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    I LOVE THIS MODEL! Mancha Roja +9 = 31ss total so far...
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    @Franchute not by any means! I've finished Ama no Zako, two jorogumos and the hodepodge emissary, but I only have pictures from the WIPs (except from Ama no Zako). I'll try to do the third jorogumo or the desperate mercenary before the deadline. I'm not a big fan of showing unfinished models but well, here are some pictures of those models (I'll update them by the end of the month with more crappy pictures):
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    I finally finished my Coraline Candy for 9 stones! I painted her like she was wearing a yellow raincoat and boots with jeans. I am quite happy with the Kill Bill blood effect πŸ˜€ I have a hard time taking photos with my phone, I'll try to take pics of the two terrain pieces I made (a fountain and a clock tower) with my partner's phone later. And here she is! Innocence incarnated: I also started Wendigo,which was my only unpainted creature mini, but forgot about the deadline like so many others. However, I wouldn't have painted him without the contest and he only needs highlights, so it was still good to try to participate πŸ˜† @Chou you have quite a lot of minis going on! They all look very promising, Ama with her vibrant colours is my favourite.
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    I got some very good answer to blaster question (Sonnia in this case) from one good Guild player once - just spread out... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    @Franchute thanks for checking in! Unfortunately, I've been hit with a bit of a hobby slump this month. I just haven't been much interested in anything I've tried to paint, and generally feeling unmotivated. But here are some models that I have worked on to some degree or another in the past, hopefully I can finish off at least 15 SS worth!! I'd hate to use a mulligan! Here's to hoping a relatively uninspired month (for me) will leave me recharged for May. That said, I have really enjoyed everybody's posts for this month! I have looked at most of them, at least in passing, and as usual all of you guys put forth some really great stuff!! I am sorry for not being quite so engaged this time around.
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    This was the last list I played against, someone who made witchling handlers work! Sonnia: The Mask, No More Masks, Cherufe's Parting Gift 2 Witchling Handers (lead lined coat, disrupt magic) 2 Witchling Thralls 2 Thalarian Quellers. He beat me in a Symbols game, he scored full points (Covert Breakthrough, Take Prisoner, Symbols) I scored 6 (Dig Their Graves, Set Up) using a Lucius list. The quellers laid down some suppression markers, handlers pushed the thralls up who pounded people and disrupted my casting actions. Handlers also set up their burning aura and dropped markers so the thralls could punch again. Dropping a Purifying Flame in to mess with my soulstone use, which really hurt me twice.
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    Can I protest vote the lack of robots?
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    If there was a 3d printable gothic/victorian city terrain system/set that was very modular and very versatile, would you consider getting a 3d printer? FEATURES such as: - horizontal and vertical connection system - over a half dozen roof textures - modular roofing allowing thousands of building shapes/sizes What would you like to see in a Malifaux-esque terrain system?
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    I'm surprised there wasn't one for these (or at least in the latest 10 pages). One of my players started a campaign and I finally get to plat TTB as a player. I made a Bully and picked the "Nothing Personal, Friend" Trigger for Intimidate. NOTE: Paraphrasing, not direct quotes. Me: I take 2 Walk actions to get close and then use Terrorize. FM: OK. Now the Gang Lead... Me: Hey, wait. I got my trigger. FM: OK? It fails. You're Terrorizing him. Me: But it says I get a flip. I should get a chance. FM: With your -1 Charisma and no Bewitch? Sure. *I flip a 13* FM: ........ OK. *pained look in his face* He's scared of the man with the giant hammer approaching him, but he understands that he brought this on himself. Next turn: I do 16 damage (my Rail Hammer is enlarged giving me 8 Severe Damage) and (I assume) got the amputation Crit Effect to his head. FM: As you slam your hammer down, he nods his head letting you know that he is accepting with what is happening and doesn't hold anything against you. As the one who has been Fatemastering for a couple of years now, I have to say that it is nice being on this side of the table. One or my players greatest hits? A cult formed in Innocence worshipping the Nameless Tyrant. The mayor (a Fated who won through manipulation and raising a riot against the former mayor for the only crime he didn't commit) managed to convince the cult that the (Master-level) leader was in fact two Gremlins in a trench coat which led to the cult turning on itself and pretty much annihilating itself with only a couple of survivors. Why was this so great? Because the mayor is two Gremlins in a trench coat.
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    @Rionnay and @Ludvig I guess you're right, I've just always looked at plus flips more as a way to ensure a hit than deck manipulation. But I see your point, also, if you're doing simple deck counting you can do plus actions you don't care about to get through the deck faster or get weak cards out of the deck.
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    Ramos Player Arcane Reservoir Under Pressure (MVP) Ramos AOE denotate may have been the game changer. Brass Arachnid (4Successful Reactivates) Joss Open Current (MVP) Amina (Turn 1 and 2 Pulls were critical) Imbued Energies Howard Langston (Imbued Energies) Union SteamFitter Ramos won 8-6. Ramos took set up and Under Cover entourage. Scoring six from schemes Perdita took Surround Them and Covert Breakthrough scoring six from schemes. Witch Hunters are very strong and scary. Feels like a three / four ap Model for six stones. They consistently get the redcuced damage because there aren’t many hitters at lower stones. There were two critical decisions that I think made a difference. First is hand management. Carefully choosing to lose a duel so that I won a big one later. (Amina was one shot without activating which I could have stopped). ^Not sure I made the right decision it was critical moment and I chose to let her go. Turn two is way too difficult to describe in any detail. Basically there is a very difficult decision to be made in turn two - kill or ply - we could literally start the same board position at turn two and have many different variations on the game. Great game NickDub PS - lots of good info on this thread.
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    As someone who is currently fixing a friend's 3D printer after using it for a bit, I'd want to know more about the specifics of the terrain system before committing to a printer. Because I've seen some buildings that looked nice in the renderer that weren't practical to print, sometimes for reasons like separation and warping, sometimes due to obnoxious support requirements.
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    I was surprised by that too, but I think it depends on painting processes for people and what models they have available. For me, I actually had to jump my planned painting order by A LOT to get to a model that qualified as a 'creature'. For some, they may not have had a 'creature' lying around to paint, or simply weren't inspired to paint that particular model at the time. Saying all this, I will submit my creature in lieu of Vintage Sonnia this month. She had to get put off so I could paint my beastie. Now I just have to finish up those stitched...
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    The Titania Emissary upgrade in book 5, he can add any suit to action if he is within a certain range of hungry land markers
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    Just to give you a taste of what he was beforeπŸ˜‰: You always took Levi with Desolate Soul and Tally Sheet. Third upgrade was whatever you want (either Pariah, Oathkeeper or To Earth Return). You also hired Hodgepodge Effigy. Effigy put his condition on Levi, Levi Channeled 3 times which gave him to attack AND damage flip so he could easily shoot 3 times ignoring terrain (soft terrain didn't exist for Levi at the time) and hit enemy model usually for between 6-8 damage in average. When it was not enough to kill master/henchman it was plenty enough to kill minion and most of enforcers. With the last finishing shot Levi used SS for to trigger summoning Abomination and by killing enemy model he could draw the card and get back SS. Each turn rinse and repeat. There were games where I started with 3SS in the pool and ended up with 7...
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    You convinced me. I upgraded Lady Justice to Tier 2 and dropped Levi to Tier 2. I mean, since this is the official tier list, I guess that things like this should be fixed!
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    Goodbye Aaron, see you! Thanks for your work!
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    Aw man, not been on here for a couple of weeks, didn't expect to come back to that! Thanks for all your hard work.
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    Just listened to it at work today Great podcast to check out
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    I totally lost track of time (life happens) and thought the Creature Feature was ending next week. Fortunately I realized last night so I could submit my "back up" entry. I was in no danger of winning this anyway but I'm sad I didn't get to finish the piece I originally wanted to enter. Good luck to everyone else who entered.
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    Widow Weavers Pop-Pop perhaps?
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    The thorn charging a depleted near a scheme marker lets you flip 12 cards and draw 2 for two damage to the depleted. (Unless you're insanely unlucky as you flip 4 negatives for damage). That's 25% of your deck seen for 2ap and a 0. Scion is really good with lynch as you can throw two aces for condition removal. Plus hand control makes it easier to justify an 8 for his interact tactical. Mysterious effigy can really save his bacon and makes cheating bastard even more obsolete than it already is. This one is really situational but I've done it once: If you're running hinamatsu as a flanker and she catches a scheme runner she can farm it for cards, by cheating in aces, instead of killing it. Few runners can hurt her and 4 cards plus locking down a scheme runner is fine for 9 pts. Just be aware that people will take this very personal and get really annoyed.
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    Hi everyone - I put this together for my group as an at the table reference alongside the skill list and crit tables. Together with those, should be all you need while playing, along with character sheets and spell cards. TTB 2.0 Reference sheets Enjoy - hope they are useful!
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    The visual of throwing Lazarus across town is hilarious.
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    It's the fault of the Viks that they result in that particulat playstyle. That is happens to be a playstyle that I dislike is naturally no one's fault. And of course the word "fault" here is used in a somewhat silly way as I wasn't aware that this is such a serious topic. But if your main point of contention here is about semantics, fair enough, I guess. Mea culpa and all that. My main point wasn't semantics but rather that Master definitely has an important role in whether I end up enjoying a game or not. This is a fact. Now, it can also be that a Master doesn't have any effect in whether you (Rekthaur) end up enjoying a game or not. Not making that claim. But, and here we come to the actual gist of this conversation as far as I'm concerned, I posit that for many (maybe most!) people a Master has an effect and, furthermore, that some Masters are more likely to have a negative effect while others are more likely to have a positive effect. This is something that can be discussed as it is not an obvious fact. If someone groans at Viks because "Math Mathonwy on the Internet doesn't like their playstyle" then I must say that I don't feel bad. Sorry. Might make me a horrible person. You do realize that "subjective and wrong" implies that it's possible to have a wrong taste? That I am wrong in disliking games that I don't like. Good to know!