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    Entry for round one!
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    I'm way behind on photographing my work so here is a big update. Ramo: Brass Arachnid: Large Arachnid: Steam Arachnids: Steam Arachnid Swarms: Union Minors: Mech Rider: Electrical Creations:
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    Made this a long while back but thought I'd share it with the rest of the community. Used it locally to help players get used to new schemes. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Fjth0OA_yxwd0J38Y5n-v8BrGB5g3RxWuwfAKuiFEWU
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    I'll be running an Malifaux tournament at Adler Hobbies, in Manchester, NH on April 12th & April 26th. YES, this event will be run over two days, on our normal hobby night. This will allow for people to arrive at a reasonable time and play. Round 1 & 2 will be April 12th Round 3 will be April 26th First 8-players to pre-reg (and attend all 3 rounds) will receive a new Wyrd Scrip Poker token To pre-register: reply here in this thread email me at "adam <at> thehelblings <dot> com" Contact Gordon at Adler hobby via telephone (603) 400-1120, email, or facebook Using new Wyrd 8-player event kit for prizes (various prizes up for grabs) $5 entry fee for each player. The sum of this will go into the prize pool as Gift Certificate / Store Credit Following Gaining Grounds 2016 Recon/Flank, Extraction/Standard, Collect Bounty/Close Schemes will be announced before each round Models DO NOT have to be fully painted, but effort shown is always a bonus .--. .-'. .--. .--. .--. .--. .`-. .--. :::::.\::::::::.\::::::::.\::::::::.\::::::::.\::::::::.\::::::::.\::::::::.\ ' `--' `.-' `--' `--' `--' `-.' `--' ` Pre-Registered: @tpryan01 Tom @Winterscook Matt @Hagisman Corbin @TruAskew Mike S @necroon Mike C. @Pryokon Blake Chris S.
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    Mochizuki from soda pop miniatures ninja allstars. The tree, was half sculpted with super sculpy and then a branch with juniper strands. The cherry blossoms are tiny spiraled tissues then a light wash of pink was added to the center to spread naturally. Thanks for looking.
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    I maintain my idea was legit ...
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    I would not call the "Rat Bomb" OP because of what OP means, IE Overpowered. There is nothing overpowered about this combo as that would mean it breaks the game somehow. Annoying or not fun to play against is a more valid statement but it is more of an opinion on what one is defining as the "Way" the game is suppose to play. Bully in the last Edition was OP for Hamelin as he could easily make it so that no enemy model could attack him and your only chance was Condition removal but then he could just reapply it, and a lot of models had no chance of resisting him due to how SS worked *you flipped another card and added it to the total, meaning totals like 23+ were very possible*. There was a reason they released an FAQ changing up Hamelin's rules before the end of that edition despite a new edition just being around the corner. Now I will agree it can be a pretty strong tool and one that will catch not only new players but ones that are unfamiliar with it off guard. But lets examine some elements of it real fast. For the 3 Rats plus Wretch you are looking at a 10ss investment, IE One Fifth or 20% of your available SS. It also can be disrupted by a Sniper of some sort thus reducing its output. Even a December Acolyte can throw it off if you deploy second. So they will have to take a bit of care and might have to place it in a spot that might mean they will be slow to join in the action. Once used you are unlikely to have that many activations again the next turn, so you are likely only to have to worry about the whole chain once. It also only pads activations, it generates no extra benefits like extra movement, repositioning of other models, additional attacks or such. Basically it just makes models and actions. So no direct buff to models like Levi or the Viks. If facing it and lacking the elements to disrupt it I would suggest looking the first turn as a preemptive step. You can figure out the threat range of the Viks by looking at the elements in his list and figure where you can advance that are safe first turn. You can also set up a net to punish him if he enters to recklessly or to early as well. Traps and tricks might not be avoidable completely but that does not mean you have to walk right into it praying for the best, measures can be taken to try and minimize issues.
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    Massive thanks to you too chap, and thanks to Claire too. My only regret from yesterday is that I couldn't kill Seamus for her!
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    The instructions are on the last page of the booklet in the starter: You'll need a picture of your receipt, and according to the Wyrd staff who have posted, they process the requests about once a week.
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    Yes, it has been a long time since I posted, here. What can I say? 2014 and 2015 were particularly unkind to my hobby painting and gaming. So far this year, a few more Arcanists have been cleared off the workbench. Please forgive the craptastic camera phone shots; snapped them atop the workbench, just to prove that I have returned to Earth (you know, after having fallen off the face of the Earth for a while...).
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    I've just started using Oiran recently, not to great success yet, but something occurs to me: why aren't we using a trick I'm sure we've all seen resser players do? Lure our own stuff! There's often times when I've had Misaki end up in a fight she doesn't want to be in - for the sake of keeping a 4 in my hand I'd love to be able to yank her out. Particularly with the despised build. The extra range of the Oiran, even if it is harder to cast, is useful here. The second implication I thought of is with the Misaki / Yu "Wind of Death" manoeuvre. What happens with me usually is that Sensei Yu airburst's and then Mighty Gust's Misaki, and stalks her pray. Misaki then goes and obliterates the target that was initially 20" away with 5 attacks at attack and damage. Problem is, Misaki is now 18" away from Yu, who is probably still in your backfield not doing an awful lot. Yu has that massive 7" walk, but always seems to have better things to do with his AP. Enter the Oiran. Was thinking this: Misaki - Stalking Bisento, Hidden Agenda Yu - Wandering River Style Oiran =18 stones. Yu activates, pushes/fasts Misaki and stalks victim. Misaki activates and murders the chosen victim - the Oiran watches on and gets fast and focused. Oiran walks twice and turns round to lure Yu a massive 7" up the board. Best if you have 4 in hand, but if not it's worth top decking it with the (rough maths: 41% chance of success on 2 cards). While Misaki does like crows, she won't miss a 4-7. Yu is now much further up the field, ready to rinse repeat on turn 2! Hidden Agenda can be moved to another damage dealer (I like Sidir, Fuhatsu or even Chiaki) and then build the rest of your list to suit.
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    I've always figured that the Outcast's biggest weakness are with fast scheme runners. On the cheap side there's Void Wretches, Desperate Mercs and Winged Plagues and while they're quick, they don't really compare to the likes of Tengu, Necropunks or Crooligans for instance. Mind you, the latter two can stiull be hired in if you bring Hameling or Leveticus of course! Oddly enough, the best scheme runners for Outcasts (IMO) are at the 10+ soulstone level - specifically Ashes and Dust and Bishop. They're a big investment, but the positive is that they tend to just roll over other scheme runners or in fact quite alot of the models who might try to stop them.
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    A Malifaux Tournament at Siren Games in Vienna Where: Siren Games Friedmanngasse 13 1160 Wien When: March 19th 2016 Start : 11:00 AM End : 07:30 PM 3 Rounds; 50SS; fixed Faction 1st round: Deployment: Standard Strategy: Interference Schemes: Convict Labor Exhaust Their Forces Show of Force Search the Ruins A Quick Murder 2nd round: Deployment: Corner Strategy: Squatter's rights Schemes: Convict Labor Leave Your Mark Take Prisoner Neutralize the Leader Public Demonstration 3rd round: Deployment: Flank Strategy: Headhunter Schemes: Convict Labor Exhaust Their Forces Hunting Party Plant Explosives Occupy Their Turf For more Information: http://sirengames.at/organized/index.php?site or on facebook Entry: 3€ painted and 5€ unpainted Price: Malifaux Price Kit See you there.
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    Hi Dominik Danke für das Turnier gestern Hat echt spaß gemacht . Freu mich schon auf den 23. April. Mfg Jürgen
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    Web based Crew builder. As I understand it, this is will be put on Wyrd's site when testing is done. Progress wise there is a typo here and there but otherwise seems to be working. Android Crew builder. Also in testing, I don't have an Android phone so I don't know how far along it is. I like this database for finding models with a specific characteristic.
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    One from my first tourney quite some time ago: It's a Halloween event and I'm playing Perdita in this round. My opponent picks Rasputina, but when he's putting his list together mentions that he'd like to take another Ice Gamin but didn't have a spar model. I've got my Rasputina stuff with me so I offer him one of mine. We get started and I'm getting pounded. We're near the end of the game and I look at the board: Perdita's nearly down and out and the Gamin I loaned him is in charge range. He looks at the board, looks at me, "You know I've got to do it." He charges and knocks my Master out with my own Gamin. -- More recent: been practicing for a tourney that was today (1W/3L, better n' usual for me). Game on Sunday: line up Lady Justice to kill a Beckoner for Mark for Death. Move, Mark, Kill. Easy, right? Nope, black joker on the damage. Next game on Monday: playing Marcus. Trying to kill another vital model: opponent pulls the Red Joker to prevent all damage. Tuesday: trying to disengage so I can pick up the tying point from Headhunter. Cheat the red joker to get out, opponent then cheats their red joker to keep me there. I blurt out "Can I please play one game where I don't get screwed by the joker?!" Think I said it louder than I thought... I was getting some weird looks.
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    For the first question, it depends on what you call "good". No crew builder has gotten permission to provide full card information, which really limits how useful they can be. For the second question... http://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/M2E+TypeList According to Pull My Finger, it's four models.
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    I've used Orderlies a couple of times, I like them a lot better than hounds. I've had success with Watcher's, but I've shifted to Orderlies in the past few weeks and I've not regretted it in the least. They are slightly less mobile (Unimpeded vs. Flight) but they hit much harder, they're somewhat tougher, and they have potentially good utility. EDIT: I've tried using Guild Guard, but they're too slow. Death Marshals can work in a pinch. An Austringer and a Pathfinder can get quite a bit done (Pathfinder summons/moves traps, Austringer forces the traps to interact). Guild Sergeants will be a good choice once they have models.
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    I'm feeling much better yes, thanks I should have some good things at the end of next week.
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    I finally got to play with the Brewmaster on Friday and had a blast with him. I was facing Perdita and the Ortega family during Extraction (Gaining Grounds 2016 strategy, played with normal schemes regardless - ALitS, Make Them Suffer, Assassinate, Protect Territory, something else). My schemes were Make Them Suffer and Protect Territory (revealed) while my opponent also took MTS with Assassinate as second. The crew I fielded was the following: Brewmaster - 3 cache +Running Tab 2ss +Misdirection 2ss Apprentice Wesley - 3ss Whiskey Golem - 10ss +Recalled Training 1ss Fuhatsu - 10ss +Recalled Training 1ss +Hidden Agenda 0ss Sensei Yu - 9ss +Fermend River Style 2ss Oiran - 5ss Oiran - 5ss I made quite a few mistakes such as: Placing Sensei Yu at the wrong spot during deployment (so 2 hits and 4 poison less from Brewmaster); forgetting to trigger 'Hidden Agenda' when dealing damage with Fuhatsu on the first turn to give my Oiran Fast and Focus; forgetting to use Brewmaster's (0) actions and to copy them with Yu for the first two turns - a huge thing to miss; forgetting Sensei Yu's 'Brutal' ability which would have saved him from a Flurry and a glorious demise at the hands of Francisco (who he kung-fued and then poisoned to death in return). Despite all this tactically the game plan worked out quite fine. I parked Fuhatsu at a chokehold threatening to shoot at any Ortegas that get close to the informant marker forcing my opponent to try and get rid of him - and boy does Fuhatsu take punishment like a boss, he lasted until the Guild's last or so activation on turn 5. Once again proved that his (2) Sweeping Fire action is fail - it would be a different case if I could cheat the low to mediocre four (!) cards I flipped. As the Ortegas swarmed and tried to take down my mobile gun fortress Sensei Yu dove in and gave them a hail of flips (and if I had played more clever he would have also given the Slow and Poison due to Brutal as well as pushing away models from Fuhatsu). Finally he succumbed to attacks at the end of Turn 4 or start of Turn 5 after activating. From then on it was easy for the Golem to dive in and give some smacking (it had also killed a Watcher that sneaked inside my defenses). The Brewmaster couldn't do much in this situation, but he did not need to do much either - giving an Obey once per turn, giving Swill to Yu twice and hiding to deny the obvious Assassinate proved to be enough as he ultimately survived, albeit at 4 Wd. The Oiran did as expected - hid behind cover, one of them charged the Watcher mentioned above to deny LoS to my Brewmaster, the other Lured a Pistolero to get shot to death by Fuhatsu. All in all a very fun game despite all the things missed - for which I rightfully punished myself as I messed up with measuring the second Protect Territory marker and couldn't complete the scheme, losing 4-5. I might be a bit rusty and the Brewmaster might be diffucult to play, but I feel there is potential that I still haven't tapped into. Trying to correct the list this is what I came up with: Brewmaster - 3 cache +Running Tab 2ss +Misdirection 2ss Apprentice Wesley - 3ss Ototo - 10ss +Call The Thunder 1ss +Smoke and Shadows 1ss Fuhatsu - 10ss +Hidden Agenda 0ss Sensei Yu - 9ss +Fermend River Style 2ss Oiran - 5ss Oiran - 5ss This way I before having to take punishment with Fuhatsu I can rely on a dedicated meat shield that now has access to healing and Slow in the crew. In addition the Smoke Bombs can control the board and shooting lanes quite potently while the occasional teleport can be useful for schemes. Also need to learn to stack Yu with Poison and Swill as well as try to paint an enemy model with Swill then evaporate it afterwards. Fun times await when trying to make sub-optimal models work!
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    Then you are missing out on making it an ancestor, which is a big thing for taking it with Yan.
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    A Victory for Constructs Everywhere (McCabe vs. Ramos) "I was hesitant about escalating this arms race," I said, "but I am getting very sick of seeing Reconnoiter flipped after just knowing my opponent is bringing Ramos..." A freshly assembled Johan hit the table. And it was the only thing he hit that game. He may as well have had a pulse weapon for all the times he swung at a steam arachnid, with decent flips no less, yet missed. After two turns of Johan being nothing but a tarpit to steam arachnids, an electrical creation detonation, and a steam arachnid detonation, that original steam arachnid-- "He's dodging to the left! He's dodging to the right! And now he's jumping up in your face!" --killed off a wielder of a relic hammer. We shook on it. Truly, as Ramos' player said, a victory for constructs everywhere. MVP--no, make that MVC--of the game, possibly of all time among constructs.
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    I've used it a couple of times and, after the first time when I tried to top deck it, with a bit of planning you can fairly reliable get a couple of models jumping a turn. I always seem to have middling 's in my hand. 6-7 is a shadow stride, 8+ to smoke bomb. The markers are just a bonus. Particularly useful in Stake a Claim. Had a game where turn one a torakage and an oran both stride, one torakage went up one flank and Misaki up the other. Turn 2 I was able to place 2 claim markers 7" into opponents half in standard deployment. My opponent never came back from that. Combine with Hidden Agenda and Oiran: you can cause all sorts of mischief.
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    We really need to stick a disclaimer on the starter box about how the models in there are not the usual play style for their respective factions. Mostly. (the Malifaux Child* makes a note to get a stamp made with that disclaimer and start going around stores and stamping their stuff) If you must have a powerful ranged attack threat range, then you're Guild. If you must have the speed to close the gap and melee as fast as possible, then you're Neverborn. But how can we pick if we know very little about you? Or what if you have to have in play style is something else altogether? I want to pick out your play style first, and then find out what you like in fluffy themes to play with and look at, and find the overlap. Do you want to charge in and hit things as hard as possible? Hit as hard as possible when you want but also have the option to mess with the other models on the board to your advantage and their disadvantage? Shoot everything from a safe distance one by one and sort through the corpses later? Blast the enemy several models at a time instead? Keep your master out of trouble by having it buff up some other model on its side and send that into the fight instead? Keep your master out of trouble by taking over models on the opposing crew and have them do your work for you? Do you enjoy looking for legal loopholes in the gameplay mechanics? Do you not understand how people can optimize without a spreadsheet? Do you want to not think too hard about your hobby and just hit things? That's the playstyle questions. Now about your fluff. (the Malifaux Child looks at your profile picture, and frowns) You're not actually gonna install that wired-up skull into an interface either organic or construct, are you? First, 'cause it'll send you to Rezzers or Outcasts instead. Resurrectionists make all the undead and Outcasts use the spare parts Rezzers won't even touch to cobble together stuff that's even worse. Second and more important, because if you do my Guild crew will come by and show you how clockworks are supposed to work by slapping you upside the head with properly constructed giant stompy bots! But there's over a dozen random fluffy themes in Malifaux. We'll see what you like and what we've got that complements those. *That's my profile picture. It's supposed to be a boy, but I had it painted up as a girl. My crew still has way, way too many boys and no girl models otherwise.
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    I have some new models! As well as some better pics of the old ones. Finally getting my mini photography right! Yay!
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    We will be glad to see all at Moscow greatest convention - Skirmish Day! You will see demo games, You will try Malifaux yourself, we will have painting contest! 2 and 3 of July 10.00 - 22.00 both days Here is full info and map: https://vk.com/smd2016
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    I run him w/Molly and find he really shines against other Ressers stripping immunity to horror duels can cripple flesh constructs, and as Molly doesn't use corpses either so using them up for a free heal is nice.
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    Just started Malifaux before Xmas. I actually haven't played a game yet but I have painted up a boxed set: Rasputina and the Wendigo were done with washes over white undercoat then mid tone dip followed by a little highlighting. The ice golem was a wash of GW Lothern Blue over white followed by gradual highlighting up to white. Bases were just little bits of slate from a garden centre plus sand sunk into a polyfilla/PVA mix. Snow was GW snow effect (made a paste of the snow in PVA then sprinkled more snow on top). Now to play ...
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