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  2. Family values are now once per activation, another friendly only and does not discard anything.
  3. She's good on her own. The bandersnatch just gives her more mobility since there will be roughly double the amount of web markers. She also opens up a turn 1 into shadows with the bandersnatch on any deployment.
  4. Judge's Risk of Reason is 1-3 cards and not 1-5. Family Values changed and Papa Loco lost it.
  5. I have only used her a couple of times, so have no real feel for how good she is. Is she great with bandersnatch mostly or still great on her own? I was concerned she would just die but looking at her card, she does have a lot of tricks
  6. If I only pick up two non-minions (beyond the core box with coppelus, etc), would you say Widow Weaver + Serena is a good choice?
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  8. Bit of an informal change log (or change hunting) thread: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/145552-anyone-found-beta-to-release-changes/ It's going to be a good idea to check your models, just in case.
  9. As it says in the title, 1st Ed Avatars are still legal options for Emissaries. At least, you'ld expect so, if they're going to provide printed versions of them in the Special Edition cards. This was a concern I had, as it's been a while, and I could see it being time to move on. Which is good, because while I've got the official Guild, Arcanist and 10T ones, I much prefer my Seamus Hyde, Zoraida Forest* and Levi Horseman versions to the official sculpts. * I've also got an alt Dreamer/Lynch version (Big Bird from Sesame Street), and an alt Bayou one (Ogre with a hula hoop), but I'm fully accepting those aren't official.
  10. Expert Marksman switched the order around so it's clear that the armor piercing is available to non-minions.
  11. How about an alt Rabble Riser - Miss Begotten
  12. A couple other things that may not be immediately obvious: 1. Railworkers can charge and toss 2. You can set railworkers on fire then try to use their bonus action on each other for extra scrap, since they dont rly care about triggers. Also, you can use it to prevent your models from taking burning damage 3. Heated Claws just specifies construct, meaning you can attack your own models for reliable scrap in a pinch. Bonus points for attacking a model with armor and shielded to reduce the dmg to 0 ( like a metal gamin or railworker with magical training) 4. Counterspell also prevents resistance triggers, so you can put it on Mei to help her get past defensive tech 5. The push from Constant Motion happens, AFTER resolving the action. This means Mei's bonus action is actully 2 separate pushes, allowing you to push around corners. In addition, the dmg only applies if the first push is interrupted and the scrap marker is dropped at the end of the push. 6. Mei easily has a 24" threat range on turn 1. You can "slingshot" her and reach the far turf war marker with 2 AP. What this means is you can activate her last turn 1, charge a model, then activate her first turn 2 and pop vent steam or railwalk away for a ton of free damage. 7. Obey destroys this crew. But like obey DESTROYS this crew. Fear it and kill models who csn obey INSTANTLY. The Foundry has abysmal willpower, and can be Obeyed to Ride the Rails, putting your models 12" away or straight into their crew if they drop their own scrap marker. Even worse, railworkers (yay stat 4...) and Neil can be obeyed to attack and consume every scrap marker near them to hurt your models more as well as deprive your crew of key resources.
  13. Widow Weaver is nuts in M3, she makes every Dreamer crew I make. She can scheme, kill, push and has crazy mobility. Definitely pick her up.
  14. I'm trying to get to work on finding changes in the main rulebook. So far what I've noticed: The "After Step 5" step for Actions now has a name and number, it's the "After Resolving" step. The steps in Detailed Timing (page 35) match the Actions and Duels subdivisions. "Actions Generated by Effects" got moved to the "Timing" page. "This Model" got moved to page 9. Example on page 11 is now Basse vs. Pandora. There were some reorganization of the Moving rules on page 14, and a sentence was added: "At no point can a model end any move with its base overlapping the base of another model, even if the model is able to move through the other model." The "Incorporeal Climbing during a Walk" paragraph was removed from page 14. The columns on page 15 swapped. The "Bonus Actions" callout moved back a page to page 22. The General Actions got reordered on page 22 Assist got changed to "Target other friendly model within 2" and LoS ..." The "Pay any Costs" step on page 23 has some changes in wording to deal with costs that reference the action's target. Targeting added a paragraph explaining how "choose an object" works. Two paragraphs of Replace switched places on page 32, but the Replace rules don't appear to have changed. Minor edit of the Summon rules (deleted the sentence "Summoned models are models added into a Crew from a game effect. ") Various additions to the Buried rules: Second paragraph rewritten to "Buried models cannot be the target of any Actions or Abilities that do not specifically target Buried models. These Actions ignore all game effects relating to the position of the Buried model, such as range, LoS, [Aura] ,[pulse], moving the Buried model, etc." 🎉 The sentence "While Buried models still Activate, they cannot take Actions." moved to the first paragraph. Climbable terrain trait changed so that the sides are treated as impassible. Walkway example "fixed" to be Blocking and Climbable. That's all I can pick out scanning for changes in the text shape.
  15. Sorry, I missed that. I had thought she was almost too good for a 16 cost as a secondary master which is why her being 15SS was a surprise to me.
  16. I would love to see the old metal wicked models come to malifaux. Living impaired, imps, dire mushroom, even dwead pirate.
  17. I’ve combed through a stat blocks. Not sure I’ve found any changes from BETA to Live so far. How about you?
  18. Awesome! Thanks for posting. Super happy to see this published. Hopefully my local meta starts playing again. Still absolutely hate the new card design/dimensions, but otherwise love the work that went into everything.
  19. Zoraida cost 15 at the last beta update. That isn’t a change.
  20. Zoraida costs 15 now. They fixed Youko Hamasaki's pseudo-obey so that she gets to choose and control the action.
  21. They fixed the exploit on Yan Lo’s rebuild corpus. Renamed and slightly reworked Philip’s melee attack.
  22. Got some last minute SS before the end of the month. Doing some dribs and drabs before trying to start a new keyword next month. Surprisingly I wasn't a fan of 2 of these models, the exorcist's face was nearly impossible to paint and the plastic steward had some connection issues and a bit of an odd face, but hey, whatever, it's more models done. The plastic one is made to match my nellie crew and the metal one to go with a metal perdita crew I picked up. I have another one somewhere, but I'll hold off on that for a while, ha. So another 18 for @Caedrus 68 stones for the month. Now I'm done
  23. Just FYI: If you hit the "Direct Download" button on the drop box file, you're going to end up with a zip file around 3.67 GB. By which I mean, it may take a while. On the other hand, strategy and scheme cards! 🎉
  24. A changelog of adjustments made from the end of open beta til launch unfortunately just isn't in the cards - we're already looking forward and moving full steam ahead on other fun stuff. There are a few outliers in alts that will take a little more time to take care of, namely the Wild Ones, but we definitely haven't forgotten them. For now, players will just have to make do with the standard cards.
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