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    Lucius - Sympathy for the Devil, The Rolling Stones - https://youtu.be/vBecM3CQVD8?list=RDvBecM3CQVD8 Tara - Time Warp, Rocky Horror Picture Show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkplPbd2f60 Colette - Limelight, Rush - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l63eixpYRWk Leveticus - Don't Fear the Reaper, Blue Oyster Cult - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yen7UVKTWC0
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    Got some guild inspiration after listening to Triguns soundtrack. Been working on this tonight. Not exactly guild but that's where he will end up Cheers!
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    I'd like to add, if you are looking to expand your understanding/the scope of the game, Crossroads is the book. It adds a ton of models (Many of which were originally in Malifaux 1st Ed., like the Lelu). Of course if you're only concerned with playing the game with models you own, then it is less exciting, but I personally love the chance to read all the crazy things in there and see what can't go well with my stuff before I purchase the kits, you know, like letting you proxy with the rules it's cool. Of course most of the time the question isn't if I want to buy them, it's more of what order. But helps with friends who aren't already into the game so they can test out things they might think are cool but don't own. But the core book is all you really need to play. Granted some models, as Kirby pointed out, may not be released with their most current rule cards, but if playing without proxies is important to you, then the core book is the whole of the mechanics/rules in the game, and whatever kits you buy will have their rules (As long as it says M2E on the box). Shifting Loyalties on the other hand, introduces a new play style for groups (IE usually not one off games, if you only have one opponent you regularly play) that is very akin to the (Cult) classic table-top skirmish game Mordheim. Basically it introduces wacky leveling up and advancement as well as penalties (In the form of injuries) to your models over a course of a series of games, otherwise referred to as a campaign. It also has a slew of new always-legal-play models, but far less than Crossroads (though none the less exciting). Basically this book is the reason I went from interested in Malifaux in passing to diving head first. The campaign system, though I haven't quite been able to play with it fully, is just too fun (Of an idea at least).
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    I find if you rub a little Paypal all over your problem, it goes away for a few days! ;p
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    Dear friends! The time has come for 13th annual Agram Arena Winter 2015 international tournament! The game played is Fantasy Battles: 9th Age! To be held on 05th and 06th of December 2015. in Gallery "Zvonimir", Bauerova 33, Zagreb, Croatia. Entry: FREE! Refreshing drinks for all players will be free during the tournament! Accommodation for Saturday is available at the price of 10€, while Friday and Sunday night are available at the price of 15 €. Lunch for both days is available at the price of 10 €. SPECIAL OFFER: The accommodation for Saturday night, as well as lunches for both days are free for all first time comers! Max. number of participants is 68 for 9th Age tournament and 12 for the Malifaux tournament! Check out the tournament rules at http://www.ums-agram.hr/app/webroot/dokumenti/AAW2015.pdf Official languages of the tournament will be English and Croatian (while Croatian is alternative, knowledge of the English language is a must for all participants)! Registration: from 12.10. to 27.11. 2015! (you can find guidelines on registration in the rules (check out the above link))! Should the player send his army list by November 20th he will receive a 1 point bonus to his sportsmanship score at the end of the tournament, in addition if the list is sent without any mistakes he will receive an additional point. If you need any other information please contact us at ums.agram@gmail.com or GSM +385 91 7620584! Welcome!
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    FYI, this is not my article, but I think it's a good guide to highlighting (ha!) the differences in these techniques. You can find the original article here: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/666562.page#8197947
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    This is my very first foray into religious artwork- so long as we aren't counting Paladins, Clerics, Menite scrutators, avenging angels of destruction, ancient Greek religious icons... well, you know- stuff. This is a statue by Angela Johnson that I painted up (she also sculpted a larger than life size version in bronze that'll be in the Thanskgiving Point gardens). Overall, I was really taken by the expression she got on him, and I really wanted to make that work in the painting. It isn't all the time that we see a Jesus be so expressive. I also posted him up to CMON for those of you who care to vote. I'm honestly really wondering what the meta is like for religious art over there.
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    Went for a green vibe with these guys, quite dull and unsaturated or dark greens. Tell me what you think.
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    I played my 1st 50ss game with the Dreamer. I played more of a summining Dreamer with Mr Tannen Dreamer - Dreams of pain - Otherworldly - Aether Comnection 2x Daydreams Coppelius. - On Dreaming Wings Teddy - mimic something (to Sh one) Mr tannen. Silurid Turn one I was able to summon a stitched together and healed it and dropped walking to zero. It's was nice to heal for 3 when Activating. My opponent playing Von Schill with Hans and two trappers. He was concentrating on my Teddy. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to use the Tannen trick to summon a 2nd Teddy. But turn 2 I got a 13 in my hand I moved Tannen closer to the Dreamer and got the luck spell off. On Dreamers Turn I talked my opponent though what I needed to summon a teddy. Flipped my card and got a the Red Joker Then heal heal, dropped waking to zero activated Teddy regen and 3 heal. That was fun. Felt a little bad for my opponent. I would have really got him. If I had a 3rd Teddy model with the 13 in my hand. Turn 4 my I brought LCB out and distroyed his Lazarus with a Disembowel. It took me to 2 try's to get it off while having a 13 in my hand. 1st try I ss for a flipped and cheated with a 8. DOH!! My opponent resigned after that. He had 4 VP and I had 6 VP at that time. I got to say having Wk 8 flying Coppelius was great for scheme runner.
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    Seems my pictures were eaten by the forum again...so here we go again. Bunch of my recent paint ups.
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    I rarely bother to write about useful combos and tactics here anymore, so I hope someone is taking notes. With Hoffman one good example list could be: Guild 50ss Crew C. Hoffman -- 5ss +Arcanist Assets - 1ss +On Site Assimiliation - 2ss +Field Mechanic - 2ss Brutal Emissary - 10ss +Conflux Of Amalgamation - 0ss Death Marshal - 6ss Guardian - 8ss Howard Langston - 12ss Mobile Toolkit - 3ss Watcher - 4ss Turn 1: Hoffman goes first and loops Howard and gives Toolkit slow to gain fast himself. He then uses (0) to get a scrap marker. Then he gives Howard Patchwork Plating and Watcher Programmed Directive, preferably using only 1ap by using the trigger. Then he will give Howard +1 Armor by The Right Tool with O.S.A. Then he will loop Brutal Emissary in the loop (and possibly Watcher too if you get the trigger). With his final AP he can give Howard fast, or move the watcher and even give it fast, if you need the scheme marker really far. Mobile Toolkit will give Howard to Ml. Guardian will give Howard Defensive +2 and maybe heal him if you decided to give him fast. Emissary will bury Howard. Watcher will move forward and drop the scheme marker. Death Marshal will charge Emissary burying it and causing Howard to pop out next to the scheme marker Howard with Df6, armor +3 and defensive +2 proceeds to sodomize something. Turn 2 and onward: Howard tries to activate early and hopefully sodomizes something again. If he doesn't have a good target he can take defensive stance to raise his defensive to +3 and extend it until the end of his next activation. Mobile toolkit can give the Emissary to damage, which makes him a terrifying beater as well. Hoffman gives him Nimble and extra AP and they can join Howard or go kill something else. Variations with Hoffman: The reason I like the above list is that the activation order and actions taken on first turn don't really differ that much from any other Hoffman game. You will start executing the bury unbury shenanigans relatively late, which might catch the opponent off guard. Death marshal is obviously not the only model that can be used to get the Emissary to bury and unbury a model on turn 1. Other possibilities include Abuela, Judge and Obviously Hoffman himself, but that would leave with 1 less AP for something else. If you really want to bring a third beater, like Ryle or really want metal gamins, dropping the Death Marshal is quite possible. If Hoffman is used to bury Howard, the activation order is obviously quite different as well. It's possible to also bring Francisco to the game. In this case you would probably drop Guardian or Death Marshal to accommodate for him. You should note that it is pointless to add Howard to the loop if you do this, so you will be saving 1AP from Hoffman, which is a good thing if you dropped the Death Marshal. If you drop the Guardian, you might want to give Howard Defensive +1 when you give him fast with Hoffman. It is also possible to unbury Howard next to Emissary himself, which is useful if you gave Howard fast and the Emissary got up the heal aura from A Cage For All. If you plan to do that, you can't really use the Death Marshal, so you need to bring Abuela or Judge or use one AP from Hoffman. In that case you obviously want to move the Emissary forward instead of the Watcher. Other possible models to use instead of Howard include Ryle, Joss and Peacekeeper. The buffs you want to give these guys are somewhat different. Variations with other masters: Lady Justice: The model you want to be burying is most likely Lady Justice herself. Buff her with Franc (and possibly Papa and/or Guardian and maybe even Student of Conflict if you are feeling really wild) and use Abuela or Judge to bury her. Good models to use for scheme markers are Watcher+Austringer. Often you can get enough movement from just walking forward twice with the Emissary himself. Perdita: Leave the Emissary home. Seriously. McMourning: You can use Nurse+McMourning to give a beater +2 damage and precise and then use the Emissary to drop them directly on top of an enemy model. Judge can be brought to give that model some extra attacks. Getting the model close enough to good target on turn 1 will prove quite difficult once your opponent has seen it once. In that case you might want to forego the Nurse buff to be able to charge something. McMourning's injection used on a watcher or a hound is quite useful for getting a scheme marker to a good position. Abuela or Judge is strongly recommended here, with Judge probably being preferable because of the extra attacks mentioned earlier and some other synergies with McMourning. Lucius: See Perdita. McCabe: McCabe is already so good at moving models forward that he doesn't really need the Emissary for that purpose. However, his personal upgrade is very good on Emissary, and Emissary itself is a pretty decent beater, so bringing it isn't such a bad idea. If you really want to bury and unbury something you should see my suggestions for other masters. Models that get special benefits with the sabre get a special mention, but they aren't generally something you want to throw at your opponent on turn one. You could use the Emissary to relocate them later in the game though. Sonnia: In this regard Sonnia is pretty similar to McCabe. The upgrade is good, so you can bring the Emissary to spread Burning and beat stuff to death. If you really really need to bury and unbury something, honorable mention goes to Samael. You can double walk with the Emissary and give something Burning +1. Then you can unbury Samael next to it and rapid fire the burning target to death. This is probably not really a competitive strategy considering how easy it is to remove that burning +1, and how many points Samael and the Emissary are going to hog together (not to mention with Abuela or the Judge), leaving you unable to bring Franc + Papa in the box + Brutal Effigy + Malifaux Child unless you really cut back on the upgrades.
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    I always do....it was directly responsible for one of my largest jumps in skill. But paint drying on the palette isn't the issue....it's drying on the model once you put it on...with wet blending you put it on, then blend it in.....if you get stalled before you get to blend it or during, it dries on the model.
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    The best use I every got out of an executioner would be the McCabe Pinebox express. So you give a dearthmarshal nimble and reactive it then pinebox the executioner. Move up the dearthmarshal, then charge an enemy model, next to a master that relies on Df triggers ideally, and pine box the enemy which pops out the Executioner. Then charge in executioner (ideally last activation of round, which if you're running dogs you will have activation control) and go to town. Then if you have a bunch of the +2 to initiative flip upgrades, win round 2 and finish said master off, then except that the Executioner will die, but he paid for himself.
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    I have hardly used him. He is semi survivable and hits like a 5ss model (witchlings do the same damage but better weak with burning considered) unless the enemy is obliging enough to bunch up in your super short charge range. If he gets his triggers he still whiffs against anything with armour 1 so you're probably better off with any of the henchmen who are all cheaper. The bury is probably best on big enemies or your own scheme runners in specific schemes like power ritual so you can either throw the enemy to their deployment or put your own scheme runners in a position to remove their power marker and place your own. Except maybe Hoffman above you are probably not really helping yourself with the big bury trick. I think it's a mistake to think of him as a beatstick, he is another buffer who is decently survivable. In some strategies he could probably be nice but needs to be played carefully. I thought he could give me ss batteries with Lucius until I realized that everyone would need to be standing still in a clump for his heal and that I just spent 10ss o to get like 2ss for free. The (0) heal trigger and maybe late turn bury shenanigans are what I would take him for, probably in turf war with specific schemes. It would be nice to box the enemy bodyguard target or a very bothersome enemy model in the turf zone. A good way to shut down usually easy schemes while being at least mildly bothersome to your enemy through the aura+heal isn't to be sniffed at, I just haven't had a chance to get him to work properly. If something gets killed first it's usually a sign something about it is good
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    Just as a clarification, it doesn't matter if the traps choose to deploy up the board or not. From the shadows prevents 1st turn interacts from models with the ability, period. It's a big reason I think necropunks have it over crooligans for scheme running hands down.
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    How about the following: Hungering Darkness - 8 SS;The Illuminated - 7 SS;The Illuminated - 7 SS; Doppelganger - 7 SS; Mysterious Effigy/Terror Tot - 4 SS (cheap minion to run schemes for you). This way you can take an upgrade for 1 SS and start with 1 scrip and SS. Potentially good upgrades are Addict (1 SS)/Fears GIven Form (1 SS) on Huggy; Useless Duplications (1 SS) on Doppelganger. Well, you have to consider what you aim to do with your list further away in the campaign and what models you (will) have available as minis. Good luck Alternatively, if you do not own/like the 4 SS models I suggested, then you could, say, go for a totem for Huggy. It would only be used until you get Lynch (because then Huggy becomes his totem), but could prove to be fun nonetheless: Malifaux Child - 3SS (w/ mercenary tax) or Primordial Magic - 2 SS
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    Thank you for the reply. I don't expect to win my games I expect to be competing for the wooden spoon. I am just want to have a good time and play some malifaux and hopefully learn a few things. I have brought a ticket now and looking forward to it.
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    Many of the Nightmares have not been released in plastic yet, but you can find them in the Crossroads book or Wave 2 arsenal deck.
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    Tannen really makes the Summoning Kid shine.
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    Not trying to derail this thread, but instead a minor jackelope trail... I also never take more than 4 or 5 SS for Misaki. Does anyone else take more? I'm not saying a bigger cache doesn't have it's uses but if I take more usually I end up finishing the match with a few SS unused; and unused SS at the end of game feels like wasted points and maybe bad planning. Thoughts? Not to derail this either, but I usually play her with 3 since I find her and her stalking bissento upgrade most effective with that extra crow from being out of stones! Now back to Mei Feng
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    I am a particular fan of the Moon Shinobi who is laying on his neck with one bottle balanced on his foot and another on the fingers of one of his hands. I'm sure he's comfortable, but for one who is untrained and un-inebriated, that might be a mite discomforting.
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    I dunno, with Candy there's something to be said about having a nearly automatic answer for a quarter of the opponent's crew right from the beginning. Depending on her upgrades she can be almost as hard (if not moreso imo) hard to kill in Assassinate. The importance of handing out heals and controlling the opponent's crew activation in such a small format can't be ignored either.
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    What I mean is that the wounds for those two extra summons have to come of existing models. Also when using Seishin to summon you give up some other very nice (0) on Kirai and Datsue Ba, it also requires 6 and 8. So on the first turn they used 6, 8, 9, 12, 13 to summon, 6, 8, 8, 9, 12 on the second. Also a 7 for each heal the Lost Love does, any crow for each heal from a Nurse, Kirai and Seishin didn't heal anything by the description. Some of those cards may have been top decked, but it's still pretty nice hands and using all of them for summons leaves nothing to cheat during combat.
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    I agree, it's one of the reasons I picked up this game over other tabletop miniatures games I'm familiar with, which is a lot. I like the models theoretically, but in order to run Changelings and Emissary I feel like I have to cater to them, even if you only take the Emissary and plan on summoning the Changelings in. And that's great, throw your Emissary in with your Guild Riflemen, Terrortots, or whatever minion floats your boat; it's a great support piece for that. Use the Changelings to murder scheme runners or sap cards out of your opponent's hand with all those attacks the Changelings give you. The issues I have are: that Changelings are less proficient Dopplegangers, and I'm already running a Doppleganger, so I feel the points could be better utilized somewhere else; the Mysterious Emissary doesn't shine as brightly when their aren't a lot of minions around, though I did find it's "well-rounded" abilities to be less useful than what a specialist might have; and I didn't enjoy the horde tactics or missing with most of my Ml/Sh/Ca 4 Changeling attacks. In a traditional Lucius list though, they're great choices. Concerning the Mimic list I posted earlier, here are my thoughts: The idea came to me when I was considering how I might best utilize Mr. Tannen. How do I get Mr. Tannen in position and keep him alive? Once you start messing with a player's ability to run their crew in the normal fashion, the cause of that is generally marked for a quick death. And you're right, Useless Duplications is dear in that regard, and it should have been in the list in the first place, but there's also Mr. Grave's reactivation of Tannen's Manipulative and Lucius' Red Tape. So how do we deal with that enemy activation while Mr. Tannen is wide open? You control the activation process. This is where Candy lives; she has several options for making sure that the next turn's activations go, more or less, according to your design. Depression/Alright Already! is a must for this tactic, and pairs exceptionally well with Mr. Tannen and the Doppleganger. Candy sets the field, Mr. Tannen hobbles your opponent's soulstone use and cheating, then Lucius Lawyers up or starts dishing out Red Tape. Lawyers and Doppleganer can run schemes or support. Mr. Graves can murder whomever Mr. Tannen is distracting. I could put a Beckoner in there, but I don't see it filling the role of anything it could replace. Revised Crew: Lucius -On Wings of Darkness -Surprisingly Loyal -Useless Duplications The Scribe Guild Lawyer Guild Lawyer Candy -Depression -Fears Given Form Doppleganger Mr. Graves -Retribution's Eye Mr. Tannen
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    Hey everyone, leave any comments on the show here. http://schemesandstones.podbean.com/e/episode-21-master-spotlight-guild-mcmourning/
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    It's Hungering Darkness! But I'm really flabbergasted why anyone would think it was a good idea to spend money modelling/producing this ugly and useless blob instead of some actual models. E.g. unique rat sculpts for this box, as it is the typical Hamelin player will have 12 rats in only 4 version from this and the brotherhood box.
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    http://www.bannersonthecheap.com/?pcode=6635495A7458344E774E4549536932494F685A6E58413D3D&gclid=CjwKEAjw-vewBRDH1-b52Lig1hkSJACTPfVFpHG7sm-HzAcqmdDRzQ0eN8lA3PyLijRYufvfJmHrGRoCQkLw_wcB This is the site I used. Can't beat the prices. But, Beware. You need really high DPI images for playmat size. I know you said you aren't looking for companies that do mats. But, I get the AdeptiCon mats from Mats By Mars http://www.matsbymars.com/store/c2/36"x36"_Play_Mats.html They do great work and are very affordable. Plus they will do custom mats. They are doing a few custom mats for AdeptiCon that will have the Malifaux deployment and scoring lines on them. I highly recommend if you are going to put marking on the mats for deployment and scoring (and why wouldn't you?) that you go with Mats By Mars. They do a great job making them subtle so they don't stick out like a sore thumb during game play. But, when you need them for scoring purposes, they are easy to find. Well worth the money in my book Doing mats yourself you have to hope that you have made the scoring lines subtle enough and won't know until you get the mats. So, you better be happy with them. I used to print my own. But, it was too time consuming and I was never happy with the results. I found the money I saved to be better spent paying someone who knew what they were doing. Mario and Alex both play Malifaux a lot and in tournaments as well. So, they know what we as players and TO's need.
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    Incoming super long post, sorry! So when I first heard about "no marionettes," I thought it was crazy! Why would you give up having up to four (but more likely two) 3ss, significant, hard to kill minions? They're as good as Bayou Gremlins (though in slightly different ways)! But just now in the past hour or so, I rethought this crew choice and I'm now considering it potentially BETTER in more situations than its not. Lets compare: *Keep in mind I'm only focusing on FATED Collodi Primordial Magic: 2ss Rush of Magic Counts as Scheme Marker Can make things insignificant from far away Can hide all game with no major consequence Marionettes: 3ss Minion, Significant, 4 wounds, Hard to Kill Can Benefit from Collodi's Fated and Strum upgrades Weak attack - Ml 4-5, 1/2/4, but can (0) deny cheating for one duel (0) push could be useful in corner cases, but costs a card Make for good sacrificial personal puppets As you can see, they serve no similar purpose other than cheap activation control. The PM is a cheap hand buffer who can hide in the back and just be an activation or scheme marker. The Marionette can do much more, being a cheap scheme marker dropper, or make a few weak attacks. Because they can get Focus and an Effigy buff from Fated, and Fast from Strum, they can become very mobile and a little , able to Walk-Charge or Charge-Attack for about 2-5 damage on average. I'm going to ignore personal puppet, because I would in most cases want my PP to be a strong minion like an Illuminated or Beckoner to take full advantage of the AP generation, rather than the sacrificial portion. So lets say they compete in 5 major categories: 1. Activation Control 2. Scheming Power 3. Minor Damage & Causing lots of duels 4. Extraneous Support (i.e. pushes, rush of magic) 5. Target Saturation for your opponent At first, Marionettes seem to win in at least 3 categories. After all, Marionettes can drop more scheme markers over the course of a game than the single one the Primordial counts as, and the Marionettes can also put some damage on thanks to the Focus and Fast buffs. Activation Control is arguable, but multiple 3ss significant minions seem pretty useful for Target Saturation. However! Lets look at these points a little more closely: 1) Activation Control If you are playing Fated Collodi, you're spamming minions. This means nearly your whole list will be comprised of 4-7ss models. You should already be pushing 10 activations without even trying. You don't really NEED more activation control. 2) Scheming Power Again, if you are playing Fated Collodi, you are already running 2 effigies (Arcane and Brutal for me). These effigies exist for little more than to buff Collodi and his crew, allowing them to use their remaining AP for moving and dropping scheme markers. They can easily fill the role of Marionettes. They can even benefit from Strum too. 3) Minor Damage Brutal Effigy has Sh4, 1/3/4 at Rg 10(gun), much better than the Marionettes. Arcane Effigy has Ca4, 1/2/4 at Rg 1, almost the same as Marionettes, but with the benefit of having Ca against incorporeal enemies. Both the Effigies can benefit from Fated and Fast, just like Marionettes can. You also get Changelings that can benefit from Fated buffs but can copy crazy powerful attacks. Therefore you already have a lot of small ping damage. How much are the Marionettes adding? 4) Extraneous Support The primordial magic gives Rush of Magic, stacking your hand just a little extra, and if needed can try to make an enemy insignificant. Marionettes have a very card inefficient 2" push as a (0). The Primordial can also come with a Changeling for the same cost as 2 marionettes. 5) Target Saturation See #1. You should already have TONS of models for your opponent to be torn between. Additionally, Effigies have Df 6, Armor 1, and the same Wd4, Hard to Kill. If you desperately need to hold something up, use one of those, or even better take a Depleted with your Primordial Magic. Sorry for the incredibly long post! I'd like to know what people think about this. It seems that the Marionettes really just give exactly what they seem - significant minion bodies that can quickly grab fast and split far from the bubble at little consequence. For something like Reconnoiter, Power Ritual, Line in the Sand, Marionettes are super worth it. In other Strats and Schemes, I think the Primordial Magic does more for you, and allows you to take better minions. Effigies just provide everything that Marionettes do, and since you're already running at least two of those, the Marionettes become redundant for much of what they're best used for. What do you all think?
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    I can agree with some of the complaints from a TO's perspective, however, that is why I included the recommendations I did earlier in the thread. Wyrd made mats one GenCon for their events. It greatly enhanced the set up from what I saw of it while volunteering. Not sure why they never published any, there was and still is a market for them. It would also allow the generic "mega" sets to be more of a value since you wouldn't need two sets to build a 3' x 3' table anymore and it would allow more vertical elements. The set up was a bit problematic for TO's given the complete lack of "Lego style" instructions for generic builds. Once you put together a "standard" build though, set up sped up quite a bit. One thing that could have greatly assisted with this is themed "micro kits". Essentially that is exactly what the Plasticraft sets that are mentioned are now. Terraclips could have done something similar while still allowing integration with other sets. Over all I think the issue with Terraclips (like Puppet Wars) was not so much in the product itself but in the execution and marketing of the product. I really would love to see the product line revitalized with a few tweeks to improve its usefulness, appeal, and value. As always, this is only my opinion and I am sure there were plenty of reasons we are not aware of as to why Terraclips was discontinued.
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    Gremlins. Never has a more unpleasant word existed in the English dictionary. Time and again, I find my poor innocent hellspawn on the receiving end of flying pigs, charging pigs and enough ranged damage to make the Death Star feel inferior. Even on the occasions when I move into melee, everything seems to Squeal and run away, before inviting me to inspect the end of a shotgun. I know there must be a way to beat them, I'm just finding it a little hard to see. I guess I'm mainly looking for general rather than specific strategies as such. My available models include: Lilith Lynch Lucius The models from each of those boxsets Beckoners Tannen Tuco Graves Silurids Bad Juju One noteable absence from that list is Zoraida, despite having Juju and Silurids. This is partly because her playstyle is a little too similar to Lucius but mostly because she's dual faction with *those* things. Halp plix
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    What I love abour gremlins is that fluff wise they try and copy everything they see from the other factions. Game mechanic wise it means that gremlins can do almost everything that other factions can, but with a fun twist (we even got robot gremlins in wave 3, so it is quite complete now). The main mechanic in wave 1 was taking damage to generate more AP, but with a ton of options to heal back. Gremlin units have low hp, but if they can survive a turn you can often heal them back easily. In wave 3 things got a little crazy we got some really powerful options and gremlins can basically hard-counter anything if you know whats coming. Also once you get used to playing with 3 ap per unit you cant go back :D. (rampaging models get charge for 1 ap but its most of the time equal or more than 3ap). After wave 2 I don't think we have any wp problem anymore. The crew I played in some of my last games have wp 7-8 with proper placement, it can make any caster cry (expect Sonnia, she is just evil). You only need liquid bravery and old cranky to buff your WP. Gremlins are my favorite faction by far, since as I mentioned they can do almost everything in the game while having lots of fun. However they are a little hard to master at first. You will also need lots of models to play competetively, but the good news is that almost any master can use any models with great effect.
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    I find if you rub a little Paypal all over your problem, it goes away for a few days! ;p All that I have is VapooRub.
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    I've shared this other places, but this is probably as good of a place as any. I started a conversion of Carver and Raging Heroes Tree Men/Warriors. I've added some more to his back in the way of branches, and cleaning up the green stuff. He will be going on a swamp base as well.
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    I wish I had Lilith every time I play against Gremlins. Tangle Shadows against models with generally low willpower would make pulling apart the knot of awful so much easier. Take out the healing and suddenly the Gremlins become balanced. What makes them seem broken is the free fast everywhere, if you can get the reckless wounds to stick you can get down to actually playing the game.
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    That made me laugh rather unexpectedly this morning. Thanks.
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    Lucius has to be Red Right Hand by Nick Cave.
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    Whenever Som'er hits the table, I always end up humming this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7GyLr7Cz2g
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