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    When I started Malifaux some time ago, I decided to buy von Schill and his comapny - it seems a fairly "fist-to-face"-style of playing, learning the rules and getting used to the game. I then forgot about Malifaux because I didn't want to give it that much thought as I should have done. Recently, I painted my company, giving the game another try. And I'm quite impressed how good it is. I realized, it's not the game's fault - it's my fault. I was a bit disappointed with the distribution of luck since I happened to get some really bad cheating hands. But I forgot about soul stones. It seemed frustrating when my opponent had better cards to cheat with. But I forgot about soulstones and bonus flips. There are multiple layers to this game and I am really hooked right now. Anyways, here are pictures of my von Schill crew: And one in-action foto: Unfortunately, the rest of the Outcast Masters doesn't suit me that much, therefore I decided to switch faction and going to... gremlins (uuuh yeah!). I ordered Ophelia and Som_er and some pigs and in the meantime, von Schill's crew will get one or two additions. I also started building a Malifaux-board, so have a look at the Terrain Talk, too
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    I believe you mean Johan/Johanna here. Joss is a 10 stone henchman with a completely different role.
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    I love Rail Workers so much I'm using a pair of them in my campaign arsenal. In normal games I've had Rail Workers kill things like Teddy (in Mei Feng list, with Kang nearby making them immune to horror and granting them additional positives on attack and damage). They are one of the models where you don't honestly need to worry a whole lot about what your min damage is because you have a (0) to put yourself on positives on attack and damage for the rest of the turn. Anything that happens during that turn to give you additional actions/activation carry that bonus. They get a lot of work done for a 5 stone minion. They also tend to take 2 high quality AP or 3 midling AP to remove from the table. If you have something like Bleeding Edge Tech, if your opponent doesn't take them all the way down in an activation, it's going to take them 2 more AP to stop them after their next activation. If your opponent does ignore armor (and/or damage reduction), then it's not quite as much effort to remove them, but it's still not a single shot unless it's a moderate damage flip from Joss. If my opponent is running Joss, however, that's when I'll focus on the fact I can paralyze, push, and slow things within my crew's abilities.
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    Just started getting into Malifaux this week. Just wanted to say from the POV of a new player that this is massively helpful, thanks for taking the time to organise it!
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    So both also state printed so in both examples would need to be next to the modle holding the upgrade not the modle benifiting from it
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    Nice! Then we can really have fun. Here's my Sandeep crew of choice for the time being. Definitely want to get some 2nd opinions because this fits my play style. Not to take over your thread, but I would love some critiques if anyone wants to tell me where I went wrong on this list. 50 SS Arcanists Crew Sandeep Desai + 7 Pool - Arcane Reservoir (2) - Unaligned Sage (1) - To Behold Another World (1) Myranda (8) - Imbued Energies (1) Howard Langston (12) - Imbued Energies (1) Oxfordian Mage (5) - Temporary Shielding (0) - Blood Ward (0) Oxfordian Mage (5) - Temporary Shielding (0) - Doom Ward (0) Oxfordian Mage (5) - Nemesis Ward (0) - Temporary Shielding (0) Silent One (6) (exported from CrewFaux) Typical Summons: Banasuva (from Sandeep box) Wind gamin (what I typically use) Metal gamin (better in some circumstances because they have more staying power but I don't have a lot of experience with) Sabertooth Cerberus (from Myranda's transform). They theory behind this list is Sandeep and the mages hold down territory, use movement tricks, and work off each other's "academic" label synergies. Howard Langston is your independent, maneuverable beater who cleans up the perimeter (i.e. kills anything that strays too far), or is a good "frame for murder" target. Myranda uses a well-known trick to sacrifice herself and turn into the cerberus. The trick is the upgrade she holds lets you draw 4 cards when she does this. This plus the "Arcane Reservoir" upgrade on Sandeep lets you see more cards. Sandeep and co. are very hungry for those sweet, sweet high mask cards to get Sandeep's teleport and summons off.. Plus there are a lot of "leap" actions in this crew (cerberus and wind gamin) that want those mid-mask cards. The Cerberus acts as my scalpel that often leaps into the opponents crew and take out that key model I need dead. Even better if I can do that in a way that keeps him alive. The Silent one is there for healing (sometimes your mages shoot each other to move) and casting without randomizing into cover. I'm not sold on her, she probably holds the shakiest position in this crew. Sandeep summons wind gamin when he needs scheme runners. They are what I typically use to get done the one thing I need done. Mages or the cerberus can do those tasks in a pinch as well. I usually take the upgrade "unaligned sage" so the mages don't randomize into combat when they are supporting my other models. The "Behold" upgrade is virtually interchangable with the "commands" upgrade just depending on the scheme pool. After summoning the first wind gamin, I usually try to get Banasuva out as early as possible (if I have the cards) because he is great as a dispensable beater that I like to just throw into the opponent's crew and see if I can create any opportunities. I used a lot of Malifaux jargon in this post. Let me know if you need any clarification.
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    I'm one of those weirdos who knows that it's possible to write on and wipe off cards with dry erase, but don't like to for some reason. I have some of the WMH tokens, so I just use the "blank" ones to keep track of conditions. Lets me toss them onto the field if necessary. "B+(number)" for burning, "P+(number) for poison, etc. Lets me write unique conditions too, if there's something I wouldn't represent with one of those flame tokens or whatever.
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    As it turns out both have the "which does not list a model by name" stipulation. So I think the major differences are: Doppleganger- Action, non-leader, Rg:8", Needs a 7, Any (1) Action, with a trigger can have 3X actions/4 with fast Changeling- Ability, any model, 3", Automatically happens, Only Attack actions, only 2 actions/3 with fast Other small points, since Doppleganger's mimic is a (0) she is at risk of BJ flips. Also, if she she is locked into a single action opposed to the changeling which can spend its AP on different actions from the same, or different models. (0) Mimic (Ca 8 / TN: 15 / Rg: 8): Select a (1) Action printed on target non-Leader model's stat card or Upgrades that does not list a model by name. For the remainder of this Activation, this model may take the selected Action as if it were printed on this model's card. Actions taken in this way may not declare Triggers. Mt Perfect Blend: After succeeding, immediately take the selected Action. Copycat: This model may take (1) Attack Actions printed on any model or Upgrade within 3 which does not list a model by name. These Actions may not declare Triggers and the stat (Ml, Sh, Ca, etc.) is considered to be 4 (no suits).
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    Hey Wyrdos! The 22nd of April we will be running a new tournament at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid), so sharpen your brushes during Easter and come to play with us with fully painted crews! * 50 SS * 2 hours per round * GG 2017 * Fixed faction, variable master * Schemes and strategies will be published the 19th of April * 10 euros fee, all money will be destined to prizes. We will have a tournament kit from Wyrd plus prizes from our LGS
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    Amazing! the inside of the robe it's insane!!
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    Sure but Tara can potentially ping for slow 5 times, and cause a TN 13 duel each time. It's never bothered me. My way of looking at it has always been "I can get 3 AP from Tara now, but I'll lose the Nothing Beast before it activates and thus lose 2-3 ap anyways". I find that if Tara goes first those first 3AP aren't actually very high quality AP and so I will give them up quite easily. Also, the NB setup lasts 2 turns and if you can catch 3 models in its melee it is amazing. Generally while playing Tara I have 2 goals, get my hand down to 3 in my first activation, get my opponents hand down to 3 as soon as possible. All those TN 13 bury tests often just tax the opponents hand more than actually bury anything.
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    It is for the Hamelin player. But the enemy needs to think in advance, more than against other master... and that is a "waste of time" in my opinion resp. my experience.
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    Sit back and enjoy 6 AP per turn? Ranked purely by my personal preference: 1) Molly 2) Reva 3-7) Those unfortunate masters who are not Molly or Reva. May they have our pity.
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    Well that would be a universal sprue as most of the factions/races use hats
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    I only use Corpse Bloat to actually create a Corpse a few times each game - early in the game after he Back Alleys into the enemy. It's not so much a question of how many people clump around the Corpse Marker - it's more a question of where do you want that very first Corpse marker to be, since you're coming in from 10" - 16" away the first time. You place it in areas where it's affecting 2-3 models or more. A perfectly positioned 3" reaches so much further than it sounds, and most crews naturally like to bubble together to support each other. If everything goes "well", I'm not looking at 9 damage, I'm reasonably looking at 5 damage across multiple models, or destroying their control hand, depending on how many models I catch. It's not uncommon to kill 2 or 3 models with a single explosion. I might use that third AP to shoot with the pistol and add 4 more damage, or I might use a Corpse generated by killing someone to start again. I also don't have to rely on cheating in Severe damage like you are for your 8 damage so I save a high card there. I presume you mean Decaying Aura, since you mentioned Soulstone users. No, of course I'm not taking Decaying Aura. Why would I ever shoot Soulstone users? 4 Damage to the average Henchman or Master is a joke. If I Focus they can just use a Soulstone to give themselves a on Def and put me a on any damage flip. That's such a waste of his AP. It can be extremely powerful against some factions. Against Gremlins, for example, their WP is generally so low and model count so high your initial Unforgiving Stench is going to be enormously game changing. Against another Resser player, low WP stats across the board means the TN15 WP duel is really hard to get away from, and it gets around Hard to Wound and Incorporeal with the flat 5 Damage. Almost any minion or peon would need to flip 11's or better to dodge the 5 Damage. If you have tried the build a few times and think it's still trash fair enough. In your meta, perhaps it is trash. If you haven't tried it, I'm wondering if you might try it once or twice with an open mind before claiming, essentially, that all Seamus can do is Back Alley, Focus and Shoot.
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    Well since you seem to be assuming Brewmaster is already in the right place for his stuff, perhaps Seamus can interact and summon. The as well as him killing a 6ish soulstone model a turn, he is scoring leave your mark, and potentially preventing interference. Or he interacts, shoots and moves to score/deny Interference. Or, one I quite like using, is he kills something, and then corpse bloats to explode the corpse near several other enemy models who are on -2 wp. (Or is he is in the middle of several models, drop a corpse, explode it, and heal up from all the lost wp tests. Hopefully killing another model, allowing another explosion...) The mobility of Seamus is much greater than that of the brewmaster, as is the survivability (at least in my experience). Yes, Seamus can't interact straight after a back alley, but he can do so next turn if he wants to. they try and do different things, but intrinsically a master which controls a model every turn has to do a lot more than a master that just removed the model outright the first time. Here is Stryders post about the Master finals he won, explaining what he likes about Seamus, a lot of it looks to me like it is still relevant to GG2017. He still rated him as one of the competitive resser masters in April2016, so he still thinks he did well in GG2016.
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    You really have bizarre ideal circumstances. They appear to be forcing Seamus to have to move every time, and never even doing his summoning yet never force brewmaster to move. Sorry your argument doesn't persuade me. I'm going to agree with Math, I would rather use Seamus, and rather face Brewmaster to get me good results based on experience. The UK master 2 years ago won the event with Seamus, beating the "overpowered" Leveticus in the final. So Seamus might not be Jamies cup of tea, but can't be ruled out based on results.
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    If that's how your meta play, then that's going to make him less good. No counter to that, unless you learn to build arcanist crews that don't use armour (which is a perfectly easy thing to do), and alter your own meta. You can take advantage of his slowness and use the metal gamin to give him protection from metal. Then the anti armour models your opponent has hired aren't going to be anywhere near as much use (and if they go after the metal gamin, they are probably in range of the Golem, who will make short work of them).
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    Terracotta Warriors Pretty basic paint job, and probably the wrong color for terracotta, but I wanted them to match the pavers I use on all my bases. I considered making parts metalic, or have paint pealing off them, but in the end its nice to have a very simple paint job once in a while. Akaname There is more varaiation in the colors than these photos show, not as much as I'd like on the two brownish ones. The green one is my fav.
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    I believe the gremlin faction actually has several friendly pushes so there is ple ty it can do to get out. The gremlin player also chooses if they want the pigs to explode on death so try can juat choose not to do that. I still think going after the ammo can be a good wayto handle it. @Erik1978 There is nothing sayi g that every board should have a sweet pigapult nest. I tend to set.up boards that are terrain heavy in the centre to block sniper LoS but where the deployment zones have very little cover so a model that crosse the center line or sets up in a dangerous position can see most of the opposing deployment zone. You also need to decide if you really need to go after the pigapult or can ignore it using the likes of Sebastian or models with high defensive stats or serious damage reduction and make it not earn its points back if it is used for killing. If it is sending schemers into your backfield you could try targeting those instead of the pigapult itself.
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    Indeed we will need to wait and see. Without knowledge of what they are thinking for wave 5, if they were looking to just do some minor changes and if I were suggesting I would do the following: Add a clause to Feast of Fear that allows the healing or removal of one condition but not both for a failed wp duel. Increase the shooting stat to a 7 or alter the once per Turn clause to only be used once successfully each turn so he could take multiple shots but only connect once per turn. Remove the no interact clause from Back Ally. Many masters now have low cost place/teleports, that while true they don't move as far as back Ally, have vastly less costly requirements to use. A 6" place that only requires a 6+ and allows an interact afterwords, is vastly better than a 10" place that has to end in 1" of blocking terrain, requires a 7+, requires being out of LoS of the entire enemy crew and prevents you from being able to take an interact. Which while we are on the subject Zoraida's Animal Form could also most likely stand to lose the in interact clause. If a master wants to spend all 3 of her AP to drop a scheme marker within 16" she probably should be able to do so.
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    Umm that's not really true. With a once a turn ability on his attack he can't afford to miss, and with a 6 in the attack stat he can't even generally guarantee the strike reliably, which forces him to attack the lowest defense model possible unless you are willing to lose an entire master activation if you miss. A 6 attack stat is definitely decent when you can attack multiple times, when you can attack once it's less decent. Again because it's a once a turn ability if you score a weak dmg it's pretty much like you scored 2 hits with a min dmg 2, which would be respectable if he had anything else to do with his AP, but he doesn't. So you can't really afford to attack SS users because if you focus they can offset all the advantages of your focus just by spending a stone. So his main focus is low def non SS users, which would be fine if he excelled at that, but he's no more effective at doing that than McMorning, or Reva is, and they can do other things as well and kill a variety of targets more efficiently. And unless the terrain is in your favor he really isn't fast. And if it is in your favor you also need the enemy to have no ability to capitalize on the vantage point rules. And being able to chase down scheme runners isn't really anything he excels at. Any kill based master is good at that, and Seamus isn't any more amazing at it than any other resser master. And as for being immune to counter attack, I haven't found that remotely true. Seamus' issues are a very conservative design which was instituted rightly at the time, little to no support of useful wp attacks on models Seamus is likely to hire and find useful since, mostly, the first wave, and a game structure that has evolved in design both in how the game is won, and in model design that has left him behind. The no interact clause makes total sense when looked at when he was designed and the other models that were out at the time, in addition to how VP were scored. It makes less sense now when comparing it to teleports other masters get that don't have the restriction, or when comparing it to abilities like practiced production, which would also never have been released in current form if they had been part of the initial wave. I think at this point it's just a case of the game and the relative recent design of released models just having evolved incidentally away from what he allows, while other masters with their suite of abilities have just gone with the flow of how the game has evolved better. You can certainly win with him. But if you are looking at faction to faction balance he doesn't bring anything to the table that another master doesn't excel at better, and if you are looking at master to master balance there are other all rounders just designed with better offense and flexibility. That's just the situation at present and it isn't as if he is alone in that regard.
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    Ok. The Secret Plan was Joss -Open Current 1ss Steam Arachnid Swarm 8 ss December Acolyte 7 ss Steam Arachnid 4ss The idea is to use the DA's attack and Joss's (0) to Attack the opponent's Hand. (These models do great damage as well of course) Then use the Steam Arachnid's Latch on ability to drop the target's df by 1. This all sets up the Steam Arachnid Swarm to hit its baked in Ml trigger to keep making attacks at -1 Ml. It worked great. I went 3-1 with +6 Diff placing 2nd of 14.
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    The color scheme isn't very original, but I really like how Sidir turned out. One of my faves.
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    If you bring the 2 Acolyte crew, your opponents will curse your name, ancestry, and progeny for 7 generations. Seriously, that is evil in HH. Go for it.
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    Even if you pass all the TN's you're asking yourself to make, what do you do if your opponent asks you to pass duels from his stuff? A single model with Terrifying is kind of scary if you have no cards left. What do you do if @mojopin hires a crew full of Terrifying models? Your list could be quite fun and it could absolutely ruin someone's day, but it relies so heavily on an amazing control hand. I just don't see you getting that amazing control hand on Turn 1 to ensure everything succeeds. I find that the more actions and effects you can work with that don't ask you to flip cards, the better off you'll be in the long run. My personal opinion, is that if you are going to commit to the alpha strike, fully commit; drop the defensive upgrades on Ramos. You're never going to have cards for Force Generator or Combat Mechanic and if the game ever gets to a stage where you can afford to use them, you've probably already lost. Drop both these upgrades and take Arcane Reservoir and Seize the Day instead so that initiative is likely to be yours every round, and that every round you have an extra card; even if its just for Flurry, that's a really big step up from only 2 attacks with Langston. I would focus on buffing one big beater alone and bringing a more self-sufficient secondary beater. Trying to buff two big things every game will use too many resources. Whatever actually gets buffed will need to actually have some cards left to win attack duels with. I would choose Langston, because the Golem is only Ml5 and is hungry. Bring in a Mobile Toolkit and have him discard a card to give Langston a for 1AP, then walk 5" forward. Ramos can then Magnetise and Clockwork Fist it to death (this brings Ramos 5" closer to the front so Under Pressure is more likely to be in range of wherever Langston ends up, doesn't need to pass Electrical Fire's TN, and still gives him a scrap marker to summon from. Plus, the Steam Arachnids he's about to summon will be closer to the enemy, and Ramos would still have 1AP free to do whatever he wants). My secondary, self-sufficient beater of choice, would be Coryphee. They're getting on their attacks, and on their damage, if they're in range of Ramos. They also use up 3 activations while they Walk forward, merge and Charge, so if Ramos summons fewer Spiders its not such a big deal (because you're still delaying Langston's activation). Speaking of Langston, he has Reactivate, to his attack flips, but most importantly, he still has a few cards left to cheat fate with, depending on what your opponent has thrown at you so far. All this requires a single 10 for Reactivating Langston and a single 8 for summoning 2 Steam Arachnids. My activation order would be: - Mobile Toolkit does his thing. - Ramos does his thing. - His 2-3 arachnids do their thing. - Coryphee (1) places a scheme marker and Walks - Coryphee (2) Walks and merges with Coryphee (1) - Brass Arachnid Reactivates Langston, and potentially the Coryphee Duet if you DID draw a decent hand. - Angelica places a scheme marker forward with PP and pushes Coryphee Duet and Langston as usual. - Coryphee Duet Charges something and pushes away with it's built-in trigger on it's second attack. - Langston drops Imbued Energies and does some combination of Walking, Charging or Flurrying as appropriate, then does it a second time. - If you did get Reactivate on the Coryphee Duet, it can do some combination of attacking or Walking. That's my take on a Ramos Alpha Strike list. The Miner could stay since he's pretty good with PP after the errata, but he can go if you wanted to hire something else. I do like your list, I just think it's going to struggle a lot when you don't drop a god-tier control hand.
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    Hu, forgot about this thread, sorry :-/ I'm participating in the painting challenge and wanted to show you the Gremlins I have so far:
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    I have yet to play a HH game, but whenever I do, I'll try this crew I'm in love with: - Toshiro the Daymio (Leader, Cache 4SS) - Izamu the Armor (10SS) - Komainu (5SS) - Komainu (5SS) Lots of resilience, damage dealing, sinergies (Komainus giving out slow with Ml6 and ...), and overall, quite "fluffy"
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    That friday was so busy and I forgot to upload the second recruiter( This guy was much more difficult than the previous one. I did a huge job with owl on that mini, especially under his coat, sculpt blindfold and repair that tiny-tiny skeletons hand which snap when I tried to clean it up =_= This model takes a lot of time, but I'm very pleased with the result))
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    Here's my attempt at a 4-player ruleset. I don't think I'd actually play a 4 player game but hey, theory is fun. Always corner deployment. Initiative and deployment order simply go from highest to lowest (choose to reflip from lowest to highest). Any time that you would require a single opponent to do something, it's first the target of the action if applicable, otherwise the next in initiative order. "Diagonal" refers to the two centrelines that can be drawn in a 2 player corner deployment game. A specific crew's diagonal is this line starting from the corner in their deployment zone up to the centre of the table. A crew's table quarter is the quarter their deployment zone is in (drawn as in reconnoiter) "Quarter Edge" refers to the two centrelines that can be drawn in a 2 player standard deployment game. Strategies Thin The Herd: "There's too many of them! Fire at will!" Victory points: At the end of each turn after the first, a crew earns 1VP if it killed or sacrificed at least one model from two or more enemy crews. Outpost: "We've gone and put our stuff near theirs again, haven't we?" Setup:, place a 50mm Outpost marker 14" from each table quarter, on each diagonal. This marker is Ht3 impassible blocking terrain and is considered friendly to the crew whose table quarter it is placed in. Victory Points: At the end of each turn after the first, a crew earns 1VP if it has at least one model within 6" of two non-friendly Outpost markers. Grab the Stones: "They're just lying there! Let's grab 'em!" Setup: Place a 30mm Stone marker in the centre of the table. Place four more Stone markers, one on each quarter edge, 2" from the centre. A model in base contact with a Stone marker can take a (1) interact action to place the marker within 3". Victory Points: At the end of each turn after the first, a crew earns 1VP if its table quarter contains one or more Stone markers. Fight For Territory: "Everyone seriously wants a piece of this land!?" Setup: Place a 30mm Territory marker in the centre of the table. Victory Points: At the end of each turn after the first, a crew earns 1VP if it has 2 or more models within 8" of the Territory marker. Jokers Ready For Action: "We gotta make sure we're ready to fight." "What about actually fighting?" "No no, none of that" Victory Points: At the end of each turn after the first, the crews with the most and second most unengaged non-peon models each earn 1VP. If there is a tie for the most unengaged non-peon models, crews with the second most do not earn a VP. Schemes Triangulation: At the end of the game, this crew earns 2 VPs if it has a scheme marker on each opponent's diagonal, at least 6" from the centre of the table. If this scheme is revealed, if a crew has at least one scheme marker on one opponent's diagonal at least 6" from the centre, it earns an additional VP. Last Man Standing: At the end of the game, if this crew's leader is still in play, it earns 1VP for each enemy leader that is no longer in play. This scheme does not benefit from being revealed. Protect Territory: At the end of the game, this crew earns 1 VP for each scheme marker that is at least 8" from its deployment zone and has at least one friendly non-peon model within 2" of it. Scheme markers with more enemy models than friendly models within 2" do not count for this Scheme. If this Scheme is revealed and this crew earns at least 2VP from this scheme, it earns an additional 1VP. Messenger: This crew's non-leader non-peon models may take a (2) interact action targeting any enemy Enforcer, Henchman or Master that they are engaged with to reveal this scheme and score 1VP. This action may only target each enemy crew once. If this scheme is revealed and this crew earns at least 1VP from this scheme, it earns an additional 1VP. That's all I've got for schemes for now. Need more scheme marker ones imo.
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