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  2. Like retnab says, it is not a pulse along the entire route. Pulses (and auras) just affect where you’re currently standing.
  3. I´ve found that I have noct much script left after 2 Titans, and to be honest, I don`t think that Mehal Safari are really better than our units in that price range. If I´m looking for close combat support I´m okay with Dragoons, Borderers or a Steel Legion (against everyone except Cult that is ). Adding ever more close combat hampers our ability to shoot at important stuff, although I agree that it seems really important to have some melee buffer in any list as shooting get`s quite bad quite fast on a board with normal terrain density. Other unit I´ve used besides the Mechanized Infantry and Steel Legion are the Basothos, just as a filler. They are quite fast but otherwise rather unimpressive, and suffer from the same "no adjuncts for big models" problem our Dragoons do, but they are fast and can tie things up for a turn or two.
  4. So played agsinst a double Electrocutioner force and they were pretty unmaneagable. First of I will state I had Infiltrators and Field intelligence Corps, and the more I play, the more I'm convinced it's a "take one or the other" situation due to how horrible they are defensively and both are focused on disruption. So thing is, once in glory, they cover huge ground with their pulse and teleport. Due to the core rules, when one fireteam places, they all join the party so covering more than 36" is easy for them and due to Abyssinia's card draw, they have very good odds at being able to get all 3 teleports even if they need an 8+ and they are also pumping out damage that ignores defense while doing it (though they at least have the decency to not be able to cheat the penetration flip). So they leapfrog through half the table wrecking field intelligence corps and royal corps as well as putting some damage on the King's Hand and finish engaging my Rifle Corps that are not in glory. So not the best of situations. So how have others dealt with this and what do they hire to keep it under control?
  5. Whelp, had a game against Abyssinia and I used pure King's Empire with Margaret and Charles and after seeing my opponent constantly drawing and having q good stock of Tactic tokens while I bqrely had any cards or tokens, it's become crystal clear that Kassa is a MUST if you expect any true results with King's Empire since our ability to generate resources is meh and our stuff in general is kind of fragile. Having accepted this, I've also accepted adding Abyssinia units into the mix. Mechanized Infantry are a no brainer since it lets Kassa get full Ta between that and the King's Hand as well as being a solid unit which brings a LOT of card draw. More interesting are on one hand Mehal Seffari. This is the unit I'm not really that sure on, bu theory dictates that having a unit that can be engaged and deal the pain will be huge. Last game some Electrocutioners went into glory and then proceeded to teleport 3 times doing pulses which meant one of my units of Royal Rifle Corps were engaged, hurt and doing a whole lot of nothing shooting in melee and not being in Glory (had no Ta at that point in the turn). Their Protect trigger is also amazing and we can garuantee it with the radio Transmitter. It also means we add another Engineer so more card draw. Finally, the Crow Runners can be interesting as a summon unit instead of the South Wales Borderers using Behind Enemy Lines. The later is much better at living, but Crow Runners can do much better objective work so csn conditionally be a true game changer. Anybody that has played around with other Abyssinia units?
  6. You resolve the effects in order, so you push and then anything within 2 gains Poison +1
  7. Hi, My question regarding the Driving While a Drink ability of a Whiskey Gamin is which area is considered affected by the "within 2" ". Is it 2" along the Push route, so from the start to the end of the Push? Thanks
  8. Today
  9. Malifaux tournament in Saint-Petersburg Date- 05.05.19 Location - D6, Smolenskaya str. 1 50 points Using "Gaining ground" reglament Planned 3 rounds. Starting at 11.00.
  10. Dead Outlaw or student of conflict works. Dead Outlaw also has Run & Gun for a bit of shooting that is nice to have. Depends on schemes & strat of course.
  11. How are you getting Fast on Aionus? Timeslip seems like a difficult path to that (Tara and Aionus up close, and a moderate Crow). Are there any other ways to get Fast easily?
  12. "would be moved" =/= "would move". Also, it may choose not to. Since it's controller by the obeyer, he can decide he's not using Laugh Off. The model is not moved during an enemy model's activation or from an enemy model's effect. It takes a Walk action himself.
  13. Is it possible to clarify the first passage of Laugh Off: If this model would be moved during an enemy model's Activation or from an enemy model's effect, it may choose not to. Literally it might be understood as any movement during enemy model's Activation.
  14. 1. Yes, Laugh Off doesn't work against obey 2. Yes, you can but it suffers -2Mv Obey doesn't move a model. It makes the model move itself.
  15. 1. If I Obey a model with Laugh Off to make her make a Walk or Charge Action, can it use Laugh Off to cancel the movement? Or does it need Unyielding to cancel Actions? 2. If a friendly model is Staggered, can I move it with Obey? E.g. make her make a Walk Action.
  16. Apparently Hoff invented Perpetuum Mobile and moved it a step forward :P
  17. trikk

    Place = Move?

    Yes. RB. page 14
  18. Ming

    Place = Move?

    Does Place count as Move for game effects?
  19. It's Popcorn Turner for 8ss! I have a new phone, which has a fairly decent camera... but as you can see I haven't figured out how to use it well yet. Which is OK because he isn't amazingly painted, just gaming standard. I like the idea, the model, just painting him was.. uninspiring. But he's done. Hopefully less potato-like photos from now on😂😂
  20. Which beta? I played the whole open beta and she is a nightmare to kill for most crews. They'll just end up ignoring her most of the time and accept you get distracted/placed/buried each turn.
  21. I disagree with the summons. In every game I've played the models Tara summon will have plenty of options to unbury next to an enemy model, that is IF Aionus doesn't feel he needs to unbury them away from others, to get behind the enemy for schemes etc. (Getting behind the enemy crew has never been easier!) This means that your summons are NOT tied to wherever Tara is summoning them, unlike most summoners. If your summoner is on the far left and you need a model on the far right, tough luck for you. But with Tara your summons can appear all over the board regardless of her own positioning which is a GREAT advantage. Against all other summoners you know where the summons will appear, which is close to the summoner. Enemy models with Fast are not hard to come by and on top of that, you have a Mv 6 Aionus (who is often made Fast himself), to unbury with pass tokens. I'm not saying Tara needs a rework (well maybe her 6" teleport could need a little something) but her summon is fine. It's more versatile than people seem to think, but the free pass tokens is just silly.
  22. Hi everybody! We will be glad to see you in our club "Igrotey" 20 April at TOURNAMENT. Orenburg, Kirova 3a. 35 SS per Team 3 rounds, start at 16.00 P.M., 2 hours per round contact me via vk: https://vk.com/misterha
  23. Hello everyone! Demo games will start in "Igrotey" (Kirova 3a in Orenburg, Russia): - each Sunday from 14:00 till 22:00 - each Tuesday from 10:00 till 22:00 - each Thursday from 10:00 till 22:00 contact me via vk: https://vk.com/misterha Aleksandr
  24. Give more mobile wallpapers like that! Reva, Kirai, Molly!
  25. Ah, right, thank you. He does sound very useful. Does he have a model currently?
  26. Love it, waiting on the release, don't know why, she will be my.... 5th version of Colette, but who cares, the soul of Malifaux for me.
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