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    Got the doppleganger (7ss) and the primordial magic (2ss) painted up at the start of the month as I had my first tournament on the 18th of november. So last couple of months I've been painting neverborn models. I'm taking a break from that for a bit and I'm going to finally continue with my kirai crew. This month I'm going for datsu ba and I'm getting started on the seishin. So for datsu ba I'm trying out OSL for the first time and it has been really fun (especially the blue ringed octopus!), but also time consuming. I'm posting a WIP here, and any feedback is welcome, she is mostly finished, I'm just working on the highlights on her clothes and the light effects. The seishin needs some minor details, I've tried out someting different as for color scheme, let me know what you guys think!
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    Congrats @Franchute I finished Burt Jebsen for my medical crew as well. The Nellie crew is almost done. Just a reporter to paint for it. It was really fun to paint the Gremlin skin. And the Nellie crew so far.
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    Nellie is currently making my head hurt with all her possibilities, but even when I’m not playing her at her best, she is getting work done. She demands ALL my attention, though. One interruption and all the balls I’m juggling (does Nellie have evidence? does she need it so I should activate one of my own and trade its AP for her condition? will she burn it on her activation, or hold onto it? now that an enemy has attacked and failed, should I spend evidence and push it, to where? how much do I need to hoard for end of turn and exchanging it for goodies? did I even TAKE the ‘exchange evidence for goodies’ upgrade this game?) fall down. No wonder that better players skip most of that, don’t buy that upgrade, and burn all her evidence on her own activation. It sounds easier. But being able to push models on their activation not yours is amazing. Keyword synergy is easier. Journalists have only one, on a journalist upgrade, so they can drop a scheme marker along with an attack. Witch hunters have two, one on a witch hunter upgrade, to give negatives to enemy casting standing near any witch hunter. (The other can only be carried by Sonnia, so.) I find the witch hunter one a little bit harder to remember since it involves enemies and I have to ask ‘was that a casting action? flip another card, and use the worse one, and you can’t cheat it’ frequently. But it’s unbelievably useful against a Ca enemy.
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    Here are my three finished models for November (19 SS). The colors really washed out in the photo again, especially the flames around Carlos. I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I am using a cheap automatic camera, so that may be the first thing to fix. I will try to photograph again sometime, this time using the flash. The Komainu are really cool, but there are so many details that I had trouble using enough contrast to make the different parts show up, but still maintain a consistent color scheme. I like the model though. One month to go!
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    Tested new list for upcoming tournament. -Phiona (leader) -Franc -Jury -effigy Phiona with htk and 9 def+ 2 sources of healing is absolutely unbreakable. I've tanked 4 models with her, getting hit only 2 times. She also brings 5ss cache, which is just great since you have 3 henchmen.
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    @Viruk Thanks for the recipe, now to see if I can replicate it. Your effort is evident in the results.
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    If it means the faction starts getting some better models (like the other factions have for the last few books) or returns to its flavor, then I am all for it. As is the faction is in a serious rut because of complaints about specific abilities that seem over powered until you actually play them (having played gremlins since the start of the game, they are definitely not overpowered or even consistent in what they can do...they are a blast to play however and that is what keeps me playing them). This isn't solely an issue in Malifaux, nearly every game I have played that builds an identity for a group of models around synergy and high-risk/high-reward falls into it. It is perhaps a bit more noticeable with Gremlins because they also were intended to have a decisive advantage in activations that, unfortunately, with every book gets lower and lower. Personally I think the entire faction needs a rewrite (truthfully I think it is time for a third edition, especially one that improves the unused elevation rules). I would like to see the faction return to the "character" it started with. And again for the old salts...I am not talking about overpowered...I am talking about making the characteristics actually mean something (like they do in Gremlins). Models that are themed together should function best together and not the same regardless of Master, Henchman, Crew, or theme. Factions should have distinct identities that are only violated rarely, Crews so be even more stringent. As is, Malifaux isn't like this. The character is gone and the feel of the game has followed it. It used to feel like each game of Malifaux was a part of a larger narrative and also a sequence in an RPG. With the model bloat, symmetric strategies (the worst of it for me), center weighting of the strategies and schemes, and the emphasis on only a handful of "competitive" models (which is funny considering each book is supposed to provide more options and not less), the game has become no different than other offerings. Each game feels the same and is completely disconnected from previous or future ones. I used to really enjoy playing games. Win or lose it always felt fresh. I have found myself playing less and less of Malifaux and more and more of other games. Though the story encounter mode still provides an enjoyable diversion, it is difficult to find players willing to even try it. Might help if this "official" portion of the game was supportable by the companies in App encounter generator, instead of only the three competitive formats. I have also observed several communities around the country which used to be extremely vibrant, shrink or disappear completely. Recruiting new players has also become more difficult. While this may appear to be an overly negative view, my goal is to improve the game and expand the player base. As is I don't see current or subsequent books achieving this. Dismiss this if you feel like it, or attack it if you must, these are my observations and no more or less correct than anyone else.
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    If people have not paid by 9pm tonight (8/2/18) I cannot get them swag. I have a cut off of 9pm any entrants after this time period will still be able to play but will not have any swag. Hello boys and girls. I figured I should now start to give back to this awesome community by hosting (or attempting to host) an event of my own. The event will take place on Saturday the 10th Feb and will be a gg2018 3 round, 50ss fixed master format. The event will be held at Wayland games in Hockley and will start at 10.30am. Please be at the venue for 10am for registration. I will be having chats with the local henchman for a wyrd prize package and I will also talk to manufacturers for trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, spoon, faction goodies and best painted. Please send payment of £10 per person through PayPal to troy.ashdown87@gmail.com as friends and family along with a full name. I hope to see a great turnout for this! Troy "hippy" Ashdown In interest of making this as fun for everyone as possible, I will be making the strategies available for this event. Inevitably to make your choice of master as perfect for you as possible. Game 1: Deployment: Standard Deployment (1) Strategy: Supply Wagons (Jokers) Schemes: * Guarded Treasure (Jokers) * Set Up (3) * Search the Ruins (8) * Vendetta (12) * Public Demonstration (13) Game 2: Deployment: Corner Deployment (8) Strategy: Ply for Information (Rams) Schemes: * Surround Them (Rams) * Covert Breakthrough (1) * Dig Their Graves (2) * Undercover Entourage (5) * Take Prisoner (9) Game 3: Deployment: Flank Deployment (13) Strategy: Ours (Crows) Schemes: * Guarded Treasure (Crows) * Dig Their Graves (2) * Hold Up Their Forces (4) * Inescapable Trap (6) * Take One For the Team (10) Attendee list: 1 - Tobias Dracup 2 - Reice Chaudhry 3 - Mark Elwood 4 - Ben Sime 5 - James Trevallion 6 - David Brown 7 - Andrew Humphrey 8 - Daniel Sullivan 9 - Thomas Bowers 10 - Tim Bohknecht 11 - AJ Barr 12 - Oz Goff 13 - Craig Woods 14 - Joel Henry 15 - Karl "I can't rememer what schemes are in this game" McConnell 16 - Richard Matthews 17 - Daren Pebody 18 - Mike Jenkins 19 - Rich Bream 20 - Grant Dickenson 21 - Rich Walters 22 - Lukasz Rozanski 23 - Mathew Ainge
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    Hello All, After a bit of a hiatus i've been pestered into running another event. A new venue will be used as follows; Jubilee Centre, Manygate Lane, Shepperton, TW17 9EE. The venue is where Middlesex Marauders gaming group play each week and i'm hoping to get @Zac involved once again (if he doesn't go on holiday....) Shepperton train station is about 5 mins walk and there is plenty of parking . It'll be a 3 round, 50ss event using GG2018 (if they indeed do one) or similar and will be a ranked event. Tickets will be priced at £15. The draw will be done using Bag O'Tools. Okay, tickets are now on sale. Limited initially to 28 players which we might be able to expand to 32. Please send payment by Paypal to walstowk@yahoo.com friends and family please. Prize support may or may not be obtained as I've heard there may be issues, however, we will do our best. Needless to say, there will be some prizes in some form. Oh, and tea. Please PM here once paid so I can check. TTFN. Entrants 1. Nico Gaillet 2. Mark Stevens 3. Peter James Karl McConnell 4. Ashley Boyle (not Boyd) 5. John Barr 6. Tobias Dracup 7. AJ Barr 8. David Brown 9. Sean Wheeliker 10. George Hollingdale 11. Chris Draper 12. Rich Walters 13. Troy Ashdown 14. Tom Thorpe 15. Adam Perry 16. Alan Badger 17. Oz Goff 18. Mark Elwood 19. Francois Langton 20. Matthew Ainge 21. Rich Matthews 22. Luke Whitrow Marauders Bite.docx
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    Hello my fellow Guild players. I want to summorize all info about our hottest lady- Sonnia Criid. It will take some time to expand this article but i will do it as soon as possible. What is the concept? She dishes out tons of aoe damage in some funny ways. You can actually kill something within 22 from her with pretty descent flips, and most important u can purge with fire. Remember that she has on attacks against 6+wp, ignores LOS and cover against burning enemies and can fire some 2/3/5 at them while they are failing Ca attacks. You must realize that Sonnia is not a toolkit- she is a freaking flamethrower. She is very, very forthright. She burns the stuff, hates enemy casters and once again burns stuff. Upgrades She has some good upgrades, that have insane value. -Cherufe's imprint - enemies near can not use ss (enemy henchmen within 3 has really hard time sustaining all that damages) (1) flame wall - and here we go. Nice impasible los blocker, that can easily be copied by malifaux child. Great stoper of shooty armies and of various alphastrikes when placed properly. Deals some damage when expires, be careful. -Reincarnation - many guys here think this upgrade sucks, i'm fine with it. Kill burning stuff within 10, get your free witchling for 2 cards or 1ss. Even 1 witchling is great 5ss for 1, 2+ witchlings are unlikely to appear, but man this feels good. Guild summoner confirmed. Main problem is Sonnia already being very hungry for resourses (for cards mostly) now you need to discard extra cards/ss. If you want to use this go with min cash of 6 or more. -Counterspell aura - Removes all in-built suits from enemy casts. Neverborn, some arcanists and all obey/lure models cries and calling suicide prevention line. Also you can make their day even worse. For (1) you can ground their magic, so they almost can not cast at all. -Cherufe's parting gift - sweet one, makes your default totem worth playing it by summoning it over and over for free. Second part is more important: your fellow witch hunters within 12 and los can chain activate. Push Sonnia for 12 with hearthbain then blast everything within los, push sam than let him unleash his righteous fury on enemy, pull thrall with handler then chain activate him to completly wreck anything around. This stuff is VERY good. -No more masks - makes Sonnia a very, very potent melee master with some excuses. 2/3/5+ burning1+ push this model up to 2+ Heal1-3 wounds+ draw 1-3 cards. If you know enemy will try to tie Sonnia in melee- this is a great choise. Otherwise this is more of a meme-tier than a serious one. In some way can solve her hand problem which is very nice. Main supporting models -Francisco is the best way to make your Sonnia healthier and generaly is autoinclude nowadays. he is pretty squishy and you need a little bit of caution to keep this guy alive. Can push Sonnia out of melee which is also good for her. -Malifaux Child is close to autoinclude, granting Sonnia second wall. That's all he is for 3ss. -Papa Loco is nice buffer( on dmg is GREAT) + he generates some good damage with blasts when focused. Be afraid of his on-death effect that hurts alot. -Hearthbane can attack Sonnia to push her then teleport, then push again. This is up to 12 inches (in most cases this means 1st turn 3 shots in the enemy team). 4 damage, but this can kinda fixes her mobility.No inbuilt suits, so card hungry as hell. -Sue +Sonnia with counterspell aura is a death to any heavy casting army. They are done. He can also give some burning to the guys near him. -Effigy is generaly good with any damaging master. And for 4 ss this one is very, very tough. -Emissary is good, giving that sweet burning+1 to enemy without los, but I rarely can see place in my lists for his 10ss ass. He is not witch hunter also, so no chain activation to Sonnia/Sam via parting gift. -Queeg is not tested, but i see him as Hearthbane alternative. He is a henchman for less ss, can not push Sonnia as far as Hearthbane but deals less dmg(9 inches vs 12 inches/3 vs 4 damage), but can push her without any additional cards/suits. Main problem he is not witch hunter, so no chain activation after push. He also has inferior damage track and far less fighty then hearthbane. Downsides Remember the weaknesses: 4 wk, 4 df, 12 hp. She is slow and VERY squishy. Franc is absolutely needed and you need a way to speed her up.There is a problem that can not be solved easily for her: she is card hungry AF. Effigy can help just a little, queller and Jury can draw 1-2 cards,pair of debts are ok way to go, but outside of this- your hand is screwed. You will always have around 0-2 cards. Suck it. To be expanded...
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    Pandora can throw a cramp in the old man if she can remove his bigger models early but can be vulnerable to to stuff in turn. Leveticus likes to have at least 3 models that are 6+ ss, and Pandora loves these often as they are a nice concentration of power in the crew. More so each one you kill possible removes an available Anchor as the Waif will need a different 6+ ss model to be near. Likewise if Pandora can get to Levi and be within her 3" range he cannot use his range attack and has to move to use his 1" melee, which has a lower value than Pandora's Wp *a 6 vs 7, were his range is 7 vs 7*. More so Incite can possible throw the old man's activations out of order. Finally if you have Voices, if you can paralyze Levi before he can activate you really hurt his turn. More so if you Incite Johan so he has to activate before Pandora so he cannot remove the Paralyze afterwards. Likewise every heavy hitter that Pandora can paralyze removes his ability to dish out. The one thing to keep in mind though is that Levi has Wp7 *so does Alyce if he takes her*, so he is not the easiest target and you might have to save your best card and use a SS to paralyze him. At least as the attacker you can win that exchange on a tie. If he brings Ashes and Dust, if Pandora has a chance kill the Dust Storm as she can likely kill it in a single attack *its damage spread is 3/4/6 plus 1 for misery*. If it already Initiated Reformation it will have Armor +1 so it might take an Incite or second attack to finish it. Some things to keep in mind and be on the look out for. Pandora is not a fan of Abominations, and Levi or Alyce might have the upgrades to make more at range or off scrap. The big thing is Abominations deny (0) within 2" of them and can force Pandora to take Df 10 duels at the end of their activations for 2 damage. With her low Df it will not take much for this to start hurting her. The fact that Levi or Alyce can have an upgrade to make one at range when they kill one of your models means that soft low Wd count models are not the best choice. Also Pandora does not want to be caught out in the open by Levi and the old man does have ways to jump around *though might be at the cost of an undead model*. You will likely want a Doppelganger and maybe Iggy to give your another Incite and the ability to cheat initiative to try and make sure you have the chance to get the first strike when you need it. A large part of your plan will revolve around what they take to go along with Levi as their anchors, as that will be the meat and potatoes of their crew. Which ones will be easier to tackle and which are better to wait for will vary. One to keep in mind is Sue due to his ability to disrupt magic with his Men in Black (0) action. He might well have to be an early target or at the very least force you to attack the models near him before he activates.
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    A fast Grimwell in a Nellie list is no joke. Also not bad with McMourning as he can get precise and a nurse can put his opponent on negative twists and he can lobotomize effectively. Plus, Nellie using him to finish off models is a fun way to get more SS. Orderlies aren’t as bad as everyone seems to think, they just aren’t quite as good as watchers and field reporters so they get overlooked. I’ve had a lot of success with heartsbane. Yes, she is card intensive, but she’s usually so far down the opponents kill list that she gets away with hunting down scheme runners and tying up flanks. Plus, she can shock Lady J or McMourning forward 6” with any crow.
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    If that’s the case, you might want to make sure that you are playing with enough terrain that breaks up line of sight. Games of Malifaux without enough terrain are notorious for being lopsided in favor of shooty crews.
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    I didn't play Malifaux first edition so my frame of reference is a little more limited than some of you old timers. Lately I've been mulling over the direction I'd like the faction to go. Having said that I can't second guess the game designers because A ) I'm not one and B ) I don't know what conversations go on behind closed doors at Wyrd. I don't really have an opinion on the name change to Bayou. There might be some decent design space there? My main concern with forcing synergies is that some of the wacky variability possible will be limited and although you might SAY you're palying Gremlins...if you're limited in hiring pool based on keywords tied to a master you're really playing the masters as their own faction. Having said that I think the overall theme for the faction has taken a detrimental turn. The Gremlin masters MOSTLY seem to be patriarchs (i.e. Ulix, Som'er), matriarchs (i.d. Mah Tucket, Ophelia) or gang leaders (i.e. Zipp, Brewmaster). I really like the idea of these Gremlin familiies living in the bayou and having their own character, demeanor and rivalries and I think an increased focus on that aspect might help the faction a lot...but this is just my opinion. I really would like to see some more minions focused on some of these masters. I posted something about this in another thread but here goes again: Ulix - how about those new trained pigs that were mentioned in Ripples of Fate!? Or maybe some apprentice pig trainers? Mah Tucket - she's like a female greenskin version of Robert Rogers, how about some more Ml/short range Sh focused Gremlin Rangers to go with her? Or a Tucket Raider that's an enforcer? Ophelia - Kin minions....so many options! Delinquent Lacroix, Lacroix Duelers, Lacroix Trick Shooters...something like the family minions available to Perdita. Brewmaster - how about some sort of drunken samurai, ninja archers that have poisoned arrows, etc.
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    Yeah I tend to be a bit of a curmudgeon, but you include quite a bit of my thoughts in your post. As @Ludvig below states: I think we need more of this. The characteristic descriptors used to mean a lot more than they do this edition. There is a lot of balance potential through their renewed utilization. Take the Rotten Belles for instance (one of my favorite examples I know). Seamus needs them to function the way they do for his crew to be effective, the other faction Masters do not. Tying one of their required suits for Lure to Seamus (or Sybelle) makes them function as designed within that crew while not providing every Resser Master with an easy button. Without that second suit, Rotten Belles can have a high Ca and not be game breaking any time they appear (it is also a bit disingenuous balance wise to have suit requirements that are always provided for free). As for scarring off those that favor power builds...well I dont think that is a bad outcome at all. Power builds do nothing for the over all health of the game. It limits the sales for Wyrd because only the small handful of "competitive" models get sold (a good example of this from a rival company is Privateer Press Warmachine 1st Edition Deliverers. Plenty of those boxes and blisters still languishing on store shelves 15 years after production with no need to recast in plastic.). Competitive players also dont buy as many models, they tend to restrict themselves to only what is proven most efficient in winning (usually proxing and testing the models before committing to a purchase). This is again a revenue loss for Wyrd. Power Builds also tend to scar off the more casual players that might be interested in Malifaux (and I will make the bold assumption that that population is significantly larger than the competitive fields). I am basing this off of the communities I have either built or played in over the years, where one or two competitive players destroyed interest in games they played. These casual players are the ones that keep a game alive long after the competitive players have moved on to other systems. I will also make the bold assertion that competitive environments demonstrate the worst aspects of a game system by highlighting exploits, model imbalances, and removing the "fun" from games. Casual players are hesitant to buy into any system they view as exploitable or flawed and that they think they wont have a near even chance of consistently winning. Players can forgive perceived skill differences, they are extremely harsh on perceived imbalances. I could make one more controversial statement about upgrades but will save that for a later date and another thread. As always I appreciate anyone who actually reads these posts and concede that these are solely my opinions and experiences and that yours might be entirely different but just as valid. I do hope that when third edition nears reality that polite discourse remains dominant.
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    Most of my grimwell lists are gimmicks, But then most of my lists in general are. I've seen grimwell talked about with nellie, using him to farm ss off scheme runners. I've used him for first turn squat markers and to first turn buffed lobotomy a dawn serpent. I might have to do the lobotomy one again, as it delivers the kind of alpha strike I love.
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    While this is probably a good idea to avoid confusion (and is more space efficient than specifying "friendly Gremlin faction" or "friendly Gremlin characteristic"), I am already imagining new variants on the tired "not a real faction" joke, and I just don't know if I could handle a new wave of "hilarious japes".
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    I can see why they didn't want to give the emissary the Gremlin characteristic for Som'er because it's not like he needs more great synergy, but I am still really baffled that Ulix's upgrade doesn't give the Emissary the pig characteristic. It's more expensive than other 50mm pigs, doesn't have a significantly better melee attack than someone like Old Major, and imo his is one of the weakest emissary upgrades in faction.
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    I want to confirm that @dancater's sleeves work fine: I got some myself and they fit. Thanks for doing the legwork on this!
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    That should be me paid up Kev, wonder if we will be out of the relegation zone by then?! 😥 Mark Shepherd
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    I'm sure Molly tells Tara all the time that she's pretty. Hell I'd ship it if Karina wasn't already implied. Sorry, couldn't help myself.
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    So for folks interested and in follow up to the above. The Swan Panasia 77/128mm sleeves were a great fit and seemed good overall value, not simple to get where I lived but ordered direct from manufacturer. https://www.swanpanasiasleeves.com/collections/premium-sleeves/size_77x128mm Here is an image of the result:
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    And metal Johan has one of the few sets of abs that wouldn't seem inadequate on the same field as Big Jake. *think, scheme, plot* They're both mercenaries, so the quest for the wholly shirtless crew could be done with any faction, though clearly Von Schill is called for as the Outcast leader despite his sculpt. Guild could toss in Ryle and witchling thralls. Arcanists bring Joss and Howard Langston. Many Neverborn are sadly shirtless. Etc.