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    Hey everyone, I'm here today to talk about one of my favorite models and one of the most powerful models in the game! Sande.. Sorry, Make that Oxfordian Mages. With the prevalence of Sandeep and Ironsides in a lot of competitive lists, as well as the ever growing list of synergistic models, one has to wonder. Is the master really the biggest problem here? I'm going to compare Ox-Mages to other models in faction at their point cost when you take 3 and the extra bonuses that they really get from just being near everyone's favorite new arcanist master. But first, We'll need to set the stage. 1. Oxfordian Mages are Incredibly Point Efficient baseline with Shielding While most people might argue that Ox-mages are under performers in their Soulstone to wound ratio, at 5-5, this is actually not the case. With Temporary Shielding, Arcane Shielding, and other defensive techs to the faction, they are at least 7 wound models, sometimes going to 8, 9 or even 10 in extreme scenarios! While it does take a card to make use of Temporary Shielding, this is more often than not, worth a card, especially when you'd use a card to try to avoid getting hit in general. Along with + Flips to WP contingent on seeing a friendly M&SU henchman, and the ability to reduce the damage they take to 0, they often will come out ahead of many other models in faction, especially when they can turn off after damaging triggers. Let's take a look at some of the other options in the faction. Ice Dancer-6ss: 6 Wounds ( Not a Midrange DPS model, but a wound comparison nonetheless) Willie/Miss Fire-6ss: 7 Wounds (Similar Role to mages) Silent Ones-6ss: 6 Wounds (Similar role, used to provide more utility) December Acolytes-7ss: 8 Wounds (Similar Role, Ranged Midfield DPS) Sanctioned Spellcasters-5ss: 5 Wounds (Identical in functionality but Guild Model). As you can see, the options that Arcanists have are not nearly as cost efficient as 5 point Oxfordian mages, especially when you consider that discarding a card for temporary shielding is not as card intensive as most players would have you believe. Why do I say this? Because it can often be more advantageous to simply throw away a card for two wounds instead of cheating in a card for a DF duel. 2. Oxfordian Mages have every possible trigger for every situation now Before, Oxfordian mages used to be incredibly limited by the amount of Academics and the grouping that you needed to do in order to get the most benefit out of their ability Resonance. Now, with the large influx of academics, especially with Sandeep (More on that later), Resonance essentially gives a built in trigger for either Slow, a 2 inch push, burning one (or min damage 3, if you're into the statement that everything is min damage 3 now), or the ignoring of armor. Amina, and the Shastar Vida Guard (Along with Kudra I guess) are models that sure up the weaknesses of the mages, making them more mobile, more defensive, and less likely to clump due to the sheer number of Academics that you can have on the board now. This also includes the fact that with their 2/3/4 damage track, and the ability to flurry, they often do the job better than other models in the Soulstone slot. Let's take a look at some of the other models and their need to hit the right suit for the right job. Silent ones: No triggers on masks, TN of 12. to block LOS, to attack again, to heal. Willie/Miss Fire: to do burning to Push. Gunsmiths: (Can use switch chambers) For No prevention, for Bonus damage, For Blasts, for ignore everything else. Sanctioned Spellcasters: for no charging or burning+1 for no (0)s or blast damage December Acolytes: Built in for Discard, for a 6" pull Oxfordian mages offer just as much utility as all of the models listed before for Arcanists, often filling in the same role. Oxfordian mages can do all of the things that the previously listed arcanists models can, at just the same cost or even less. 3. Oxfordian Mages used to be heavily hindered by Cover When dealing with ranged crews, before there used to be a simple solution. Take cover behind a piece of terrain with the Soft or Hard cover characteristics, and laugh as your opponent struggles to use their AP efficiently with their attacks. Now, With Sandeep giving commands in wind, Ironsides giving + to damage flips and attack flips, AND let's not forget the trigger to simply push the model to be >1" away from the terrain, one could see how the inclusion of Oxfordian mages would push many Arcanist lists over the top. Normally, models with are heavily punished by cover and cover generation effects. But, the natural trigger of Oxfordian mages removes most of the counterplay to them, only allowing fast engagement to be a solution. Because of their immobility, it is difficult for enemy crews to efficiently engage due to being in the backline. 4. Is this a Problem? Should anything be done? Currently, as a long standing Arcanist player, I'm of the opinion that we're not in a great state right now. Many of these points were exasperated by Sandeep but I'm of the opinion that he's* not the primary issue. If in the future the choice is made to nerf Sandeep, this still leaves Oxfordian Mages in a spot that leaves them as a must take or a heavy consideration. With many previous nerfs affecting arcanist "Must Takes", it follows that these models might be next on the chopping block. With that being said, I think that the best thing to do would be To reduce the prevention of Temporary shielding to 1, and/or to lower the range of Resonance to 2". This still makes the trio a fantastic choice in terms of Ranged damage per action point, but causes them to be more fragile and gives more room to natural counters to deal with them by making them weaker to area damage like blasts and pulses. Without these changes, we seriously limit the design space of the Arcanist faction by locking us to these powerhouses. Edit: A word
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    Happy Monday Wyrdos! We are taking a look at the other part of the Gremlins in the Backdraft Encounter box with Popcorn Turner and Cooper Jones. Take a peek! Popcorn Turner and his assistant, Cooper Jones, are prominent brewers in the southern Bayou. Popcorn brings the potent Induction ability into the Gremlin faction, increasing the damage that nearby enemies suffer from Poison by +2. Better yet, he protects friendly models from suffering Poison damage, making all of those Tri-Chi models that gain Poison while healing themselves all the more effective at staying on the table. As if Popcorn weren't borrowing enough from McMourning's playbook, he can also force models to immediately suffer damage equal to their Poison Condition, up to a maximum of five damage. When combined with the ability to light enemy models on fire and discard scheme markers to self-heal, this makes Popcorn Turner a very potent ally for the Brewmaster. Cooper Jones, meanwhile, is capable of putting a good deal of Poison onto enemies, which supports her boss quite well. Her obsession with barrels allows her to break down scheme markers to heal nearby Constructs, or she can just hide inside of a barrel to increase her Armor. Better yet, if she gets a few drinks into her, she can turn scheme markers into Whiskey Gamin... without spending a single Action. Plus, just look at that awesome blowtorch! This dynamic duo is sure to be a hit at parties, firework conventions, and in just about any Gremlin crew that enjoys a few good drinks.
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    Nico isn't probably going to have any shortage of cards to pitch for the execute trigger. Toshiro isn't going to be matching Nico's summons. You'll still be getting out activated by him. As long as he summons models within 6 his summons aren't slow.
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    Nelly's propaganda bug painted for @Stark on a temporary base. By our deal he will do a base on his own style. More photos in our Blog http://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.ru/2018/03/malifaux-monday-80-prinnting-press.html
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    Got some work in this weekend and Angel Eyes is done. That’s 9SS down, 29ish to go!
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    Victor Ramos is the one of the most efficient summoners in the game, has access to some excellent support auras in his upgrades, and he typically likes to surround himself with lots of Constructs. He’s hard to take down or out-activate, and all it takes for his summoning engine to get a-rolling is a single Scrap Marker. However he can be slow, he’s extremely card greedy (gotta have those 's), and every turn he doesn’t have access to Scrap Markers is one he’s massively going down in efficiency. If an enemy model has a way to remove Scrap Markers then he’s in for a real bad time. So we're all on the same page here, let's take a look at his card, as per Wyrd's website: CARD FRONT As the founder of the M&SU (the Miners and Steamfitters Union), it’s not surprising he has that Characteristic himself. He doesn’t do anything for other M&SU members specifically, but there’s so much synergy in that group that just being a member is a plus. Moving to his stats, one of the first things you’ll see is his unfortunate Df of 4, but I promise you it’s not as bad as it sounds since all of his Abilities are built around keeping him alive! His Df trigger Repulsion increases his Df for each in the duel and also pushes the enemy away (hopefully out of range if they charged you), he has Armor +2 which is just generally great to have, and his Opportunist Ability heals him 2 wounds each time a nearby Construct is killed (NOT Sacrificed) – and spoilers, that will happen a lot. His other stats are decent besides his hilarious Cg of 4, but if he needs to charge something you’re probably already in a bad spot. The front of his card is admittedly a bit boring, but with it all being defense oriented it’ll take some real effort for your opponent to kill him. CARD BACK The back of his card is where things get really interesting! One thing that might be a bit of a shock is Ramos does not have a single trigger on ANY of his actions, not even from his upgrades. This means he doesn’t personally care at all about suits outside his summoning and Df trigger. His attack Clockwork Fist is frankly not great, but it does have a Severe of 7 which can give you a sneaky knockout if luck’s on your side. The attack you’re far more likely to be using is his Electrical Fire. It only has a 2/3/4 spread and is Rg 8, but it ignores Armor, doesn’t randomize, and has a respectable Ca 7! His only core (0) is Magnetism, which can only target a Construct but has a Ca 8 and huge Rg 16! On a success it pushes Ramos towards the Construct and does 2 damage, ignoring Armor. He can use this on his own models to zip around without wasting AP on walking, but also gives him an easy way of taking out enemy Constructs. His real bread-and-butter Ability (and the reason he’s so infamous) is his appropriately named Summon the Swarm. This can only be used once per turn, but summons 1, 2, or 3 Steam Arachnids off of a single AP and a Scrap Marker! One Arachnid only costs a 5 and it comes in on 3 wounds, two Arachnids needs an 8 and they both come in on 3 wounds, and three Arachnids needs an 11 and they each come in on 2 wounds (yes, three Arachnids requires spending a Soulstone). You do need to declare how many Steam Arachnids you’re summoning before you make your flip unfortunately, but since this only costs 1 AP his efficiency in summoning is unparalleled in any faction. His final Action is a bit of a “screw you” move, Uncontrolled Detonation. It Sacrifices a friendly Construct and forces nearby models to win a Df duel or take an impressive 4 damage each! Since this is a Sacrifice, the Construct does not drop a Scrap Marker afterwards and it doesn’t count for Opportunist. One EXTREMELY important thing to note is that because of this ability, dropping Ramos into Arcanists is a huge risk – if your opponent takes Marcus, he can use Alpha on Ramos, forcing him to Sacrifice himself! PERSONAL UPGRADES Ramos has a strong mix of upgrades that really change up how he plays, but they can be a bit pricey as there are three that cost 1ss and three that cost 2ss. Most of his upgrades are pretty support focused, but they have some nice variety in the kinds of support he provides. Combat Mechanic is his healing upgrade. It gives him Accomplice, letting him Chain Activate into another model after he’s finished which has a few nice synergies, but what you’re mostly taking this for is the Combat Mechanic Ability. This gives Ramos a medium range heal for a Construct, but it spends a Scrap Marker to do so. Electric Summoning is his summoning upgrade. It gives a single Action but as it’s a (0) it doesn’t compete much with what else Ramos wants to be doing. Electrical Creation summons the explosive model of the same name at the cost of a mid , which comes in at full health. Not huge, but it's not bad if you think your opponent’s going to be clumping up! Just be careful about the cards you're using on it, as this Ability competes for those mid 's with summoning in two Steam Arachnids. Field Generator is his tanking aura upgrade. It gives the (1) Action Arcing Screen, which gives Ramos a medium ranged aura that gives all nearby friendly models ’s to Df duels. Unlike most of his other actions and abilities, this one is NOT restricted to Constructs so anyone can benefit from this! Leviathan Power Core is his stat boost upgrade. It has the Ability Powering Up, which gives him the Powering Up Condition every time any model spends a Soulstone (so whenever a stone is used except for cards or initiative), which increases his Electrical Fire’s range by 1” per stack of the Condition. The really exciting thing here though is the Bleeding Off Power Ability, which lets you spend some of your Powering Up stack for bonuses that last through his activation! This can be a to his first opposed duel, increase his Electric Fire’s damage by 1 (min 3 ignoring Armor, pretty nice), give him +1 Ca, or Fast. The value of this upgrade takes a while to get going and relies somewhat on your opponent spending Soulstones as well, but since gaining the Condition is passive it’s mostly just free buffs for him! Under Pressure is his melee aura upgrade. It gives Counterspell, a small but handy bit of anti-Ca which removes the enemy’s built-in suits whenever they target Ramos. More importantly though, this provides the Overdrive Ability which gives all friendly Constructs in a decent range aura ’s to Ml attacks! If you’re going to be fighting over a small area of the board, handing out a ton of ’s to your attacks with this can be huge value. Vox Populi is his control upgrade. He gains the short range (0) Shout Them Down, which makes a model count as a Peon until its next Activation (which can really mess with your opponent’s Strategy goals). He also gains the Strike! Action which places two 50mm Markers for the turn that can’t be touching each other or models. These Markers count as Hazardous Severe (but ONLY to your enemies), with a very nice Hazardous damage spread (they are removed if they do any damage though). Dropping two in an opponent’s charge lane gives them two bad choices – charge anyways and take 6+ damage, or waste AP going around them. Win-win for you! OTHER UPGRADES Arcane Reservoir should be considered essentially mandatory for Ramos. It only has one Ability of the same name, but it lets Ramos draw an extra card each turn. This significantly increases the chance of being able to summon 2 or 3 Steam Arachnids each turn, and is absolutely worth the 2ss cost if you compare it to stoning for cards. If you want to play Ramos as an aura bot, Bleeding Edge Tech or Powered by Flame both significantly strengthen his Steam Arachnids. However, they’re both probably better on other models, as Ramos’ upgrade slots are pretty competitive. The other upgrades he has access to are okay to poor: Seize the Day, Imbued Energies, Imbued Protection, and Recharge Soulstone can be used with him but realistically there are better options most of the time. Like the above, Recharge Soulstone is good for his crew but you don’t want Ramos himself taking them. Joss is a great candidate for this if you’re not filling him with aura upgrades. M&SU CONSTRUCT MODELS Ramos’ personal totem, the Brass Arachnid, is a contentious topic. It has the incredibly powerful Ability Stoke which gives non-Leader Constructs Reactivate at the cost of a high (can you say turn 1 Howard Langston alpha strike?), and the can become built-in for the rest of the turn with his Rewire Ability. One common trick if you have a really good hand is to use Rewire, then Stoke itself, then on its next activation use Stoke on two more Constructs for huge activation control! However, the combination of it being a 4ss Insignificant Peon, having a low Wk, and needing high cards to give out Reactivate keeps this from being an auto-take. Joss is an amazing Henchman for several big reasons: he has good, reliable damage, he’s extremely tanky, and his Creative Salvage Ability is one of Ramos’ major sources of Scrap Markers. Even if you’re not taking him as your Scrap Marker engine he’s a solid model to take, especially if you’re planning on giving him Bleeding Edge Tech and/or Powered By Flame since he wants to be in the action at all times and having those upgrades’ auras on such a tanky frontliner is very handy. Howard Langston is an absolute monster in general, and if you need to kill the enemy dead he’s usually the right choice. Especially since the Brass Arachnid lets you do the notorious turn 1 alpha strike or keep him in your reserves and buff the heck out of him with Ramos’ various auras so he can be a danger to your opponent at any point in the game The benefits of the Rail Golem are the same as Howard, but it needs a bit more setup (a Burning provider and a bunch of low 's). However, if you do then his Locomotion provides your crew with even more damage than Howard can put out (this is the only model in-faction with access to min 5 damage without outside support). He can also carry the Hard Worker upgrade which can buff any Rail Workers you might be taking as well. Large Arachnids are some of the tankiest Minions you can hire, and if what you want is something to hold down a point for cheap they’re the models for you. They have a trigger in melee that removes the enemy’s Armor which can be amazing in the Arcanist mirror or when you’re facing Hoffman. Like Joss they have Creative Salvage, so they also provide plenty of Scrap Markers for you no matter what they’re killing. Finally, they also eat Scrap Markers and Scheme Markers for ’s for their Activation, which can be great value if you can get them near an enemy Scheme Marker you want to get rid of. Another contentious choice is the Metal Gamin. These are decently tanky with 4 wounds and Armor +2, they have Ramos’ incredible anti-Construct Magnetism attack (and they share his Ca 8 at it too!), and they have a really fantastic buff called Protection of Metal which gives a friendly model Df 6 and makes it so their Df can’t be changed from that. The downside though is the buff only lasts while the Gamin is in a very short range from that model, so it’s only really valuable to something largely immobile with low Df. They have their purpose and they’re only 4ss, but they’re not for every list. On the flip side, the Mobile Toolkit is to be taken in nearly every list. They’re a common sacrifice for Ramos’ Scrap Engine and they have some of the best Construct buffs Arcanists have access to (an extra Armor, to Ml Actions, or to ALL damage flips). They also have their Time Bomb attack which frankly a lot of people forget about, and on turn 5 having this suddenly walk up to a bunch of enemies and say “everyone pass a TN 16 Df or take 5 damage” can really stun a lot of players (and blow up half their remaining crew or totally drain their hand) Soulstone Miners are another one of these models who have some niche value but are great at what they do. They can start Buried and pop out at the end of any Turn (not near an enemy or the enemy deployment zone though), giving them great access to your opponent’s back lines. They have a good Ml attack that ignores Armor too, with a trigger to mess with enemy positioning or get a Soulstone on a kill. What really makes them unique is their (2) Action which lets them hurt themselves to give you a Soulstone. If you’re running Leviathan Power Core, these models can keep you filled up on Soulstones – just make sure you give them a way to heal if you do this! The noble Steam Arachnid is the bread and butter in any Ramos crew – but usually not as a hire, since they’re so much more efficient to summon in. Their defenses are excellent with above average Df and Wp and Armor +1, but they also make great scheme runners with a great Wk and Unimpeded. Offensively they’re bad, but they can blow themselves up for extra damage, and any models they’re in base contact with get -1 Df and that does stack! Compared to the individuals, a Steam Arachnid Swarm loses a bit of Df and the ability to reduce the enemy’s Df in exchange for fantastic offense! If they’re half Wds or higher they get ’s to damage and they have a built-in trigger for more attacks at the cost of accuracy. They can also remove all Scheme Markers within 4 or eat a Scrap Marker or friendly Steam Arachnid to do a really good self-heal. You’ll see these less than just spamming single Arachnids, but these absolutely have value in your crew and are a legitimate option to hire. OTHER MODELS Ramos doesn’t give any particular synergy with M&SU models, and he also works fine with non-Constructs (just not as well). Some of the other models you’ll typically see in a Ramos crew will include the following: Amina Naidu is the queen of denial and control and she works great in a Ramos crew. Her Summons Ability can either bring friendly or enemy models closer, as needed, with a trigger to give out her incredible Liable which means the opponent can’t target anyone missing any Wds – like your new summons!. She can also hand out Slow in melee with a trigger to make it so enemies can only target her. She can also permanently make an enemy into a Peon and stop it from doing Interact Actions, which combined with Ramos’ Vox Populi can really stop your opponent from scoring VP. She’s a good model to give Bleeding Edge Tech to, since she likes to be surrounded by friendly models for her auras. The Captain is the Henchman to take if you think your crew is going to need extra movement (it's pretty easy to take a lot of Wk 4 models with Ramos after all). His Relic Hammer makes him solid in melee, and his Air Burst is excellent at repositioning your crew, especially since his personal upgrade Patron's Blessing (which should be considered a must take) gives him an extra Ca each activation. He can also bring Bleeding Edge Tech, but if you do then make sure you're not pushing any models that need those heals out of its range. Johan (or Johana) is the only non-Arcanist member of the M&SU so he does take a Mercenary slot to hire, but he is just SO worth it (even with the price nerf)! He’s pretty tanky, he has a (2) Action that heals ALL nearby M&SU models which is just amazing, and he has one thing that is extremely rare for Arcanists: condition removal. His Relic Hammer is really strong as well, especially with his Solidarity Ability that gives him ’s to Attacks when he is near another M&SU model. Just be careful not to leave him within 3” of a friendly if your opponent has an Obey or you’re in for a bad time. He’s an excellent model to have carry your Bleeding Edge Tech to make him a dedicated healer, or give him Well Rehearsed for that good ol’ double Hard to Kill. Lazarus is the man (or machine?) to hire if you want to drop some blasts on your opponent. He doesn’t bring a lot else to a Ramos crew, but with his Auto-Fire letting him take 3 shots against the same target he can sure blow the heck out of the enemy’s crew at range. Neil Henry adds a really strong Condition to a Ramos crew – Fragile, which is like a reverse Hard to Wound. He’s otherwise a tankier Rail Worker with a better Ml, the Ability Man Over Machine that lets you discard for more attacks against models a friendly Construct damages, and his own version of Ramos' Opportunist called Better Than A Machine, which is pretty nice overall. Like the Rail Golem, he can also carry Hard Worker if so desired. Sue is a personal favourite of mine, as he makes it into most of my Ramos crews for two reasons: he has min 3 shooting which is always nice, and also at the cost of a wound he can draw a card each turn! He also has some powerful anti-Ca with his Man In Black Action, which is very nice against caster-heavy crews. Electric Creations are typically only ever hired if you plan on killing it to start your Scrap Engine. They're not the cheapest, but they are the most fragile of the options to kill (as long as you don't mind them blowing up in your face). As summons they can be very handy, as all their methods of doing damage don't rely on opposed duels - Shocking Touch does damage just for ending their activation in base contact with something, Explosive Demise deals area damage when it's killed, or they can use their Burst Action (needing a high card) to sacrifice itself and do even more damage. Ferdinand Vogel and The Beast Within each give Ramos something he loves, but you do have to choose which you want each turn. Ferdinand can draw extra cards each turn by ending a Walk near a Scheme Marker, and his Censure Action can give a Vox Populi Ramos crew even more denial gameplay. On the other hand, The Beast Within gives min 3 melee and the ability to drop up to THREE Scrap markers on a trigger if he kills an Armored model, for the highest Scrap Marker generation available! Rail Workers only cost 1ss more than a Steam Arachnid, have less Df, Wp, and Wk, but gain Hard to Kill, can discard to gain ’s to all attack and damage flips for the turn(!), and get a much better damage spread. They absolutely love having Johan and/or Bleeding Edge Tech nearby to get even more value out of Hard to Kill, and if you can get past their low mobility they’re a great cheap melee option. Union Steamfitters are another fantastic option for Ramos for two reasons: they have card draw (sort of) in the form of drawing the top card of your discard pile when they activate, but you must discard a card immediately afterwards. If you're bringing the Combat Mechanic upgrade and Ramos ends his activation with an awesome card on top of your discard, using Accomplice to pick it right back up is very useful! They’re also the ONLY model available to Ramos that can create Scrap Markers without killing models. It does cost you 2 cards from your hand though, so it’s not something to do too much. They can also permanently give Armor +1 to your Armor-less models, such as Johan. Overall, a solid choice. TIPS & TRICKS Law of Conservation of Mass? Never Heard of It It’s important to remember that all it takes to start Ramos’ summoning engine is a single Scrap Marker. Honestly it’s kind of hilarious how many models he ends up making just from that one Marker! There are plenty of options to get that first Marker though, and frankly they’re all pretty good so it comes down to personal preference. Your options are: the Union Steamfitter at the cost of their (0) and two cards, Joss / Large Arachnids at the cost of any model killed (two Scrap if it was a Construct), and The Beast Within at the cost of any model with Armor killed if he gets a trigger for two Scrap (three Scrap if it was a Construct). If you choose one of the kill options, your best choices are: Mobile Toolkit for the cheapest option, Electrical Creation for the easiest kill, or a Steam Arachnid for a moderately easy kill that doesn’t blow up when you kill it. All of these have pros and cons, and no one option is inherently better than the rest. They Keep Coming... and Coming... and... One of the most important choices Ramos has to go through every turn is whether to summon any Steam Arachnids, and if so how many. Since you have to declare how many Arachnids to summon before you flip (and you NEED to spend a Soulstone on a Tome to get three), you really shouldn’t leave it to chance. If you’re not certain you can get three Steam Arachnids, declare two instead. It’s typically not worth it to only summon one, and that should only be done if you absolutely need the activation. Big Things Have Small Beginnings It can be a hard thing to decide whether you would rather have three Steam Arachnids or a single Steam Arachnid Swarm. Losing out on two activations, the Df debuffs, and (if you’re playing Aura Ramos) giving up a lot of force amplification is a hard pill to swallow. However, the Swarms being able to wipe out bunched up Scheme Markers, getting ’s to damage when above half health, having a much better damage track, and the ability to heal themselves all makes them legitimate choices. I Herd U Liek Auraz (best with Amina Naidu) One thing Ramos can do that’s not seen elsewhere in Arcanists is to just cover your crew in a ton of beneficial auras. Any crew can take Amina Naidu, Bleeding Edge Tech, and Powered By Flame, but only Ramos can add Field Generator and Under Pressure to that. All of that combined means that even a tiny Steam Arachnid becomes very tanky and can actually put out some decent damage, and in your full crew becomes a huge force amplifier if you choose to play it this way. Ride The Lightning (requires Leviathan Power Core and Soulstone Miners, best with Johan and/or Bleeding Edge Tech) One of the coolest things to come out of Wave 5 for Ramos is Leviathan Power Core, which actually gives him the ability to go a bit “super-solo” and be really awesome in one specific direction each turn – if enough Soulstones get used. To make sure that happens, you can bring one or more Soulstone Miners and have them use their Action Mine Soulstone to constantly feed you new Soulstones to spend. To keep them from dying turn 3, bringing Johan and/or Bleeding Edge Tech to heal them up will comfortably give you 10+ extra Soulstones. With that much spare, Ramos can really go to town with his Electric Fire and give it some pretty wild range! Since he only needs to spend Powering Up +2 to gain the +1 damage to Electric Fire, you’re not giving up much range for the turns you want him to start killing things too. Tyranny of the Masses (requires Vox Populi, Amina Naidu, and Ferdinand Vogel) Ramos’ other new playstyle in Wave 5 is all about shutting the enemy down. Amina can permanently make enemy models into Peons, stop enemies from targeting anyone but her, stop them from targeting anyone missing wounds (friendly or enemy, this shuts down healers very well!), and lets you trade cards for Soulstones when an enemy Interacts near her. Ferdinand’s “It was self-defense!” trigger giving to enemies when they target Minions makes it absurdly hard for the enemy to kill your Steam Arachnids, and his Censure being able to stop enemies from taking any Tactical Actions on its card or upgrades, or making them discard any time they want to attack can really screw with the enemy’s gameplan. Lastly, Vox Populi giving Ramos the (0) Shout Them Down is just amazing in several ways. You can make an enemy model into a Peon until the end of the turn, stopping it from scoring, or you can use it on a friendly model the enemy’s about to score on and deny them points that way! It retains its other level in addition to Peon, so it won’t stop something like Buried Treasure, but you’d be surprised how many Strats and Schemes specify “non-Peon.” One of these on its own can be annoying, but bringing all 3 makes the game hell on your opponent – especially since this can comfortably happen while Ramos gets his Arachnid engine going effortlessly! Let's Start A Riot (requires Vox Populi and models with pushes/places/Lures, best with The Captain, Lazarus, and Malifaux Child) Ramos' Strike Markers are really excellent damage, but a smart opponent's not just going to walk into them if there's an alternative. So to fix this, you can have your other models push or lure the enemy models into the Markers! The Captain is the best at this, since his The Eye of the Storm Ability does mass pushes with no resists, but anyone else who can move the enemies (Amina Naidu, Lust, Performers, etc.) can do this just fine. If you take the Combat Mechanic upgrade then you can Companion straight into these models as well. Making this even better, if you decide to take the Malifaux Child and Lazarus then they can each drop another set of two Strike Markers, for a total of 6 on the board at a time! This can really make it hard for the enemy to move without dealing with Severe and the really good Hazardous damage. As you can tell from all of this, while Ramos may seem like a fairly simple Master between multiple “once per Turn” abilities and a pretty dull card front, he actually has several interesting and legitimate playstyle options which all greatly benefit from him being the most efficient summoner in the game! If you know of any model synergies or tips & tricks I haven’t mentioned above, feel free to post them below
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    Personally I'd relegate Alt Huggy to the Display Cabinet but others can use him as they see fit. On a related note I'm not using Grootslangs so far because I dislike the model so much. Eventually I might make a legal conversion from Cojo and a Razorspine Rattler. (Occasionally I get pretty opinionated regarding models...)
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    I suppose turn 1 is about crafting your deck for turn 2/3 so stones shouldn't be an issue early on. I think with both it's be silly good. It's not as if Nellie needs any more help really. The judges 0 action which gives a push is also an attack action. He's not bad if the jury is around too.
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    Some gremlins just want to watch the world burn
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    Ruling from last years Nationals? Nobody cares, this is a thread about 2018 ITC. Want to discuss rules there is a sub forum for that.
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    Well, the list is finally written and I'm happy! We'll see how long that lasts when I see what Swiglitz sets down on Wednesday! Roll on deja vu from last week when I saw Zoraida across the table... As Swiglitz alluded to above, I didn't really have answer to the doll and it's shenanigans. At least not one that fit in with my game-plan, and I sorely needed to stick to my plan. One, for my own focus, and two, I was drained from illness and needed to keep it simple. It was the first time I'd faced off against a rider and I was determined to deal with it early. Which invariably would have netted me that table quarter and the subsequent entourage points. In tandem I thought that dealing with the Emissary would then in total, have diminished Shadowfane's Soulstones on the table, making it easier to win quarters. As it turned out, Shadowfane's crew was especially adept at killing my more delicate Gremlins. Even the Criers were killed in single activation thanks to Iggy's burning, and me with no healing or condition removal. I was happy with the Burt and Gracie combo, experiencing it for the first time, although their flank manoeuvre took a while to get there. Then to have Gracie's 'Reactivate' condition removed made me sad Perhaps I should have shoved those two into the mix and used the fragile Gremlins to skirt the flanks. The list was: Mah (Manifest Destiny / Liquid Bravery) Burt (Dirty Cheater) Gracie 2x Gremlin Criers 3x Bayou Gremlins 1x Gremlin Bushwhacker (Love these guys) I managed to get 2 points from an entourage on Mah, and no other points. My mistake with Take a prisoner on one of the Waldgeists. More so because only Mah was close and was needed elsewhere. Either ways I enjoyed the game, it was distinctly tactical and gave plenty of opportunity for learning. I'm still loving Mah's playstyle and am generally happy with the Gremlins at the moment. I feel like I need to get a handle on the finer points of their shenanigans, and learn how to keep key models safer for longer... I mean, how are they supposed to blow themselves up in style if the enemy gets there first! Suvalas
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    "The biggest fire the bayou has ever seen"
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    These might not be the final rules, but there is at least some talk on the subject of her duel faction hiring
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    Most Recent Game: vs. Guild Standard Deployment, Public Executions, Eliminate the Leadership, Public Demonstration (Me - 3 minions), Show of Force (Both), Inescapable Trap (Guild), Recover Evidence Ten Thunders: Shenlong (Wandering River Style, The Peaceful Waters, Hidden Agenda); 4SS Pool Peasant Ototo (Call the Thunder, Smoke Grenades) Sidir (Promises, Equality) Chiaki (Pull of the Grave) Guild Pathfinder Oiran Monk of Low River Guild: Nellie (Misleading Headlines, Delegation, Guild Funds) The Printing Press Phiona (Wrath of the Guild, Transparency) Francisco Ortega (Wade In, Hermanos de Armos) Bishop (Lead Lined Coat) Field Reporter Watcher Brutal Effigy Summary: Opponent got frustrated feeling I out-castled and out-activated him, managing to avoid giving up points to Trap with various shenanigans, he then made some key mistakes in a cagey game that let me squeeze ahead.I used two face cards from my hand turn 1 to 1-shot snipe an overly adventurous Field Reporter with with a fast, 0-focus Sidir, which also gave me that extra edge. He was also overly afraid of Eliminate the Leadership and played Franc very far back and kept El Meyor on Nellie and not Bishop. Bishop in turn held back, and the majority of my damage being Ml made me very worried about him being at Df8 and in my face. Not to mention the Wp4(5 with Oiran) on Ototo. So I got off a bit easy; minions aside, I think the list is very strong. Ototo got ignored for the most part and just whacked things at full Wds. Thoughts on my crew: Show of Force is a scheme that factors in my crew compositions really heavily. Unfortunately, it kind of penalized the 0SS upgrades of which I usually love spamming with Emissary if not Sidir+Promises. Having Henchmen who can SS damage and have 0 heals is already incentivized by the Public Executions strategy, so might as well load up on upgrades on them. Shenlong is my generalist, comfortable, cagey master. His small pool is offset by only really needing the 1 2SS upgrade, and essentially getting 2 peons for 2SS to help with activation control (the free focuses from Provide for the Temple are nice, too). I do consider Kamataichi, and cards are nice, but I find those extra 2SS (and losing the activation) very hard to come by. Oiran and and MoLR are core in every crew. The Lure can save and win games, the aura has situational utility (and is vital in some NB and Resser matchups), and shes decent for 5SS. The Pathfinder was my 'blow the dust off' flex slot, mostly beccause I wanted 1 more SS in my pool so he is the budget Katanata Sniper. He summoned a Trap turn with, top-decking it with double focus (thanks Shenlong), and when walked back to safety. The trap was instrumental in deterring my opponent from charging in (needlessly so, IMHO). Sidir and Ototo are viable with mobility boosters like Shenlong or Emissary, and I like their staying power. Chiaki is really good here, and as far as cheap upgrade holders go, miles ahead of Yamaziko and Mr. Tannen.
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    They definitely give a new meaning to the phrase "Getting Lit"!
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    This might be a bit silly and maybe someone caught this already but: If a raptor (or canine if you can stomach the debuff) makes McMourning a beast he now heals himself when he activates and has test subjects.
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    Hi, Spiders and wendigo done : image upload Summary of this month : - 6 Ice Gamin : 24 SS - 6 Spiders : 24 SS - Wendigo : 3 SS Total : 51 SS and it's not over ;-)
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    For the Ramos's Striker Markers you can add Lazarus to copy the ability again and have 6 Markers at the same time on the table
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    Hello, From my chest of primed models, here is the starting photo for monthly pledge (Tuco & Barbaros). The painted base on the right will host Barbaros
  21. 1 point
    Hannah WIP. Ghost Censer is now a Yarn ball
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    Autopsies done for 8SS! These were a quick paint job complete in just a couple hours. I can't tell if I am getting efficient or lazy with my painting haha
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    Still can't process this. What other model rides a damn gator on a 50mm base?! It's not like it looks like a whiskey golem or a war pig... Considering that easter bunnies with gremlins on them are officially considered war pigs byWyrd I just don't get how this isn't McTavish enough? That is the benchmark for how obvious a conversion must be for me to allow it.
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    It's the game size, not the commander