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    I've decided to try and work on whatever crew I'm playing next as to try and get some completely finished crews out there (which proves to be annoying as a lot of cool models are coming out, looking at you grootslang). Tomorrow I'm playing titania and I'm doing my best to finish grootslang and (probably not) barbaros by tomorrow. For barbaros I used some brighter colors, I'm using this color throughout my neverborn though here it is a bit stronger. For grootslang I'm using the same color but toned down to a more greyish tone as bright colors don't fit the mini imo. I'm really glad with the base. A lot of work went into that thing. Tell me what you think about the color schemes especially.
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    Jokers in. A game without risk is just a spreadsheet.
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    You will crucify me for saying this but i hope we won’t get too many new models in 2018. We already have so many of them it is hard to remember anything and not to mention too many models are between medicre and weak spot in competitive games so i wouldnt mind to see these models being re-done/updated rather than see more medicre models. Now you can start bashing me
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    What do you think about getting rid of jokers, folks? Has it been tested before, when M2E was in preparation? Personally, I really hate them. They add nothing positive to the game experience. If I get serious advantage by flipping red, I feel bad for my opponent. If flipping black screws my carefully executed plan, I start to believe that the gods hate me. Simultaneously, in long run jokers are irrelevant for player's win rate - good players still win more games than average and bad ones. What jokers add to the game is another layer of unpredictability. But if I am not alone in the feeling that they simultaneously diminish the enjoyment, why not get rid of them? Like suited schemes: cool idea, which eventually turned out to be bad for the game.
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    Check out this week's Monday Preview!
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    Lilith can target the oxfordian mages quite easily to bring them up and deal with them. consider getting serena bowman when she comes out as your swap model because if she dies she just comes back to be used again
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    Wave 5 hasn't changed my list, her new upgrades don't add much although I may use the any trigger one sometime and none of the new models do much for her imo 50 SS Arcanists Crew Mei Feng + 4 Pool - Price Of Progress (1) - Seismic Claws (1) - Vapormancy (1) Emberling (3) Joss (10) - Bleeding Edge Tech (1) - Imbued Energies (1) Kang (9) - Hard Worker (1) - Imbued Energies (1) Willie (6) Rail Worker (5) Rail Worker (5) Arcane Effigy (4) (exported from CrewFaux) You can swap out price of progress to taste but I find it useful. the emberling is probably my main scheme runner sometimes supported by willie or rail workers depending on opposing crews. Mei is used for protection until I feel she has the time to go in supported by Joss and Kang (few times I have been overly aggressive with her is when this list doesn't work). the list has got me some podiums and even tourney wins so it does work, but more so if you get to face ressers
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    If you didn't use the focus on the first shot I think you can use it on one generated by the attack aince those are also zeclared. No matter when you use it you will only ever get the bonus to one attack which is the important part.
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    Yay, a post! But boo, that you are feeling ill And yay that now the latest post is not one wishing that I die a slow agonizing death... I did have a nice Christmas, and I hope yours was not too bad, despite the flu
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    I'm not sure what you mean here. "Activation" is a very specific game term, and doesn't really have anything to with this. I'm assuming you meant "new actions". The Action in the trigger happens during the action (its resolving before the end of the Action) but it isn't considered part of the Action. No. But the very first FAQ entry is effectively that Focus doesn't work for generated Actions:
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    The fewest piece models I have encountered are more recent human models for Guild and rarely other factions, and steam arachnids (three pieces per spider: on a given sprue of six arachnids, eight detached legs will fit with minimal trouble, but four need to have their pegs shaven down to fit close enough to be glued) and soul stone miners (very nearly click-fit). Smaller stompybots have been good to me, for simpler assembly. Larger ones I handed off as a honey-do project. Gremlins are absolutely NOT the faction for you.
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    Clean up, greenstuff gaps, and it's the dry fitting which is how I noticed the problem. I can see how it's meant to fit together, but it isn't.The front seems to be okay, but I can't work out what at the back isn't clicking into place. However, the magnifying lamp I just got might help me see it a bit clearer. Here's hoping.
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    For a tournament I`d have my core at: Hoffman 4 (or 5, don`t remember Arcanist Asset cost) - Harness - Field Mechanic - Arcanist Assets Mechanical Attendant 2 Joss 11 - A Debt to the Guild Mobile Toolkit 3 Watcher 4 Howard Langston 13 - Numb to the World Thats ~37SS. You can remove Numb and add 2 Hunters/Guardians or add a second Watcher if necessary.
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    Did this allready, got bored after a while. I want to use all my toys!
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    Haha, damn it ressers, stop being so good at shooting!
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    If you play the Viks, its going to be a rough learning with some really good and some really frustrating games. But the real danger is that if you master them to fast and your friend is a bit slower in learning how to deal with them, it is really really going to be frustrating for him. This is no joke. Well played viks crush the opponent so hard that he doesnt see any hope most of the time.
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    I think that Jokers do some really useful stuff that would make the game a fair amount shallower were they to be removed. The fact they can show up helps obfuscate the odds, and makes the value of s and s both harder to calculate, and substantially different from a simple + or -2. They make for some nice risk reward options, add some extra value judgements that I think are really interesting (hold onto or ditch the BJ?), and they are useful for more casual players as a balancing factor, making sure there's always a chance things can go right for you even if you are in a bad position. Plus thanks to the nature of the fate deck, they happen one a turn if at all, making them less obtrusive than some other crit systems which rely on dice. My main argument here is I guess that some unpredictability is good and necessary for a deep and intetesting game. Once you remove too much of it, the game begins to stop being about seeing whose personal value judgements line up best with the game's, and more about who has calculated the optimal strategy more accurately. And as you said, since they don't really affect a player's long term win rate there shouldn't be too much of a problem with swinginess. I think tournament concerns should really be directed against the best of 1 format that they are usually run with - it makes sense due to time constraints but I think for good consistent results, best of 3 or even 5 is necessary.
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    I'm betting a few doctors had debts to the guild for paying for med school.
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    Throwing NB on isolated target is a waste tbh. If you manage to kill it - you are left unengaged the same, if you fail - you spent 4 AP of beater for not killing, which is shame. NB is more of tarpit, especially vs melee models. Throw it in crowd, make 2-3 attacks, maybe bury something, go defensive, use Void. After that stone for damage, strike back with Voided trigger, bury if possible, Void shield for emergency. Rinse and repeat.
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    If there was an M3 these are some ideas that spring to mind: Terrain height (vantage point) rules made clearer and more intuitive. There' a balance between real world and gaming world where it is difficult to give an accurate representation so don' know the best way to handle this. Points go from 50ss to 100ss per game but costs double(ish) for existing models. ie a 4 as model now would become either a 7,8 or 9ss model as model in M3 (I think this would/could help balance) Henchmen/enforcers get master specific upgrades (e.g. barbaros has an upgrade he could only take if lilith was master etc). I think this would encourage more themed crews (which I like). Don' know about the totems idea? Maybe new shared totems? Eg Totem X can only be taken by Zoraida, pandora and dreamer, totem Y can be taken by collodi and lucius, and totem Z can be taken by Lynch, lilith and titania? New deployment rules where you place models alternatively after the player with the most models evens it up. E.g. I have 10 models and you have 7, I deploy 3 and then we take it in turn placing one at a time with whoever won the flip going 2nd (I think this would make from the shadows a better ability too). I think that' everything that springs to mind at the moment. Not overly thought about it and the above ideas could turn out to be terrible ideas but I think people brainstorming might help the development of the game.
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    Honestly I would love if they focused on cleaning up wording, elevation and timing instead of releasing new models next year. A major errata to balance some of the models that are falling behind would be welcome, but its honestly not even close to top priority in my world. A lot of the models being seen as weak by most can be used effectively if you think a little out of the box. Especially the totems.
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    So kind of like the effigies used to be in 1st edition. Not sure that a new generic totem will shake up a faction too much. And I'm not sure that there is the market for a new totem for each master, after all the reason Totems got moved to the crew boxes in plastic was because they weren't selling enough when separate.
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    It's just AP efficiency - if you aren't using all your actions to score points, then you might as well use the leftovers to get a head start on the interior design of the hideout.