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    As for Crooligans vs necropunks, in my opinion if you are looking for a pure scheme runner necropunks beat out Crooligans everyday of the week. For two reasons. 1: necropunks can take interact actions on the first turn, whereas Crooligans never can. 2: necropunks can be speedy and drop 2 scheme markers a turn, whereas Crooligans usually only manage 1. The reason to take Crooligans is that they are good scheme runners that don't require additional resources to work, as you need specific cards to get the punk's leap to work, and they have a few other goodies like the wp aura and blistering fog. For Seamus, in most of the crews I build the belles serve well enough as a scheme runner when I need such, so I rarely invest in specific ones. If I did, in specifically Seamus' case, and depending on what else was in the crew, I'd probably take Crooligans. The first big reason is that Crooligans don't require additional cards to make them work. I find Seamus very card intensive as you need a 7+ to make back ally work, you'll want 2ish high cards to hit and do severe dmg with his gun, and although I don't use her often, if you have bĂȘte noir in the crew you also need a 10+ to keep her alive. Needing another card to make the leap work is just too much I find. The other reason is they are walking negative wp auras, and my favored build smacks the enemy WP around like an unloved puppy, so anything that can help knock that stat down is worth considering in my builds. As I said though, as a pure scheme runner I agree with you that punks are superior.
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    Hey folks, I've been messing with this for a little while, and finally had chance to finish it up - a card creator for turning fated into M2E characters. It also works for making story encounter cards, of course. So here's a character I played for a while, a wannabe death marshal who was raised by necromancers. He had a complicated relationship with the guild (and the remains of a teenage crush on Lady J...), but deciding to learn necromancy on his own to improve his chances of joining the death marshals was not his smartest idea. The files are in this zip, as they're quite large. I should make it clear though, they aren't perfect copies of the real thing. This is deliberate, I'm making a resource for conversions from TtB and for fan made creations. Not for making copies of playable cards. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9563951/M2E%20Card%20Creator/M2E%20card%20creator%20pack.zip Anyway, hopefully it's useful for folks who want to play their TtB characters on the tabletop.
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    ... it's hard to stop buying models And I found the Open Graves box set on sale. Of course starting Nicodem will not exactly be cheap so I'm not sure what I was thinking there, but oh well! I painted some quick punk zombies a couple of months ago that I never got around to taking pictures of. They were quite fun to paint! I used just a few quick layers on the skin, working a lot with washes to make them look "nice" quickly. This thread will be about me trying to paint ressers, quickly, and with kind of simple bases for once, but I need to give my arcanists some more love before getting on with this quest. Sorry about the not so great pictures. Will try to get better ones next time.
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    Is it possible (and warranted) to have a subsection for showcasing and discussing terrain (construction, techniques, tactics etc) in the forums. Thanks D.
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    Hi All, I came across this website while researching a terrain related topic and found that I read more and more pages. It is written by theatre model builders but it equally applies to our hobby, and has a wealth of information for beginner and more experienced terrain makers (I learnt a few new techniques). Anyway, hope it helps: https://davidneat.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/model-making-basics-creating-surfaces/
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    enjoy. http://youtu.be/nXnAeQds7FE
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    Nice as usual, bop. I really like Lucius in the fluff, but gamewise I don't quite get him. But then again I play outcasts so tend towards less minions.....
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    If neither model is flipped for, you will hit the model you are aiming for originally. I'm fairly certain that this is in the FAQ.
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    Haven't given up on him, just taking a break. Sometimes stepping away gives me a fresh perspective. there is six other neverborn masters I want use. I usually leave the pictures to end of turn to keep it simple for me and to minimise interruption to the game. Sometimes I take more, sometimes less. Sometimes I forget. You will never see fantastic production from me, I just want to share the game with others with the minimal effort needed :-)
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    Clear purple Lynch box when?
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    Guild: McMourning / Lucius / C. Hoffman Ressur McMourning / Tara / Kirai Outcast Tara / Von Schill / Viks Neverborn Lucius / Lilith / Collodi That being said, I'd only bring Lucius to bridge the gap and get me into neverborn... It's an interesting problem, though. Nice puzzle. Let's try again. Arcanists Mei Feng / Colette / Kaeris 10 Thunders Lucas McCabe / Mei Feng / Yan Lo Guild Lucas McCabe / McMourning / C. Hoffman Ressurs McMourning / Yan Lo / Molly But then I'm only bringing Yan Lo to bridge into Ressurs.... There's gotta be one that is composed of all masters I actually want to play. One more go. Neverborn Lynch / Collodi / Lilith Ten Thnuders Lynch / Brew Master / Mei Feng Arcanists Mei Feng / Colette / Ramos Gremlins Brew Master / Ophelia / Ulix I have no experience with the Gremlins, but I've played against them a ton- And those are the three that are most interesting to me. And 10thunders brewie sounds absolutely disgusting. There's three different setups- like I said, this is a really interesting topic. Great food for thought.
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    I still have my fingers crossed for a glow-in-the-dark Jack Daw box.
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    Sad that Lucius didn't work out for you. I quite like him in Guild, but maybe the ranged game just works better for him? I still quite like you format though. Some more pictures during the turn (not just the end) would make it even easier to follow, but I realize you play a game, not a video.
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    With someone stepping up to take on the job of finding threads to migrate I am in favor.
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    Thanks a lot. Now I want a Papa Loco, put him on Abuela's wheelchair, and a bell to ring repeatedly before his BOOM! ability. And I don't even play Guild.... xD
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    Guilty for buying the Stroh....
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    I've said it before, don't buy Rotten Belles on their own. Seamus' Box includes three models who you cannot get without three Belles. If you want them later, you will have 6 Belles, which might be overkill.
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    May Feng is now sold out. A reserve list will carry on, if you cannot make it please contact me here or on twitter and I will give refund and put the space back up for sale. Oh, and everyone bring presents for Clousseau, 21 again I hear.
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    Now for something a little different. I've been working on a Wild West table for about 6 months now, and I finally finished the mat last night. .
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    We also discovered Pale Rider shooters, absinthe with baileys layered on top with black sambuca layered on top of that. Was actually alright (but we had just had a round of Stroh and anything's alright after that)
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    Here's the latest addition to my crew, my poltergeist. I wanted it to look eerie and out of place compared to the miniatures painted using regular techniques so I experimented with a photo negative effect and added a glow to the base. I'm going to use the same effect on my Sorrows so I'm keen to hear any comments or critique to help improve the technique so by all means let me know what you think.
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    Give a listen to some of our take on Cheated Fates Radio +Flip about Lucius. http://cheatedfatesradio.podbean.com/e/cheated-fates-plus-flip-masks-it-up-with-lucius/
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    Hi, Sorry for the late reply. I'm the Henchman for Edinburgh (and surroundings at the minute). There's a fairly large player base in Edinburgh but no current regular meet-ups (aside from Tournaments every so often). I generally play in Games Hub as mentioned by the Badger, and would certainly be willing to meet up and play some games, and even show you the game if you haven't started yet. Feel free to PM me here or on the facebook group. Joe.
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    Hi, and welcome to the forums. Malifaux in Edinburgh mainly seems to involve the Games Hub (in Tollcross). There is quite an active community in the Central Belt and the point of focus is the Society of Scottish Malifools on Facebook. I've pointed this thread out the local Henchman too so he should provide more information.
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