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    It has been a long time since the last update. We have been painting for the Iron Painter, but we're out, so we can feel the freedom again First thing; Zoraida is finished! There were so many dolls... Some things could be better, but we think that is ok for now. We painted our fist ressurrecionist for the iron painter and used the opportunity of the second round for start with Coppelius. We though that the two of them were quite on the theme, but the score was a disaster This was also the first time we tried to do blood effects, and I love how it looks on the skin. The base was a little hurried, I think that it can use some beiges, I hope we can fix it without having to redone entirely. Corduroy! The she on the us is on fire with the freehands and want to do one on every single miniature The texture was a cool thing to do, has some greens and purples. Teddy haven't seen the brushes for some time, but he got a surprise freehand some day; can't remember when, maybe it done to itself Some work on the new masters. And some skins. These two are going to be sooo bloody....
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    Sometime after right now.
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    His Weak damage is 2, 3 if you get Critical Strike. Franc is good but he is not an auto-include at all. The in Ml is nice but then you can just shoot him or wait until the start of the next turn and hit him whilst it's not up. With only Df5 and 8Wd he goes down easily even with his upgrade giving him HtK (which is pretty much an auto-include(!) upgrade making him a 9SS model). He's solid no doubt but not auto-include and the more I've played with my Guild the more I find The Judge being a better option. Same with Austringers and auto-include. They're probably auto-include for certain schemes (and maybe Squatters Rights strat) but I've played without them plenty of times and usually prefer a Pathfinder. I've yet to play with the Lone Marshal but I've played against him quite a few times and he is very solid for all the reasons listed above. There are no auto-includes in most lists but Marshal is very good at certain schemes and generally a good all around choice.
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    I've yet to lose my Master when playing as Guild in 2E and I've never had Franco in my team so I find it hard to believe he is really THAT much of an autopick for so many others. His name keeps popping up on literally every "What to buy first/Where to go from here?" thread so... Does everyone else face opponents who beeline for their Master so hard the only answer is Franco? o.o More on topic, the LM is a bucket load of fun. Reliable shootin' n' scootin' combined with good manoeuvrability has made him a decent (though thus far not GREAT) scheme runner. Need to do more testing to say anything more conclusive, but so far he seems like a solid piece. Plant Evidence has served him well.
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    Due to technical issues with the paperwork missing that you would be playing said games, we are sorry but we can't take those games into account for the Standoff. We thank you for your enthusiastic participation though and hope you get to report some games later that we can take into consideration. Yours truly, The Resurrectionists EDIT: Nah seriously I said you can report them though.
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    Hi and thanks Viruk! Yeah I am sure it will be a tough round! You have cerrainly got some skills
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    I know it's not the official deal, but http://wyrd-games.net/community/files/file/16-kings-of-artifice-rules/ should give you what you need. And then if it vanishes again, you can just reprint it.
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    Sybelle having gone a month without shaving?
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    I'll igbnore the last one, then. Fits with how we handled Jonah last month. Congratz again!
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    Wow, good results, Myyrä! Which Master(s) did you play? ZFiend: You sound like a true Guildy already.
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    Those Belles are amazing! Can't wait how your Seamus will turn up!
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    Another one of those intimidating Threads, love your Color Choices and smooth Transitions! Especially now that I have seen how delicate those Plastics are, they put the fear of God in me...
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    Use him to kill weaker models faster while the rest of the crew focuses on the heavy hitters. He makes a decent mobile assassin, and being able to declare Charges while engaged is huge. I wouldn't pit him against Lilith or Misaki or anyone who is pure beatstick, but pair him with someone like Johan or Hans, and you can really do serious damage while keeping VS on the move.
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    I don't like what you are implying: to read and paying attention.
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    You did actually ^^. Under the Mindless Zombies headline.
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    Well, I chose the snipers because they rock at both shooting and melee, and if Misaki dies, they get a re-activate out of it as well. Sensei Yu is cool because it allows you to pop stalked on 2 models via his disciple ability
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    Hello Elinore! I've just checked out your thread again to see who I'm against in the Iron Painter (even though I immediately associated your nick with those great works here). You're definitely a very demanding opponent and facing you will force me to step up my painting skills. I look forward to this challenge. Best of luck !
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    I play Guild in my local club without Franciso (don`t play family) and Austringers (not out yet) and I believe although he is a solid choice he is nowhere near broken and can be substituted by a lawyer or guardian, which are either cheaper or more resilent. Only master I find him worth taking for (and miss not having) is Lady Justice, as her Df7 + riposte could do wonders (not counting Perdita as I don`t play her) AND maybe Sonnia which likes to stay out of combat, but she has 14" range so you must have messed up movement. EDIT: I also belive saying publicly in forum that Franciso or Austringer are auto-includes might force new players into bad habits, so I discourage doing that. I believe the balance is good enought to make all models viable and there`s also the matter of preference (some people don`t play with model X as it just doesn`t work for them)
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    I have taken all the good advice and kept a model on hand for scaling! I also followed the 1" rule and made my fences, they vary a little in height but it's no big deal and they are in a much more natural scale than before. I cut up a bunch of popsicle sticks into much thinner widths, which I thought would be incredibly hard, but turned out to be pretty easy! Cutting the rounded ends off with a saw was a pain in the neck, but cutting along the grain took me only a fraction of the time. I just used the chisel shaped head on a hobby knife instead of the basic one and it cut right through. So now I have some nice to scale sized bits of wood. I have six fences altogether. Here's a few scale shots with an old metal Ronin in case anybody was wondering just how big the building is. Any comments welcome! Do we think the scale is looking okay?
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    This is a VERY descriptive character, and I enjoy the story you've painted!!!
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    Francisco can do wonders with things besides the masters mind you, he also holds his own in melee and can save other squishier models in/out of melee. However, I would heavily argue against him being an auto-include (along with double austringers) in many Guild lists.
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    Really nice work. I have to say that is one of the better ice golems I've seen on the site. I really like how the larger pieces of ice get darker as they get higher. The one thing I turthfully don't like about it is the 'blacklining' that you've done around most of the creases. To me, it just looks too dark and defined, on a model that otherwise is blended beautifully. I can't wait to see the rest of the crew. What did you use for the green barriers between the worlds? Is that dyed ice/snow effects?
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    35SS crew: Misaki with stalking Bisento Sensei Yu with Wandering river style Katanaka Sniper x2 Tengu x2
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    One thing to note about Stations (sorry if this was posted earlier): The Station is the life you grew up in as a kid. What were your parents doing when you were growing up. This could mean something to you, or it could mean nothing. Alice could always dream of the stage, but the world of corpses she's lived in her whole life is pulling her down.
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    Next up is the main man himself, Seamus. Make a nice change from undead belles lol
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    Wow. I have never really understood or been a fan of the translucent models and haven't been impressed by any partially painted translucents I've seen. Your treatment of them is just perfect!! Clearly shows a mastery of the painting media to have come up with the idea and implemented it so well. And your glass effects on the wizard... mind blowing. Glad I stumbled across your thread, can't wait to see more.
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    Three ring binder with card sleeves!! I learned this after much experimentation. You put all the duplicates in one pocket. I put model specific upgrades next to the model, and faction upgrades in their own place.
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    I picked up the Seamus Crew Box. Looking forward to painting them up. I also got some Punk Zombies.
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    The only solution: blame Aaron for everything. Unless he is going to edit this post. Then blame zFiend. Seriously, though, keep up the good work.
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    Oops, accidentally locked this thread.
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    So, a fun duo- Graves from Frozen Moments, but I didn't want to post him without Tannen. (Notes)
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    Hey all, Midst Malifaux fever I've decided to start on my own modular gaming board. It took me a while to decide on themes and such but going for an industrial kinda feel. Thinking lots of bricks, less of the fancy victorian details and with a good helping of sheet metal and pipes. Kinda making it up as I go with a rough theme in mind. So starting from the ground up I ordered myself a laser cut, magnetic, modular board from back2base-ix over from Australia (Im from the UK). Ended up costing me double the board in postage and tax but its a good product. Not perfect however as some of the combinations result in gaps from slight alignment problems. I have 12 one foot tiles so I have enough for a 3'x3' board plus 3 optional tiles to mix things up. Anywho, I've planned out some basic road ideas and I have now started on the tower structure at it's somewhat more straight forward than other buildings. Other buildings I will be including: - Tower (either bell or clock) - Pub/Tavern/Inn - A smithing shop of some sorts - Market stalls (low cover) - Statue/Monument (centre objective) - Train station (MAYBE!) Anyways, enough rambling, on with pictures: The board and foundations along with some early road layouts 1 The WIP tower (also you can see here the board edges and the magnet system) 2 A close up of the front wall and door. The stones are made from various card, then given a (murky) PVA wash. The door itself is embossed plasticard, the frame is balsa and the hinges are sheet plasticard 3 A view of the back wall, the little squares are gonna be those reinforcement rods you see in old buildings, just something to break up the textures. The slanted roof bits are balsa and there for support 4 And a close up of the vents/windows which are made from sheet plasticard 5 And thats its for now, all C&C/questions iare welcome and I'm hoping to get ideas from the community along the way to give the board some extra flair. BM
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    Nice to have something at Gencon to fill out the Dreamer box.
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