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  2. Of course I missed things- edits inbound!
  3. All models except the target. Blasting yourself is one of the few ways to commit suicide.
  4. Okay I know this is not likely a competitive idea but I was trying to think of ways to setup her crew turn 1 as efficiently as possible. Obviously this only makes the most sense in a fully thematic wildfire crew (which is the only way I play). Here is the Rube Goldberg turn 1 to try and maximize the burning support for her crew. Again this is likely not competitive as I'm only thinking about my own activations and not what the opponent is doing. However perhaps there are pieces of this that can be used here and there for those looking to top up their own models with burning. I'm sure there are other optimal actions / models to get this working so I'd love to hear how others typically spend their first turns. It's also very possible that I've misread something, causing this whole idea to crumble. Let me know if any of this sounds illegal. The list - Kaeris + MT - Eternal Flame - 2x Fire Gamin - 2x Fire Branded - Elijah - Fire Golem - Fire Starter Kaeris Turn 1 Hand Requirements: 3+ Ram 5+ Mask / Soulstone 1+ Tome (mid-high is better) / Soulstone 1+ Tome (optional) Deployment: Fire gamin in front roughly 2” apart Elijah in Front in between both gamin Fire Branded right behind the gamin roughly 1.5” apart Fire Golem behind both Fire Branded, in-between them. The important thing is that all of these models should be touchable by a single 50mm marker Kaeris is to to one side of either of the Fire Branded Eternal Flame is on the other side of the other Fire Branded Fire Starter on the front and off to one side of the whole crew off by himself but within 8” of both Fire Branded 1st Activation - Elijah: If you have a mid-low tome. Use Immolate on a friendly model. Since no one has burning, no one will suffer any damage. However the trigger will still go off allowing you to draw a two cards and discard one. Make sure you have a ram. Use his free action to heal and give himself burning +1. The trigger allow him to give everyone within (2) burning +2. This should tag everyone except the fire starter. Walk forward 2nd Activation - Kaeris: Make sure you have a 5+ mask or use a Soulstone to get one. Use her free action to create a pyre roughly 6” away from herself. Using the trigger to place another one at max range. Charge into that pyre marker (but targeting one of the fire gamin) giving her +2 burning (total burning = 4). Make sure you have a tome. If you have another lower card than the tome, don’t relent. Make sure she fails the duel but her trigger states “after resolving” so you’ll be able to drop another pyre as a blast marker. If you can’t force a fail then make sure you use the armour on the gamin to reduce the damage. Either way if you spaced everyone out correctly then you should have tagged both gamin, both fire branded and the golem. Also a bonus if you can flip a tome on the gamin to give Kaeris an additional burning, however its not worth cheating one in. Use Fan the flame (giving her burning +1 due to her standing in the pyre) and push the far most pyre towards the enemy crew. Her last action is pretty open. You can shoot another one of your models if you have another tome to burn. You can fan the flame again on the marker that she is standing on to push it towards your crew or the enemy crew. Or you can simply focus or move up. Either way you should end her activation with burning 6 3rd Activation - Fire Golem As soon as he activates, he’ll give everyone within (2) burning +1. This should tag the eternal flame, both gamin and both fire branded. Use you free action (which will give you burning +1 due to being in pyre marker) to teleport slightly behind Elijah (removing his 1 burning and giving it to the golem. Use flaming tornado which should be able to tag both gamin and the golem. If you positioned Kaeris pyre marker close enough then you may have been able to land in it, giving additional burning. Either way the golem should be sitting on 11-13 burning by the end of its activation. 4th - 5th activation Walk both gamin, be sure to drag the starting marker. The second gamin can walk it even further, gaining burning along the way. Both gamin should be at 10+ burning. 6th activation Use the fire starters “light under their feet” on both fire branded who should have burning +4 each, pushing them 10” up the board and into the pyre markers that the gamin walked up the board. Thus giving them burning +1 in the process. If you went reckless then you can walk forward 7th - 8th activation Fire branded each shoot twice and heal if necessary. They should have positives due to standing in the pyre marker. Eternal flame He can basically go at any point after Kaeris. Double walk and push the far most pyre deep into the enemy crew. End of the turn. Both Fire Branded will end up taking a point of damage from burning if they haven’t used it defensively. However the whole crew should have enough burning to fuel them so you shouldn’t have to worry so much about supporting them from turn 2 onward.
  5. To clarify, from memory everyone but the target and the attacker takes one severity down? The attacker can't blast themself IIRC.
  6. I have. I didn't have Juju charged into me first and instead softened him up with a thunder archer first, but again that only really moves the territory from maybe Shenlong can 1-round Juju to Shenlong will 1-round Juju. Also, Shenlong should never really get bogged down on anyone. FRK is a free move ignoring models. Just go and kill Serena.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Hi @Caedrus, Life took me away from Malifaux for the month of January so I have to use a mulligan there. Although, I am back with a vengeance these past two weeks. For February I have hit my Masters goal of 16SS and painted an additional 52SS to buyback my mulligan for January. A big thank you to @Sweet Tooth and @muraki for giving me the Shenlong Crew box.
  9. The target of an attack with blasts only takes the flipped damage. Everyone that wasn't the target that is touching a blast marker takes 1 severity down(or 1 in the case of weak).
  10. "If a Marker is Dropped, it is simply put on the table in the indicated location without any further game effects; this is not considered moving the Marker." (pg. 28 CRB) I've played a decent number of Kaeris games (she's probably my favourite Master in Arcanists in an individual model sense) That seems about right in my experience, although if you lean into the keyword and hire all the fire elementals + Carlos I could see you needing more, but that'd be a rarity. Ideally Kaeris would drop two per turn, usually less though as you need a trigger. Most of her keyword are a bit under par at the moment but if you were hiring a thematic crew I would say their strength would be in using melee to defend a prepared position (wherever you put your pyre markers) and their weakness would be models that don't come and fight them on their turf (and, for the elementals, any form of condition removal can be very painful). The main weakness of the keyword is that most of the models seem to want Kaeris to sit around and waste her Pyres on them, just to bring them up to par with other models defensively. This is a painful choice because Kaeris is best used aggressively pressuring the enemy with her Pyres and Run and Gun. Many Kaeris players have just scrapped the Keyword models that rely on her support and switched to Versatiles for this reason. If you want to take thematic models and still remain somewhat competitive then the Fire Golem, Carlos, and the Firestarter are all decent, and taking one Firebranded for healing is fine as well. Carlos is great at scheming and offers a good teleport target for the Fire Golem. The Firestarter is made of glass and will get more fragile as you use Reckless, but he can do some good scheming if you keep him out of attack range and when you're ready for him to die he can do a bit of damage as well with his gun. I don't know exactly what of these is obvious, but here are a few tips. Her main attack, which is min 3 against burning targets, is min 2 against Armor +2 models and min 1 against Incorporeal models due to the trigger creating a separate instance of damage. Not exactly a trick, but Kaeris can be very countered by Incorporeal crews, even though they don't get to ignore her hazardous. If you create a Pyre and then charge into it you get the burning from resolving the charge before you take the action generated by the charge, which you can then use foron the attack. It is usually worth it to end your activation in a Pyre with burning as you'll probably be able to get rid of it as aon df. The Magical Training upgrade is pretty great on Kaeris though as it will block the 1 burning damage you might take if your opponent doesn't attack you after you end in a pyre. Shielded is great with Armor anyway. It is obvious and not really a trick but the Eternal Flame can really screw up crews that are bubbled together. The threat range on this thing moving a Pyre marker on top of an enemy is pretty insane; it can move 10" and then target a Pyre from 10" away and place it anywhere within 3". As a follow up to Kaeris hitting her blast trigger or just her putting a Pyre kind of near enemies this thing will almost always be putting hazardous under something (usually multiple somethings) on turn 1 or 2 and it can follow up with a big of TN13 Mv duel or 1 dmg + 1 burning. Other than MT on Kaeris, I liked Soulstone Cache on Elijah until I stopped bringing him, and Magical Training on a Firebranded if you aren't hiring Soulstone Miners. Diesel Engine is a great upgrade but not really worth it on the Eternal Flame, which is the only thematic construct. I'd take a decent amount of stones as you'll need them for the quick reflexes trigger on her bonus action and keeping the Firestarter alive if you take him.
  11. This looks like a similar problem, with Teddy and Kade being unable to hit, I wonder how tight your resources were. You had an extremely elite list, which means there would have been a lot of pressure on your hand. This can be partially addressed by sorrows and candy (free ping damage with no card use), but sorrows are questionable in reckoning. It was always my number one problem with the crew. You want an elite crew, but don't have the resources to support it. I never solved that one with Pandora, still don't know how to play her. I could be totally off base, of course, since I wasn't there. But resource issues are the single biggest challenge for Dreamer and Pandora for me so far (and maybe for Neverborn generally if not playing Lucius or second mastering Zoraida).
  12. Great recap! One thing I really find with elite dreamer is you need a bit of resource power on turns one/two to compensate for the deck full of weak cards. There are three methods for this: Double ancient pact (autotake regardless of matchup for me), which it looks like you were missing this game? Stitched doing their cheats - doesn't require resources from your hand, so dealing damage without using your hand is just amazing. (Haven't tried this myself), black blood shaman for double focus on key models. In my experience, without some way to bypass the "6 cards to do everything" issue, turns one and two are just too weak with flipping all your cards off the top of the deck. You really rely on quality cheating those first two rounds, and double pacts increases your hand by 33%! It is one reason I rarely go out of keyword with him, as I don't really want anything from OOK unless it provides a resource boost, the one weakness of the crew being how resource hungry it is. Just my thoughts anyway! Regardless, you did really well for such a mentally draining day and facing two matchups you've never seen before. Misaki wrecked me the one and only time I played her, and I really want a rematch xD
  13. Broken Promises is back for it's first iteration in 3e. The day will compromise of 3 50ss Fixed Faction Single Master games last 2 hours per round. The event will be using the most up to date Gaining Grounds and errata available. The tournament will take place at Common Ground Games, Stirling. There will be prizes available for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and best in faction. Tickets are £12.50 payable by Paypal Friends and family to scottishmetaevents@gmail.com. Day Timings: Registration 10:00 - 10:30 Round 1 - 10:30 - 12:30 Lunch 12:30 - 13:15 round 2: 13:15 - 15:15 Round 3 :15:30 - 17:30 Prizegiving: 17:30 - 18:00 Entrants: 1. Kai Young 2. Euan Grieve 3. Gary McGuiness 4. Steven Thompson 5. Callum Palin 6. David Garrard
  14. Thank you all for replying. Now would the target of the Hooded Rider take melee and the blast damage with Wide Swing triggered, or just blast damage from the first blast.
  15. It’s not two (or three) separate blasts. It’s just one instance of the Blasts rules with one, two, or three markers. (Or however many masks you can get in your duel total.)
  16. You could also run over them with the emissary and destroy them just to assert dominance
  17. As a Hamelin player I find this is disgusting and I love it
  18. No. All models in contact with one or more blasts ( not including the target) suffer the damage1 level lower than flipped.
  19. Well hello there! The time when I'll finally sell my collection is near! Only 1\4 of all miniatures left, thenk's for all buyer! You're all great folks, and I hope those miniatures will bring you a lot of fun! Now to update - I refreshed the current list and drop prices. Also I find out that I forgot to about hecomi and alt titania! That was fixed. Also I made a new albom with picures of current stuff. Fell free to pm me with your questions!
  20. Concerning Showgirls, I generally take one in each list (with the obvious exception of Reckoning games). The Showgirl is rarely the MVP of the game but has utility. In Turf War, she spares actions of your more important models to flip to friendly a Strategy Marker in Turn 1. She also spares actions for Power Ritual by dropping a schem marker in your deployment zone. In Take Prisoner, Colette can Presto Chango the Prisoner in your Deployment Zone near the Showgirl who will engage it the rest of the game. Better if the Prisoner is a Minion (an Effigy (without specific Upgrade) or a non-Insignificant Totem for example). In that case, each turn, the Showgirl drops a Scheme Marker giving Distracted +1 to the Prisoner. When it activates, it can attack but with Distracted or he can try to disengage. If he escapes, the Showgirl can follow him or Colette can Presto Chango him back near the Showgirl. The Showgirl can also lure the Prisoner back in order to reengage him. The Showgirl can be used for Hold Up their Forces (presumably only one time). Versus a Melee Master that has attacked one of your important models, the Showgirl can activate later, walk and Interact to Deliver a Message and giving Distracted at the same time. In my games, she is not a high priority target for my opponent, so she can live near the end of the game. When she activates, she interacts to give Distracted +1, she Concentrates (at times flipping two cards when attacked may oblige your opponent to cheat a moderate or high card) or she uses Seduction to cancel Focused and giving Distracted. Seduction is also a mean to oblige your opponent to cheat moderate cards to avoid Distracted, a bit of hand depletion, a thing that is not really a part of this Keyword. She rarely crosses the centerline but as said above she shouldn't be exposed frontline but kept near your deployment zone. By no means a key piece, but has a role in the Crew (even if in some games she won't do much). I rarely regret to have hired one, but I will never take two of them.
  21. Would a second blast from a second mask, do strong3, moderate2,weak1. And a 3rd the damage drops again?
  22. TOURNAMENT RECAP So I just returned from a tournament, and wanted to give a quick recap. I didn’t go all woes, as just playing Pandora has made me yearn from my first ‘love’; Dreamer. Although, I actually wanted to solo Seamus to try him out, but didn’t get my Archie done. So here goes. First turn was Standard Reckoning vs. Von Schill. I’ve never faced the Freikorps and expected a beating. I went for Assassinate and Baby Kade had a Vendetta vs. a Librarian. My crew : Pandora - I didn’t want a summoner into Reckoning - Poltergeist, Rider, Teddy, Kade, Candy, Serena. Vs. Various shills. It was a whoopin’. I managed to score two Reckoning points, but never got close to the Librarian, and even though Teddy and Kade ended up with Vin Schill himself, my hand never gave them the punch, they needed. Heck, even Pandora died from really poor hands. And my opponent just played better, and were good at using shockwaves to drain what little hand I had. Second turn was Corner Plant Explosives vs Misaki - another master I’d never faced before. I went for Claim Jump w Serena and Breakthrough My crew : Dreamer, Chompy, Serena, Coppelius, Widow Weaver, Bandersnatch, 2 Daydreams w Ancient Pact vs a plethora of Ninjas, Samurai and a big turkey-horse. A great game he was surprised at the speed my spiders, so he sent Yasunori and a paper deamon to catch them in their corner. He killed the widow Weaver, but a summoned stitched and the Bandersnatch ripped the turkey-horse apart, then the paper deamon and the scheme marker it had dropped - this flank, manage to dump 3 bombs. Misaki causes some mischief with her lightning, before she killed off Coppelius, then after which Dreamer, Serena, an Alp the two Daydreams and Chompy ganged up on her, unfortunately only beating her within an inch of her life, so they continued to kill off the whole Ninja crew apart from the totem, score Claim Jump and dump a couple of explosives. And score breakthrough. Unfortunately we only got to Turn 4, and it ended 6 - 7 to the Ninjas. Final game was Flanked Turf War vs Sonnia - finally a familiar face - and I went with Breakthrough and Assassinate. My crew : Dreamer, Candy, Coppelius, Chompy, 2 Daydreams, Teddy Kade. A fun game, but unfortunately the day had taken its toll on us, and we only made it to T3, where my opponent were under tons of pressure. Teddy and the Rider had a tough fight - and staggered is horrible vs Where’s Teddy. Chompy tried killing a little sorcerer with no luck for for two rounds without landing a single blow, not even when it disengaged. Candy managed to set Sonnia on fire, and engage her with a daydream and insidious madness. But I messed up my objectives and Candy didn’t show her full potential. Coppelius killed off his totem and fought the peacekeeper. But the score ended 3 - 3. - A great day with tons of beatings. Boy did I miss the Poltergeist vs. Misaki. And my poor Coppelius never really proved himself. I found, that I loved Candy and Kade in Dreamer, but I really need some expertise with that crew, if I’m to finish a full 5 rounds - especially since T4 and T5 is when the little boy gets really good.
  23. It works the same as if the damage profile has the blast markers in it. So Wide Swing is going to work out as: - Put one down per . - The damage for the blasts is one category less. So if you flipped strong -> 4, moderate -> 3, weak -> 1. (No blasts placed for Black Joker)
  24. Some progress after procrastinating for nearly all the week-end. 1st time I'm painting flames. I'm quite pleased with the results. I still have the 3rd one to do, but I ran out of red and orange on my palette. I doubt I will have them done and based by next week-end. But I already have a nearly finished Vanessa Chamber that I can get done in a few hours if need be. And these will be transferred to next month.
  25. New player, I m sorry if this has been covered already. How is +blast damge determined. Example: Hooded Rider attacks with Wide Swing triggered.
  26. My output for February: some grim-ish, dark-ish scatter terrain. We'll call it 4 pieces for 20 SS @Caedrus
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