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    Ok, so I have a place I've uploaded the updated tool to, however after spending a few hours trying to figure out why its not working, I've learned that they are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the server they have to change to fix my issue. Once they have it resolved and I've verified that it's loading correctly, I'll put up a link here for people to go test it.
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    Pull My Finger articles have been written by people who actually play the masters. That might indeed lead to a situation where all the models are awesome because their descriptions are written by people who think they are awesome. Do you really expect people in here to tell you to use models they themselves don't like? I don't really like that attitude, and I like black text on dark background even less. If you want to find generic information about Sonnia and don't want to read Pull My Finger, then read the existing Sonnia threads on this forum, instead of making a new thread where you expect people to tell you everything about playing a master.
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    I have updated the app with the latest data from Shifting Loyalties. But it will not auto-update to this version like the past updates. This is because the database will be reset, causing user's saved collection and crew data to be lost so I wanted to leave the update optional. To update you need to visit the TestFairy link in the first post and download it. Sorry for the lack of other updates. I lost a bit of the last update when I had to rebuild my PC, so I need to invest more time than expected to fix the bugs Clement mentioned.
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    Here's the link. Updated Crew Creator beta As a note, currently only Wave 1 & 2 Outcasts and Ten Thunders arsenal boxes have been added. I'll start adding more when I get home later. If anyone notices issues or lag of some kind, please let me know. Reducing these problems was the primary reason for rewriting the whole thing.
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    I started playing Malifaux in may this year (2015) and kinda went over the top With ressers. Ive played other miniature games before (the usual ones) but before starting in may i think it was about 5 years ago i held a paint brush the last time. Here are some of my ressers. I hope to post new ones as often as possible. I Hope you like them. =)
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    I guess I will hop in to add my two cents and some anecdotes. If we go back to GenCon '14 (I didn't play in '15 because of its structure) I have played around 60 games with Leveticus ~25 of which have been in a tournament setting. I am making a note of the tournament setting because the expectation is a slightly higher caliber of crew selection and player. I have "lost" one time. It was to Victor out of Chicago playing Perdita. I can say with utter certainty that he is too powerful. There are masters and to an extent factions that are helpless against him. Games that are won before deployment in some cases. Some of you won't be convinced for whatever reason and I understand that, I certainly can't hope to play enough games to prove it to everyone. As others have said before I think the bulk of Levi's power comes from his hiring pool and the (0) action teleport. I have suggested previously how I would fix his hiring issues so I won't rehash that here. His teleport could be fixed with errata on Ashes and Dust. If Desolate Core was changed to say "killed, not sacrificed" the largest issue with the teleport would be fixed. As it is right now there is no cost to teleporting or drawing cards as there should be. Yes I understand he can still take other undead models and move them up and teleport using them as nodes, but they can't get as far upfield as ashes can or be free like ashes can or be unkillable while upfield like ashes can. My $.02
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    I had a great time. A big thank you to everyone who ran it. Can't wait until next year.
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    It was alot of fun, got to play alot of great games. Way to go neverborn for the sweep.
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    I wouldn't worry about this being a problem to much longer...I'm currently rewriting the Crew Creator and should be finished with all of the logic later today. After that, all I have to do is finish getting all of the model information in and then I'll be handing it all off to Wyrd so that they can style it and put it up. There were issues with the old version where as new models were potentially causing the tool to become bloated and slow. With the Shifting Loyalties release, since each model that can take upgrades needed a separate definition for each faction it could be taken in (every merc was defined 7 times for every combination of upgrades it could take. On top of that every model that got a different upgrade depending on who the leader was also required duplicate definitions for each combination. Essentially, with the old tool, book 3 added maybe 5-6 models per faction but 80+ model definitions would have needed to be added to data file that it ran off of. With this new system I've set up, it builds the hire lists organically based on model characteristics such as station and types. As I said, I'm finishing up the tool as I type this, but I would like to know if anyone knows of a place where I can upload it as a website so that people can start testing it. This is currently what I want to get done before I start trying to get The Breach application back online. I'm also looking to add several new changes so that it is easier for me to push updates for model fixes, so while the app will be further down the road, rest assured it will be coming back.
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    Picked up Lucius' crew box recently. One question I need clarification on regards the Issue Command TAction. The Subterfuge trigger states that after succeeding, the target may take a (1) Interact Action. Is this Interact above and beyond the (1) Action gained by successfully casting? Or Instead of the other (1) Action options?
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    What other masters have you played Icemyn and whats your win /loss ratio with them? It's quite possible you are just really good at Malifaux. I've versed Rathnard a lot over the last few years and I have never won a game against him no matter what master he uses, the best I've done is drawn I think twice and I know I'm not the only one with a similar score against him.
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    One of the great things about Malifaux is the relatively flat balance so you can probably get away with playing pretty much whatever you feel like. I like to use the Papa Loco / Death Marshal thing as the difference a cheatable damage flip makes for Sonnia is really big. The Brutal Effigy synergises really well with her desire to hurt or kill all the things. Hunters are just solid all the time and can survive a severe damage plus burning from Sonnia in case you need a fire beacon. Austringers have a great toolbox and if necessary can Deliver Orders to Sonnia to get her out of melee if something fast has run up to engage her (you can do the same thing with Francisco but I feel like the opportunity cost is much higher with him as a bodyguard). I personally tend to use Sonnia for all my damage output in all but the killiest strategies so you can afford to take a fairly lightweight crew otherwise to complete your schemes. For your specific question about what to do if the other crew doesn't bunch up, I don't find it a big problem. Sonnia has a big range and 3 blasts plus 2" from the target on severe allows you to cover a lot of board If you're looking for a more personalised view of Sonnia than PullMyFinger provides then you could try the Battle Reports subforum; I've posted a lot of Sonnia games there this year.
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    Nice pictures; I do like to see some in-game shots.
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    Bought the Carver model just for these adventures.
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    That's pretty much how I would play it.
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    When I see people play reckoning they tend to go with small elite hard hitting forces (I feel that is a mistake on there part) which makes me grab Pandora and sometimes Candy as they can hit as hard as they do. Otherwise I like Lilith because of being able to mess with movement and separate out one or two models to make them not useful or dead, once kept a rail golem not moving for 4 turns. Lynch is not bad at it as he can deal a good amount with various upgrades and Hungry does not die. Depending on your opponent Collodi is nice with all his AP manipulations, slowing or stealing the first AP of a model can really mess up a persons plan. I also can not stress this enough, most reckoning games I have seen from the beginning of 2nd ed have low strategy points and high scheme point in there spreads. Pick schemes that do not need you to stay alive at the end and try trading blow for blow through the game, or even better through the first punch. I almost always take a mature with Retribution's Eye, people have mocked me for it till they are hit and Howard is dead.
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    Please bear in mind that all Lost models that aren't outcast are of one of the other 5 factions not added yet. As I said, I've only added models from 2 factions arsenal boxes, rather than trying to spider Web my way through all factions looking for models to fit each hiring rule. Rest assured, that those models that get hired for special rules should show up as I get through adding those factions. If you've noticed a ten thunders lost model that I didn't catch, please let me know.
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    Doesn't work. Because the Injuries section says Discarding an upgrade is removing it, and thus forbidden. Edit: That's on page 26 of Shifting Loyalties, in the Determine Injuries rules.
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    I had two RSR's, Myranda, a couple Canine Remains, and this guy....my opponent obligingly ignored it for most of the game......there was poison everywhere........I think I might have Slowed something twice. Never Paralyzed anything. The timing for 'The Feeding' and 'Neurotoxins' just doesn't work. It was basically just a 6ss model with Ml 6 and a 2/3/4 damage track with a mobility problem. Wk 4 is slow and Creep Along doesn't ignore terrain and the 50mm base doesn't help.
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    Yes it is a condition, so if something removes the condition, it will be completly removed. You don't have Plucked Eyeballs +1, and Plucked Eyeballs +1, you have Plucked Eyeballs+2, So one instance of Rebel yell, or dispell magic will remove all the plucked eyeballs. Some things lower the value of a condition, and these then might not completely remove the condition. The only ones I can think of that would lower the plucked eyball condition rathe rthan remove it are all on Coppelius' card
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    I don't know if you were set on using Jack Daw for this but I was able to get the number of shots up to 18 with the following list. Tara (Eternal Journey, Knowledge of Eternity, Oathkeeper) Hannah (ancient tomes) Lazarus (Oathkeeper) Malifaux child Venessa Rusty Alice 3SS left Method: At the end of the prior turn Tara uses pull the void to give Lazarus fast and bury him. Next turn Tara activates first discards oathkeeper uses Eternal Journey 4 times (4 shots) killing a model on the last shot to unbury Lazarus and uses her 0 action to reactivate at the end of the turn. Lazarus activates autofires and shoots once more with fast (8 shots). Vanessa uses command construct to have Lazarus shoot (9 shots). Rusty Alice uses burnout on Lazarus. Lazarus activates again, discards oathkeeper and uses autofire (13 shots). Malifaux child uses pull the void on Tara to give her fast. Hannah activates and uses make a new entry to copy assimilate and then copies the grenade launcher (14 shots). Hannah then buries Lazarus with her Ancient Tomes. Tara reactivates and usesuses Eternal Journey 4 more times (18 shots). I wasn't quite able to figure out how to have Tara start the turn with fast but if someone can the it can go all the way up to 19 shots.
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    I find if you rub a little Paypal all over your problem, it goes away for a few days! ;p
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    I think the responses were a bit harsh. This is the internet - you can't convey tone or intent with a post, so jumping down someone's throat because you read something into it that probably isn't even there should be avoided. Give people the benefit of the doubt, and an opportunity to clarify what they mean I can see why, having come from other games like 40k or WM/H, you might get suspicious when every model is hailed as being amazing, but they truly are. In the right crew, everything can shine. Almost nothing is sub-par. Malifaux is a very different game in that pretty much everything is nasty, and pretty much everything is worth playing and awesome. Some masers are more insidious and difficult to master than others, but they're all great fun and very thematic. Having said that, reading PullMyFinger, listening to Schemes and Stones or my personal favourite, Before We Begin (I think they have covered Sonnia at some point) will give you pretty much all you need to know to start playing. Beyond that, searching for existing threads on the Guild forum will also get you lots of great information.
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    I am truly sorry you guys interpreted me as arrogant. That was not my intention, and i would like to apoligize! It is just, i wondered if i could get some info about Sonnia that isnt allready there (as i read it all on "pull my finger" anyhow and i read some of treads on Sonnia here on forum). I played some games, and in most, there is allways "this is good to get", and "dont get this". I figured i will not get "dont get this" on pull my finger, as it does not say anything on that matter. For the part i get black letter is beyond me. I would try to change it to white, but i dont see option. I did copy past it from my notpad. Thanks for all answers! I do hope it is not too late to change your point of view on me as a player and person .
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    Dear Asmodai The pull my finger article on Sonnia actually narrows your choices quite a bit. It basically only mentions models from two other starting boxes (that you generally want to get no matter who you are going to play in Guild since it's the only way to get several staple models that will show up in a lot of lists) and Austringers (who you more or less have to actively avoid when building lists since they are so good you always want them). That being said I have to agree with the people above that you come off as very brusque in your initial post. If you weren't aware this is something we do in our free time to help people out and courtesy goes a long way if you want that free help. If you don't want to read what others have said earlier and want to be served a guide on a silver platter I could give you a private rundown in exchange for a monetary compensation, just PM me. I'd try playing a few games according to the tips on PMF, figure out what you feel you are missing and then post again in a more polite way with more specific questions.Hope this helps!
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    It's quite good. Better than the very very bland sculpts that has been released for a while now and I'm glad to see direction is changing. If you are perfectly fine with your metal models then you probably should be okay.
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    I'd recommend that you listen to the Schemes and stones podcast for her, it's full of great advice. http://schemesandstones.podbean.com/e/episode-12-master-spotlight-sonnia-criid/ Personally I'd heavily recommend getting a papa loco (from the latigo posse box, or if you can find one an old metal) and a death marshal to play the papa in a box trick. Papa uses his Hold this action on Sonnia, and then the death marshal puts him in his pinebox. This gives Sonnia flips to all her damage flips helping her get more blasts!
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    Just wanted to drop a +1 for the convict gunslingers with Jack. I've been running two with a guilty out in front as a sort of beacon to get engaged with whatever I want to evaporate. Keep Jack near the slingers and they can get enough movement wackiness to be able to rapid fire almost every turn. It's a great package for mulching a huge portion of the board. Keep the slingers tormented and in good firing lines and they can quickly kill their points back or give you massive board control advantage. I'm still very new to Malifaux, so take this with a grain of salt, but it's been rage-inducingly good for me so far. I won my first Nythera game and the convicts ( I named mine Wild Bill and Bullock) were definitely the MVP's.
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    I still like Karina as she has potential to make the crew ramp up in power in more then a few ways especially if you add the Scion of The Void. The scion first off can make Karina hit like a truck (if she focuses of course) on an unsuspecting opponent. Then the scion can draw you more cards for more summoning potential with Karina. Third the scion also creates a great scheme runner with Karina by having her summon drowned in then having them bury and take half their life in damage....then the can go and drop a scheme marker and (0) action pop out a drowned which instantly dies and turns into a scheme marker (with finish the job). Also few other things to add to Tara crews, 2x Friekorps Trappers with I Pay Better on Tara if you're on a open map is just mean. Also you can replace your big beater with Dr. Grimwell with I Pay Better on Tara (he can nimble to take a free focused Ml 7 attack for 4/6/10....make sure you have the cards to do the 10 damage). He also adds some extra movement tricks to the crew which works great with the Flurry models you already want to be taking with her.
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    Yes, she also still lowers her adrenaline by 1.
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    Remeber they can be summoned, so there might be games where you need more than 3. Really love the look of this guy, nice work Wyrd.
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    If you have the Core Rulebook, see page 54 for the section on Characteristics. The short version Construct, Living, Undead, Mercenary, Rare, and Totem are on page 54. And on the page after that it explains things like Minion, Peon, Master and Henchman. The keywords like Gamin, Hoard, and Beast fall under the "keywords for effects" category and don't have any effect on their own. Simple example interaction is Marcus's Call of the Wild ability:
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    The keywords don't have any innate rules attached to them, however, there will be other model rules that refer to certain keywords. E.g. Marcus has things that only work on beasts.
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    Book due in end of October. Deck already back in stock and sent to distributors.
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    An unboxing and review of the two-player starter set. Half of it is Guild so I thought this would be an appropriate place to post it... http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/unboxing-malifaux-malifaux-starter-set.html
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    Wow. I really like the blonde/white take on Bette Noir. It really changes the feel of the character.
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    Hey! Did somebody kill the robot from the Borderlands games?
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    I think that the consensus on Leveticus is that it is the parts of the whole which makes him so good. It is the fact that he gets all of a ridiculously big hiring pool, two free models, teleport, spike melee damage, and consistent, cover ignoring, range damage, which makes him a bit over the top. If some of those things were to be toned down or taken away, Leveticus would be much closer to par than he is now. And it is worth to stress, he would still probably be a top tier master. Whether or not you use his large hiring pool is not really interesting, it is the fact that he has the option to hire from such a large pool of models with ease. Paying for simply 1 model is no worse than paying for a mercenary in any other faction, which provides for some incredible flexibility. And, the construct upgrade is not strictly better. Undead brings models like the Rotten Belle and Datsue Ba, which can carry a lot of water for Leveticus. Belles especially in certain strategies (Reckoning, Headhunter, Collect the Bounty). Anyway, I agree with you that there are plenty of ways to beat him and that Leveticus himself have limitations. I also think he is particularly harsh against newer players (elite shooters tend to be), which is part of his infamy. As you said though, facing him is a very good way of solving the Leveticus puzzle. Another thing that might be worth pointing out. I think that people are pretty passionate about this since the game as a whole is pretty darn close to balanced. Leveticus (together with some lesser evils) are at the summit of what is considered tinkering with the balance, which don't sit right with most players. All and all, I think he could and should be toned down and that there is plenty of evidence supporting that would be pretty sensible thing to do.
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    For all the people complaining about how powerful Levi is, have any of you actually played him? I agree that he is one of the better masters,but not the invincible power house you claim. I think it comes down to not knowing how to put him down. He needs babysitters for his waifs, which are made of paper, reducing his ability to hire scheme runners. And while a large hiring pool is all well and good, you rarely use it. Partly cos you need babysitters, partly cos the construct upgrade is strictly better. I use neither because I find tally sheet to be more useful. (sometimes I'll take a mech rider) Him and his crew end up being elite killers, much in the realm of perdita, and like perdita can be picked apart if you know how to do it. I recommend those claiming he's op borrow the models and have a few games against their owner, then re-evaluate.
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    And you're 100% right, apologies. The last time I played Marcus was something like 2 years ago, and I built my self-confidence on those fading memories So the howling part is out. You have 3 cards that auto-hit with Alpha, and the for Ramos to give you the upper hand. Philosopher's Stone and/or the Oiran are still recommended, since it's Feral that you have to dodge at any cost.
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    Since the deck would wear out from shuffling I think we need to consider just destroying their deck outright.
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    There are other kinds of gremlin experiences?
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    Are there details to the format yet? Will the Underdog tournament have it's separate forum thread? I don't think an invitational should be ranked, not every event has to be. We're going there for the fun of games and our name on a plaque! Or in case of the Underdog tournament just for the fun. And for Mr Reeves' birthday (I'll bring cake - for everybody).
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    The diagram on page 41 is illustrating line of sight from a vantage point. As such, it's subject to a few unusual rules. The first of them: So it doesn't matter where Lilith is. If Lilith is between Rasputina and the Nephelem, she gets ignored. If Lilith isn't between Rasputina and the Nephelem, she's not in the way. The line of sight rules in Malifaux are sometimes simple enough that people read them, and then conclude that they have to do something else because what's spelled out sounds too simple. This might be one of those cases. Models below the vantage point model get ignored. That means that a model on elevation less than the vantage point get ignored. It isn't asking "Is the model's elevation plus it's height less than the vantage point model's elevation?" or something similar. It's just comparing straight elevations, not elevation plus height. In your example, it sounds like the prisoner model was at a lower elevation than the fiercorp tanner. As such, the prisoner model gets ignored while drawing line of sight to other models.
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    From page 41: In other words: The blocking object is ignored for LoS quality--which means that it doesn't block line of sight--if it has a Ht lower than either the Attacker or the target. It's still going to grant cover, though. So the Ht1 and Ht2 models can draw line of sight to each other across the Ht1 blocking terrain.
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    Sure it is, he can play with swampfiends (Waldgeists are awesome, Gupps do the same thing as tots). He is also pretty cool with some of the puppets like stitched but I've never tried an all puppet crew. I wouldn't bring a lot of models from his box, one lawyer is nice but that's it. Are you looking for fun games or winning at all costs? If you really want to win I'd invest in one or two austringers since they are the filthiest minions in guild and bring something the neverborn lack (damage from 18" away without LoS), otherwise it's rarely worth it to infiltrate stuff in my opinion. If you are big on winning there are probably more effective/straightofrward masters in Nvb but he has a very fun pacifist playstyle in some setups which is kind of unique. Performers are asdo solid for Lucius since they hinder enemy marker schemes very effectively, I could imagine one would work well with Collodi as well.
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    Or if you are SpectreEliteGaming that makes a fine dong with some greenstuff.
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    Honestly, I spend more effort picking a crew for the strat and schemes than my opponent's faction. It's so easy to misguess based on faction, so usually when I try to hire pieces that counter what I think the enemy Crew will be, I find himself getting too clever. It's generally better to hire models you know well, that can handle a variety of situations. That said, here are the usual things I expect: Guild: A lot of shooting, probably all living or a mix of living/construct. Resser: Undead and summoning, probably Poison. Arcanist: Probably Constructs. Neverborn: Probably fast melee models, probably a lot of Wp-based attacks. Outcasts: Probably some shooting. Probably strong activation control. Gremlins: Probably some shooting, probably mostly living models. Ten Thunders: Really well-painted models. That's about it.
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