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    Against Ressers or Neverborn, Sonnia with Grimwell and Heartsbane, a Stalker or two for condition removal, the Effigy and a Watcher makes a flexible core crew that shuts down casting (Disrupt Magic on Sonnia or Heartsbane), brings great mobility, can run most schemes, and reliably alpha strikes Sonnia. I find that Papa+box makes Sonnia's life easier, but that ~80% of the time good resource management makes up the difference. Against less Ca heavy factions I don't lean into the Witch Hunter theme as much. The Brutal Emissary (I converted mine around Graves), Abuela, and Hopkins make for devastating single target damage (usually at the bottom of turn one or two). Sonnia brings board control in the form of Flame Pillars and lure resist with Counterspell Aura (because screw you Levi+Belles, that's why), the Brutal Effigy is pretty much an auto-include for healing and scheme running. I've considered Guild Hounds for activation padding. I don't worry too much about someone engaging me quickly. If Sonnia hits someone twice with her sword, raises Flame Pillars, and pops her (0) damage at end of turn that means I'm drawing at least two cards (plus one at the end of the turn when the thing dies because of Fear Not the Sword), healing at least four damage (at least two off the trigger, plus one each attack from Fear Not) and I can usually isolate the engaging model pretty well with the pillars - at least setting up to deny additional charges. My crews always contain decent combat threats so I don't have much issue breaking myself free.
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    Yan Lo addresses both Toshiro and Izamu as "brother" in their respective Storm of Shadows fluff; it's not entirely clear whether as a gesture of respect or if the three are indeed brothers. It's fairly clear that both Toshiro and Izamu suffered the same fate of the Katanaka army turning on them and desecrating their bodies and spirits. It's likely than Yan Lo could have suffered his fate at the fall of clan Katanaka as well, though under slightly different circumstances as his po was exiled from his body to walk the paths of Ash, Bone, and Spirit for eternity, to later be salvaged by Chiaki, a promising medium of the modern Katanaka clan. While related as Katanakas, Misaki is possibly not a direct descendant of Toshiro or Izamu, as their particularly brutal branch of the family tree seems to have been pruned at the fall, and there were likely other relatives on business elsewhere who survived, but ruling out that one of their children sired Misaki's forebears isn't possible with the information currently available. So, right, the clan fell and its survivors gathered what resources they still had and went underground, out of favor with the Han Dynasty, I believe. Through subterfuge and guile, they grew their resources and influence to the point of a shadow government crime syndicate. In finding and controlling a breach into another plane, they then engineered the Boxer rebellion against the Guild to force a mass emigration to Malifaux. Though brutally extorting the people to build a new Three Kingdoms Breachside, they tell their new subjects never to forget where they came from. Presumably, they are harnessing the collective unconscious of their people's myths, dreams, and aspirations in The Library, a physical manifestation of the subconscious of all Malifaux's denizens which the Thunders control in their bid for control of Malifaux.
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    I would remind them of that rule and allow them to change their declared activation as long as no cards were flipped. I would do that even in a tournament since I consider it the polite thing to do. The game is designed for both players enjoying themselves and I consider that unenjoyable to have sprung on me.
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    Either Perdita or Sonnia would be excellent picks as a first master. They don't have overly complex mechanics, while still allowing for very competitive play. I wouldn't describe them as "all round" masters in that they are both quite focused on damage dealing. But they can build crews around themselves are that capable of achieving most schemes. I don't have any experience with Sonnia, but Perdita was my first serious master and I can tell you it was a really fun way to learn the game. She is super mobile, and can laugh off most incoming damage thanks to her insane Df/Wp stats, while zooming round and killing enemy models at will. Her totem also provides excellent mobility to the rest of your crew. You can build a reasonable crew around Perdita starting with her Latigo box, and adding in some cheaper scheme-runner models. Death Marshals are a solid pick, especially given the synergy with Papa Loco, but I would also highly recommend picking up Hoffman's box - the Watcher and Hunter are excellent models that make it into many of my Perdita crews, and I've even gotten good use out of the Guardian. I have no plans to play with Hoffman himself, but still consider his box one of the best purchases I made. To get yourself more competitive, you might want to also grab some Austringers as they provide stronger shooting support than the options in the Latigo box itself - certainly more useful than Santiago and arguably Nino, although that depends a lot on schemes. Given that you already have the Perdita box, if I had to suggest a strong "all-comers" crew that you can field with minimal additional purchases, it would be something along the lines of: Perdita, Francisco, Enslaved Nephelim, 2xHunter, Austringer, Nino (or second Austringer), Watcher. Some simple tweaks can be made to tailor towards the scheme pool. And if you are starting with small Henchman-led games, you can run Francisco as your leader and remove a couple of the models, and it would still be a solid crew.
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    Hi all First, I would like to apologize for my bad English I am a painter from Czech Republic Through one contract, I got into the world of Malifaux I love this horror world.... ...and this is my work https://www.facebook.com/erebiminiatures http://erebiminiatures.blogspot.cz/
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    The Iron Quill is a writing contest that takes place every month. It’s an exciting competition and a great place to hone your skills and get some constructive feedback. The Rules  You must post your story in The Writing Room by the submission date with the following posting format: Iron Quill – Name of the round – Name of your story. Nothing else is needed to sign up, but please post in this thread with a link to your story when completed.  Your story must be no more than 1,750 words and be a self-contained story set in the world of Malifaux.  Any story must include at least two of the Ingredients for the current round. When you use the ingredients, keep in mind they don't need to be literal, please feel free to be creative with them! As the stories are completed, this post will be updated to contain a listing of all the submissions. You are welcome to edit your story up until the submission date. Winning The winner will be selected by overall score, as determined by two methods:  A public poll will be created where anyone can vote on their favorite story. Each vote will be worth 1 point. Authors of submissions can vote in this way.  A private poll of the authors where they pick their favorite story and a runner-up. These votes are weighted; the favorite story gets 3 points, the runner-up gets 2 points. These votes should be submitted to me by forum PM. All votes must be submitted by the voting date or they won’t count for scoring. You cannot vote for your own submission. If you are an author, you must submit votes for the private poll or you will be disqualified. Name of the Round: Isolation Submission Date: 7/11/2016 Ingredients:  Theme: Isolation  Character: Primordial Magic  Line: "What do you mean I can't have it"  Item: Smoked meat  Location: Vault
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    I've seen one online now. It exists! Will no one take my offer?
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    Had a great day today! Already looking forward to Tanefaux Onesies (hoping later this year) and next year's Tanefaux Doubles. Thanks to everyone there for a great day and particularly to all of the organisers.
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    Hi all, just to say thanks to all who came and made this a great pile of fun. It was a pleasure to have you all 'round our gaff' and just to extend mine, Des and Conrad's thanks for you coming down. Hope to see you all soon. Of course any feedback (apart from Conrad needs to play faster) then that would be gratefully received. Matt
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    Yes they grant it to each other. Otherwise it would say non-Oiran models within 4.
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    That sow is pure awesome, mine is just awaiting the green stuff to dry as lots of seems to fix and I'll begin painting. can I ask what colour scheme you used? and also what is next on your painting table?
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    Today I took pictures of a few non-ortega minis. In addition I went out of primer and had to do something other than painting.So I finally finished my first scheme-marker, which I had started a few month ago:
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    Sonnia does well with models from Perditas box actually. Papa Loco to give her + to damage so she can cheat damage flips and hit half the opposing crew and Francisco with Hermanos de armas so he can push her closer on the first round and then place into combat or push to disengage her after something locks her in melee. A death marshal buries Loco after he has buffed Sonnia on turn 1 to keep the buff without risking death to your own crew, the marshal then goes up and tries to scheme before dying near enemies to release it's pauload of crazy Latigo granddad. Sonnia herself doesn't care too much about burning so I wouldn't fixate on it. Stalkers are good for doing a lot of damage but they aren't very capable scheme runners. To do marker schemes a lot of players use an austringer delivering orders to others, guild hounds or watchers.
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    She gets +2Ca+Tome on the centerline. The extra tome means she should auto surge, since both skills that can surge also have built in tomes.
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    This is all I was going to say. Incite makes good use of Sweets and Sours (By forcing them to activate first), rather than trying to "trick" people into the situation. Alternatively, if Candy moves close to their last few models which have not yet Activated, not much they can do about that either eh? A lot of things also become about the heinous things you can combo-wombo, sometimes. There is no "Should I remind my opponent I'm about to Vik's sling-shot them?" type "fair play". Or the Set up for Dreamer to summon a Teddy and have it healed to full that turn (Typically using Tannen), subsequently devouring your team. Not much you can do but play that out, and hope people learn from mistakes. I remind opponents about Abilities when I can, but some of it is school of hard-knocks. But something as easily circumvented as that, which is probably a "forgot // didn't know" type deal, I would expect to be lenient about. All the same, if the game state has been set up for 2-4 Activations, because they thought they were being clever engaging one of your models so they could randomize a Blast into it or something, you can't always know what's on their mind. Although to be fair, speaking openly about the moves in the game, IMO helps both players. Even as far as discussing what potential moves could be made to achieve different Schemes (Which are still technically hidden), especially the more relaxed or - I guess practice- the matches are. Although it can also slow down the game.
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    Perdita, Perdita, Perdita....... I also turn to this topic on starting up Guild. ("I've learned the error of my ways; Laws need to be followed for the safety of everyone, and the Soul-Stone trade needs to be organized and maintained by... blah, blah, blah... still gonna raise dead on the weekends...") Anyways... I appreciate this advice on starting boxes getting into Guild. And I know about the 8 (11) SS upgrade that is Francisco Ortega... And I've run Lady J a few times; the in your face approach just isn't my playstyle... What I wanna know is about Sonnia Criid. She looks so cool! Sam, not so much. And the Handlers.... awesome! So I went ahead and got her box, three extra Stalkers, and a two-pack of Handlers. Oh, and the Starter box for Grimwell's gang, since they're witchhunters. Now I just need to figure them out. I read Pull-My-Finger. listened to the Sonnia podcast with Godliness, flipped thru arsenal decks.... and lose. I've been corralling beat-sticks like Howard Langston and Nekima with my walls, and sending my Stalkers out for scheme running. Burning doesn't happen as much as I would like, and I'm almost ready to leave Reincarnation home (Rezer habits die hard). Not only that, but once the opponent gets to my side of the table (across my walls), it seems like it's all down hill for Sonnia and the gang. A friend of mine plays Perdita constantly, and she's great, especially when Francisco el Mayor's her. But, can we get a little more info on running Sonnia? The original poster said they were interested in her, so am I... And Witches need to BURN!
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    Funny, I never thought of cities as somewhere safe. Then again growing up country adjacent might have something to do with that. The mountains and valleys always seemed far more safe than the hustle bustle of the city. People, man. People are what you really got to watch out for.
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    I'm not sure that Yan Lo is a direct ancestor of Misaki or the oyabun. Chiaki seems to be a contemporary of Misaki (unlike Izamu, Toshiro, and Yan Lo, who are all much older). Also, I don't know that Toshiro and Yan Lo were contemporaries either, although Izamu and Toshiro both died in the same uprising against the Katanaka. In addition, it isn't made clear in what way Yin is related to them all, but she is definitely in the same family tree as the other Ancestors. I haven't read the 1.5 books though, so I could be wrong about some or all of this. This is my understanding of the M2E fluff, though.
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    that's what I thought, so if it is a tactical action that is allowed but simply changing the AP cost does change the inherent type IE tactical, interact, attack etc. thank you guys for the clarification
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    I feel uncomfortable because of long unupdating my topic, but I'm working hard on the bar for Ortegas' crew. Here's a little teaser - finished Cardinal Francisco and WIP senior Inquisitor Nino
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    Chiaki's trigger only works against enemy models. They saw that one coming.
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    For Auras, yes. For healing - no. So if you kill Hamelin he can`t heal off of stolen
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    I haven't seen mounted guard in play yet so I'm not quite sure what the range is on that executioner delivery system. Strangemetal Shirt off of McCabe is nicer than I expected, though, so hope it works for you to make them resilient. Not against leaders. Peacekeeper, Hoff crew, mobile toolkit, +4 armor, sit back with a prevention cache and quietly giggle at neutralize attempts. I do, but not with McCabe. McCabe's crews are fast, he is not. Of late his use has been to cuff some sense into Hoffman when rotten belles are out and about. "Lucy! We have to stop meeting like this!--" [By Your Side activates] "Yes. You do." [Laugh Off activates] (In unrelated news, Seamus' player finally had time recently to go through some of the older lore, and announced with glee that she'd found the original names of the belles. Which led to, on my side, some gulping, blinking, and croaking "...she was actually named Lucy?" )
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    Been there, done that, sent a post card. All my opponents have learned to play against him since then. I'm not sure this is a challenge that can be overcome with just practise.
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    I played tournaments in the UK using Guild for pretty much the whole of 2015. I used Perdita and Sonnia almost exclusively (one game with Lady Justice near the end) and had a pretty good record. Having 7 masters in your case is only useful if you can make them do what you need; in general you're better off knowing a small number of masters really well. If you want the long version, search for threads started by me in the battle reports sub-forum and you can read all about it in tedious glorious detail. I don't really find that Francisco is that much of a crutch for me. Papa Loco plus Death Marshall plus Sonnia though... now that is a crutch (it does feel so good). Fixed master formats inevitably lead to a certain amount of counter-picking. They're a fine way to play the game, but I prefer fixed faction.
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    I try to always remind my opponent of a gotcha and give them an opportunity to do something different, even in tournaments. Model rules in the game are just a little too dense and too difficult to reference to expect people to know everything on everything, particularly when you consider the way upgrades can alter how a lot of things really work. There's no single concise way to browse through everything and really learn every model and even if there was, games are way more interesting when players are making properly informed decisions. The interesting gameplay of gotchas doesn't come from punishing poorly informed players but creating board state puzzles for well informed players. Sweets & Sours is a great example, as its primary value is in limiting activation options. You see similar puzzles in other games with rules like Counter Charges or abilities that let models move away from combat automatically. The real value in the ability comes from forcing your opponent to approach the model differently than they would otherwise and good players leverage that advantage without it ever triggering. It's like how in Chess you can't willingly move to put yourself in Check. There's honestly no real reason for this rule; it just doesn't result in a very satisfying or rewarding game. I want to win; I don't want to waste my time allowing my opponent to lose.
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    This is the way I feel nevertheless. In no way do I claim that anyone else is obliged to agree with me, additionally Sidir and Sandeep do not become the same in any way just because I say so. And yes, for me Perdita -is- "just a gunslinger" and rather bland - but then again, this is a matter of personal perception (to which I am surely entitled?). Nice take on Titania though - I have to say, this is a rather creative way to look at her. Kudos. In addition, I am aware that 'Aladdin' is an Arabic story and that Arab people are not Sikh, nor Thai, nor Comanche, nor any other ethnicity. What I was referencing here is the 'source material', or 'inspiration', if you will. Wyrd tend to draw from many classic stereotypes or tales and I really like this, because it allows me to associate a model or character with something I knew from before. There was a magical lamp in 'Aladdin' , so I thought of this particular story. The fact that it does not click with me? That's my problem (but then again, nothing Arcanist clicks with me). Surely a biased person like myself has the right to post a stupid comment to make a fool of himself once in a while? What's more, can you guarantee that the Earth in the Malifaux world is exactly the same as ours? I don't think so, unless you have amazing insight and/or inside knowledge into Wyrd's vision of 'Earth' and 'Malifaux' in the game. There similarities and differences. For example, the TT story from Wave 2 had events that drawing inspiration from the real world 'Boxer Rebellion'. On the other hand, we don't have the 'Three Kingdoms' in this world - in fact, we do not have the Guild, or soulstones. Certainly not any world-wide magic unions. There is lot of wiggle room for fun changes here Oh, and since gunslingers were mentioned: I am probably sour because I was looking forward to seeing the gunslinger character more (who I expect to be an Outcast and who thus lost the vote with a very small margin). Even if he is a rather basic gunslinger type character, I will probably still like him more than the Guild ones. After all, 'outlaws cowboys' are more fun than the 'corrupt badges' (to me)
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    Grandma Abuela ist finaly sitting on the front porch to watch over her the ortega clan:
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    We finished Lilith and made some work on McCabe and Nekima. We have shown Babe Kade and Candy before, but I love these kind of photos: Also, we have ended buying Ressurrectionist, so I hope I'll be posting stuff from Kirai and McMourning's crew soon!
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    You all stink. (So says the girl who giggled herself silly over the proofreader's joke in Crossroads.) I think synergistic is a lovely word to describe playstyle and don't do tournaments, so I'll leave now.
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    I would exclude Sonnia first, but that might be mostly because I have played her the least. If I played a tournament using only a single (guild) master, Perdita would be my first choice. I have actually played single master tournaments with both Perdita and Sonnia. I'm also fairly sure I have never lost a game with either of them.
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    Welcome to Malifaux! I'm fairly adept at using Seamus, so I have to ask to begin with, what are you hoping to achieve with the advice given? The reason I ask is that Malifaux isn't like other games where you tend to have set lists for masters. There are differing schools of thought, but generally all comers lists don't work well unless you have tailored them to a fine point for your personal individual play style over a good course of play. So do you happen to know what strats and schemes will be in use at the upcoming tournament you mentioned? I can give detailed advice at that point, or I can give you a general list that I'm currently playing around with. A key feature to clarify up front is that Malifaux really is, for the most part, a game that really rewards experience and the mind behind the game rather than the "list". It is very possible for you to have a killer net list and be totally rocked by someone using a lesser perceived tier master with a list that makes no sense to you but that they have honed to a razor. So with that said here are my personal opinions about the models you have mentioned, which isn't to say they are definitive, just that they are what I have experienced. You should therefore take any of the following with a grain of salt and make up your own mind about them, ultimately. Carrion Effigy: Pretty much worthless if you are hiring him in order to remove Immunities. Activation Order, Range, Positioning, and the actual effects worth you get out of it, even if everything works the way you hope (which is unlikely) mean that this ability is worth about as much as the gum stuck to the underside of a restaurant table. Now, that said, there are reasons to bring him, in the right builds. He is above average in the amount of AP required to remove him for his SS cost, and he is of average speed, so he can be a slower but resilient scheme runner. The reason besides that to bring him is his Horrific Feast Ability, which allows you to hit a nearby master within 8" with the ability to discard a nearby corpse or card at the start of their activation for a minor heal. This can be useful for Seamus, but if you play Seamus like most people do he often won't be in range to use this ability. Due to the fact that Seamus will be popping up all over the place, and generally doesn't wan't to have friendly models nearby, to prevent Seamus from potentially randomizing his one shot a turn onto his own models. So I'd only consider him in a Seamus list focused on using the Bag of Tools, which didn't intend to jump around as much. Of the Resser Masters Tara, Molly, and McMorning are the only ones I've found much use for the Effigy in, due to the fact that they generally don't care about corpses, and aren't always moving too fast for the Effigy to keep up with. Bete Noir: You are going to get mixed opinions on her. Some people like to take her and use Seamus to jump in on turn one, focus shoot and enemy model, kill it, and pop bete pops out nearby the enemy crew. I used her quite a bit when only the 1st M2E book was out, but over time, outside of Tara crews, I don't think she is worth her cost. I don't like starting with such an expensive model buried, as I want Seamus to be able to strike on the first turn without giving the enemy much chance to respond, and I also want to draw out their cards so that his one shot actually has a better chance to connect. Bete is counter synergistic to that. Additionally I really dislike how she essentially forces you to play with one good card down in your hand, as you need to hang on to a 10+ at all times if you want her to be mostly certain (barring a black Joker flip) of coming back and thus not being horribly overpriced for what she does. I'd recommend if you like her to try her and see what you think, but I'd consider her a never take with Seamus. The Hand tax, the activation Tax, and the fact that she has no actions that target WP at all mean she just doesn't do enough I feel. The Hanged: Another controversial model. Opponents hate facing this model, and there are some people that in their meta seem to make the Hanged work well with him. My opinion is that generally, he's not a good hire for Seamus at all. The lists that work with the Hanged are too gimmicky, require too much luck in hoping the opponent actually brings a crew that cares about your list, and require the enemy is too inexperienced with the Hanged to know how easy the list is to pick apart. That isn't to say the Hanged aren't good, they are, but as a general rule, in my opinion, they are much better summons, and as Seamus can't summon them they don't tend to find their way into my lists. Now there is an exception. If you know you are facing a master that relies on healing in some manner in order to stay alive, then they can be useful models to have around. So if you happen to know the master you are facing, or if you are facing Ressers (as almost all of their masters' resilience comes at least partially from healing) then, and only then would I consider bringing a Hanged along. They are just too expensive for what they do. Their Best and most feared ability gets worse the fewer wounds an enemy has, so they are not consistent damage dealers, and they aren't good finishers. If you have an enemy that has 12 wounds the first hit will do 6, the second will do 3, the third will 2, and the fourth will finally kill by doing 1, so basically your model doesn't have better than a dmg 3 attack with no possibility of getting a lucky spike dmg due to moderate or severe. And its worse if you are trying to use your model to kill weaker models. A Model with 4 wounds still requires 3 successful casts of that spell to kill it. And if the enemy isn't relying on heals in anyway then the condition which prevents heals doesn't do anything. Additionally the fact that they don't have any way to get additional movement means that they are just too easily predicted and countered by the enemy, and the enemy WILL focus on killing this immediately if it at all can screw up their plans, and it's resilience for a 9SS model which will attract a great deal of hostile attention just isn't high enough, in my opinion. Now, if you are playing against Ressers I'd almost always at least consider one. If they don't bring Chiaki or Johan as part of their crew a Hanged can make their master fold up and go home very rapidly, which is why as soon as my opponent declares Ressers Chiaki almost ALWAYS jumps into my list just on the off chance they bring a Hanged. Seamus NEEDS his heals to have any kind of resiliency, so watch out for these things if your opponent declares ressers. Dead Doxy: Very good model to have for Seamus. That said I rarely hire them with Seamus. They have some issues that are counter synergistic for a hired model (as Summons I do summon them about 50% of the time, so it's worth owning them). The biggest is that their take the lead ability requires a 7+ in order for it to go off. Consider that if you are planning to use Back Ally on the first turn you already require a 7+ to make the spell work, you need a very high card to help ensure Seamus' one shot actually connects (and remember a smart opponent knows Seamus only gets one shot a turn, they know it will be coming, and so will almost certainly be hanging on to their best card to prevent that shot from landing, so you need your best card for this) and you potentially need a second high card to cheat dmg in, so that's already half your hand accounted for and required to be at 7+, every TN you intend to use to make a model worthwhile for their cost past that puts even more strain on your hand, and at 6 points, if the Doxy isn't using Take the lead every turn successfully, you might as well have hired a different model, in my opinion. Now that said, there are three models that combo well with her, and if any of the three are in your crew it can be a good idea to bring one along at the start of the game. 1) Philip and the Nanny: If you are using Philip and the Nanny as your Scheme Runner/Scheme Hunter/ Card engine, then 1 Doxy is almost auto include. The Doxy has the potential to drop 2 markers on turn 1 due to starting in one position, using take the lead to move more, and then dropping the second marker so that Philip can eat both on Turn 1. Additionally the ability to Push Philip and the Nanny in any direction, and getting the additional 2" movement from Philip's ability means that Philip can be surprisingly fast with one of these things moving him about. 2) The Carrion Emissary, with the Carrion Conflux upgrade: These two combo well together because not only do you have the potential to have better control over your opponent's models via Take the Lead and the Shards of Nythera, but if the Doxy operates within 4" of the emissary she can get a positive flip on the casting flip for using Take the lead, which means statistically you should be generally making the flip without requiring a card to cheat from hand, which means moving your own crew around becomes much easier, and if generally can help put pressure on the enemy's hand by giving you better odds of not only succeeding the TN, but generally helping give you the odds to force them to choose to cheat first or not. 3) Yin: Yin is a great model with Seamus, who also combos well with many of the Models Seamus likes to bring. The biggest issue I have with her is the first turn. Her walk of 4 is very difficult to get past, and in my crews I want them to be doing effective things from turn one. Double walking her and still potentially not being in range to use a gnawing fear on an enemy always makes the first turn a little too stale for her in my opinion. Doxy's can remedy that by giving Yin that extra 4" push that puts the Gnawing Fear threat range at around 20" from turn one. 4) Addendum (Belle Bombs): One or two can also be useful if you are planning on running Belle heavy and intend to attempt to make use of Pounce in a heavy way. Be wary that there are ALOT of crews that just incidentally can drive this kind of list crazy. Models with Black Blood, or any ability that causes them to explode on death, or crews full of damaging Auras, or pulses, or the ability to her good blasts off can rip a Dedicated Belle Bomb apart very rapidly. Now, if you are limited by what you currently own and want the best, generalist list I can think of with such, I'd probably do something Like: Resurrectionists - 50ss Crew Seamus -- 6SS Cache +Unnerving Aura - 1ss +Decaying Aura - 2ss +Bag O' Tools - 1ss Copycat Killer - 3ss Dead Doxy - 6ss Madame Sybelle - 8ss +Unnerving Aura - 1ss +Bleeding Tongue - 1ss Rotten Belle - 5ss Rotten Belle - 5ss Rotten Belle - 5ss The Hanged - 9ss Be aware that this list has a lot of hard counters, and even if it does work, it will most often not be a fun experience for the opponent. As for expanding your collection I'd recommend the following in the following order of Importance: Nurse, Yin, Chiaki, Carrion Emissary, Jaakuna Ubume, Necro Punk, Philip and the Nanny, Crooligans. If you listen to podcasts I'd recommend Schemes and Stones as it is a very good general look at the masters in the game, (Disclosure I covered Seamus with the host a number of months back). One of the better players in the UK, Joel Henry, also just started playing Seamus and his blog has a post using a list he designed. The post title is To Be Sure. You can also see one of Cheated Fates Joe's lists on the Cheated Fates blog from around January. Additionally searching through this forum will give you other player's perspectives on Seamus, as while I am very opinionated and very vocal, on these boards, in any thread covering Seamus, my opinion isn't a definitive view, and others perspectives might more closely align with your experience than mine does. In closing, I would personally say the best piece of advice, beyond playing every model you can think of and making up your own mind about it, would be to get 1 Nurse as soon as possible. I've never regretted taking one in a Seamus list. Welcome to Malifaux, I hope this post was somewhat useful to you!
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    I love me some Daler Mehndi! He's even the ringtone on my phone! hehe
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    I would go so far as to say that I like his kit. I like having a master that makes minor (but significant) changes to board state. That concept will never yield an absolute powerhouse master like Levi, but it's a very Malifaux concept. But yes, if he's going to be making minor board state changes then they need to be cheap and reliable, not baroque and expensive. No matter how much "baroque and expensive" fits his aesthetic to a T.
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    Hello all Wyrdos, I would like to share with you my progress in building my Malifaux gremlins gangs. I bought some gangs like Ophelia or Som'er Teeth Jones crews and would like creat something like painting blog. Here is just first piece of my work:
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    Was waiting until end of day for this one. Here's what I got up to this week. First I finished up the Troublshooters crew: Then I put together the new ashes and dust kit. They're just so angry! That's all for now! Check back again next week where I should have some more shiny things for you
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    I think it may be dependent of if you have more than one henchman in the crew; If Reckoning is flipped as the strat you can effectively shut down scoring for the opposing crew by taking 4 henchmen; joss, cassandra, captain/merc taelor, snowstorm etc. colette sits at the back with a soulstone miner just farming stones for damage reduction while the opposing crew try to kill 2 models a turn. Trust me its harder than it sounds to kill two henchmen a turn depending on whom they are. I suppose this could be a use for the upgrade but i totally see your point as its a huge investment for 1AP and two cards.
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    Work completed https://www.facebook.com/erebiminiatures http://erebiminiatures.blogspot.cz/2015/05/malifaux-bound-by-law.html http://erebiminiatures.blogspot.cz/2015/05/malifaux-guild-riflemen.html http://erebiminiatures.blogspot.cz/2015/05/malifaux-pathfinder-and-clockwork-traps.html
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    Wauuu Thanks for all the positive reactions ... I am pleased More photos at the end of projects And here is the WIP Lucius
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    My own project... No Shelter Here - Pandora Crew http://erebiminiatures.blogspot.cz/p/malifaux-pandora.html
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