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    You can use it with Commanding Presence, so he's chatty and manipulative til he activates at the end of the turn
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    Wow, I can't believe this is the last month of the challenge. I haven't actually completed a year long painting challenge like this before. One month to go! This month I painted for a commission 3 death marshalls and 2 executioners. For myself I painted the judge and a guild hound. The total is around 48 soulstones. For February I will finish Lady J and the scales. I'd also like to finish McCabe and the dog pack.and the brutal effigy. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's pledges.
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    I'm afraid the wave 4 was nigh on non-existent in my list! I haven't played since August and as such getting to the final was a bit of a surprise but it's the 3rd masters out of the 4 in 2nd edition I've gone solo TT Lynch, with the other one me not being able to attend. I've placed 1st, year off, 3rd and 2nd with him at these events, so he does perform at the highest level IMO. My thoughts are still pretty much contained in that thread where I wrote the list of models I'd use, and when I turned up for day 1 of the masters I realised I had forgotten all my stat cards bar those I'd used in my last game at my last tournament in August, so I played fixed crew pretty much all day Saturday, with the usual mix of: Lynch, Rising Sun, Sometimes Wanna see a Trick, Would love recalled but no room. Hungering Darkness, Recalled Training, Usually smoke grenades. Lone Swordsman with Recalled Training. Shadow Emmisary with Lynch's upgrade. Then a mix of...: Depleted (max 2), TT Bros (max 2), Illuminated, Sniper and...that's it...? Not got Scheme Pools to hand as phone is dead so no social media but will update at a later date Game 1 vs Ressers (Reva, Tosh, Emmisary, Yin, some other bits) in HeadHunter - I played poorly turns 1 and 2, and some poor flips meant I lost hungering darkness and emmisary for no return. Thought I was going down big, pulled back to 7-4 loss. Game 2 vs Neverborn (Lilith normal list) in Stake a Claim - Played against this list so much I was happy to see it! Managed a 10-1 win. Game 3 vs Ten Thunders (Asami, Yasanouri, New Henchman, Terracota, Kamatachi, Low river...some other bits...?) in Squatter's rights. Dealt with the summoning and killed Yasanouri turn 1 with missile Huggy. Won 9-0. So I got through to the Quarter final and knew I was likely to play Sandeep in the morning, so I actually read what he did, and came up with a plan... Game 4 vs Arcanists (Sandeep, Cortez - new hench?, Howard, 2 Raptors, 2 Windies, Effigy) in Interference. So my plan in this was to mix my crew slightly, so I took Lynch, Huggy, Lone Swordie, Emmisary, Depleted, Depleted and Aionus...Aionus did the trick in the mind games sector and forced George to play differently. Aionus physically didn't actually do that much but I'm very happy I took him. I was losing by a few after turns 3 but the pressure had started to pay with Howard dying turn 2 to Huggy, then Cortez turn 3 to the same model. I started to pin in Sandeep, forcing him to retreat. End of Turn 3 I took a 2 minute break with my book of notes and worked out the VPs I needed to go on and win the game, knowing a draw wasn't enough, and managed a 7-6 win. Game 5 vs Outcasts (Usual Viks, Vanessa, Taelor, Johan, Child, Effigy) in Collect the Bounty. (Eliminate the leader AND frame for murder in the pool...). Back to the norm against my old clubmate Ant. I deployed poorly. Hench Vik killed Lynch for 3Vps, Swordie killed Vik (Huggy did 6 wounds then left it to the swordie) for 2 more to him. Turn 2 Taelor smacked the sniper, cue running away. Viks refused to fight anymore and it was a rearguard. I kept scoring for Bounty, despite Huggy fluffing against the Vik Turn 3, and managed to cycle cards enough to build up a hand to kill Vik turn 5 due to enough movement courtesy of the emmisary for a 6-6 draw that put me through. Game 6 vs Ressers (Nico, Archie, Phillip, Crooligan and then 3 belles, 2 doxies and some other summoned stuff) in Headhunter. I don't think TT can win HH with the scheme pool in this game vs Ressers. Scheme pool was: Claim Jump - too many enemies Dig their graves - They drag in before killing, I can't drag, companion and kill, so if I drag, they drag themselves back Insepction - I get outactivated then dragged away from the sides Leave your mark - Means I'm running at them in HH, and outactivation means they can likely get a model near enough Inspect the ruins - They can out activate me last turn before turning some markers off, and meant i had to be in the open, meaning I could get dragged for HH. Ended up going down 9-4, outplayed, outcrewed and I'm not convinced TT has much of a chance in that pool...! Delighted to come 2nd and happy to answer anymore Qs
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    As we are going fairly enmasse from team scum/firestorm games to infaux overload. We'll be needing to get in plenty of practice. Usual tracking of all games from firestorm games for 8 weeks from 6th Feb to the 2nd April.
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    Join us for CupidFaux, February's themed 50ss tournament @ Enter the Realm Feb 18th 12:00pm start time, Sign in @ 11:30am Pre-Registration Welcome 508 Baltimore Pike, Springfield Pa.
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    This was actually asked a while back, though digging it up turned out surprisingly difficult. Short version of this is that the "Begin Activation" step of a models Activation happens Before they generate AP. As such, she can push Paralyzed off on another model before she gets to that step, so she will generate as normal.
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    Also Lucius in both Guild and Neverborn can take advantage of pairing Tannen with Pathfinders and Clockwork Traps (by summoning in Neverborn). Their slow aura is a lot scarier when the enemy has to discard a card to cheat the TN 13 walk duel. In Neverborn you can throw Barbaros into the mix as well, challenging and pushing enemies back into range of the clockwork traps. TN 13 Walk Duels, followed by TN 14 Wp challenge on top of Manipulative is fun with cooler in play, right? RIGHT?
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    Which is an important consideration if you'll be taking a doppelganger.
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    Unless I finally get that time travel device working, it's probably not going to come out before Into the Bayou. More seriously, it is still on the agenda. The Core Rules got pushed forward due to being more important for the game as a whole, but the Neverborn book is definitely still on the agenda.
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    In January I painted a bunch of commissions and the stuff I got for Chrimbo Herald of Obliteration - Tara (15), Karina (5), The Nothing Beast (10), 3 Void Wretches (4, 4, 4) Bishop (10), Scion of the Void (8), Tuco (7), 3 Crooked Men (5, 5, 5), 3 Winged Plagues (4, 4, 4) and Aionus (13) For a total of 107 SS! In February I've got a commission for the Arcane Emissary to do, and I've picked up Viktoria's box. I'm very close to completing the Outcasts!
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    For Januari I painted: 2 Soulstone Miner 2 Ice Dancer 4 x 6 = 24 Soulstones. Closeups here. Carrion Emissary, Anna Lovelace, Nicodem is on the table for Februari. We'll see how far I get on that...
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    Ice Dancers. I started out from my Frozen Hearts scheme, with the skin and grey clothes, but replaced the greens and browns with the light blue from my Performers to tie in with the Showgirls. Doesn't hurt that those are all cold colours . I went with some warmer hair colours though, especially the first one, to get a little contrast.
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    in a totaly non original way , here come Archie :
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    lol. Don't fall for his PR! I've been @ukrocky's Malifaux team mate since 2010 and I should say that in the UK scene he is almost as famous for being one of our best tournament gamers as he is for loudly claiming to be rubbish at games while winning prizes for playing them. Last year he came first in nine Malifaux tournaments. FWIW I don't think it looks good for 'faux as a game when we downplay the skill involved. Creating narratives around players turning up out of nowhere and winning major events is actually harmful to the perception of our game IMO. Especially when it's not true. PS: I was TO-ing at the Masters event, there are photo's of some games and standings etc on my twitter (link in sig).
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    An unboxing and review of Archie for the Resurrectionist faction... http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/unboxing-malifaux-archie.html
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    Hi mythicFox, Thank you. I am currently building up my collection so don't have any of the really big hitters just yet, other than the Valedictorian and she is not a fan of that hammer. I use Doxies and Belles to try and move Taelor out of the way at the moment which has its successes. I have just added Madame Sybelle and she is quite good at getting Molly around to places where it is safer to summon. I find Taelor quite a good control piece for a melee monster, but Bete Noir has shredded her once so like everything in Malifaux she can be beaten. That is one of the games greatest strengths IMHO.
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    Rafkin makes a great frame for murder target; he's incredibly threatening, deals a huge amount of damage and is easily killed. Rafkin isn't really about spreading poison, he's about beating things up that are already poisoned. I usually team Rafkin up with the zombie chihuahua, the chihuahua rolls on up and poisons my target then Rafkin charges in and finishes them off.
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    The main way I use Rafkin is to target my own models with his ranged attack to spread 1 or 2 poison (with 2 attacks) to everyone hit by the blasts. I like to do that early on if I know several models are within range of both of Sebastian's auras so that they take 3 damage upon activating. Also, If you hit your own model twice with the ranged attack, the first one will do 1 damage to everyone hit, the second one will actually do 2 damage because of "my own concoction". In a hypothetical perfect turn, that's 3 damage after the 2 blasts, and 6 damage from Sebastian's auras. The perfect storm isn't always happening, but anything between the extremes will. And that's a lot of doggies popping up.
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    Shikome. I felt that the metal pasty things felt oddly prudish considering the rest of the model so I did away with those. Scraped of the textures and added small pieces of plastic rod for nipples. References searches included "green parrot" and "geisha makeup". Though I went more like they are in the art rather than proper geisha makeup, apparently they do the white stuff down the chest as well. I did try to do the lips like geisha though, with just the thin strip on the lower lip.
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