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    Massive thank you to everyone who attended and helped with the event. Special mentions to: Andy who done most or the background stuff. All the people who helped set up and take down everything. Hellfire Gaming Industries for donating prizes. Ceri designs for gaming mats (including the prize mat), at leadt 6 tables had mats from them. You generous lot managed to rause a fantastic £477.33 for charity. This money has been paid directly to Follow your Dreams to help make the dreams come true for youngsters with learning disabilities. Massive thanks to you all.
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    Wooo, finished up Dita and Loco last night, and got a lot of progress made on an Austringer (I ordered a box of 2 from Wyrd, but they only shipped me one spru, so I'm waiting for the replacement)
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    Lynch works pretty great with whatever you feel like playing so you can go for a crew with very few having to delve into the faction as a whole or go really deep, both to great effect. I originally ran him very thematic with: If you don't have access to a lot of the faction Lynch: Woke Up With a Hand, Expert Cheater, and Endless Hunger (Expert Cheater is just fun and Squeal is good) Darkness: Broken Promises, Addict (Broken Promises makes enemies get 's to everything targeting him including Horror, so he is basically untouchable for a whole Turn) 2 x Illuminated (They hit so hard with Brilliance and live even harder generally) 2 x Beckoners (Wk once and Lure and Illuminated forward without losing any movement is pretty great, also they give out Brilliance) 2 x Depleted (tar pit and speedy with other Brilliance models) OR 2 x Tengu (for running Schemes) OR Graves (for murderising) I ran him as a hand cycling master recently too and it was very effective: Only if you have access to a lot of the faction Lynch: Woke Up With a Hand, Wanna See A Trick, and Endless Hunger (Lynch is very good at giving a single model Brilliance, so if you get aces in hand 52 Pickup is very worthwhile) Darkness: Broken Promises, and Death Contract (same but cheaper and with consequences for killing him) Ototo: Call the Thunder, and Recalled Training (He has Flurry to discard a Ace which is great and he can fish for Aces with his heal) Samurai: Favour of Jigoku, and False Target ( is pretty great for getting those Aces in hand, and hitting those makes that happen often) 2 x Rail Workers (They have a discard so work with Aces, and can target friendlies with their (0) that does no damage to fish for Aces) 2 x 10T Brothers (These guys work really well because their (0) needs Aces, they are especially great at Ace fishing if you have an Ace of because you can draw two cards and discard an Ace, they are also great targets for the Rail Workers' as they can potentially hit and go Defensive
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    Still can't do this, you can only do the interact if you can lower your flicker first and still be alive....so you need at least 2 flicker which you don't have unless you used a scrap or corpse when you summoned it.
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    Just in case you have seen it yet, the following standard Sonnia list is pretty good for several strats and schemes: Sonnia (Cherufe, Counterspell, expert sleuth), Francisco (Wade in, Hermanos), Papa Loco, Death Marshall, Brutal Effigy, Watcher, Malifaux child, 2 x Austringers. The aforementioned Schemes and Stones podcast on Sonnia will help you to play it.
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    Both have different uses. Crooligans love stuff like Distract, Cursed Object, and the similar schemes in Gaining Ground. They like being able to interact while engaged and using it to disengage. They are also cheaper than Necropunks. The fact it is a place action means they can leap to other sides of walls, up onto buildings, and into places that push or move actions would not be able to get to as easily. The fact they can have from the shadows means that while they cannot interact first turn, they can be in a position to reach a tricky spot first turn with out having to cross as much ground. They also have Df6 which can make it rough for things with lower attack scores to actually get the hits in against them. Also technically I would rate the Crooligan's attack slightly better as it has built in Infect which I hold higher than a Necropunk's flurry. In turn Necropunks have more durability and a different sort of mobility. But it also costs 5ss. Its Leap makes it better for dropping multiple scheme markers in a single activation but unlike the Crooligan that requires possible dropping a 7+ card from your hand. It means the crooligan is a little more independent but more limited. So Necropunks are likely the stronger rounded model, but pays for that a bit. So I would say Crooligans are for when you have a plan to harness their difference and know how you are going to make them work where Necropunks are a better standard scheme runner choice when you want to be more flexible... but you are dropping 1-2ss more to upgrade from one or two crooligans to one or two necropunks.
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    Really just a placeholder at the moment but pleased to announce that the nationals will be on the 12-13 November and will be held at the new Battlefield Hobbies venue in Daventry. The event is currently SOLD OUT Tickets are available from http://www.daffcon.info/store/p13/Malifaux_UK_Nationals_Ticket_2016.html - CURRENTLY SOLD OUT Rulespack and schedule is https://www.dropbox.com/s/5rqe79vg5r5afs3/Rules%20Pack%202016.pdf?dl=0 EDIT 2 Entrants so far are Joe Wood - Defending UK Nationals Champion Graeme Nicholls Stuart Snares Nicholas Martin Liam Coupland Michael Green Benjamin Harris Claire Hearn Dominic Westerland Joel Henry Graham Bursnell - Current UK Master Brooks Martin Ben Halford Adam Hutchinson James Boots Johnny Donaldson Stephen Slatcher Dan Humpage Maria Wieland Anthony Fenton Martin M Martin Jones Connor Barker James Doxey Ant Hoult Jimmy Balderstone Peter Sidaway Joshua Leak Paul Campbell Gareth Henry Nathan Chenery Nathan Chenery +1 James Reeves Mark Elwood - UK Number One John Burgess Luke Cocksedge Pi Frojd Matt Ledgerwood Adam Perry Mathieu Lecoeuche Andres Gonzalez Conor McNama Nick Featherstone Huw Jenkins David Brown Lewis Phillips Alex Williams Kai Young Callum Palin David Garrard Dave Laing Craig Johnson Gregory Piskosz David Hill Michael Soar Lee Walstow steven wilson Jan Proudly Ross Mason Adam Lake Jonathan Hill James Henley Andy Bradshaw Ben Sime Rik Phillips Dave Chandler Riccardo Neri Luca Mazzetti C W Colley Tim Brown Ross Baker Marcus Rose Rafal Bielinski Cathy Winton Andy Winton James Winton Rich Bream Gordon Barlow Alex Drake Emma Newham Edward Piercy Giordano Vignoli Rob Hallam Troy Ashdown Riccardo Neri +1 Riccardo Neri +2 Maciej Boncawek W R Malcolm Grant Dickenson Luca Pagalia Benjamin Leslie Jamie Varney Lukas Rozinski George Hollingdale Matt Lewin Shaunie Red Tom Henry Russ Shea Thomas Thorpes Richard Walters Paul Florey Chris Donaldson Robert McCullum Michael Ross Joseph Jackson Chay Willoughby Michael B Hutchinson Johan Hoflin Kevin Davies Tim de Groot Gjalt Hooijkamp Sander Koumans Hadde van Zelm Leszek Dziubek Zak Foote Special Mystery Guest Piot Jaworski Adam Wanat Will Lewis Ross Hill Nick Pratt Josh Fletcher Haydn Smith Richard Keeling Peter Sheppard Johny Von Woozle Keith Robinson Cy Dudley RESERVES Jamie Clark* Adrian Mills Pete Rees
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    I painted up the Wild Ones as a commission for a friend of mine. He wanted them to have mud bases with mud flying of the tires. I should probably gone back and added more mud to the vehicles themselves but I was to lazy.
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    Friend o' mine did that: Allmost finished he Said... Wish i could have done that.. .
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    Hope you'll recieve your second Austringer soon, luck does not seem to be totally on your side ;)! In general I think that one of the smaller downsides to the Guild is that they have a specific set of models from Wave 1 who really seem to have a massive influence on the overal Guild balance, often meaning that some releases feel lacking. Now I certainly can't say there is a Wave where Guild did not profit from but many models do seem somewhat rebalanced around the two Austringers and Francisco who have been my 'Guild training-wheels' wheels who likely will not come off for competative play.
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    I like having 4AP masters and copying their (0) actions. If you don't crave those then I can imagine Emissary being a preferred alternative.
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    Money sent to Anthony Yeates by Russ Shea @DiabloCableGuy, can you please confirm when you've received the money? Thanks!
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    I actually prefer the Shadow Emissary with Lynch over Sensei Yu. Sensei Yu can push a model 10" and give fast but requiring two 6+ cards. Emissary can push a model 8" and give fast requiring only one 4+ card. Of course, Sensei Yu is more flexible in the fact that he can target anything while Emissary can only target non-leaders with upgrades with his first push. This is usually not a problem the way I play Lynch, since the models I want to push almost always are non-leaders with upgrades (Huggy, Graves, Yin, Lone Swordsman etc.). Another good thing about the Emissary is that he can do all this and still walk forward, so he doesn't fall behind like Yu. The Emissary also tends to have more impact later with its superior damage potential. I suppose the big drawback of the Emissary is not being able to give fast to Lynch.
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    Actually, I can go direct to Anthony. Thanks, Russ
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    Its your first one. It removes armor and Hard to wound, regardless of them being an ability or a condition.
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    Yeah, I don't know what people had against him - his stats aren't special, but with armour +1 he can stick around, even more so if you add dirty cheater to him. Iron skeeter can move him up and make him fast, and with that on top of reckless and a (0) action he can do a lot too. His Ml6 is really handy with that built in trigger - with a good chance of a straight damage flip or better he can get some killing done too. all around solid for the cost, and a useful enforcer before you even consider that he can summon too
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    Sorry, I can see how you got there from what I said, I should have been clearer. Doesn't stop the Paralysis, but you're not dealing yourself damage in the process, which can make it pretty slow going for Pandora, and you're still spraying Black Blood all over the place.
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    Theoretically this shouldn't be an issue as it is just me going, but I have no idea where that is. Would I need to be there when you arrive or are you guys happy to get yourselves breakfast and stuff like before?
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    I like concept and symbols of Guild)
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    They don't have to have a or attack for her to target them, and the trigger is after suceeding, so it will still paralyse. FAQ 105 Can Pandora take the Self Harm Action against a model without a Attack? (Same question for Self Loathing and Attacks). Yes. The Attack would simply be unable to deal damage. Self Harm selects a Attack on the target and applies the damage, but does not require the target to have a z Attack. Attacks that require the target have a certain trait in order to target are generally worded, “Target model with a Attack…” Self Harm is not worded in this way
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    Certainly a powerful Sonnia list with a ton of flexability. Alternatively if you like to dive into Perdita instead this brew has been working quite well for myself: Perdita (Trick Shooting); Francisco (Wade In); Abuela (Hair Trigger); Papa Loco; Enslaved Nephilim; Guild Pathfinder; 2x Austringers (don't own too many models yet). When schemes matter the most Papa Loco becomes Nino. In general 2x Austringers should help out most of your crews.
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    It can't interact the turn it's summoned. So it drops to one flicker before it can take the zero.
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    That is perhaps the greatest reason I take him with Sonnia.
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    Here's some bits I started working on finally - hopefully will actually make some progress now. This is for my swamp board. I have 6 pieces of 2x2 board to make it semi-modular (so far I can figure at least one other configuration besides the base). I did some cleaning up, and did some blending of edges, a few more cuts in sides. The right lower quadrant is going to have small hillocks - they'll be nests eventually. I have a small hill on the mid right (not started yet really). Three "islands" of land that I'm debating whether to put permanently down, or keep as a kind of free floating areas of earth. I built the upper left area up some, for some variation. The left hand is going to be mostly some forest. In case it's not obvious the mid area is going to all be the swamp. Added rocks and sand! Also finished the basecoating (obviously). Next step is really waiting on the watered down PVA to dry and then I can start some washes and adding drybrushing as well as plants etc.
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    To be fair, everything is too slow to keep up with Zipp, and that's the point of how I play him. Little bastard is all over the place, going back and forth disrupting my opponent, while his crew does whatever needs to be done to score points. So far I haven't run into any models that are staples for his crew other than Earl. I prefer a skeeter or two and the first mate, but the crew is very flexible depending on what I need.
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    So many variables go into answering this question. Ultimately, Crooligans are less resource intensive which is why I prefer them over Necropunks. They cost 1 less soulstone to hire (or summon), they have 1 higher Df and Wk, and their movement trick is a placement. I'd have to look for a reason to take a Necropunk. Both models have 4 wounds, so I expect anyone trying to kill them to be able to do so pretty easily. The Crooligan is maybe more survivable vs your average scheme-running minion because the Ml of most scheme runners is only 4 or 5 so they are less likely to hit; but the Necropunks make up for this with their Hard to Wound and healing abilities, so this may actually be a wash. I suspect your Crooligans died because you deployed them too far forward with From the Shadows. Try keeping them no more than 6" forward from your deployment zone, and ideally behind cover so that they can't be seen!
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    Necropunks are strictly better at taking multiple interact actions a turn or dropping multiple scheme markers a turn. If neither of the above is necessary over a 5 Turn game, you pick the one that suits your crew the best, as in for hiring and combo purposes. Necropunks can flurry, making them one of the more deadly scheme runners--HtK and Re-attach also make them fairly durable. Crooligans have better defensive stats, a -1 Wp aura that combos nicely with some of Ressers favorite models and masters, have actions to mitigate shooting/amplify damage, and have superior mobility in terrain setups where you have high Ht terrain or a lot of enclosed terrain. Leap does not go into enclosed terrain, but Always on the Move does because it is a placement effect. Leap must factor terrain Ht in if you end the movement on terrain, whereas Always on the Move does not. Always on the Move also moves Crooligans further than Leap, though the difference is usually negligible. However, Leap allows Necropunks to take two interact actions per turn in different positions, while Always on the Move only allows Crooligans to take two interact actions from one position. Fortune cookie advice: depends on your strats, schemes, terrain, and crew needs. I usually take Crooligans over Necropunks because I generally prefer the extra SS for my pool or an upgrade, and I try to avoid taking two schemes that require dropping a ton of markers. In GG 2016, most marker schemes can be denied by enemy models being positioned too closely, making them difficult to score full points on if your opponent hires any long range fighters and you take two such schemes.
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    I should also add that Hand Picked Men is a very interesting ability, and for people who are used to playing games and crews in which self-preservation is king, hurting yourself to make yourself stronger is an unusual play. Having baked in (while damaged) positives on attack and damage is amazing when you're trying to put down a model or hit certain triggers and it interacts nicely with other abilities that are available in M&SU crews (especially the denial game with Amina Naidu).
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    Re: Rasputina in combat. It's never happened. Perhaps my opponents haven't considered her attacks are all projectiles but she's 10" behind her frozen heart models casting through them, it's not a trivial task to get to her alive. There's no reason to ever bring her up or put her into a position where she can be attacked if you don't want. If something REALLY REALLY wants to get into melee with her, through your ice pillars and deep into your lines, you need to capitalize on all that wasted AP and unsupported model. And as always, there's snow storm to yank you out and place you on the other side of him. I guess I haven't had a raptor dropped on me yet but again, I'd just snowstorm out or have the wendigo devour it nabbing me fast. I'd be more on board with Armor if it could be cast on other models as well. Like if the Wendigo could use it on Raspy. Spending 1 ap for a 3" push and 1 armor without a surge trigger is a really bad use of her AP imo (The armor isn't gonna save her and unless you kill whatever engaged her its just gonna charge you again). Part of Raspys power is spot removal from far away. If you see a model that looks like it's bee-lining for you, you need to set up some mirrors and blow it out of the water. If they're running say a crooligan at you to tie you up, send mech rider to deal with it, dropping ice mirrors on the way and nabbing you a few cards with triggers. Hand out slow with acolytes or drag it away. I'd much rather use a minions ap than a masters ap. Raspy is one of if not the most controlling masters/crew. She can control your hand, your access to the board, and your AP. You just need to apply it correctly. What she suffers in mobility she makes up in reach. Re: Seize the day If it was more guaranteed or made the flip cheatable I'd be on board. But a +flip while improving your odds doesn't secure the win. It can also potentially burn an extra high card. Give it a shot, maybe it works for you, but keep cognizant of where your ice pillars are each round and if you could have achieved the same thing without the upgrade. For me, the extra card over 5 turns has been worth more (reservoir). Just my personal experiences, IF armor and seize work for you then by all means use them. Play-styles vary by player and meta, Wyrd made the upgrades for a reason! haha!
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    I know it is hard not to get disillusioned but it can take a long time to get that ah-ha moment with a Master. I started with Ironsides and while I occasionally won, it wasn't often. Then at about the 30 games mark I really understood what she was doing and what her crew could do around her. Things you should consider. Listen to the schemes & stones podcasts on the basics of the game - Ep 41 Card control - Ep 32 Lady Justice - Ep 40 Sonnia Crid - Ep 12 Lucius - Ep 7 Personally I would stick to just one master until you know them inside out. Understanding the relenting rule is important as is understanding what models have synergy with what other models in your crew.
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    She's a good tarpit against the right models/lists. If you try to sucker in Sidir, he'll laugh it off. If you get too close to a beater like Francisco, he'll tear her down very fast. Things that hit really hard and a lot won't care about her 14 wound profile. Pick the right location and victims, and she's going to deny your opponent the ability to do things on their own terms. With the right crew and upgrades supporting her, the denial/tarpit/control game dials in sharply. That's the part that gets overlooked a lot when people look at her card. The adrenaline feature and the Ml actions make her look like a front line beater, which is the "obvious" thing about her in isolation. So you're going in the right direction for what many of us say is the non-obvious way to use her.
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    I agree with you completely, I just recognize that an event based around multiple concurrent games needs some form of time control to have any chance of resulting in anything. In reality, the goal of the time control is to be unnecessary and have every game resolved in a timely manner. The main advantage of "deathclock" systems is simply that they largely keep the responsibility of time management isolated to the player affected. I can play a large model count army if I want, but if I do its my responsibility to play that army faster. It also grants the freedom to determine how I accomplish this by playing the first turn positioning game faster or simply knowing my stats better to resolve duels quickly. Malifaux actually has an advantage in this regard, as you largely know exactly how many activations you have to resolve over the course of the game and can use that to gauge how quickly you need to resolve them. I look at it this way. If I clock out, it has a big impact on my game, but the impact is to me and the responsibility and capability of adjusting to improve is entirely on me. If a game ends on time and goes to tie breakers... there might not be anything I could have done to improve. Worse yet, I might win and be rewarded for not keeping up with the rest of the players and being respectful of their time. The only things that can be done is to avoid things that score later, which is the wrong kind of adjustments players should make for time. The big big reason "deathclocks" work is that despite having a larger potential impact on the game at the end, they create a game that rewards the exact same play that wins your everyday untimed game.... assuming you can complete an untimed game in the window provided by a tournament of course.
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    I'm not certain how helpful this advice will be, but I'd also suggest, if you have the time, ALWAYS play every game to the end, and ALWAYS play like the game will continue another turn. On the first point, I suggest this for two reasons. The first is the more actual experience you have the better. The other parts of this are part of the mental game. If you reach a point where even mentally, you stop fighting for the win, you are pretty much ceding the game at that point. Sometimes for time reasons, or desire to fit another game or round of drinks into the night, that's cool. But if you are learning the game, you stop actively seeking ways to turn the game around, you never really get better at it, and it can be very easy to get a big set back and assume the game is over. As an anecdote, in the first edition of the game I was playing my Avatar Seamus crew against a Rasputina crew, and I'd been having a really bad day all day, and the early part of the game was just as bad. I lost my entire crew save for Seamus, and the then Henchman, Molly, who veterans can tell you was pretty bad in the first edition. This happened turn 2. My opponent gave me if I wanted to call it, and in a very grumpy and snarky mood I told him I would happily accept his surrender if that's what he was offering. So we played it out. Happily Seamus manifested turn 3, caught Rasputina in his aura of Terror/hit you for running away/ you go no where aura, and proceeded to tear the rest of his crew to pieces. I ended up winning that game, a game that looked at the middle of turn two like I had no hope of ever coming back. It doesn't always turn out that way, but never giving up, even if you are certain you've lost really teaches you how to play the game. Second always assume there will be another turn. I can't tell you how many games I've played where a player assumes they have it in the bag, and doesn't position their models appropriately, that then are caught flat footed when another turn actually does come around, and that they could have shifted the game in their favor if they had only assumed there would be another turn, and moved their models appropriately.
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    I'd say it's probably the biggest issue most (new) players have. Treating losing a model/bad flip/poor decision as the beginning of the end, rather than brushing it off. I've won games where I have been tabled and not killed any models on my opponent's crew. Malifaux isn't a game of kill or be killed, and while the Guild can CERTAINLY kill, it's very good at the rest too. You've just got to think there's still a chance, no matter what happens. And then, after the game, if you've lost, try and learn something from the game.
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    Played the Day in Court Scenario against Ironsides. I thought Pandora would handle it pretty well, but perhaps I should have gone for Zoraida. Ironsides was built for that Scenario, and I definitely didn't see her "You Lookin' at Me?" trick coming...!
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    Correct. I am personally not a fan of that FAQ decision, but it doesn't really hurt the game that badly. It doesn't come up that often.
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    Just using your hand for survival isn't optimal. Listen to Schemes and stones podcast 32 which is just around deck and hand use (I assume people have told you to listen to their master breakdowns as well).
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    So how is it not superfluous? Create a situation wherein that text being there changes what is an isn't legal. So, again, you are saying that a minor difference in wording across different abilities creates a completely different meaning and that an actual significant difference in wording in the same ability means the same thing.
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    First off, I mix it with Vallejo still water effect and build a few layers, allowing each to dry completely before applying another one. After that I just mix in some dark green ink/wash and add it randomly. And steal away, I've done that many time too - I think that's one of the reasons why people share pics of their works here. Speaking of which, here's Francisco I've painted recently. More pics on my blog.
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    This guy was pretty difficult to build but relatively easy to paint, just had to break it up into different sections. Don't think I'll ever paint tartan again if i can help it.
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    I personally like the Blessed of December, as a solid mobile model that is capable of scheme running, and scheme runner killing pretty well. I quite like the Ice Golem, but probably only in hold the middle type missions. Blasty Rasputina will probably want more than 1 ice gamin, to make sure you have bite of winter redundancy. Personally I much prefer Arcane resevoir over Seize the day, btu thats a huge play style thing. and you'll have the upgrades anyway, you can chose re-arrange crew to suit. The typical suggested counter to Rasputina is to tie her up in combat. You seem to already know this, with armour of december and Snow storm. My first impression of your list is that there is to much support and not enough mobility, but i might be wrong, and anyway, you don't need much mobility in some games.
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    Personally I find this sort of question a bit weird. Surely the best green is what you like? Personally I like more muted colours and tend to change the tones of skins that I paint as there is usually variation in pigment of actual skin. If I was painting for myself I would be looking at GW Castellan and Elysian green combo with some red/purple/blue tints. For @Bazlord_Prime he wanted super bright green and as he said bought a pot of flouro green (although his Bayou gremlins are darker than the big guys like Somer). The Fluoro was to weak to use as a base colour so I used an equal proportion of Golden Acrlyics Permanent Green Light, Hansa Yellow Opaque, and P3 white. I gave it an olive green wash, flouro over that, hand highlighted up with white. For the gremlins I added a touch of fluoro to the base colour but just highlighted with yellowfrom that so it wasn't as bright. ANd I need new matt varnish because mine is coming out a bit gloss
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    The coryphee is a highly finesse piece and requires experience and planning in order to maximize. I've had them crumble and I've had them devastate. Sometimes it's simply a bad/good matchup and sometime's it's my own fault for forcing them into a bad situation. Other times my opponent has no good ways of dealing with them. They're the type of model that gets better as you do. I typically run two, but not necessarily because of the duet. In fact I often forego joining them up as having 14ss tied up in one activation can sometimes be disadvantageous. They work fine individually, but you have to know what your up against and to use them as they're designed. Sometimes if I feel like it's too risky i'll form the duet, but if my opponent does not have the silver bullet, or if I think I can manage the threatening pieces, i'll run them individually as I feel like I can more work work out of them. Also with GG2016, it's handy having a model that can alternate between minion and enforcer. They're meant as harassment models, using their insane speed to hunt down those hard to get models such as key support pieces or scheme runners. They also can do a decent job at tying up certain beaters, dodging in and out of combat. It's often overlooked but I quite regularly use their Ca action to slow models, especially those aforementioned beaters. If you think about if, having slow and being unable to charge the coryphee means they're essentially unhittable in melee. Also do not undersell their trigger to use soulstones, as that has saved my ass on more than one occasion and always tends to take your opponent by surprise. Obviously Colette runs well with them but I've heard of good success with Kaeris too. Having healing is great with armour+2 or they make amazing targets for grab and drop, able to run (well fly technically) 14" and drop a scheme marker. Both of the M&SU upgrade's also work great with them giving them burning and/or regen.
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    Shrubs / hedges planted trees any sort of landscaping really Chain link fence or wrought iron fence (any fence with significant "openess" to it), Falling water from an overhead eavestrough or gargoyle Low clothes line, Pile of straw Stack of newspapers An overturned ruined cart with a canvas covering Steam from pipes or buildings A stack of boxes of bottles, baskets, market stands Bicycles leaned up on a post Market Stalls / tents sandwich board signs A curtain blowing out an open/broken window A skeleton in some stocks
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    OMG they're shooting LAZERZZ!!! But nice work.
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    Hi guys! I returned from a short vacation I am very glad that you like my work I hope I can soon work with Wyrd Games and their wonderful figures. Silent Ones. More photos from different angles on my Facebook page (link below).
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    Thank you! I just finished som new models. First out - Lady Justice! When I saw the original model I thought three things. 1. She is the leader of the Death marshals. Every other marshal model in the game (including the female ones) wear longcoats. Why is she wearing som kind of tubetop with random armour attached to it? 2. That model would look so cool in a longcoat! 3. Why is her hair flowing in the wrong direction? So, I decided to give her a longcoat and change direction of the hair. However, all the small details of Malifaux models made converting a quite intimidating task, so it took a while before I gathered enough courage to actually try it. And here is the result: And painted: I'm really happy with the overall result, even though the painting could be a bit smoother. And to go with Lady J I painted a Brutal effigy I used much of the colour scheme from the death marshals, but added a bit more colour. And finally a real death marshal. This one had been sitting half finished on my painting table for some time.
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    Thank you! Another model done - The Lone Marshal. According to their background, when a Death marshal gains enough experience, his head stops being a burning skull and he exchanges his enchanted coffin for a horse and a rifle. Sounds like a big step down in coolness factor in my book. And it also makes the model a lot more realistic. So I had to do something about that. I had seen several people painting the mane and tail of the horse like fire, and that is a really good idea. Even if the Death marshal stops burning, the background does not mention anything about the horse. And I decided to take the concept further and sculpt some additional flames. Here is a shot of the unpainted result: And painted: I wanted the marshal to have the same colour scheme as the Death marshals. And to work with the flames the horse would have to be black. So, with all that black I realised pretty early on that the entire model would rely on the flame effect. I think the end result turned out OK, but it's really hard to get a good picture of it. As with the Death marshals, I tried a picture with black background.
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