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    Marlena is here now, and I will play the little mechromancer for the next two months at least, claiming 8ss out of any given Outcast list. I want to keep my stompybots, but there’s a non-zero chance of deciding I simply can’t stand fielding Leveticus...but for now, that’s who I must play. From Outcasts I have his box set minus one abomination (I’ll throw together some bits to proxy it, got Tannen’s knife hand, ronin on sprue etc.), hodgepodge effigy, and Johan. I have almost every stompybot Hoffman can hire, except the rail golem. A terracotta warrior, from my husband’s Misaki setup. Given the shortage of aboms and the recent long streak of playing Guild, I’ll probably favor hiring Arcanist constructs first and use aboms as summons only. The only hiring gap I can see is dedicated scheme runners besides the effigies and watcher. Marlena takes the hiring cost the Midnight Stalker needs. I think I will like the Ashes and Dust jump-point playstyle, but is it essential? Should I get necropunks?
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    Let's say you are going to the capital city meltdown this weekend and you are trying to win the iron Scorpius, i.e.5 rounds five masters. Which five would you bring? I think @jchrisobriensaid he's going for it, so let's all wish him well as our forum guild representative. My answer to this would be Nellie, lj, sonnia, Dita and either lucius or Hoffman (hoff gets it if stake a claim was in the strat pools). I'd probably slip in Lucas for Dita if I actually played him. I proxies him last week and really liked him. EDIT: My guilt is killing me. Likely leaving Lucius out is not ok. Hes probably now going to have me killed. Lucius replaces Perdita/Lucas. Sorry to have strayed bb.
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    An unboxing and review of 'Vintage' Pandora...more pictures, assembly tips, comparison pics and more can be found by clicking on the link below... http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.co.uk/2018/05/unboxing-malifaux-vintage-pandora.html
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    I will be bringing (in no particular order) Lady Justice, Lucius, Nellie, Sonnia and Perdita. I don't own Lucas, and haven't practiced with Hoffman at all. Perdita is my sweetheart (and my highest win record) so she will not be left home. Like I could stop her!
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    Started transferring some of the hyperlinks to the new site. Just did Lady Justice and Lucius.
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    Because I paint the terrain as well so they both get primed at the same time...for example...
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    McMourning definitely, its doctors orders. And if you want to challenge your health get Seamus. - Speaking purely from a model perspective – I have no idea how to play the game
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    An early start to my painting challenge - Terracotta Warriors (aka "Wyrd's easiest paintjob"). A bit of highlighting and basing, and these guys are going to be done. @Monkeyfist- The pastels on your Weaver make her just that extra bit creepy. Kudos on the beautiful fabric and parasol. @Boomstick- That's a big month you have planned! Impressive! @Franchute- I love the purple / blues on Raspy. Very nice colour scheme, and very nice brushwork! @misterfinn- I hope the Trunk is built! If not, good luck! So many parts... Have a good month, all!
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    So I had the day off and managed to complete the Widow Weaver! Sorry about the bad picts, need to get myself a light box I think...
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    your first statement is correct. collodi cannot hand out fast to all puppets in bubble as it is gained from an ability and not an action.
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    Hi, please find pics below
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    @Franchute, here are my completed models for April: Field reporter: Thrall: Monster hunter proxy: Monster hunter proxy 2: For a total of 25ss. Painting the thrall's base and static grass/varnishing will happen tonight, along with prepping models for this month. As an aside, I've just tipped over 50% of my Malifaux collection painted, so this painting challenge is working! Have a great month ahead all, 'Brown
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    Not perfect, but finished. Also, seriously bad photo skills.
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    Thanks guys for kind words of support. Life's been filled with ups and downs again as my younger daughter needed another surgery. Wheeling off your kid to the surgery ward and leaving her there has been the most difficult thing I've ever experienced, gut-wrenching and absolutely terrifying. Fortunately, the surgery went well, she had 15 cm of her thin intestine removed and this seemed to have fixed her problem. Anyway, back to painting. Lots of great stuff this month. Too much to take it all in but I've been trying to keep track of new posts in this thread and there are always some works that leave me speechless. Three more models from me for this month. They bring me to a total of 45 soulstones (17 for Lazarus and Serena, 30 for Sonnias and 8 for Francisco). More pictures on my blog: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/04/double-sonnias-and-another-francisco.html
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    thanks for the reminder @Franchute sadly I could not complete my entire pledge of this month, I did not have time to paint the rotten belle, these are my Nicodem Crew box and my Asura Roten.
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    Happy Friday Wyrdos! Today we have a preview of a pretty awesome Dual Faction Commander, Horomontangi. Let's take a look! Horomatangi is an ancient, powerful creature from Malifaux. It arrived on Earth in the mid-sixteenth century and immediately started terrorizing the Maori people. It was a mighty spellcaster in Malifaux, and it was the ruthless overlord of a long string of half-sunken islands. It used sheer power to command the mewling members of the Gibbering Hordes that were unlucky enough to live in its domain. Unfortunately for Horomatangi, all of this was lost when it arrived on Earth. For years it tried to reclaim some semblance of power by attacking the locals of New Zealand, but to no avail. Eventually, it was defeated by the Ngaatoro sisters and fell into a deep sleep in a crevice of the ocean. The arrival of the Burning Man on Earth brought with it an infusion of magic that woke the mighty Horomatangi from hundreds of years of sleep. It is now regaining some of its old power and reclaiming dominion over the Hordes, and it has pledged its service to the Burning Man in the hopes of replenishing its atrophied magical power. On the table, Horomatangi can serve either the Cult of the Burning Man or the Gibbering Hordes. Unlike most Commanders, Horomatangi is a Titan and has less Scrip to hire its forces. Horomatangi makes up for this deficiency with its incredible power. Its high Armor of 12, which increases to an amazing 13 in Glory, makes this ancient beast incredibly difficult to hurt. Defense is not Horomatangi's specialty, however: violence is. It is dangerous either in melee or at range, and its passive Cloud of Steam Ability ensures that it is dangerous for enemies to even be in proximity to Horomatangi. The Bellow of Command Action is a potent Morale Action that can provide a big bonus to allies or a big penalty to enemies. Alternatively, Horomatangi might choose to simply lay waste to its foes with an endless assault generated by its Mighty Willpower Action.
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    Are you sure? The rules for Blasts are that you can't be affected if you don't have line of sight to the original target, but a Ht 2 model can see that Ht 1 model over the Ht 1 wall, so can be affected by the blast. I may have misuderstood your point, but the Ht 1 wall will only protect Ht 1 models from blasts from a Ht 1 target, which is somethign I find almost never matters 9Its back to the fallacy that being Ht 1 make you easier to hide, its only true if you're trying to hide from a Ht 1 model, otherwise its exactly the same as hiding a Ht 2 model)
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    There is a difference in "negative play experience" and "being countered". You can play around a counter. You can try to outplay your opponent really well. A negative play experience would be dropping a gunline into an army that can't be shot at. Or playing into an opponent that at any moment can say "you are 19 inches away from my leader, he uses his feat." which knocks you down and proceeds to shoot you to death(you only miss if you roll double 1s at that point.) Like I said I know more of them from warmachine/hordes (my main game) but it can be very frustrating. When you lose no matter how tight you played due to a ridiculous ability that you cannot stop...that's an NPE to me.
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    I've always understood it to mean "Negative Play Experience," at least going back to my CCG days. If you're intending for it to mean "New Player Experience," then it will obviously mean something different.
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    Aside from the model we're talking about.
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    Symbols is usually the easiest for this crew. It's all movement tricks and positioning. The Doxies are particularly good at it, and the clump around Seamus usually has a hard time doing anything. If nothing else, I can pull the mobile models into Belle range or stick'em on Yin, depending on the particulars. I think Public Executions is pretty easy for this group, too. Seamus can almost certainly score once, I can push other models into the Doxies for another condition off Pounce, and still can usually manage to Shikome something to death, too. Doxies with Ply usually surprise the opponent. In both cases, Chiaki can reliably pull the scoring conditions from opponents, so I usually end up tying or winning at the end-of-round. Supply Wagons with Asura and Carrion Emissary is an easy one to score out. Ours is probably the hardest, but if your opponent isn't super mobile activating your Doxies last and/or Seamus and pushing models where you want them to be after they've activated (ie on a center line or within 6" of the center) is a good way to go. I'm a big fan of Vendetta. Guess what has an 18" attack range and costs 5SS? Just choose a fragile support piece you want off the board anyway for 2 VP. If it's a tough pool I'll generally choose this one, and I'll usually just give up the 3rd VP unless Asura is on the board. Eliminate the Leadership occasionally gets taken by me, Covert Breakthrough if I want an excuse to run the Ice Dancers. Search the Ruins is easy for the Doxies, as they can place two Schemes a turn. Take One for the Team is situational. Public Demonstration is another good one. Set Up is a good choice with the Doxies, and adding Ice Dancers make it very easy. Taking Seamus's overlooked (0) on AKA Sebastian Baker means it's easier to score, too. Yin makes it even easier when the named model can't move. Recover Evidence with Doxies is a cake walk (Take the Lead pushes the opponent away and pushes your model toward the marker; often you can claim a marker and still have 1 AP). Punish the Weak is fairly easy with Seamus and DYKWIA. Guarded Treasure isn't great but I've taken it and managed to score 3 out. Yin usually sits around the center line and so does Asura/Chiaki, it's just that they're all frail and it paints a target on their back. A target I'd rather gets put on Seamus. I struggle to score Dig Their Graves, but that's just me.
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    No, no cheating. I often hold out on the Damage flip until I know it's most painful. Sometimes holding out too long...:P I mean, there's always situations where I do something different with Seamus. Some games I pop an important support model on Turn 1, but usually I setup the board for that so I can Back Alley in, Boo, and shoot. I don't usually summon with Seamus, and if I do it's Turn 1, from an enemy model. But I don't NOT summon with Seamus either, if you get me. So, on Yin. Damage isn't really her thing. She's not really a tank, either. I mean, sure, if she can engage a scheme runner, cool. Usually I just walk her around the board and hit things with the (0) until she's in Seamus's bubble, then use her triggers to port into somebody's engagement range. I use her solely to disrupt an opponent's big model. Because after getting hit with Gnawing Fear, they can't really attack any of the 'big' models bc of their Terrifying duels; they need to go after something small or run the very real risk of wasting a turn. And then I can easily play Belle Ping Pong with it. The best thing about Yin is she can activate early and Gnawing Fear, then not activate until late the next turn before needing to flip cards again. I like her for Guarded Treasure, too. The way I see it, if my 8SS model can shut down or lead to the death of one of your big linchpin models, then she's more than worth her points. The Hanged would be really good as a cheaper model. I love them so much, and I've run a lot of the Hanged. Unfortunately their damage isn't that high and they can't usually stay on the board for long. When Wave 5 came out I was running 2x Hanged with Seamus, and while they're effective, and they certainly scare the bejeesus out of some players, most players can just get rid of them without much issue, and giving up almost half my points to those things was heinous. I eventually dropped it to 1 then none. Dead Rider just isn't a model I like. I usually take Decaying Aura because of the non-healing bubble more than anything, because I'm usually butting heads with stuff you want to heal, but if Eliminate the Leadership is in the pool then it suddenly becomes worthwhile to start targeting the enemy master, even if I didn't take EtL. Seamus's min damage is 4 on his gun, and the 4 for Severe from DYKHIA means a lot of Masters are going to be hurting end of Turn 1 if I have my way. Plus, sometimes I get lucky. That said, it isn't an auto-take. But if I see Gremlins or 10-T, yeah, I'm gonna take Decaying Aura (getting into Ulix's face with Decaying Aura makes Ulix a sad panda). Gassers are really good for 4ss. With Shikome they're stupid good. Bishop's something I've not considered, actually. I like it. You should try out AKA Sebastian Baker for your third. Particularly for the ability to hire Cassandra. She works very well in a Seamus crew. I suspect Carlos with the Lampads will work pretty well, too, but that's speculative. Also: you shouldn't apologize for your English or your writing, it's wonderful. Thanks for the response.
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    I'm not really seeing what you're getting at. I don't see how replacing a sacrificial model with a sacrificial upgrade gets Ramos rolling in scrap that he wouldn't have now. Currently: Mobile toolkit activates, buffs Howard, walks forward. Joss activates, charges toolkit, drops two scrap. Ramos activates and summons 1-3 spiders. With upgrade: Joss activates, walks forward, spends 1AP to drop 2 scrap and discard upgrade. Ramos activates and summons 1-3 spiders.
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    HAven't abandoned the project, but I've been painting different stuff - jumping between models because I was suffering from a severe case of painting ADHS which made me lose interest in a model once it's half-done. But the Ulix crew is growing. I think if all those models are painted and based, then that's it. The pig on the very right is so shiny because I tried out oil colours on it. It hasn't dried yet. And it's to pinkish.