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    Pretty sure Sandeep is the Som'er of arcanists: Summons from a very small pool of models, buffs friends, friends give him more ap, is better than every other master in faction and a dirty cheater. If you consider turbans hats he even has the biggest hat!
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    Zipp can go hang! There will always be Som'er! Does he even have a hat?!
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    I cannot like this enough, very well put
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    Gremlins are fine, they're aggressive in nature, so you need to be extra careful with your placement and how you use your tools. Playing an aggressive faction like this is stressful for players on both sides of the equation in many instances. If the gremlin player plays well (and the opponent does not understand how it works) they can be oppressive, tilting, and negative for the opponent** It can also be stressful to play as, since many gremlin models are effectively tissue paper, and they can often be traded up INTO. BUT, almost every single Gremlin model can trade UP (if not equally) but more so than any other faction you have to be supremely careful when orchestrating trades. (since, as previously stated, it's easy to lose trades with them as well) You can't expect to take a hit and then hit back (outside of a few exceptions). (IMHO This is where I see the perceived "disparity" is coming from) Burt, for example, is generally a safer tool, but he is not better than other tools because of this, just EASIER. There is nothing wrong with playing with easier tools, but IMHO easier does not equate better. Very often though, people like taking "easier" things to events and the like as there is more room for error. Forgiving tools are typically seen as "more competitive" but I believe that this is a dangerous viewpoint to have towards a game. [side bar:] Start playing with more terrain on your tables to help advance your gremlin models, practice when and where to go in and strike, start with way too much and tone it back, you need to learn to use terrain to your advantage and how to hide behind it, etc. If aggro is understood and played properly it is infuriating and oppressive, but when taken apart crumbles. This is okay, there is nothing innately wrong or "bad" about this playstyle. While the perception of "alpha-strikes" is often negative, I think that the dialogue around them should change. There is nothing wrong with not enjoying a High-Risk, High-Reward style of play, there is nothing wrong with wanting to avoid those types of lists for tournaments (as many want to curb the risk as much as possible in a competitive setting). There is also nothing wrong with enjoying High-Risk, High-Reward styles of play, particularly for tournaments. If you can get good at managing your risks you can have great success, if you like taking that gamble, excellent! Join me in the gamble. Remember, just because it isn't for you, doesn't mean it's bad.
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    I can only hope that this is the host of the most popular aethervox show among the Neverborn: Project Webway. Contestants are tasked with weaving web based garments each week and trying their best not to eat their models or audience members as they attach their silky threads to the quivering horrified victims. "Make it work" He will say to the contestants as he skitters around the dark working area, offering his honed fashion advice here and there and keeping morale high for the contestants (and appropriately low for the models). Each season will conclude with the winner being allowed to seize the prey of its choice from among the season's models as the losers are made to stand still basking in the horror of the audience members.
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    Hey there! I just wanted to share my painting progression with you guys. I am happy for any critique you might have as I always try to improve as a painter - though I won't go back and work on old paintjobs again most likely as I am preparing for the UK Nationals and need to paint a lot of stuff till then. Here is what I did this year so far:
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    Zipp laughs at the moment so much...
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    @taagu Resolving any triggers is a part of the resolution of an action and Som'ers trigger doesn't say it's after step five but after resolving the action so if another trigger is lined up then the action isn't at the end of it's resolution until that trigger has resolved, that's why Som'ers goes last most of the time the way I'm reading it. For an extreme example a cerberus triggering maul to take another attack will cause the original action to not resolve until the additional attack(s) have resolved because of the actions causing actions box so you could take four attacks and Somer will have to wait until all of them have resolve before pushing (possibly pushing multiple times at that point). Som'er trigger doesn't say it goes specifically after step 5 "resolve results" like normal after resolving triggers but after the attack is resolved which is often later than after step 5. Since triggers resolve at so many different times they didn't get their own steps in the resolution unfortunately. This also makes Somers trigger reall weird in that it technically cannot resolve until it has resolved but we can gloss over that for the good of the game I think. General, well defined trigger timings is one of my big hopes for m3e to avoid this sort of discussion. My justicfication on why triggers are part of resolving an action comes from the breakdown of actions early in the book. From p10 of the online rules manual (p 21 in the real book): TRIGGERS Triggers allow a model to change the results of an Action (when Attacking, being Attacked, or taking a Tactical Action). Triggers will require that a character has a suit (or multiple suits) in the final duel total. If a Trigger is part of a specific Action it is listed below the Action’s description. These are called Action Triggers and are part of the Action itself. This is most common with Attack Actions. The Trigger will modify the effects of the Attack (like dealing more damage or pushing a target).
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    If it's an alt male Widow Weaver, shouldn't it be Widower Weaver
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    I'd argue YasNas stacks in the sense of enemy VP on the Kodoku trigger (plus he doesn't really get any worse as the game goes on). He definitely has similarities (Stubborn, Statline, damage reduction) but isn't one of the riders. And let's be honest, be glad that he isn't, imagine him in a Levi crew!
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    Anything that lets the game see more Brewie and moon shinobi sounds good in my book.
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    Book 5 could be on the weak side for us since Bayou Bash is coming out and they could make it so that one or all of the models in that game can be used in Malifaux Effectively giving us ALOT more then what other Factions got, just had to wait for Bayou Bash Just a thought
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    So Australia now has a breach portal?
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    Plot twist: Ramos was always secretly a Neverborn spider dude. After the events in Broken Promises he reverted to his true form.
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    When I was building my table my niece and nephew started playing on it with some Lego men and furniture. I was about to tell them that wasn't what it was for, then I realised it would be a lie. 😀
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    1. So by your definition the mechanical rider is not a rider as she costs 12ss? 😛 2. I haven't faced Misaki so I can't truly judge this, though I think Misaki wave 5 initially was a bit over the top (though I won't argue that there aren't a lot of really strong stuff out there, looking at you nicodem with your stable of kentauroi). I think it is still very strong, and I also think she is designed as a very risky very aggressive model and I think that is represented well in how she's turned out. 3. Kentauroi are very good, don't get me wrong, but how are they riderlike (wk6, cg10 ?, cause the lone marshal and mounted guard also have this, it is quite general for mounted models) since they lack the scaling mechanic. And they're definitely no yasunori :).
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    Also @Ludvigs terrain question - could you guys put pictures of some of your tables up in the forum? As several "solutions" revolve around proper positioning of stuff (models and flame walls mostly) some pictures could be very helpful to explain how others might approach playing against that list rather than us only concentrating on listbuilding which only gets you so far
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    Thanks for the feedback. There are more answers than I thought and I got some really useful hints. But I would like to indicate a few posts that are IMHO pointless. 1. I'm not a guild player and I can beat this list 10-0. Maybe yes. Maybe not. It doesn't matter much. I created this topic in the Guild branch because I play the Guild. Such advice is not useful. I would like to understand how to deal with this list using guild masters + any mercenaries/models available for hiring. 2. If you pick up a counter list then you can win. Gremlin faction is very variable and I never told that I always see this particular list. Gremlin player can also get Ophelia, Brewmaster, Zoraida, Wong. It's just that the biggest problems is specifically with this list. In addition, the crew built to counter Mi based list usually has no chance against heavy shooting or magic list. Plus, I do not see how to built a MI counter list for Guild that will ensure victory. Therefore, I would like to create crews that can play on par with this and other possible Gremlin lists. 3. A strong model can Kill/Obey/Paralyze Warpig. Definitely. Only it is better to say how this strong model will reach the atack distance and how many actions it will have after that. For example, Peacekeeper with flurry will most likely kill the Warpig. But remeber that on turn 1 it's min. 24" between you and him. Peacekeeper has only 2" If gremlin sees that we are coming, then he will just wait and won't push forward. He'll start acting after we finish our activations. If we slingshot the model into him then he can counter it. An example of a real game. I play Hoffman. Peacekeeper has numb to the world which is must have vs Brewmaster or Zoraida and useless here. 1. - Guardian protects Peacekeeper and moves a bit forward. - Skeeter flies forward and gives . 2. - Hoffman gives the Peacekeeper Nimble, Power Loops him with Guardian (for Mi7 and Def 6), makes Emissary bury the Peacekeeper (also giving Emissary fast). - Hog whisperer gives reactivation to all Warpigs and to Old Major. 3. - Emissary activates, runs 18" and unburies Peacekeeper. Peacekeeper wants to come closer, flurry and kill one of the Warpigs shutting down half of this list's attack potential and getting gremlin crew to deal with him in gremlin's deployment zone. - Banjonista activates walks twice and comes pointblank to Peacekeeper. 4. Peacekeeper can't Flurry now. (His walk won't be enough even if he will unengage). Charge most likely won't kill Warpig. Peacekeeper attacks Banjonista, deals 4 damage, Banjonista pushes 4 away. Peacekeeper comes forward, engages the Warpigs and finishes the Banjonista. Nothing else in my list can attack Gremlins turn 1. Gremlin gets the cards, tossing half of the deck in his hand (though getting 1 less), he pushes the Warpigs out of the Peacekeeper's engagement, gives them reactivation and on the 1st turn I lose Peacekeeper, Emissary, Guardian and almost all crew which was eaten by Warpigs. I surrender. Guardian was killed by first pig, who charged and killed Emissary (pushing him further), after that stampeded and got to Guardian. Peacekeeper dropped to def 5 and lost . Though still had hard to wound. That didn't help. The second Warpig got to hit and to damage charged Peacekeper for (1). Hit him, dealt Severe damage (6-2) = 4, pushed Peacekeeper 4" forward (Skeeter is near), repeated it, for a total of 8 damage and 8" push, then killed him with second action (8+4 = 12) and Stampeded forward killing a Watcher. After it Warpig reactivated to kill more. In conclusion for that game 1. If I'm sitting in my deploy, the gremlin will complete the sequence that I've written at the start of this topic and will come to me when he has half a deck in his hand, and all my activations are over. Nothing changes. 2. I couldn't outactivate gremlin with list that had 8 activations. 3. If I hide the rest of the crew, well I will just lose 22 SS of Peacekeeper and Emissary turn 1. Though now I think that instead of Powerlooping Peacekeeper with Guardian I can use Hoffman to give Peacekeaper focus + fast. Also I could give him Debt to the guild. And with Debt, fast, Nimble I can potentially kill a gremlin that will try to engage him with (1) focus attack walk, flurry and kill a warpig. All that is needed is: 1. Good hand to hit 4 times a row. 2. No BJ 3. No RJ for Gremlin. (which is still very unlikely ). So please when you suggest to kill/obey/paralyze someone in Gremlin crew please tell how exactly you want it to do turn 1 assuming that he is at least 24" away.
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    cool stuff, really like colours you sued on the executioners.
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    Still didn't manage to get going on Barbaros so he's still waiting for his moment on the paint table....so....for April here I am with two Black Blood Shamans for a total of 14SS
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    If the spirit of Malifaux is to make a list according to schemes and strats, then the One Great List policy is not player's but designers fault (and partially also Tournament Organizers, who IMO should exercise their power over the scene and organize more "different master for each round" events). I don't understand why do you blame the guy for playing the most competitive list he could create.
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    The envy of many a Union Man
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    No, no cheating. I often hold out on the Damage flip until I know it's most painful. Sometimes holding out too long...:P I mean, there's always situations where I do something different with Seamus. Some games I pop an important support model on Turn 1, but usually I setup the board for that so I can Back Alley in, Boo, and shoot. I don't usually summon with Seamus, and if I do it's Turn 1, from an enemy model. But I don't NOT summon with Seamus either, if you get me. So, on Yin. Damage isn't really her thing. She's not really a tank, either. I mean, sure, if she can engage a scheme runner, cool. Usually I just walk her around the board and hit things with the (0) until she's in Seamus's bubble, then use her triggers to port into somebody's engagement range. I use her solely to disrupt an opponent's big model. Because after getting hit with Gnawing Fear, they can't really attack any of the 'big' models bc of their Terrifying duels; they need to go after something small or run the very real risk of wasting a turn. And then I can easily play Belle Ping Pong with it. The best thing about Yin is she can activate early and Gnawing Fear, then not activate until late the next turn before needing to flip cards again. I like her for Guarded Treasure, too. The way I see it, if my 8SS model can shut down or lead to the death of one of your big linchpin models, then she's more than worth her points. The Hanged would be really good as a cheaper model. I love them so much, and I've run a lot of the Hanged. Unfortunately their damage isn't that high and they can't usually stay on the board for long. When Wave 5 came out I was running 2x Hanged with Seamus, and while they're effective, and they certainly scare the bejeesus out of some players, most players can just get rid of them without much issue, and giving up almost half my points to those things was heinous. I eventually dropped it to 1 then none. Dead Rider just isn't a model I like. I usually take Decaying Aura because of the non-healing bubble more than anything, because I'm usually butting heads with stuff you want to heal, but if Eliminate the Leadership is in the pool then it suddenly becomes worthwhile to start targeting the enemy master, even if I didn't take EtL. Seamus's min damage is 4 on his gun, and the 4 for Severe from DYKHIA means a lot of Masters are going to be hurting end of Turn 1 if I have my way. Plus, sometimes I get lucky. That said, it isn't an auto-take. But if I see Gremlins or 10-T, yeah, I'm gonna take Decaying Aura (getting into Ulix's face with Decaying Aura makes Ulix a sad panda). Gassers are really good for 4ss. With Shikome they're stupid good. Bishop's something I've not considered, actually. I like it. You should try out AKA Sebastian Baker for your third. Particularly for the ability to hire Cassandra. She works very well in a Seamus crew. I suspect Carlos with the Lampads will work pretty well, too, but that's speculative. Also: you shouldn't apologize for your English or your writing, it's wonderful. Thanks for the response.
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    The first of my three April models is done: the adorable medical automaton. I may add a puff of dust spitting off the wheel later; haven't decided---what do you think? I will post the SS total once I have them all posted, Franchute. Nice job on Amina Naidu---I just assembled her tonight and will be using her tomorrow in an escalation league.
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    I got you, boss. A couple of nice mountains, some pretty flowers. Very majestic twilight.