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    Some of you may remember this guide from M1E where we looked at the most value you could get out of each faction when starting out in each of them if your budget was the equivalent of Warhammer Battlebox. With Battleboxes getting smaller, and the crew boxes getting a bit bigger the metric needed to change slightly. So our new metric is how much value can you get out of your starting Malifaux purchases for the same price as an Imperial Knight. So some guidelines -All prices are USD to make things simple. -Price limit is $140. -Malifaux prices are based off Wyrd store. This is to ensure everyone is working on the same baseline. -Each list must use two masters. This is to provide better flexibility in covering schemes and strategy combos, as well as provide a little variety. If you're looking at playing one master exclusively, just check their entry on the pullmyfinger wikia. -I'll likely add something in regards to the two player starter since that will likely become a common entry point. Personally I think the starter rules recommendations are perfect. -Try to include reasoning for your choices. -The end goal of this guide to eventually cover every starter. -The "rule of cool" trumps all recommendations when making your own purchases. While this guide looks at maximizing competitive viability on a fixed budget, it is in now way the only correct choice. Its your money, buy whatever shiny plastic you want. A big thanks to the Wyrd place facebook group for helping me get this rolling. Som'er box (45), Ophelia box (50), slop haulers (16), extra bayou gremlins (24) Von Schill box (50) + Viktoria box (45) + Lazarus (18) + Johan (11) + Vanessa (11). Alternatively, drop Lazarus and Vanessa to purchase Hannah (35). Lynch's Dark Debts ($40), McCabe's Relic Hunters ($45), Katanaka Snipers ($18), Shadow Effigy ($11), Dawn Serpent ($15), Yin ($11). Lady J box ($45), Perdita box ($45), Austringers ($21), Guild Effigy ($11)and Guild Guard ($18). Of Metal and Flesh (50), The M&SU (50), Metal Gamin (21), Steam Arachnids 2-pack (18) Hide and Seek ($50), No Shelter Here ($45), Insidious Madness ($24) and flavor in any of the following until you hit ~$140, Bishop ($11), Doppelganger ($11), Widow Weaver ($11), Mr. Graves ($11), Teddy ($18) Reasoning, formating, and some additional entries to be added later.
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    I'm with Connor on this one; Masters places are already very limited, cutting down on the places available from rankings could, IMO, annoy those who have attended many events in order to qualify if (it's unlikely, but possible) someone only ever turned up to one (a GT) and won that to qualify. Especially if those who had played for a whole year to get in finish 14th or so in the standings and, because of the extra golden tickets, don't get in. I like that the defending champion is invited back, and that the winner of the nationals wins a place, but any more than that might be pushing it slightly.
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    Makes so many qualify though. I liked the free ticket to the nationals though?
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    That's what I thought after all too. SO thank you for the confirmation
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    Ran one effectively in turf war with Molly, however spare parts meant there was two of them top of turn two. I think a rogue and a shikome make a nice tag team, but expensive. I feel there is legitimacy is runny one with Tara and the non soulstone use upgrade for assaination shenanigans, but that isn't tested by any means Only started redabbling with ressers
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    Actions that can be used only once per Turn or Activation explicitly state so. The same goes for discarding the Upgrade after using it. For example From Ash Upgrade grants Leveticus following Tactical Action: (1) Transfigure (Ca 7 / TN: 16 / Rg: 6): Summon an Abomination into base contact with target Scrap Marker, then discard the Marker. The card doesn't tell you to discard it nor does it read that it can be used only once per Turn or Activation. It is also not a (0) Action (those can be used only once per Activation). This means that you can use Transfigure as many times per Activation as you wish. On the other hand Oathkeeper grants the model following two Abilities: Finish the Job: When this model is killed, it may place a Scheme Marker in base contact with itself before it is removed. Desperation: This model may discard this Upgrade at the start of its Activation to gain the Fast Condition.
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    Upgrades are generally game-long affairs. The ones that aren't – such as Recalled Training or the various Stones – will specifically say that they're one-time effects. Some upgrades provide both an ongoing bonus and a second ability that requires you to discard them. (The Stones do this, as does the Neverborn upgrade Retribution's Eye. There's a few others.) Once these upgrades are discarded, they're totally gone – you'll lose the entire upgrade, and won't benefit from it for the rest of the game.
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    Maybe he just gets into a fridge and then can tank any sort of large explosion
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    The Dawn Serpent is incredibly mobile and is basically used to keep moving around the field hurting things along the way. Izamu is something you place in a key position and anything that comes in his range gets beaten to a pulp. You can't just take masters out of the equation though. Even Misaki, though having little direct synergy with any units, still benefits from units that augment her playstyle. I'd say Id slightly prefer the Dawn Serpent for her simply because he's able to keep up with Misaki, though if you have say Sensei Yu you could just fly Izamu in after her to lay in some more hurt. Unless you have no other ranged units, in which case you might be better off with the Dawn Serpent. It all depends on your crew's build (which revolves around your master). Overal I'm slightly more of a fan of Izamu simply because he is seen as a bigger threat by my meta, which with just a bit of healing allows him to occupy a large amount of your opponent's units.
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    In my meta, I'd strongly consider Dawn Serpent against Gremlins; the blast damage is clutch when you're staring down a half-dozen mooks with 2 wounds left. Being able to nail soft support pieces – Slop Hauler, anyone? – is also invaluable. While I haven't had a chance to test the match-up yet, Dawn Serpent also seems promising against my local Outcasts (melting Waifs while blasting anchors and ignoring Vik's Df 6 are both tempting). In Strats, Reconnoiter favors DS. I'd also hesitate to bring Izamu vs. Cursed Object and Distract; once he gets stuck in, he's probably not going to see a turn outside of combat.
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    That would be an illegal play. You can't re activate the rogue necromancy, Molly can only reactivate minions with the relevant traits. The rogue necromancy is an enforcer. Ive heard of some people getting some use out of it, I however don't really like it as a hire. It's just too easy to knock it below the effectiveness you pay for. For me, in general, it serves as a Very nice decoration, that occasionally comes out if summoned via spare parts.
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    Definitely interested in this one, assuming that my first ever tournament (Boarfaux in March) goes well and the other players don't brutalise me so much I have to quit the game with PTSD.
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    Cecilia Damrau (Outcast/Arcanist) Appearance: Big beautiful woman, typically wearing a long dress, hair done up all fancy. Carries a parasol with her anytime she goes outdoors. The applause echoed behind her as she slammed the door to her dressing room. Her cadenza was flat, none of the ignorant savages in the audience could tell, but Cecilia did. Like nails on a chalkboard to her, she hated she couldn’t match the Song. When she passed through the Breach, sparks flew across the train, for a moment stretching into an eternity, she experienced the perfect voice singing raw emotion. Etched into her memory, she strove to replicate the Song. Her hearing became highly tuned, she heard every flaw, every hidden word, every whispered conversation. While helpful in improving her opera singing, relentlessly she worked to perfect her singing but always found flaws in her performance. Three mirrors reflected three worthless people back at her. Frustrated with the imperfections, she screamed at the top of her lungs at her mirrors. Fueled by her rage, her shrieks took on a new intensity. The mirrors, the vanity and even part of the wall cracked and shattered. Wide eyed, she discovered her voice had far more range than she realized. Over the next few months, she experimented with different vocal modalities. Her bel canto lifted others up with inspiration, contralto doomed them to depths of sorrow, or command listeners with powerful dramatic song. Using the Song to her advantage she rose among the A list entertainers in Malifaux. The Guild had not realized her performance used subtle magic to enthrall her fans. After a performance which came close to the Song, she discovered a man in her dressing room. His clothing worn and tattered but the expression on his dirty face spoke of devotion and admiration. “Please Miss Damrau, I… I…” Disturbed and more than irritated by the man, she demanded he leave. Bumbling, he tried to plead with her, but before long his insistence on staying drove her to scream at him. Flesh rippled before ripping away from bone. To her horror, she killed a man. The sounds of footsteps in the hall meant someone heard her. However, when she looked in the mirror she saw a woman in her prime now. Her dreams would not die with this vagabond. Using her dramatic singing, she commanded the men who came to check on her nothing was wrong and they saw nothing. Before long she gathered a following of admirers and fans. These people flaunted their responsibilities for a moment to be near Cecilia and even willing to kill to witness her perform. She used them as puppets for her own means and amusement. While few of them were skilled, they happily did anything she asked. Before long, a man named Leveticus visited her. Fascinated by her vocal ability, he needed to meet her. Cecilia grew to respect the man for his manners but loathed his compatriot Alice. Leveticus was not some addle brained fanatic, he was a man of composure and truly appreciated her voice. Leveticus’s keen understanding of science gave her insights on possibly replicating the Song. However, Leveticus looked into her for Ramos, and Ramos was most interested in her capabilities. In time, Leveticus made the introduction and Ramos persuaded Cecilia to ally with his cause. Cecilia didn’t like Ramos as much as she did Leveticus, but Ramos proved useful. Showing her how to use Soul Stone properly Ramos gave her a Soul Stone choker to further enhance her power. Today, Cecilia’s following while growing, is drawing attention from other parties as to why she’s got such devoted followers. Other forces in Malifaux either wish to take her power for themselves or to manipulate her into serving them, only time will tell if she will replicate the Song and then only Fate knows what she will do.
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    Kejōrō The Kejōrō is an Oni that has travelled over with the influx of Ten Thunders. A call girl who's entire body is obscured by long flowing black hair, with no descernable face or features. She entices her victims by making them think they recognise her, before enveloping them in her mass of hair. ( I actually wrote more to this story than the excerpt i included, but it was close to 1200 words, so i had to cut it down)
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    Progress! So glad I'm almost out of the assembly stage; it's easily my least favourite part of the hobby. I picked up Johan. He's a big fella... I was debating between him and the Hodgepodge Effigy, but after looking at the feedback to my own thread thread in the Outcasts sub-forum, and reading Khyodee's in which Johan appears in near every list, I thought it best to pick him up. That being said, I do find it somewhat curious that Johan's almost as tall as Killjoy yet on a base half the size. Now I've tried my best at the gap filling. It's not perfect but I'm hoping it will hide the worst of it and look passable on the table. I'm not proficient in the use of greenstuff and it turns out that GW's liquid variety is almost entirely useless. In theory it works great and generally I can get it on looking as I want before drying, however it then shrinks so much that it typically just turns the gap green rather than filling it. Even when the gap is tiny, for example the seem around Killjoy, it just wipes off when you clean it up. Anyways, everyone is now cleaned and pinned to their corks ready for priming: Speaking of pinning, that was a terrifying experience in unto itself. I managed to use my preferred 0.8mm bit (pictured below) for everyone except the Freikorps Librarian. Due to her pose I had to resort to the 0.5mm, which is less than ideal. Across all 25 models I managed to not break any of them though, which I'm putting down to a small miracle over skill! Now to risk the wrath of my girlfriend and get these primed indoors... Rule Britannia.
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    I made an account so I could reply to this thread... Sigmar, wow. You have inspired me simply through the beauty of your work. The highlights, the blending, the colour schemes, just EVERYTHING! I have recently started painting miniatures, and picked up a starter set this summer at GenCon. Well, I finally got them assembled and came to the Wyrd forums for some inspiration, and while I didn't find any of the models from the starter set in here, I was inspired nonetheless. Just had to leave you a comment to tell you have marvelous all of these models have become through your addition of color to them. Bravo mate, bravo.
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    Hey master moose! Any updates on this fantastical app in progress?
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    Arcanists The M and SU (50), Decembers Acolyte (21) Blessed of december (16). Any other Crew box (40-50).
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    We're in week two of the Shifting Loyalties campaign now, so time to add more models and paint some more. I added Ryle and a Hunter to my arsenal, so I wanted to paint some constructs. I started with the Hunter and then quickly did the Guardian too. Years back I always disliked the Guild constructs. Too wacky and quirky. And when I bought them (for cheap!) a month ago on Cool Mini or Not I still wasn't a fan. But during painting I started to like them...more and more...and now I love them! The quirkiness is why I like them so much and they are perfect Steampunk constructs. The Hunter went so fast and I had so much fun painting the metallics, I wanted to do another construct (although he's not even in the arsenal for the campaign...). And I'm very glad I didn't go for NMM for my Malifaux, painting these in true metallics is a blast. I painted all the furnacy things blue, as if they're powered by Soulstones. Hunter Guardian
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    NO PREVIEWS FOR YOU! Man, it's surprising I'm still the favorite staffer with my attitude. Thanks guys, it means a lot. ...just not enough for a preview.
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    The document will be made available in January.
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    And a couple of big guys. First up Toshiro rocking his cherry blossom kimono that Yan Lo also wears: And finally also rocking the red and black Ancestor theme is the big man himself Izamu: After painting most of him and varnishing I went back to finish the shoulder pads, greaves etc. with gloss varnish to give them a lacquered leather look which I hope has come out. If the website I used is correct then the Kanji on this banners read Armour and Rebirth on the one side (the ones with two symbols each) and Death and Honour on the other.