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    I feel a little... odd... posting here now, because I paint to a tabletop standard for personal reasons (mostly because I get too upset when a mini gets broken or chipped), and you guys don't have that problem. Very, very obviously don't have that problem... However, I shall persevere! I got sidetracked a bit by a paying job. My gamestore owner got in the Ortegas and he wanted two things: 1) Dia de los Muertos facepaint, and 2) Raiders colors. I'd like to think he's getting his money's worth. This was yesterday's work: I didn't see how messed up Fransisco's and Abuela's facepaint was until I took the pic - fixed it already. Also, Abeula's headlights are painted now. Still have the Nephilim and Papa Loco on my paint tray, mostly because I'm going to be doing Lelu/Lilitu next and the totem will share a lot of colors with them. But I probably won't count those, as I didn't declare them at the start.
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    Nearly done with my Exorcist, only the skin and the base remain.
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    Here is a photo of the things I painted for the 2016 monthly painters challenge. One is missing because I painted it for someone else.
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    McCabe can't give Izamu reactivate because he's an Enforcer, but Nimble yes. Fast+Nimble should be enough to get him where he needs to be.
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    If you think that's bad, run a McCabe crew and give him Nimble and Reactivate as well. No one expects an Izamu cruise missile.
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    There are no comprehensive timing rules for scoring because I don't think they were written with an upgrade like this in mind. As far as I can tell, the entire text telling you when to score is on pg 35 of the big rulebook: "Crews will earn VP for Strategies and Schemes (see pg. 66) that take effect at the end of each Turn during this step", which is an entire step that comes after Upkeep and before Check For Encounter End. Personally because there is no breakdown of timing I assume that scoring happens simultaneously and therefore any scheme markers you drop wait until next turn to be used.
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    EDWARD, PERSONAL PHYSICIAN TO LUCIUS MATHESON During his travels to London, Lucius happened to meet a gifted yet troubled physician and chemist named Henry. Intrigued by his studies of man's evil nature, Lucius became a generous patron, delivering all manner of substances from around the Earth and Malifaux beyond at great expense. But as Henry's research continued, it gave rise to rumors of a sinister figure lurking in his lab at night, or stalking the streets to engage in depravity and murder. With the authorities closing in, Lucius decided to move Henry to Malifaux as his "personal physician," setting him up in a new lab that was more prison than work space. Now "Henry" is but an afterthought, a cowering and nerve-addled wretch of a man utterly dependent on the rare substances Lucius delivers. When Lucius heads into the Neverborn-haunted quarantine zones of Malifaux, he is instead accompanied by the leering and sadistic "Edward." Edward apes Lucius' regal attire, but is barely capable of containing his lust for blood and violence. With a gesture Lucius unleashes him on a victim, then sits back and quietly revels in the rewards of a shrewd investment. Edward is a Neverborn Henchman inspired by The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and is designed to compliment Lucius in particular, making him a good pick for Lucius' Neverborn Crew. He's a devoted Melee monster, able to deal out plenty of damage and bog down the enemy, but will be dependent on the buffs granted to him by Lucius and other friendly Mimic models to keep him alive in the long-term. EDWARD Neverborn Cache/Cost Henchman, Living, Rare 1 3/9 MIMIC DF WP WD WK CG HT 6 6 12 5 6 2 —Abilities— Get Back Here: Disengaging Strikes from this model deal 2 damage upon success. If the target is Slowed, increase the damage to 3 which cannot be reduced. The Evil Men Do: Whenever this model kills an enemy, other enemy living models within 3 and LoS must pass a TN 13 Wp Duel or become Slowed. Models that succeed this Duel do not need to Flip again for the rest of the game. Henry is Still Inside: Whenever this model fails a Wp Duel, the opposing player may push it up to 3” in any direction. The controlling player may negate this movement by removing this model’s Focused Condition, if any. Trample: At the end of this model’s Activation, any enemy models in base contact that have the Slowed or Paralyzed Condition suffer 2 damage. —Attack Actions— (1) Iron-Capped Cane (Ml 6 / Rst: Df / Rg: 1): Target suffers 2/3/4 damage. Kneecapped: After damaging, target is Slowed. Shove: After damaging, push the target up to 3”. (1) Have a Taste (Ca 5 / TN: 10 / Rst: Wp / Rg: 8): Target gains the following Condition until the end of its next Activation: The Formula: This model cannot perform Defensive Stance or Focus Actions, and Interact Actions are (2) Actions. If this model Activates within 8 and LoS of an enemy model, it must declare a Charge or immediately end its Activation. —Tactical Actions— (0) Top Myself Off: This model discards a single card to immediately gain the Focused +1 Condition. (1) More Monster Than Man: Destroy all corpse markers within 1. This model’s next Wp flip receives for every marker destroyed, to a maximum of .
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    thinking of using one of them as a count as Francisco and the other one as Sidir lookalike (heads will be swapped somehow) to upgrade a Nellie Box =]
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    Clicker from Empire of the Dead might fit as Metal Gamin, though wearing clothes.
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    I've fallen way behind with updates for this blog and due to a photobucket re-shuffle the links are broken. I will fix the links soon. @iamfanboy all my pics are also on my instagram here https://www.instagram.com/haychdee/
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    I've come up with a "master plan". I'm keeping it secret and will share the results after the tournament tomorrow. Hint: It may be a terrible idea.
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    Painted the samovar and attached it to the base. Will upload the video tomorrow morning. Oh and here's a video of Ito Itsunagi from bushido range.
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    Real-Life influence: Nostradamus Nostradamus was a brilliant physician who came to Malifaux to study reports of a Plague that has been sweeping through the city. His last living memories were that of thousands of yellow teeth and claws falling upon him as he prayed for death. Plague, however, is not one to answer prayers. Nostradamus's cursed and diseased state has found him shunned by most but like many whom traverse Malifaux's Streets even those who wander alone can find companionship in the most unlikely of places.... Nostradamus the Meek Neverborn Cost / Cache (30mm) Henchmen, Undead 9 / 4 LOST, WOE DF WP WD WK CG HT 5 6 8 6 — 2 —Abilities— Through Their Eyes: This model may draw Line of Sight and range through Friendly Unengaged Murder of Crows models within 5" when Declaring Attack and Tactical actions. Induction: Enemy models within 6 that suffer damage from the Poison condition suffer an additional 2 damage from the Poison Condition". Foreboding Allegiances: When this model is Killed or Sacrificed by an enemy model, Condition, or Terrain each Friendly Murder of Crows in play immediately takes a (1) AP attack action and then is immediately sacrificed. The Attack action generated by this ability receives +2. Plague Mask This model is immune to the Poison and Blighted conditions. —Attack Actions— (1) Plague Bombs (Sh 6/ Rst: Df / Rg: 6"): Target suffers 1/2/4 damage. Infect: Angry Birds This attack deals +1 damage to the initial target for every Murder of Crows in base contact with it. (1) Scalpel (Ml 6/ Rst: Df / Rg: 1): Target suffers 1/2/3 damage, Ignoring Armor Infect For the Birds After succeeding against an enemy model immediately take the "Fly my Lovelies!" action at +2CA. This action may not declare triggers. This trigger may only be declared once per turn. Retreat to Cover —Tactical Actions— (0) "Fly my lovelies!" (Ca 6/ Tn: 13 / Rg: 6"): Summon a Murder of Crows in base contact with target corpse marker within 6", then discard the Corpse Marker. "FLYYYYY!!!" Take this action again at -2 CA. This action may not declare triggers. (0) Medicinal Herbs (Ca 6 / Tn: 14 / Rg 6") Target Model Heals 1/2/3 Miraculous Recovery The target ends it's Poison Condition and heals additional wounds equal to the value of it's Poison condition, to a maximum of +3. (0) A mess of Feathers and Blood (Ca 6 / Tn: 12 / Rst DF / Rg 6") Target Living Model suffers 1 damage for every Murder of Crows within 6" and LOS. ...And Flesh: After Damaging place a corpse counter in base contact with the target. Nostradamus the Meek comes to the table as an Neverborn take on Poison. He boasts Induction which gives him great synergy with models that apply poison (Wicked Dolls and Lelu, for example) but is far better at carefully maneuvering the battlefield picking up the remains of the fallen and providing support and damage through his Murder of Crows. Nostradamus' upgrade, One-Thousand Quatrains, gives him Instinctual which allows him to use two different zeros in the same turn greatly increasing his versatility. Upgrade: One-Thousand Quatrains Cost: 2 Restriction: Nostradamus the Meek Effect: This model gains the following Ability: Instinctual Murder of Crows (50mm) Neverborn Cost (Peon, Rare 3 2 SWARM DF WP WD WK CG HT 5 3 3 6 5 3 —Abilities— Flight Evasive: —Attack Actions— (1) Flurry of Feathers and Talons (Ml 4 / Rst: Df / Rg: 1): Target suffers 1/1/2 damage. A piece for later: After Succeeding place a corpse marker in base contact with the target. Infect —Tactical Actions— (0) Feast on the fallen (Ca 5 / TN 10 / Rg 3"): Discard a scheme marker or corpse marker within 3". This model gains to attack and damage flips until the end of the turn. (All credit to @Mike Wallacefor the template and template related tips - check out his Malifaux homebrew!)
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    Have misaki her first run out today - close deployment headhunter - I picked claim jump and hunting party vs McCabe guild. my crew was: misaki (disguise, recalled, wings of wind) genbu!! (recalled) shadow emissary (conflux of thunder) shadow effigy lone swordsman (recalled) 2 ten thunders brothers won 10-2 a fast izamu getting pushed into position is just wrong!
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    Quick reminder: several common pieces of pre-made tower terrain are 5" tall. Do not set Nino atop one of these. My opponent's plan was to run pure Family (Abuela, mounted guard with shotgun wedding applied, pistoleros, etc.) to shut me down in an all-interact VP pool. If my performer hadn't enticed him to jump to his death, it would have been very effective denial.
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    I can't believe you are trusting us all on here unsupervised....
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    Going back to an old topic. What does Von Schill need to make him a competitive master in Outcasts? I was looking at my Ironsides card, she being approximately the Von Schill of Arcanists, and one thing that struck me was that along with providing a passive boost for her crew, and having a selection of attacking abilities with not much else, much like Von Schill, she also has a cache of 5. Would giving Von Schill a larger cache of 4 or 5, effectively allowing an extra model in his crew while still having a reasonable number of stones, make him a better choice in Outcasts?
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    Lots to do yet but here's a W.I.P. of one of my Drowned...have started blocking in colours on the other two...hope to post more progress after the weekend
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    Thralls automatically pass Horror duels rather than are immune to them because of this and also Lucius. They can be targeted by Queeg's Put the Fear In Em and will automatically get to take the (0) because they passed the horror duel. Same with Lucius. They don't get to take multiple horror duels from the same target though, because once you've passed one you're immune to horror from that model for the rest of the turn. technically this is an oversimplification - if the target model fails they can be targeted by the ability again, although due to the paralyse errata preventing paralysed models from taking any actions at all this is of limited use because you would have to target a model immune to paralyse in order to actually make them take the action.
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    I'm new, too, but on a budget I'd recommend Mr. Graves, 1 Samurai, 1-2 Ten Thunder Brothers and 1 Katanaka Sniper (Gadzooks doesn't seem to have singles of this one, a new box is 2). These are all incredibly good.
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    Going to fill in some random models for clarity. #72 is referring to your Desperate Mercenary making a disengaging strike against an enemy Hanged. You must make a check on Terrifying because you are attempting to target the model with the disengaging strike, and Terrifying applies when you're targeting the model. #79 is referring to your Desperate Mercenary attempting to walk away from an enemy Hanged, which stops you with a disengaging strike. Your desperate mercenary model did not actually end a walk action (as the disengaging strike being successful essentially negated it), and thus does not need to worry about the Terrifying. The difference between the two is based off which model is making the disengaging strike versus which one is moving.
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    Luna's best ability is making hounds significant for scheme running. The Weasel provides card draw, movement and healing. If you aren't bringing a large number of hounds (and they will have to come through his infiltrate) then Luna may not be the best choice
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    I usually take The Plague and use the Decaying trigger to take people with Blight T1. By the time T3 rolls around, they've got a few more points on them, and with a rat bite here or there and the aura on stolen, you can really start to tear things up with Hamelin.
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    For Arcanists, I would feel comfortable running Ramos or Marcus for just about any schemes and strategy. Of course, my play style likely varies from that of many others, so mileage may vary.
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    Markers for Guild and cpt Dashel
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    PROTIP: REAL men only use Dougie in Guild! Precise Ryle and/or the Brutal Emissary, have a hand full of rams/stones for Ryle and shoot everything on the board! Even your own guys! Your opponent will laugh and call you mad but you won't hear him over all the bullets you are firing!
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    When I paint a figure I like to understand a bit about their backstory - who they are, what they do, and so on - I like to think this helps me in producing a good paint-job. Now, my next project is to be Johan, because I think he would fit well in my Kaeris crew. So, I took a look at his fluff in the main rule book, and, well, I'm a little confused. The fluff talks of "animosity" between him and the M&SU, and that The Union blames him for sabotage. So, are the M&SU and Johan friends, or foes?
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    So I had a while back an epiphany about a whole new Nicodem build. Stealing the thunder of McMourning and focusing around Poison Shenanigans. It worked really well, I liked it a lot. But then I got on my Guild run and had to leave my beloved Rezzers in the shelves. Anyway here it goes, the basic core is this, season to schemes and strategy with the 8ss that you have left, 2 Night Terrors for Activation control is a nice touch and also you need to pick up one more upgrade. Reaper Grin, Necrotic King is always good: Nicodem -- 6 Pool +Maniacal Laugh [1] +Undertaker [1] Malifaux Child [3]Guild Autopsy [4]Guild Autopsy [4]Mortimer [9] +Corpse Bloat [2]Rafkin [7]Sebastian [7] +Transfusion [1] Idea is to abuse poison with Nicodem and take advantage of the (1) action charges with Rafkin and Shikomes (Canine Remains have it too) that you will be summoning. I got in a full wounded Shikome on turn 1 and turn 2 thanks to Patchwork trigger. Guild Autopsies were there to dish out Poison at range, Sebastian would give out Poison with either his ml or by Transfusion and hurt people with his auras and Mortimer also was there to give out Poison if needed, move models around and dig up corpses (Also don't forget to use Corpse Bloat offensively if you don't need the corpse markers!). I summoned: Two Shikomes on turn 1 and turn 2. Mortimer drops a Corpse with You Don't Need a Spleen Right? and digs up another one. Nicodem Manical laughs them up, summons from one of them and declares Patch Work sacs the other one and gets card from both, first full health Shikome right there, repeat turn 2 and if you happen to lose either one of them. Mainly Nicodem was there to give out Fast to either the Autopsies or Shikomes and Malifaux Child was there to help with that, share the Fast to those winged gods of death. It actually works quite well. A Fast Shikome with a (1) Charge to Poisoned models and still having 2 AP after that is brutal! With their triggers they really tear models to shreds. On top of Shikomes being really fast with wk 6 they really are the key models to this. Guild Autopsies with sh5 and Infect can really put the Poison in quite reliably with Fast as well as you can move, focus shoot, shoot 3 times or double focus and shoot. This was in my mind one of the funniest ways of playing Nicodem. You get the engine rolling with his buffs and debuffs and Nicodem is actually running across the board instead of just standing and summoning. I encourage you to try it and please, leave me feedback how it went. Once I get back to Rezzers I will start experimenting more with this list!
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