do double duty as a wisp now. Although those models might be over the tipping point of niceness.
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    These are alternate sculpts for existing Masters, so they share the same rules (and will; have a thing on their card saying they count as the original master in every way) Dr Dufrense is Dr McMorning Rollins Black is Lucas McCabe Mr Coper is Colette Amelia Bathory is Nicodem Catelin Abernathy is Hamlin
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    The unfortunate fate of all Wastrals?
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    I'm dead-keen for a Bokor-friendly voodoo rezzer Gremlin as well! A swampy green Baron Samedi character. Some more Rooster dudes would also rock. So we have future options, at least!
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    @Scatterbrain Yes indeed....like all things the thinking about it probably took as long or longer than actually making them 😂.....they were just layers of foam board glued together into blocks and then carved and cut into shape with a craft knife...details superglued into place made from plasticard....basic texture from Vallejo's Stone paste mixture....and then the fun bit - painting...spent maybe ten hours on them start to finish....but because I have the attention span of a magpie that included a lot of coffee breaks and ferreting around looking at other stuff I am also working on like the Goryo themselves P.S....I make all my own bases as for me that is half the fun of making these models with the base putting them into some kind of context
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    I've been thinking of starting a thread like this one for a while now, but have held back because, well, this is a great forum, but still an internet forum, so I should probably know better... It seems to me there's been an increasing trend of more and more whining and shouting OP on the forum. Myself, I haven't played the top guns enough to weigh in too strongly on what is/isn't op. But I have a memory strong enough to see some hints indicating that not ALL of these complaints have merit. I do realize that the game has had 5 waves, and increasing complexity due to wider model pool increase the likelihood of OP models/combos, so I'm not saying NONE of these complaints have merit. But I have the impression that an increasing rate of errata the last two years have led to more cries from further erratas. From memory, the last few months have seen the following bold statements (not saying anyone in particular said this exactly, but I feel these are reasonably summaries of statements given in different threads): Sandeep (with mages) is virtually unbeatable, no other crew have any answers to this, and the only reason to play anything else is attatchment to already painted models/crews. Nicodem (with Asura and Kentauroi) is virtually unbeatable, no other crew have any answers to this, and the only reason to play anything else is attatchment to already painted models/crews. Gremlins cannot win against any competitive opponents anymore (despite winning UK Masters). Gremlins (in general) are OP, and should get banned/nerfed out of existence (and they're not a real faction anyway). Somer (with Warpigs) is virtually unbeatable, no other crew have any answers to this, and the only reason to play anything else is attatchment to already painted models/crews. Hamelin is OP, and should be banned. Thunders are useless, Guild is useless, Outcasts are useless, Neverborn are useless (or OP!), Arcanists outside of Sandeep are useless. Probably forgotten several others, but these were the ones at the top of my mind. I'm more than usually certain that all of these cannot be true at the same time! 🙂 From earlier we know that there have been crews that were really game warping and hard to find answers to (several in M1E, Leveticus/Viks with rat engine, etc) that dominated several tournament metas simultaneously. We've also seen crew builds that have dominated some metas, but not managed to reach the same level across metas (the Seamus Belle spam from Chicago comes to mind, who today feel Seamus should get a nerf?, but also Perdita at times, Viks, Sonnia Criid, Lynch, Lilith, Dreamer, Shenlong with Yasunori, Kirai, and several others have at times been complained about). I don't think it's useful for us to spend time and words on trying to figure out how we got here and why (I'll leave that to Wyrd), but I think it is useful for us to discuss how we best can give feedback to Wyrd about the state of the game. So how can we be more constructive in giving feedback? I propose the following goals that we should keep in mind whenever we give feedback/complain: We want a game as balanced as is practical, while we acknowledge that perfect balance will never be achieved. We want as civil a discussion as possible, with as much signal and as little noise as possible so the feedback will be of as high quality as possible. We want the neccessary changes only, change for change's sake is not desireable due to having to get new cards etc. The GG rotation will keep the game fresh without changing the stats for changes sake. Keep game warping models in check. If multiple players across metas rage-quits because they don't feel they have an answer to a crew/master/combo that's a problem. If a model/crew/master/combo is a little stronger than average/slightly undercosted it's not a problem. Anything else I'm missing? Based on the above I'd like to suggest the following recommendations for giving feedback on models' power level: Be clear whether you need help understanding HOW to beat a crew or whether you have seen aggregate experience demonstrating a crew is way too strong. Maybe someone from another meta have faced this particular puzzle earlier, and found a way to beat it! 🙂 Do NOT use hyperbole!! Very little is unbeatable, so don't claim it is. It will just poison the discussion to exaggerate, especially if there is a genuine case for something needing to be pulled in a bit. Never assume your own experience is universal! Sometimes a combo emerges that is universal, and will need to be controlled. But more often it's a combination of a slightly above the curve combo/crew combined with a very skilled player and/or a smaller/less experienced meta. There should be an acid test for when something is OP. My suggestion is that if something dominates smaller tournaments across metas over time (several months) AS WELL AS dominating several of the bigger tournaments across metas (UK Nationals, UK Masters, Adepticon, GenCon, others) it should be considered universally overpowered. If a crew/model/master fails this test, that doesn't mean that it is NOT too much over the curve and should NOT be reined in; it means it's not definitely established that it is OP yet, and we shouldn't act as if it is (see hyperbole above). Be polite! Everyone here are on here because we love the game. No-one wants the game to be unfun, and the forum is generally very helpful, and most players of powerful crews are willing to help others on how to beat them. Famously, when Leveticus/Viks won Adepticon with the rat engine, the winner came on here arguing that it should be banned because he himself couldn't see a way to beat it. It's much more valuable feedback when a big tournament winner argues that his crew is OP than whoever he beat in round 1. Be conservative! Not a general political advice this time, but a good advice when it comes to shouts for errata. It's easy to get carried away after being crushed in a tournament, but hot-headedness makes for a poor quality online discussion. Anything else? Just a note at the end: I'm not having a dig at anyone with this, I hope nobody takes it as such. I post this because I feel the historically very high quality discussion on here have deteriorated a little when it comes to power levels specifically, and I wanted to at least try to make an impact to improve the discourse. We'll see if this succeeds or gets shot down in flames... 😕
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    For Torakage, an awesome (IMH!O) would actually be an errata to the Smoke & Shadows upgrade to allow Torakage to take those 2 actions as a (0) Action. That way Torakage could still do everything on their card, then drop Smoke Bombs or Shadow Stride (or both with Trigger) out of there. I think that would be awesome and really give Torakage a solid niche and worth their 6ss. I don't think it would be too powerful as you need a either Misaki, Ototo or Yamaziko (although she's now super-duper awesome!) to carry the upgrade, you still need a Mask to Shadow Stride (either via action or trigger) so you won't be able to spam it and there's still lots of competition for that 6ss slot.
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    Chapter 9 - Of Swampfiends and Men... and Nightmares I wanted the Stitched Together to look like it is made of various discarded materials: Old burlap sacks in which coffee beans from Earth are imported to Malifaux - the stamp on the belly. Tartan fabric. And even human skin. The tattoo is of an anchor, which symbolizes home, and it reads Hradec, because I come from the city called Hradec Králové, which is commonly refered to simply as Hradec
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    Second painted mannequin for Dark Carnival crew. Nothing special just wood on wood and some steel NMM. More photos as always in our blog http://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.ru/2018/05/malifaux-monday-83-dark-carnivals.html
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    @Treehouse great vid, I’m unsure with the volume of foliage/grass in that vid but the principle is great. @Omenbringer thanks for the advice, still unsure how best to progress, love the idea of a folding table (bendyboard would have been ideal but not made anymore). here is my progress so far, display board and finished swamp ponds. I did stick to a darker murkier brown for the ponds but tried a lighter colour water for the board
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    I've been playing a bit more a a themed crew lately... I really like the Smoke & Shadows upgrade. You just need a bigger minion for it. Jorogumo are fantastic, as are Wokou Raiders (especially when combined with a Crime Boss for card draw!) I also prefer Graves to Yu. For a start, he's 3ss cheaper (that free Shang!). He still gives Misaki a 21" reach which I've found to be enough to kill a model turn 1. He also gives a solid, second line beater, who's reasonably tanky. The other models I'd highly recommend are 10T Bros, they're like Torakage, but better and cheaper... (yey balance...👎), Chiaki is probably my most used model ever (she just gives so much and asks so little!), Yamaziko is amazing for 6ss (she's my S&S carrier too). On Misaki, call me old fashioned, but I still really like Stalking Bisento on her. Those flips for attack and damage are just so good!
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    Well damn. Sounds like the game is solved. Let's pack it up boys. This is the uber- list and it cannot be touched by us mere mortals.