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    actually,.. the breach just closed,.. a few of the nastier critters managed to sneak through to our side,.. you know, some nephilim, a teddy or two,... Justin Beiber,....
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    The Seamus and McMorning boxes are both set up fairly well and perform differently. Without upgrades, Seamus weighs in at 26SS, and McMourning at 29SS, which is a 30SS game with fair caches for both (Seamus 7, McMourning 5). The two boxes will play against each other well because they give access to different mechanics and ergo different playstyles. Neither is particularly heavy on summoning, so there's no need to pick up many if any extra models. Also, the models in the boxes can be swapped out with each other to test the waters, and see how adding a few different models can change the play of a crew. Overall, if you like both, I'd say just pick up the two of them. Having another box is definitely a solid way to expand later, and you'll have enough variety between the two crews that it won't feel like a mirror match (not at all, actually).
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    I'm finally caught up on my sleep and work enough to give a hearty thanks to everyone I met or played at Nova. I have thanked Matt and Maht profusely on Facebook (thanks again, guys!) but my great opponents deserve to be recognized too. Michael, you had exactly enough draws, the rest of us were sadly lacking, haha. Your malevolent glee at using Collodi along with Bob's Dreamer crew was awesome and hilarious and has inspired me to write a story I call "Tannen and the Teddy factory". You both were gentlemen despite your broken team combo, haha. Brad, thanks for showing me the poison bomb in the making and for you and your partner being two cool dudes in smooth moods. Once my brain can wrap itself around Vassal, we're getting some games in. Lastly, Kevin and his good natured trouncing of us complete with finishing off Lady J with Collette. We foolishly focused on Rasputina and her frightening crew (except Murder Protege...doh) but she ( and Matt) successfully gave us a beating we couldn't ignore. Well played, gentlemen.
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    Spells are (generally) composed of one Magia and any number of Immuto, provided they have relevance to the Magia being used. Some Immuto can be applied or taken multiple times to increase their effects on the spell. Both of the Immuto that you listed can be applied multiple times and can be applied to the same spell. Of course, Increase AP can only be taken once on a (1) spell unless the character in question can generate an extra AP. Each Immuto only occupies a single spot in a Grimoire, no matter how many times it is taken or applied.
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    If I were going to go for anti-guild...to say; anti-shooty, then I'd likely build a crew around getting into melee as fast as possible with heavy hitters. With that in mind, I'd pull this nightmare of a list out: Neverborn Crew - 50 - Scrap The Dreamer -- 5 Pool +Dreams of Pain [5] Daydream X 2 [4] Bad Juju [8] +Eternal Fiend [2] +Hexed Among You [1] Killjoy [13] Silurid [7] Silurid [7]
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    I believe at this time all of them are out (or will be come morning if there are any strays) - don't think all the paperwork is caught up as of yet though.
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    It's a small world after all... It's a small world after all... It's a small world after all... It's a small, small, world... *ahem* I've not done much lately; international moving then job hunting is somewhat time consuming. Have to move again now as well, I start my new job soon... Still, one day I'll have all my stuff and some free time again. Then, painting!
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    Nobody is "just targeting Ulix". He is being discussed in this particular thread because the OP posted a thread about Ulix. You should feel more than encouraged to start your own thread about any of your aforementioned points if you feel that they are NPEs. As for sour grapes I'm not seeing a single comment here from anyone that has played against Ulix and lost and thinks that is unfair. It seems to be people that have not played against it and are curious or those that have played it themselves and their thoughts / concerns. Not a single individual here is crying for a cuddle bat: it is simply a discussion and one that we should all feel empowered to have.
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    We've seen a slight deterioration in the quality of answers to rules questions on the forum so we thought we'd give some quick guidelines to help you all out. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your post being removed. Persistent or extreme cases may also result in further sanction. We don't want to mod-stick people but this part of the forum serves an important purpose and we have to make sure it's working for all our users. 1) Check the rules This sounds stupid but we see a lot of wrong answers given where the person answering hasn't checked the rule in the book/card themselves. We've seen some people quoting rules they've imagined. So check before you answer! 2) Explain don't tell When answering questions please take care to explain why you're giving the answer to the question as you are. Most people are asking questions because they can't find or work out the answer for themselves. Just telling someone the answer won't help them work things out for themselves in future. Also avoid single sentence answers. 3) Give References Where possible give page references or quote the rules concerned. You'd be surprised how many rules debates we see where no one involved has taken the time to read the rule they're arguing about. 4) Back your position up If you disagree with an answer already given by another user it's especially important you back up your position using the rules of the game. Take a few extra moments when posting to make sure your explaining yourself to the best of your ability. 5) The devil doesn't need an advocate If everyone agrees how a rule works, including you, don't suggest alternate ways the rule could be interpreted to take the contrary view 'for the sake of argument'. There's no need to try and create cosmic balance of discussion and this is confusing for new players. 6) Beware the 'each situation' trap Remember each FAQ entry is about an "individual situation, and may not necessarily apply to other situations." ... and as always remember to play nice! Thanks in advance - The Mod Team
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    I'm going to compile any resources here that seem like they'd be helpful for Through the Breach. If you have any links or resources to add, feel free to post them below. Character Sheets
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    This year the Battle for Salvation Gaming Club is proud to add to its 40k and X-Wing tournaments a Malifaux tournament! http://www.battleforsalvation.com/malifaux/ $25! Five games at 50 Soul Stones! Three hour rounds! We will be using the great terrain from Nova Open GT, approved by the Malifaux game designers! Proxies for models that are not yet released will be allowed, contact T.O. to arrange! Fun and prizes and good people! See event website for hotel information and more detailed Malifaux information. Game Setup: (Schemes will be pre-determined but not made known until immediately prior to start of round.) Round 1: Deployment: Standard Strategy: Reckoning Round 2: Deployment: Flank Strategy: Turf War Round 3: Deployment: Close Strategy: Reconnoiter Round 4: Deployment: Corner Strategy: Stake A Claim Round 5: Deployment: Standard Strategy: Squatter's Rights
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    Fair enough I just wanted to clarify because your post read more like you could use the Hodgepodge effect just after damaging. In fact at that point it makes more sense to spend the stone on a than on a suit since you are killing the model anyway. But yeah, if you're planning on finishing off some bros it seems like a cool combo.
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    That's pretty shocking that you've had to put up with that kind of infantile jealousy. You're painting style isn't to my personal taste but I love how distinctive your style is and you obviously have a great deal of technical skill and uniqe concept.
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    So if I paint myself (or any mercenary model) green, we're welcome to be there? Problem solved! Condition removal via Johan(a) in green-face!
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    Not much. It's still a ranged attack which ignores cover and can be cast into melee, with a good second effect, and the potential to do good damage against undead. Also he could take Flames of the Pit, but that's about it.
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    I also used Wings of Darkness during a tournament this last weekend ( #NovaopenMalifaux !!)...in four games using it on Dreamer I only felt it made a difference in one game. The others the goddess of luck frowned on my hands and I had little to work with even with the extra cards. But in that one game, it was Teddy-ville, as I was able to summon three extra Teddy models and still have highish cards to cheat with. Wings of Darkness will be an auto-include for me on Dreamer going forward, with or without Tannen.
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    I guess I was a bit crass and came across as overly personal, sorry about that! My point is that people seem to mistake crowd funders with buying from established companies. There's always a risk, on the flip side you tend to get a product cheaper than the competition that probably wouldn't be made otherwise. For this one in particular, things went wrong, and the possible death of the manufacturer is certainly on the extreme end of the risks involved. At thid point there's nothing to gain for anyone to get vocal about it. Things are probably not going to get along faster, and in the worst case scenario, Tre might decide he's tired of the heckling and just quit. It don't think we've got any recourse IF he should bail out, especially if the guy who got our money is dead, and I don't see how anything positive could result from name calling... By all means, the Tre know you're anxious and eager, but I hope folks are polite and respectful! But again, sorry if you feel I took what you said out of context! :-)
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    Used the app for a game last night. Crew creator worked great (be nice if full card info is allowed) but it was the scoring and scheme tracking that really shined, big thumbs up! Running on Nexus 7 BTW with no hiccoughs. As an add, I would love to have the card info in the app (I know the situation there, so more wishing) just because I play all seven factions and am now up to 14 arsenal decks and am running out of room (in spite of using a Breachbag...). Plus the bag is getting damn heavy : )
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    Yep, it is I. Pretty much exactly as No Gods or Kings states. Usually you assign the HT of terrain as it's height in inches, rounded as you see fit. This is why it's important to discuss the terrain before the game, as it's not explicitally defined in the rulebook (though there is guidance on what different terrain represents). And in 28mm/30mm wargames, I think the rule of thumb has been 1" is 1m or 3' for as long as I've been playing them, which is longer than I care to admit!
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    You probably mean Izamu and he dies to a stiff wind with anything that ignores Armor, if he doesn't, you will need to focus on him, no denying it. Also, remember he gets resummoned at half wounds and Yan Lo is made out of taffy until he ascends. Basically, you go for the old man fast and hard and that solves a lot of problems before they surface, since a doped up Yan Lo is a very scary thing. As for the rest, it's voicing CONCERS, that you don't like my concerns doesn't mean I'll shut up about them. Yes, Colette does scheme marker manipulation like nobody's bussiness, but it's kind of her thing and she does not summon nor does she generate a train of hate. I have only faced Ulix once and trounced him, but his luck wasn't too steelar, wasn't using the bow and the pigapult. I still have to face the local top player who uses it to get a real feel of the swineherd. If you are so full of concerns on the other side, I invite you to make all the threads you deem necessary to talk about those issues, this is the thread called "Shot in the Rear - NPE whack with a cuddle bat?" so of course we will talk about Ulix. Feel that Izamu and Yan Lo is too much? I invite you to go to the Resser and 10 Thunders sections and explain why it is so dominating.
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    Well, I would guess that this Dreamer would mainly summon Stitched, who have good anti-shooting tech, do a ton of damage, and cannot be dispatched with a single shot. Also, more targets to shoot is not a bad thing per se, as target selection is one of the more difficult things for good shooting crews like Criid or Dita.
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    edit: don't mind the huge mistakes i'm making in my grammar, english isn't my native tongue and i'm just awake for long social conversations i would say, roleplay it out, and the moment they have to do something where failure is an option with some effects, i let them flip (with the noted TN modifiers with skills some posts back) and i do this with an ondgoing challenge, so even if you have a failure, another succes will "cancel" this (margins of succes etc) and i determine the difficulty of the ongoing challenge example, john, hank and susan walk into a bar (this starts out as a very bad joke tough) they want to get some information of the big bartender. altough the bartender is a sturdy man, he is not of the brightest, so it will require "only" a total of 4 margins of succes or increment requirement john a big sturdy guy himself, orders a bottle of whiskey/whisky (whatever you prefer) and starts gulpin it down to impress the bartender so the bartender will start drinking a bit himself, doing this will require a carouse check ( now a standard whiskey "only" is a TN of 5, but since its a bottle we will up this to 17, a diffucult check, but our john knew that he was going to do this, so he ate a big greasy burger before he entered, wich downs it to 14. he gets 15, 1 margin of succes (yeah i use margins of succes a bit different in ongoing challenges) susan, a handsome young lady tries to seduce the young bartender and persuade him to let something slip after he has drank some himself, this will be a bewitch duel on his scrutiny, or WP check, scrutiny is the highest value and they both have the same rating, with al modifiers i say this will be a bewitch check of 10 because our bartender drank something and is more eager to listen to susan her boo.. i mean words. she has a 17 wich increases the increment to 3 now, 1 more to go. while doing this, hank a very smart and convincing guy, starts gambling and try to cheer everyone up, so more drinks will be bought to bring our bartender in a happy mood. since hank is doing 2 tasks at once, gambling and doing and doing some talking to people, we will say that for the gambling he will lose a bit more instead of winning (he wants to get more scrip into the hands of the people AND this will cheer them up since they won) and he will pay some drinks now and then. since this is a very simple duel it will set the TN to 8. hank got 12 that will increase the increment points to 4, thus resulting in a bartender that will slip some information. more points will get them more information i always play gambling in different TN values, never 1. i write them down, and they fluctuate between 8 and 21 (depending on the money and people they are gambling with + the rank difference between the fated and the NPC's)
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    My words are going to have to do a warm-down stretch after the twisting you just gave them.. Tre is doing a very generous thing. But if he is going to do it, he needs to keep us up to date. Or if it's not happening, he needs to tell us. I'm sorry Damien fell ill. But quite frankly, that is not my problem. My problem is that he first took my money and did not have any contingency plans or "what ifs" built into his "business plan". Now I and many others are having to decide whether to cut our losses and get terrain from a company that exists and isn't run by a silent volunteer. It makes it hard to make this decision without ANY information from anyone...
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    Since I got the DropBox link, I have used Wings of Darkness and Mimic's Blessing. The "extra" movement that flight gives Lucius is very good, as it helps getting LOS, and the three cards is a nice bonus. Mimic's Blessing I have used on both the Doppelganger and Mr. Graves. So far it has made people think twice about attacking those models and it really helps keeping Mr. Graves alive, as his hgt 3 is no longer a problem.
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    Maybe we are different, but to me it's rather petty to get angry if the one guy involved with running this was falling into a coma or something during that week. I find it much harder to stomach when a company mismanages communication during a kickstarter than an individual, especially when said individual is physically unable to! Sure, this might still be an extremely elaborate scam, but with communication from Tre still comming through the scenario presented to us seems far more likely: a fellow hobbyist decided to set up a campaign to produce cheap terrain. Unfortunately, he fell seriously ill just as production was beginning, and is probably dead or dying. Po Boys Terrain as an entity is no more! A friend decides to step in to fulfill all orders, but need a lot more time to get it done, as it not his project. If this above is true, I feel it's ridiculous to slam a man dying or already dead, and equally senseless to slam a guy without any obligation whatsoever who tries to fulfill his dead/dying friends commitments. Sure, we can remain sceptical, and the goods may never materialise. But if what we've been told is true, this is a tragedy, not a scam. I hope Tre is able to fulfill all orders, but if not, at least he tried. We're not getting anywhere by shouting at a dead man that he owed us to stay alive!
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    The Molly Kirai story was interesting, but I found the character development from how they were portrayed before to their new personalities to be beyond trite and cliche. However, regardless of that the author managed to make the story flow and be interesting enough to finish, even if the climax of the story could be deduced without much difficulty very early on. Lucius' was well done although their were a few ways the author's ideolect just didn't work for me. I enjoyed all the gremlin stories quite a bit, although gremlin society is portrayed completely at odds I thought with how it was in the Ophelia story in rising powers. The Ma tucket story, while not the greatest prose, even for gamer fluff, was very enjoyable, and probably the best in the book. I have a feeling "it's Dolly-making time" is going to be a well known mene in MALIFAUX for a long time.
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    I hear you and dont necessarily disagree with the logic Lupercal, however this isn't just a Barbaros thing. For me it's a Vonschill's Steam Trunk, Lucius' Scribe and Sergeant Dashel, Kaeris Totem and whatever they release with Wong and Jack Daw that isn't available separately. I appreciate the offer of Uktena up there but even if getting a good deal on the crew box from an online retailer (like FRP games) I am still on the hook for shipping to me and then to the buyer of the "bits". Happy circumstance that he is interested and stumbled into this thread but is it likely to happen for each of the "new" individual models that will only be available in the crew boxes that I'll want to fill the metal crews I have already purchased?. Oh and I'm a Marine it takes a lot more than that to antagonize me
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    The situation is larger than omenbringer brings up though. In 1.5, and as I'm sure there will be again, there were alot of models that came in the starter sets that just plain were bad models for the level of power the game got to. I started playing just after rising powers and by the time I got around to collecting certain masters I had realized that models like Sebastian and Mortimer and many others just weren't worth buying the starter box to acquire. And because I was able to buy any model, I did. I don't have Sebastian and have no way to get him other than through the starter box. So not only is it the likes of barbarous, Philip, and the steam trunk, their decision to not sell all the models seperately bites more than just the people who want models that never existed before, as metal supplies dry up even models that were at one time easy to get now become harder. Do I wish it was otherwise yes, am I angry or upset at wyrd for this, no. This to me is a business decision, and unlike the business decisions of some other game companies this one at least I can understand at least a little of why it was made. I don't think they decided to try to figure out how to stick it to customers who have supported them for a long time. I think they looked at what they thought would be the best long term plan for their business and ran with it. We're they aware they might "force" a certain segment of their older player base to buy their products again, I'm Certain they were aware, and I'm certain they were most likly not giggling themselves silly with all the ill will they knew it would generate, nor were they gleefully counting all the stacks of money they were going to pry from us to buy the same things over and over. From what little I know of their business id be hard pressed to say if I were in full possession of the numbers that I would have done anything differently. For the long term health of their company the issue of models not existing before is a total non issue to all brand new and future players who won't be able to buy the metals. So long term health says non issue for future growth. Long established supporters who have invested alot are the potential issue then. For those the edition change showed that no matter what they do they aren't going to please everyone. Even if they did nothing different, didn't do the edition shift, and continued operating as before they were going to lose people, even highly invested people. Anyone remember sandwhich, calmdown, and magic pockets? All people who as far as I could ascertain left the community before there was even the shake up of the new edition. So regardless of what they do they are going to cause some people to leave with varying degrees of amicabiliry. Should Wyrd take steps to sell individual models at what is most likely a great loss in profits, due to extra sorting, shipping, and storage of single minis, to support a small segment of the MALIFAUX community who regardless of how much money they have given the company already has a turn over rate, even if they did sell the new minus as a one time event like the v2 cards some people are going to miss out and get crushed in the gears of the ponderous behemoth that is running any enterprise involving people. I'm suffering this situation worse than many because I didn't buy hardly any of the boxed sets, and while I wish it was otherwise and I am annoyed by it, from a purely black and white perspective I can't fault the logic that lead to it. That isn't to say omenbringer isn't perfectly justified in being annoyed, I'm annoyed, I just don't see a way they could have gotten around it.
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    We already did argue all day about what Wyrd could have done differently. We actually agreed quite a bit on the fundamentals I just don't think getting angry at Wyrd makes much sense here. That was a different thread but this is part of my point. I don't mean to be antagonizing myself, and I also understand that you are frustrated that they continue to release models this way, I just don't understand what you were expecting when they said they would continue to do it this way when the question was raised before. I really don't take issue with your opinions or anything like that, and I really am not trying to make you mad, I only started this discussion again in this thread because it is the second or third time I have seen you advise someone against buying a box set and trying to split it up on ebay by saying there is "no secondary market." I don't even take issue with this sentiment, I just think it goes a little bit to far and it is more accurate to say that the secondary market is tough and you will likely only be able to sell the Minions from any box set easily, the Masters and Totems will be much harder. I realize this is a small point but I think it matters as being out for the entire box just to get 1 model sounds a lot worse than selling 3 models, keeping 1 to use, and having 2 that are dead and difficult to sell. I am also a fan of Wyrd and have been playing the game since 2010, maybe not as long as you but it is still a long time. I don't see how their decision to release their models differently for valid reasons (even if it is inconvenient or we might not agree with the reasons) invalidates their past good deeds as a company. They obviously still hold things up for not meeting their standards, as evidenced by brewmaster and any other number of delayed releases. Their decision to make arsenal decks was a great one for many reasons, even if you could buy the new barbaros separately you could still just get an arsenal deck and proxy him, arsenal decks make more sense than selling individual cards from the companies point of view and if people want to replace missing or damaged ones how else would they? In other words I don't think the purpose of arsenal decks is invalidated by the fact that you cant get some models separately. I get what you are saying about the Viks for sure, and it is disappointing that the TTB females will apparently not even be fixed for retail. I think that Wyrds decision on that is strange and doesn't make a lot of sense but maybe it would cost too much money or take up too much time to be worth it right now. I guess I just don't think that you need to be all that nostalgic because Wyrd is still a pretty great company. I think they have bitten off more than they can chew recently but I still have hopes that they will catch up with the plastics and things will settle down a bit. Hopefully they will sell at least the henchmen and enforcers separately in the future but only time will tell and in the meantime they have models that don't exist at all, let alone in metal, to make.
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    I finished the book on the way home form the US, and my favorite story was defintely Lucius. I've always liked him as a character and his story gave some great insight into the Neverborn in general, which is always pretty cool. Other that that I quite enjoyed the stories for; - Kaeris (some great backstory into her origins, plus a rare glimpse of Earthside) - Molly/Kirai (just great interactions between the two characters) - Ulix (Cameo from Zoraida, plus it was just plain hilarious) - Wong (if only for the three Lightning Bugs in it!)
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    Off topic but... We could argue all day about what Wyrd could have done differently. Such as they could have released the new stuff that wasn't available in metal first while they allowed existing metal stocks to dry up just in time for the "new" plastic crews' release. They could have laid the sprues out to allow for easier separation should a desire or need arise down the line (such as the need to replace missing, broken or miscast parts). They could have decided to place any models that were not available in metal in their own blisters so as not to distance those in the community that have already bought in heavy. If I come across as to curt well blame it on extreme frustration at continuing to see Wyrd consciously decide to release new crew boxes with models that are only available in them despite knowing there is a quantifiable portion of the community that wants/ desires/ needs those models separately. Had it only been Barbaros it probably wouldn't bug me this much but he isn't unique in this regard. I am also frustrated by seeing this thread show up every month or so when new players join the online community after having bought old metal stocks and asking. I am a fan of Wyrd (and have been for longer than most) and perhaps that is why I am so frustrated by this. I remember the days when Wyrd sent out v2 cards at their expense, when they wouldn't sell the Oirin at GenCon because they had a flaw, when they held up release of Terraclips because they weren't up to their standards, when they mailed out replacements for the Amazonian Vik's because they were out of scale, when they decided to offer Arsenal decks so those with existing metal crews could transition to the new edition without having to purchase new crews. That is the company I am nostalgic for.
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    first in this album is a flesh construct on a secret weapon miniatures base. the rust on the drainpipe is my first attempt at rust using weathering powders.
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    It does, rather... I'm a long way from being done with Malifaux yet. Update in the mean time: I'll be at the Compleat Strategist in NYC this evening, and on a bus to Boston tomorrow.
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    I don't think it's really any different than facing anyone else. If Sonnia drops you're going to face just as much shooting. You can't really build your crew based on what the enemy master might be......I think you build your crew bases on strats/schemes/terrain and then just deal with what you face.....better to just take a well-rounded crew in my opinion.
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    I used Wings of Darkness last night. The flight was nice on Lucius, as he will often use his walk to set off commanding presence and his slow speed can sometimes limit his usefulness. The three cards thing didn't help as much, though it turned one hand from the absolute dregs to a pretty workable one.
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    This month at Millennium games, we will be holding a tournament. What kind of tournament you ask? Well, with all the new players, I am leaving the tournament up to attendance. If the attendance is moderate, or only includes veteran players, we will run a standard Gaining Grounds tournament. However, if we have a large turn out including some of our newer players, we will run a Random paired team tournament. 30 Stone Henchmen led crews to be paired off each round. How much? Well, $10 will get you in the door, all of which will go towards prize support. As usual, I will also raffle off some stuff. If it is team format, most of the prize support will be raffle based to give newer players a chance at some swag. But don't fret. Trophies and Spoons will be available. When? Well, as mentioned, the event will be on Saturday September 27th. Doors open at 10am, and I plan to have the first round start at 11am. And finally, where? Millennium Games and Cyberstorm 3047 W Henrietta Rd Rochester, NY 14623 (585) 427-2190
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    I hear you, but I don't think there's any point i spreading negativity either. If this was a scam, there's nothing to gain from trying to engage with backers close to a year after the campaign ended. If it's not, whether it will materialise or not, there was always going to be a risk involved (like all crowd funding). Some products take considerably longer than planned to be shipped, some will fail to at all. Not fun for the backers, but that's the risk one takes with these things. Especially when it's a one-man operation rather than a big company, but even big companies get delay (TTB, Cmon, etc)s... I guess my point is I wish people would refrain from using every opportunity to be negative about these things. I'm as disappointed and anxious as everyone else (though releived something seems to be happening at last), but shouting "it's a scam" won't help, and if the reports we've been getting are true it's very disrespectful...
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    Though a viable recommendation it still pains me to hire a character that has absolutely zero fluff tie in with the crew just to have access to an ability (no matter how good). Malifaux's appeal to me has always been the "Character" side of the game. If I want to play a game with uncharacterful "Vanilla" models then there are plenty of other options available.
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    Well, if you take a picture of what you DID get, it ensures that someone in the warehouse doesn't screw up and send you the same executioner that you already have, vs the one missing in the box already. Also ensures that people are describing correctly what they THINK they need vs. what they really need. I can't tell you how many times someone goes .. erm, no, the other right arm. Seriously .. you told me you needed a right arm. You got sent a right arm, then come to realize, its actually your left you're wanting.
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    I don't think Ratty would trust a hamster to be a mod. Maybe I'm secretly Ratty. Maybe we're all secretly Ratty and this whole forum is simply him talking to himself.
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    Things I don't like when playing Ortegas: Lilith (stupid wood markers - grrrrrr) Depleted (thousands of little guys, and none die to 1 shot - ugh) Zoraida (basically what StaticVortex said, but Obey on Papa - arrgh) Hm, in general I don't like anybody who doesn't come out for a fair fight. Come on, guys, it's called a Mexican Standoff! All that hiding and trickery is no fun!
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    Zorida and Juju with eternal fiend and fears given form alongside many swampfiends creates a Juju recycling center. Latigos like to kill stuff...swampfiends like to die, delivering Juju in their face. End of game: Only Latigo left alive is Dita surrounded by the body parts of her family. Many swampiends dead, and Juju dead many times.
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    Relevant because it just happened to me; push Ironsides out of combat with the entire crew so that she can be murdered at your leisure rather than trying to put meaningful damage on her in close combat. The same theory works for any CC monster, that gremlin lure is a thing of beauty.
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    Eh, I disagree. We've seen the Gremlins come together at Zoraida's behest to form their own faction, and references to Lucius grabbing up more power as he distances the Governor from everyone else, as well as Jack Daw floating around and causing chaos in the outlying towns. There might not be cataclysmic events happening, but after the earthquake/plague/magma plumes, I think that Malifaux could do with a period of rest as the various characters take care of their personal business. There's been a *lot* of character development lately, even just in the recent Molly and Kirai stories with Molly breaking away from Seamus and Kirai coming out of her depression to find a new calling that isn't just emo revenge. So, while the story of Malifaux proper might not be moving forward as much as before, I very much like that it's giving the characters time to advance their own stories. One need only look back at Legend of the Five Rings to see what sort of a mess you get if you throw too many world-shaking events at the story one after the other.
  49. 1 point
    Misery. A stretch, but I am proud of Wyrd for making a female creature model that doesn't have boobs to show it is a female. Good show.
  50. 1 point
    Don't listen to him Miss Ery, you're beautiful just the way you are. You are as terrifying elder gods from beyond made you.
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