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    Finished up painting on three of my characters. Pushed myself here, I've never painted white or fire and cloth is still a relatively new one for me. So here they are: Tarn Carmichael, Westrel Natalia Stone, Dabbler Cordelia Steel, Tinkerer
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    Honestly, a lot of the Totems could probably take up my Top 5, but they're master specific, so its not a fair comparison anyway. A lot of them are ok (even the Scales iffy ability has uses as a cheap deck filter) but could have probably gotten away with being 2 instead of 3; Scales and Flame being the two biggest offenders IMO.
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    One place I think Yan Lo is definitely the best: You don't need as many models to play him competitively. He is great for travel that way.
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    With 7 Masters per Faction and only 5 Strategies, every Master can't be "the best" at something... and in this edition, flexible generalists are much better than specialists (IMO). Build an appropriate crew, and any Master can take on any objectives and win - the question becomes "Whose playstyle am I most comfortable with in this situation?" rather than "Which Master is the best?"
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    Hello there, I m just starting malifaux and want to share my first paintjob.
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    Thanks to Joel (and Blu-Tac) for an awesome day and to all my opponents for some fun, tough games. Special apologies to Luke and Graham for having to suffer my filthy Colette lists
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    By original Hamelin do you Hamelin the rat catcher. The original OG lol. Or tyrant Hamelin who is not original lol.
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    Never wanted to play mc cabe before this thread.... Damm you!
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    If you can't see the point in the first place, then how can you place the markers? If you cannot place them, then how can they become ht 5? I would argue you need to see the ground.
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    That peacekeeper is cool! 'No step'! I love it!
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    That is how I have played it, that you need LoS where you want them and somehow assumed it was logical in a game where everything needs LoS to happen.
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    Again, I think this thread is *mostly* just matter of opinion.......for every person that can't find a use for something, somebody else has a story about how good they are. *mostly*.......Personally I kind've agree about the Scales and the Proxy....but for example, the above post mentions the Flame........I love the Flame with Sonnia....it's a cheap, quick (Incorporeal) activation....that's perfect for harassing enemies and blocking them from getting to Sonnia or Sam....it's yet another source to put out burning....and, the big thing.....because it IS often overlooked, it has Dampening.....I've caught many Masters with a Sam Rapid Fire or three Flame Bursts from Sonnia without the target being able to use SS for defense or prevention. For me, there's at least three of the four masters I use that usually get their Totems....Sonnia, 'Dita, and McCabe....Justice is the only one that I usually overlook the Totem........I don't have enough experience with Hoffman or Lucius to judge theirs (and I still don't consider McMourning and actual Guild Master )
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    Like others, I've used Nekima mostly with Lilith, though also some with Pandora. I've found it tough to get the balance right between being cautious with her enough (yes, Izamu can kill her in a single activation if you let him charge), and reckless enough (13 points is a lot to leave hiding behind a wall just because there's a Dawn Serpent 15 and 1/4 inches away), but she has been devastating, too. In grow lists, especially for Reconnaissance strategy, where you will often expect to see lots of not-so-tough minions, she is awesome; for Reckoning, often fabulous. As others have said, for Turf War not so great since she's way better at hitting other things than she is at surviving being hit. She suits specific schemes well, too: Make Them Suffer, obviously, and Assassinate, come to mind. I often find that my opponent targets her with Distract, which is always annoying, since once she's in combat (a) I really want her to hit things, rather than not, and ( with a 3 inch melee range it can be hard to get her out of engagement to be able to un-distract, even if you want to. With Pandora, her (0) action to make enemies take terror tests when she kills something can be brutal. Especially for Reckoning, I find her great with Pandora since it can sometimes be hard for Pandora to kill exactly 2 models in a turn -- death by a thousand cuts tends to take more time to kill the enemy, and then it kills then in bunches. Even when it seems she's not really doing much, she presents an enormous threat to your opponent, and that can be hugely productive, drawing attention away from whatever else it is you're doing -- like, scoring VP with your Tots/Doppleganger/Primordial Magic. I have used Fears Given Form on her some, but find it much more effective on other models like Candy and Pandora. Mostly, I don't want anything to be activating next to Nekima: she should be killing anything she ends her turn next to. I guess Fears Given Form might be thought of as a kind of defensive bonus, then, something that helps her survive those situations, but I've found that I'd rather save the SS for damage prevention. If you're planning on getting close to a number of minions without killing them, then Bad Juju or Barbaros are probably better options for that role. All in all, I've found her very effective, in the appropriate situations.
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    I took a more literal approach with mine:
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    Not exactly. Badge of Speed gives Nimble to someone other than McCabe, the extra AP for the Walk action is generated at the start of the models activation. So if Fuhatsu has it at the start of turn 2 because McCabe gave it to him, you activate Fuhatsu, have him do his turn. Next activate McCabe, take the Upgrade back, use the upgrade to give the Archer Reactivation from Black Flash, then use your (0) action to toss said upgrade to the Archer. So Fuhatsu got to use it turn 2 and then it went over to the archer. His example was not Turn 1 but what to do on Turn 2. Here is a pretty common set up for me when I am playing McCabe; I tend to have 8+ models unless it is Reckoning *even then I might*. I indentify what action I really want completed first turn. It might be flipping two Squatter's right markers, laying down 2-3 scheme markers for line in the sand, setting up for Delivery the Message, starting my attack run on Vendetta, dropping a Claim Marker, or doing a long distance assassination attempt on a model *99% of the time a Non Master model, generally someone like a December Acoyte, nino, or something*. To put my opponent on the defensive/force them to be reactive from Turn 1 I like to snag the momentum early. At that point I identify which model is going to reactivate and need what upgrades. I then use my activations for the rest of my crew to get alot of my opponents activations out of the way, so that he is less likely to interrupt my actions or able to counterattack. When it is time I have McCabe activate, generally cast Black Flash here, use his (0) action to pass the badge, get the trigger if I need to throw a second upgrade, and then move McCabe into a position so that the model that has his upgrades will be with in 10" of him when everything is said and done. By this point my opponent generally is running out of activations unless they took the Outcast Malifaux Rat trick for activation, are a horde of Bayou gremlins, or a horde of spiders. When the go to model activates it has already had one 4" push from when it got the badge and often a second 4" push from the second upgrade. Add this to Nimble and it is not unheard of to have a model 12-15" up the board already. Then it gets the rest of its turn. Then it reactives to finish what it started. A prime example of this was a game against Hans. I knew he was planning to blow my upgrades off when I tossed them around but he only had 8 models while I had 10 thanks to some Guild Hounds. So I was able to keep from tossing any upgrade till after Hans activated. In the end I pushed an Austringer I brought forward 8", had given it reactivation and it had the Badge for Nimble, so it could Focus and shoot at Hans in the back. Then on its reactivation I focused and shot again to kill him before retreating back with Nimble a little. Suddenly my opponent's plans were forced to change as he had lost a high SS model, had lost a tactical tool, and he felt like I was already starting to corner him from the very first turn.
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    Wyrd need to sort out their scaling. Once or twice is ok, but when every squatting or bending model is twice the size of it's standing neighbours, it starts to look stupid. The Death Marshalls, the Young Lacroix, the Guild guard, these samurai every posed model is way too big!
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    With 35 you could go Ryle (leader) then judge, Sam, sidir and Francisco.. No extra soulstones or upgrades, or burning for sam, but would be quite funny
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    Update! More stuff! First, a pair of Oiran. These ladies are really tiny...a challenge to paint! Next, a Samurai. Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated.
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    from the FAQ: So you might be able to lure someone from 2 inches out into the far side of the belle for base to base, but once you've hit base to base, you're done and Lure goes no where else.
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    Love the Alps! Great color and contrast.
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    Honestly, I think that entire 'safe location' bit shouldn't have been there to begin with. Teleportation is a massive power....allowing free reign with no risk is just bad.
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    No order Brutal effigy- his 0 is amazing and accomplice is nice and he is significant. A pair of guild guard- treating these gents (and new lady friend) as a single model auto triggering arrest is nice df 6 is nice and defensive stance to go with it nice. Can hold the fort down meander around the board and might kill something. Austringers- people like them for deliver orders I like them Cause in one activation I can make you discard 4 cards. Combined with something like arrest you have enemy models standing around doing nothing. A pair of rifleman- a damage profile of 3/4/7 or 4/5/7 at 14" is nothing to sneeze at for a 5 point model. And my last choice is a fun one. Papa loco- a crazy dynamite wielding psychopath. Who gives things to damage. So after doing so pine boxing him gives you a semi permanent . Which then when the marshel dies or you let him out he is where you want him. Away from your own crew. And hopefully next to theirs. And with a depleted hand. (See above) going to be hard pressed to pass his duels.
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    Still working on Chompy, in the meantime I put some more paint on my Alps. They have a bit further to go, but I love how they contrast with the Daydreams I've already done.
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    I think he's trying to use hyperbole to be funny and make a point, but he's failing quite spectacularly at it. Ignore it and move along
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    May I heartily suggest at this point that if and when a 3rd book is released for M2E, it contains lots of lovely fluff, the details for the Avatars and all that they entail, and A DETAILED AND THOROUGHLY DESCRIBED breakdown of exactly how heights, vantage, vertical movement and flight/incorporeal through/over Ht>0 objects work, attempting to cover as many ramifications of models being at different heights that can come up as possible. At the moment Malifaux is an amazing, gripping and exciting game played almost entirely over 2 dimensions, and for every question about verticality seems to produce a variety of diametrically opposed answers. So these rules are all up in the air*, but with a solid ruleset in a future book we can get the extra dimension** of gameplay off the ground***. * Pun intended. ** When you're on a roll. ***Thankyew, I'm here all week.
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    It has come to my attention that in the first book, in the story "Into the Breach", Leveticus is described as "The man looked like he was fresh of the boat from England..." and "His attention to etiquette and expansive vocabulary weren't virtues yet in style in the New World." which would seem to indicate that they are indeed somewhere in the Americas. As for Geopolitics, Malifaux is compared in appearance to New Amsterdam at one point, which is notable, since it was renamed New York in 1665 in reality.
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    1. Acolyte (Great damage spread, auto slow on everything, and FTS...needs no further explanantion) 2. Myranda (Don't care if people say Cerberus/Blessed of December, why not get them at a stone cheaper and halfway up the board, or same price with 4 more cards) 3. Joss (Best Tank in the game) 4. Mech rider (ability to summon, ability to card cycle, ability to drop multiple scheme markers from a single shot, can basically get 3 points from most schemes on his own) 5. Cassandra (8SS hechman with basically minimum 3 AP standard, plus opportunities to push/understudy. Rock solid to kill once activated with an attack equal to an illuminated, and don't even get me started on the upgrades she has).
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    Stitched together can work nicely with Lynch and the beckoners/Tannen/Graves are pretty much staple. Fears given form is horrible on the hungering darkness. Illumindated are one of the best buys in Neverborn and can be made even nastier if you take wicked dolls to buff them, the mysterious effigy looks like it could also be rather helpful. Then there's the depleted, while fluffy I'm yet to see them used effectively.
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