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    So I was able to finish my autumn knights, and I'm also giving aeslin another try next week so needed to paint her up for a total of 30ss. I'm still working on the rougarou and they should be finished by the end of the month. And a group picture:
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    I would love to see the Metal Gamin get another errata to make Protection of Metal worthwhile. Up the range to 6 or just a condition that lasts until the end of the turn/target's next activation. Agree with everything that has been said above.
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    Not by best work (or my best photos... couldn't figure what was up with my lighting today) but I'm calling the Midnight Stalker done. That's 4 models for a total of 32SS this month. I'm thinking I will fall short a bit though. I'll get Talos done, for sure, and perhaps one Thalarian Queller, but not both. C'est la vie.
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    #1 Mouse The Issues: He's too expensive, peon/insignificant and just strait up doesn't work. Also he doesn't really seem like he interacts much with Ironsides/M&SU and doesn't feel like a totem. His rope lash is a good ability but his lack of a means any models he pulls completely shuts him down and models can just walk away anyway. Also his heal is just too difficult to pull off Some Suggestions: Make him Minion/significant. Give his rope a Change Arrest him so that it effects attack actions and/instead of Wk/Cg actions Loose the suit requirement on the good stuff. Give him some other ability that interacts with M&SU models or Ironsides specifically #2 Ice Golem The Issues: Df2 is awful and armour +2 doesn't do enough. He is simply outclassed by other beaters appropriate to his cost. His Decembers sigh trigger is really lame Some Suggestions: Lower his cost Up his Df to 4 Give him some kind of support ability for Frozen Heart models. Change damage track to 3/4/6 or 3/4/5 #3 December Acolytes The Issues: Outshines most other 7ss options. Some Suggestions: Make him 8ss Loose the built in on his harpoon Change damage track to 2/3/5 #4 Essence of Power The Issues: It's too situational for a generic totem. It's abilities are too difficult to use as it cannot use it's abilities and walk. Some Suggestions: Make Amplify a (1) and perhaps give it a TN Change Empower so that it gives a on the next flip (meaning it can be used on prevention flips) Allow it to attach a non-limited master upgrade and allow the master to use that upgrade as it it were attached to itself while within range of the essence. #5 Electrical Creation The Issues: It's an awful hire. 4ss is way too much for a model who can only activate twice. It's ability costs too much. I get that this is primarily a summon for Ramos but I would like to see it be a useful hire for other masters and it would give some competition to the Raptors who have a monopoly on the 3ss slot. Some Suggestions: Make it 3ss Give it 4 Wds Give it an actual attack action that doesn't just kill it. It doesn't have to be good Change it's Burst to a (0)
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    And 16 more ss to make it a total of 46 this month. More than I'd planned but I'm glad I actually managed to paint something for myself as well. More, better pictures on my blog http://www.whatthefaux.net/2017/09/fred-wilma.html
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    Johan is by far the best six cost in the game. He does not need more walk, he should probably be nerfed.
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    I prefer bios that are purly fact based. I dont like ones that are a mini story from the prepective of the model or from some one else about the model. I get the purpose of the mini story format for some things. When you want to have something that is beyond comprehension, or that is mysterius and no one knows much about it. But i still just prefer to have the facts and then if you want a mystical story around it. Put it in the books story Oh and hate the nursery rhym, poem bios. There beutiful and its not there content. Just so vauge to me that they may as well not exist
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    Happy Friday Wyrdos! It's time for another peek into The Other Side. Today we are looking at the Grenadiers. The King's Empire is all about shooting, and these guys make sure that their shots get the job done! The battlefields of the early 1900s have changed drastically from even a few decades prior. The King’s Empire has adapted to the changing nature of war by creating the Grenadiers, soldiers who are trained in the use of the grenade launcher. Fitted with the ability to use multiple types of ammo, these grenade launchers allow Grenadiers to hunt the biggest threats on the battlefield: blocks of infantry soldiers and the massive Titans. Being in the thick of fighting does not bode well for their survival rate, but the recent adoption of gas masks has given them a better chance of coming home. On the tabletop, the Grenadiers are capable of using their Grenade Launchers to deal a lot of damage to light infantry units. They also have a good chance of taking down Titans with their high-powered Rocket Grenade attack. They are a straightforward unit, but one whose versatility makes them an excellent addition to many forces. Discuss away!
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    Ok, this is just a hilarious idea from a fluff point of view: Hoffman, bring Domador and Flesh Construct. O.S.A Devour some poor gremlin dude. Bon appetit.
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    Well, I love Lovecraftian stuff, and the "Dead of Winter" story about Tara sort of reminded me of "The Dark Tower" series - a lone cowboy (cowgirl?) in a strange, surreal world; the overall weirdness of the situation and the chilling loneliness of a hero, who's still determined to see his/her journey to the end... And after that story, neither Tara nor Obliteration give too much of a crap about anything - she's dead, he's mostly helpless, and they both are so beaten down by life that they don't care about much now. Tara knows about the nothingness beyond our world and the futility of all mortal efforts, but she remains friendly to everyone who deserves it... She's just so fascinating! To me, she feels like a great person to hang out with) I don't know: I like a lot of different stuff, and, to me, much of it came together in the lore for Tara. Just personal preferences) Yeah, that's what I hope for with Tara=\) I often feel like I'm too stupid to play her crew properly (well, I'm too stupid for any kind of a strategy/tactics game, so there's that)... But it boils down to how much you prioritise the thematic aspects of the game over its mechanics and competitiveness. Even when I get destroyed by my opponents, I still have fun, because I've just played with a crew I can relate to. (And the gameplay is cool, which also helps). Who cares about the results, if I get to play with the toys I like?) I know it's not a mindset that is common or necessarily good, but it's still a thing to keep in mind.
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    'Bland' in that they are stereotypically Western, while many other models do have a certain western style charme and aspect, but also put their own spin on it, like the Death Marshals, for example. I was not meaning to say Perdita was bad or even just boring, I'm probably going to go with her, actually. Just wanting to get some feedback to make sure I don't overlook something way more awesome. That dia de los muertos crew looks pretty awesome, btw.
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    Yeah, I'm a big fan of Sebastian. I should have taken him. Have a game against Outcasts tomorrow. Bringing him for sure.
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    McCabe's upgrades aren't rare, but the thing that prevents you from taking more than one of the same is that they are restricted to McCabe and a single model can't have more than one copy of the same upgrade. The Emissary also makes sure the upgrade you attach isn't attached to any other models. But if you have, say, the Glowing Sabre on McCabe and you throw it away to another model, McCabe no longer has the Sabre attached, so you look at the upgrade restrictions: firstly he is McCabe so you can attach the Sabre, and secondly he does not already have a Sabre attached. Then he can throw that one out and get a third if he wants.
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    It's really sad our best option is still a mercenary.
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    Although there's no poison synergy, he can take pigs. Crazy, but I'm sure it would be hilarious.
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    I agree with Ludvig, summoning shouldn't be removed from the game as it's part of at least five (six if you take the Dreamer upgrade, there might be more too) masters' core mechanics (I'm not sure if summoning is part of Sandeep, Ulix and Somer's core mechanics)... However, I also really hate the summon factory approach people seem to love. Maybe if summoning was limited to one non-peon model summoned/turn/model summoning. This would instantly shut down the Molly/Kirai/Nico/Asami/Dreamer summon factories and actually get them to use their AP to do other stuff. It's seriously unfun when 3 Hanged/Shikome/Punk Zombies/Jorogumo materialise out of thin air... This would need to be a change in the core rule book. It wouldn't effect Ramos, because card rules overwrite Rulebook rules (to my knowledge anyway). That's what I would do anyway. Although that would mean cheap summons would rarely, if ever see play, but for me at least, I'm usually only summoning big stuff anyway.
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    So, a bit late to the party. About 2,5 months, actually. Haven't touched a brush or mini or pot of paint in July and August (work, sick, work, tired, some family trouble, and ofc lazyness). So I now used both my mulligans. And I didn't pledge anything in September either, so I don't know if I'm still in. Doesn't matter though to me, because last weekend I went on an assembling-and-priming-and-basing-and-finally-some-painting-binge. The result so far is this: This one I consider to be done already, although it took way longer than I expected. Srsly, fck orange. Quite far along are Nightmare Tara (some details on the base and in the face are missing) and the Waldgeists (no highlighting done yet): While I had a nice wood brown on my palette, I painted Graves' stick. And a mixture of Citadel's Nurgle Rot and Typhus Corrosion makes for an appropriately disgusting sewage: And then there is this guy (and his little friends). Still not sure what to do with him. I started out with matte spraying him, to use as a primer. If I were very lazy I'd say that actually doesn't look too bad already. But I want to do something with it, paint some parts thinly, something, I don't know. Plus I'm afraid I might screw it up. Will have to do some experimenting on the sprues beforehand, which takes time which I don't know if I want to spend. We'll see. There's other stuff ready for painting now, that is further back in the queue. Alt Nekima and the Autumn Knights, or the Mature Nephilim. Still, let's see what I can maybe get finished before the end of the month: - The Gorar - 3 SS - Nightmare Tara - 15 SS - Waldgeists - 3x 6 SS = 18 SS - Mr. Graves - 8 SS So, since the month is almost over (I won't be able to paint today, maybe tomorrow, the rest will have to be during the week after work), a best case scenario pledge (if still possible) would be 44 SS.
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    "Either deck" means one or the other. Not both.
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    As much as I get mad at summoning I wouldn't want to kill it off entirely. I think stuff like Sebastian getting a canine for an ap + a corpse marker and such is fine, it's just the flood summoning and especially resourceless ummoning that has takrn over a bit too much. If summoning masters had good abilities but could summon from a restricted pool as a (0) or something it might be interesting again. The kind of summons that force you into stuff like burning and poison are also interesting because they five the enemy a way to react. Masters summoningtheir totems alao seems finesince they are usually lowpowered models.
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    Giving the Electircal Creation 4 Wds seems like a bit of a nerf. Joss doesn't kill it with the minimum damage from his ranged attack if it starts with 4. I wouldn't mind seeing it get Companion to make it a better summon for Ramos.
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    So I'm calling the Midnight Stalker done. The pictures didn't quite capture it, but I was really happy with how the back came out (his jacket looks technicolor-ish). I was trying to get the 'midnight' color into his jacket with a mixture of purples and blues. It worked on some levels but not others. Overall I felt like it was an uninspiring model to paint in some ways, and his legs felt flat to me (like he'd been pancaked). Still, I tried some new things out and learned from it, so onwards and upwards!
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    The problem with our Emissary is that he is meant to be in melee for his hard hitting attack but only has his armor +1 and a non-built in trigger to heal for survivability. Once he's sent out to kill something, he's usually going to die after that. I just had a game vs Kaeris last night and my Shasta Vidiya Guard killed the enemy Emissary in two activations (there might have been a red joker involved). My point is that the Emissary doesn't have the survivability to be in melee but that's how he's built to play. Plus having other, better 10 SS models makes it a choice slot.
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    I think it is @Stark's. Pretty cool indeed.
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    Compare it to the language in the Decapitate trigger: "After damaging, immediately kill the target unless it discards two cards or soulstones." The target's controlling player gets to choose, because the target is presented with the choice. If it was the acting model's choice, it would be phrased something like "one Condition may be removed from the target".
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    I'm not really sure if Titania is resurrecting them or just bringing new life. The badlands used to be a desolate wasteland (because Nythera sucked it dry to sustain Titania), but with just her presence, plants started growing and now it's basically a forest. Same for the Autumn Court. And now apparently, she can do it for sentient beings... She's getting stupidly powerful at this rate... I agree with everything @izikial just said. For me, stories and poems, while amazing, belong in pop-out or Cronicles; not their bios. The Book 4 Bandersnatch entry was useless for telling us what it is. The Autumn knights entries were similar, although they had their info covered in an Upgrade section pop-out.
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    i feel like such a idiot, i've been memorized the beta version .... even though i have union card in my bag, and i've looked at it numerous times.
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    Always good quality. One missed point was Colette's unresistable 1AP quasi-obey must target a enemy MINION model, which really is a strong limitation as the pool reduces for powerful models it can grab. So yes its unresistable but it must be a unactivated minion within 3" of a friendly scheme marker and within 8" of Colette and she requires (or can stone for) 7 to cast and then can spend 1AP on the models activation. Limited utility. That was the only real gripe I had.
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    It was in the beta, but is not in the final version.
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    I want to add one more criteria Thematic to both the 'feel' of the master and the 'theme content' models of there crew. So that the upgrade feels like something the master would do and boosts the value, and thus motivation to take, of their theme crew models. Book 5 Arcanist generally did a credible job of trying to achieve this. This Colette upgrade is an example of where that singularly failed for these actual reasons. It does seem kinda bolted on, tacked in as a we need two upgrades, Colette controls so how about this coupled with a but it needs to be Showgirl so we'll niche one half into game functional obscurity (Showgirl minions only) and she is a stage manager not an obey master so lets confine the second part to only minions, again marginalizing its playablity to near ineffectiveness. So they seemed to have reached for an upgrade and then tacked on 'thematic' constraints and basically created an over costed lemon which when compared to the 'Arcanist standard' 2SS master upgrade of Arcane Reservoir is laughable, why would you ever take this over that or nothing. I newly christen this upgrade as "Bring on the Clowns" that stays in theme and also represents this upgrades in-game value to Colette.
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    Can we have Napolenny riding a war pig like the famous Napoleon painting below: Or perhaps his log can be done up like a hobby horse and mimic the same pose. And yes Napolenny should be modeled with a hand tied blanket cape or perhaps set of bloomers.
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    Here is my solution for Hamelin's plague pits: http://blackcatbases.com/shop/figures/figures-animals/rat-swarm/
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    Good post. Your points were all argued pretty forcefully already during the initial open beta when we transitioned to M2E, however. I personally always felt every summoning action should be limited to a pretty restrictive keyword too better control which models you allowed to be summoned, and by who. The developers at the time didn't agree and here we are. I have no idea what the current developers believe and even if they agreed with that sentiment given the current increase in summoning and models who can summon every wave after every wave, I wouldn't hold out hope for such. The economics of money and player enthusiasm also both work against the idea of restricting summoning. How many models are cool looking that have terrible hiring stats has Wyrd sold just because you might want to summon it at some point? I'd imagine it would be a hard sell as a purely business decision to restrict it. Personally, I hope when and if there is a M3E they just gut and get rid of all summoning. I for one am excessively tired of the issues it creates, the perceptions it undergirds, and how every time there is a brainstorming session for future models or changes the most common is "I want to be able to summon X". Better to just gut it as a mechanic and balance models without having to deal with that ability in my opinion. And I say this as an almost exclusive resser player.
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    I would say Coppelius might be a little too fast. But it shouldn't be too difficult to keep doppleganger within 8". I might have to try it in the near future. Would certainly be fun.
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    Finally managed to finish and photograph my Crooligan. I have started a few Guild Hounds, maybe I'll get them done this month too.
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    I've given Doppelgänger +3 Df (total of 8) and sat her next to a stash using her Blend In 0 action and giving her defensive. She became basically unkillable. However, I've only got this to work once and I wouldn't really suggest going out of your way to do it as you end up wasting a lot of AP for two enforcers that you can put to better use.
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    Some past promotional models have showed up in mystery boxes (available from Wyrd sanctioned events). I think they will also occasionally use the same model as a promotional model again. Sometimes they show up in the Wyrd online store during holiday events (Easter, Black Friday). This may not be an exhaustive list.
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    Mostly because of GG17 - many schemes rely on placing scheme markers and Hamelin crew can do it with ease, as rat catchers can reactivate winged plagues/rat kings, and latter have great (0) action for place and discarding enemy scheme marker. He can Obey friendly Crooligans for interacts and place from long, 12" range. Plus, always scheme can be denied by single rat (as you can't score Claim Jump when enemy model is standing next to yours marker), same as interference (rats can engage enemy models). People like saying that his condition immunity is problem, but let's face it - Accusation is bad scheme, and Mark for Death can't be scored on enemy peons, so only decent condition scheme remaining is tail'em. But this is issue related to GG17 rather than master himself, so GG18 probably will fix it. On the other hand, he is king of activations. You can say that Somm'er, Nellie or Collodi overactivates opponents, but none of them does it better than our beloved Tyrant. he spawns rats very easily, can summon his totem (who can sacrifice for other rats), and his whole theme crew can change themselves to another models - for mere 8 stones you can have 8-9 activations, which is huge. Of course, rats are rats so they don't bite very hard but rather work as Blight dealers, parts of rat kings, catchers free armor or now as source of replacing enemy schemes thanks to Benny. If his crew would be composed of low cost models he would be decent master - there are few Minion masters (like Collodi) and each of them is ok, while few of them are powerful. However, he can take 2-3 big beaters and still maintain activation control, and personally I think this is his biggest issue - most masters have to decide - should I take one more beater, who can kill enemy model per turn, or should I take two minions, who maybe don't deal as much damage as single beater, but are two activations instead of one. He doesn't have to make that choice - he simply takes few beaters and creates scheme runners. He is also very survivable master - you can't perform alpha strike against him due to his Piper aura. He is backline summoner, obey and lure (and since Broken Promises - also artillery) master, who can sacrifice his free totem to heal wounds. Combining this with all I said before, he can be very negative player experience for many people. He is my favorite master, but each time I bring him to table, my opponents look at me with despise.
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    Yeah, Sloth's ability says "target friendly model within 6" may gain the Slow condition. if the target gained the Slow condition, it heals 3 damage" so if the target already has slow, it cant gain it again and be healed by Sloth
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