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    FauxMania I - Henchman Hardcore 20ss Tournament April 23, 2018 The Sword and Board 1193 Bloor Street West - Rear Toronto, ON M6H 1N4 http://www.theswordandboardtoronto.com/ (647) 350-7529 Registration begins at 06.30PM. First round starts at 7.00PM. $5 entry fee. Prizes : First Place: TBD. Entry Fees will be distributed among the Top Finishers and Participation Prize. Players who complete all rounds and have not won another prize will be entered into a raffle draw for a prize TDB Tournament will be run using Wyrd’s Alternate Format Henchman Hardcore Rules with one addition: All Model and Upgrades are considered Rare 1.
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    I guess it is some kind of a Malifaux-/ Bayou Bash-Crossover and maybe counts as McTavish in Malifaux
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    Because I can look at the Polish and UK ranked games for the year and see that in the 30 events included, Arcanists won 2 of those events Its hard to say he is dominating, when the only numbers I can see don't show Arcanist doing above average. Also from a very brief look, there is not an unusually high number of Arcanist players in these events, if anything there are slightly lower than average Arcanist players. Now it is certainly possible that all these arcanist players are in fact Sandeep players, and what you are seeing is that Sandeep is the most played master because the other factions have a better master spread, leading to the player perception that Sandeep is dominating. I can't tell that from the numbers we have. Now I haven't looked at Arcanist placings across all these events, and you might well find that they are placing relatively well, but there are certainly cases of them placing poorly. The results you are are providing are the few cases where Sandeep wins, not the many events where he doesn't, which is selective bias. So other than showing that Sandeep has won 3 events this year, and providing the view that he is too strong, you haven't proved your point. I'm not actually sure how you could prove the point you claim. Showing that Arcanists (and I assume that all 3 are mono Sandeep players) won 3 events from 31 this year (8 Polish, 22 UK and the Swedish GT since you brought it up) doesn't in anyway prove that he isn't broken, but its not looking great as even anecdotal evidence that he is too strong compared to other factions. (Too strong when compared within faction is something else). Please feel free to make your points, but "look he came third at the welsh GT he must be broken", doesn't really prove a point. (Arcanists also came 5th, 21st and 25th, so out of a spread of 28 players people are doing as badly with Arcanists as they are doing well.)
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    McCabe, Shadow Emissary, Yas, TerraC. Badge of Speed on Emissary (after deployment via Conflux of Exploration). Toss it to Yas, he pushes, he is fast. Now he is nimble and fast. He threatens most of the board. Sonnia can't hide. Or... you could use Strongarm Suit. He can't be tied up and blasts do nothing. Shen sniper crew is glorious. Two Katanaka Snipers can put tons of pressure on her with two focus shots a piece to start the game. Get some cover. Activate them early. Sue is great in a Shenlong list for the spell bubble.
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    An unboxing and review of the Alternate version of Bishop...extra pictures and a rotational view can be found by clicking on the link... http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.co.uk/2018/04/unboxing-malifaux-m2e-alternate-bishop.html
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    Starting off strong with WIP for the two SS Miners (touch ups and clear coat yet to go) and both halves of the Dapper Lycanthrope (bases look too flat to me yet, and a few touch ups, but really liking how they're looking overall, my DC Arcanists have found their Batman). Thoughts?
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    Happy Monday Wyrdos! I was walking around the office when I almost tripped over this Monday Preview! Despite asking around everywhere nobody would tell me what this thing is or what it's for, but I knew I needed to share it with you. Feel free to speculate away!
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    Hi everyone! I’ve noticed on a fair amount of the other faction forums that they have pinned tacticas for each master and I’ve always found them very helpful and with the wiki in a rough spot and being a bit out of date I think this would be really helpful. So, what’s the process of writing a tactica? Any volunteers? I’d be happy to do one for Ophelia and Zoraida who I’ve places highly in 50+ player tournents with but I think this should be a community effort
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    yeah if you google "bayou bash wyrd" you can see the gator, with the rest of the bayou bash models in front of a bayou bash artwork. so I guess thats 99% bayou bash.
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    Nah, if we Talk about Guild i would prefer an Upgrade that probably would cost 2 but give master Perfect Camouflage and Stubborn since we have nothing in General Upgrades about Protection and lots of our lack on defending.
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    Hard luck with the Nothing Beast, but if it's any consolation when I first saw it I though "Awesome conversion" :). The kind of mossy texture on it puts me in mind of the beasties from Stranger Things. Speaking of moss your Neverborn Herald and Bad Juju are particularly nice to my eyes. You've really captured the natural look of the sculpts. Shame about the seam-line on Juju's leg. Some of those plastics are an right pain in that regard. The joins can be so close to perfect that it actually makes them more annoying to fill than if they were massive.
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    Love your Death Marshalls. The drab colours really let the green fire pop. I'd say they look great on the table.
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    If it were a zero action or even a “after this model activates ... until the end of the turn” ability it would put a serious damper on Sandeep by forcing him to act earlier in the turn. 1AP from a master, +1 AP from another model (potentially using a card to cheat for the suit), and a discard seems to be a rather steep cost. If that were to happen, I’d think that the effect should last until Sandeeps next activation. Maybe Beacon beacon becomes a condition that Sandeep gains when he activates that lasts until the end of the game. Using Student of All would remove the condition. This would limit when Sandeep’s crew could borrow his actions if he’s chooses to use Student of All. If he doesn’t choose to use Student of All it forces him to activate earlier in the first turn if he intends to use any of the Beacon abilities to move his crew around. This would also give opponents some counter play against Beacon and Student of All through the use of offensive condition removal. Maybe toss some language in the condition that prevents the condition from being gained in any manner other then what is specified to future proof it against abilities that move or copy conditions.
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    Looks like Archie Bunker to me... ...what did you do for the nightmare box, Som’er and the stars of the small screen?!
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    There’s a lot of unfun stuff for new players to face. I’m not sure that I’d put the typical Sandeep crew in the top 5. 3 out of 4 Arcanist players running Sandeep every round suggests a problem with faction balance. How those Sandeep only players were placing in relation to the rest of the field is what would point to whether he is a problem competitvely. While both of these are problems, their criticality and manner in which they are addressed should differ. If the “Sandeep is unbeatable and the best master in the game” crowd is correct then Sandeep should catch a nerf to address that. If it is instead a matter of Arcanist faction balance, that needs to be addressed with changes to other masters and models within the faction that accompany some tweaks to Sandeep. I believe it to be much more a case of the later and should be addressed as such. Treating it as the former will likely result in Sandeep being balanced too far downward.
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    Why does it matter how I place? Am I incapable of analyzing data and coming to valid conclusions because I’m not in the top 10% of players in my country? I have no idea how you place but from your responses in this thread and others I don’t have the highest opinion of your understanding of how this game works. However, I’ve still been trying to engage with you respectfullyand haven’t suggested that you should bow out of the conversation because I don’t feel that you are qualified to discuss it.
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    Ulix in gremlins for me. That wall of pork rampaging all over the board... Not sure on outcasts, I'm not really intrigued by any style even if several masters have interesting stuff going on both aesthetically and gameplay wise. I more or less dabble in all the other factions at this point. There are a lot of charming themes. I have a particular soft spot for Lucius and Marcus, I already olay them but Marcus recently made me get into arcanists.
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    There wasn't a Malifaux preview ready so you are showing us Bayou Bash. Case Closed.
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    I think Sandeep has 2 problems - Firstly he is a great generalist, which makes him a good choice for an all rounder. Whilst I don't believe he is the best at all things in the faction, he is close to the best at a lot of them, and does that with a relatively small crew composition. Secondly, He is "awkward" to play against. You can do things which make the use of Beacon harder to use, but your opponent still has to plan as if any of the models in your crew can use those abilities. You can resolve the first with changes to either Sandeep or other masters, and whilst Sandeep seems to currently be the most successful Arcanist, Arcanists aren't easily sweeping everything else aside. (I don't recall Arcanists being poor just before the release of Sandeep, so the other masters were competitive before hand). Solving the second whilst still in a way that is fun and interesting is probably a lot harder to do (As Kadeton says, Malifaux players perceptions don't seem to change very fast, even if the rules do). I enjoy challenges and thinking things through so I don't find this a problem, but others do.
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    This is hyperbole. I think it's likely that Sandeep does a little too much a little too good, but a lot of players from one meta (Polish) getting together and deciding he's too good is NOT evidence of anything, really. We've seen large metas dominated by several masters during M2E, but very few have been consistently dominant across metas. Unbeatable Colette has been menioned, but the equally invinvicble Belle spam Seamus list from Chicago a few years back is also worth mentioning. This last one is clearly relevant: one highly competitive meta is dominated by one build, yet nowhere else is it dominating. Most people seemed to agree that Belles were probably a little too good/cheap, but the list didn't dominate elsewhere, and evetually faded away... It could very well be that Sandeep could use an adjustment, but please stop saying "we all know", "he has been dominating", "he is unbeatable", etc, as this is pure hyperbole and NOT proven in any way. One meta reports a clear dominance, and that means it's worth having a look at; UK #2 says Sandeep is too good to consider other arcanists, that's certainly worth listening to. Remember in early January when "everyone" agrees that Gremlins were "dead"? Then on January 27/28th they win UK Masters, probably the most prestigious tournament there is? If something is problematic it will show over time, and one group, even a big and competirive one, agreeing it must be overpowered is not evidence it actually is... To be fair, Gremlins winning Masters doesn't really prove anything either, but it hopefully exemplifies why hyperbole is toxic to a balanced discussion of what is to be done and why. Don't leap to conclusions guys, present evidence instead! 🙂 Full disclosure: I have Sandeep, but not played him yet. From a theoryfaux perspective he does seem strong, not because he's best in everything, but because he seems reasonably strong in unreasonably many things. And with a large cache to boot! Both sides probably have some good points here, he is probably a little too good, and that's further emphasized by the other masters in Arcanists being a little weak. But team Nerf Deep has so far resorted to far more hyperbole and unproven claims, hence my words of caution goes mostly to you guys... In the end I hope the overall game balance keeps improving, and that includes a better in-faction balance in Arcanist. And probably a small toning down of Sandeep overall power level...
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    I was thinking this too. Instead of changing the mages, remove one of the abilities from Temporary shielding. Either: Rename it Uni (not college or frat since Oxford is British) Mates and just have the -1ss cost when taken in 3s. Or (I like this option much better) Just remove the -1ss cost. It's still a free upgrade for kinda two extra wounds at the cost of a card. This would return them to 18ss for all three, naturally giving players less incentive to run all three (which I see as very good for the game). You might actually see just a solo or even a double mage in lists opening up crew building options and increasing the variety of lists seen rather than just having a 15ss clump of auto-take. Would you still take mages at 6ss with Temporary Shielding but no -1ss?
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    Aside: Apparently 2 "Euchre decks" is equivalent to 1 "Pinochle deck". Old-timey trick taking games are weird... With the changed damage spread, damage flips would still tend toward severe (there's just more severe cards as a percentage). More problematic, anything with a static TN would suddenly be trivial to pass 90% of the time. As a specific example, in a standard malifaux deck there are 4/54 cards that can summon "good stuff"(11+) for a resser. In your new deck there are now 7/50 (we're keeping the jokers right?) that do the job. The point of the 2-8 cards is to be chaff somewhat. Their presence makes the severe cards that much more important. Having said that, grab a deck and a friend and have at it. It could be silly fun much like Henchman Hardcore is silly fun.
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    @Phinn it looks great!
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    Two Finnish teams this time. Though we might include people from countries which used to be a part of Finland such as Sweden (or Russia). We will take the crown, mark my words.