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    Once again, life's been filled with ups and downs. Shortly after being released from hospital, my 3-moth old daughter needed another major surgery. Seems like the problem with her thin intestine and colon is fixed for good now, which gives me more hope. I'm mostly at home with my older kid (3 years old) while my wife is with the little one at the hospital. It's a tough experience but we're pulling through. It's hard but seeing other kids and families with much more serious problems and facing them bravely is a humbling experience. And yet again, painting has been a way to calm down and briefly escape other problems during late night hours. I've painted two models recently, both for my own collection. Total worth of 17 ss (7 for Serena, 10 for Lazarus). Better pictures can be found on my blog at http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/04/hard-times.htm There should be more this month...
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    I really like the basic rules of Malifaux. The deck is naturally fantastic but the whole Interacting and Scheme Markers thing is IMO brilliant. There's a bit of rules clutter (putting out models on fire and other such small rules) and some difficult parts (the timing thing is very complex) but for the most part I think that all the complexity in the basic rules is there for a reason and adds to things. Oh, and elevation rules are simply really bad but that's not game breaking as such. But there's a lot of profiles in Malifaux. I wonder if we've broken 1000? And then all the Upgrades as well. Last weekend I faced a crew with sixteen Upgrades. That's a lot of cards to read through and internalize. And that is the complexity I want to discuss in this thread. I've seen a rising trend in playing solo Master or even wholly fixed lists in tournaments. Usually the reasoning is, that a tournament is a taxing environment and learning something well and piloting that is better than building the optimal list but it having a bunch of stuff that you aren't intimately familiar with. Also, when facing a new Master or even a new build archetype for a Master, the game tends to be really, really difficult compared to facing that Master or archetype for the third time. Even some non-Master models are potent enough to warp the game and a person seeing them for the first time is at a distinct disadvantage. This is anecdotal, but I've heard quite a few people say something to the effect that fourth book was the watershed moment and the time they started to really struggle and fifth book has just been too much. No idea how common this point of view is in the grand scheme of things but, as said, anecdotally I've heard it quite a few times. Do other games suffer of this? I've understood that WM/H is pretty impenetrable for newbies currently but I don't play it myself. GW stuff is definitely very bloated but the game is less combo-intensive? Guild Ball is doubling their number of factions which sounds somewhat crazy. Can Wyrd do anything? Should they do anything? Could 3rd edition somehow solve this? How? Or am I being chicken little and things are totally fine? Is there even a line where a profile bloat might become a problem? Sorry to be all doom and gloom. I'll try to start a positive thread about something to balance out a bit.
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    Somer player here. First of all, Rostislav, thank you for posting. I see, you translated part of my Somer guide in English. )) Now, let me clear this thing for you. This roster is really, like REALLY evil. It doesn't look so on paper, but 2 warpigs with reactivate can do ALOT of damage. (Like, around 130 dmg maximum, 60 average), and can wipe entire enemy crew on turn 1. It's true, played it for, like, 10+ times, against diffirent masters, and won them all. You just wipe enemy turn one, and he surrenders. Now, to the answers. First, roster can be countered with right positioning, and I don't think Sonnia will work, it depends on terrain tho. You are mistaking Mayor and Mechanized Porkchop. Mayors aura works if pig just activates in it. 1)... 2) It doesn't really matters against turn one EVIL alpha strike. 3) Same as 2 4) You don't get the idea. Somer player takes 12-15 cards from the deck, he have 6 in start hand, and sycles around 8. It's more then half of the deck. Good hand here is not just luck, it;s maths. But even IF Somer player ends up with bad or average cards in hand, all the good cards are still in deck. And then, pigs charge with plus flips for attack and damage, drawing 2 cards for each attacks, and one card at averege for damage flip. It's not about luck, it's about maths. Yes, there is still a chance, that Somer player will have bad flips. But it's EXTREMLY unlikely. 5) You don't get it. You don't just get charged. You get charged turn one, after ~10 activations(and you don't have a models to react, cuz u are outactivated), and you get charged 10 times, with model witch have plus flips for damage and attack. 2\4\6. It's not scary. It's devastating to most masters. 6) On that one, i agree. As for counter set-ups... Well, charge-preventing auras will work. Outactivation will work. Blocking LoS will work. And control-heavy masters or snipers will work. Good Idea is Zoraida, obeying Warpig at turn one(Flying with her(2) first), to charge Hog Whisperer, and if your opponent are not very bright - stampeding Cryer\Bayou gremlin. But it's interesting topic to talk about. I hope, my english is readeble.
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    Quick and dirty WIP shots for AquaMarcus, Wonder Amina, and my change in direction for Johanna. Next comes Marcus' Mamoa-esque tattoos. Thoughts?
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    The point of the topic is moot though as we can sit here all day long and talk about our best models, biggest hitters and sturdiest tanks but in a situation like that it`ll more often than not come down to how the specific list play out on the board - I think, as others have stated before, that it´s not that easy to get clear charge lanes with your rg1" pigs if you measure and move all models careful enough. There`s also a lot of models with armor, htw, htk and soulstone use available and pigs can struggle to kill these, placement effects, slow and other fun conditions like no charge or whatnot aside. I also think that a Guild list could alpha you first with say, a peacekeeper which might cost me my model but keeps your models tied up and might turn your stampede triggers into a liability as the pigs might charge your own models. Additionally, I´m quite positive that most Guild beaters can manage to at least damage you severely which might not be such a great deal with eat you fill but again robs him of options and slows the list down. So, I don`t think there`s "the" list to break that Gremlins list but rather a playstyle which is always hard to convey via forum posts - just don`t loose your heart when playing against it and for a start try to measure ranges and angles very thoroughly
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    The envy of many a Union Man
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    Dove's done (2 ss in total so far). Painting shaded gold on the raised areas of the body and gem effects on those tiny eyes was rather strenuous, but I'm happy with the results. The platinum could have been a shade or two lighter, but that's more of an issue with having only one grey metallic paint on hand (and not being willing to try NMM). I'll probably fix that with the other doves. @Purple Mist Now that the gold parts are a bit shinier, I doubt it needs any more finishing. Otherwise, I agree with you and usually try to put some rust on my models (and will try oxidized effect in the future). Sizewise the Doves are rather manageable, but can be difficult if you start going crazy with the details. I will also put some makeup on the performer but try to avoid going overboard, so the final version might be quite mild. @H4ml3t Red whip is an awesome idea, but otherwise I'm not feeling the red on this model (the other one will be mainly red and I want the two to contrast eachother). Do you think white trims/highlights/details would look any good?
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    I think a picture of your tables would be quite helpful here.
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    If the spirit of Malifaux is to make a list according to schemes and strats, then the One Great List policy is not player's but designers fault (and partially also Tournament Organizers, who IMO should exercise their power over the scene and organize more "different master for each round" events). I don't understand why do you blame the guy for playing the most competitive list he could create.
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    Not so the opponent gets a soft landing. I meant more that, if this player is so adept at making lists, surely he can get the most out of his crew in all sorts of circumstances. Relying on the One Great List doesn't seem to fit in the spirit of Malifaux, where lists are made after learning the opposing faction and seeing the scenery. Maybe this player is actually too skilled to need the one specific, almost-unbeatable cheese list in order to play a strong, competitive game?
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    Sounds like more terrain is needed, a 50mm base is supposed to restrict movement. Have you tried Perdita with Faster than you up? If they make ten charges that is ten free attacks. She could just push up to a friend, go defensive and put it up. Obeying the pigs to charge friendlies is also a fun option, make them kill their own crew instead and end up far back on the board.
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    Well, as was mentioned before, just yesterday i finished my Somer guide, and this list was included in it. And from now on, alot of players in 3 countries, who read my guides, will use it, so there will be quite a lot of this roster in our meta.
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    Well, yes, stampede is quite tricky thing to use. But then again, I usually use bowled over at 1 attack, and then stampede. And of course, you don't get total 120 damage output from this list, but around 40-70 is always possible, and that is quite alot. And, as first pig dives in, it pushes and kills enemy models, making in easier to stampede with second pig or second activation of first pig.
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    I would look very carefully at the wording of Stampede - I've been caught out by it, but you have no option over who is charged by it. Its certainyl possible to use it as you have said, but I've had it back fire enough times to say that its not easy to consistantly get it into the enemy crew. The list certainly looks scary. But I don't think that you would get 4-5 charegs per pig, unless you were lucky enough to kill at the right time with the right trigger. My warpig use does not very often get me 2 useful charges a turn, and if I was facing this list I would try and make sure the stampede charge doesn't hurt me. I will say its very nice to see a Gremlin list that doesn't follow the normal Gremlin models but still seems to be very powerful. I'm not sure how I would face it, but engaging a pig whilst its in Majors Aura might be quite problamatic for it. (around activation 8).
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    Not a guild player but.. That list seems to need A LOT of set up. Just.. Screw with activation order. Play hyper aggressive and charge his models before he's ready to destroy you. If a warping is engaged and is near only to his models.. The rams are against him. Just the first idea I had, reading the list and the timing of it. Byez
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    Autobots Roll Out! Lazarus brings me to 15ss shown so far. I've completed 1 "creature" and I'm working on another that you'll see before the month is out. I wasn't actively trying to go Optimus Prime on Lazarus but now that I'm done I'm reminded of him. I wanted some colored metallic to make him pop more than an all-metal look would and I thought thematically the Guild might have given him a red paint job with gold and brass for some bling.
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    Hello, I worked out washes and colour recovery on pledged models. Guess I have till to work some highlight, then job is done. I aready prepared the resin bases for the three Nephilims: pumpkin base on the left side. The bad thing is that, as you can see in the pic, my Malifaux models are not brilliant as Rumble Slam models I just finished to work out. Anyway, with Nephilims, I decided to reproduce skin paint scheme I used past month for my Barbaros. I put aside Nekima: She'll be matter for next weeks and may be next month challenge. I almost completed the "secret" mini for the "Beast Contest".
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    I'm getting ready to start Malifaux soon, so I've decided to start getting some terrain in anticipation. I found this promising birdhouse at Walmart a few days ago, and decided that for $5 I'd give it a shot. A few minutes with a pencil and I had a good enough plan: A couple of evenings with a wood burner and it is starting to look decent: I'm not sure what my next steps will be, but I'm thinking of priming it black and dry brushing some light gray on the stones to give it some depth. I just don't know if the depressions left by the wood burner are deep enough (or well-defined enough) for that. I might try this out on a scrap piece of wood first... After painting, I will probably "board up" the windows and door, to give it an "abandoned cabin" kind of feel. That would go well with the "Forgotten Temple" mat I got from Mats by Mars (with 1" hexes overlaid, as measuring is a deal breaker with my spouse). Not sure what to do about the shingles and "base", though. I'm thinking about getting some molds from Happy Seppuku, but have no idea how well Green Stuff will adhere to wood. Any suggestions? Anyway, I can't wait to get started with Malifaux!
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    As is our custom, Gareth and I took the train over to Common Ground Games in Stirling for another excellent feast of Malifaux laid on for us by Kai Young, this time in the form of the four round Broken Promises event. Game 1: Resurrectionists (me) vs Resurrectionists (Stewart Herbert) Strategy: Public Executions, Close Deployment Schemes Pool: Eliminate the Leadership, Dig Their Graves, Undercover Entourage, Vendetta, Public Demonstration My Resurrectionists: Eliminate the Leadership, Dig Their Graves Stewart's Resurrectionists: Dig Their Graves, Public Demonstration (Hannah with Kentauroi and both Necropunks) Crews My Resurrectionists: Molly Squidpiddge (Forgotten Path, Take Back The Night, Wronged Spirits), Izamu the Armour (Unnerving Aura), Hannah (Unnerving Aura), Anna Lovelace, Onryo, Dead Doxy, Graveyard Spirit Stewart's Resurrectionists: Reva (Guises of Death, Decaying Aura, Litany of the Fallen), Kentauroi, Carrion Emissary (Conflux of the Reaper), Anna Lovelace, 2 Necropunks, Chiaki the Niece I picked Molly going into this match-up as I’ve found that she can afford to give up a point of Public Executions during turn 2 in order to get her engine running, then overwhelm the other crew in turns 3 to 5. Public Demonstration in the pool also adds to this as it encourages a certain amount of clustering from the other crew if picked. Seeing Reva across the board I realised that I probably wasn’t going to get much use of Izamu as he’s such an easy target for her, so I decided to take Eliminate the Leadership and use Izamu as bait to get her to activate early. Plus, I need to deal with Reva to stop her bossing the engagement range and scoring the strategy unopposed. Dig Their Graves seemed to fit well with the general plan of killing everything. Turn 1: A Corpse Candle appears in front of Izamu, walks forward and sacrifices itself. The Doxy pushes Molly forward and the Carrion Emissary puts down Shards in one of the two choke points across the centre to keep me off Stewart’s crew. Reva summons another Corpse Candle but, to my huge surprise, doesn’t immediately vaporise Izamu; instead she puts down a scheme marker in midfield. Anna misses a shot at Reva but pushes the Corpse Candle back a bit. Hannah copies her sister’s attack and sticks it on Reva to start chipping through her wound pool. The Necropunks Leap toward Hannah and start dropping scheme markers and the Kentauroi follows suit. Molly moves around the wagon in the middle and drops a Goryo into the middle of the other crew; it then hurts Reva and, crucially, Slows her. Stewart reveals his Public Demonstration for three VPs. Turn 2: Molly summons another Goryo and but fails to achieve anything else attacking the Carrion Emissary (I was hoping to get the push trigger to move to a better position but the cards didn’t work out). Hannah Chain Activates and drops a Focus attack on the Corpse Candle. This causes a pleasing raft of Horror checks, Paralysing one of the Necropunks, scoring a VP for Eliminate the Leadership and draining Stewart’s hand quite effectively. Reva Focuses and hurts Hannah right back. The Goryo from the previous turn Slows both the Kentauroi and Reva again, critically stopping the Kentauroi from just charging off into the sunset; meanwhile the Emissary puts Shards in Izamu’s way then kills the unactivated Goryo for Dig Their Graves. My Anna finishes off Reva (for the rest of the points on Eliminate the Leadership) and drains the rest of Stewart’s hand with the Horror pulse; I do paralyse my own Goryo in the process but that doesn’t matter as the Kentauroi kills it in the next activation anyway. I’m doing quite a lot of damage simply by spraying Black Blood about the place in the massive scrum. The Onryo knocks the Kentauroi down to a couple of wounds left and is wounded in turn by Stewart’s Anna. The Doxy pushes Izamu back toward the centre and Chiaki fails to remove the strategy condition on Hannah. Izamu shows his worth by dropping a Mindless Zombie and the last Corpse Candle pokes Molly, dying to Black Blood in the process. We draw on Public Executions. Turn 3: Stewart uses the Emissary cleverly to put down Shards stopping the Onryo from getting Black Blood from Molly, then hurts Izamu. Molly summons a pair of Hanged (probably not really needed but I had the cards, felt that the game was in hand and enjoy summoning Hanged when I can) and misses yet another attack on the Kentauroi. She does make one of the Hanged hit it to force another card out for the Horror check. I chain activate Izamu who finally contributes by killing Anna Lovelace. The surviving Necropunk Leaps clear and drops a scheme marker. Hannah finishes the Kentauroi, drops a scheme marker and copies from Anna to shoot the Emissary; the Doxy then Takes the Lead to push Molly out of her way then charges in to kill the Emissary and score me a VP for Dig Their Graves. Chiaki fails to deal with the Onryo, who pokes her back equally ineffectively. I score for Public Executions. Turn 4: Chiaki kills the Onryo (for Dig Their Graves). The Hanged drops a scheme maker then Molly kills Chiaki to score Dig Their Graves for me. I should have left it there, but I forgot (again) how Public Executions is scored and so have Molly finish the Necropunk and hence not get the Shed Blood condition. Oops. My Resurrectionists win 6 – 5 (1 for Public Executions, 3 for Eliminate the Leadership and 2 for Dig Their Graves for me; 3 for Public Demonstration and 2 for Dig Their Graves for Stewart). As always it is a pleasure to face Stewart; his skill is constantly improving and I think that he’s really only hampered by the relatively small and inexperienced Malifaux scene in Aberdeen not getting him the opportunities to test his mettle against stronger opponents so often. I felt that I had the game in control and then let a couple of points slip through my fingers right at the end; that could have been costly but fortunately I was still able to squeak out a narrow victory. I’m not sure why Stewart didn’t just go in for wiping Izamu straight away in turn one; he had all the tools with Reva to do so and unless his hand was catastrophically bad it would have been very possible to force through.
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    Warning: I played the marshals into another Guild henchman hardcore list...which took Dampening Field. To be honest, the composition of the other side didn’t matter beyond that. Removing auras defanged the guild marshals’ synergies with ease—no more discard to avoid death, no more discard for masks—and then it was a matter of the opposing crew mopping up.
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    for some reason the idea of him attempting into base contact and "disappearing never to be seen again" makes me giggle. There was a similar question a very long time ago about how to deal with Mah Tucket using her "Let Mah Handle This" on herself. In her case it was "push into base contact with target friendly model within 6" and LoS. Push the target model up to 6" in any direction." There, it was ruled that the first push just fails since it couldn't actually complete, then the second push would go as normal. Net result is that Mah ends up pushing 6" as a 0 action. I think in this case, the automaton will end up in the same deal. The place will not happen since he can't legally place into base contact with himself, then he may or may not heal depending on his health at the time.
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    I bought the tanuki just to paint. They're quite enjoyable. I attempted to label the sake jars with kinbukuro 金袋, which is literally moneybags; a slang term for scrotum. In mythology, tanuki will use their kinbukuro as a weapon.
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    Final pics for my montly pledge; overall value 17ss. Tuco, 7ss: Barbaros, 10ss:
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    @Purple Mist - nice, solid paintjobs on Tuco and Barbaros. Those big guys look really coool. @MunkyMuddFace - I lik the choice of colors on Gaki. I painted their robes using dirty white but black makes them look menacing too. @Amdor - nice, dark colors, I like them a lot. @Piccio - lovely freehand on the clothes. @H4ml3t - Candy is so tiny, you did a good job there and I like the pink dress. @Aa7 - that's a lot of work for one month. I like the coherent look of the crew. @prof_bycid - I like the use of bright colors on the fur, it really brings out the feral aspect of these beasts. @wizuriel - Christmas came earlier this year Nice work all around @Shock & Awe - I like the color of his armor, goes well with purple skin tone @Burnin' Coal - damn, these look amazing! @Franchute - very nice job on the mini, the base is excellent too. This month's been really hard for me. First there was the good stuff and Polish Malifaux nationals. I placed very low but had a lot of fun during two days and 6 games I played. I managed to win best painted crew for my Titania (it took me about a week to prepare the display base for them). The competition was very strong so I was very happy with the victory there. The rest of the month has been really hard thus far. My three month old daughter had to be rushed to a hospital and it turned out she needed an emergency surgery of her intestines. Really nasty stuff but thanks to proficiency of the medical staff she was saved and is (slowly) recovering. Seeing your tiny baby covered with tubes from feet to head is really heart breaking but at least she's in good care now. Painting was a way to calm down my exhausted nerves. Being on edge for several hours and being completely unable to do anything was really tough so making those slow, reassuring strokes with brush was a way to pass time and calm down a little. Anyway, these three minis are the result: As always, more pictures are on my blog http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/03/more-guild.html These (together with Pukeworm) bring me to a total of 22 soulstones for this month (unless the display tray for the crew counts as anything).