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    So I know a bunch of people don't have the book yet, but I hope some of us can help alleviate some concerns and help increase knowledge on the guild front. First off, I know people were talking about the new Death Marshal models and those chained guys, thinking that they were the same model. They are in fact seperate models. Nellie is already known. Printing Press(PeonConstruct Journalist) probably the best Totem guild has, which is great because most of ours are situational at best. Armor 2 with 4 wounds. It's got a below average df which hurts it. It's abilities are Arcane Resevioir(same as Hannah's) and Mistep which deals minimal damage to enemies that are pushed in base with terrain and models near it. Mistep is situational but good against models like Teddy. its melee is good at disengagin strikes and can give out slow. But it doesn't do damage unless you get its trigger. It's zero chain activates Nellie and gives her Evidence. Phiona Gage(Henchman Living Journalist) she is a melee beat stick. She is Living with no construct shenanigans with Hoffman sadly. But she is 6's all around with an ability that ups her Df in terrain. She is Hard to Kill, and has a really good melee that can hit multiple models or give them negatives to Wp tests. This combines well with Nellie's Wp attacks. Also if you fail a Wp test near her she gets to attack. No ranged attacks Allison Dade(Henchman Living Journalist) she is a long read needless to say she has really good stats and an attack with Multiple triggers. Her activation means everything for her abilities as they do different things before and after activation; one hurts enemies if they try to attack the other heals allies. Her attack slows and can do some damage if Guardsmen are nervy. It's triggers can destroy scheme markers, do more damage, or do pushes. the rest of her actions can reveal your opponents hand to you if they don't discard a scheme marker. Another is a condition that does damage to the target when they activate. Reporters(Minion Living Journalist Woe) Similar to Allison Dade they are manipulative. They also have multiple triggers in their attack and unimpeded.they have a Tactical which can destroy scheme markers and replace them with your own and Reference the field guide as a zero. The attack is complex but it auto triggers push target enemy(cannot target allies) away from it, can damage target with condition when it activates, slow, or negatives to all attack actions. Death Marshal Recruiter(Enforcer Living Guild Marshal) Rare 2 He has an ability to stop Guild Marshals within an aura from being killed by an attack by healing them to one wound instead.(can affect leaders) it can zero to give out the Guild Marshal characteristic, non-leader only. It can attack buried models(look out Aonus) as long as you discard a card. It doesn't have a pine box but it does have glimpse the void on its melee. Witchling Thrall(Living MinionWitch Hunter) 12 wound 9ss minion that has impossible to wound and auto passes horror duels. This guy has Lucius's name all over him. It's melee vs df has auto triggers depend on opponents Wp, one heals his wounds the other causes opponent to discard a card. It's ranged attack can make a target's Wp 6 which can benefit Sonnia and models like the Thrall that get bonuses against Wp6 models, because they attack Df they don't have to worry about the boost. There is a zero action to push him towards a friendly model but if you get a crow he has to trigger that he attacks the target.
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    Haven't read through the whole thing, but to start the discussion: This book is a blend of Crossroads and Shifting Loyalties, taking the best elements of each. Like Crossroads, every faction has its own story featuring the new masters, as well as a series of short vignettes (3 paragraphs per master) describing the status of each one after Shifting Loyalties. The main storyline is furthered by a lengthy piece, like the one at the end of Shifting Loyalties, that moves the plot forward. It mostly features Hoffman, Ana Lovelace, and Lucius, with some juicy references to events Earthside. The last page in which Lucius realizes he's losing his grip because the new Governor General Franco Marlow is no fool is brilliant. The final line is just beautiful. No spoilers, but it involves a pen. It's nice to see Lucius outsmarted after he was so dominant in The Portrait and at the end of Shifting Loyalties, although I find it hard to believe that he's loosing his grip so quickly. All the stories are excellent, but I think this book also shines in most of its unit descriptions, which are the best to date as a mixture of brief snippets in the action and the usual descriptions. Will update more when if I get the chance.
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    Let us know what you think of today's show. http://schemesandstones.podbean.com/e/episode-442-titania/
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    Nellie's upgrades make me wish masters could take 4. They are all really competitive in my opinion. Guild Funds(Nellie) This is probably the upgrade that would be on Nellie's card if there was room. Gives a defensive trigger to her to gain Evidence, adds more evidence tricks, and gives her the ability to claim model deaths from conditions. Since she has a built in tome for Df this seems like a no brainier to auto include. Embedded(Nellie) This will be an upgrade I will never leave home without. It allows you to hire non-Ressers or Neverborn Mercs at their regular cost. And increases the limit from two Mercs to four. I've got a plan with Hans and Envy that I want to try? Misleading Headlines(Nellie) This is where Nellie can skip activations in her crew really powerful with reporters and the Crossroad 7. It also gives the ability to give out Mood Swings which was only Neverborn before. This is probably going to be an auto take. Delegation(Nellie) Gives out fast and if you lower evidence target can drop a scheme marker or heal. This'll be powerful... So powerful. It gives a better support ability that can help for example give Dr Grimwell focus on his Lobatomy attack. Transparency (Journalist, Rare1) Had to read this twice as it gives a Tomes trigger to all Journalists attacks within the model's aura to drop a scheme marker next to target. This includes Nellie. I feel like this will be more powerful than I think. It probably will make leave your mark and detonate charges a lot easier for Nellie's crew especially if they get late turn activation Wrath of the Guild(Phiona Gage) Gives bonuses when attacking activated models. Combines well with Nellie using her Evidence to skip activations. Phiona is a power house in my opinion. Arrest Him(Dashel) It gives Dashel some triggers on his ranged attack whih I applaud and a 1 action to summon Guild Guard. He can only summon once per turn, but it's good to have more reliable summoning in Guild. Maybe this could be combined with a Sonnia summon list, but Stalkers and Guard are weak nuisance models. Ready to Work(Executioner) Gives a better walk to the Executioner and a powerful 1 per game 1action charge. It will be an auto include as its more of a patch to the executioner. It also means that the executioner might be able to charge two models a turn if he kills the first charge target. Curfew(Rare 1) Gives slow to unactivated models on your opponent's side when you are done activating. This seems like an anti-gremlin spam upgrade, as well as just anti-summoning. It won't be taken often by me, but it'll be good to slow down those lists that out activate you Numb to the World(non-master rare 1) The main draw is it stops conditions being given to the model. Exactly like Jack Daw and it's a cheap upgrade so that's not nothing A Debt to Guild(non-master rare 3) this adds to Guild's card drawing. It's very limited in that it can only be used once per game but it has a way to recover its ss cost when the model dies. I won't take it often but I could see putting it on Dashel in a Lucius crew.
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    Talked about them on the new Malifools. It's up now. http://mf2e.com/archive/mf2e_3.mp3
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    This will be my fourth year in a row attending Gen Con, the largest gaming convention in North America; Gen Con is my favorite time of year (seriously, I plan my year around this) and I know that not everyone can make it out the convention, so last year I decided to do a series of blog posts to share my adventures with the denizens of the internet so that those who can’t make it out to Gen Con can still get a little taste of the fun. Those posts turned out to be so popular and greatly appreciated that I’ve decided not only to once again do a series of posts on my adventures at Gen Con, but I will also have a gallery page that I will be updating occasionally throughout the day. In less that 72 hours Gen Con will be kicking off, so check back here to see all the insanity!
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    Check Justin's RoF Upgrades post. I posted my thought on them there.
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    In my personal opinion, the question for when an errata is required isn't: "Is this model too good for it's cost". If that is your criterion a large number of models in the game are going to require redoing, and once that is done it will reset the what the common wisdom of what a particular SS cost is worth, which will start the whole thing over again. We all take it as accepted that you cannot perfectly balance a game, that no matter how hard you try some options are just going to be better either through the rules of the game (Notice how the worth of particular models changes when the schemes and starts are changed) or through model to model interactions (Is Nekima as good in a faction that does't have access to the doppleganger, who can not only copy her ridiculous weapon, but also helps remove once of Nekima's only weaknesses?). Balance in games is a spectrum. It is not a 5 SS is always worth 5 SS to everyone and everything. It is not possible to balance that finely unless you give everyone exactly the same options, which Malifaux doesn't do. The question is, when you look at the aggregate data, are all the masters and factions relatively competitive against each other. If a master/faction/playstyle of such is regularly winning against similarly experienced players then you might have an issue, but even then determining what the issue actually is is somewhat tricky. At the moment, at least according to the best publicly available data (and to be clear I'm not arguing this point, only pointing out that it is the best data we have at the moment), there is a bigger potential issue with both Outcasts and NB than other factions at the moment. There are a lot of models in the game that are too good for their cost, and remember cost is relative. If I can give a Canine remains 1 extra AP once a game, is that worth 1 SS? Is giving that extra AP to Izamu once per game worth exactly the same as it is to the Canine Remains? obviously no, and yet Oath Keeper and Imbued Energies both are costed at 1 SS, even though they are more valuable on certain models than others (Yes I'm aware you can't give the upgrade to a canine Remains, but there is still a vast array of difference of effectiveness in the models you can give the upgrade to). If the static balance argument were accurate then those upgrades should only ever have the same effectiveness no matter who it is on, or it should have a sliding cost, costing more or less depending on the exact model that is carrying it. We all have our own prejudices and experiences based on how we play and who we play. For my money I think Jakob AND the Hungering Darkness, Nekima, Kirai, TT Brothers, Illuminated, and many others are vastly too good for their cost, or are not fairly balanced by other masters. The question isn't how do we change them to bring them back into what we personally perceive as in line, the question is, are the factions and masters that are potentially too good winning too often because of such, and if so is it better for the game to adjust such, or are they balancing out at the intended SS level of the game when the opposing player themselves bring their crew with models that are too good for the cost? My personal inclination in answer to the OP's point, is that it is somewhat irrelevant if the Night Terrors are too good for their cost if that imbalance isn't actually translating into repeated and unfair Resser wins. If a player brings Night Terrors to the game, and an Arcanist player brings the Mechanical Rider to a game, or the Myranda Cat Bomb + 4 cards trick, and it's a close game, does anything need to be changed? Conversely if they ARE translating into unfair resser wins, a further question needs to be asked, is it the model's fault, or a particular interaction with that model, and what hard evidence are you bringing to the table to back up your assertion? That's one of the reasons why I felt a good analysis of balance, regardless of whether you argued or agreed with the author's ultimate point, was the Adepticon thread that started discussion on the Ratjoy topic. It was very well written and reasoned, had a good if not conclusive bit of hard evidence to back it up, as well as an analysis of the repercussions of changing the model, not in a vacuum, but how it applies to various masters and crews that had the option to take the Malifaux Rat. Please don't take that as an attack, or an appeal that nothing should ever change, as I am a very firm believer in errata, and always have been. I just feel it should only be used when it NEEDS to be, not every single time someone identifies a model they think is unfairly costed. At the moment I don't see the need to change Night Terrors, as I've never gotten great use out of them myself, or even had the slightest issue in dealing with them when an opponent used them. That isn't to say I'm right, or that the OP is wrong, just that we have a difference of opinion.
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    Hello, friends! I began to publish a series of my painting miniatures specifically for Word Games. In the coming days I will put some more work Detailed photos of work on my Facebook page (link below).
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    An unboxing and review of Jaakuna Ubume... http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/unboxing-malifaux-m2e-jaakuna-ubume.html
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    I listened to the podcast that the Malifools had with Justin and I noted down some information on Asami's totem. I think it's going to be a super fun model. If any of the below information is incorrect, let me know. It's a typical totem in cost and its insignificant. But it has disguise and manipulation. It has a cast action that can increase a model's condition by +1. But this action can only affect a model once per turn. Note that it's any condition with a + value. It works on an enemy model with poison or burning and such. It also has a melee attack that does 1/2/3 damage and if the enemy crew is winning, it adds +1 damage per VP up to a maximum of +2 damage. I believe this is okay to share considering Justin shared this on the podcast that is publicly available.
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    Neverborn generally do better with enforcers rather than henchmen in my experience.
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    From memory but as I recall, Raiders are Outcasts w/ Last Blossom, 8ss.
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    She's in the reporters box. I was trying to help turn that frown upside down, but you're obviously in Grumpytown. Hopefully you'll find something you like next time around.
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    Slate ridge maulers just plain don't see play. It sure would be cool if they received an upgrade...
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    Honorable mention goes to the Starter Set - the four Guild models in there are all really solid, and Witch Hunters to boot. Myyra's list is pretty spot on, but Abuela Ortega and the Brutal Emissary should also be on your radar as they make Sam Hopkins really useful. I would actually recommend staying away from the Ortega box, at least early on, as a lot of Guild players immediately come to depend on the buffs from Francisco and Papa Loco. Your game will be better if you learn how to play without those (very powerful) tools, and only add them in when it's really appropriate.
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    From the shopping list she posted it looked like your henchwoman may have been solely responsible for Wyrd running out of Titania boxes.
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    I'm always happy not assembling. My Yan Lo still does not have a lower jaw. It looks pretty interesting. I might (probably will) go for it. Some other Allegiances I want to see: One led by the undying Russian Tzar. And necromancers of Spain. The Three Kingdoms.
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    Here are the pics I said I would post. It took me a little longer than I thought. Sorry for the wait.
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    Totally reposting this from Facebook: Kickstarter.
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    Honestly I'm not too bothered by PVC, and coming preassembled means a lower barrier to entry for new players. Could be a savvy move if done well. Also really like the movement bases. I know PVC isn't ideal, but Aionus didn't seem too bad.
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    The true mystery is in the Neverbon-bon... but you don't need to know what's in it, just eat it (before it eats you!)
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    Yeah Malifaux is tricky here. There is no easier faction but there are some easier crew builds. Faction choice is really about character and mutual support, honestly I think many players have masters they like in multiple (if not all 7) factions and those that just don't grab them. The reason folks go faction is economics (mostly) and time (a bit) because if you love 1-2 masters in a faction and like a couple of others you can purchase there boxes and some support play a few times with each while intermixing various models and this saves money (each purchase increases your total single faction pool) and time (you learn models strengths/weaknesses within the faction). With infinite money and time I'd play this master from this faction with this model pool and that master from that faction with that pool. But alas I (and near everyone else in the world) have neither. So: Be wary of summoner masters to start out, they can be expensive (you need to buy the crew and the summons) and also in lower soul stone teaching style games imbalanced (summoning models as a % of total crew value obviously changes between say a 30SS game and a 50SS game). Aim for simple masters, this IMO means less synergy dependent (this is always trickier) and more focused on damage output and/or survivability. A number of masters are great tricky nuanced scheme-y types but they are harder to grasp. The advantage of the damage/tank based masters is its easier to grasp what they need/want to do and at least initially I'd play with no or lite schemes/strats as this lets you understand the basic mechanics before throwing in the next layer. That is exactly what you get from the Starter box models. They are pretty self contained and generally blunt instrument damage dealers, the Starter missions also progress you through rules to mission complexity and through the simple abilities then on up towards the more complex and some synergy interactions. Additionally the Starter box models are all mercenaries so you can use them potentially in every other crew into the future (actually you can even run all the Starter box models together in a single crew if you want). After (or instead of) that.... This reasoning above also lends itself to why I think the 'classic' starter masters include Guild The Ortegas, Arcanist Rasputina, Ressers Seamus, Neverborn Lilth, Gremlins The Kin, Outcasts the Viktoria's and Ten Thunders Misaki. They are all at least initially simple (but can get much more nuanced later), they all have useful crew boxes and generally make a solid starting place. Alternatively pick the crew whose 'theme/look' you like most but this is not without risk. I'd advice pick a simpler master from the faction with your most favorite crew's (even if you're kinda so so on that particular master) and then move forwards from that, this will give you a good introduction and you can later move forward to your ideal masters with some in faction models already known and available.
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    His Willpower is a fairly average five, so Pinebox is an option if you'd rather not deal with the blasted thing.
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    Thank you! Another model done - The Lone Marshal. According to their background, when a Death marshal gains enough experience, his head stops being a burning skull and he exchanges his enchanted coffin for a horse and a rifle. Sounds like a big step down in coolness factor in my book. And it also makes the model a lot more realistic. So I had to do something about that. I had seen several people painting the mane and tail of the horse like fire, and that is a really good idea. Even if the Death marshal stops burning, the background does not mention anything about the horse. And I decided to take the concept further and sculpt some additional flames. Here is a shot of the unpainted result: And painted: I wanted the marshal to have the same colour scheme as the Death marshals. And to work with the flames the horse would have to be black. So, with all that black I realised pretty early on that the entire model would rely on the flame effect. I think the end result turned out OK, but it's really hard to get a good picture of it. As with the Death marshals, I tried a picture with black background.
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    But then there's the additional benefit that A) I killed the Master and B ) the Master didn't equip one of their personal Upgrades, restricting their options. :^D It'll be a game changer. It'll be interesting to see it on the field. I'm curious, what Masters do people think it will work best with? I'm going to start Guild in 2017, so I'm genuinely curious who the more "elite crew" Masters are. Honestly, I think Nellie will probably work good in that respect with her being able to hire 4 Mercenaries.
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    No. I don't think she's weak, but she isn't exciting, and isn't in anyway on par with the majority of the power creep in book 4. Which is good from a certain perspective, as I dislike creep. To me she feels like a return to wave 1 master design (Don't get me wrong I liked wave 1 master design) after the majority of the other factions have moved on and expanded on it. I very much hope the next book will expand the existing master's upgrade options and allow a little more lateral play, and more keyword synergy for existing masters that don't posses that already.
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    To be really frank, the thing which annoys me about pre-assembled is going through and fixing minor gaps that the factory worker wasn't paid to worry about. I'll grant that it probably eliminates a lot of customer service work by eliminating most of the missing part requests, but if there was a decent way to split the Tortoise or Hare models back into their components, clean them, and reassemble them, I would.
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    I done good? I mean there's always a first time you come across a master and you have no idea what they do, you just ask what they do and what there stats are and get on with the game.
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    Yep. Zipp is November 2016 and Asami is January 2017.
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    The list you proposed had I think 12 SS left. McTavish is a great model, but if Finger on The Trigger with Bullet Bending is in, the duo of Austringers + Perdita with Vengeance Bullet might finish him off quite fast and then you are kind of low on the damage part (not including iggy + doll combo) This is also a very hit-and-miss list as I believe vs a lot of Guild lists its going to struggle hard and I really think siding your list for a particular master is meh. It is a very good list, but all I`m saying is "crushes Perdita" is a big statement and I would like to see you play it/or play against it. My regular opponent plays: Lilith, Nekima, Graves, Doppelganger, Worm, Lilitu, Effigy and Tot usually, so I have some experience with Lures and Nekima, but its hard ot compare distant metas as we don`t know actual power level or our/our opponents play compared to our.
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    The 3rd episode of the acclaimed in its own lunchtime podcast Malifools2e is now available for your listening pleasure. Its GENCON time which means its time to talk to the main man himself Mr Justin Gibbs. Mike and Matt got to sit down with him and talk for 90 minutes or so about Ripples of Fate and everything else Wyrd. We also asked listener questions which is why you will be able to find out what his favourite cheese is, who is the new Lord of Malifaux and finally which of us looks just like George Clooney. After all that we discuss the new RoF wallpapers and give some unfounded speculation about the rest of the models from wave 4. You can find it on iTunes - just search for Malifools or listen directly at http://www.mf2e.com/archive/mf2e_3.mp3 Hope you like it.
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    She's not as potentially thematic as Sue, but I feel like Hannah gives you the same card-draw functionality for half the price of taking both of those models. Is there more to wanting to include Sue & Hodgepodge in particular? My downside to using the hodgepodge here is that, unless Book 4 has some Confluxes for the new Masters (which I sort of doubt), it's not as much bang-for-your-buck as it would be with the older Masters with whom it gets synergy.
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    Not really, but RoF will shake stuff up. I truly believe that being predictable is the pathway to losing more than you win - and guild players (note I said players, not masters) reliance on frank is a hurdle many need to jump
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    Interesting point on the Death Marshall (I need to read more), I wonder how hard it would be to swap heads of the two and keep the burning effect going on the horse? Less fluffy but more Ghost Rider. Regardless, he looks very cool!
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    Yep. I really like Dashel. Did the original post about it get deleted?
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    Pretty excited about that Dashel Upgrade.
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    As Vilicate states. I will also add that if you plan of targeting it then you want to go all in because he regen but other then regening, a glorified hard to wound and a good numbers he is fully killable. I know that sounds like a lot but it is not when you factor he is defense 3, Death Jawa will kill him easily.
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    Pretty much, shoot it a bunch until it falls over. You're looking for something with good minimum damage. Don't engage in melee unless it's already activated and/or you're sure you can kill it in one go. Otherwise he's pretty easy to hit, just Impossible to Wound can be rough if you rely on damage spikes.
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    There is an ongoing problem with people who find some models "too good". After the Mechrider/ the Metalgamin/ Leveticus/ Rats/ and probably some others it is now the Night terrors turn. Don't get me wrong, I think that all of the Errata are ok and made things like Leveticus/Mech Rider from very good, to only good/ok. BUT. I play Malifaux 2nd E since its out and I have faced this "too good" models many times and never lost a game because of them. Malifaux is a well balanced game and you can call models extreme good, very strong, super weak and so on, but there is not a single model that is "too good/bad" there are only players not good enough to handle them....
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    I am inching towards a JD return. With the CR 7 looking quite interesting, I got a couple of questions about the band. If the CR7 would be slotted into tiers, how would they rank up? Do they work well with Daw? Is the box worth its quite hefty price tag?
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    Large Arachnids My new miniatures specifically for Word Games Detailed photos of work on my Facebook page (link below).
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    Had a really good day against 3 top opponents, two of whom I hadn't played before and one who when we last played battered me 10-0 all the games were tight with nip and tuck along the way which is frankly the best way for a game to go. Thanks to the organisers and special thanks to Joel for getting me the limited McM card, very much appreciated
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    Two new models done. Death marshals! I went for a limited colour palette with only warm colours in order to try some OSL. However, it is really difficult to get good pictures of it, since real lightsources and the background tends to disrupt the illusion. I tried to edit away the background, but it is still really difficult to get good photos of it. Black leather trenchcoats wrapped in chains, burning skulls for faces and surfing burning coffins... those guys are pretty "metal"!
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