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    Hi there! I just wanted to show you how the Yasunori turned out. The missing sword must be in the same place as those missing socks from my washing machine, I'll try to fix it somehow. I have finished so far the desperate mercenary and a Katanaka Sniper, the yokai is almost there but I'll make some changes in the models for this month since the ten thunders models are no longer needed for the ITC. My final pledge (if completed) will be 54 SS.
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    @Franchute lovely rich colours on your mage and great work on the face @bedjy very nice blending indeed - great brushwork WIP.....Spent a happy few hours with some foam board and plasticard to get started on the bases for my Goryo
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    As I said on Saturday, looking to come, just need a little more funds.
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    I hope you mean this as a joyful banter :D This thread is a total echo chamber where 3 to 6 guys constantly keep on repeating how bad gremlins get/got nerfed all the time. What this thread actually lacks (for the most part) is some Input from other factions. I agree with @Fetid Strumpet in that SS2 Models are problematic regardless of their abilities
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    Lazarus is almost done, Wrath, sloth, pride & greed almost done too. Bonus : Symbol of authority tockens (customeeple) finished. More photos to come
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    Ulix was what got me into the Game! I saw pigs and wanted to deal in Pigs and Pig accessories! For just a Dip into the faction to do Pig like things I would start with: Ulix Crew Box Piglets [To summon obvs] The Sow/Gracie/MechaPork [atleast one of these to have 2 pigs to summon off of] Slop Haulers [Mass healing is great!] Warpig [Atleast 1 to summon] I would say that is your Core Swine Line up. I havent gotten Hog Whisperers yet so cant speak to how good they are but that would be my next pickup after the list above. With a little bit deeper dip Swine Cursed [Beaters, shootum in the rear] Hog Whisperers [Reactivate the big pigs] Merris [Specially if you get blasted off the table often] Pigapult [Long range Scheming] Sammy [to hold the bow] Burt [he beastly] 2nd Warpig the other 50mm Pigs [options are great] Moar Piglets [youll run out quickly and want more] Hope this helps
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    You may be right, but I really try to avoid the "well just play Sandeep" trap
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    And yes, some Ulix setup video:
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    Thanks everyone for coming yesterday. I had a great time watching you all play yesterday and hope you had equal or more fun than I in all of your games. As mentioned, any feedback is welcome; be it negative or positive. It is the only way I will ever get even better 😉 Peace out!
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    Ok so time for a mid month wip update! Firstsly I completed my alt (vintage) Hamelin just now: And here's some progress on my Illuminated and Mr. Tannen:
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    Owwww. You make some good. Points. Thank you very much
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    Doc Mitchell, totem for Parker Burrows. For more go here.
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    Hi everyone, I played a game with the very list from the original post. Admittedly, I went in it without any practice with this list, but it was very educational regardless. The table was not one I would call particularly obstructed in terms of terrain. In fact I am sure a gunline would have worked very well in this one. But there was a lot of smaller terrain pieces making pushes kind of tricky. The opponent was Nellie with 2 or 3 reporters, Franc, Peacekeeper, Phiona and a watcher. What I learned: 1. This crew needs practice. A lot! 2. Setting the crew up even just deployment-wise can be very tough if the terrain is against you. You will probably always be deploying your models very close together, but you really have to pay attention to the distances between all the models to get all the passive effects right. 3. In order to geht the full effect of the card draw, you have to be very speific with you activation order. There might be some room for error, but that is probably where the practice part comes in. 4. In the very beginning, before the drawing engine get going, if you want to get the full effect of all the pushes, summons and ensure the crier turns into a bayou gremlin, some luck is stell involved regarding drawing the right suits and high enough cards in general. 5. Once the card drawing is done, you hand is absolutely amazing! I am sure you could use very similar card draw without the pigs and get great results as well. 6. If the terrain is against you, you will still have a chance to reach at least part of the opponents crew turn 1, but the effectiveness is reduced a lot (I took out only 1 reportes and 1 watcher). 7. Timing for using One Pig against the world is not as straight forward as you might think. 8. Once the hand from turn one wears off, the effectiveness of the crew diminishes fast. 9. Armor (Peacekeer) and High defense (Phiona near terrain with Francs buff) can completely stopp your attack. 10. It is amazingly good fun I will keep playing this list for a bit and see how it performs with more experience on my part and a less bad matchups, as soon as I can and keep you posted. See you Teddy
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    Hello, WIP of my nemesis ward mage:
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    In 10 Thunders we have: McCabe who does min 3 on his ml6 (built in crit), which can alternatively ignore Armor, HtW, Incorporeal, HtK. Lynch and Huggy who both have the potential to do min 4 damage and they come with Illuminated who do a min of 4 damage on their ml when damaging brillianced models. Kang, who has a ml7 attack with min 3 damage. Yasunori who has a ml6 attack with min 3 damage. Izamu who has a ml6 attack with min 3 damage. Obsidian Statue with a ml6 attack with min 3 damage. Mr. Graves with a ml6 attack with min 3 damage. Jorogumo with a ml5 attack with min 3 damage. The faction has enough choice when it comes to models with min 3 damage, with more access to positives flips on attacks (built in and through upgrades), than any other faction. So why the argument that we need another master with min 3 damage? I play guild in addition to Ten Thunders, for access to masters who do min 3 damage. And that's what those masters do. They do the damage and the crew brings the support . I play 10 Thunders because I want access to masters who aren't one dimensional. Masters with fun movement and positioning tricks. Masters that offer support and can do damage. Masters that can summon. Masters that allow me access to other factions cool toys. All these things also win games. If every faction has masters that do the same things, there would be no reason to have different factions. Every faction has weaknesses and every faction has strengths. If the day ever comes where Malifaux goes the way Warmachine went, where every faction had access to all the same kind of tricks and toys, the game will become stale. And then you'll find people asking "Why does faction "X" now have this? That was faction "Y"'s thing!" instead of "Why can't faction "X" have this? Faction "Y" has it!". And in my opinion, some of this has already started to happen.
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    I'll write something as soon as I'm home again, short version - none of us podiumd^^ Best Guild was 8th I think, but he didn't participate in the Iron Scorpius (although he played 4 different masters, so not that bad) which might make me best Iron Scorpius Guild with rank 18 out of 44 😛 Could've been a lot better if it wasn't for some stupid mistakes on my side, which just shows me that I should've practiced more before^^ Great event nonetheless I enjoyed playing, talking and drinking with all of the american guys
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    Which would make your job easier, Kyle?
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    She is still probably the second best blaster in the game. Sonnia is blasting at a cast 9 (often on + flips) and can cheat severe with 5 triple blast (that can start 2" away). She needs Papa Loco to be able to cheat consistently and 2 cards to get to cast 9. Misaki isn't that good, but isn't so far behind either. She's at a 7 with the same damage spread as Sonnia and one less blast, but she can put those two blasts a lot of different places, probably hitting as many secondary targets as Sonnia could. Misaki can cheat easily with the upgrade, so she can very consistently charge and hit 3 severe (picking the right target of course like a low defense htk or high armor target) and get 18 (3x3x2) blast damage out there - 9 on two separate targets. That can be a pretty phenomenal round. Mind you, all of that is easier in TT with pushes and recalled training.
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    Because Sandeep need the help....
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    Putting these all in one easy to read post. Kirai Vengence Will Be Mine (1ss): Nearby enemy models do not remove the Adversary condtion at the end of the turn. Ectoplasm (1ss): Kirai can place scheme marker next to a friendly spirit that dies during her activation. The model may not be a peon. Friendly Seishin count as Undead for the Malevolence ability. They my be effected but aura effects from Kirai or her totem. McMourning Guild Coroner (1ss): When McMourning kills an enemy with a close attack he can place a scheme marker next to a different enemy. He can then take one of the two zero action that this card gives him. The first discards corpse markers within 3 and gives a soulstone for every two that get discarded. The second discards a nearby corpse marker to draw 2 cards and discard 1. Test Subjects (1ss): Up to four models that are beasts or academics may be hired. They cannot be gamin. Friendly beasts and academics heal 1 when they activate near McMourning. Molly Forgotten Items (2ss): Models Molly summons may prevent damage based on the number of scheme markers within 3 instead of the number of enemies within 3. When a friendly scheme is revealed draw 2 cards. Back on the Job: (2ss): After deployment you can look at your opponents schemes. They don't need to tell you what variables they have selected. Molly gets a 1 action that allows her to discard an enemy scheme marker and draw a card. Nicodem Their Last Breath (2ss): While attached to Nicodem, when a friendly Resser model in LoS is killed. It fully heals and gets this upgade attached to it. A model other than Nicodem with the upgrade has a condition that limits the amount they can heal and causes them to take damage when they activate. It also removes living and grants undead. Circling Buzzards (1ss): On the first turn, after initiative, you can place a corpse marker on the centerline for every 2 cards that you discard. Nicodem gets a 1 action that allows him to summon a vulture off of a corpse marker. There is a trigger that places a scheme marker next to the vulture. Reva Riders in the Sky (1ss): The target of a Reva's charge must pass a Tn12 Horror Duel. Reva gets a 0 action that allows her to blast from every corpse marker in play. The blasts cause a models to pass a Wk 12 duel or gain burning. There is a trigger that forces models with burning to also pass an easy Horror duel. Specter or Death (1ss): Limited. Reva may draw Los range from friendly Spirits for her Ca attacks if she is not engaged. Ethereal Reaping gains a crow trigger to summon a Seishin when killing a living enemy. Conflux of the Reaper (0ss): Friendlies can treat the Emissary as a corpse marker. It takes damage when they do. The upgrade is discarded if the effect discards corpse markers. The Emissary gets a zero action that alows the Emissary to discard a card to move to be placed on a corpse marker. If a crow is discarded then the corpse marker can be moved. Like other Conflux upgrades, this is for the Emissary. Seamus AKA, Sebastian Baker (1ss): Seamus may hire up to 4 living Showgirls. Seamus may summon living Showgirl minions instead of Belles. They lose living and gain undead from both of those effects. Seamus gets a 0 action that allows him to place a friendly scheme marker in constact with terrain. Do You Know Who I Am? (1ss): Once a turn Seamus may deal damage to an enemy that passes a Horror Duel. On a severe damage flip Seamus's Horror Duels increase their TN. Seamus gets a 0 action that forces all enemies in 3 to pass a TN 12 Horror Duel. It has a trigger on crows that allows you to push any models that passed the duel. Tara God of Time: When out of cards Tara gets + to all flips. Friendly Void Wretches can treat Void Maw as a 1AP action. Tara gets an attack she can use once per activation. The target takes damage equal to the turn number. On a tome the Tara heals damage equal to the turn number after damaging. Emptiness: Tara my doesn't include upgrades with the restricion of Tara when determing how many upgrades she may have. At the start of activation she can discard a Tara upgrade to as many cards as the upgrade costs. When activating she can target an enemy and if it fails a TN16 Wp duel it will take damage when buried and Tara can draw a card. Yan Lo Follow Their Footsteps (1ss): Yan Lo gets Chi when your opponent gets VPs. Yan Lo can can Chi by discarding an Ancestor upgrade. He may then lower his Chi to attach an ascendant upgrade. Awakening (1ss): Limited. Yan Lo can take two different zero actions during his activation. Lightning Dance may be taken as a zero. Lightning Dance gains a tome trigger that causes damage and the slow condition if Yan Lo is still in base contact with the target. Blood Ascendant (4ss): Ascendant Upgrade. Grants Casting Expert and a close attack action that heals all friendly Ancestors if the target is killed by the attack.