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  2. I really like Vickys. I liked them in M2E and I like them now
  3. I am sorry, but I have to agree with you jajaja I haven't played so much this edition, but I really love the Misaki's Rework. So that my vote. Sadly, never tried Shenlong, Youko and Asami because I haven't got them
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  5. I don't see the problems everyone else is seeing with Reva. After the changes, she's moved into one of my top tier masters pretty solidly to the point where she is always in consideration to get picked. I've won the last 11 out of 12 games with her. My loss was because I was completely taken off guard by Mah Tucket and lost Reva too early. Vincent - This guy is solid overall, his ability to create pyre markers isn't the best ability but can be a niche use of an action thats needed if your opponent has a way of actively denying pyre markers. I use him interchangeably with Anna depending on the need of the game. Anna can blow up corpse candles while letting them get free movement and gives card draw. Still, he's not the worst henchman and has some thematic uses and is an amazing anti summoner tech piece. Corpse Candles - don't need extra movement, mv 4 isn't great but they are fine. T1, they can push each other an extra 3 inches and they shouldn't be on the board too long. I eat my own corpse candles for focus or reva healing or for double pyre marker placement and then resummon them. Lampads - These are better now that they have a purpose. They are essentially burning batteries for Reva. They don't take damage from burning and can stack it up really easily with all of their abilities so she will always have her + flips which is critical for her Df 5. Also, losing the requirement to pitch a card for the corpse candle summoning makes these guys more viable. Making them incorporeal is an awful idea because then they can't be affected by the pyre markers to pick up the burning. If anything, they should have a way to use the burning like Drauger do. Drauger - These guys are my main complaint, I just don't see a need for them. They are extremely squishy and don't hold up long enough for me. Shieldbearers - MVPs by far. Run two of these and you'll never be sorry. They provide movement/counter movement shenanigans, they are hard to put down, they can gain shielded to allow reva to attack through them, they can defend your important models with take the hit and their attack can be surprisingly gross. Wanyudo - If you aren't running him in your games, you're missing out. His Movement gives the crew a quick scheme runner or counter scheme runner. Mourners - Haven't found a real use for them and don't think I will. More Red Chapel than anything else. Asura Roten - Amazing in the correct pools but just don't rely on her to score all your points. Once your opponent recognizes her value, she'll die quick.
  6. Some suggestions- smaller tables. Smaller crews, smaller hand. Larger deployment. Only can cheat on your activation. Large areas of hazardous terrain on every table. Change scoring mechanism. Longer round times. All can work but they would all change the game in different ways. If you go into a game with the mind set of its a 3 turn game, then you probably will only get 3 turns. So it might be a de facto 3/4 turn game for you, but it not for me Or a lot of other people. I have had more games have important turn 5 than have been irrelevant. It doesn't seem to be that way for everyone. If your group want to play 4 turn games, you're welcome to, and you can consider ways to change the game to suit the way you play. Henchmen hard-core was originally created as a short 20 minute game to play while the final scores were being worked out ( before there were henchmen in the game if I remember correctly, so hard-core). It's now a common format around the world for people that want to play shorter games.
  7. Top table in my 1st m3e tourney, if it ended at round 3 I would have lost 4-0, however I was fortunately playing a 5 round game so went on to win 5-4 and take the top spot
  8. what if, and bear with me here, instead of rebalancing the entire game you just... resigned? You know, if the result is already a foregone conclusion. Like, go watch a professional match of any game from Starcraft II to Go, the vast majority are won by resignation
  9. I think they should put the variable end back in for those of us with time, so can go to round 6, 7 or even 8 😂
  10. The problem is, it's not a problem everywhere. Lots of metas don't finish games. Lots do. You can't punish those able to play in the time limit by screwing the game balance. I get the need to try and fix it for everyone but the better solution would be for metas to understand their playing times and adjust the tournament times accordingly.
  11. I would have to say Youko.... but that's because I'm a jerk, apparently.
  12. Except its not a defacto short game. Most people I know have no problem finishing 5 turns. In approx 30 tourney games in m3e I have failed to finish 1 two hour game down to opponents slow play. Have played in varied lengths from 2 hours to 2.5 and not every game is a tabling, some are very tactical (penultimate round table 2 at nationals for me for example) but we still get finished in no problems. If you want a 3 round game maybe play shadespire? Or create some alternate rules for your local meta. The problem is, if you aim for 3 turns you will probably never have the incentive to speed up and subconsciously always play for 3 turns which results in never finishing games. Perhaps go into a tourney with 2.5 hour rounds expecting and playing for 5 rounds, you might surprise yourself
  13. So what Thunder masters, do you have the most fun with - and why?
  14. There are a couple of good videos here if you want to check them out, these are from one section of our larger gaming group. The videos and games are played, recorded and edited to show off the game and keep rules etc. clear. Worth the watch (there are multiple games systems on this channel but a good handful of Malifaux videos) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1kSE9HTVVJf7SfoIovfaLw/videos As for reading the rulebook, honestly I would read it just to get that top level understanding of what is going on. Hope that helps
  15. Speaking of Gunsmith, it's also possible to have impossible Target Numbers, due to the Standardization. Perdita can hit out to the max 20" with Target Practice (with a Red Joker), but Gunsmiths can't. Yet their ability still has a 20" range. Because it's easier to have abilities of the same name, "Oh, Target Practice? I know what that does.", than to have slight differences, especially if those differences are profound. I remember seeing this in M2E, where I'm told an ability is "like" another ability, and then the differences end up mattering in a significant way. There's also the possibility that it's future proofing. Using the OP's example model, Titania at some point might get an Autumn Knight Henchman (go full Arthurian Green Knight), that gives Autumn Knights a Ram to all duels if within X". Or a new Neverborn Upgrade might grant Attuned (can use SS). Plenty of possibilities that might permit it to go beyond the limit, that would require errata of the Autumn Knights if they weren't written this way.
  16. A model is never considered to be in base contact with itself (page 13) So you can't place yourself in base contact with yourself.
  17. Take the Hit: After an enemy model targets a friendly model within a2 with an Attack Action, this model may discard a card to place itself into base contact with the friendly model and become the new target of the Attack Action (ignoring range, LoS, and targeting restrictions). A model is friendly to herself. The model is affected by her own Aura. Does it mean that a model with "Take the Hit" can discard a card to be placed in BtB to herself?
  18. Thanks for your input. I know, but maybe because it's artifical device? I have to say that I find the current mechanic of the soulstones a bit undervelming. I would allow my players to sell it. It just will bring them a ton of trouble if they make a new one, because if someone shells out that amount of scrip, they will be quite pissed if the thing stops working. I agree that i'd like the thing to be quite powerful as a Step 10 benefit.
  19. Thanks for the suggestion and praise. I really like the pink in your bases and the sword on Silent Knight, very cool!
  20. thanks for the vid. did explain some things. now the hole, howto get ready for a game, building crew, missions and so on is proberly the nextthing i should research.
  21. We take another trip down memory lane with the latest episode of Chronicles. Here, we are introduced to Zoraida and an unusual card game. Episode 5: http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/chronicles-5/
  22. I wrote this introduction series for new players that might help: But on a more basic level, I'd learn: How basic movement works (push, walk, charge). Just take a model and move it around the table. How basic combat works. Take a model and attack another model, figuring out the flips for each. How the 'interact' action works with scheme markers and strategy markers. Once you learn those three things, everything else in the game falls into place.
  23. I think this is what you're looking for:
  24. I don't know of any on line How to Play videos for 3rd. There are several video battle reports out there for 3rd ed that you could watch, and they may well be helpful, but they typically assume a basic understanding of the rules. (Try looking in the battle reports section of the forum for a few of these, I rarely get time to watch online videos so I'm not sure which ones would be most helpful). For what its worth the general game play hasn't changed all that much across editions. So watching some of those older edition how to play ones might help with the basic concepts of Duels and cheating because that sort of thing has largely remained the same across all editions. (Which is also the stuff that probably isn't covered in details in a normal battle report).
  25. Oof I tried.. got a couple of Katashiro done.. I'll put em up soon.. but yeah gonna have to claim first mulligan.. This month has been a weird whirlwind of trying to figure out social media and trying to get my stuff out there.. it's very exhausting and time consuming and I'm sadly not sure it's working... ANYWAY! Some amazing paint jobs as always from the people managing to stay at it! Super impressive.
  26. Hi New player to malifaux. Bought a kaeris crew back in late 2e. But My club wanted to wait for 3e. So newer played the game. I can take the long road of reading the entire rulebook. And then Hope i understand what is going on. However that is a big if. I was hoping that there was a good and easy video online with. This is how you play this game. Not by reading all the rules, but more like a demo game. I can not find it However. There is alot of it to 2nd ed. But would much rather play the New ed. Not a single malifaux player in town. But a good portion off ppl that is willing to learn it. Sitting here hoping against Hope, someone can get me startet to learn this game. I am 36 years old, played 40k and infinity for many years
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