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    Thank you to all the contestants for entering the Iron Painter this year! Entering a contest always is a challenge and entering a marathon like IP is very impressive (or some would say insane). I wanted to let you know in broad strokes what I look for as I judge this competition. As a disclaimer, the following points are mine and mine alone. Beyond the scoring rubrics of Aesthetics, Technical Skill, and Theme, Nathan and Aaron have given the judges free rein to judge as we see fit. This is my particular take on the contest; the other judges probably have similar ideas, however art is subjective and what appeals to one person will not always appeal to another. As you know, there are 3 judging categories for the IP contest. Technical skill worth 0-10 points, theme worth 0-10 points, and aesthetics worth 0-5 points. Technical skill is probably the least subjective of the categories. In my mind, an “average” (5) paint job should have a minimum of a basecoat, shade and highlight. Additional points are scored for smoothness of the blends, appropriate contrast for the materials you are painting and attempting more advanced techniques such as OSL, weathering, gore, and freehand. These extra points can offset (to a minor degree) a more technically superior "simple" paint job. Once the additional points are scored, final points are included for how well these techniques are done and the degree to which they are done. In my opinion, the intense time constraints of the competition put the greatest pressure on this category for the painter. Getting that super smooth blend or detailed freehand takes time, which is a luxury that you do not have… Theme is the second category and obviously plays an important role in scoring. While on the surface it can appear intuitive to the contestant, for me there can be layers to the degree to which the theme is viewed. For example, in “Water, Water Everywhere” there naturally is the suggestion of water to be incorporated into the base or the model in some fashion. In my opinion, the second part of the theme is key: “Water Everywhere”. This implies more is likely better. Having a guy standing in the desert will get you a very low score. Having water on the base or the model somewhere will get you an average score and having a lot of water may improve it even more. When I hear the phrase “water, water everywhere”, I also get a sense of urgency, like water out of control or wildly flowing. I would also caution the contestants to try and utilize ideas that would likely be universally understood by the judges. We have different backgrounds and live in different parts of the world. Something that is colloquial reference to another part of the world may fly right over my head as an American. I would like to think that in this day and age of the internet l am a citizen of the world, but there is a lot of information out there! Artistic impression or aesthetic is much more subjective; it’s that intangible “wow” factor and will often be the deciding factor between pieces. Size of the model, degree of difficulty, composition, innovation, creative use of material, and all the little details calculate into this for me. This is where I put storytelling—is the piece telling a story about the world it is set in or about the model itself? Since this is an online competition, unfortunately photography plays a role how the model is represented. A photograph with less than ideal lighting or one taken from a minimum number of views makes it more difficult to accurately evaluate the piece in the online setting. I would encourage everyone to take high resolution, large pictures from multiple viewpoints (if possible) and detail shots if you have a large vignette. Finally, art is ultimately in the eye of the beholder. Judging is highly subjective and will vary (oftentimes significantly) from person to person. The judges this year are from all over the world. The other judges very well may disagree with me on certain points and you may disagree as well and that is OK! I will try to include both the things I liked about the pieces and the parts that were done well along with a critique or two. Depending on the critique, I will try and offer one possible solution to correct it if you would like. Please understand that my opinion is by no means the end all and be all; so I hope you take my comments as they are intended-purely constructive and to help improve your work for future projects. If you have any further questions about a particular critique, please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to discuss my thoughts with you. Best of luck in the coming weeks and I look forward to seeing what you all come up with! Kind Regards, Sean "Jabberwocky" Fulton
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    Sonnia main here 1st of all She dishes out tons of aoe damage in some funny ways. You can actually kill something within 22 from her with pretty descent flips, and most important u can purge with fire, boi. Remember that she has + on attacks against 6+wp and if she is missed with spell- she fires back. 2nd She has some good upgrades, that have insane value. -Cherufe's imprint - enemies near can not use ss (enemy henchmen within 3 has really hard time sustaining all that damages) (1) flame wall - and here we go. Nice impasible los blocker, that can easily be copied by child. Big fu to shooting armies and to almost any kinds of alpha strike. Deals some damage when expires, be careful. -Reincarnation - many guys here think this upgrade sucks, i'm fine with it. Kill burning stuff within 10, get your free witchling for 2 cards or 1ss. Even 1 witchling is great 5ss for 1, 2+ witchlings are unlikely to appear, but man this feels good. Guild summoner confirmed. -Counterspell aura - Neverborn, some arcanists and all obey/lure models cries and calling suicide prevention line. Also you can make their day even worse. For (1) you can ground their magic, so they almost can not cast at all. -Cherufe's parting gift - sweet one makes your default totem worth playing it by summoning it over and over for free. Second part is more important: your fellow witch hunters within 12 and los can chain activate. And here we go. Push Sonnia for 12 with hearthbain then blast everything within los, push sam than let him unleash his righteous fury on enemy, pull thrall with handler then chain activate him to completly wreck anything around. This stuff is VERY good. -No more masks - makes Sonnia third best melee master in the game. 2/3/5(b)+ burning1+ push this model up to 2+ Heal1-3 wounds+ draw 1-3 cards. If you know enemy will try to tie Sonnia in melee- this is a great choise. Otherwise this is more of a meme-tier than a serious one. 3rd Models and support -Francisco is the best way to make your Sonnia healthier and generaly is autoinclude. -Malifaux Child is close to autoinclude, granting Sonnia second wall. -Loco is nice buffer(+ dmg on Sonnia is GREAT) + generates some good damage when focused. Be afraid of his on-death effect. -Hearthbane can attack Sonnia to push her then teleport, then push again. Ouch but this can kinda fixes her mobility.No inbuilt suits, so card hungry af. -Sue +Sonnia with counterspell aura is a death to any heavy casting army. They are done. He can also give some burning to the guys near him. -Effigy is generaly good on any damaging master. And for 4 ss this one is very, very tough. -Emissar is good, giving that sweet burning+1 to enemy without los, but I rarely can see place in my lists for his 10ss ass. He is not witch hunter also, so no chain activation to Sonnia/Sam via parting gift. -Queeg is not tested, but i see him as Hearthbane alternative. He is a henchman for less ss, has lesser damage can not push Sonnia as far as Hearthbane, but can push her without any additional cards/suits. 4th Remember the weaknesses 4 wk, 4 df, 12 hp. She is slow and VERY squishy. Franc is absolutely needed and u need a way to speed her up.There are a problem that can not be solved easily for her: she is card hungry af. Effigy can help just a little, pair of debts are ok way to go, but outside of this- your hand is screwed. You always will have 0-2 cards. Suck it. Thats all my fellow Sonnia player, now you can purge enemies with flame. Good luck with this)
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    As soon as I saw the field of terror story encounter in the newest Wyrd Chronicles I knew I had to make this scenario happen---Tuesday is Malifaux night at my FLGS, and so is All Hallow's Eve this year! The three pieces below are what I have come up with so far. This was partly inspired by other images in the same issue of the Chronicles, e.g., the wasp nest. This is on a 50 mm marker, and will be added to a generic terrain tile, such as a flat forest bit, to indicate that it is terrifying, hazardous, or both. With a scarecrow being a main character in this story encounter, I wanted to have a corn field. Having the corn in tight rows would be more realistic, but I wanted to keep it playable as well. Anyone have any other ideas of how to pull this off? Maybe separate magnetic strips, but that is a lot of magnetizing. This is my hanging tree. It also has a wasp nest (inspired by Marko Paunovik). I will play this as hazardous due to the Malifaux-sized wasps that will come out of that nest. The tree is part of an antler I cut up. I especially like the organic-looking bottom of the 'tree' where the antler joined the skull. The victim is put together with the male multi-part kit. I had to mod the shoulders a bit to get the arm placement right. I did this in a hurry to be ready for this week's game night, so they are quite rough. I will make a post about how these pieces worked in the Field of Terror scenario. Cheers all.
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    Correct. He'd only be able to shoot if he is unengaged.
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    Under "Pushes", page 46 small rulebook: Emphasis mine.
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    Strictly speaking it is not just a defensive ability. It is a mobility ability too. To compare to other defensive abilities doesn't seem like a valid comparison. Armor has one use. That said, I never feel like incorporeal is reliable for defense and I never select a model based on them having it. It's nice to have, but I wouldn't plan on tanking with it.
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    Why not? Take a Sorrow for example. If he has Hunting Party, so be it. Just make the Sorrow your Sucker. Have a cheap minion hiding somewhere. I'd suggest the Mysterious Effigy, actually. And I'd use Voices Pandora, not Box for this. Then you'll have to worry less about Frame For Murder. Also note that if a model ist killed by Misery, it counts as being killed by the model which has that ability. And Misery is mandatory. So I'd advise against Box Pandora. You opponent can simply bash one of his own models until it's low on wounds and then walk it into Pandoras range and make him lose the Terrifying duel. He scores 3 points.
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    But even then, her damage track is 2/3/5, plus 1 burning, so at least the medium damage seems off
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    Thank you for feedback Sean, I'm sure I will use it !
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    thanks for the feedback, Sean (and MaGie, if you're reading )
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    I voted for the models yesterday, just to feel a bit involved. I think some entries were fantastic, some didn't really hit the them at least for me and some were people painting models they wanted to play. As far as I see, everything is good. This is a challenge challenging painters on different levels and some of them entered for motivation, some to win. So the effort they're putting is different and this is fine. There are some single models I thought were better than dioramas or some artistic solutions I liked. There are some models making me scratch my heart about the theme, a guy sitting in a front of a lake or a pond doesn't really relate to the panicked water everywhere! of the theme. But I'm a way they were well paired, meaning I didn't find both entries really related so I went with what I thought was the best technical excecution. I think, considering the rules of the contest, what I've seen so far is fine as well as the way the participants choose to approach it and I understand both sides point of view, who want to paint to play and who wants to aim to higher standards or put more effort on their work. I can suggest maybe to ask for a different contest next time, where pieces need to be strictly paint to play and need to sit in the base included, without excessive overhanging. But then would be a different contest, not iron painter but something different (I can suggest "paint to play" as name, sounds right). I think this contest is supposed to do what is exactly expected and also themes aren't easy and aren't really related to gaming with your models. Keep it up and have fun, don't overthink it.
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    @Alex_Vulfhart I'm a pretty slow painter so I need all the time I can get but, like you say, it's all possible. I completed my round 1 entry in 4 days so, if I keep things simple, then I should be ok. Good luck to you 😀
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    @Buntman I am glad you found it helpful! @icatsai It was my pleasure.
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    The Srongarm isn't going to work that way, is it? Since the condition doesn't have a + in the name, it won't stack with itself. You could technically take both the shooting and the melee buffs, but that doesn't feel as amazing.
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    On the fifth day of December, the Ice Queen sent at me... FIVE MOLEY MEN! Four Saber Cerbs Three Ice Dancers Two Silent Ones And a SnowStorm. To. Kill. Me. Sorry, couldn't help myself.
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    Friday is a day to take a peek into the Other Side. And nothing says "Other" quite like the Warped! Let's get to know these freaky members of the Cult of the Burning Man. There are many paths to walk when following the Burning Man, but none are as revered as the Warped. Like the Twisted Horrors, the Warped have had their bodies infused with magic, but unlike the Horrors, the Warped could control it. The Warped tap into the potent magic of the Burning Man to open minor portals that allow them to quickly move from one location to the next. On the battlefield, this makes them particularly dangerous, as there's no telling where they will show up next. On the table, the Warped are a solid, all-around unit. Their only weakness is a lack of ranged attacks, but with the ability to teleport, they can quickly close with the enemy's ranged units, tear them apart, and then teleport to safety before the opponent realizes what hit them.
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    The Night Has Been Taken Back! That's Molly (15), Philip and The Nanny (8), Necrotic Machine (2), and three Crooligans (4, 4, 4) for a total of 37ss! (I was very ill while painting these can you tell)
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    The only thing the errata department needs to realize is that "random funnyness" on abilities is not fun if that makes the model be nowhere near competitive level. For example: The bayou smuggler. Funny, nice looking model but really bad. If gremlins are squishy, and self hurting, they need to be reckless and hard hitting or gimmicky on a doable level, otherwise they just lose cause the enemy has tougher models with more reliable abilities.
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    If you really want to get into the theme use hamelins plague cloud as your big ashes and you can make the other two pieces with some customization of sewer bases and a rat swarm
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    In my experience, I use the majority of my Stones for Cards, Defensive and Prevention. Cards, because Parker has a lot of Target Numbers and triggers. Defensive and Prevention, because Parker will be in the thick of things and tanking a lot of hits. I don't stone for suits often because the triggers I want to go for are often built into Parker's/ Mad Dog's attacks. I'll throw one at Burning Cigar to get Mad Dog out of engagement. I sometimes entertain stoning to reflip Initiative, but I'm burned by that more often than not.
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    Well looks Like I'm in "I think I can time"
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    Diogenes Diogenes has long since decided that all he needs to be happy is food, mud to roll in and his beloved barrel (ideally filled with food and mud). So it came to no surprise that he refused to join the other pigs to listen to Old Mayor's speech. Curious to find out why the piglet would not take the opportunity to pay him its respect, the Mayor visited Diogenes, who was sunbathing in the mud in front of his barrel. When he told the old hog to move aside because he was blocking off the sunlight, everyone expected Diogenes would be turned into field rations. But Old Mayor has a sense of humor and instead ordered that Diogenes should be rolled along on the march while sleeping in his barrel. Unwilling to leave his barrel behind and realizing that there is a lot of food and mud where the Mayor's army gathers, Diogenes has accepted that he is part of the campaign now, if not the most active one. Diogenes has nothing to do with the Iliad, of course. I'm making this up on the go, so there isn't alot of planning ahead. I thought the third piglet kind of looked the same like the second one and got the idea of putting its head into a barrel I had lying in my bitsbox. And greek names + barrel just screamed out 'Diogenes' to me. Diogenes is not a mythological figure, though most of what is written on him is based on anecdotes. He was a philosopher who basically proclaimed that one can only be happy if free from everything not essentially important to live - which in his mind was food, clothes, shelter and sex. He was a pretty crazy dude all in all, if you care to read up on him. There is a famous anecdote where he supposedly told Alexander the Great to 'Move aside a little, you are blocking off the sun'.
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    Somewhy my image uploader keeps turning photo on the left side, but still its ok to get an idea https://gyazo.com/4e7517deba84e5ec4185f24c64dda183
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    Now, when IP round 2 is close to it's finish, I would like to share some WIPs from this "wet" adventure.
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    Today, instead of a new painted miniature, I offer you a new guide that I made for the "Mint Dragon's painting school": painting men's faces based on Johan from Malifaux Link - https://goo.gl/kXj4dZ
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    Starting Friday the 3rd of November Auckland will be running a slow grow league over five fortnights. The first fortnight starts with enforcer brawls and 20 stone enforcer led games. The second fortnight moves to henchmen led and the third progress' to master led 35 stones before master led 50 stones and then in the fifth fortnight avatar games. The aim is to provide a building block approach to a brand new crew or faction which players are unfamiliar with. This ideally creates a balanced learning environment for new players who will be developing at the same time as existing players. For more details see the Malifaux nz Facebook page or the Auckland Malifaux League page on Facebook. https://m.facebook.com/events/2402463933311357/?acontext={"ref"%3A"29"%2C"ref_notif_type"%3A"event_aggregate"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"}&notif_t=event_aggregate&notif_id=1508708103784193&ref=m_notif https://m.facebook.com/groups/1785672184991684?ref=m_notif&notif_t=event_aggregate edited due to date roll back.
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    Got some more work done on 'Count as Tavish'. Merris underwent a - what McMourning would call ' - minor surgery and donated her right hand. A swap wasn't possible, since Tavish's hand was much too small but Merris got a hand from a spare Alp. Here's a quick rundown of the parts used. After I tested the waters with the first two piglets, I'm moving over to a quicker painting pace. Wasn't able to do pre-shading before because of the rotten weather conditions so had to paint them without and overall I spent more time and care. Pre-shading does speed up the process considerably, so does not using a ton of layers. Here's a WIP of Diogenes. 1: Preshading, 2: Applied a mix of Thronwood Green and Midlund Flesh in the shadows, added more M.Fl. and painted the edges of the dark parts. 3: A wash of M.Fl.; basically this could already be called done for tabletop quality. Just needs to dry. Time so far: 3 min. 4: Highlight with Basic Fleshtone + White. 5: Another M.Fl. wash. 6: The other side: Basic colours 7: Cleaning up (applying thinned down M.Fl. over hard borders) 8: Some more highlights. Still needs a couple of washes, but basically this is Ok. I think it took about 15 min. But I didn't have to paint the head :P. And a teaser pic of the crew so far (including a WIP Wild Boar and a preshaded McTavish):
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    He wouldn't be the first character to die and come back in this game. Look what happened with Seamus and the Gorgon's Tear. There are still plenty of poor, lost Tyrants out there looking for a home.
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    A longer hiatus but I finally got some painting time. Patroklos (eng. Patroclus) Patroklos is a brave piglet but can be a little rash, picking fights he really shouldn't. Usually his friend Achilleus is there to bail him out, but Patroklos can't always count on that. Having followed the other piglets on their quest to raze Truffles, he found himself deep in the dung when Achilleus got mad at Agamemnon for calling him names and refused to fight (who has ever heard of that?!). So while his friend is rolling around in the slough pouting, Patroklos has no other choice than to try to keep his hooves out of trouble. But what self-respecting pig could stand aside and watch? Fate is fickle and Patroklos needs to take care not to end as bacon for the big pan in the sky. In the Iliad, Patroclus is actually described as a very able fighter, who can only be killed by Hector because Apollo intervenes (and because he first has been stabbed from behind by Euphorbos).
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    Right now I am working on Patroklos, another piglet. I also kitbashed a McTavish proxy. I would never use a third Wild Boar and also had the guy holding a lantern that comes with the Bandersnatch laying around. And because I thought a gator wouldn't fit into the crew anyway and love actually using the models I buy - here you go: I was going to use the lantern-guy as my Extraction marker first. Now that's Mouse. Good ol' Mouse finally got a job. He's not quite finished. Bend the right arm a bit and adjusted the the shoulder. A shame I am bad at sculpting, I would like his hand to lay on the boar's back - that's what it's supposed to look like. I might try...or just leave it be. Though that would be a shame.
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    Yes, even with the nerf that took Reckless away, they are one of the best models in the faction.
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    What are you talking about? The Judge 100% knows mcmourning is innocent so nothing he can do is suspicious. That Rogue Amalgamation just happened to show up and help at around the same time. I mean hoffman might be upset dougie is making constructs by sewing together flesh instead of metal but dougie would never raise the dead, its clearly powered by soulstones and internal motors!
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    Yeah, looks legit. Napping while paralyzed seems like an appropriate response.
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