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  2. Out of the four strats, i rank them all like this (In order to play Pandy or not) : 1. Corrupted Idols, Pandy can take control of the map quite well with everyone is going to the same direction, with aversion and lyssa both can push enemies to where you want. 2. Turf War, Pandy also likes to play in turf, especially with all the incorporeal models, you can get to the strat quite easily (at least 3 strat), again with aversion and lyssa 3. Reckoning, this is always 50-50. May the odds be in your favor, i personally bring hooded rider for this 4. Plant Explosives, worse case scenario if you get this strat since Pandy and Candy both don't have engagement range.. the enemy can easily destroy your bomb even with you standing on top of it. The other models are too squishy to plant explosives Pandora is quite good as it is right now, opportunist is insanely good and the new misery works quite well. WOE overall are pretty good too, aversion, candy and lyssa are the best, iggy and carver are situational, sorrow and kade are bad IMO, the problem with WOE are their low defense mechanism and low HP overall, Ruthless pretty much wreck Pandy's crew
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  4. I hadn't noticed that, thanks! Two Flaming Breath's a turn sounds like fun
  5. No. Seriously. You take one of the actions on an asset attached to Horomatongi. According to the Errata (5th from the bottom), actions generated by triggers ignore the once per activation or turn restriction in rules like Versatile. So Horomatongi would be able to use either of the Tide Caller actions (or any other versatile action on its cards) whether they’d been taken previously or not.
  6. Good show guys! Giving the grey a good beating I hit a motivational wall but in the past few days I powered through my pledge for this month. To cut the whining short, suffice to say all said 'n done it looks neat enough for my purposes despite the bumpy road along the way. I'm guessing black looks a bit out of whack because my camera can't handle black on white background so well. If late pledges are ok I'll sign up Manos the Risen (9 stones) for the final full week. He's been based and primed since this pic:
  7. I agree. First time using Ryle yesterday and it was sick. He alone scored all my reckoning points.
  8. No, it has to be an asset that he has access to, so either the action on Tide Caller that he didn't use as his Versatile or Relics of Ancient Malifaux's Healing Magic.
  9. In my experience problem with Somer is he requires you to flood the board with models to get the buffs so your models are decent, but doesn't have the tools to both flood the board and get your usable summons out.
  10. Wide jaw and thick cheek bones, yes, that is the Colette we all know and love.
  11. @wobbly_goggy - nice paintjob. You could try taking pics using some kind of background, even a piece of paper. The way it is now, the mini kind of blends with what's in the back. @Athiko - Great work all around. I really like what you did with Carrion Effigy, the Osl adds a nice vibrant touch there. The Exorcists look very nice too, lovely blending on the cloaks though I'd add some dirt to the bottom there. @Purple Mist - that definitely looks intriguing. The thing about colorshift paints is that taking pics of minis painted with them is really hard as they work well when you rotate the mini and look at it from different angles. @Franchute - love the armor color, very nice, smooth highlights there and the weathering looks top notch too. The "dirty" metallics also work very well here. @Boomstick - nice productivity and some really epic conversions going on there @Polar43 - nice work on the gamin and I really like the way you've arranged terrain on such a small base. I also really like the vibrant skin tone you're using for your Gremlins. @Diddick - one again I have to admit that you're making these bright colors work really well on these minis. Two Myrandas bring me to 16 ss more this month, a total of 50 ss for April, more may come As always, more ppics on my blog: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2019/04/myranda-warning.html
  12. Personally having played against and with pandy throughout the open, I think shes really fun, and in the right strats is a right nuissance to deal with. Stood just outside and behind some sorrows or candy etc, she's great at control and can put out some hurt. I think that she may be more situational than she was before but I like her a lot. Not an expert though so may not be good enough for some of the nuances to affect me in game
  13. @Mad Mojo I very much disagree that Pandora is bad. Pandora can have: dark Thoughts, crushed ego, mass hysteria and tentacle push build in if you bring a changeling along and chuck a mask. Self loathing needed to be changed, the amount of abuse and broken interactions was insane. I don't agree with the reduction to Stat 6 and think it could be brought back to 7, but the action was completely broken. A beater with 2" reach isn't that common and you need to be in b2b contact or you can't hit again. If you feel she's too squishy you could give her butterfly jump. Suddenly you're 5" away.
  14. I'm not sold on it being busted. It's taking stones and marlena (who is also taking damage). Killing Marlena first is relatively easy (8 wound enforcer with armor 1). It is a 17 stone combo that takes more stones to prevent damage. Focused attacks can really help. I play against Neverborn a lot and Rusty really does fear a Nekima with a couple of focus stacked (or any beater master). Marlena also has a range on her ability. Displacing is very helpful. I think it's one of those set ups that you can't just smash yourself into and hope for the best. Don't just charge Rusty, dismantle the support. I don't think that one tournament is sufficient evidence to call the amalgam crew (specifically Rusty) OP. Especially this early in 3e when people are adjusting. Hodgepodge emissary is great and I take it a lot in amalgam. It makes me want to get one of the avatars to proxy it. I'm not overly fond of the sculpt. Edit: Just had this thought. You can also charge a beater with a 40 mm base or bigger (like Nekima) between Marlena and Rusty to stop the aura.
  15. Self loathing could not have stayed in the state it was. It was a game breaking action. Also, what hate have the woes even been getting? They've stayed incredinly constant for the entirety of the beta. The only changes any of them aside from Pandora and Carver got where all related to how misery works, which is now strictly the best version of any of the beta versions. So where are you seeing this hate for the keyword?
  16. Mighty Willpower (on Horomatangi) says “take an Action printed on this card” for the main effect, but it has a “Take an Action printed on an Asset” trigger. Since it does not specify who’s asset card, does that mean he can use the asset card from anyone in play in the game? For example, if he is against Abyssinia, and Flare Gun is in play, can he use Zeppelin Bombardment if he gets the action off, with the trigger and discard a card?
  17. One of the design goals of the new edition was to limit shelf sitters not create new ones.
  18. retnab

    2/14 Pandora

    You're also comparing Woe to the wrong Keyword IMO. The closer comparison point in Arcanists to Woe's control playstyle would be December, who I'd argue the Woe compare to fairly evenly.
  19. So i've played going on 12 games with Ulix between closed and open beta. Here's my breakdown: 1. Whisperers are good. Bring at least 1. 2. Slops are meh. Maybe bring 1. 3. Mecha Porkchop cranks your pigs to 11. 4. The sow is very meh. 5. Zoraida brings card draw you really want, alternative would be BBB 6. Warpigs are guided missles. Don't expect them to live. 7. Turning enemy scheme markers into Piglets is very strong. 8. Old Major is solid enough, but he's not essential. 9. Play 2 Swine Cursed and a Porkchop with Zoraida or Brin. Go ahead. Then Come back and comment. I'll wait
  20. While I do think you're right, and a common sense reading of the text makes it clear it's how it's supposed to be interpreted... The text is a rules lawyer's dream. "Chain Activations: Some effects can cause models to Activate after another model. If a model would Activate this way, immediately go back to the start of Step C. Players may not Activate more than two models in a row this way, unless they are Activated by the same effect." First argument, it's only one model. Second argument, it's the same effect. Yes, I know that's an uncharitable reading of the clauses, but I know gamers that would argue either, or both clauses. Thankfully they're not part of the local Malifaux community.
  21. And yet the Colette players are singing the same tune. Not as good as the beta. Why do the devs hate Colette. And so on. You certainly might have some valid concerns. Pandora is #3 of my masters and I can see some of where you are coming from. But Pandora had legitimate issues that needed fixing. I’m also not saying their fixes were the best way to go about it, but let’s not pretend Pandora was perfect as she was.
  22. The restrictions imposed by the Chain Activation rule prevent the Rider from reactivating itself multiple times in a turn.
  23. Yesterday
  24. I posted this back in Feb and got blasted with 5 comments to the post. I still stand behind what I posted. I just had the chance to see Colette's new card and had to shake my head. Colette is amazing... and looking hard again at Pandora, she still, sadly, is not. Colette has a built in Def trigger to reduce damage by 2 AND bury. You get one swing. Make it count. If you can, because her other Def tech is a to attack actions. Good luck with even hitting her before she blinks out. Additionally, her Showstopper unbury is insane and coupled with the Illusionist ability... you get the point. That's just the front of the card. Oh, did I mention her primary attack is stat 7? It also hands out BOTH stunned and distracted and can trigger for discard or damage. Killer. ...and our beloved Pandy? Non-included Def trigger unimpressively now hands out stunned. The Big Beater she's engaged with doesn't care about his triggers or the 1 point of damage from misery. The push is negated by his reach and he will smack her again for another min 4 or mod 6. If there is any type of to damage she's in real trouble as she can't get away or reduce beyond stones. The nerf to self loathing. The. Nerf. To. Self. Loathing. I've already posted about Misery.😖 Pandora has some utility I'll give her that. Some good abilities, Mood Swings is boss, but at the end of the day you can't just keep justifying all of the hate the woes received by a single keyword model with Terror 13. I get really tired of hearing "Yeah but she has Terror 13!". It isn't all that hard to get around by models that WANT to hit her, and when they pass that Terror check they will crush her Def 5 right through her newly stylized base... and then gain stunned.😏 Maybe the Devs weren't getting kicked by the woes, with the never ending stream of nerfs and alterations to keyword, it would have been hard to consistently do that. Maybe they just don't like Pandora. Maybe they thought she was such a NPE train in M2E they would make her whatever she is today. Or maybe, they just don't like Pandora. It does seem however, they clearly love Colette.
  25. Laugh Off: "If this model would be moved during an enemy model's Activation or from an enemy model's effect, it may choose not to." Friendly, Enemy, & Control, pg 26: "Certain Actions and Abilities allow a player to control a model in an enemy’s Crew. When this happens, the controlling player makes all decisions for the model, including flipping cards, Cheating Fate, declaring Actions, and so on." When controlled by the enemy, the enemy can choose to have Laugh Off not take effect.
  26. Colette isn’t the problem; it’s the sustainability of her crew. Love the model by the way..... could be a nightmare for a plastic sprue though.
  27. retnab

    Field Test

    Yes, Versatile actions are once per activation so the unit can use it on its own activation and then Prince can have them use it on his activation.
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