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  2. For reference, here’s an Infinity mini. The armour, weapons and head were all contrast, but the catsuit didn’t work out so well. The black is hard to work with and ended up looking like a base coat. So it was just painted normally.
  3. I think I agree with @4thstringer Intimidating Authority mentions "after being targeted" because I don't think there is a better wording for it to work inbetween "Choose a Target" and "Perform Duel". The Perform Duel step has a special substep "Modify Duel with abilities" which is exactly what Intimidating Authority is.
  4. @muraki They are definitely a ‘where appropriate’ paint. For instance, I won’t use this for fire effects on Banasuva and Kandara as it does the opposite of fire. I also used it on a couple Tohaa minis for Infinity, and found it was fantastic for picking out the details on such fiddly little models. Kudra’s up next, followed by Metal Gamin. Got a plan for the little guys.
  5. @Kyle: Thanks Kyle, I look forward to it!
  6. Yes, they will. We should have some more information on promotional items in the near future.
  7. Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this question: Will LGS Promotions return? I can't see a link on the main Wyrd site. They were put on the back burner until (if memory serves) Quarter 1 of 2018. Now, I don't begrudge Wyrd staff some time to catch their breath; TOS & M3E have been a huge time commitment for all concerned. I just like to support my LGS when I can, and if I can grab a freebie or two, then even better! @Kimberly, any news? Caedrus.
  8. I would still say that the rules text I've quoted would apply. Just because you resolve the trigger after the rest of the action is complete, it doesn't stop the trigger being part of the action, and so still subject to the action modifiers. The declaration of the trigger occurs during the action, and whilst you may resolve the trigger effects outside of the action, it is still subject to effects that applied to the action, as stated in the action triggers section.
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  10. How about: AFTER SUCCEEDING These Triggers happen after the Action is complete, but only if the model declaring the Trigger was successful in the duel and is still in play. If the Trigger has a target and that target is no longer in play, the Trigger has no effect. If a Trigger does not list a timing, it is treated as an After succeeding Trigger. Ricochet is resolved "after the Action is complete" so my understanding is that isn't part of an action? Other way for Hard Throw (R: Hard Throw - When resolving, the target suffers 1/3/5 damage.), it modifies the action effect so there are no doubts it's modified by Accuracy Fate Modifiers.
  11. Just a big question. Somer seems to be a summonint master. What do I need if I want to have a few good picks for his crew.
  12. Yeah, that never happens. Reliquaries weren't getting used at all because people were taking Gokudo, and Gokudo kept getting buffed to keep them alive long enough to function. They're still not getting used according to their design niche (to provide a means of returning Ancestors to the board without removing one of your other models). And now that they've been constantly buffed they're oppressive and are worth more than their SS. I complained about this in every one of my BatReps with YL.
  13. So far somer seems very strong. He seems to have multiple Playstyles from something akin to a combo to something very controlling and attrition based. I think he's one of our best masters. Just waiting on the models!
  14. This is part of why I posted it on here, because of my uncertainty. While it labels the timing as after targeting, it is a modify the duel ability, which the active player goes first for. And the modify the duel stage is directly after the targeting so I am assuming that is what they mean. But you might be right.
  15. Assuming we're talking M3, The latest Beta rules say (page 12) Action Triggers are tied to specific Actions and can only be used with that Action. They are found below an Action’s effect and are subject to all game effects that affect the Action (such as Incorporeal or + flips to damage). The accuracy fate modifier for damage flips is a game effect that will affect that action, as is Focus. So I think both will apply to the Ricochet trigger
  16. I was mid answer, and then realised From the Shadows has changed wording so you can interact turn 1 sometimes with the crooligans. Still, it looks like your list will struggle to score Vendetta points whilst putting a fairly large target on Archie to concede those points. It may well be that you have picked one of the stronger crews, but if it does become a common crew, the meta will try and adjust to it. I'm also not sure how hard card discarding is going to be with a smaller hand, use of by your side, constructive critism and Flurry is 3 of your 4 cards even assuming you manage to hit all the TNs from actions. Lastly, looking at you list almost the problem I see with it is everything really wants to go late in the turn. The Crooligans can go early, but then they probably aren't dropping explosives if they do ( Certainly not turn 1, and possibly not turn 2), Archie wants to make sure he can hit something, which is often an early activation,. but that then leaves him potentially vulnerable to the whole crew picking on him before he can retaliate, and Philip And The Nanny will lose manipulative once they go, which would worry me when they are the Assasinate target. (although they replace it with boring conversation I suppose). This may well be a similar problem with a lot of lists, so it might balance out, but the Forgotten lists put extra pressure on your own hand, which is much more finite. I agree that there are some crews that will struggle to score points on turn 1. Assuming that you get to the end of 5 turns I think several of those crews could still score 8 points against you. You will struggle to score 8 points with this list unless they have a 10ss model, or something that the Crooligans can get vendetta on. I believe every faction can move 7" and drop an explosive if they want on turn 1. I would be surprised if there was a keyword that couldn't do it without having to pay out of keyword costs (they might need a versatile rather than a key word). Sure, you need to build the list to be able to do this, but I don't see that as a downside.
  17. 1. Is the damage from trigger with variable profile (for example Ricochet trigger) affected by Accuracy Fate Modifiers? 2. Is the damage from trigger with variable profile (for example Ricochet trigger) affected by Focus? Ricochet: Choose another model within 3" of the target. That model suffers 1/2/4 damage, which cannot be Cheated. Accuracy Fate Modifiers: Accuracy Fate Modifiers occur when there is a variable flip (often a damage flip) as the result of an opposed duel. Focus: Before flipping in an opposed duel, this model may lower the value of this Condition by one to receive a + to the duel (and any resulting damage flip this model makes).
  18. It’s mostly a problem with Manos’ reliquary I feel. But Yan Lo’s crew is likely one of the ones that will need errata down at some point.
  19. Hi, I've tested Rhino 2 times and seems absurdly broken. In both occasions my opponent and me feel that was an extremely strong unit for only 3$. Last time he received the shoot of 5 King Empire Fire teams, and when at last 1 of them was able to damage it, I've only needed to remove a Shaken token to preventing the damage received. Then the Rhino reached them, used the Fire Nova, and 9 enemy models was removed. Yes, Rhyno could die, but it's very hard for his cost. His Fire Nova is absurdly efficient because is an action that could not be resisted. Initially we though about a more suicidal, but is true that this could make them too similar to the Breachling. Some quick options I've thought are: - Reduce the range of Frost Nova / Cinnamon to 3". - Or make it more vulnerable to , may be to increase the damage flips of it in 1. - Or make it more unstable/immolated. At the end of the activation flip a card, that could not be cheated, if is a if gains 1 Shaken token, If have 3 shaken tokens he explodes. In any case the Rhino need some changes. Is too strong for his cost. Regards,
  20. Hi guys, Yesterday, I had a game with this awesome keyword, playing a plant explosives strategy against Basse. For some time now, my friend and I have noticed that Yan lo's crew has become the : "not worth trying to hit most of them" crew. I'll explain : Turn 1, Chiaki has Manos and a Gokudo in 4". She just gives Manos uprade to the Gokudo. Now we have a Gokudo, Mv7, most of its stat 5, to everything, that has H2K, demise Eternal, Regen +2. This little fellow just focus once on turn one (in addition to Risky Maneuver) and therefore will draw us a card whenever we cheat for anything. He can disengage and still Interact, he almost can't die... He also has a 17" threatening range, with 2/3/4 staggered attack with to hit and to damage. I never had that kind of experience with any model in Malifaux. Now we have a Manos, that can go everywhere on the table, not carrying about dying, because he can't really be killed. => So the opponent has 2 impossible to kill scheme runners, that can disengage themselves with ease I've found that Chiaki's trigger Split the Soul was a very elegant way to make Reliquaries usefull, but I think, in the end, it's over the top. Also, playing with all of Yan Lo's upgrades, in addition to all the reliquaries upgrades + standard upgrades + McCabe or Shenlong... Let me that bitter taste, using 12+ upgrades to deal with all over the table. Reliquaries shouldn't do anything, but allow a model to come back to the table, so Chiaki would be good, but not mandatory.
  21. My leader has chatty and manipulative, so rounds out the crew nicely! And a ranged slow. I guess it makes sense to incentivise fast play, but it just feels like surely some keywords are not viable? As for using obey on the crooligans, that might be tricky unless the enemy is hyper mobile. They generally stay behind terrain focusing until they are ready to teleport. It just seems like some crews will struggle to move ~7 inches and drop an explosive, and it feels ridiculous that my crew can move ~24 inches and drop an explosive, or ~13 inches and drop three, or move 13, attack 4+ times and drop a marker. In 50SS that's not a big deal, but in HH it is just too efficient.
  22. Does anyone know how Som'er Teeth Jones is performing?
  23. Regardless of how strong crews are, some aren't any fun to play against when you're a beginner (or when you've been playing for years Raspy). If you started someone in 2e with a Viks blender experience, a Nicodem horde or a Hamelin snoozefest they would come away with a pretty poor opinion of the game unless you were jobbing hard, and that's no fun for anyone. I think you should avoid Zoraida/Lucius/Dreamer because of summoning and BS. I'd lean towards Titania/Nekima/Euripides because they're pretty in your face (barring Thoon cheese) and just try not to alpha strike them.
  24. I've not played it for the last few months of beta evalution, so my tactics are no longer correct, but I would strongly consider for your First Activation each turn using up as many rats as you need to to use up all those pass tokens your opponent has. Rats are easy enough to kill that you are in danger of being out activated if they are left in activated. You can use Hamlin later to let the rats turn into Kings and so forth if the opportunity arises. They then make a tough choice for your opponent, do they kill them which will just give you cards, or ignore them and leave you access to that resource. Its probably best you don't try and use him how you would in the last edition, and if possible forget that entirely because that probably doesn't work anymore.
  25. I could probably field any keyword against a new player and put things in the list that feel "unfair" to someone not expecting it. ( In previous editions, I've sometimes done something similar to players when they knew my master and played it themselves and still surprised them with some possibilities). So I would agree with the others that what matters more is your playstyle, rather than the keyword you chose. I like the suggestion to field multiple of the same model, I often recommend it for learning the game, but don't think of recommending it for your crew when teaching. I've always felt (and don't think the new edition has changed) that the difference between player skill is much more than the difference between crew in terms of power level, so if you are a better player, you are likely to win regardless of the keyword you chose if you play the strongest crew you can build (for you) and try and win. So if you build a dreamer crew, and focus heavily on Lucid dreams then byteh end of the game it will probably feel oppressive for your opponent (because they didn't know at the start they need to pressure you early before the advantage), but a dreamer crew using non lucid dream models would feel very different. (Although if you push it hard, you will still make it seem "overpowered". All crews are "Overpowered" in their own way, and you skill as a player is to make your form of overpowered be more important than your opponents to win.
  26. Specky


    With the large arachnids (Megarachnids) think they are fantastic. If you go with them early and gobble a scheme marker/ scrap marker having positives on defense is great not just on the offensive. I think you are more likely to get a scrap marker gobbled rather than rely on a scheme marker. For this reason I like them in Mei. You can go down a path for Toni too using either the Union Miner to make a couple scheme markers or the steamfitter. People rag on the steamfitter a bit but I think he's fine. You can charge a construct to heal which is a neat trick.
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