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    Hi to all, I'm new here but I want start with a WIP of my first Malifaux mini, Kirai Only the mini is painted, I have to start the base, the theme of all minis is a bamboo woods and Kirai is in top of a cutted sacred tree (Shimenawa is incomplete), for kirai air color my ispiration is some japan idols XD the dress is painted with airbrush and details with paintbrush when I finish this one I start with Izamu all comments are welcome cya for the next step!
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    Ahoi Folks! As i just finished my coryphees and mannequins and even managed to get a half decent pic of them, I thought I would brag a lil bit about it here I enjoy the possibility to use pretty bright colors for my malifaux collection and guess I will add more photos in this thread in the future. Greets Tors!
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    This is a battle report from the Malipho'enix group that meets on Friday's at Tempe Comics. This is a 50 soulstone game Gremlins vs. Guild. Deployment: Flank Strategy: Extraction Schemes: Convict Labor, Covert Breakthrough, Undercover Entourage, Leave Your Mark, and Hunting Party. Gremlins list: Brewmaster with Binge, Apprentice Wesley, Old Major with Corn Husks and Saddle, Fingers, Trixiebelle, Hog Whisperer, and 2 Piglets. Soulstone pool of 6. Guild list: Lady Justice, Guild Austringer, 2 Death Marshals, Santiago Ortega, Papa Loco, Executioner, and Francisco Ortega. Soulstone pool of 5. Gremlins wins flip for deployment and have Guild deploy first and choose sides. From left to right: Guild Austringer, Papa Loco, Executioner, Francisco Ortega, Lady Justice, Death Marshal, Santiago Ortega, and Death Marshal. From left to right: Guild Austringer, Francisco Ortega, Lady Justice, and Death Marshal. Papa Loco, Executioner, Death Marshal, and Santiago Ortega are hidden by trees. From left to right: Trixiebelle, Piglet, Piglet, Apprentice Wesley, Hog Whisperer, Fingers, Old Major, and Brewmaster behind him. From left to right: Trixiebelle, Piglet, Piglet, Apprentice Wesley, Hog Whisperer, Fingers, Old Major, and Brewmaster behind him. Gremlins win the initiative flip and have Guild activate first. Francisco activates and does El Mayor to Lady Justice and then double walks into the forest. Apprentice Wesley activates and walks forward and then uses Magical Extension and chooses the action Pick Yer Poison from the Binge upgrade and targets Francisco but fails. Santiago activates and double walks into the forest. Hog Whisperer activates and does "Stick'm!" on Old Major dealing 3 damage and giving Old Major the Reactivate condition. Old Major has 9 health left. The Hog Whisperer then walks forward. Death Marshal double walks up to the ruins. Fingers activates and goes Reckless. The first 2 AP are used for Take a Swig on Old Major healing him to full. His last action he walks forward. Death Marshal double walks into the forest. Piglet activates and double walks and drops a scheme marker with a 0 action due to Trained Pigs from the Corn Husks upgrade on Old Major. Papa Loco double walks forward. Piglet double walks and then drops a scheme marker as a 0 action. Executioner double walks forward. Old Major activates and double walks forward saddling Brewmaster both times. Austringer focused and shot Old Major dealing 3 damage and dropping Old Major down to 9 health. Old Major does his Reactivate and saddles Brewmaster repositioning him slightly and then saddling fingers and walking a 2nd time. Lady Justice double walked and went Defensive +1. Brewmaster activated and did Hangover twice at Lady Justice, failing the first time but succeeding the second time giving her Swill +1, giving her negative flips on all duels and flips. His third action targeted Trixiebelle with Pick Yer Poison which I then discarded a Mask and had her do Gremlin "Lure" on Lady Justice and failing. Trixiebelle went Reckless and successfully did Gremlin "Lure" on Lady Justice pushing her her charge away from Trixiebelle. She then did Gremlin "Lure" twice on the Executioner failing the first time but succeeding the second time. End of first turn no points scored. Gremlins win initiative. Piglet walked forward and then charged Santiago. The first attack got the Bowled Over trigger pushing Santiago and himself 4 inches. The second attack triggered Stampede so the Piglet had to charge the Death Marshal missing both attacks. Santiago charges the Piglet hitting with both attacks doing 2 damage each killing the Piglet as it already had 1 damage due to the Stampede trigger. Piglet activated and charged Papa Loco. The first attack hit and did the Bowled Over trigger, the second attack missed, but the third attack from his second AP hit and did the Stampede trigger charging into Francisco. The first attack against Francisco got the Eat Anything trigger healing the 1 point of damage due to Stampede. The second attack got the Grab On trigger giving Francisco Slow. Executioner charged the Piglet killing it with the trigger Bloody Exhibition on the first attack. Fingers went Reckless did Take a Swig on Old Major healing him for 1 damage taking Old Major up to 10 health. Fingers then walked and dropped a scheme marker. Papa Loco walked forward to toe into the zone; then he used Throw Dynamite at Fingers hitting and doing 3 damage which Fingers reduced with a soulstone taking only 2 damage. Fingers had gotten his trigger Loudest Squeel and pushed 4 inches. Slow Francisco companion activates and shoots Fingers doing 4 damage, Fingers then reduces the damage down to 3 damage, leaving Fingers with 2 health left. Apprentice Wesley does Pick Yer Poison at Francisco and succeeds. Guild discards his last card which is a Mask so I walk Francisco back 5 inches. Apprentice Wesley walks 6 inches. Austringer focuses and shoots at Fingers. Fingers uses a soulstone for defense but still gets hit. Fingers uses a soulstone to reduce the 2 damage down to 0. Fingers also got the Loudest Squeel trigger again and pushed. Trixiebelle goes Reckless and Gremlin "Lure" both the Executioner and Papa Loco and then walked forward. Trixiebelle has 6 health left. Death Marshal shoots at Fingers twice missing both times. Brewmaster activates and attempts to Obey Fingers 3 times failing each time. Does his 0 action Drinking Contest. Death Marshal activates and walks forward. He then shoots Fingers doing 4 damage and killing him. Old Major activates and double walks saddling Brewmaster both times. Lady Justice triple walked forward. Hog Whisperer Walked forward. End of turn 2 Gremlins score 1 from Convict Labor and 1 from Extraction and moved the Informant 3 inches. Gremlins 2 to Guild 0. Guild wins initiative. Lady Justice walked forward and then charged Old Major. Both attacks hit doing a total of 9 damage which Old Major used a soulstone to reduce the damage by 1 leaving Old Major with 1 health left. Old Major activated and moved out of the line of sight of Brewmaster and did nothing with the second action. The reason for doing nothing was because of her defensive trigger Riposte which would have killed Old Major. Austringer focused and shot into melee randomizing into Lady Justice and missing. Brewmaster activates and did Hangover twice on Lady Justice failing the first time but succeeding the second time. Brewmaster then did Pick Yer Poison on Old Major discarding a mask so Old Major could attack Lady Justice doing 4 damage, dropping Lady Justice down to 10 health. Brewmaster then tried to do his 0 action 1 for the road but failing when Lady Justice pulled the Red Joker. Death Marshal walked forward and shot at Trixiebelle missing due to Hard Cover. Hog Whisperer went Reckless and attacked Lady Justice 3 times hitting each time. The first attack did 1 damage, the second did 8 damage, due to Dumb Luck and the Hog Whisperer took 4 damage leaving him with 2 health left, which Lady Justice reduced with a soulstone down to 5, the last attack did 1 more damage leaving her with 3 health left. Francisco moved forward and shot into the melee randomizing into Brewmaster and missing. Apprentice Wesley activates and attempts to do Hangover on the Death Marshal but fails. He then walks away. Papa Loco double walks forward. Trixiebelle Gremlin "Lure" the Death Marshal and Lady Justice succeeding both times. Death Marshal walks forward and shoots Old Major but missed. Executioner double walks forward. Santiago walks forward, shoots Old Major and kills him. Gremlins score 1 point for extraction and Guild scores 1 for extraction making the score 3 to 1. At this point we realize that the Guild player forgot to reveal Hunting Party on turn 2 so we score that now. 1 additional point from Hunting Party from turn 2 making the score Gremlins 3 to Guild 2. End of turn 3. Gremlins win initiative due to cheating from Trixiebelle. Brewmaster activates and does his 0 action Drinking Contest. He then successfully puts Hangover on Lady Justice, Executioner, and Santiago. Executioner charges the Hog Whisperer missing with the first attack but hitting with the second and getting red joker on damage killing the Hog Whisperer and earning a point for Hunting Party. Apprentice Wesley attempted to do Hangover on the Death Marshal and failed. He then walked on top of the scheme marker. Death Marshal moves and shoots at Trixiebelle missing. Trixiebelle goes Reckless and attempts to Gremlin "Lure" the Death Marshal failing the first and second time but succeeding on the third. She then did the 0 action "Buy You a Drink?" and gave the Executioner Poison +9. Death Marshal shot at Trixiebelle and missed. Santiago walked and then shot at Trixiebelle but missed due to hardcover. Austringer focused and shot at Trixiebelle doing 4 damage and leaving her with 1 health left. Papa Loco double walks. Francisco walked and then shot hitting Trixiebelle and killing her. Lady Justice activates and attempts to charge the Brewmaster but fails the drinking contest as well as her attempt to walk and do her 0 Juggernaut healing her up to 11 health. Guild scores 1 point from Extraction bringing the score 4 Guild to Gremlins 3. At this point I concede the game as I have no viable way to score points or to prevent Guild from scoring their points. Gremlin Schemes: Convict Labor and Leave Your Mark. Guild Schemes: Hunting Party and Leave Your Mark. Overall I really liked the list I played, it had a lot of board control with the Piglets keeping enemy models tied up and even successfully push models around and Trixiebelle with Gremlin Lure. Fingers did not seem to help as much and mainly was a bullet soaker so I would probably look to change him out with something more killy, like Gracie or Mancha Roja. I think my biggest misstep was having a full turn that I relly had no idea what to do with Brewmaster (the turn he just attempted to Obey Fingers.) I should have thrown him into the mix at that point, most likely Lady Justice would have killed him quickly but that would have been another turn of Lady Justice being kept away from the bulk of my crew. The Guild player definitely did a great job of weathering the massive amount of control I was doing against his force and really made my forces crumble once he had an opening. We also forgot about the Executioners Terrifying, Trixiebelle and Brewmaster should have taken some Horror Duels. As always any suggestions or tips are greatly appreciated as well as pointing out any rule mistakes we may have made.
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    A common misconception. Whilst I have a great set of folks who help me out at the actual event, 95% of the org, prizes etc. Is me. And tbh, thats they way i prefer it, little bit of a control freak when it comes to this sort of thing
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    As I write its just a few weeks to the Nationals where we will see 128 players take part in the biggest Malifaux singles event ever held - beating the record we set last year. In the 3 years I have been running the nationals we have gone 66 -> 88 -> 128 and if we had the space then we could probably have got to 140-150 this year. But this post isn't really about that, its about what you, the community, want for next year. In my mind I had envisaged creating something that I have been calling WyrdFest, a 3 day celebration of all things Wyrd featuring the UK Nationals, alongside an Other Side tournament, Puppet Wars, EBO etc. I was thinking of looking at having this in a hotel so we can do the whole on site thing that has worked very well for other systems - take a look at Smogcon for Warmachine as an example. Now this obviously has cost implications - and I haven't modeled this all out - but to me, it seemed to be the logical next step from where the nationals have got to now, as well as reflecting the growing size of the community. Of course, setting something like this up is a lot of time, effort and frankly financial risk, as deposits need to be paid etc. This is all something that was prepared to do as I've done for things like Daffcon. However there is a nagging little voice at the back of my head that says that perhaps it is time for someone else to have a go - there are no shortage of great TOs out there and perhaps one of them would like to have a shot so I guess the purpose of this post is to see if you guys want someone else to do it or if you think Wyrdfest is a step to far or .... Basically i am looking for commentry on what you would like to see next year. Does that all make sense - hope so.
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    Painted this crew up for Wyrd Games. It was a blast to do all the cloth and textures. I based the colour scheme off of the concept art. I did a painting article for this Octobers Wyrd Chronicles , check it out here: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/195061/Wyrd-Chronicles--Ezine--Issue-26
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    If you read the pullmyfinger blog and go through each one of the masters, they (most of the time) give information on their ability to face specific strategies and schemes.
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    There aren't any comprehensive lists as far as I know. Different masters can have vastly different approaches to the same schemes/strats. Finding what works for you is sort of the challenge. Austringers are usually the auto-take for any marker schemes regardless of master chosen. They can use their (2) action to make any model in your crew push and make an interact. Apart from that it's very individual. Francisco is a popular choice for denying schemes were the opponent wants to kill a specific model from your side since he can greatly buff survivability while also hitting hard himself. The scheme show of force has a popular combo: Either Sidir or Master Queeg (since they can both carry promises + one more upgrade) and then Francisco with his signature upgrade and one other. Hoffman usually uses a watcher with the upgrade that let's you interact as a (0) and/or one with the upgrade that makes it nimble to get schemes done. Perdita usually favours killing enemy key models to deny points and use a watcher/three hounds/whatever to get some schemes done. Lucius can really take supbar scheming choices and give them bonus ap to get stuff done. The challenge with him is finding models sturdy enough to survive the game and kill enemies without having too few minions since he is vulnerable to enemies killing his minions and severely resricting his available options.
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    As I finished the last part (Madam in yellow) of my Collodi Collection I used the moment to take shots of Dreamer and Lynchs respective models:
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    So first comes my “Tower of Malifaux”. I think it is quite unpractical for gaming, but its walls footstep is about 6” - so I think it won’t hinder the gameplay too much. If so, I can place it right next to the play area “for atmospheric and aesthetic reasons” The spoiler at the bottom of the post contains a few pictures of the building process.
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    Here is what I do for proxies. I did these this morning since the Ripples pdf is out. They are quick and easy and everyone knows what they are supposed to be. I did make the terracotta warriors a little tall but it just makes them look more intimidating. Forgive the subpar phone camera.
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    In those other threads mentioned, you'll see other uses of Are you lookin' at me?, such as pulling the Emissary 10" up the board. Her box includes Mouse. Mouse's pull inflicts damage, so Mouse and Gunsmiths and Hand Picked Men all get along in ways that are truly absurd. Just accept the fact that if you don't have the Black Joker in hand, you'll probably see it when your Gunsmith cycles between 12 and 18* cards during its activation. I've found that if Toni dies pulling people off of objectives and spending their activations dealing with her, the rest of my crew gets to do its job. I've never actually gotten my adrenaline up higher than a 3-4, simply because it's either being burned, or the things she's pulling in are being pulled in to die to a nearby beater like the Rail Golem or Joss (or a sped up, slightly dinged Gunsmith). * to see 18 cards, you need: a burning target or three not in cover, a Gunsmith that flipped or cheated a against Mouse's rope and failed, and to use The Hard Way to get Easy Target versus said burning targets. Don't miss (you're at a triple to hit, so you'll see at a minimum vs. targets in the open 12 cards) and you're getting a single into the damage. Worst case involves tying for the net of a single (18 cards), most common case (unless you're picking on some low Df models or an opponent who cannot or does not want to cheat) involves beating by 1-5 for a straight flip (15 cards), with everything else being just bad news for your opponent (single (18 cards) and double (21 cards) positives).
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    So I've been working on this There's a 3rd structure to finish, and I'll be building more boardwalks, but I need ideas for LoS blocking terrain. Help! P.S. My personal preference is playability over aesthetics. P.P.S Nothing is attached to the surface of the board itself. The structures include their "porches" and the rest of the boardwalks are individual lengths ranging from 2"-5.5".
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    Now as I see it on the board I have a (very late I agree) suggestion: if you're building dioramas you avoid right angels between the diorama and the frame. So your board might look a lot more interesting (than it does already), if you rotate the inside of your board just a little bit. But I like it already anyway.
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    I've finally started work on this. I've strayed a bit from my drawings as I was working; finding that my idea covered far too much of one side of the board with difficult ground. I've been doing google image searches for 'canal erosion' and finding that most canals like I have in mind are very shallow. I'll be putting lots of little islands and bridges over the area of wrecked canal, and some eroded patches and an improvised walkway or two across so there won't be an unpleasant play experience for anyone no matter what side the board they end up on. Anyone have any tips or hard earned lessons to share about water effects? I was planning to do Woodland Scenics, but OMFG that stuff is expensive! Guess ya gotta pay to get good results. Time to eBay off all that Warmachine Cryx stuff I'm not using...
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    If you haven't started your cobbles yet I have two suggestions that will make it a bit easier. The first, is to get a couple lengths of brass tube from a model railroad or RC hobby store. I would recommend a few different widths. Cut these lengths into pieces about 5" long, this should allow double what you purchased. Grab all the cut lengths and hold them together. Then wrap the bunch with tape or rubber bands. Throw some taoe on one end as well for padding. Now you will have a neat little "punch" for making your cobbles. The second method is one that I use as it is so easy and time saving. Go to the grocery store and by a few bags of lintel beans. Buy a big jug of wood glue. Paint the wood glue on the surface you want cobbled and then pour the lintels on top. Once it dries go back and apply another layer of wood glue, though this time water it down a bit. Quick and easy, plus it looks great. I can link you to some photos of the end result. The biggest problem with using this method is it can curl your base material if it isn't strong enough but you shouldn't have to worry about that at all.
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    Rivers could be problematic for gameplay - propably better to try out how it plays first (just use strips of paper as the river maybe)? Cobblestones and the like you can do with just two pencils or some toothpicks. Just takes some time to do. First, score the pattern of the stones with a hard pencil or the toothpick. Second, use a softer pencil and draw sort of a figure eight shape on the bricks over and over again to create texture. You can use this technique for walls, wood etc. too. As far as buildings go: Do you want to scratchbuild them or buy premade ones, perhaps even prepainted ones and just add some details? There's loads available nowadays. What always creates some interest (visually and for gameplay) is different levels of height. It starts with sidewalks (maybe 0,5 cm high) and ends with canyons and the like. For texture add different grits of sand or add pieces of cork or slate. And when painting, don't paint everything the same color. Add variations here and there to create interest. Was any of that helpful? I hope so
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    Next model painted. For my Guild.
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    Buy the plastic box anyway You'll need the spiders. I don't think I've ever run Ramos without Joss. He's a highly resilient damage deal who ignores some of the most difficult abilities out there. He also acts as a buff node for all my spiders, giving them regen and burning on their attacks. Even though Howard can hold one of these upgrades, I don't keep him centralized enough to make good use of them. Joss is the front line captain to Ramos' backline general role. Side note: Can we get a Ramos sticky? THere's been a lot of questions about him lately
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    This was a great episode! It's good to hear some positive and constructive discussion of the old man, and it's got me keen to get something other than the librarian painted up and on the table! Your guest was also really clear and methodical in his delivery, making the whole episode really enjoyable. Also, finally some love for Hans!
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    This is a 50 soulstone game of Malifaux played at Tempe Comics as part of the Malipho'enix group. Gremlins vs. Arcanists Deployment: Standard Strategy: Turf War Schemes: Line in the Sand, Breakthrough, Frame For Murder, Bodyguard, and Make Them Suffer Gremlin List: Somer with Can O' Beans and Encouragement, 2 Skeeters, Mancha Roja with Stilts, 3 Lightning Bugs, Slop Hauler, and Gracie with Saddle. Soulstone cache is 5. My original thought with this list was that Somer or one of the Skeeters would do the 0 action Do It Like Dis! and give the Crows suit to all of the Lightning Bugs within 8" so whenever they hit anything and successfully dealt damage they would give out the slow condition. Originally I was also going to take Trixiebelle as well to hand out Slow at very long range, and push models that where more dangerous away. Unfortunately with the scheme pool I felt she ultimately wouldn't have helped me score on any one particular scheme. I thought about using her for Bodyguard but unfortunately that scheme always feels like a massive gamble that's not worth the risk. So I took her out and subbed in Mancha Roja, which I really struggled with either taking him or Francois Lacroix. Arcanists List: Ramos with Electric Summoning, Combat Mechanic, and Under Pressure, Brass Arachnid, Joss with Open Current, Large Arachnid, Howard Langston, and a Rail Golem. Soulstone Cache is 4. Neither crew reveals Schemes. Gremlin Schemes: Frame For Murder on Mancha Roja and Make Them Suffer. Arcanist Schemes: Frame For Murder on Howard Langston and Breakthrough. This is the first time I am posting up the schemes that each player has chosen at the beginning of the report instead of waiting until it is relevant. Tell me which way yoyu like it more if you have a preference. Gremlins win Deployment flip and have Arcanists deploy first and choose sides. Arcanists from left to right: Joss, Brass Arachnid, Ramos, Large Arachnid, Howard Langston, and Rail Golem. Arcanists from left to right: Joss, Brass Arachnid, Ramos, Large Arachnid, Howard Langston, and Rail Golem. Gremlins from left to right: Gracie, Mancha Roja, Skeeter, Lightning Bug, Somer, Lightning Bug, Slop Hauler, Lightning Bug, and Skeeter. Gremlins win initiative and have Arcanists go first. Brass Arachnid double walks forward. Lightning Bug with the green flame double walked forward. Large Arachnid double walked forward. Lightning Bug with blue flame double walked. Ramos activated and double walked forward behind the Large Arachnid, then he used his 0 action Electrical Creation to summon in one Electrical Creation within 6" with a 7 of tomes or higher. He then Accomplice into the Electric Creation. We messed up at this point and forgot the Electric Creation had Slow due to being summoned, but further summons in this game we remember to have slow up. The Electric Creation walked to the Lightning Bug and did Burst, cheating in the 10 he needed to succeed. The Lightning Bug would have taken 3 damage, but due to Blast Resistant +1 she only took 2 damage. I decided to take 1 additional point of damage to take a 1 action point action for free due to Knock it Off! and walk so she would be in range of the Slop Haulers Walk and Feed Piggies action. Somer activated and walked forward. he then used his 0 action Do it Like Dis! to give Rams to everyone's duels, including his own, within 8". He then shot twice at the Brass Arachnid missing both times. Joss double walked forward. Slop Hauler went Reckless and walked forward. then he did Feed Piggies healing himself completely and healing 2 points of damage off of the Lightning Bug leaving it with 1 damage. Howard Langston triple walked. Lightning Bug with red flame went Reckless and walked forward. He then passed his Terrifying check and charged Howard Langston. First attack hit due to cheating and got the Crow Trigger To the Kneecaps, giving Slow to Howard Langston and dealing 2 points of damage ignoring Armor due to weak damage. Second attack missed. Rail Golem gained Burning +1 due to Stoked Fury. He then double walked forward. Gracie attempted to do her 0 action Riled Up but failed to get the target number. She then double walked forward saddling Mancha Roja both times. Mancha Roja activated and charged Howard Langton passing the Terrifying check. His first 2 attacks completely missed and both attacks I had spent a Soulstone to have the Tomes suit to get the Arm Lock trigger to give Howard Langston negative twists on his Defense Duels. Third attack hit and I used the Ram trigger Crushing Strike to give me a positive twist due to Somer's aura from Do it like Dis! This made the damage flip a straight flip. I got moderate damage which is 5 damage but due to Howard Langstons Armor +1 he took 4 damage, leaving him with 5 health left. Red Skeeter double walked to engage Joss and the Brass Arachnid. Blue Skeeter double walked to engage the Rail Golem. End of first turn no points scored. Gremlin cache is 3 to Arcanist cache of 4. Gremlins and Arcanists both Soulstone to draw 2 cards and discard down. Arcanists win initiative. Joss activated and attempted to walk away but failed due to Can't Escape The Buzzing! Joss then did his 0 action Open Current getting the 7 he needed. The Skeeter failed its target number 15 willpower duel and gained negatives to his defense duels. Joss attacked the skeeter and the Skeeter got the Black Joker on defense and was killed on the damage flip. Mancha Roja activated and used his 0 action One Thousand Masks discarding a 9 of tomes to gain +1 defense. Mancha Roja passed his terrifying check against Howard Langston. The first attack against Howard Langston hit and got the Crushing Strike trigger doing moderate damage and dropping Langston to 1 health left. The second attack hit and killed him. Then the Arcanists revealed Frame For Murder which he scored 3 points from due to it being a Henchman that killed him. Mancha Roja then walked towards Ramos and the Large Arachnid. The Large Arachnid did his 0 action Temporary Limb by discarding the scrap marker left by Howard Langston to gain positive twists to all of his flips for his activation. He then attacked Mancha Roja twice hitting both times but only getting weak damage each time doing 4 damage total, but got the Heated Metal trigger on both attacks giving Mancha Roja Burning +2. Mancha Roja had 6 wounds left. Somer activated and shot the Brass Arachnid twice. The first shot did 1 damage after armor and his second shot got the Thinkin' Luck Trigger doing 3 damage after armor, killing the Brass Arachnid. I then revealed Make Them Suffer scoring 1 point off of that scheme. Last action Somer walked. No zero action was taken as I didn't have a low card of a suit I could benefit from. Ramos activated and did his 0 action Electrical Creation summoning in an Electric Creation in between Mancha Roja and the Lightning Bug. He then did Summon The Swarm, using a Soulstone to gain an additional Tome to summon 2 Steam Arachnid which was successful. His second action he walked to be in Melee with Mancha Roja and then attacked Mancha Roja do to me cheating in a 13 for defense. Ramos then used Accomplice to have the Rail Golem activate. The Rail Golem gained another Burning +1 going up to Burning +2. The Rail Golem attacked the Skeeter hitting and killing it. The Rail Golem then walked to Mancha Roja, used his 0 action Locomotion, lowering his Burning condition by 1 and attacking Mancha Roja, doing 6 damage due to having +2 damage from having the Burning Condition. At this point I don't know what I was thinking but I used a Soulstone to reduce damage by 1 keeping Mancha Roja alive with 1 health when he has Burning +2, which if I die from doesn't count for Frame For Murder and I completely forgot that I had Stilts that I could have abandoned to avoid all damage! Lightning Bug with red flame went Reckless and attacked the Electric Creation twice missing both times, so the third attack I used Encouragement taking a damage to gain a positive twist to the Attack. I hit but only did 2 damage leaving the Electric Creation with 1 health left. The Electric Creation then activated taking the last point of damage and doing Explosive Demise doing the last point of damage to Mancha Roja scoring me 2 points for Frame For Murder. The Lightning Bug only took 1 point of damage do to Blast Resistant then he took a second damage for Knock it Off! to walk towards the Slop Hauler, leaving the Lightning Bug with 5 damage and only 1 health left. Lightning Bug with the green flame went Reckless and attacked the Summoned Steam Arachnid getting the Ram trigger The Green Wrath making everyone in a 3" pulse a a TN 11 defense duel or suffer 2 damage. The only 2 in range where Joss and the other Steam Arachnid, only the Steam Arachnid failed the test taking 1 damage after armor and the original target took 2 damage that ignores armor. The second attack missed but the third attack hit and killed the Steam Arachnid. Slow summoned Steam Arachnid walked into engagement with Somer. Slop Hauler went Reckless and healed himself to full, Lightning Bug with the red flame 3 points putting it at 4 health left, Lightning Bug with green flame 2 points leaving it with 5 health and healing Somer to full. Then he walked a little bit. Lightning Bug with blue flame went Reckless and walked forward then shot at Joss twice, both times taking a damage for encouragement. Hitting both times and getting the trigger To The Kneecaps to give Joss Slow and doing a total of 5 damage ignoring armor leaving him with 4 health left. Gracie double walked. End of turn 2 both Gremlins and Arcanist score for Turf War. Gremlins score 1 for Make Them Suffer and 2 for Frame For Murder on Mancha Roja. Arcanists score 3 for Frame For Murder on Howard Langston. Arcanists win initiative. Slow Joss activates and walks forward then does his 0 action Open Current, Somer and the blue flame Lightning Bug fails the TN 15 Willpower duel and gain the condition Conductor giving them negative flips to Defense. The other 2 Lightning Bugs pass. Somer activates and does his 0 action Do it Like Dis! succeeding to make his target number and discarding a crow to add to all duels. He then attacked the Steam Arachnid with his Pig Prodder killing it with Red Joker damage and summoning in a Piglet from the Crow trigger Come & Get it! Somer then shot at the Rail Golem but missed and with his last action he walked back. The Rail Golem then activated and used his 0 action Locomotion to walk into charge range of the Lightning Bug with the red flame. He charged and killed the Lightning Bug on his first attack ending his activation. Slop Hauler went Reckless and walked, then he healed himself to full, Lightning Bug with the green flame to full health, and healed the Lightning Bug with the blue flame 2 point leaving him with 5 health left. Lightning Bug went Reckless and attacked the Rail Golem 3 times hitting each time using the To The Kneecaps trigger from the crows of Somer's aura. The Lightning BUg did 2 damage on the first attack, 3 damage on the second, and got the black Joker on the third attack damage, leaving the Rail Golen with 5 health left. Ramos activated and did his 0 action Electrical Creation summoning in an Electric Creation. Then he did Summon The Swarm burning a Soulstone for the suit and cheating from his hand to summon 3 Steam Arachnids. He then walked forward and healed 4 damage on Joss with Combat Medic, leaving Joss with only 1 damage. Ramos then used Accomplice to have the Large Arachnid activate. The Large Arachnid double walked next to the Rail Golem. Lightning Bug went Reckless and shot 1 Steam Arachnid twice killing it and shooting another Steam Arachnid but missing. Summoned Slow Electric Creation walked into engagement with Gracie. Summoned Slow Piglet attacked the Large Arachnid and missed. Summoned Slow Steam Arachnid walked into engagement with the Piglet. Gracie did her 0 action of Riled Up taking 2 damage and gaining Reactivate. She then attacked the Electric Creation hitting and killing it and then used Eat Your Fill to end the activation and heal that damage. Summoned Slow Steam Arachnid walked up by Joss. Gracie does her Reactivate and attempts to walk away from the Rail Golem, failing the first time but succeeding the second time. End of turn 3, both Gremlins and Arcanists score 1 for Turf War and Gremlins scored 1 for Make Them Suffer. Gremlins 6 to Arcanists 5. Gremlins win initiative. Gracie charged Ramos. On the first attack Gracie hit and did moderate damage of 4 which Ramos armor reduced to 2 damage. Ramos cheated in the Tomes card he needed for the Repulsion trigger which pushed Gracie into the crates and out of engagement range. She then did the 0 action Riled Up to gain reactivate. Large Arachnid attacked the Piglet twice, first time doing 2 damage and second doing 3 damage killing the Piglet. Gracie reactivated and walked once (don't know why I didn't charge) so the terrain would stop me from being pushed out of engagement and attacked, but got the black joker on the damage flip. The Slow Rail Golem used his 0 action Locomotion to attack the Lightning Bug and killed it with the first attack. He then walked towards Gracie to have her Engaged. The remaining Lightning Bug went Reckless and shot Joss getting the To The Kneecaps trigger to give him Slow and dealing 3 damage. Then he shot into a Steam Arachnid and killed it out right with 3 damage and finally shot Joss once more doing another 3 damage leaving him with 2 health. Steam Arachnid charged into the Slop Hauler missing both attacks. Somer attacked the Steam Arachnid killing it and scoring the last point I could score on Make Them Suffer. He then shot the Large Arachnid twice getting severe damage each time, killing the Large Arachnid and dealing a total of 2 damage to the Rail Golem and Ramos due to blasts. Ramos healed both points of damage when the Large Arachnid died due to Opportunist. Ramos used his 0 action Magnetism to push towards Joss and taking 2 points of damage on Ramos. He then shot at Gracie 3 times ignoring engagement and armor. Gracie already had 2 points of damage and he did 2 more on the first attack, 3 on the second leaving her with only 1 wound remaining and killed her with the third shot. Slop Hauler went Reckless and shot at Joss taking a damage for Encouragement to be at a straight flip but missed. He then did Feed Piggies healing 1 damage off of himself so having 4 health left, and healing the Lightning Bug 3 damage putting it at full health. Slow Joss walked into engagement with Somer. End of turn 4, both Gremlins and Arcanists score 1 for Turf War and Gremlins score 1 for Make Them Suffer. Gremlins 8 to Arcanists 6. Turn 5 Arcanists win initiative. Ramos does Uncontrolled Detonation cheating in the 8 of tomes to succeed. Somer and the Lightning Bug pass TN 13 Defense duel without needing to cheat and the Slop Hauler I needed to cheat to succeed. Then Joss was sacrificed. Then he did Summon The Swarm summoning in 2 Steam Arachnids. Then he did his 0 action Magnetism to push 6" and finally walked to the other side of the Rail Golem. Somer did his 0 action Do It Like Dis! to give himself Rams and shot the Rail Golem 3 times only hitting once and doing 2 damage after Armor +2. Rail Golem charged the Slop Hauler killing it. Then it used its o action Locomotion to walk over the fence and into engagement with the Lightning Bug and Somer. Lightning Bug went Reckless and attacked the Rail Golem twice killing it. Last attack missed the Steam Arachnid. Both Steam Arachnids walk into engagement with the Lightning Bug. The game ends there however as the flip was less then 10. We both score a final point for Turf War, both making the maximum amount of points from the Strategy. Arcanists got max points from the Scheme Frame For Murder while the Gremlins only scored 2 on the same scheme. Arcanists where never able to get close enough to my deployment to start working on Breakthrough and the Gremlins scored the max points of 3 off of Make Them Suffer. Gremlins 9 to Arcanists 7. Overall it was a very crazy game and it felt very much on a razors edge the entire game, it could have easily gone either way. I really enjoyed how this crew worked. Overall I would say that I now like Lightning Bugs with Somer more than any master because of the ability to give them crows is pretty nuts. Of course that didn't work out perfectly due to just not always having the low crow card in my hand, but when it did work it was really nasty. I am looking forward to trying this crew out with Trixiebelle instead of Mancha Roja, I think her Gremlin Lure with the slow trigger will get really difficult for the opposing crew to weather through. Hope you guys enjoyed the battle report and like always advice and pointing out any mistakes are greatly welcome.
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    Looking good! I built a Bayou table myself and I love playing on it. There is a lot of severe terrain and a below average amount of cover, but that all makes for a different gaming experience so my advice is: don't worry too much about making the perfect table, it isn't written anywhere that you need A LOT of LOS blocking terrain. It's just different. If you really want to add something, some trees would look good. I used both GW trees and the Malifaux special edition hanging trees. Here is a link if you are curious
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    So I got to try out Nellie today, and it was certainly fun if a bit of a mess. It was a 50SS Reconnoiter battle, standard deployment. I was trying for Breakthrough and Make them Suffer, my opponent took Line in the Sand and Distract. Crew 1 Nellie with Delegation, Misleading Headlines, Guild Funds Phiona with Wrath of the Guild, Lead Lined Coat Francisco with Wade In, Lead Lined Coat Austringer Latigo Pistolero Field Reporter x 2 Printing Press 7 SS Crew 2 (I can't recall his upgrades; Brewmaster is a mystery to me) Brewmaster Fingers Trixie Belle Burt Jebsen Moon Shinobi Rooster Rider Taxidermist Stuffed Piglet Apprentice Wesley 3 SS Turn 1 I moved moved of my crew up the right flank, discarding two cards to pass twice, hoping someone would wander in range. The Taxidermist nudged the Stuffed Piglet a little too far forwards. The Austringer made Nellie interact to drop a scheme marker, and I used her 0 action to push forwards and give the poor pig humiliation. I tried throwing it on Apprentice Wesley but failed, so decided to lower my evidence to push Nellie back the way she came and gave Phiona fast with her last action. The Rooster Rider ran forward and dropped a scheme marker along the center line, and Burt started creeping along the left side of the board. Turn 2 The Rooster Rider dropped another scheme marker, but Nellie popped back up and cast Propaganda on him, pushing him into Phiona who ate him alive. That was my one bit of good luck, as Unfortunately she and one of my Reporters got bogged down in Brewmaster's aura of suck with a heap of poison on Nellie. Burt Jebsen took over scheme duty, laying a marker on the left flank along the center line. Francisco and the Pistolero got pushed back almost to my deployment zone by Trixie Belle. Fingers put Distract on Nellie and the nearby reporter. The Moon Shinobi tried to beat up Nellie, which put her down two wounds. The other reporter used Corroborating Evidence to remove one of the Rooster's scheme markers. Unfortunately I ended up bogged down in one table quarter, and lost out on Strategy. On the bright side, the Austringer was able to push Nellie away from Brewmaster, and I'd earned enough Evidence to get 2 Soulstones. Nellie 1 - Brewmaster 2 Turn 3 Nellie used Lead to run for the hills, while reporter #1 started...drinking. A lot. Nellie used Propaganda on Apprentice Wesley and fed him to Phiona thanks to the Angry Mob trigger. The Taxidermist created another Stuffed Piglet and used it to bog down Phiona and Francisco, but it was killed by Phiona, wounding Francisco. Her second attack wounded the Moon Shinobi, who tried to push toward Brewmaster to heal and was shot dead by the Pistolero. Trixie Belle tried to lure the Brewmaster out of the center of the board so my opponent could lock down two table quarters and tie me in a third, but a black joker on Gremlin Lure let Nellie push her within 6" of the center, and she grudgingly had to waste an action on walking back where she was. So nobody scored for Strategy, I got another for Make them Suffer, and my opponent one for Distract Nellie 2 - Brewmaster 3 Turn 4 Brewmaster tried to lock down Francisco and slapped poison and a on him, but Phiona placed in base using Look Out! Phiona had El Mayor on her and basically ignored his drinking contest. The Brewmaster got hurt, and the Taxidermist took a mining pick in the face and died. Trixie Belle was Propaganda'd to death, Reporter 1 started removing enemy scheme markers and Reporter 2 started planting for Breakthrough. Burt had by now circled around and took a shot at the Pistolero, wounding him, but Francisco took a focused shot and reduced Burt to one wound. The last Stuffed Piglet finally succumbed to humiliation (having spent most of the game binge drinking to stay alive) which left no more minion/peon models. My opponent was unable to score for Strategy but got another for Distract. I got one for strategy, and another for Make them Suffer. Nellie 4 - Brewmaster 4 Turn 5 At this point, I had my whole crew, and my opponent had Brewmaster, Burt and Fingers, all wounded. So we called it here. We figured Fingers could get another scheme marker down for Line in the Sand, but Burt and Brewmaster were living on borrowed time, he'd already maxed out Distract, and there was nothing to stop Reporter 2 or Nellie from dropping schemes for Breakthrough. So the final score (near as we can figure) would have been Nellie 8 - Brewmaster 7 I have to say I really like Nellie. She's a deceptively vicious choice for kill-y schemes and strategies like Make them Suffer. I only bothered with Misinformation on turn one, as it's a bit of a resource drain. Phiona is definitely a monster, and using Nellie to feed her models using the Guild and Angry Mob triggers is great. Francisco didn't really do much but hand out El Mayor twice, but wasn't in position to do so for most of the game, and thanks to Brewmaster and Trixie Belle he wasn't able to do much. I think maybe I'll leave him out next time, drop Misleading Headlines for Embedded, and try out a couple mercs. I'm thinking Envy and Sue. Nellie's great at moving the enemy around but unless you want to set your own troops on fire she's not so great at moving her own. Lead lets her move quickly on her own, but unless you spam fast on everyone she'll leave the rest of her crew behind.
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    Magnetism does 2 damage to the target (in this case, Joss). Since Joss was already at 2 health left, he would have been reduced to 1 (due to Hard to Kill) and gained Reactivate (due to Overload).
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    Finished my first TT bro. This is one of my the model I like best of any thing I've done recenlty. I haven't figured out a color scheme for the other two yet. I think I'm going to work on the brewmaster next.