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    I have an ever growing Space Marine army that I love, but every now and then I just want to paint something different and recently I decided to take the plunge into Malifaux. I've admired many of the models for a while and purchased a fair few Guild miniatures but have started off with Tuco, one of the Neverborn iirc, because he has a cowboy vibe that I dig as a big Deadwood and Justified fan. For some reason the highlighting on the boots hasn't shown up in the photo even though it's there in real life and the black to grey transition on his top coat isn't quite how I'd like it. Other than that I'm pretty happy with him. I've followed him up with a Witchling Stalker because they are fun little models. I bought the Torch and the Blade crew set when it came out and I've been trepidatious about tackling such finely detailed miniatures with painting skills that, while ok, are best suited to painting my marines, but we've all got to start somewhere I decided to tackle a Witchling Stalker first of all; it seemed a little less dainty than the humans and the Purifying Flame model. Here are the results: I must have ended up using half a bottle of vallejo matte medium in my paints for this guy, shaken bottles 'til my arms were sore and brushed on some matte varnish over the robes and still couldn't get rid of some of the gloss finish from the Vallejo Game Colour paints that went into the robes. Contrast that with the Reaper paints I used on the exposed hands and Scale 75 I used for the face mask; I'm going to be replacing some of my paints with ones from those ranges. Other than the slightly glossy finish I'm happy with him. Tried somenot quite layering and not quite blending on the robes which produced satisfactorily smooth transitions and generally tried to avoid the kind of high contrast edge highlights that my Marines have. I chose the skin to be very pale as not only does it make for a nice contrast but it would make some sense of why the little fellow is so covered up. My Malifaux basing theme is of an underground desert temple/shrine, inspired by the interiors of Imhotep's tomb in the film The Mummy (yes the Brendan Fraser one...). Can't decide if I prefer the grey rim for the base or if I should go back and do it brown like with Tuco. Thanks for looking, comments appreciated.
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    Let us know what you think about this week's episode. http://schemesandstones.podbean.com/e/episode-83-leveticus-crew-spotlight-with-arash/
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    I like the look of both the sculpts, especially for Guild. I think Guild models need some more interesting sculpts in general. I get so tired of looking at and painting trench cloaks.If a model breaks the mould (pun intended?) of trench cloak and hat, it excites me. The female sculpt was on the more challenging side of assembling, but I enjoy the challenge of the more complex sculpts.
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    Thank you, Regel. That's what I'm aiming for, it's a change from the high contrast edge highlighting of my space marines. In other news I've almost finished my brutal effigy:
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    In terms of improving your play, I would give this a listen too. I found it helpful in improving my play.
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    It means Teddy wants to give you a hug.
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    I recently ran Shenlong solo in a tournament and I can say that 1st round against Titania, this was nuts. My opponent couldn't spam markers because of Crime Boss, but he had to put down one or two for his abilities, which meant card draw for me. There's not a huge amount of marker schemes, but the ones that do exist are perfect for this tactic. Guarded Treasure, Inescapable Trap, Dig their Graves and Setup all require some pretty nominal marker placement. Shenlong not only disrupts this heavily, but with the crime boss absolutely brings in some card advantage into an already high card advantage crew.
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    Hey all, I recently updated the reputation options on the forum. Like is now a Puppet Teddy because why not. The main purpose, though, was I removed all potentially "negative" reactions like Confused and Sad. That said, I also added an "Agree" and a "Respectfully Disagree." I am hoping these will be useful for people who would like to express an opinion, particularly one that is disagreeing, without typing it out. I've seen it used to good effect on other boards, making it far easier to gauge overall reaction to a comment without scrolling through everything. I feel it'll be particularly helpful in playtesting efforts. Anyway, let me know any thoughts or comments.
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    Pledge complete with a day to spare! The Iron Zombies - Student of Viscera (7SS), Student of Steel (6SS), and Student of Sinew (6SS). Draugr - the beardy LE model! (8 SS) That's a total of 27 SS of models painted for the month. What's on the docket for March? Probably more dead things - Doxies and Autopsies. Horror Molly has so many hiring and summoning options!
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    It seems the like button on the forums has changed to PW Teddy... does it mean anything?
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    Good evening. Malifaux is a complex game with many skill requirements, one of them being the ability to quickly select an effective crew for the game at hand. The best way to hone this skill is to play lots of games, begin to notice patterns, and learn to judge and use the right tools by trial and error. For most of us this happens gradually, and eventually we will become decent players. In the immortal words of Ms K. Wilkins "Ain't nobody got time for that". So we spend an inappropriate amount of energy on list building and theoryfaux. However, if we are going to do it, by the power of Grey Skull lets do it properly! Terrain is a massive element of Malifaux, and something that gets totally neglected in "hey guys, what do you think of my list?" or "Help! What should I bring to this scheme pool?" conversations or forum posts. Ergo, vis a vis, concordently... every now and then I'll post up an opposing faction, scheme pool and table for us to puzzle out. Will be interesting to see how different Masters and player styles approach the same game.
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    The Peacekeeper is another model that’s pretty ubiquitous in Guild. He generally has his uses with every master, though he’s obviously best with Hoffman.
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    Another new model I’m quite excited about for schemes purposes is the Riot Breaker. Won’t remove markers but will stop interacts by handing out insignificant. With blast damage to boot.
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    I agree completely. Typically I like it (points depending) on Batsue Ba (w/Sprit Whispers) to either give me a first turn of double Seishin summoning or double Guiding Spirits, on the Carrion Emissary for a turn of double blocking terrain, Anna for a double Vortex turn or any number of other options (Toshiro for 2 x fast minions) over Chiaki. Plus POTG on Chiaki with some Chi is really good in a list that can push/pull models around.
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    Hey team neverborn! There was someone in Europe (Jake/Jacob) that has been tearing up the field with a summoning pandora. I've painted a set of field reporters for Nellie and my body is ready. Idea is this: sorrows are too expensive. Here is what I have so far, Declared Faction: Neverborn Crew Name: 50ss Leader: Pandora - Cache:(3) Voices 1ss Fears Given Form 1ss Depression 1ss Hooded Rider 10ss Retribution's eye 1ss Doppleganger 7ss Iggy 5ss Enraged Tantrum 0ss Baby Kade 6ss The Mimic's Blessing 1ss Mysterious Effigy 4ss Insidious Madness 5ss Insidious Madness 5ss Depression seems like an auto include either woe is me. Overall I'm struggling with wrapping my head around why u would play Woe panda over Box or Voices. What strats/schemes does WoePanda want to play into?
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    More Guild Guards 😃 Kind of joking, but also kind of not. At three points they are pretty solid now.
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    I’ve noticed our favourite gambler still hasn’t had any Tactica made, so here’s my attempt at it. Please be nice . Let’s start with a quick summary of the pros and cons of Jakob Lynch. PRO: Beginner-friendly Card-independent master that has a LOT of cards Obligatory card tricks reference Offense in defense thanks to Wave 5 High damage from medium range CONS: Not the toughest master Squishy master on medium range can be dangerous if you misposition slightly His death takes a bigger bite out of your crew than most master deaths First up is the man, the myth, the legend himself! Jakob Lynch One of the main damage dealers and threats in the crew. He needs the Brilliance Characteristic on the opponent to really shine, but can output this himself. If an enemy model gets within 6” of him, it usually dies as soon as Lynch activates. Stats A lower-end Defense of 5 and a decent Willpower of 6 coupled with 10 Wounds allow him to take a punch. He will fold under a dedicated attack though. Luckily he has built-in on both Df and Wp which will help his Ability Hold’em. A slow Walk 4 and Charge 6 mean you won’t be going far with him. There are ways to move him without spending his own AP, but he generally won’t be moving much. I’ve never even used his Charge as his non-Charge Attacks deal enough damage to get the job done. Abilities Ace in the Hole One of the main draws of Lynch are the card tricks he can perform and this is the main trick. This Ability lets you pick up Aces the get discarded during another friendly models Activation. This means you can have them go Defensive, drop an Ace and just pick it back up. More combos will be revealed later, but I’ll foreshadow now that Lynch likes cards in his hand. What better way than to get up to 4 FREE cards from flipping? None for Me Lynch likes Brilliance on his opponent, but not on himself. He won’t get Brilliance thanks to this Ability. Hold’em A defensive-offensive Trigger that makes the opponent take 2 damage after cheating in an attack action against Lynch. Even if the attack fails, he’ll still take the damage. This won’t be enough to deter enemies to attack you, but the required is built-in and free damage is always nice. Infiltration (Darkened) Having doubts on playing Jakob Lynch as Neverborn or Ten Thunders? With Infiltration, you can just bring his core crew with him to either side! You can bring up to 4 Darkened models with you. Attack and Tactical Actions Hold Out Pistol A decent Sh Action with a rather low Damage track of 2/3/4. Fortunately you’ll be using this for the Triggers, if you ever even use this Attack at all. The good thing about it is that you can guarantee getting the Trigger you want as you’re allowed to discard a card when declaring Triggers and use the discarded suit for this action. gives +2 damage, which turns this attack from low Damage to high damage of 4/5/6. Winning the duel makes the target Slow. Haven’t used this yet as I just killed things before the Slow Condition could activate. Death is the best disability after all! built-in and gives the target Brilliance after damaging. If they stone away the damage, they don’t get Brilliance. Card discard after damaging. Card advantage can be strong, so I can see why you would want to use this. Play for Blood One of my favorite attacks. It has a whopping Ca 8 and is resisted by Wp. The high stat usually makes it certain that you’ll be hitting your opponent. Just make sure you hit your opponent though, because else you’ll suffer the effects. The loser of the duel takes 2 damage without a damage flip! Just win the duel and BAM… 2 damage on the other guy. It shines with the built-in Trigger that gives the opponent Brilliance. Mulligan The first (0) action and also the one I use the most. Got too many low cards in your hand? Discard up to 3 and draw in another 3. Do note that you can’t combine this with Ace in the Hole as that only triggers on friendly other models. Pay up Flip a card for every enemy model with Brilliance in play. You get to draw all cards. Great for trying to get lucky or if you have the deck stacked. Otherwhise Mulligan seems to be the better choice. So now we’ve seen his base card and I’ve already made a mention several times of Brilliance, but nothing seems to be using it! This, my friend, is why Jakob Lynch has some of the best upgrades in the game. Limited Upgrades The main choice with Lynch is deciding which upgrade to bring. He has 3 Limited Upgrades which shine at different times. The question will be what your playstyle is and what you are expecting to happen. Endless Hunger – 2 SS The first one to be discussed will be Endless Hunger. This upgrade is an offensive powerboost for your Totem: Hungering Darkness. It grants Casting Expert for that sweet +1 AP for Casting actions and turns his Terrifying (Living) into Terrifying (All). I’ll have to admit that this is my least-liked upgrade as it is completely outshined by the other ones as of Wave 5. The Rising Sun – 2 SS Lynch gains 2 new abilities: Eternal Darkness and Slave to Darkness. Eternal Darkness stops Hungering Darkness from being killed and is instead buried. Slave to Darkness allows a buried Hungering Darkness to unbury in base contact with a model that dies within 6” of Lynch while it has the Brilliance Characteristic. Combining these 2 effects makes it rather easy to have Hungering Darkness always at the end of a Turn unburied and ready to go for another round of AP-absorbing. Cheating Bastard – 1 SS The new Wave 5 upgrade has a real tough time of getting value-checked. On one hand it has to compete with The Rising Sun, an upgrade which is extremely powerful. On the other hand this upgrade is ridiculously strong in its own right in both offense and defense. Trump Cards: Friendly models within a 6” of Lynch or Hungering Darkness always cheat second, even if they are losing the duel. Let that sink in for a minute. Cheating second is extremely powerful as YOU get to decide how things end and not your opponent, granted you have the cards in your hand. This Ability allows you to keep key models in play or force that key Attack to hit. It can also double as a resource drain on your opponent: does he let you get the attack or does he cheat higher, even though he’s winning the duel? The mind games you can play with thios can be quite fun! House Rules: show your opponent a number of cards from your hand and get stacking effects. 1 gives an enemy within 8” of Lynch Brilliance. This can save you 1 AP, which is pretty huge already. 2 allow you to place a scheme marker in base contact with Lynch and Hungering Darkness. No more trouble with Dig Their Graves or the like! 3 heals every friendly model 2 Damage. LoS is not needed, it’s just a blanket 2 heal. The amount of times this has saved me is enormous and also a huge AP drain on your opponent. The rest of the upgrades This is usually the part where I see 2 upgrades as auto-takes due to the power and versatility they bring for Lynch. They are both using the Brilliance you should have on your enemies and turn it into lethal weapons. Woke Up With A Hand – 2 SS The first of my auto-takes. This card is incredibly powerful in both damage and potential. Woke Up With A Hand lets you draw 2 cards if you activate Lynch as your last model. This lets you cycle 2 cards from your deck. Low cards are great to draw as they are not in your deck and you get a higher chance of getting high flips. High cards are even better, because who doesn’t like to draw 2 13’s? Final Debt is the main reason you bring this upgrade. A high Ca 7 going against Df means you’ll easily get it off. It then does damage equal to your hand size. This synergizes really great with the first part of the card as it’s a blanket +2 damage here. Do keep in mind you can only use this once per Turn. The enemy model also needs to have Brilliance, but it’s not like Lynch has any problems getting that done. Wanna See A Trick – 1 SS The second auto-take for me. This one is debated on whether or not to auto-take, but for me that answer is YES. 52 Pickup grants Lynch the Ability to reveal aces at the end of his activation. You then shuffle those Aces, the discard pile and your deck and deal 2 damage per Ace to an enemy model within 6” with Brilliance. This means you can drop 4 Aces and get a whopping 8 damage. It also allows you to make sure those Aces go back into your deck instead of the discard pile during the drawing of your new hand during the next Turn. Aces in the deck mean you have a shot of getting them in your hand, which then increases your Final Debt damage from the previous upgrade. Suggested by @I'm a Teapot! This ability is also pretty stunning in they way it provides the dmg. It happens at the end of his activation and is not resisted by the enemy. Also being paralyzed and or abilities giving -flips or restricting actions targeting enemy models do nothing against this ability because it is not an action and paralyzed models still begin their activation, then immediatly spend their ap and end the activation. Expert Cheater – 2 SS Card tricks are fun and messing with your opponent is also fun. I’m not a fan of this upgrade though as I feel like the utility it brings is not enough to offset the damage your other upgrades bring. A huge part of this upgrade also loses meaning if you take Cheating Bastard as your Limited Upgrade. Expert Cheater allows friendly models within LoS to cheat Fate face-down. Your opponent won’t be able to see what you’re doing and have to take a gamble. Did you cheat high, did you cheat low? A potential resource drain that synergizes with your Ace retention. Losing an attack can get funny if you cheat down an Ace, only for your opponent to throw a high card in order to stop you from winning. This card has lost some of its identity with the release of Cheating Bastard as cheating second makes the face-down cheating meaningless. This part only has value for models outside of 6” of Lynch, but still within his Line of Sight. Very niche if you ask me. Squeell is a defensive trigger on a that lets you push Lynch 4” away from an attacker after you are damaged with a Ml Attack Action. Great for stopping charges, but that’s about it. Burn Out – 2 SS I haven’t had the chance to really use this upgrade as it focusses on a playstyle I don’t use with Lynch. Summoning extra models, The Depleted, is great, but I don’t feel like it’s worth losing either of my auto-takes for it. It’s Better to Burn Out Then to Fade Away lets you summon a The Depleted whenever a model with Brilliance dies within 6” of Lynch or Hungering Darkness. The cost for this summon is discarding 2 cards. The Depleted comes into play with 3 damage and 1 extra damage per Ace you dropped for the summoning. This upgrade looks great on paper. Drop 2 aces and get a Hard to Kill model on 3 Wounds in base contact with the killed model. The downside is that it can happen when you don’t have 2 aces in your hand and have to make a tough call. Is The depleted worth 2 cards or do I need those cards to do extra damage? The second question to ask yourself is also which upgrade you’re going to drop in order to be able to bring this one to the table. There are ways around this and I’ll talk about this later. Addict – 1 SS This upgrade can also be given to Hungering Darkness, which is what you will probably do if you decide to use it. I haven’t used it ever since Wave 4 came out though as I’m not running very themed lists. Devouring Need grants friendly Darkened minions within Line of Sight a on Attack Actions and damage flips against Brillianced models. This also includes your own models, so be careful for Obey! Tricks with Lynch We’ve had an overview of everything Lynch has at his disposal, but how does it work? My general start is Cheating Bastard, Woke Up With A Hand and Wanna See A Trick for upgrades. If you have an enemy model within 8” Of Lynch, you can reveal a and Brilliance it. You can now Blast it with Final Debt. Is the enemy model still alive after this? You now have 2 actions remaining to get within 6” range for your Ace dropping with 52 Pickup. Almost no model can survive this onslaught of damage given that you have the cards in your hand to utilize it properly. Another trick is to reveal a for the Brilliance, kill the enemy model with Final Debt and then use your 2 actions to get within 6” of another enemy. You can easily Brilliance it thanks to the Ca 8 of Play For Blood and then drop your aces for a decent chunk of damage on that other model. We’ve finally finished the part that talks about Lynch, but what is this Hungering Darkness that has been mentioned several times already? Fear not, it is the next model that I shall continue! Hungering Darkness Lovingly nicknamed Huggy, this model is the preferred Totem for Lynch as it’s free. It costs 0 Soulstones to hire, so what’s not to like? Hungering Darkness bring a decently tanky model to the table that can pack quite a punch or can Obey your enemy models for you. It becomes near-unkillable With The Rising Sun on Lynch as he comes back when a model with Brilliance within 6” of Lynch is killed. I mainly use Hungering Darkness as an enemy AP sink while doing decent damage. Stats Starting off with a very low Df 3 and a decent Wp 6 means he will get hit rather easily. Fortunately Hungering Darkness has 7 Wounds and 2 defensive Abilities, which help negate this weakness somewhat. A high Walk 6 and the same amount of Charge mean he has a decent 9” threat radius. You also won’t have to worry about seeing your opponent as his Ht 3 means Hungering Darkness will be towering over most models. Abilities Terrifying (Living) 12 Easy enough to understand, your opponent has to take a TN 12 Horror duel if he ends a Walk action within your engagement range or targets you with an Action. Failure means the Paralyze condition and 12 if a rather high TN to reach. Most models float around 5 Wp, so they need a 7 to pass the TN. Terrifying functions more as a deterrent and card drain than as an actual defense as the opponent only has to pass it once per Turn per model. The Real Power You can select Hungering Darkness as your crew leader for formats such as Henchman Hardcore. The Real Power drops the Totem Characteristic it has to make sure it is allowed as leader. Incorporeal The second defensive Ability that our friend has and the one that can turn him into an amazing tarpit. First off you ignore other models and terrain during any movement or push. This also works for other models, they can move through you just as well. Line of Sight blocking still applies though! The second part of Incorporeal means you can halve all damage taken from Sh and Ml attacks that damage you. This can make your 7 Wounds last twice as long and makes it possible for Hungering Darkness to survive while being surrounded by opposing models. Don’t overextend though as there are many models that can ignore Incorporeal or damage reductions. Attack and Tactical Actions Tendrils A Ca 6 3” range attack that competes against Df. You’ll usually have a stat up here, so hitting this shouldn’t be hard. It has a low 2 minimum damage, but ramps up fast with the track of 2/4/6. You’ll also gain a on both attack and damage flips when the opponent has Brilliance. Talk about nice! It also has several really good triggers. Drain heals you for 2 damage after damaging A Sliver Remains gives the opponent Brilliance after damaging. Perfect for using on your first attack, followed up with the on the second attack and damage. Envelop ups the damage track to a whopping 4/5/7. 4 Minimum damage is a huge amount for a separate attack and can catch some people off-guard. Never underestimate the damage Hungering Darkness can bring to the table. Heed My Voice A midrange Ca 7 Obey that gains against Brillianced models. The obeyed model does consider Hungering Darkness as friendly so you can’t use it to fail a Horror duel on yourself. If you have another model with Terrifying, you can bounce it off there though. Getting the Trigger makes sure Brilliance is here to stay. The condition stays until the end of the game instead of the end of the Turn. This can be great as setup for later turns or drawn-out fights. Consume Brilliance This 0 action does not require a flip and heals Hungering Darkness for 1 damage per model with the Brilliance Characteristic withing 6”. Then those models must take a TN 13 Horror duel. A neat trick here is to hit something with Tendrils, Brilliance them and then force this duel upon them. TN 13 means it’s almost guaranteed to burn a card from your opponents hand. You can also use this to heal off of your own models such as Illuminated. Just make sure you can pass the Horror duel afterwards.
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    Witchling thralls. Big beaty minions that like to be ordered by Lucius and pushed by McMourning for free attacks. Perdita's box is the hotness for Sonnia and McMourning because of Francisco and Papa Loco. Brutal effigy is very nice to have for Sonnia and McMourning at least. Healing is neat. Lucius rarely does many attacks himself when I play him but it's still a pretty decent and survivable scheme runner for its cost.
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    Caedrus completes February with 10SS. Good evening all, Well, a busy time in the shortest month means not a lot of painting. I have completed the Steam Trunk and a Freikorps Librarian. Images will be uploaded shortly. Best of luck to all in the finishing moments of the month! Caedrus. Next Month: Ressers!
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    Sounds good to me mate I started playing Malifaux a year after my local store first stocked it, so my experience is also less when compared to my mates. But, I'm approaching the 1 year mark and I'm no longer getting destroyed, games are much closer and each move is crucial. It's all the learning process mate, you will see yourself improve and eventually you'll beat the Neverborn player 😊
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    I'm not a huge fan of supply wagons either. I've tried it twice with Thunders and used two different approaches. A: McCabe with emissary, badge of speed, and a jorogumo. This allows you to reactive the jorogumo in round one and give him nimble, so he can push, move, push (x2). So you can get the supply wagon 16" on round one. That requires his activation, one AP from McCabe for reactivate from the badge (possibly a stone), a 0 from McCabe, and 1 AP from the emissary (you have to push the jorogumo between his activations to give yourself the extra push. Everything else you can invest in schemes and denial. B: Take Misaki and slam her right down your opponents throat so he can't do anything with his wagon. Use the emissary here as well to push the wagon, push for 0, push the wagon on turn one (8"). On turn two you'll need an assist from a 30mm model to get the wagon over the centerline, but other than that you're investing in misaki's alpha strike (so Sensei Yu and a charm warder). I like the second option much better. It's really hard to move that wagon when your pusher has just been impaled on a bisento and a handful of other models have been thunderstruck.
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    The lollipop and hat really kick those two up a notch. Great brush work.
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    Thanks ! But you just make me realize I still have to put a coat of satin/gloss varnish on them !
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    @STOEven with the list you had which has a few models that are generally not seen as super powerful it seems like you did some strange moves. Malifaux isn't super forgiving, you cannot afford to make mistakes like shooting at something you have negatives against and still expect a win. In that case you should either start shooting something else or spend soulstones/focus to get to a straight flip on the attack. I actually think burying Nekima with the emissary was a solid move considering almost your entire list would have been at negatives against her. The mistake you did was not setting it up properly. If you think you will bury something with your emissary then it's good to use a cheap model to drop a marker somewhere that is WAY away from the fight like in your own deployment corner. If you put someone like Nekima away and make them come out at a marker 15" from any of your models they will have to spend a full turn or even more just to get back in the fight. You will need LoS to the marker with your emissary at the time of the unbury but with ht 3 that should be possible to arrange and still have the marker far away. Another thing would have been to keep Francisco as a reserve and play him really carefully and then when Nekima kills something you have you use Perdita to obey him to place near Nekima and Perdita herself can attack something else but make sure she can companion into Francisco who flurries Nekima. That way you aren't charging her so her upgrade does nothing and you get a number of solid attacks against her (debt to the guild on Francisco makes him at least min 4, maybe min 5 or min 6 depending on if you can spend soulstones and ram cards for critical strikes). Then put Francisco's (0) up so her ml attacks are at negatives against him. Sonnia is nice against lures because one of her upgrades removes suits from any casts targeting anything within 3" of her. Her totem also prevents soulstone use which tends to be really annoying for Dreamer and Nekima. Dreamer with a crew of many models on low wounds also hates her blasts.
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    @Franchute Hi guys! This month haven't been nice to me and I haven't had anytime for the hobby, Barytone Lola is still half finished and Mercury is primed, but that is as far as I got. I'm moving to a new apartment during next month but I hope I will be able to spend at least enogh time to finish what I've started. Guess this counts as a mulligan and hope to be more active soon! What I've seen you guys have been excellent this month and this thread is full of amazing work! Keep up the good work!
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    What do you think of this kinda list? 50 SS Ten Thunders Crew Asami Tanaka + 7 Pool - A Heavenly Design (2) - Bad Hair Day (1) - Grasping Strands (1) Kamaitachi (4) Sensei Yu (9) - Wandering River Style (2) Katanaka Crime Boss (8) - Hidden Agenda (0) Mr. Tannen (6) - Smoke Grenades (1) Terracotta Warrior (6) Obsidian Oni (6) With all the card draw Asami will be able to summon a ton of Oni, and she can consume the markers to heal back up. I think she may just become our premiére pick in Marker heavy pools. EDIT: Since Terracotta Warriors cannot swap 0-cost upgrades, one is likely better served using Servant or RT (or even Equality) to begin with.
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    I borrowed my girlfriend's computer to use MS Paint (I only use a Chromebook) and was able to resize some pics from this month. Here's Dr Douglas McMourning, primed and a WIP shot. 15 SS
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    Okay! Game #1: The dreaded quite open table Opposing Faction: Guild Deployment: Standard Strategy: Public Executions Schemes: Eliminate the leadership, Undercover entourage, Inescapable trap, Show of force, Take one for the team
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    Well from the artwork Minako appears to be running with scissors, so I guess she just doesn't give a damn about health and safety...
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    People might think it's too strong of an ability to put on a model at a certain cost, now that costs are involved rather than model count, but that's a separate argument. At that point it's no different than model X is too good in reckoning or leave your mark, to which the answer is usually always the same; kill it before it can score. As messy as I'm sure the old system became, it is little things like this being played in two very opposite ways that make me wish "official" answers could come through the forums. It's not even something I'd think to ask a TO, because it seems so obvious, and wouldn't come up until the middle of a tournament match, which is always a bad time.
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    I don't see how counts as could mean anything other than fully, in all possible ways. It doesn't say counts as two models except when counting soulstones. It doesn't say it counts as two for purposes of counting number of models only. it doesn't say counts as two three soulstone models. If there were two physical models, you would add up both of their SS cost. If they count as two models, you treat them exactly as you would if there were two of them on the board, in that position. Obviously it's yet another thing that can be seen in opposing ways. So we wait for the possibility of one day maybe seeing an answer, and until then discuss with your opponent and TO before playing.
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    When you count up a quarter you count the ss of each model. Since this model says it counts as two models I tally it like in this example: My master 10, a canine 4, a bone pile 6, another bone pile 6. That way the model counted as two models as far as the strat is concerned?
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    Silly thing one of the locals likes to do is get a few Guild Autopsies (shooty bang bang), Emissary with generic conflux (+'s for autopsies) and Graveyard Spirit to drain opponent's final cards to give autopsies reactivate. I don't think he's done it with Molly though.
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    Reva has few must-haves since she isn't reliant directly on Condition synergy or keyword synergy (which is great since pretty much every other master is). That said there are a a lot of great choices to consider. First, the two biggies: Yin and the Emissary. Despite getting middling results whenever I've hired Yin with Reva, I've basically only ever heard good things of including Yin from other people. The (0) is great at securing free hits with Reva's attacks. The Emissary is very popular for many reasons. It's solid with almost all of our masters and extremely good with a few. Although it's a big investment in SS and money, it sees a decent amount of play with Seamus is also very nasty with Nicodem so it's not only an investment in Reva; it's an investment into Ressurectionists as a whole. I really like a Nurse with Reva (and Seamus). Specifically for Reva, their trigger operates similar to Yin's debuff to neuter a target's defense so that Reva can unload on them, in addition to all the usual dirty tricks their other triggers provide. They can partner very nicely with the Shieldbearers that Reva frequently brings - even the lowest of cards are all valuable to a Nurse+Shieldbearer combo - transforming them into Armour +3 walls (a doesn't really matter to Shieldbearers most of the time), Wk7 scheme runners with easy access to 'free' Fast, or even unavoidable damage dealers with multiple - even a hand of only 1, 2and 3 converts to minimum 6 damage that can't be dodged with their triggers. I would also back the support for Bete Noire. She's another model that sees a lot of love from Nicodem+Seamus players so she won't go to waste in your model pool. The Guises play is great, but even the simple turn by turn 8" Corpse Candle production that Reva generates (which makes Bete impossible to get rid of and super hard to hide from) is good.
  37. 1 point
    Not the usual pick but I love Bete Noire with reva and her Guises of Death upgrade. She can put your opponent in the defensive turn one allowing you to set up with the remaining crew. Philip and the necropunk/doxy is also nice as face cards will be on demand to confirm hits or debuffs with this crew.
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    45 ss is not a common amount, so its hard for people to have a "typical" crew at that size. I also build lists based on the table I'm playing on as well as the strats and schemes, so I can't give you a typical list, but what you seem to have looks like a strong summoning list. You have a good set up to draw the cards you need for summoning, you have several decent options to summon from, and you have a basic threat in the form of Izamu, so no obvious gaps. lots of people have their own ways of getting models to summon from, but I'm a fan of the night terror route, easpecially if you are looking to summon Drowned and hanged. Other summoning options may work better using the flesh construct, and a nurse, or just using Seishin, but a lot of that is personal preference.
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    Carrion Emissary or Asura Roten would be my top picks for adds. Assuming competitiveness, with Seamus, and not theme is your primary goal. Just to be clear I also own Killjoy and he was an ok model for his time. The issue is he was an early 2nd edition design and Wyrd has gone past what was considered balanced and fair for the cost at that time with more recent releases. There has been power creep that has left him far behind. There are 7 and 8 stone models that kill as well as he does and have as more or more sirvivability and mobility. No one faults you for liking his model or wanting to use him, or buying him. As I said I own him myself. But there isn't a crew build that will maximize his effectiveness to the point where he's even a pick for parity of effectiveness against other cheaper options. If you like his model, which I also do, use him as a proxy for the Emissary or Archie. That would be my advice.
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    Use him as a proxy for Archie. Archie doesn't have much synergy with Seamus but at least he's at an approximate fair output for cost unlike Killjoy is at this point.
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    I believe the wording for his unbury says 'may' so I would say that you should keep that in mind. You don't have to pop him out at the very first thing you kill. You can wait for a more advantageous kill. Use your Belles to position the enemy where you want KillJoy to pop out. Use Doxy's, if you have them, to help position KillJoy once he is out on the table and keep him close to enemy models. In theory Seamus should be able to kill things from range with a certain amount of reliability. Maybe determining a good target for Killjoy at the top of the game and then a good model nearby that you can kill easily to get him out. He is a lot of points and sometimes bringing him out too early can lead to him getting killed too soon. I see a lot of people try really hard to unbury him turn 1. If he doesn't kill a lot of stuff before he is killed, you'll be sorely outmatched. However, opponents do tend to put a lot of effort into targeting him, so he can also be used to distract your opponent from your other models as they go about scheming. I don't use him myself though, so all theory really.
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    A general consensus is that Reva is stronger than Seamus, and Seamus is not even close to the shooting power of Perdita, especially if you are forced to choose suboptimal target (by optimal target of Seamus' flintlock I understand low df non-soulstone user not in hard cover). I would pick him over Reva only in Extraction game (his Do you know who I am? upgrade works pretty well with that strategy) or if the table has A LOT of LoS blocking terrain. Can't you just buy both? You want to use Belle with Reva, you might want to use Vincent with Seamus (Vincent can help him deal with armoured enemies) and Shieldbearers are sturdy minions that can provide Seamus with a corpse (for summoning/corpse bloat) before they actually die, so I don't think they're bad with him (albeit they have no Wp resisted attack). But yeah, Reva definitely needs Seamus' box more than he needs hers.
  44. 1 point
    Still very much a WIP given that she has no arms but other than her coat everything on the body is done and I'm pretty pleased with how she's shaping up so far: That said I can see I probably need to give the creases around her left knee some more attention. Thanks for looking, hopefully it won't take me another 2 months to finish her! zfiend - Thanks, very much. I'm glad you like what you see. Naturlastic is definitely what I was trying with Tuco and I'm glad that's how it's come out. ArgentBadger - Cheers, man.
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    BUT. You could bring this in Kaeris! Set the bird on fire, grab and drop being your limited. Walk the bird 16 and then drop a scheme marker as well.
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    Well, so there it is for this month ! So if I'm counting well : bushwaker 5 + depleted 4 + killjoy 11 + Yin 8 + 2 traps 4 + 1 illuminated 7 + 1 performer 5 + 2 furnitures 10 = 54
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    Here's my thoughts on 35ss with Reva: Don't bother with Kentauroi. One of their greatest abilities is ferrying masters around so they don't have to waste AP or card walking, and Reva is the only master they can't do this for since she's HT3. They're also insanely easy to kill for their price, and when one dies in a 35ss game, which it will, you're really going to feel it. You're right that our Emissary can seem steep at 35s; anything at 10ss would. Even so, it's worth considering if you're going minion-heavy. If you commit to something like 1-2 Belles and 2 Shieldbearers as your core, then Emissary+Carrion Conflux is still amazing for all the buffs he hands out. On that note, either commit to multiple Shieldbearers or take none. Their ability to gain Fast for discarding or using SS nearby is very underrated if you have lots of them. I would basically say, bring 2 or 3 of them + the Emissary or leave all of them out. I rate Vincent very highly, he's really infuriating to deal with for your opponent if you position him well (with his upgrade this is almost every game) and his basic attack comes with 3 really useful triggers. There's a lot of people saying there's little need to play him with Reva though, since they do similar tasks - pressuring at range. I find space from him in some Reva crews - usually ones where the board lets him abuse his From The Shadows and free push mechanics. Your preferences matter a lot, of course, but I personally reckon he's the tits. Admittedly at 35ss you're really stretched for SS, so he might not make the cut all the time. But he's definitely a good model to at least consider and to practice with. I found this list relatively straightforward to work with for 35ss: Reva with Decaying Aura, Beyond Death. Carrion Emissary with Carrion Conflux Rotten Belle Rotten Belle Shieldbearer Shieldbearer This list was also a lot of fun - though it is a bit risky and highly dependent on terrain: Reva with Litany of the Fallen, Decaying Aura, Guises of Death. Vincent with MLH+DWD Bete Noire Friekorps Trapper Crooligan
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    So, I used to not be a fan of Seamus, he just didn't seem to do what I wanted him to. But the errata and GG18 I think pull him to a reasonable point. I've played 2 games with him since the errata, so not a huge pool, but I've noticed a couple things. GG18 really likes models that have a lot of survivability, and Seamus is freaking brutal to put down, especially with his change. The ability to heal off of a melee attack is really really strong, combine that with mad haberdasher, boo so he can force horror duels (that he can and hurt off of) and he's virtually unkillable. I've taken Mad Haberdasher, Sinister Reputation, and Do You Know Who I Am. (I also played a game with AKA SB instead of the hat, it's good, but i like the hat for my gameplan) Basically, Seamus can just teleport or charge into the middle of everything, attack, boo (if what you want to kill succeeds hit it with the damage from DYK) and push it off and shoot. If he hits all the attacks and they pass the horror duel he can do a min of 8-10 damage with just min damages. But more importantly, they're gonna have to spend so much effort to kill him back, his staying power is just so high. For example, he weathered a round of combat from Reva and Archie, healed up to full and left archie on like 3 wounds if I remember correctly. I don't know if he breaks into my top 3 masters in faction (Reva, Kirai, Nico in no particular order), but he's definitely someone i'll consider more often than I had before.
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    Molly is the only model which has synergy with the Belle keyword. Seamus has no synergy whatsoever with the keyword beyond those being the only models he can summon without AKA Sebastian Baker. We will have to agree to disagree on Sybelle, you are pretty much the only person I know of that rates her anymore. And to be clear I think it's entirely a function of creep. I don't think she was a badly designed model. I think purely considered in terms of book 1 she maybe wasn't setting the world on fire the way Francisco did, but was was perfectly adaquit if not amazing (and leaps and bounds better than she was in 1E where she was pretty much trash from the day she was released). What you expect to get with 8 stones has for better or worse shifted, and some models have just through circumstances held the test of time. She hasn't.
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    Hi, if you had to use Killjoy in Seamus crew, how would you use him? What other things you'd take into the crew?
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