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  2. I can't quite figure out what you're trying to say. I think you're admitting that Lady Justice's ability applies to (and blocks) the Demise abilities. If the sticking point for you is that there are a bunch of "when this model is killed" effects that probably should (for clarity, at least) say "After this model is killed", and because of that we have to be liberal about how we interpret 6.c's language... Well, yeah. ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ”ฌ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ’ผ
  3. So i have been away from the system for the majority of M2E & am back now, hopefully as heavily as i was for 1st ed. I am starting with a slow grow league at my local store, which begins with a Hardcore Henchman game, but as i plan to use the dreamer, i am unfamiliar with a Henchman that would fit within the dreamer crew so do people have any advice for a simple thematic list that will evolve into a dreamer crew? I will ofc check the book once/cards once they are available at my LGS but just wanting to see if there is a lot of new models i have missed for his crew to pay attention to
  4. Yah, I was thinking about giving him a try, just cant find my model for him ๐Ÿคฃ He seems super effective for his points. Was also considering Hans as an out of keyword pick
  5. One time... one single time... I did the Appraise to get an enemy scheme marker twice in a game, so he cost me -1 Soul Stones overall.
  6. The fact that you have a tracking number, and the most recent update being in a city with an international airport might indicate a few things. It says it is in transit, that means it is on its way. You said it usually takes 10 days, if it's been 6, give it another few days.
  7. Give Jorogumo McCabe Swords, don't instant drop him towards the Middle, rather take a Flank (Through against Zoraida it isbthe right decision). Asami(Flicker)/McCabe is almost as broken as Shenlong...
  8. Today
  9. Thanks for the insight. My personal favorite with Hamelin is actually The Midnight Stalker as he is extremely mobile, difficult to kill and still packs a decent punch thanks to free Fast. He also opens up the scheme pool to schemes like Breakthrough. Ever thought about adding him to the mix?
  10. Totally new to neverborn so I'm just curious. That list looks very agressive... Why does that work better for you than 2 BBS spamming focus and growing in turn 2? What is your usual attack plan with that list? Into which creeds/schemes/strategies do you use this list?
  11. Just a quick note on this; consume heal based on the current health, not the maximum health (I had that dobut for the wording of this ability) If you build a creed around this idea, Vasilisa or WW to use the scrap markers to summon more minions could be good models
  12. It must be a good sign that you find it hard to keep up with the same number of people! I would hate for the case with M3E to be: "well we only really need 1 employee now... to dust off the cobwebs in our warehouse filled with stuff we can't sell." Keep it up and I will keep bringing more players in here in the cold north.
  13. http://imgur.com/gallery/86W5S2v This guy is my first foray into Malifaux. Base is a resin cast base I painted, I don't possess the required sculpting skills sadly.
  14. We know there are 3 sculps for hog whisperers so I can see the box being 3 whisperers and 4 piglets with the squeelers being a small box of brand new models/unit. Just my inclination.
  15. This was exactly the kind of update I was hoping for - Just something so that we're not guessing in silence. Thank You.
  16. Hi every one! I ordered 2 card packs at gencon and received 6 days ago the tracking number for my order! was pretty happy and though that since I had the tracking number and it was saying in transit I would received them soon. Normally after around 10 days I receive my order and during this 10 day period I have a lot of checkpoint to see were the package is. But for this order it is still saying in Newark NJ and in transit. With all my older orders by this time it would have arrived in my country and I would have gotten a lot more checkpoint along the way. So what I'm asking is could Wyrd not already have sent the package and is waiting to get the packs? or did some of you had problem with checkpoints not showing on the fedex site? thx to all of you! I know I could just be patient but these packs are impossible to get in Canada and I was wondering if Wyrd didn't had any too and was waiting for the second printing to send it! If this is the case I would not have bought some with shipping cost if I receive my order the same time as my flags in a few month! ๐Ÿ˜• (in my province the only flags who received some got one of each pack and they were gone in half a day lol)
  17. Grand Vizier @Kyle, for the record, @matt 's "Community Reputation" is "Huggable."
  18. Just played a game against Shenlong! standard deployment board was a big forest with many severe/councealing/dense area and a lot of very big tree! was very crowded with only few shooting lane! Strat was reckoning my schemes were outflank and breakthrough his were power ritual and breakthrough my crew was: Yan Lo - 3ss cache Soul Porter Chiaki 7 Manos 9 Izamu 10 Gokudo 5 Samurai with Silent Protector 11 Tanuki 5 his crew was: Shenlong - 2ss cache 2 Students Sensei Yu 9 Thunder Archer 7 3 Lotus Eater 18 2 Wandering River Monk 10 Low River Monk 4 Turn 1 First turn I deployed mostly in the center with the goal to send Manos/Gokudo at the left and rest in the center/toward the right. Sadly without any mask in hand for my first turn even with a stone I decided to send Chiaki on the left to at least get the manos reliquary on the next turn on the gokudo. My opponent had deployed his 3 lotus on my left, 2 wandering on my right and rest in the center. He mostly boosted Shenlong and sent his 2 wings forward! He moved a liitle too close from me and with the help of Soul Porter and Yan Lo Izamu managed to engage a wandering and one-shot him! no point but one less hard to pin scheme runner is good for me! Turn 2 Got my mask with another use of a stone so managed to gave gokudo the manos reliquary. Manos engaged the first lotus eater on the left and was in place for outflank! with a big severe terrain on his right the other Lotus eaters would have to work a lot to get to him! His second wandering river got in a tough spot to deal for me in my DZ with a scheme down (so I now knew he had breakthrough) I was thinking about sending the tanuki near him to prevent him scoring and sadly forgot about his end game push and there was a little gap betwwen my model and the side of the board were he wasn't in 3'' range ๐Ÿ˜• He charged Shenlong in the middle of my group (Yan Lo, Soul Porter and Samurai) I used Silent Protector to protect Yan and since I had Ash upgrade on him form turn 1 with a charge and 2 attacks he did more dmg on himself than against my Samurai! xD 3 on him and 2 against my model! was pretty happy about that! I had a dilemma about sending Izamu complete outflank or against Sensei Yu who was out of position with a few wounds and I finally decided it was better to kill him so charge him in! He didn't manage to kill him but with the help of the bone ascendant upgrade he brought him down and Yan gave the movement boost the Tanuki needed to try to prevent his monk from scoring (which failed as said higher ) score 1-1 Turn 3 was crucial for me! I got a pretty good hand and with initiative activated Yan Lo first who was in range of Shenlong and with the blood ascendant I threw 4 Darkest Magic attack against him and he used most of his chi and good cards to save him on 1 wound! ๐Ÿ˜ง He than activated Shenlong to heal himself and was brought back to 7 health. But happily for me Izamu was close and sealed the deal with some very lucky flip form my part and a Shenlong with no chi is very easy to bring down! With the death of his master my opponent decided to concede because he had nothing to stop me and I would have just steamrolled every thing he had left. We talked about our schemes and I could have easily scored the first point of breakthrough but not the second and I would have gotten the 2 points for outflank. For the strat with his big model gone it would have been possible to kill 3 small models and scored another point on turn 4. (Izamu was close to his Low River Monk, Yan from his Wandering and Manos/Gokudo from 2 injured Lotus eater) But probably not the last point because he was very spread out and his archer who didn't do much during the game was very far away so impossible to kill. The score would have been 6-2 by our estimate. It was a nice game and I gave a few tips to my opponent about who to target with Shenlong because he threw him at my toughest and scariest models in the middle while my left flank was weakest
  19. Iโ€™m still wondering whether you didnโ€™t just hand me the means of your own destruction in melee earlier in the week, even if it has much more min2 than I fancy bringing against a 7-stone cache. Have to spend some quality time with the tape measure to be certain of threat ranges. Iโ€™m sure Hayreddin is target priority #1, but then thatโ€™s nothing new.
  20. @Mycellanious any reason you think Lady J applies to a single point in time? I'd read her as adding a condition to markers being dropped (did the drop originate from killing them? Then it doesn't drop). Her ability is passive. It doesn't say "after", so I believe applies when relevant, not at a specific timing step.
  21. Ahh, mistook Benny's rat killing thing as a pulse like the summon, so no mass enemy scheme marker generation
  22. This is coming from everyone here at Wyrd. I'm just the mouthpiece. We love our games as much as you all do (except when @matt wins - never let Matt win).
  23. Amazing right? I think this is a /thread for me I have nothing to say to Wyrd now but kudo's on the hard work and thanks for the update!!!!!!
  24. Thanks so much for the update, and the transparency! Amazon may run like a scarily efficient clockwork robot overlord, but Wyrd is human (and sounds like you treat your warehouse workers more reasonably too) and that's what I appreciate about you guys. We'd never get this sort of transparency from Amazon, and I'm happy to wait patiently for my goodies. You guys keep up the amazing work!
  25. Kyle, Sincerest thanks! While I can't speak for the community as a whole, this is EXACTLY the kind of response (and time-table) I was looking for. Filling all orders by next week! WOW. That's fantastic to hear!
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