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    Well, so I ended up with only 36 points : 2 lightning buggs (10) 1 wrastler (5) 1 Misaki (15) 1 Yamasiko (6) But I was not able to finish my tabletop world manor, so it doesn't count, even for 5 points ! I hope you'll enjoy my work. I'll gladly accept cristism !
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    With 65 minutes to spare, here is my second of the two Rougarou that I pledged for March. The brown dirt is Citadel's Alien Ironearth, but it will be April before it dried and gives that sweet cracked mud look. I really enjoyed painting these models. I tried them out for the first time this week and they are vicious---so may extra attacks when you throw them into the opponent! That is 2 x 8 = 16 SS for March for me, Franchute.
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    For this month, I'll be tackling a December Acolyte. If I get time, there's the other two acolytes, and Snowstorm. If I'm really conscientious, I'll finish Toshiro and/or Nicodem. Enjoy your April of painting, all!
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    Ok...so reaction buttons not working and just been fighting the site trying to upload an image.....so.....got there in the end ...will edit shortly to add another shot but here at the end of March for 15SS - Titania - Queen of The Fae
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    Claiming 6SS for Miss Terious: One of my least consistent models in terms of quality, I'm afraid. Happy with bits of it, cringing about other bits. Congratulations to all who finished in what seemed to be a hectic March for everyone. @Piccio really liking your brushwork this month - blends and freehand both look stellar. @Viruk glad you and your daughter are both OK.
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    done! 23:43 just in time (5 tt brother + 6 chiaki) 11 SS painted!
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    still working on chiaki to end her before 24:00 @ rome time 😜
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    @Icarius, that red and black is great for the Freikorpsmen. I enjoy it a lot. I did something similar with the bases of my Super Dungeon Explore minis - there's a mechanic in the game where each model has a color affinity, and it matters for placement, so most of them have their affinity on their base. Does make it handy for organization, except when there's a dual affinity - "Do I put the yellow/red between the yellow and red? There are far too many of them to fit; where should I overlap them..?" Anyway, @Franchute, here's my pledge from (last) month: the Dreamer and Lord Chompy Bits for 28ss. Funny story, they were finished March 4th, but I started working and then I lost my camera and spent a week looking for it before giving up and using the cell phone. Ugh. I swear, he's blonde. I did a stippling across LCB's body that came out really well, but after a day of trying and failing to get any good pictures with the damn phone I give up. Here's the proof they're painted. Maybe next month I'll find the camera.
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    Von Schill, Freikorps Librarian, Freikorpsman (15ss, 7 ss, 5 ss = 27 ss)
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    Not sure what's happening with the "like" button... I'm taking part in the monthly Painters Challenge and I noticed the other day that all the reactions to people's entries have disappeared....this is a bit of a bind as we are all constantly posting but I can no longer see who I have left "likes" for....despite receiving notifications that someone has reacted to a post neither can I actually see reaction to my own entries...if I click on the "like" button icon it will reveal who has reacted to other people's post but the minute I change page it all disappears again Can someone please chase down the gremlins and restore it to good health please ?
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    Happy Monday Wyrdos! This Monday we have a preview of the upcoming Penny Dreadful The Obsidian Gate. There is a lot going on in this adventure that makes it extra special! Enjoy the Cover art and then head on over to the Global Campaign site to learn more!
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    This month will be master heavy. I'm going with: Vintage Misaki - 15SS Vintage Sonnia - 15SS Alternate Francisco - 8SS 3x Stitched Together - 18SS For a grand total of 56SS (which... I'm feeling more and more I might have been too conservative with my original pledge level I'll post pictures of Frank a bit later.
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    "HaHa" Icon works and "THANKS" too. May be you can change yourself into and "Impulsive Thanker".... or and "Impulsive HaHaher". Anyway you have a choice.
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    Pledging a steam trunk and a TTB multipart model that I'll probably use as a Midnight Stalker proxy:
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    This month planning to paint Enslaved nephilim Jury Black blood shaman Sanctioned spellcaster https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkjzLwzm8dDpphn6YvqG9KKa0bxK
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    I finished two houses for 10 SS. My fountain project with resin pour went horribly wrong when adding the last finishing touch at midnight a few days ago. Don't work on your stuff at night, go to bed and save yourself lots of grief, fellow hobbyists! I managed to salvage it, but there are things I'll need to repair. Wet gel medium and freshly cured resin aren't friends. Live and learn. At least my houses turned out OK, an old distillery selling questionable liquor and a red downtown house. I am pretty happy with the distillery, it was a lot of fun to put together. I guess I might need Brewmaster now though ;)
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    @Franchute Hat will stay black for a while but for the moment I hope I can declare him finished due the challenge. I'm still not sure if I will do the same TT freehand of my Ototo or something else. (apologize for heavy pictures) chiaki vest done in the while!
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    It's 3 different instances of hazardous terrain even if they are all touching.
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    So much amazing work this month! I'm afraid I wasn't able to get to much with moving and such, but I managed to put a few finishing touches on these 2 Tanuki for 10ss total (or 20ss, if they chose to do nothing and lay down a scheme marker this turn!) Ready to get back to it in April!
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    I really need to finish models I have already started. Here a subset: And I have more...
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    My Malifaux collection box:
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    So the other day my friend and I came up with a very intriguing idea for a new dual-faction master : Resser/Arcanist, with a sort of 'Doctor Frankenstein'/'Bioshock Splicer' feel to it, taken to Wyrd's usual extremes. The way he would play would function as a support piece, but not in a traditional sense; instead of broadcasting auras or debuffing enemies, the model would play by attaching upgrades to other friendly constructs or undead that would alter their statistics, give them new abilities or actions, or do other fun and interesting things. I personally think that there is plenty of design space for such a master - The only other model which seems comparable is McCabe, who fits more into the 'relic hunter with a bag of goodies/Indiana Jones' archetype as opposed to the 'Mad scientist seeking absolute perfection in his creations' archetype. Building upon this, I think that the ability to take Out-of-faction undead and/or constructs would help enhance his playstyle of upgrading and/or flesh-grafting his crew as the game goes on. I think that something like this would be absolutely sweet. You could work by discarding scrap/corpses to help pay for cost (in addition to cards flipped/CA checks/stones for suits/etc) or other mechanics to help give your opponent counterplay. In addition, I think that a concept like this one would really add thematic depth to both the Resser and the Arcanist factions, and would likely help ship a lot of models that Wyrd doesn't really sell that often - Imagine if you could hire an Ice Golem and then slap on a modification that let it have a better DEF in-game? And let's not even get started about the amazing sculpts which could come out of a concept like this....Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. In short, I think that this concept has enough room for Wyrd to make something awesome without stepping on anyone's toes design-space-wise. It'd help make models that don't see a lot of play see table-time more often, it would probably ship a LOT of products that don't see frequent play, and it would add another bit of thematic depth and interesting gameplay to both Ressers and Arcanists. What do you guys think? Also, does Wyrd have some kind of a 'suggestion box' that I could drop this in?
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    Why is Bishop slow? He has a natural move of 12" a turn , the ability to charge something 12" away, and Scramble is even more powerful on him than other models. If he lost Swift but had walk/charge stats of 6/11 he would not be called slow. He might look slow, but I don't think he is slow when you put him on the table.
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    "Curiosity killed the cat" - the crew so far...
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    Yes. Watson just has to be around his patients (i.e., a player has to be playing him in the session). It lasts more or less indefinitely, until Dr. Watson is killed or removes the condition by exceeding the maximum number of patients under his care. The British Army trained him well.