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  2. Does the combination of Take the Hit and Extended Reach (3rd Edition obviously) mean that the Ashigaru can effectively prevent a charge-generated attack on another model? The enemy charges a model in the Ashigaru's range, targets it with the resulting Attack, the Ashigaru jumps in and the attack is not executed because the attacker cannot 'take' it anymore? Apart from that situational trick, is hiring Ashigaru into a Yan Lo crew viable at all? The Komainu seem much better for only 1 more point. Or are they meant only as summons for Toshiro
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  4. YOU CAN'T CONTROL ME! [Flying Powerbombs himself]
  5. Better late than never. Welcome!! :)
  6. I really like this one, because it works both ways. You put yourself at a disadvantage for that game, AND you get experience with schemes you might otherwise not take, which might give you a greater insight into accomplishing them easier in a more competitive game in the future.
  7. Thanks to everyone who came! This is what the final table looked like: Luke; CBM - TP43 / SoS 102 / VP 35 - Best CBM, Best Painted (Players) Dan; GH - TP 42 / SoS 86 / VP 22 - Best GH Ross; KE - TP 41 / SoS 94 / VP 40 - Best KE Dave; KE - TP 34 / SoS 107 / VP 16 Nick; Ab - TP 27 / SoS 111 / VP 21 - Best Ab, Best Painted (Judges) James; KE - TP 26 / SoS 90 / VP 15 Rob; Ab - TP 25 / SoS 105 / VP 17 (TP = Tournament Points; SoS = Strength of Schedule; VP = Victory Points)
  8. I agree with everything Regelridderen said. I always pad my list out with as many of the same minion as possible when playing new players. That way they have to remember the capabilities of fewer models. I used von schill and friekorps vs new players in M2E. My neverborn crew relied too much on trickiness. With friekorps I wouldn't use abilities that broke the basic rules (like being able to charge out of engagement) until the new player had a grasp of those rules. Most of their abilities were pretty utilitarian and straightforward. Things like armor, a decent attack, etc. Of course when playing a Rasputina player it met with some problems because the old friekorps were imune to blast efffects and it negated one of the things that made Raspy cool. So I now look out for that when choosing a counter crew for teaching. Abilities that negate the coolness of the noob are a no no for me. I think it's less about the crew and more about the choices to play somewhat suboptimally and instead set up teaching opportunities. A simple killy crew isn't quite as killy if you don't cheat from your control hand. Heck, a tricky crew is often not as tricky if you let the flip determine whether or not you get your suits. If I found myself too far ahead, I'd sigh at my draw and act like I had shit for a hand, only cheated a few 8s or 9s, and was sure to discard with a low card on top the next round to reinforce my ruse. This also served to weaken my deck if I was discarding high cards. Also maxing your Soulstone pool and then all but ignoring it is an effective handicap. Picking difficult schemes for your list will let you play to the max and put you at a disadvatage that's hard to be called out on. (I've played with people who, right from the start get mad if I look like I'm taking it easy on them. They don't catch this one as quick as a pile of untouched soulstones or consistantly under utilized control hand). The added benefit of this is that you can gauge a players understanding post game, when they mention "yeah, assassinate was a hard one for you. There's no way your guys could pin down my master" or something similar. Those three things helped me not absolutely devastate the only guy I had to play with last year and still let me play who I wanted to (Zoraida) against him (who admitted wasn't strong, but pretty tricksy). They also let me feel challenged and taught me to play better. Sorry if that turned into a weird, rambling lecture. I just kept remembering all my experiences playing vs mostly new players haha. But to answer your question: Von Schill
  9. @Caedrus Late pledge because I just got back from vacation. I'll be finishing up Sandeep a gamin for 19ss total I believe.
  10. You do realize this is useless, right? You're spending 30 points, 5 activations, and an untold number of severe masks on card cycling, so you'll have 20 points left for the rest of your crew. On top of that, once you do it a 5th time, you will have to reshuffle and all those cards from the discard pile will be back in the deck again, defeating the purpose.
  11. Reading Luck Thief and Fate Modifiers makes me think that b would be correct. Luck Thief says that enemy models treat all [+] as [-]. Because of this, the modifiers wouldn’t cancel each other.
  12. Don’t bother. Choose models you like the look and playstyle of - and that makes you want to paint. Instead play to improve your opponents, discuss their tactics, discuss your own. If you’re setting something up, drop a hint or two, so the guy, who has a hard enough time getting to grips with his own models, has a chance of understanding yours. Losing isn’t annoying for a n00b, it is to be expected after all. What is annoying is the ‘gotcha’ moments, when opponents take advantage of something, that you overlooked. When you forget to scheme and try to kill etc. You’ll want to bring opponents up to your level, not yourself down to theirs. New players will always be overwhelmed. If you play a beater crew, they’ll feel overpowered and taken by the alphastrike. If your crew is more tricksy, they will envy that and miss the synergy in their own models etc. Instead invest your energy in helping them see their own crews strength rather than your own. If you want to help your opponent listwise. Simplify your lists; minimize numbers, use duplicates/triplicates of minions, so he has less things to understand and keep track of.
  13. A question about the timing details of Luck Thief. Gwyneth is standing in cover and is targeted by a Focused projectile attack. Will the attack flip end up being: a) a straight flip due to modifiers first being totaled (thus cancelling each other) before Luck Thief had an effect. b) a double negative due to Luck Thief turning the positive from Focused into a negative before summing it up with the negative from cover.
  14. Play Titania. Shes can be pretty 1dimensional. Her things are generally beaty. You've got one annoying trick that will inhibit most crews if used correctly, but can be avoided by players more experienced in countering her. She has next to no card draw, and so kindve relies on focussed to do heavy damage, but she'll have enough tricks to be interesting enough for you and not get bored.
  15. It does work as long as Bokors can obey each other. Zoraida->Bokor1->Brin Zoraida->Bokor2->Brin Bokor1->Brin Bokor1->Bokor2->Brin Bokor2->Brin Bokor2->Bokor1->Brin With two obeys from Zoraida and Brin's two actions it makes ten. P.s. with three Bokors it will be 15 (:
  16. The push for The Other Side has been frankly bad. I get how priorities shifted with M3 and it's the money maker, but at this point, unless the release of the new alligiences gets some louder support, The Other Side will just die in obscurity. I really hope the tournament packs actually become a thing for example, since they were mentioned in the tournament rules, but from what I've heard, they don't even exist at the moment. Also, the game is in a dire need of errata and rebalancing.
  17. My club has a wide variety of skill levels, and so I want a couple different masters to be able to swap between competitive and casual environments. The Neverborn seem like an appealing faction generally. Are there any masters people would recommend for playing in a casual environment, especially against new or inexperienced players? Ideally said master would be relatively easy to understand for an opponent, is easily counter played, and a bit underpowered. I really like the look of the Dreamer, but worry it looks very powerful (between summoning, lucid dreams, and the models generally). Suggestions appreciated! Currently I play Molly/Forgotten, and I feel a bit overpowered. It feels especially unfair against players who haven't played as much as I have, and the crew has loads of abilities that feel 'unfair.' So am looking for the opposite of that!
  18. Just played a few games today with the list I mentioned above (Philip & the nanny, Archie, 2 crooligan, 2GST). It was crazy good. My opponents had no good avenues to score points on schemes (Vendetta against Archie is hard), and the explosives were insanely easy to place between Archie and the Crooligans. Not to mention how difficult I could make life for the opponent. Archie + crooligan can drop their loads in the first one-two turns, freeing up the rest of the game for harassing them. This could be countered by attacking Archie, but that never ended well. Would not be surprised if this turns out to be a Tier 1-2 crew.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Yeah great event. Big thanks to everyone for a really fun day
  21. Sadly, doesn't work. Bokors can't Obey Zoraida (Non-Master), and can only do it to BBB once each (OPA). You can still do it a total of eight times easily enough. BBB does it twice. Each Bokor makes him do it once each. Zoraida makes him do it twice, and then Obeys each of the Bokors to make him do it once each. Of course, it's got diminishing returns if you don't make use of it somewhere in the middle.
  22. Good event, smoothly run and decent venue. Great to meet some new players. 2 closely fought games, hope to make it on time for the next event, trains permitting.
  23. And two Bokors to do it six more times!!!
  24. I have not yet. My printer has yet to have the attention it needs to get thing printing. Life has conspired against me. But I will. Hopefully next month.
  25. And that's why you grab Zoraida as a secondary master, then you can Obey BBB to calculate (potentially twice) before replenishing your hand from your freshly hottified deck
  26. These are amazing. Have you put together a full Malifaux city on a 3x3 board with these parts before?
  27. It could, but Ramos's ability to blow up the Spiders almost at will (4+, 4+ for an Electrical Creation) and draw a card out of it, helping to perpetuate things, is why I picked him. And the summoning for a pair is easier, if you've got the scrap (10+). Asami doesn't get the dual explosions unless she summons Obsidioni, and she can only pull one of those a turn, though admittedly easier to go kaboom (just have ObsOni flicker themselves to dead). Sandeep can do it with Poison Gamin, but it's much more expensive (needing a 13), but can only Detonate one a turn (though you could use one to explode the other). But they come in Slow, meaning you need an Oxfordian to get around that, and eat some damage. Though you do get a bigger overall effect. 3 for 2 damage, 2 for 4 damage + P1. As opposed to the Arachnid's 2 for 2+3 damage. But the cost is too high. You SHOULD be able to get a 10 and stone for the Tome for Ramos almost every turn. ~91%, 96% with stone for draw, 97.5% with Arcane Res and stone for draw. Getting it with Sandeep is ~45%, 54% with a stone for draw, ~61% with Arcane Res and stone for draw.
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