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  2. Hello folks! I'm glad to invite you to tournament "Malifaux Laws"! Event 'll be held in bar "Hmelnik", Gogolya, 38. We'll start at 09:30 September 21th. Feel free to ask any questions via our community https://vk.com/malifaux__nsk or via PM here on forum.
  3. Cannot take interaction does not mean cannot do S&S. Zipp can do Take Prisoner, or place terrain for Search the Ruins. And more important, Zipp is for denying opponent from scoring. He can block the way to idols or bombs, displace enemy models from where they should be or waste opponent's resources for doing anything. I do agree that you should have a good reason to hire Zipp as a second master, but once you have hired him, he should be able to contribute as good as other master. True. Pushing and Focus in a single action is so efficiently. Plus Mah does have some fantastic melee and range attack. But her leader ability is too good to pass over (and she has some good models within the keyword too) so I always struggle should I just hire her as my primary master.
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  5. He's actually decent for pretty much any pool. Bultungin and Cyclops give you scheming, all of the giants give you big beaters, Gigants give you some good denial for Turf War and Corrupted Idols. Euripides runs into issues against crews that can efficiently get rid of his Ice Pillars. So Arcanists and Bayou are rough matchups for him.
  6. For those of you who have played Euripides, what strategies/pools is he weak against? In that same vein, what other Neverborn Master would you recommend to shore up those weaknesses? Thanks!
  7. Has anyone tried putting Manos' upgrade onto a Wanyudo? It strikes me as a dangerous versatile and extremely mobile piece which has its biggest weaknesses covered when in this crew (resilience). And the extra pushes and movement combined with its trample and burning path could make for an obscene number of simple duals. All this and it can still charge, push and interact at the back of the enemy crew if desired. I'm yet to get Yan on the table so will probably stick in keyword to start with (komainu and gokudo being strong competition to receive the same upgrade) but looking forward to experimenting...
  8. I have a few strategies with them. 1. Plant explosives, always have to start them in base to receive explosives. 2. If I'm wanting to draw enemies to one part of the map, I'll often start crooligans there with From the Shadows. That way if they don't come, I can just scheme. If they do come, I can teleport away and scheme elsewhere. This works well for Search the Ruins, or bluffing Outflank and the like. 3. By default, I put them in the base. I want them to interact from the get go (plus, they might be useful for dropping scheme markers by Molly).
  9. Do you consider 5 business days of "processing" to be reasonable for any company? I've ordered hot products from plenty of smaller companies (smaller even than Wyrd) during Black Friday sales that processed faster. Look, I'm not busting on Wyrd, but it doesn't take 5 days to process a shipping request. If it does take this long it means something is wrong. Either Wyrd is under-staffed or they didn't have the supply to meet the demand - whether that be due to delivery scheduling issues from their distributor at Alliance or something else. However, I guarantee you Wyrd has a schedule - whether or not that schedule is public knowledge. I still think it's safe to say they are probably behind it.
  10. There was no schedule. That was simply the date they would begin processing orders with books in them. It's well documented that Gen-Con orders take a while before they get processed. Especially from a company as small as Wyrd.
  11. Thanks for the reply! Just restate (make sure I'm getting it), if self loathing is successful, Pandora picks a non shockwave action of the target and then applies the result of the action (using the self loathing flip) to the same targeted model. Do I got it?
  12. How is the rider in a Molly crew? I've never played her before, but with the Nightmare version on its way (eventually, I presume), I'll need to try it out.
  13. The target isn't actually attacking themselves. Pandora is performing an attack on the target that is copying (most of) the effect of one of the target's attacks. So if you target Perdita and are successful, you pick one of Perdita's non-Shockwave Attack Actions, and suddenly Self Loathing has that action's effect, cost, and special restrictions for the rest of the Action resolution process. Throughout the entire process, Pandora is the acting model and Perdita is the target of the action. As an important note, the newly cost and special restrictions do get resolved. A lot of those are good things (like being able to remove Scrap Markers to power up a "not-Rail Driver" attack against Neil Henry, for instance, but you could wind up with action combinations that you can't fulfill and thus cause your own action to fail. For instance, if Allison Dade is leading a Guild crew, using Self Loathing and copying Blackmail against her is going to fail. And trying to use Self Loathing multiple times on non-Leader Allison Dade you won't be able to copy Blackmail more than once.
  14. Another question in regards to Pandora's self loathing, does the target have to attack themselves or can they attack another model? For example if I target Perdita and am successful, does the damage have to go against Perdita or can I target another Guild model within 12 inches (her ranged attack range). I don't see where it specifies, so I was thinking you could do either or, but want to make sure I'm playing it right. Thanks!
  15. Going out of keyword is always an option here...... at low SS games. I like ‘chimera’ keyword to assist the girls in their fights. cassandra 8, showgirl 5, ( pet kitty ) sabertooth Cerberus + tax = 9, mannequin 4 - 26 + 4 xtra SS for Colette to play with. I would try that, and may..... sometimes I use Ferdinand Vogel, just because he’s a cool werewolf.
  16. Always by your side in Plant. Otherwise I'll often have 1-2 from the shadows.
  17. How're you deploying the crooligans? Are you From the Shadows-ing them, or using By You Side?
  18. "All Pushing is horizontal" in the Push description is trying to say that a push travels parallel to the table surface (particularly with things like hills and staircases), as opposed to a perfect bubble level "horizontal". So the general movement rules for falling apply, and then you continue the push in that "same" direction if you push off a surface (like the top of a roof) into the air.
  19. @Trample damn, sorry to hear that. Mostly because I reallllly want to avoid picking up Night Terrors if I can do without them. They're so expensive!
  20. And, to elaborate on CD1248's answer... The Overheat trigger doesn't specify a timing, so it's an After Succeeding trigger. So the sequence of events will be: Resolve the effect of the action. the "Target suffers 1/2/3 damage", where you flipped and got 2, and then went through the Damage Timing steps for that damage. This is step 2.e in the master timing chart, or Step 5 if you're looking at Resolving Actions. In Step 2.f (Step 6 of Resolving Actions), you resolve the Overheat trigger. So now you go through the Damage Timing steps again for potentially more models than just Taelor. That's how much timing difference there is between the two damage effects. Significantly, if the dove flipped a black joker for the damage flip, that doesn't cancel out the pulse damage. Likewise, excess damage reduction (due to soul stones, Armor, and Shielded) don't carry over to the pulse; the pulse gets resolved (and reduced) independently.
  21. When I started playing Molly I was usually doing so with a pair of Crooligans who would handle all of my schemes. Lately I've been really just ignoring the enemy beaters, working to kill off the smaller stuff, and scheme like crazy. It might be overkill. Heck, I would guess it is overkill, but I think that's what has been making it work. The anti -scheme capabilities aren't just market pickup. You're making it difficult for them to score hold up forces (you can really isolate archie and the rider, claim jump, vendetta (you only have a couple of models they can target), and claim jump (you can always put someone there). With that many models and reactivate you can be slowing them down on their side of the board as well. I'm thinking about shifting it around and trying Phillip and the Nanny when I get the nightmare crew (c'mon - ship already)!
  22. I'll let you all know when I get my order or confirmation of shipment! I made it on 8/1 right after the store came online. The order had both Euripides and the Neverborn book. According to checkout it wouldn't even have started processing until the 12th but that would be a full business week tomorrow. So, it's safe to say they are behind schedule - we'll see how much!
  23. @Trample, awesome! The only thing I wonder is if it is overkill on schemes? Even with two crooligans + molly, I find I dominate most scheme marker schemes to the point that my opponents always take non-scheme-marker schemes. Are you experiencing that a bit, or are you finding the redundancy useful for your models?
  24. Well, I suppose I should provide the reasoning for my disagreement! Overall opinion: Viktoria survives. Reasoning. Damage is an effect - "The most common effect of an Action is damage" (page 23 of the digital rules). You can't interrupt an effect to resolve another effect: "Sometimes, an effect will create additional effects as it resolves... in these cases, fully resolve the initial effect before moving onto any additional effect." (page 34) Therefore, even if you resolve Black Blood at step five of Viktoria's damage and you create a new damage effect, you still have to finish resolving the current damage effect before moving on to Black Blood's damage effect. There's also some 'after' shenanigans that you can bring up (since page 34 has some stuff relevant to anything that says "after"), but in any interpretation, if you apply the "Black Blood damage effect happens after Viktoria's damage effect is fully resolved" reasoning, Viktoria will survive.
  25. I'm resurrecting this thread a bit, but hey, that's what we do, right? I've moved into a pretty standard list with Molly that I'm using in all non-reckoning strategies and I don't have something very specific to counter. It's been working pretty well for me in the last several games. The list is Molly, Necrotic Machine, Dead Rider, Archie, 3x Crooligans, and 3x Night Terrors. If dig graves is in the pool I'll swap a night terror for a restless spirit. The general idea behind the list is to put so much pressure on your opponent from a scheme and strategy standpoint that they are unable to put together enough actions to score the schemes they need to score to win the game. As was referenced in the Molly podcast on Third Floor Wars above, Molly is great for getting ahead of the curve on strategy. She can easily put down 4 plant explosives markers on turn 1 (I did so in tournament games both this weekend and last); it's easy for her to out-activate folks in turn one (I have 10 models and Molly is usually reactivating 2 night terrors in turn one) so she'll usually have the idol marker on the opponent's side of the board; and similarly it's fairly easy to have 3 turf markers flipped for you turn one and have the bulk of your forces on the opponents side of the table. It's not very difficult to find a couple of schemes in any pool that you can almost guarantee scoring on turn two. This crew does detonate (Molly can score this on her own), breakthrough, harness, search, dig (molly often drops the marker with her attack and finishes the job with a follow -up), hold up their forces, outflank, and power ritual (in flank and corner only). If you can find two of these you have enough actions and mobility in this crew to score the first point for all of those on turn two. I've been able to finish turn 2 with 3 points in the last 6 Molly games I've played. At the same time you have a lot of anti-scheme capability. Crooligans and Molly can both frustrate opponents with their ability to prevent marker-based schemes. Crooligans can pick up two markers per turn and Molly up to three. Molly's is obviously trigger dependent and Crooligans are limited on one of their two methods. I've been working to prevent my opponents from keeping any markers on the table. The result has been that the opponent, in most cases, has to devote so many more actions to completing marker based schemes that they fall behind in their goals and run out of actions to accomplish what they intended. This, along with scoring 3 points in turn two, tends to put opponents in catch-up mode, break from their plan. and begin to make mistakes. Molly is the tricky one to use here I think, since she can do so much. She tries to reactivate two models in turn one, but in turn two she'll be responsible for detonate or dig if needed. Her card draw usually helps you make sure you can hit triggers when you need them. If she can activate models again in turns 2+ she will because I do start to lose models with the squishyness of Cooligans and Night Terrors. Archie and the Rider do their best to help keep the opponent model count down. Opponents will regularly focus too much on Archie, who likes to leap around and kill scheme runners to further frustrate their attempts to score. It's been a really strong list for me lately, so I thought I would share.
  26. Played 3 Daschel games mostly using the lists above. Third game I switched out the investigator and lawyer for a mounted guard and a rifleman. 2 wins and a close loss to zoraida. Not sure if I enjoy Daschel, but will probably need to mess with it more. Pale rider killed at least 11, which is pretty bananas.
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