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    Thanks! Some stiched fellows.
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    I have an ever growing Space Marine army that I love, but every now and then I just want to paint something different and recently I decided to take the plunge into Malifaux. I've admired many of the models for a while and purchased a fair few Guild miniatures but have started off with Tuco, one of the Neverborn iirc, because he has a cowboy vibe that I dig as a big Deadwood and Justified fan. For some reason the highlighting on the boots hasn't shown up in the photo even though it's there in real life and the black to grey transition on his top coat isn't quite how I'd like it. Other than that I'm pretty happy with him. I've followed him up with a Witchling Stalker because they are fun little models. I bought the Torch and the Blade crew set when it came out and I've been trepidatious about tackling such finely detailed miniatures with painting skills that, while ok, are best suited to painting my marines, but we've all got to start somewhere I decided to tackle a Witchling Stalker first of all; it seemed a little less dainty than the humans and the Purifying Flame model. Here are the results: I must have ended up using half a bottle of vallejo matte medium in my paints for this guy, shaken bottles 'til my arms were sore and brushed on some matte varnish over the robes and still couldn't get rid of some of the gloss finish from the Vallejo Game Colour paints that went into the robes. Contrast that with the Reaper paints I used on the exposed hands and Scale 75 I used for the face mask; I'm going to be replacing some of my paints with ones from those ranges. Other than the slightly glossy finish I'm happy with him. Tried somenot quite layering and not quite blending on the robes which produced satisfactorily smooth transitions and generally tried to avoid the kind of high contrast edge highlights that my Marines have. I chose the skin to be very pale as not only does it make for a nice contrast but it would make some sense of why the little fellow is so covered up. My Malifaux basing theme is of an underground desert temple/shrine, inspired by the interiors of Imhotep's tomb in the film The Mummy (yes the Brendan Fraser one...). Can't decide if I prefer the grey rim for the base or if I should go back and do it brown like with Tuco. Thanks for looking, comments appreciated.
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    Let us know what you think about this week's episode. http://schemesandstones.podbean.com/e/episode-83-leveticus-crew-spotlight-with-arash/
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    I'll post here some photos of my Neverborn friends, because of some beautiful lady decided to photosoot them.
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    I recently ran Shenlong solo in a tournament and I can say that 1st round against Titania, this was nuts. My opponent couldn't spam markers because of Crime Boss, but he had to put down one or two for his abilities, which meant card draw for me. There's not a huge amount of marker schemes, but the ones that do exist are perfect for this tactic. Guarded Treasure, Inescapable Trap, Dig their Graves and Setup all require some pretty nominal marker placement. Shenlong not only disrupts this heavily, but with the crime boss absolutely brings in some card advantage into an already high card advantage crew.
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    Hey all, I recently updated the reputation options on the forum. Like is now a Puppet Teddy because why not. The main purpose, though, was I removed all potentially "negative" reactions like Confused and Sad. That said, I also added an "Agree" and a "Respectfully Disagree." I am hoping these will be useful for people who would like to express an opinion, particularly one that is disagreeing, without typing it out. I've seen it used to good effect on other boards, making it far easier to gauge overall reaction to a comment without scrolling through everything. I feel it'll be particularly helpful in playtesting efforts. Anyway, let me know any thoughts or comments.
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    Pledge complete with a day to spare! The Iron Zombies - Student of Viscera (7SS), Student of Steel (6SS), and Student of Sinew (6SS). Draugr - the beardy LE model! (8 SS) That's a total of 27 SS of models painted for the month. What's on the docket for March? Probably more dead things - Doxies and Autopsies. Horror Molly has so many hiring and summoning options!
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    The lollipop and hat really kick those two up a notch. Great brush work.
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    *makes tiny teddies everywhere* I was finding sad useful for comedy and confused for...well...almost the entirety of the rules discussions, but that was merely nice to play with and not a necessity. Glad to see the contrary options reduced to one. Marcus is, always and forever, the alpha jerk.
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    @Franchute Hi guys! This month haven't been nice to me and I haven't had anytime for the hobby, Barytone Lola is still half finished and Mercury is primed, but that is as far as I got. I'm moving to a new apartment during next month but I hope I will be able to spend at least enogh time to finish what I've started. Guess this counts as a mulligan and hope to be more active soon! What I've seen you guys have been excellent this month and this thread is full of amazing work! Keep up the good work!
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    Ah, Francisco. He should be made into an academic. *hint hint*
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    You don't need to kill anyone! For the low price of not being able to summon and 8+ soulstones you can get df/wp 7. Since trying a few games in ressers I've enjoyed summoning and poison crew synergy a lot more than that buff so I'm not sure it's worth it.
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    What do you think of this kinda list? 50 SS Ten Thunders Crew Asami Tanaka + 7 Pool - A Heavenly Design (2) - Bad Hair Day (1) - Grasping Strands (1) Kamaitachi (4) Sensei Yu (9) - Wandering River Style (2) Katanaka Crime Boss (8) - Hidden Agenda (0) Mr. Tannen (6) - Smoke Grenades (1) Terracotta Warrior (6) Obsidian Oni (6) With all the card draw Asami will be able to summon a ton of Oni, and she can consume the markers to heal back up. I think she may just become our premiére pick in Marker heavy pools. EDIT: Since Terracotta Warriors cannot swap 0-cost upgrades, one is likely better served using Servant or RT (or even Equality) to begin with.
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    Alright, Iron Skeeter is done for a total of 21 soulstones for this month. Crew to date is in the final picture below.
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    Okay! Game #1: The dreaded quite open table Opposing Faction: Guild Deployment: Standard Strategy: Public Executions Schemes: Eliminate the leadership, Undercover entourage, Inescapable trap, Show of force, Take one for the team
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    Oh yea, I'm super excited to see how it works, could be great with Nicodem and Circling Buzzards, or with Reva and Guises of death *-*
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    Well from the artwork Minako appears to be running with scissors, so I guess she just doesn't give a damn about health and safety...
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    So Leveticus is getting new paper stuff...
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    I don't see how counts as could mean anything other than fully, in all possible ways. It doesn't say counts as two models except when counting soulstones. It doesn't say it counts as two for purposes of counting number of models only. it doesn't say counts as two three soulstone models. If there were two physical models, you would add up both of their SS cost. If they count as two models, you treat them exactly as you would if there were two of them on the board, in that position. Obviously it's yet another thing that can be seen in opposing ways. So we wait for the possibility of one day maybe seeing an answer, and until then discuss with your opponent and TO before playing.
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    When you count up a quarter you count the ss of each model. Since this model says it counts as two models I tally it like in this example: My master 10, a canine 4, a bone pile 6, another bone pile 6. That way the model counted as two models as far as the strat is concerned?
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    No, the aura makes poison deal 3, it doesn't say it's after you have suffered damage so it is as soon as you auffer any poison it is turned into three instead of thr customary one point of damage. After determining poison deals 3 damage you get to reduce from that.
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    Not the usual pick but I love Bete Noire with reva and her Guises of Death upgrade. She can put your opponent in the defensive turn one allowing you to set up with the remaining crew. Philip and the necropunk/doxy is also nice as face cards will be on demand to confirm hits or debuffs with this crew.
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    You've got a really solid core going already with some positioning shenanigans with the Doxies and Belles, some scheme running with the Crooligans, and a second beater to take the heat off with the rogue necromancy. A popular addition to her is the Carrion Emissary (and thus, by extension Mindless zombies) as additional vectors of attack as well as a reasonable damage dealer in it's own right. Another popular choice is Yin, since her WP condition is basically a death sentence. I find her more of a "win more" piece in Reva than anything really necessary though. I've also had some fun with Archie as "yet another wrecking ball" who has the added perk of getting your corpse markers into better spots as the battle progresses.
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    To the best of my knowledge Madame Sybelle was considered by many regular Molly players suboptimal choice for Molly looong time before Kentaurois (sorry, Greek) were even playtested. Philip and the Nanny also seem to be rather a situational pick than core element of any "classic" list. As for Kentauroi, you're certainly right, as a taxi he is much better than Sybelle ever was, being cheaper and not requiring any flips. As for Philip, replace it with whatever helps you win the game in a given scenario. Asura doesn't bring anything really valuable for Molly imho. I'm not a fan of Anna's damage track, min. 3 is good against other Ressurs (hard to wound), but her moderate and severe is unsatisfactory for 9 ss model. I use her mainly as an anti-TT anti-Pandora tech, to prevent pushes. I think you're focusing too much on creating an inflexible list (a new "classic") instead of adjusting your crew to strat and schemes. While there's nothing wrong in having a core around which you build every given list (most of my Molly lists contained both Rogue Necromancy and Dead Doxy), I think you're needlessly trying to cram situational models (Anna, Philip) in it.
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    I have now finished the 3rd Witchling Stalker: There's a couple of things I wish I'd done a bit better, but I was trying to finish it for an online competition whose deadline was midnight yesterday having been laid low by flu for the last several days. I'm pretty satisfied overall. Here they are all together. I didn't realise until taking that photo that I'd done the most recent one so much darker than the one on the left. Clearly they're both very different to my first attempt, hioray for Reaper Anti-Shine Additive. Vinncent - thank you very much.