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    Kaeris jumped out at me right away for the man's day in court. Burning isn't damage, so despite people in his courtroom suddenly combusting, the judge won't freak out, and while burning is benerally easier to deal with than damage, in this scenario if the opponent is using AP to put themselves out, they aren't litigating or swaying the judge. Plus, Kaeris has a ton of board control she can do with her Blinding Flame upgrade. I think you could take either limited on her since the pyre markers will limit their access to the judge while giving you more access to non-attack action damage via hazardous terrain. But personally I'm planning on taking grab & drop to put down a bunch of free, uncaring-about-4"-distances markers near the judge in a hurry, and also bring Willie for his action to blow up scheme markers when enemies come close. Add in the effigy for removing Fees and some ice dancers for their ice path markers to keep the opposing models sliding away from the judge and I'm guessing a lot of players will attack first put of frustration. Other thought I had is to put Open Current on Joss and run him up near the center to keep them at - flips on all Ca actions, like litigate and approach the bench. For bonus points put in an oxford mage with Blood Ward (I believe) to keep Joss (with warding runes) immune to enemy conditions. All this and the thing I keep laughing about is the courtroom will A] be frosted over, B] be on fire, C] have dynamite flying through the air, and D] contain a large man with an axe-shaped Tesla coil, and the Judge is fine with it. But anybody punches someone in the face and he freaks out. Laughter ensues.
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    I painted two December Acolytes for this month. I've got some other things in progress I'll post at the end of the month. Does anyone know how to resize pictures when you post them from the gallery on this website? They looks a bit big.
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    Brewie was my first master, followed by Colette. Somehow I still have friends =P The biggest trap I see in a Brew Crew is to try and get everyone in the Drinking Contest. As a few others have said, it's more about picking your targets and keeping them there. I usually end turn 1 with Brewie scooting up the field, (0) One For The Road on something meaty they brought a little forward, and poison punching either that or something else nearby. First activation of turn 2, Swill those things, put up the contest, and Swill something else or Binge to taste. I never focus on poison, per se, but I find those first few models stay put, and re-poison themselves with the contest and from there on Brewie is either swilling things or poisoning the occasional newcomer sent by Trixie's gremlin lure or Fingers/Whiskey Golem holding Drinking "Problem". The key point I found early on is crew selection. Some theme is good, but too much will ruin your game. Fingers is amazing - in an interact/scheme heavy pool. I know a lot of folk don't rate Whiskey Golem, but I find it's a matter of how you apply him: send him after small to medium-sized targets with the understanding that he's sending models with a generally low willpower towards the contest with Drinking "Problem". Once there, they will be stuck and not running schemes (or in the case of Chompy, not eating your face. Keep a card for You'really Drunk Go Home ready in those cases). Even if they don't get there, they're out of position and usually in a prime state to be hunted by the support crew floating around; moonshinobis and such. I tend tof feel Brewie is lacking a truly heavy beater, but fitting Burt or Francis shouldn't be too much of an issue. I also keep meaning to try him with roosters. In Thunders I like him with the dawn serpent, a fermented monk (they make great scheme runners that can handle themselves) and Sensei Yu with either Wandering or Low style, and Yin. After crew selection, @spooky_squirrel is spot on: locking down/debugging models is good, but you have to do it at the correct spot to win games. Reconnoiter/Interference? More models stuck in the middle means fewer to hold quarters. Turf War/Extraction? Precisely the opposite. Let Brewie keep their crew from getting points so yours can get more. Put Stilts on him to get a ht3 aura so it's harder for them.to block it with their models. Oh, and beware of Take Prisoner.
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    And back to our regularly scheduled programming The second box I got for Malifaux and the one I'm most happy with (also, they kick ass on the playing field for me ) Francisco got the gun from a Death Marshal, as his profile says it's supposed to be a Peacebringer too, and a blade from a Reaper set instead of his... machete?
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    I have painted up bete niore as my first rotten harvest entry. Do you think the blood at the bottom of the model needs to be a lighter red? ****image removed under order of the guild****
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    Had a burst of enthusiasm today and finished off a Malifaux model, Iggy. Iggy and the other creepy orphans. Also some better photos of Tuco and Coppelius.
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    Fixed that for you. Major's "Old Pig Knows the way" moves all gremlins within the pulse. Generally I've found that if I have a set of stuff I want to move up as a group (Somer, Brewmaster) I'll reach for major, while if it's just a single model (wong, Mah, maybe still Somer) I'll go with Gracie and the all terrain Saddle. Unless I'm facing outcasts, Gracie is very sad when Levi is on the table.
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    I focus on Drinking Contest and do just fine. His actual AP is handing out Hangovers, just to things nearby him. His contest is a (0) action, so no matter how you play him there's no reason to not use it. His other (0) is good on turn 1, but even if you're using him to debuff, you don't want to use that (0) to get him into engagement range anyways, so getting a contest going is literally not detrimental to you at all. Forget about poison, if you get something near him with Swill +1, they'll poison themselves from the contest, almost a guarantee. I tend to put Binge onto Sammy, that way I have Jinx available if it becomes beneficial to use. Only 2 cards to discard instead of 3, but that way Brewmaster isn't wasting AP to do it so you can maximize the amount of Swill on a turn. I understand getting the tunnel vision on Drinking Contest. Every Brewmaster player falls into that trap initially. However, if you use it to lock down even 2 big models and keep them swilled, then that's a couple of models you don't have to worry about for the game. The trap is trying to get all of the enemies stuck drinking. It can happen, and has, but it's not very likely. You're better off picking 2 important targets and holding them down. Locking down a master with it for 1 AP a turn is well worth it.
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    The other Nephilim that haven't been mentioned are the Twins; Lilitu & Lelu. Although these are also Nightmares & Woes. (Are they the only cross-over species? They start out as Nephilim, so how do they become Woes & Nightmares?) Has it been spelled out what the relationship between Woes & Nephilim is? @Sybaris where did that info that Lilith & Pandora are sisters come from? It's kind of been hinted with Lilith, Pandora & Zoraida looking like a trinity of women-hood, but to the best of my recollection it's never been flat-out stated that they're sisters. To me, Nephilim and Woes have always been sub-species, making their being real sisters impossible. Zoraida of course, was originally human, so can't be a sister and Lilith & Nekima have been stated as sisters more than enough. Another kind of mystery is the Cherub. He doesn't really fit in with the Nephilim growth cycle, being somewhere between Tot & Young. Is he unique? He doesn't have horns & has a good head of hair. His feathered wings are also unique, all the others have bat-like wings. Speaking of hair & horns, it's actually another interesting topic. Both Tots & Mature (but he has a mane) are bald but Young (& Barbaros, who's trapped as a young on the growth cycle) have hair. Lilitu & Lelu as well as Nekima also all have hair. All have horns. Lilith & Cherub have hair, but no horns. There's no consistency. Wings is another one. Only Lilith, Lilitu & Lelu don't have wings. Sorry, I know all this just adds more questions. As an aside, for my Lilith, I've given her the Nephilim head from the TTB female sprue (it's bald and has horns) & given her Alt Barbaros' wings (she always has Wings of Darkness!). This makes her look much more consistent with her crew.
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    Nah. She's still alive. That was the Rezzer win condition during Round 1. "She awakens in the morgue, gasping with surprise as she sits up and startles the coroner, very much alive despite having had no vital signs a moment earlier."
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    Hi to all, I'm new here but I want start with a WIP of my first Malifaux mini, Kirai Only the mini is painted, I have to start the base, the theme of all minis is a bamboo woods and Kirai is in top of a cutted sacred tree (Shimenawa is incomplete), for kirai air color my ispiration is some japan idols XD the dress is painted with airbrush and details with paintbrush when I finish this one I start with Izamu all comments are welcome cya for the next step!
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    I like going after the man for the academic ties, and to increase the chances that Arcanists end up with him in the end. The twist on Shindig for this week's scenario should make for an interesting game...
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    Go for the Man, he's an Arcanist deep within his furry heart.
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    1st - Mcmourning 2nd - Reva or Asami (I can't remember which, I believe they were playing each other for 2nd) 3rd- Rasputina I think got 4th or 5th with Zipp, not sure didn't pay a ton of attention to the points
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    When are you going to break it to your friend that sitting back and shooting does not accomplish most schemes or strategies, especially on a table with adequate terrain?
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    Well I managed to paint something in September, which is a BIG improvement from August! From left to right: 6 - Obsidian Oni 4 - Lost Love 15 - Dr Dufresne 7 - Mechapig 8 - Ohaguro Bettari 9 - Luther 4 - Piglet TOTAL: 53 Soulstones
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    Speak of the devil ... Not happy with his face - it's very poorly defined on the model (and quite small) and I think I didn't do the best job of working around that...
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    I figured the gremlin aspect was covered in the subject and I hate redundancy;-)
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    I... what? Topic/subject dissonance! For Gremlins I've been using GW Elysian green mostly. It gives a good neutral greenish color without being too bright or too dark. When I want to mix up skin tones I'll mix in a bit of a darker camo green to give a darker skin tone or GW Nurgling green to pale it up if I want to go the other way. Either way, green wash for all once I finish. *maybe* mix in some brown to that if I want to go grubby. In general my Gremlins are pretty clean though. For Pigs, generally I kind of assault them with all my pink flesh tones. I've got some that start at a darker Dwarf flesh tone and work up, others that wander much paler, I have some old GW Elf Flesh that's running low. Now sure what I'll do when that one finally runs out on me I tried subbing in GW Ratskin flesh for their old dwarf flesh color. Do not believe the conversion charts, the Ratskin flesh is MUCH more orange. Like spray tan orange.
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    Since I had black five Bayou-Gremlins for a long time in front of me and couldn´t get my ass up, I decided to paint something different to get back my enthusiasm. I bought a Nicodem-Box (I don´t know if I will ever play them, but I always loved the models) and picked up my brush again ... the therapy worked: right after that I was able to paint those five gremlins in a row. Now I am happy to have the choice to paint something green or something more undead ... photo-quality is - as usual - not the best, but I hope you still like them:
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    Parker and Doc Mitchell is done. I am going to take a break from this crew to paint an entry for rotten harvest.
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    while I agree at where you're going, the rules are fairly clear cut. lets examine the rules for, terrain perimeter, the ability and terrain traits: 1): each piece of terrain is determined by is base perimeter 2): there are two bases (pieces of terrain) created by the ability. 3): Dense - you can see into, out of but not through. In application of the above rules: if you are touching no forests you an see in as far as the opposite edge of one marker. If you're touching on marker your line of sight can extend through this said marker until it comes into contact with another object which blocks line of sight (be it a model, building or another forest). Should you be standing directly in line with forest one and two, yes you will need to be into the forest enough to be touching the 2nd forest marker to be able to see through it. I refute none of this. I agreed already in my post, that this is the "rules" way to handle the situation. But I dare say that the design team of Malifaux did not explicitly balance around those abilities assuming you would be forced to touch both to see through the whole of the forest. Which is to say, I do not think the design team would ever swoop into this thread and say "But if you allow someone to see through them both, the integrity of the Dual-50mm-Marker abilities is compromised!" I agree 100% that the rules support this way of playing with them, and that in an engagement (See: Game) with any new player, or in a tournament, I would gladly work under the assumption that this is how the game is to be played, because it is easy enough to back this with rules, and should be the default, if there is any. But if you ask me, just because that's how the game is written and can be read to the letter does not prohibit you from altering things in an agreed upon manner that all players consent to, which is something I would personally try to at least establish within any personal groups I were to be a part of on a regular basis. Then, as long as everyone was ok with this, we would all be fine. I'm just saying that the use of two 50mm bases does not, in my mind, mean they would not have just as well made it a single piece of terrain if it was not cumbersome to do so. The 50mm bases simply are already part of the game, easily able to be on hand to stand in (And sold in a variety of colors by Wyrd to represent various effects, I use the Transparent Orange for my Smoke Bombs currently), and are an already functioning part of the game system for rules writing. So the simplest course is to use 50mm bases, rather than make up a myriad of new shapes or dimensions for various effects. I could be wrong, but I view their use as simply an ease of implementation rather than a strictly important facet in the balance of the game. I also personally plan to model out side-by-side 50mm Markers that are attached to each other for various effects I use, for the sake of the hobby. And of course any sensible player will allow use of these, though at times when required to interact with them as individual Markers (Damn that new Father time, moving half of my Smoke Bombs, urrggh), I guess I can proxy in something else if need be. I'm just saying playing the game the way you want is just as fine as playing by the rules. Although it's dangerous to do so when you don't understand the underlying rules, and when you are circumventing them, but playing strictly by the rules is not something any game designer worth their salt would ever encourage to the letter. At least, in my opinion. Problem #1: The inverse you're using to defend your position is false. The developers are equally unlikely to "swoop into this thread" to make a statement telling you your position is wrong as they are to swoop in an tell you your position is right. Problem #2: Aionus makes you the unreasonable player for trying to avoid using two 50mm markers. Problem #3: Conflation of "sensible" with "people who agree with you and dismiss Problem #2". Problem #4: Conflation of "There are several possible ways we could have written that rule which would have been perfectly okay" with just arbitrarily choosing to ignore how the particular rules have been written. For pointed comparison: Malifaux 2nd edition could have just used true line of sight, or magic cylinders, instead of the simple height comparison rule for intervening blocking terrain. What happens happens if you switch to true line of sight in the middle of a game, or claim "Any reasonable player would allow me to use true line of sight in a game?"